John and Sally

Hi, This is my first story ever. Please give me some feedback. I might continue it later, I have a few idea of how this can continue . . . I’m not a native English speaker so there are probably some grammar and spelling mistakes here and there.

John was about to arrive at his destination. He was a little bit nervous because he hadn’t seen Sally for a few years. Sally used to be his neighbor and had been friends with his parents since before he was born. Now John’s parents had left on a month long holiday to Australia to celebrate their 20 year anniversary and they didn’t want him to stay home alone for that long. John had always been close to Sally and her family, he had really missed them since they moved to another state, so he was happy to stay with her for a month…

“this is it” John thought when he saw the bright yellow bus station that Sally had described to him. He grabbed his suitcase and stumbled out of the bus almost tripping over his own feet. When he looked up trying to orient himself he saw Sally running towards him. She put her arms around him and gave him a big hug and a few kisses on his cheeks. “John, it is so good to see you!, look at how big you are, I can’t believe it” Sally said "I’m so glad you made it all in one piece, I was a little worried you know. John smiled at her “good to see you too Sally” he said. “come on let’s bring you home” She replied.

On the car ride to the house they talked the usual small talk, catching up on what was going on. They had spoken over the phone from time to time but the last time they saw each other in person was when Sally’s husband had died two years ago. The biggest change since than had been that both Sally’s daughters had moved to another state to attend college. Both her daughters were a few years older than John but they had been friends when they were kids.

When they arrived at the house John got his things out of the car and Sally let them into the house. Sally lived in a big house with a large garden. The closest next door neighbor was a few hundred meters away and you could not even see their house from Sally’s garden. She walked him around, showing him all the different rooms until they came to the guest bedroom where he would be sleeping. She gave him a big hug again “so good to see you again John, man I can’t believe how big you have gotten. You probably want to grab a shower and get changed after such a long trip”. “yes that would be great” he said. “alright I will start cooking dinner, you do your thing”.

After his shower John got into some clean clothes. He moved all the stuff from his suitcase into the empty closet in the room. “John, dinner is ready” Sally yelled. John ran downstairs and found a table full of food just like he was used to from Sally. “now, you’re a big boy now so finally you can have some wine with your dinner”. He laughed remembering that Sally always had a glass of wine with her dinner. He had been drunk a couple of times with his friends so he knew he could handle a few glasses of wine. “Thanks this all looks great John said”. “cheers” she replied while clinging their glasses.

After dinner they stayed up a few more hours talking about everything while drinking some more wine. John felt a little bit drunk and took a good look at Sally. He had never realized as a child but Sally was a beautiful women. He felt weird about being attracted to her but then again she has a beautiful body: slim waist, big boobs and a round tight ass, a beautiful face which even though she is almost 40 doesn’t look a day over 30. She has this really friendly but confident face with beautiful big eyes and long hair. She saw him looking at her “what’s up?” she said “nothing” he said, “I’m tired”. “yeah me too, let’s go to bed”

John woke up at night in a panic “where am I, what’s going on” he thought. After a few seconds he realized where he was and just a second later he realized something was wrong. He felt that his pajamas and sheets were soaking wet. He could not believe what had happened . . . He had wet the bed. Tears formed in his eyes but he quickly manned up. He got out of bed and turned on the light to have a look at the damage. His pajama pants were soaked all around and so was the bottom of his shirt. The sheets had not been spared and John was left staring at a big wet spot in the middle of the bed. “How could this happen?” he thought "maybe the wine. . . ". John’s heart was racing, he had not wet the bed since he was a small child and could not believe that he did now. He took off his wet pajamas, uncovered all the sheets and folded them into one another. He put on a pair of dry boxer shorts and started looking in the closet for dry sheets. Luckily he found some. The mattress was a little bit damp as well so he put one of the towels Sally had left for him on top of the mattress before putting the sheets on there.

Now he had to get rid of the evidence, he was mortified by the idea of Sally finding out he had an accident. He took the pile of dirty sheets and pajamas and tried to open the door silently. He walked down stairs and started looking for the washing machine but couldn’t find it anywhere in the dark. “John, what’s going on?” John felt his throat gone dry “Sally?” he said in a soft voice. She turned on the lights and he stood there in his boxer shorts carrying a pile of wet sheets, his face had gone completely red. "I’m sorry, I . . . I was looking for a washing machine, . . . because . . . . " Sally looked at him and then at the sheets and realized what had happened. “Oh you poor thing, I heard some sounds and it woke me, don’t worry about it, here give me the sheets I will take care of it”.

John felt tears in his eyes, he had never felt so ashamed “No that’s ok” he replied “can you just show me where the washing machine is”. She guided him towards the machine while stroking his back “oh darling, don’t worry about it you don’t have to feel embarrassed”. He put the sheets in the machine while she put some detergent in the slot. She turned on the machine and looked at him. By now John was staring at the floor, “how could this happen” he thought. Sally tried to comfort John, she gave him a big hug and petted him on his butt saying “come on, let’s get you back to bed. Really, don’t worry about it, it was probably just the wine” this made him feel even more embarrassed. He walked in front of her, feeling naked wearing just his boxer shorts while she was wearing her nightgown. “let me help you make the bed” she said while walking up the stairs, “I already did” he replied. “Ok then, good night sweety”, “good night” he mumbled.

That night John was so restless he woke up another ten times, he went to the bathroom a few times even when he didn’t have to pee. When he woke up the next morning his memory of last night seemed surreal. That day Sally took John to the beach. They had a good time and by the evening they went out to one of Sally’s favorite restaurants. After dinner they went home tired and decided to go back to bed. Before they went to their rooms Sally said: “Please wake me up in case, you know, you have a little accident”. John’s face turned red, they hadn’t mentioned the accident all day for which he was grateful because every time it slipped his mind he felt a knot in his stomach. “that won’t be necessary” John said trying to sound confident “I never have that. . . Just yesterday”. “Ok great” she said “I know” she continued “but you know, just in case, you can always wake me”. “good night”, “good night!”.

John was tired after last night which made him fall into a deep sleep. He was dreaming about a fountain, he jumped into the water but directly got pulled out. He woke up, his heart was racing, he realized what had happened. . . he wet the bed, again. This time he was going to make sure he made no noise. He got out of bed as quietly as he could. Both his pajamas and the bed were soaking wet. He walked towards the closet to find clean sheets. There weren’t any there, “Fuck, I’ll have to get the ones that are drying downstairs” he thought. He opened his door and walked as gently as he could towards the stairs. Half way there he heard a door open behind him. Sally turned the lights on and saw John standing in front of her. “oh sweety, did it happen again” he heard sally whisper as he realized he was still wearing his wet pajamas. He had been so fixated on getting the clean sheets that he hadn’t realized he was walking around like this. She was now looking at his wet bottom. He felt her hand on his shoulder and she turned him around to give him a big hug. “you go get yourself cleaned up, I will take care of the rest”. John felt tears running down his cheeks while she was still holding him, stroking his back. He let go of her and tried to say “I can do it”. She turned him towards the bathroom and said “No sweety, let me take care of it, you go get cleaned up” she gave him a pet on his wet butt and walked into his room.

He walked into the bathroom and started taking of his wet pajamas, he proceeded into the shower. While he was showering he heard a knock on the door “I’m coming in sweety” she opened the door “I’m just getting your wet PJ’s so I can put them in with the rest”. Without answering he turned his body facing the wall, knowing that she could see his naked back. He couldn’t help but crying a bit thinking of the embarrassment he had just gone through. After he got dried up he went into his bedroom only to find his bed made and dry again. He put on a pair of boxers and the washed Pajamas Sally left on the side of the bed for him. He turned off the light and got into bed when he heard a knock on the door. Before he could answer Sally walked in and sat down on the side of his bed. “Are you ok baby?, do you need anything?”. John turned red and looked at Sally, he had to explain that this normally didn’t happen “I . . . I don’t know why this happened” he stuttered. “Shhhh” Sally soothed him “Get back to sleep, ok? We’ll talk about it tomorrow” she said in a calm motherly voice. She gave him a kiss on his forehead and got up, turned off the light and closed the door behind her.

The next day John felt so embarrassed he didn’t want to go downstairs and face Sally. He stayed in bed reading a book. Around noon she knocked on his door. “Yes” he said, she opened the door and smiled at him “Good morning sleepy head, I’m going to have to run out and do some errands, I will be back before dinner. You can enjoy yourself right!?”. “yes of course” he said, relieved he would be by himself for a while. “Alright, enjoy your day! And don’t stay inside all day, the sun is shining”. She left the room and about a minute later John heard her car pull out of the driveway. He got out of bed and made himself some breakfast. The rest of the day he tried to forget about what happened by playing some video games on the laptop he brought. Around six Sally got back home and cooked them some dinner. After dinner they played a game of cards, they had a lot of fun and John had forgotten all about what happened last night.

“One more round” John said, “No we have to get to bed” Sally said. “Ok” John said, while he got up. “Before you leave John, I need to discuss something with you”. The seriousness of her tone made his heart race, he knew what this was about. As he sat back down she grabbed his hand and said “you have been here for two days now, and you have had two accidents since then. We can’t be washing your sheets every day and besides we are both not sleeping well like this” She paused for a second and tried to make eye contact. John looked up only to look back at his feet immediately. “John, you are going to have to wear some protection from now on, it is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s just . . . more comfortable like that” She tried to talk to him as gently as she could. John’s stomach was in a knot, his heart was racing and his face was all red “protection?” he thought “what kind of protection is she talking about?”. Sally let go of his hand and walked out only to come back seconds later. She stood in front of him and put a box in his hands "I bought you these pull up pants and I want you to wear them when you go to bed from now on. John looked at the package he just got, on it was an image of a white disposable pull up diaper with small light blue rounds and stars on it. “It looks so childish” John thought. “you can put them on and take them off yourself” Sally tried to say as lightly as possible “Why don’t you go upstairs and try them on”. John’s head was racing . . . she was actually expecting him to wear diapers to bed, “I’m way too old for this” he thought. “I don’t want to wear these” he said in a shivering voice. “I know you don’t sweetheart” Sally said “but . . . you know . . . you have had two accidents in a row, so I want you to use these until the accidents stop”.

The two remained in silence for a few seconds, John was trying to think of a way to get out of this while Sally gave him some time to let it all sink in. “let’s go the bed” she said, grabbing his hand again and pulling him on his feet. He walked up the stairs with the box in his hands. “Oh and john” she said when they reached their rooms "I have also put an extra protection pad on your mattress . . . just in case’.

John closed the door behind him and put the box on the bed. He took off his clothes and sat on the bed and heard the protection pad underneath him wrinkle. He opened the box and got out one of the pull ups. The diaper wrinkled while he folded it open. It surprised John how big this thing was . . . he would have no problem to fit in one. As he sat there thinking he realized that wearing one of these would be less humiliating then being caught wetting the bed once again. He closed his eyes and put his feet in the two openings, he stood up and pulled the diaper all the way up. He felt the soft wrinkling plastic touch his privates and his butt, covering it entirely. There were elastic bands keeping the diaper tight to his legs and around his waist. He felt so awkward and almost felt like crying again. He turned off the light, got into bed and pulled the covers around him. With every move he made he heard the diaper and protection pad wrinkle.

A few minutes past and he heard a knock on the door. Sally walked in and turned on the lights “Hi sweety”. John turned red, even though she could only see him lying under the covers the mere idea of her knowing he was in a diaper made him feel ashamed. “what’s going on” he tried to say casually. “you still have to brush your teeth” she said. “Oh ehh . . . yeah I will do it in a minute”. She looked down at the opened box of diapers, “how does the pull up fit you”, “It’s fine” he said. “Good” she smiles, “now come out so you can brush your teeth”. “Can you leave please, I don’t want you to see me wearing the you know . . . pull up. It is embarrassing”. “Oh I know sweety, and I don’t know how to say this but I really do need to check and see if it fits you and . . . if you are actually wearing it”. “I am!” John almost shouted “but you don’t need to check me, it fits fine”. “Come on John I don’t like this anymore than you do, but I need to check if it fits you right” She said with the sweetest voice.

John did not react while thinking how to get out of this. It was bad enough having to wear one but her seeing it would be worse. She stood up and said in a stern voice: “now get out of bed so you can brush your teeth and I can check if everything is alright”. John couldn’t believe she was expecting him to expose himself like that, he just lied still looking at her in disbelief. “I have seen you in diapers many times when you were little so I don’t think this should be that big of a deal” with each second she started to sound stricter “now I’m going to count to three. . . .One . . . Tw”. Before she could finish he slowly pulled the cover away and stood up.

There he was standing naked wearing nothing more than a pull up diaper. “Good boy she said” her voice had changed completely from strict and stern to sweet and soothing again. "you look so cute, now let’s see if everything fits you alright. She walked up to him and sat on her knees so her face was only inches removed from the front of his diaper. She slid her finger along all of the elastic bands and then commanded John to turn around. John had tears in his eyes while she did the same thing on his back side. “bend over” she said while giving his back a light push, his hands landed on the bed and now his diapered butt was sticking out in the air. He felt her hand stroking all over his diaper and then she petted him two times. “that seems fine to me” she said in a friendly voice “now go and get your teeth brushed”. John tried to walk away without her seeing his tears, never had he been humiliated like this.

She followed him into the bathroom and gave him a big hug. “I’m sorry I had to do that, but now I’m sure you’re safe tonight”. He hugged her and buried his teary eyes into her shoulder. “I’m going to bed now OK!?” she said after a while, “If you have an accident you can put your wet pants in this bin” pointing at an empty bin in the bathroom. “Good night” he said, “good night”.

The next morning John woke up in a soaked diaper pull up. He quickly walked into the shower, took it off and went into the shower. When he got downstairs Sally was already making breakfast. “How was your night?” she asked “good, and yours?” "Good " she said, “did you have an accident?” she asked. John turned red not expecting Sally to bring it up like this “yes” he softly said. “And did it leak or anything?” she continued, “No everything was fine”. “Well good” she smiled “then we have our solution”.

The next few days things happened quite uneventful, during the day they would go out for an activity and at night John wore his pull ups. Most nights he did wet himself but Sally didn’t mention it anymore because the sheets stayed dry and even though he still felt a bit awkward John got a little bit more used to wearing his pull ups.

After about a week since the first night wearing a diaper, John and Sally decided to stay in for the day. They had been going out doing so many activities that both felt like relaxing. John was laying in the garden reading his book while Sally was doing some art work. It was a warm day with a little breeze, John was laying on his back in a comfortable lounge chair, his eyes were starting to get tired from reading. He closed his eyes for a second and gently drifted off to sleep. An hour later he woke up tired. He looked around and no one was around, he set up and then realized his pants were wet. “Oh no” he thought, “This can’t be happening”.

He got up and slowly walked towards the door to see if he could see Sally. He wanted to get up to his room to change before she could see him. When he reached the door Sally came walking into the living room, “Ah there you are” she said in a cheerful voice “I have made some tea for us”. Before he replied she looked down and saw his wet crotch staring at her. “John!” she said a bit agitated “did you just wet yourself”. John looked down and did not know how to respond, he did wet himself and he felt like a complete loser. "John, I thought we had this problem fixed, but if you start wetting your self during the day as well . . . " “I fell asleep” John tried, but Sally did not listen “well I guess you are going to have to wear your pull ups during the day as well then”. John could not believe what he just heard, it was already terrible having to wear pull ups at night, let alone walk around with them during the day as well. “you go and take off those dirty pants and put on a diaper pull up now” Sally said in a stern voice. “But I fell asleep” he tried again, “no buts! If you can’t act like a big boy you need to be treated like a little one. Now don’t make me count to three”.

Defeated and ashamed John walked upstairs in his wet pants, he went into his bedroom and took of his clothes. He did not want to comply with her crazy demand but he knew she was not going to let this go. He grabbed one of the pull ups from the drawer in his closet and put it on, he then put on a wide pair of jeans and a long t-shirt so there was no way of seeing it. With each step though he could hear his diaper crackle. He went back downstairs and Sally sat there with a friendly smile on her face “now let me check if you put your diaper on before we have some tea” she said in a somewhat babyish tone “come here”. John turned red and walked over to her and she directly reached for his pants, she pulled him closer and then pushed her hand over his bottom. Through his diaper John could feel her stroke his ass for a few seconds making a lot of crinkling sounds. “That sounds about right” she said cheerfully while petting his butt two times “now let’s drink our tea”.

The rest of the day John remained rather quiet contemplating his current situation. Sally was in a great mood, she told him some stories about when she was young and cooked a nice dinner for them. By the end of dinner John found the courage for what he had been meaning to ask: “Sally, do you think, maybe, tomorrow during the day I won’t have to wear my pull ups anymore”. “Sweety, I don’t know about that, you have had an accident today and I don’t want you to wet yourself again”, “but please I don’t really need it, it’s just because I fell asleep”. She looked at him and pulled him over, he felt so vulnerable that he just let her pull him towards her. As he came closer she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him unto her lap, giving him a big hug. He felt so small sitting on her lap wearing a diaper but he could really use the hug she was giving him. He buried his head into her shoulder as she gently petted his back. “I tell you what, let’s make a deal, if you go a week without an accident during the day you won’t have to wear it anymore during the day. Deal?”. “deal” he sniffed, while he felt her hand stroking his bottom on top of his pants he felt the soft diaper pressing against his skin. They stayed like that for a few more minutes before going to bed.

The next morning John woke up wet again. He took a shower and when he got back into his room realized he had to change into a clean diaper now. He reached into the drawer where he kept them, but his surprise the drawer was empty except for a note:

Dear John, the only way I can check if you haven’t wet your self is by controlling your supply of pull ups. In order to get a dry diaper you need to come and ask me for it, this way I can know when you have wet yourself. Love, Sally
PS. Every night before bed I will check you as well to be sure you haven’t wet yourself during the day

John did not like the idea of having to ask for pull ups but at least she was serious about their deal, he thought. He put on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. Sally was sitting at the breakfast table. “good morning John, how are you today”. “I’m fine, can I have my pull up please” he said uncomfortably. “Good you have read my note, wait a second I’ll get them for you”. Sally left the room and came back carrying one of the pull ups, she handed it to John “here you go sweety, go put it on”. John was much more comfortable when he was able to get the pull ups himself. In his room he quickly changed and went back downstairs. Three days straight he did not have any accidents except for at night. After three days John and Sally went to the city which was a three hour drive. On the way back John felt he was getting tired, he tried to stay awake but he couldn’t keep his eyes open. When he woke up they were already home. “wake up sleepy, we’re here” Sally said while stroking his face. John got out of the car and realized his pull up was cold and soggy. As they walked inside John started to realize that if Sally would find out the deal would be off.

The last few nights before he would go to bed Sally would have him take off his pants in front of her, then she would pat his diaper on both sides to see if he was wet. Then he was to walk upstairs wearing only his diaper carrying his pants. It was an humiliating event but John put up with it in the knowledge that within a week he would be out of pull ups, at least during the day, John realized that if she would check him tonight she would surely find out that he wet himself. His mind raced and he came up with a plan, as Sally walked into the kitchen he yelled at her “I’m going to grab a shower, I have been sweating from the long day”. Before she could respond John ran up the stairs, and went into the shower. He took off his wet diaper and put it in the bin. After finishing his shower he went to his room, put on his PJ’s and climbed into bed. He was not wearing a diaper now but he would sneak downstairs later to look where Sally kept them. This way she would never know he wet himself.

10 minutes past and John heard a knock on his door. Sally walked in with her usual friendly smile. Today she was wearing heals and she hadn’t taken them off yet. She walked up to John’s bed towering over him. She bent over and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “How was your shower sweety?” she said while standing back straight up. “Good” John said, his heart was racing as he knew he would be in trouble if she found out he wasn’t wearing his diaper. “Get out of bed John” Sally said in a strict but sweet tone “I need to check your diaper remember”. John looked down but remained still. “John don’t let me count to three”. He got out of bed and stood up. She sat down on the bed “now pull down your PJ’s for me”. “I can’t” John said staring at his feet. “Of course you can, now pull down your pants, or I will” she said. John was completely naked under his pajama pants and he did not plan on showing her that "I . . . I . . . " he stumbled “I took off my” but before he could finish she interrupted him “We had a deal, and now you are going to pull down those pants mister OR I WILL!”, "But . . ", “No buts!” he looked her in the eyes and saw her looking straight back at him as confident and determined as possible. He could not speak as his voice was gone, almost without him realizing he grabbed the sides of his pajama pants and pulled them down leaving it to tangle on his ankles.

There he was standing in front of her, his pajama shirt not long enough to cover his privates, staring at his feet. “So you wet your diaper and then tried to lie about it!” she exclaimed almost triumphantly. He did not respond. “You know what happens to little boys who don’t do what they’re told do you?”. She grabbed his hand, pulled him over to her side and then bended him over her knees “You are going to get spanked mister”. By this time John had regained some of his voice “No please, don’t, I’m sorry”, as he felt his feet being swept of the ground and his face facing the floor. He felt so exposed with her watching down on his naked bottom sticking up. “you made your bed” she replied as she gently started stroking his butt. CLAP! . . . . CLAP! John was still trying to ask for mercy but Sally kept slapping his bottom. After each strike she would pause and stroke him only to follow with another slap. After a few spankings John silently cried as he received his full punishment. After a few minutes Johns ass was red and Sally was just stroking his butt. “Are you going to listen from now on?” She asked in a sweet tone again. “yes” John whimpered. “Good” she said “because next time I won’t be so easy on you” She pulled him off her lap and he stood up straight again. She stood up as well and gave him a big hug, because she was wearing heals his head was now buried between her breasts and he felt her giving him kisses on top of his head making soothing sounds. After a few moments she let go, “now I am going to get you a fresh diaper and then we’re going to sleep”, she walked out and looked back at John standing next to his bed with his pajama pants still around his ankles and his glowing red bottom facing her. He reached down and pulled up his pants as he heard the door close behind him.

The next morning Sally sat John down at the breakfast table. “Since you didn’t obey me yesterday, we are going to add a new rule” John remained silent but nodded to her. "From now on if you have an accident during the day you need to tell me directly. I will check you from time to time myself and when I find out you are wet without having told me you will get a spanking. The good news is that our deal still counts, so if you don’t have any accidents for a week you don’t have to wear them anymore. John didn’t like the new rule but went it because at least their deal was still on. The next few days things went back to normal. Except now every now and then Sally would come up to John and tell him to take of his pants, she would check his pull up and if all was ok he could go back to doing what he was doing.

One morning Sally left the house early to run some errands. John had woken up wet, but since she was not around to give him a fresh diaper he decided to wait for her to get back. The memory of the spanking he received for not obeying her rules was still vivid and he did not plan on making that same mistake again. John had some breakfast and then started playing his video game. An hour later Sally came home but John was still in the middle of his game. “Good morning John” she said, “we are having a guest for lunch” but focused as he was on his game did not pay attention to what she said “Good morning” he said.

He continued playing his game for about 20 minutes, but after a while realized that his wet diaper had now become somewhat annoying and he figured he would ask for a fresh one after he completed the level of his game. Just when he was shutting down his game the doorbell rang, Sally ran at the door and opened it. A girlfriend of Sally walked in and started giving Sally a hug and kiss “so good to see you”. John had just stood up from his chair and realized he was too late. Sally’s friend had already walked over and gave him a big hug “Hi, I’m Lisa and you must be John”. Lisa was about 30 years old and very pretty. “nice to meet you” said John. “let’s sit down and eat” Sally said.

There was no way in hell John was going to ask for a fresh diaper in front of Lisa, but he would as soon as he would get the chance. After they finished eating Sally asked John to do the dishes so she could talk with her friend a bit. He accepted the task and took the dishes to the kitchen. His soggy diaper had become really annoying and he was conscious of it with every step. When he was almost finished he heard Sally walking behind him “come out John, Lisa has to leave so you have to say goodbye to her, and after that I am going to check your bottom”, John tried to answer and explain what had happened that morning but before he could say anything Lisa came walking in. “John, I’m sorry I have to leave honey, it was really nice meeting you, but I got to get back to work”, she gave him a hug and Sally walked her to the door. Sally came back in the kitchen and John had just about finished up. “When you are done with the dishes come to the living room so I can check you” Sally said.

John walked over and started to talk: "wait I would like a fresh’ … . " but before he could finish she had interrupted him already. In het strict dominant but friendly voice she said: “No buts, come here”. He walked over and started the next sentence of protest but she interrupted him again “Now you need to listen to me mister, stop your protests and take off those pants now or you will get a spanking regardless”. John didn’t know what to do anymore and took down his pants exposing his soggy diaper. She could instantly see he was wet “Just what I thought” she said “I was able to smell your peepee during lunch, dirty little boy”.

“now you know what happens right!?” she said in a teasing voice. “Yes I do” John replied softly. “Well what is going to happen?” she asked again in a teasing way, now tears were forming in John’s eyes “I’m going to get spanked, but it’s not fair”. “yes you are going to get spanked, now lay down on my lap” she said, while pulling him over he lap. He tried to resist crying out “but I’m still wearing my diaper”, but she already had him in the right position. He was in the same position as a few days ago but now it was not his bare bottom she was looking at but his wet diapered bottom. She started stroking his butt on top of his diaper and then ClAP! She slapped him on top of his diaper. He could feel the wet, cold diaper press against his skin with each spanking. She spanked him for a few minutes, it didn’t hurt as much as on his bare bottom but it was at least as humiliating.

Sally stood John up and told him to wait. Standing there in his soaking diaper, seconds seemed liked hours. When Sally finally came back she had a grin on her face “Now I cannot properly spank your bottom with your pull ups on, but I’m also not spanking your bare bottom covered in piss. Take off your diaper so I can clean you up first before we continue your punishment”. Defeated, John pulled down his diaper and steped out of it. “Bend over” she commanded, to which he grabed his knees making his ass stick out. Directly Sally grabs some of the baby wipes she brought and started to clean John up. John closed his eyes as he felt the wipes going over his bottom, he felt she was paying extra attention to his anus passing the cold wipes several times. At some point he felt she was pressing something against his anus, gently sliding it in. “He what is that!” John said, “nothing sweety” she responded as she continued wiping his ass a few more times and John did not feel the thing that intruded him anymore, although it also did not feel like it came out.

She turned him around and started wiping his front, finishing with his balls and penis. At that time she said things in a babyish tone like: “My dirty boy keeps doing peepee on himself” “now you need to get a spanking”. Her gently stroking him with the wet wipes made his penis swell a bit, John got terrified, what if he would get hard from this! Before it got to that point she stopped wiping him already. She sat down, pulled him towards her and put him in the spanking position again.

“now let me spank this clean bottom of yours! Count for me”, she made him count to 30 before letting him back on his feet. By now his bottom was slightly red again but mostly John felt ashamed and humiliated. Sally gave him a clean pull up which he gladly put on. She pulled him towards her and sat him down on her lap again, giving him a big hug and kisses on his head. He sank deep in her arms and felt lost and loved at the same time. He didn’t even notice anymore how insane it was he was sitting on sally’s lap wearing nothing more than a diaper and a shirt.

After a few moments everything calmed down again. John had gone upstairs to put on a pair of pants and when he got downstairs Sally was standing in the door opening “Can you help me with some work in the garden” she said smiling at him. “Sure” John replied, following her outside. They walked to the back of the garden and started planting some tomato plants Sally had bought earlier. During the work John felt a slight tingling in his ass, but he did not pay much attention to it. After about thirty minutes they almost finished and Sally went back inside to prepare some Tea while John planted the last one. While he was crouching in the dirt he suddenly felt his bowels started to move. Just a second later his anus started to uncontrollably push. Realizing he was spontaneously pooping, he tried to stop only to find out he had no control over his anus, it just kept pushing while the poo was coming out. He grabbed a hold of his bottom and tried to push to make it stop, but it was already too late. Within seconds he felt his pull up filling up with warm poop. The fact that he held his hand against his bottom only made it spread out all over his ass cheeks.

“What the hell just happened?” he tried to ask himself, when Sally called outside: “John the tea is ready”, “I’m coming he yelled back”. With each step he felt his own poop spreading over his cheeks even more. When he came inside he had already determined what to do, just ask for a clean pull up saying that he had wet himself. This way she wouldn’t have to find out. “Sally, I had a little accident can I get a fresh pull up”, “ahh you poor thing” Sally responded “of course you can, just give me a second”.

As she walked back into the living room she was holding a clean pull up for him, “Honey, take of your pants for me will you, it is full of dirt stains and I’m going to put it in with the rest right now”. “All right let me change my pull up and I will bring it down” He responded, reaching out to grab the diaper from her hand. She pulled back her hand “John, come on, I want to turn on the machine, don’t be such a baby just take of your pants! It’s not like I haven’t seen you before like this”. John felt a lump in his throat, knowing he wouldn’t be able to win this. He pulled down his pants hoping she wouldn’t see what was going on in there.

The moment he pulled his pants down a wave of his smelly diaper shot out into the air. John kept acting like there was nothing wrong and stepped out of the pants and handed them to Sally. “oeff, John, did you fart? Come on don’t do that”, John smiled “sorry, won’t do it again, can I have my clean pull up now”. He couldn’t believe he was getting away with this, he grabbed the pull up out of her hand, turned around and started walking towards the stairs. Before he got to the stairs Sally called him back over “John, have you pooped yourself”. John could not believe it, he slowly turned around. “Come back here John” she said in a disappointed way. He slowly walked back towards Sally with his head hanging low. “turn around” she said “that is way too big of a bulge to be just pee”. John slowly turned around and when he stood still he could feel Sally pull at the strap of his pull up. He knew she was now looking down on his poopy bottom

“What did you do John?” John felt like crying and didn’t know what to answer. “What did you do John” she said a bit stricter this time. "I . . . I . . . " Now tears were running down his cheeks. "I don’t know what happened, I . . .I. “John tell me right now exactly what you did” she said as strict as she could. “I pooped my pants” John cried out. “how is it possible?” She asked “are you not big enough to poop in the toilet?”. “of course I am” He cried, “I don’t know why this is happening”. “Do big boys poop their pants?” She asked “No” he said, “So what are you then?” “I’m. . . I’m . . . It was just an accident”.

She pulled him towards the stairs by his arm and together they walked into the bathroom. John didn’t say anything while Sally mumbled things like “unbelievable”, “babies poop their pants”. The bathroom in Sally’s house was fairly big. It had a big bath/ shower combination and a large table as well. “Let’s get you cleaned up” Sally said, “let me do it myself” John tried in tears, but Sally did not even respond to that. “Take of your shirt” she said, which he did. “Now pull down those dirty diapers” she said and John couldn’t help but notice that she sounded like she was enjoying this. He slowly pulled down his pull up, as carefully as he could. As he got to his ankles he let his feet out trying not to get any of the mess on his legs or the ground. All this time his back was facing Sally and he knew she was now looking at his dirty bottom. “Bend over the table” she said while slowly pushing him down. His ass was now sticking out and his head and hands were resting on the table.

He could hear Sally unrolling some toilet paper and before he knew it she was wiping his ass. She folded the toilet paper extra thick to get most of the mess from his bottom. As she got rid of most of the mess she guided john towards the bath as he was still softly crying. “Get in there and sit on your hands and knees”. She turned on the shower head and let it get warm. John felt the water warming up and suddenly the water was gushing all over his bottom. He felt her hands rubbing his ass cheeks and anus, reaching between his legs and washing his balls and penis as well. Then he felt her squirting some soap all over his bottom and her hands soaping him all in before gushing the water over it again. John could not help but get a bit aroused by her rubbing his ass and balls and he felt his penis swell a bit. This was the last thing he wanted, getting a hard on while being washed like a little boy. He focused on something else and managed to stay soft.

“So that is better” Sally said I a cheerful tone. Now stand up and shower some more. Then I want you to dry off and wait for me in your room, I will be back in a little bit. John did as he was told. She had not given him a pair of pull ups so he put an a boxer short and laid on his bed. He could not believe what was going on with him. He had been spanked, pooped his pants and was washed like a little boy. He didn’t understand how all this could happen. Sally was strict and he did not like what she was doing to him, but then again, he kept screwing up. He started reading his book to distract himself and after about 30 minutes he heard the door.

About ten minutes later his bedroom door opened and Sally walked into his room. She smiled at him as he looked at her like a sad puppy. “Do you want a hug baby” Sally asked. John nodded. She lay down next to him in the bed and wrapped her arms around him, pushing his head between her breasts. John started crying, and Sally gently soothed him giving him kisses on top of his head. “It’s going to be ok sweety, don’t worry about it”. “I’m so embarrassed about everything that’s happening” he cried. “ssshhht” she said. After a few minutes she softened her embrace and looked at his face. He looked up at her and was thankful for how kind she was.

“Sweety” She whispered “Pull ups are not made for these kind of poopy accidents” she said, John did not respond. “you know that right? I mean you know how messy it got”. John just looked at her scared for what was coming next. “from now I’m going to be putting you into real diapers”. John didn’t know what to say and just softly moaned. “Come with me sweety, let’s get it over with” she whispered giving him a kiss on his cheek.

She stood up and pulled him on his feet as well. Silently he led her walk him downstairs while holding his hand. He saw one of the big tables in the living room was transformed into a big changing station. There was a changing mat, a box of diapers, baby wipes, baby powder and more. “Climb up here sweety”, she said in a calmly. He turned around and pulled himself up resting his butt on the table. “Lay back now please” she said soothingly. He laid back, almost in trance, knowing what was about to happen. She started to pull down his boxer shorts and lifted up his legs. She lifted his legs so far up with one hand so that his knees almost touched his chest. He realized she now had a full view of his ass, balls and penis. With her spare hand she grabbed the baby powder and started sprinkling it all over ass and groin. Then she gently rubbed it around a bit with her naked hand. John shivered as he felt her finger slide over his anus. She let go of his legs and started unpacking the diapers. Until now John had been staring at the ceiling but now he looked at the pack of diapers. She pulled one out and folded it open and to his dismay it had colored images of animals on there, making it look like a very childish diaper. “Lift your butt please” she said with a smile on her face. He did as was told and she slit the diaper under his bottom. As he sat back down he felt that this diaper was much thicker than the pull ups he had been wearing. She folded the flaps over his belly and started taping the diaper shut, adjusting it a few times before it was all finished.

“So, that’s a good boy” she smiled as she pulled him off the table. John was now standing in the most childish looking diaper he could imagine. “Now sweety, there are some new rules for you” Sally said smiling, content with her work. “You can’t put these diapers on your self so only I’m allowed to change you or take off your diaper. If you try to take it off you will be in big trouble! You understand me” “Yes” John softly replied. “I’m sorry I have to put you through this sweety, but don’t worry it will be our little secret”.

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Re: John and Sally

Well done, writerN. I like the way Sally is turning out particularly. She seemed just a nice, caring woman, but it’s clear she has a little agenda of her own going in. It’s an interesting contrast to the straightforward innocence of John, in whose future I see just maybe a bit more infantilisation at the hands of the warm and caring Sally. Love it! I hope you can keep it going.

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Re: John and Sally

Wow i realy like where Your story is going !! I totaly imagine The future of johnn and Sally in this picture i found !!! Hehehe Please keep going !! Dont stop !!!

Ps The diaper that johnn is wearing is this Windeln für Erwachsene - Große Auswahl & Top Preise | BetterDry
I totally love this diaper design is very comfy!!!

Re: John and Sally

Hi Guys! Thanks for the feedback. I got some inspiration and continued the story. It isn’t as juicy as the first part but I feel it makes the plot a bit more realistic. Let me know what you thinks.

PART 2 - John and Sally

“Can I go put some pants on” John said in soft voice. “Of course sweety, you go do that and I’m going to watch some tv” Sally replied. John walked up to his room and closed the door behind him. He felt like throwing up after everything that had happened. He was angry at Sally but mostly at himself for letting it come to this. He walked over to the big mirror that was standing in the corner and looked at himself. There he was, looking like a big baby. It almost looked funny, if it would have been someone else that was. He turned around and looked at his back. The diaper he was wearing was much bulkier than the pull ups. The diaper was not as tight around his bottom as the pull ups were, under his bottom he could see the fabric of the diaper extend a bit downward leaving some empty space for number 2 accidents.

John started to replay the events of that day in his head. That morning he had woken up with a wet pull up, although strange for a boy his age it was something that happened to him quite a bit recently. Then due to his own stupidity he had been too late in asking for a clean pull up which had been part of the deal Sally and he had. That led to the humiliating spanking episode which was to be expected considering their deal, but this didn’t sit right with John. The fact that Sally expected him to wear pull ups made sense because of the fact that he was wetting the bed and himself, but why did she have to spank him when not abiding to her rules. And even though he pooped his pull up that afternoon in what universe was it reasonable for her to be cleaning him up like a little boy and putting him in diapers. He could have taken a shower himself and put on a new diaper. He had been so ashamed and vulnerable for having the accidents he had that he just led Sally take control of the situation. And now he was not allowed to put on or take off these diapers at his own convenience. “This has gone too far” John thought.

John was the type of person that always tried to avoid conflict, but he knew he had to stick up for himself this time. He put on some pants and a shirt ready to head downstairs and confront Sally. Sally was sitting in the living room watching one of the soap operas she liked, John sat down next to her. “Sally, can we talk” John said trying to sound more confident than he did. “Can’t it wait John, I’m watching my show” Sally said without looking up. “Well I really want to discuss something” John tried again now sounding a little bit more confident. “Ok” Sally said a bit annoyed while turning down the volume on the television “what’s on your mind sweety”. "I . . . " John paused looking for the right words, “I don’t want to wear these diapers. I mean I understand I had to wear the pull ups, but I don’t need to wear diapers”. Sally looked John in the eyes but did not say a word waiting for him to continue. “I know I’ve had a couple of accidents but I’m perfectly capable of washing myself and taking my pull ups on and off. I’m not a baby who needs to be diapered by someone else”. John didn’t mention the spankings as he waited for Sally to respond.

“Oh Sweety” Sally said “I understand you don’t like this, of course you are not a baby”. She looked at him and grabbed his hand. “Sweetheart do you think I like doing this”. John felt a little disarmed by this, he might have sounded kind of mean and here she was talking to him in such a kind way. He looked down and said: "No I know, but . . . " Before he could finish Sally continued: “Look now sweetheart, those pull ups you were wearing are really not made for poopy accidents. When you do, it can start leaking out. Now imagine we are out and about and you have another one of those accidents and before you know it you have poop coming down your pants. We don’t want that now do we?”. “Of course not” John replied while pulling away his hand “but I don’t think I will be having any more of those accidents”.

“Sweety, you said the same thing about your peeing accidents and they are still happening. I wish there was some other way but I really don’t see it”. Johns heart was racing, this wasn’t going at all as how he planned it. “I know another way” John said while trying to think of something. “Well tell me” Sally said amused. “Why don’t I use these diapers but put them on myself” John said impressed with his own idea. Sally started laughing out loud. “What’s going on? Why are you laughing?” John said feeling he was the punchline of a joke he didn’t get. “You know what” Sally said with a smile on her face “let’s try it out and see what happens”. “Really?” John replied, he was surprised she went with his idea. “Yeah why not” she said “but please note that putting on diapers is not that easy, especially not putting one on yourself”. John looked at her without saying a word. “Now we are going to try this, but if you have an accident and you spill any pee on your clothes or in your bed you are going to let me do the diapering” Sally’s tone had gone strict again as she looked John straight in his eyes. “ok” John said now a little bit nervous about his own plan. “Ok then sweety, you can go to your room, take of your diaper and put one on yourself” Sally was talking with her usual sweet tone again. She stood up and walked towards the table she had used to change John. She grabbed one of the diapers from the package and gave it to John who had followed behind her. “Up you go” she said giving him a quick pad on the butt.

John raced up the stairs. The conversation hadn’t gone completely as planned but at least he was in charge of diapering himself. He stripped down his pants and pulled at the straps of the diaper. He opened the diaper he just got from Sally and laid it on the bed. He sat on top of it, pulled up the flap on the front and grabbed one of the sides. “Sally was right” he thought “This isn’t that easy”. He pushed his hand down while peeling of the cover of one of the sticker straps with the other. He taped it down and proceeded with the next and then did the same thing on the other side. He stood up and walk towards the mirror. It didn’t look as decent as the way Sally did it, the straps were a bit uneven and his right leg felt a bit squeezed because how tight it was, but John was happy with the result. He put back on his pants and headed downstairs. Sally had continued watching her TV show and he put on his computer to play some games.

After about an hour John had to pee, so he went to the bathroom and took of his pants and then his diaper. While pulling the straps to open it he pulled one off and the others had still some of the plastic of the diaper sticking to it. He took a pee and tried to put it back on, but the straps were not sticky enough anymore. He put on his pants and headed downstairs to ask Sally for a new diaper.

“Sally can I get a new diaper please, I took this one off to take a pee but now I can’t put it back on, look” he said while showing her the used straps. “Oh sweety, that’s right you cannot use them more than once. But you can’t take them off every time you have to pee. Do you know how expensive these are? You can pee in them at least 2 or three times before you have to change them” Sally said as if it was the most logical thing in the world. “What?” John exclaimed “you expect me to pee myself even though I’m on time to go to the bathroom and then sit around in my own pee”. “Sweety” Sally said with her sweet voice “They are really expensive so it will be a waste to take them off all the time. You won’t even notice you have peed them when you will, these are super absorbent. Just try it the next time you have to go. As soon as you feel you are really damp you can get a fresh one, ok?”. “I guess” John replied not really happy with the outcome of the conversation “can I have a fresh one now”. “Of course sweety” Sally got up and got him a new diaper. Before he ran upstairs John thought of something important “what if I have to go number 2?” he asked Sally, expecting her to say he could take it off then. Sally looked a tiny bit disappointed but answered “yeah, ok!. When you have to poop you can take it off as well.”
John ran upstairs with a big smile on his face. He put on his fresh diaper and this time did an even better job than the first.

That night Sally and John had some dinner and watched some tv. John had peed his diaper three times and he had to agree that the first two times his diaper didn’t feel to damp. It was not after the third time he felt really dirty and in need of a clean one. It was a strange sensation, consciously peeing in a diaper instead of the toilet, but it was a thousand times better than the idea of having his diaper changed by Sally all the time.

That night and the whole next day John’s diaper had leaked not once. He had changed his diaper a few times and had gotten to take one off when he had to go number 2. That evening he and Sally were having a few glasses of wine as they often did. John went to change his diaper and Sally pored them another glass of wine. John got back and they continued drinking their wine, telling some stories and having some laughs. “I’m feeling really tired” John suddenly said. “Yeah me too” Sally replied “Let’s go to bed”. John walked upstairs, brushed his teeth and was just able to take of his clothes before crashing into the bed. He fell asleep instantly.

Sally opened John’s door as silently as she could. She was wearing socks to make is little noise as possible and walked over to his bed. She knew he had to be sound asleep considering she put a sleeping pill in his last glass of wine, but she didn’t want to screw this up. She looked at him laying on top of his blankets wearing nothing but his diaper and got a smile on her face while she felt her heart rate go up. “now let’s get this started” she thought. She squatted next to his bed and grabbed a hold of John’s arm. She lowered his hand and put his finger in the jar she was carrying. “This should do the trick” she thought. Sally had been putting his finger in a jar with lukewarm water every night since the day he arrived. This was making him pee his bed and even did the trick each time he took an afternoon nap.

She had been on the right track all this time until John had taken a stand and protested her diapering him. She did not want him to know what she was doing to him, which is why she let him diaper himself. She was sure he would have screwed up putting on his diaper and get his clothes or bed wet, but John had managed to diaper himself surprisingly well. After about 30 seconds of keeping John’s finger in the jar he started to become restless. He pulled his hand back and then settled back down. She knew he had wet himself by now, just like he did every night. Any other day she would have already left the room by now, but this time there was still some work to do. She had never given him a sleeping pill before but considering what she was about to do next she was glad she did. Sally pored the content of the jar on the sheets around John’s diaper and finished by spilling some just over the bottom of his diaper and then his upper legs. John started to become restless again so directly after emptying the jar she tiptoed towards the door and silently closed it behind her.

As she got to her room Sally couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. She went to the sink in her room and washed the jar and her hands. Normally the jar contained water but considering the purpose of her action she had deemed it best to pee in it to make it as realistic as possible. She felt so powerful and couldn’t wait for John to wake up, but knew it would take a while thanks to the sleeping pill she gave him. She got in bed and fingered herself to an orgasm after which she fell asleep.

The next morning John slowly woke up. He still felt a bit drowsy “probably from the wine” he thought. He noticed it smelled like pee and a few seconds later realized his bed was wet. His eyes shot open and he sat straight up, suddenly as awake as he could be. “Oh no, this can’t be happening” he thought “What am I going to do”. He tried to think of something as he got out of bed, but nothing came to mind. He couldn’t believe his diaper had leaked and directly thought about what the consequences would be if Sally found out. He put on some pants and walked out of his room. He heard Sally singing downstairs and figured he would go and get a fresh diaper since this one felt soggy. “Good morning Sweety” Sally said cheerfully as he walked into the kitchen “Did you sleep well”. “Yes” John replied, but it didn’t sound convincing. “Do you want some breakfast” Sally said as she danced around the kitchen making pancakes. “Sure” John said “but can I first get a clean diaper I need to change”. “Of course sweety” Sally said as she walked out and danced back in to give John his diaper.

John headed upstairs into the bathroom as he figured he could use a shower before changing into his clean diaper. After his shower, John dried off, got on the table in the bathroom and put on his diaper as he was becoming better and better at. While he put on his pants he kept thinking about how it was possible that his diaper had leaked, “maybe I put it on wrong because I was a bit drunk from the wine” he thought. As he got out of the bathroom and walked over to his bedroom he saw his door was already open.

He walked through the doorway and froze as he saw Sally taking the sheets of his bed. “Sweety, I came in to change your sheets when I noticed they are all wet and stinky” Sally said casually as she looked up at John. “I . . . I . . .” John didn’t know what to say, he felt a big knot in his stomach and his heart was racing. “Don’t worry sweety” Sally said, “I tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen to me”. John felt tears forming in his eyes. Sally dropped the sheets and walked over to him. “Oh sweety, don’t worry. Sally will take care of you” she said as she pulled him close and started to give him a big hug. John now started to cry saying “I’m sorry”. “Shhhhh sweety. Don’t you worry. Everything’s going to be ok” Sally whispered while giving him small kisses on his head.

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Re: John and Sally

This is awesome! Especially for your first story! Amazing job :slight_smile:

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Re: John and Sally

Realy like your way to show The true intentions of Sally !! Poor johnn he wont have a chance !!
I Can only imagine when he gonna acept his fate and be The mommys baby!! Because i know Sally is gonna win and put him in a onesie (to prevent leaks she would say ) and a binky to relax john !!!

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Re: John and Sally

I can’t wait for more!!!

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Re: John and Sally

i hope this story continues its so good :slight_smile:

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Re: John and Sally

Hi Guys! Here is part 3. Let me know what you think.


Sally had guided John downstairs and told him to wait by the table she had used before to diapered him. She started to get all the things she needed and rebuild her little changing station. John just stood there staring at it still a bit teary eyed. “All ready” Sally said in a cheerful voice “take off your pants and lift yourself up the table for me sweety”. “But I’m not wet or anything” John protested. “I know silly you just put on your diaper” Sally replied “but we can’t have you walking around with your diaper being al crooked now can we. Now take of those pants and lift yourself up the table so I can change you and make sure your diaper is put on correctly”. Sally looked closely as John followed her instructions. “Lay back for me sweety” Sally said, and as he did she started taking of the straps of his diaper and folding it open. She got the diaper out from under him and put down a fresh one. Then she proceeded to powder him and slowly rubbing it all over his privates, his bottom and his asshole. John felt like it took forever for her to finish this process but finally he could feel her strapping up the diaper. “All done” Sally said content “now let’s have breakfast”.

Sally had cooked a lot of oatmeal pancakes, she had cut up a lot of fruit, made him a big smoothy and some other things John liked. John was hungry and happy to start his breakfast. He filled up his belly with all the food she had made and started to get in a good mood again. He enjoyed the conversation they were having which distracted him from the whole situation he was in. At the end of their breakfast he had to pee and knew he had to do it in his diaper. It was nothing different compared to the previous days except for the fact that Sally was going to be the one changing him from now on. As he felt the pee spread between his legs, slowly running towards his bottom he knew he had to get out of this situation. “Sally, when can I wear my pull ups again” John said as Sally started doing the dishes. “Well sweety, that is up to you” Sally replied. “What do you mean?” john said confused, “Well if you don’t poop your diaper for a week I think it will be safe to wear your pull ups again” Sally said cheerfully looking straight at John. She knew this was never going to happen but it was nice to give him some hope. “I’m going to play my video games” John said feeling good about her response, “A week and then it’s over” he thought.

A few hours later John had wet himself three times, his diaper was soggy and he desperately needed a change. He knew he would have to ask Sally for it but felt to awkward to bring it up. “John, I want us to leave for the mall now” Sally said “is that ok?”. “Yes” John said sounding not really convincing. “Whats wrong sweety” Sally said looking at his sad face “do you need to get a change?”. John looked down and didn’t say a word. “Why didn’t you just say so silly, come here” she said. John followed her to the changing station and stood still. “Take of your pants for me sweety” Sally said. John slowly lowered his pants and stepped out of it. He could feel her look at his soaking diaper. “Lift your self up the table for me sweety” she said. As he sat down on the table he could feel some of the pee getting pushed out of the fabric, it felt as if he was sitting in a puddle of pee, he laid back before Sally could ask him. “Good boy, you are already getting the hang of this” Sally said smiling. John could feel Sally take of the straps and open his diaper as he closed his eyes. He lifted his bottom so she could get the wet diaper from underneath him. “Now pull up your legs sweety” Sally said as she opened a pack of baby wipes. John felt so exposed as he put his arms under his legs and pulled them back. “now let’s get you cleaned up” Sally said and directly started to wipe his penis with a fresh wipe rubbing it on all sides, making John swell a bit. John shivered, he had to focus not to get hard which was the last thing he wanted right now. Now he could feel Sally wiping his bottom. “Sweety do you need to go poop before I put you in a fresh diaper” Sally said now wiping his ass. “No” John said in a small voice still focusing on not getting hard. The baby wipes were tickling his ass and he noticed his penis swell a bit more. Suddenly he felt something press against his asshole, slowly sliding in. “What’s that?” John said with a shivering voice. "What is what sweety? Sally said as she started ‘cleaning’ his penis again, "are you enjoying this or something? Sally said shacking his penis a bit. “No, no” John said, “Please, I’m clean, can you put on my diaper” john stuttered. “Alright sweety, let’s get you into a clean diaper” she said with a smile on her face. Sally continued to put a clean diaper on John feeling content with her work. She had slid a special suppository up Johns ass making sure he would have no control over his asshole in about 30 minutes. She had done the same thing to make John poop him self the first time and this time distracted him by getting him a bit excited, “this is too easy” she thought.

John and Sally were now on their way to the mall. It was about an hour long drive so they listened to some music and talked a bit about the stores they wanted to go to. Sally had promised John to buy him a video game and he knew exactly what he wanted, and Sally just wanted to buy herself some clothes. After about 20 minutes John could feel his bowels starting to move, he would always feel this way before he had to poop so he knew it was coming. “It can wait until we get to the mall” John thought. A few minutes later John started to feel his asshole tingle which reminded him of the feeling he had when he pooped him self in the garden. “Sally, I need to go to a restroom” John said a bit distressed. “Honey, we have been over this, you can pee at least three times in your diaper” Sally said. “But I need to go number 2” John said as the tingling sensation got more intense. “Well you are going to have to wait for the next gas station sweety” Sally said, “Can you make that?”. “Of course I can” John replied annoyed. He crossed his arms and looked out the window waiting to pass by an exit sign. “Finally” he thought as they passed a sign saying gas station 2 KM. John felt like he really needed to poop by now and the feeling wouldn’t go away. When they got to the exit, Sally took it and slowly ran up to the gas station and took her time to park her car. It was a nice modern looking gas station, the place was crowded, lot’s of cars with families on their way to a holiday destination. There was a restaurant and also a separate building with a restroom signs on it. They got out of the car and started walking towards the restrooms. John now really felt like he could not hold it much longer, he was already thinking how to get out of his pants and diaper as fast as possible.

They were about 10 meters removed from the building when John felt the pushing sensation he had felt in the garden before. He stopped walking and it stopped but only a second later his anus started to push again, just for a second. It stopped and he continued walking now with his but cheeks clenched. Sally had continued walking but now looked back at John who was walking very difficult. “Come on sweety, we are almost there” She said encouraging. John had reached the door of the restrooms and wanted to walk in but before he could Sally stopped him. “Sweety after you finish I want you to bring your empty diaper to me so I’m sure you didn’t have an accident and I will put on your fresh diaper over here okay?” pointing at the ladies restroom which had a sign for a changing station on the door. Without answering her he quickly walked into the men’s room and looked for an empty stall. There were 8 stalls and all were occupied. He felt his anus push again but it stopped once more. Tears were forming in his eyes and he was completely red by now. Finally he heard one of the toilets flush, slowly after a door opened and someone came out. He quickly walked over and when opening the door John felt his asshole push again. He pressed one hand against his bottom and closed the door behind him with the other. The pushing continued and he could feel his diaper fill up with his poop behind him. He let go of his bottom and locked the door. He was in tears and still pooping, bending through his knees a bit by now, his could feel his diaper getting fuller and fuller and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Outside Sally was waiting for John. She knew he was probably in time for the restroom but had hoped he would have had an accident in the car already. “I will get plenty more chances” she thought a bit disappointed. She was carrying a bag full of changing materials and loved the idea of using the changing table in a public restroom on John.

John’s tears had dried up but there he was standing in a public restroom with a poop filled diaper on. “Can I just take it off, wipe my ass and pretend nothing happened” he thought. He looked around, there was toilet paper and a garbage bin. “I might be able to pull this off, but she did ask me for the clean diaper back, to check if I hadn’t already pooped my self” he thought. He tried to assess what was going on inside his diaper, the seat had completely filled up leaving a big bulge behind him, but it was so much that some of the poop was touching his bottom. “What the hell” he thought “at least I can try”. He put the lid on top of the toilet to catch his dirty diaper when it would come off, and slowly pulled down his pants down to his ankles. He tried to think of the best way to take off the diaper without any of his mess touching him any more than it already did. He leaned back a bit and at that same time someone tried to open the door of his stall. He gasped and reached for the door knob but his pants around his ankles made him trip and he fell back right on top of the lid of the toilet. “this one is taken as well” he heard a kid say. The door had been perfectly locked but the door handle moving had scared him. John’s fall on top of the toiler cover had made the mess in his diaper spread all over his bottom. As he sat still for a minute he felt dirty and realized he now had no other option than to go to Sally, it would be impossible for him to clean this up properly with a bit of dry toilet paper. John felt like crying but didn’t, he got up and pulled up his pants. He opened the door to his stall and walked outside towards the exit. With each step he could feel his messy diaper press against his skin.

“Hi sweety” Sally said in a cheerful voice as John approached her, “he is not carying his diaper with him” she thought “so at least I get to spank him”. She grabbed his hands and pulled him towards the ladies restrooms “Are you ready for your clean diaper” she said as two cute girls John’s age passed by. They started laughing and stared at John and Sally as they walked by. John felt so embarrassed “SSSSHHT!” he said, “don’t let the whole world know”. “Sorry sweety” Sally said “but girls will want to know why I’m bringing a boy into the ladies room”, they now had arrived inside the ladies restroom. There were a few women and girls waiting in line. All of them looked up at John and Sally as they walked in. “Sorry ladies” Sally said, “I just have to change his diaper”, the girls started to chuckle as they walked by. Sally was still holding on to John’s hand as she pulled him past the line all the way to the back where the stall with the changing station sign was. John felt as if all of this was happening to someone else, in a trance he walked into the stall. Sally locked the door behind them. The stall they were in was fairly big with a large metal changing table against the wall. Sally had been here before and knew the place didn’t have those plastic changing tables mounted on the wall which wouldn’t work for John.

“Where is your diaper Sweety” Sally said looking at John. John looked at the ground “I” he started, but the words wouldn’t come out. “What is it John?” Sally said “Didn’t I tell you to bring back your diaper for me so I could see you didn’t have an accident”. “Yes I know” John replied "but . . . ". “But what” Sally said strict but amused “You know I will spank you for this”. John was silent for a second and then replied in a very small voice “I was too late”. “What was that sweety?” Sally said. “I was too late for the bathroom” John said a little bit louder. “Oh sweety, did you poop your pants?” Sally said in a calming voice but with a smile on her face. John didn’t reply but just looked at the ground. “Come here sweety” Sally said as she pulled him towards her and gave him a hug. John felt so small and weak as he let her hug him while he had a pooped diaper on. After a few seconds she let go of him, crouched down and started to untie his shoes, take them off and then unbutton his pants. “I will take care of you sweety” Sally said as she pulled down his pants.

John stepped out of his pants and noticed the smell of the mess in his diaper fill the room. “Sit on the table for me sweety” Sally said. John lifted himself up the table and felt once more the mess spread over his bottom, he quickly laid down. Sally was getting all the things out of her bag and started putting them next to John, baby wipes, powder and of course a clean diaper. John could feel her take off the straps on his diaper one by one. Then he felt fresh air coming over his groin as she opened up the diaper. “Lift your legs for me sweety” Sally said while grabbing his ankles with one hand and lifting them up. “Oh boy, you had a big poopoo didn’t you? She said in a babyish voice. John could feel her wipe him a bit on his bottom and then she pulled out the diaper from under him. She had lifted his legs so high up that his bottom had come off the table and he didn’t have to do anything. She kept him in this position still holding on to his ankles in one hand and started wiping his bottom with the other. John could feel her stroke the wet baby wipes all over his bottom and ass hole. Finally she lowered him a bit and started to wipe his balls and his penis as well. “Almost done” Sally said content as she folded open a fresh diaper, “Lift your bottom for me baby” she said as she slit the diaper under him. She proceeded to powder him and then folded the diaper and taped it shut. “That’s better isn’t it?” Sally said with a smile, she leaned over and gave John a kiss on his cheek. “Shall I put your pants back on” She said in a caring voice”, “I’ll do it myself” John said softly as he got of the table in his clean diaper. He put on his pants and shoes while sally put all the dirty wipes and diaper in the trash. “let’s go and wash our hands” she said as she unlocked the door and walked outside. Back in the ladies room again there were some women and girl waiting in line for the restrooms. John quickly washed his hands but he could feel them starring at him. Sally said hello to the women and washed her hands as well. “We just had to get his diaper changed” she said as they walked out with the women still staring at John.

John and Sally walked back to the car slowly. John was looking at the ground still red from the embarrassment he had experienced, while Sally had a big smile on her face. They drove off on their way to the mall. John was quiet in the ride over there but Sally tried to cheer him up a bit. “So tell me about that game you want to get?” Sally asked. “Its a shooting game” John replied. “So . . . Tell me about it.” Sally tried again enthusiastically. “Well” John said “It’s actually pretty cool” “Yeah?” Sally said glad he had a little smile on his face again. The rest of the car ride John told about the game while Sally asked questions about it as if she was suddenly extremely interested in gaming. By the time they got to the mall John was feeling a bit better again. “John, you go to your game store and I will shop for some clothing, okay?” Sally said. “Yeah sure” John replied. “Alright I’ll come see you there when I finish” Sally said. John went into the games store and started checking out the latest releases, he quickly found the game he was looking for and took it with him. Then he started playing some of the games on the sample consoles available in the store. After playing for a bit John felt the need to pee, the last few days he had gotten used to just letting it go but this time his changing at the gas station made him hesitate for a second, but he realized he had no other option and released his bladder. An hour later Sally found John “Hi Sweety” Sally said which caught John by surprise. “Having fun?”, “Yeah” John said but he paused the game. “Did you find your game?” Sally asked, “Yes I did” John said, “Alright let’s pay for it and get out of here” Sally smiled at him. They paid for John’s video game and went out to drive back home.

Back home John directly started playing his game and forgot all about the time. “John, we are going to have dinner in a bit” Sally said after a while. “Okay” John replied. “Come over here so I can check your diaper” Sally continued. “But I’m almost finished” John said, “Alright one minute then I want you to come over here” Sally said. While playing his game John had peed once more so his diaper was already quite wet. “John it’s time” Sally said a few minutes later. “Alright” John said a bit disappointed after which he closed down his video game and walked over to Sally. Sally was sitting down and had him stand right in front of her “Take of your pants for me sweety” Sally said with a big smile on her face. John did as he was told and as soon as he had stepped out of his pants Sally started touching his diaper and his bottom. “Ooh, did my little boy pee his diaper again” Sally said in a babyish tone. That comment touched John, his changing earlier at the gas station kept flashing through his head all day and he did feel like a little boy. Before he knew it John felt tears coming into his eyes, he couldn’t hold it, this was just too much for him. Tears silently rolled down his cheeks and Sally directly took notice. “Oh sweety, what’s wrong?” Sally said as she pulled him towards her and onto her lap. John didn’t resist and put his arms around her. John felt very small sitting on Sally’s lap in a diaper but at the same time she made him feel loved and safe. She started rubbing his back and then his bottom on top of his diaper “ohh, my sweet baby, everything is going to be okay?” Sally said softly as she gave John small kisses on his head. John relaxed his body and let Sally mother him. He had had to pee again and just let it go. Sally who was still rubbing his bottom on top of his diaper could even feel it happening. “Let’s get you into a clean diaper shall we?” Sally said after a few minutes of hugging. John looked up and nodded. His tears had dried up and he really did feel like getting out of his soggy diaper. They walked over to the changing table and without her having to ask, John sat down on top of it and laid back. Sally unstrapped the diaper, got it out from under him and started cleaning him with the wipes. John enjoyed the fresh feeling it gave him and after he got powdered and when his fresh diaper was on he felt a bit more comfortable again.

That night after dinner John and Sally sat on the couch and watched some TV, but John wasn’t really watching. He was mostly preoccupied with the reality of being in diapers and not being able to complete a week without messing himself. When they went to bed his ordeal still kept him up. This wasn’t normal and he was really getting worried about it. That night John fell asleep late and woke up tired the next morning. He went to take a shower which was the only time Sally would take of his diaper for him and this was his best place to think. He knew what he would have to do. it was strange that he didn’t think of it sooner but then again he was so embarrassed about his whole situation it had clouded his judgement probably. He decided he would talk with Sally about it at breakfast. After his shower he got dried off and just like every morning since he was put in diapers headed downstairs naked carrying his clothes in his hands. “Good morning Sweety” Sally said, “Are you ready to get your diaper on?”. “Yes” John replied. “Go lay on the table for me Sweety I will be there in a minute” Sally said. After a minute Sally got to the table and started powdering and diapering John. He got off the table and put on his clothes. “Ready for breakfast?” Sally asked.

During breakfast John mustered up the courage to ask for what he needed. “Sally” John said, “Yes Sweety?” Sally replied casually. “I think what is happening to me, with my . . . accidents, you know is not normal and I would like to see a doctor to find out what is going on” As he finished talking he looked up at Sally. “I think that is a great idea” Sally said “I thought your little accidents would have stopped by now, but it has been continuing for quite a bit”. John started to become red as he heard her say that. “remember my friend Lisa that came over for lunch the other day?” Sally continued, “yes” John said. “Well she is a doctor so I’ll cal her up and set an appointment for you” Sally said in a cheerful voice. John felt a knot in his stomach as he remembered Lisa to be a beautiful young woman and the idea of her knowing about his accidents made him feel embarrassed. “Can it not be someone else?” John said. “Why?” Sally asked surprised, “well because it’s your friend, wouldn’t it be weird?” John tried. “Of course not Sweety, she is a doctor nothing is weird to her, now don’t be silly” Sally said “You go do the dishes and I will call up Lisa to see when she has time”. John did as he was told and Sally called her friend and set an appointment for John the next day.

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Another awesome chapter! Thanks for the update, I’m really really loving it so far :slight_smile:

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Great story Can’t wait to read the next chapter

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Hi All,

Another chapter below. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism as well about the writing to help me improve! Cheers

Part 4

That night John’s parents had called from abroad to check in with John and Sally. After an hour of talking about how great their trip had been and asking about how everything was going with John and Sally they mention they wanted to continue their trip for three extra months. They hadn’t decided yet and wanted to float the idea with Sally and John. They were able to get a couple months more of unpaid leave at work and really wanted to continue their trip. Sally had no problem with it at all, she mentioned that since her husband had died and daughters had moved out she had been feeling kind of lonely, and that John and her were having a great time together. John who had finished high school, didn’t have a job and was not planning on attending college for another year couldn’t find any good reason to object either. He missed them but also wanted them to enjoy their trip and he also thought about not wanting them to find out about his accidents. They hadn’t mentioned anything about that over the phone and they were the last people he would want to find out about this. This way he had some more time to fix his problems. So it was settled, Johns parents were going to stay on their trip for three extra months and John would continue to stay with Sally until they got back.

The next day John and Sally got out of the car in front of the doctors building. John had a big knot in his stomach, the idea of having Lisa, a practical stranger, find out about the accidents he was having felt so embarrassing. When they walked inside a friendly receptionist welcomed them. “Good morning Sally, how are you? Do you have an appointment with doctor Johnson?” the receptionist asked. “Good morning Cindy, actually John here has the appointment with Lisa” Sally replied. “Oh that’s right, hi John. Well you guys can have a seat and Doctor Johnson will be with you in a bit”. John and Sally thanked the receptionist and sat down in the waiting area. John had the need to pee but he was not about to pee his diaper right before he would get examined by Lisa so he held it in. They picked up some magazines that were available and about fifteen minutes later a door opened and Lisa walked out with another patient. “Sally, John good to see you” Lisa exclaimed as she saw them. Sally got up and gave her friend a hug, John got up as well and Lisa gave him a hug also. “Well you two can head on in I will be right there” Lisa said. “Oh that’s alright” Sally said, “just John will be heading in I will go to the grocery store around the corner in the meantime”. John hadn’t expected that, he had assumed Sally would go in there with him and explain the situation but now he would have to do that him self. “Alright no problem” Lisa replied “Let’s have lunch again soon”. “yes for sure” Sally replied “I’ll call you this week and John I’ll pick you up right here after you finish”. The two friends gave each other a hug and Sally walked out. “Go on in” Lisa said to John “I’ll be right there”. John walked into the examination room. It was a big room with a large desk, an examination bed, a lot of tools and machines of which John had no idea what they were, but most surprisingly there was another woman in the examination room. “Hi there” she said “I’m Angelina, doctor Johnson’s assistant”. “Hi, I’m John” John said in a small voice. He was beginning to think that going to the doctor had been a bad idea. Angelina was a beautiful and confident woman in her late twenties. John was not looking forward to telling about his problems to two beautiful women at all.

Lisa walked in and closed the door behind her. “I see you two have met, Angelina is here to assist me with everything that is going on” she said in a cheerful voice “well let’s have a seat, shall we?”. Both women sat down behind the desk and John took place in one of the chairs on the other side of the desk. “So John, how can we help you today?” Lisa said looking straight at John. John was feeling terribly nervous but started talking. He explained how he never had had a problem before but when he got to Sally’s house he had wet the bed and had started wearing pull ups, and how soon thereafter he wet him self during naps in the day and started wearing pull ups during the day as well. John paused for a second and looked up. Both women were looking straight at John but didn’t say a word, giving him the time to continue. He then started to explain about the accident he had had pooping his pants in the garden, what he had felt and how he had no control over it. How he then had to start wearing diapers and how he had another messy accident since. “So that is why I’m here, to get some kind of pill or something to fix it”.

Lisa acted like it was the most normal thing in the world and started asking some general questions about John’s health. He replied and felt good about how normal she was being about it. “So I think I know enough for now” Lisa said. “Really?” John asked “So you know how to fix it?”. Lisa chuckled a bit “not so fast John, we are going to have to do some physical examinations with you first. Please take off your clothes for me so we can do some tests” she said. Angelina stood up and walked over to John, “you can give your clothes to me” she said in a sweet voice. John looked up at Angelina who had a friendly smile on her face, she was really pretty and sweet looking but at the same time confident and intimidating. John knew he was going to have to get undressed and that they would both see him in his diaper. He reluctantly got off his shoes, socks and shirt first and then unbuttoned his pants, he slowly lowered his pants and stepped out of it. Now he was standing wearing just his diaper with two beautiful women looking at him. John had gotten completely red and his hands were shaking. He didn’t look up but could feel their eyes going all over him, he reached for the straps on his diaper to get it off. “You can leave it on for now John” Lisa said as she stood up from behind her desk and walked over to the examination table, “Follow me” she said. Lisa started with some standard tests which in the process had John sit up, stand and walk. John felt awkward having to do all that wearing his diaper. After the standard tests he had his blood taken as well for further analysis.

“Excellent John, now get on the examination table please” Lisa said, “and Angelina will you get him out of his diaper and cleaned up for the examination”. “Of course doctor” Angelina replied. John had wanted to take off the diaper him self but was now expected to have it done by Angelina. “I’m not wet or anything” John mumbled as he got on the bed and laid back. Angelina started to unstrap his diaper and folded it open. John felt the cold air wash in and knew she was now looking down at his privates. She got the diaper out from under him and started wiping him with some wet wipes. “All clean” she said content. “Excellent” Lisa exclaimed “now John, do you think you can pee right now?”. “Yes” John replied who had had to pee for a while now.

“Excellent. Angelina can you get the bowl please” Lisa continued and Angelina walked out of the room. She came back in with a big type of bowl in her hand. John was still laying down naked on the bed, Lisa tilted the back of the bed up so that he was sitting up a bit, then grabbed the bowl from Angelina. “Lift your bottom up please” Lisa said and John did what he was told, she placed the bowl under him, “Now sit back down”. John followed her instruction and was now sitting in the bowl with his legs sticking out. “Alright we are going to have to check how much control you have over your bladder which is why you have to be in this position” Lisa said.

John felt awkward and afraid of what was coming next. “In a bit I’m going to ask you to start peeing and when I tell you to stop I want you to stop peeing right away, we will repeat this a couple of times okay?” Lisa said. John did not like this at all, both women would be seeing him pee and he would end up sitting in his own urine. “Alright John now spread your legs so we can have a good look at whats going on” Lisa continued. John did as he was told, he leaned back a bit with his back against the upright part of the examination table and spread his legs. “Alright John, whenever you are ready”. John closed his eyes, he really had to pee but he had to concentrate to release his bladder. He felt the pee starting to come out, first a few drips and then a steady stream came out. He directly felt the warm pee gather around his bottom, wetting it on all sides. “Stop” he heard Lisa say, and as soon as she did it took him a second to stop the flow, it hurt a bit and he felt like continuing peeing but he could hold it in. “Start” she said and he let it go again. He could feel the bowl get fuller with his pee touching him on all sides. “Stop” and he stopped. They repeated this two times more, then Lisa said: “Start” and John continued peeing (Lisa never said stop again) until nothing more came out.

“Alright John that was excellent” Lisa said “Angelina help John get cleaned up please before we continue”. John had hoped this was it but apparently there was more to come. “lift your bottom please” Angelina said and John did as he was told, he could hear his pee dripping in the bowl below him. She got the bowl out from under him “Hold like this please” she said as she put the bowl aside. John was pushing him self up with his arms and his legs pressing his back against the upright part of the bed. Angeline walked back and started wiping John’s bottom with some wet wipes. “Alright you can sit back down” she said after finishing to clean his bottom, and then she lowered the examination table again into a horizontal position. John looked at her and noticed what a beautiful body she had as well. She grabbed some more wipes and started cleaning his balls and his penis. He could feel him self swell a little bit as she continued rubbing him. Eventually she stopped and Lisa walked up to them again.

“Well John, since you have had some pooping accidents as well we are going to have to run another test” Lisa said. Johns eyes shot wide open but before he could say anything Lisa continued “Don’t worry you don’t have to poop in the bowl, but I’m going to have to insert my finger inside to see if your muscles are functioning properly”. As she was telling him this she grabbed a bottle of lubricant and started squirting it on top of the glove she was wearing covering her index finger with lubricant. “Angelina can you place his legs in the holders” she said and Angelina lowered two foot holders grabbed John’s legs and placed his feet one by one in the two footholders. This way John’s legs were pushed back and spread out in the air exposing his privates and ass hole. John couldn’t see very well what was going on since he was laying back but suddenly he could feel the cold lubricant pressing against his anus. “Relax for me please” Lisa said as he felt her finger starting to press against hiss asshole, John was not able to relax at all, he was as tight as he could be. The pressing continued and he could feel the tip of her finger slide in his ass. “Ahh it hurts” he said in a small voice. “Alright I’ll use some more lube” Lisa said “but you have to relax for me”.

John felt her pull out her finger which hurt a bit and could then hear her squirt the bottle of lube onto her glove followed by the cold lube pressing against his ass again. John tried to relax his ass and a second later he could feel the tip of her finger slide in again, he bit his lip as he felt her finger slide further up his ass. It didn’t hurt so much this time but it still wasn’t pleasant. Mostly he felt so helpless laying there with his legs in the holders and nothing he could do about the finger entering inside him. “Alright this all seems in order” Lisa said. He could feel the finger moving back and forth and before he knew it his penis started to swell a bit more again. “Now John all seems in order here but I am training Angelina to do this type of examinations” Lisa said while she continued with her finger in his ass, “would you mind me showing her how to do this?”. “Sure” john said before he realized what he just agreed with, it was in his nature to avoid conflict and please people, but in reality this was the last thing he wanted. “Excellent” LIsa replied “Angelina do you have your gloves on?”. “Yes doctor” Angelina said. Lisa pulled her finger out and said “Put some lube on your finger and gently slide it in”. John felt the lube press against his ass but now he knew it was Angelina pressing her finger against him. Slowly Angelina’s finger started pressing harder against his ass. Suddenly John could feel it slide inside him but this time it did not hurt as much. “Can you feel it gripping around your finger?” Lisa asked Angelina, “Yes” she replies. “Well that is how it is supposed to feel so it seems like everything is in order” Lisa continued, “now if you tilt your finger upward a bit you can feel his prostate”. John could feel a tingling sensation and his penis started to swell, he now almost had a hard on. He tried to cover it with his hands. “Oh don’t worry about it John that is perfectly natural” Lisa said in a calm voice. The tingling sensation continued as Angelina continued to explore his ass, by now John had a full boner and was completely red from embarrassment. “You can pull out now” Lisa said and Angelina slowly removed her finger. John felt really small laying their so exposed while having a boner and his butt sticking out for two beautiful women to see, who on top of that both just had one of their fingers inside him. “Angelina you can put John in a diaper again” Lisa said “And after that you can put on your clothes John” she continued.

Lisa sat back behind her desk and Angelina walked out to look for a suitable diaper. She came back carrying a large white disposable diaper and started diapering John. When she finished, John got off the examination table and quickly put on his clothes. He was happy it was over. “Have a seat John” Lisa said as he finished putting on his clothes, “From what I have been able to see right now there is nothing wrong with you, but we have to wait for the results of the blood and urine samples we have taken, hopefully we know more after that”. John remained silent, he was a bit disappointed because he had expected she would know by now what was wrong with him. “So you have no idea what it could be?” John asked carefully. “To be honest I don’t know at this point and we really have to wait for the results to come back from the samples we took. As soon as they come in we will call you in to discuss it, but until then it is best to continue using your diapers like you have been” Lisa said casually and stood up after she finished her sentence. John followed her lead and let her guide him out of the room. “Enjoy your day” Angelina said, “You too” John replied. As they walked out Sally was already sitting in the waiting room “Hi John” she said, “Ready to go home?”. “Yes” John replied, he was happy to see Sally and to get out of this place after what he had just been through. “I’ll call you soon okay Lisa?” Sally said. “Yes for sure” Lisa replied content “See you two soon”. On their way back to the house Sally asked how the appointment had been. John replied they would know more after the analysis of the blood and urine sample would be in, but didn’t mention much more than that.

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Another interesting chapter! Keep it up!

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Wow!! Its amazing how sally is smart to make john believe That he is The problem!!
Please keep going!!

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