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Jessica lay awake, she could hear Kevin’s heavy breathing beside her. He had fallen asleep what seemed like hours ago, although Jessica knew it probably hadn’t been more than half an hour since they’d climbed into their sleeping bags. Time always crept slowly when she was the only one awake. And it seemed to be moving forwards even slower than usual tonight, perhaps because there was nothing she could do to occupy herself. It was just the two of them in the tent, and Jessica knew Kevin was a light sleeper. The night before she had woken him several times, climbing in and out of the tent, alternating between wandering around the maze of other tents and sitting in her own tent listening to her iPod, all when she should have been asleep.

This was the first festival Jessica had ever been to. It was only a small affair, she knew that it didn’t compare to the larger festivals, Glastonbury, Reading, V and the others which made newspaper and magazine headlines and had famous bands playing; this was a local festival, free to all and consisting of only 2 fields. The one field housed a handful of large tents in which the bands performed; all local and mainly made up of teens still in college who hadn’t yet given up on the dream of making it big. They were joined by an assortment of burger and chip vans and stalls selling various items, from hand-weaved garden ornaments to legal and herbal drugs. The other field was a sea of tents for the campers. Jessica’s tent was in a far corner of the field; she and Kevin, plus a group of their friends, had arrived early on Friday morning and set up camp before many other people had been around. However, a steady stream of people had arrived throughout Friday, and then throughout Saturday as well, and Jessica was glad that their tent was in a corner where it could easily be found. It could have been easy to lose her tent in the dark amongst all of the others, especially during her late-night wanderings.

Jessica thought back to the night before, Friday night, she’d only caught about an hours sleep. She, Kevin, and the large number of friend’s they’d joined, had stayed up until the early hours of the morning sitting around the campfire a group of the boys had made. They’d drunk a large amount of alcohol between them, and had smoked quite a few joints as well. When they had finally retired to their tents to sleep Jessica didn’t allow herself to fall asleep right away, she’d lain awake for about an hour, and when she found that difficult she’d taken a walk outside, and when the cold proved too much for her she had returned to the tent and put on her iPod. She had alternated between the two activities, slipping outside when she was too sleepy in the tent, and returning when she got too cold, until the iPod’s battery ran out and she could see that the sun was beginning to rise. Jessica had finally allowed herself some sleep then, knowing that she would be awoken by her friends within an hour or two.

However, on Saturday morning Kevin had complained that Jessica’s constant unzipping and zipping of the tent doors to get in and out had kept waking him up, and when Jessica pleaded insomnia Kevin had argued that if she kept getting up of course she would never get to sleep. Jessica knew she would have to stay put, inside her snug sleeping-bag, tonight.

Jessica allowed her thoughts to travel back again, although her memory of Saturday was hazy. She had taken a couple of E’s at about midday. Her lack of sleep had started to catch up with her, and as well as accentuating the festival atmosphere she knew they would be guaranteed to keep her awake throughout the day and into the evening. They had worked, Jessica’s day had been amazing, and she’d had no trouble in staying awake.

However, now the post-E insomnia was wearing off, and Jessica was finding it increasingly difficult to stay awake. She’d never had a problem in staying awake all night, whenever there was a party or sleepover Jessica would always stay awake for most of the night, allowing herself at most an hour or two’s sleep. However, she wasn’t usually faced with the problem of having to spend another night awake straight after the first. When Kevin had asked her, at the last minute, to come to the festival she’d thought it would be easy, she was used to keeping herself awake, and so she hadn’t hesitated in saying yes. Especially after Kevin had suggested they share a tent.

Jessica had liked Kevin for several months, and he had finally started showing signs of liking her too. Whilst they’d been high earlier that day they’d spent a large proportion of their time, away from their friends and the bands, making out and, in-between kisses, talking and connecting in that way people only can when high; opening up completely, telling each other everything. Or almost everything. There were some things Jessica didn’t share with anybody, not even at her most open. Jessica hoped that it would lead to something more, that Kevin wouldn’t just put the kisses down to them being high, but would see them as the beginning of something beautiful. Jessica wanted to be with him, all of the time, and she wanted, needed, him to feel the same.

Blinking blearily, eyes groggy from sleep, Jessica tried to focus on the face just inches from her own. She smiled to herself when she realised it was Kevin, he was stroking her hair gently, having been watching her sleep.

“Morning sleepy head, I wondered when you were going to wake up.” He looked deep into her eyes.

Jessica felt her whole body turn cold, fear replacing her blood, as the realisation of what had happened hit her, hard. She had fallen asleep. And now she had awoken. Wet. She had hidden this from everyone for her entire life, in 18 years she had never had an accident around one of her friends, she had always succeeded in staying awake all night. Why did it have to happen now? Why did it have to happen in front of Kevin, how would she hide this from him when he was lying less than a foot from her?

“Sleep well?” Kevin asked.

Jessica nodded; she knew if she tried to speak she would burst into tears. She had never felt so humiliated in all of her life, and that was just from thinking about what was to come, she hadn’t even had to face Kevin’s reaction to her soaked sleeping bag yet.

“Last day today,” Kevin said, “I reckon we’ll leave at about midday, I don’t think much is going to be going on this morning, there’s no bands playing or anything. We’ll check and see what everyone else is doing, but if nothing’s happening I don’t think people will want to stick around for too long.”

Jessica nodded, she still couldn’t say anything, she was choking up, how could she avoid what was coming next? Her eyes were welling up with tears, she couldn’t look at Kevin, she knew he would notice.

“Still,” he said, “It’s still early, we could stay in here, just the two of us, for a while. There’s no rush to get up and go.”

Why was he making this even more difficult, why was he prolonging it? Did he know what had happened, perhaps he could smell her pee, maybe he wanted to make this even more uncomfortable for her. Maybe he was hoping that if he kept her in here long enough, unable to get up due to her soaked trousers, their friends would come into the tent to find out what they were doing. Maybe he was waiting to humiliate her in front of everyone. Jessica had never really thought that he would be like that, but she supposed you never could tell.

“Are you okay?” Kevin’s eyes appeared to be full of concern, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Jessica couldn’t stop the tears from cascading down her cheeks, she felt so helpless. Stuck inside a cold, wet, smelly sleeping-bag, with no obvious way out that didn’t involve telling the boy that just a few hours before she’d been imagining might become her boyfriend. There’s no way he’d be interested in her once he found out her shameful secret. Her horrible, dirty secret.

Kevin scrambled out of his sleeping bag in order to enable him to move closer to Jessica and to wrap his arms around her, for a few minutes he didn’t say anything, he just let her cry into his T-shirt. However, when her tears showed no sign of subsiding he spoke, “Jessica? What’s wrong, it’s not me is it? I haven’t upset you?”

Jessica shook her head, “No, it’s not you,” she managed to say between sobs.

“Is it someone else? Did someone say something to you yesterday?” Kevin asked.

“No, no-one’s done anything. I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine,” Kevin said, “I can see you’re not okay, do you want to talk about it.”

Jessica didn’t answer, she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to talk about it, she wanted it to go away, but she knew it wouldn’t, and so she knew she would have to talk about it, she would have to say something, sooner or later, because when she climbed out of her sleeping bag it would be obvious to him, and it was worse that he found out that way. And yet how could she explain it to him, how would she possibly find the words to tell him that she wet the bed? That, in fact, she very rarely had a dry night ever.

“I…” Jessica began, and then stopped. Her brain wasn’t connecting to her tongue, she couldn’t find the words she needed to say, “It’s…” She stopped again.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Kevin said.

Jessica wished that were true, but she knew that this would be the slightly less humiliating way for him to find out. She just hoped that when he found out, and vowed never to speak to her again, he would do it quietly and without telling everybody else.

“I do, have to tell you.” Jessica said.

Kevin’s face paled, “It is about me, isn’t it. I’ve done something wrong. Shit, I’m sorry, I can’t even remember what we did yesterday properly, but I overstepped the mark didn’t I? I didn’t force you into anything did I, oh shit, what did I do? What happened, I’m so sorry. I just… I’ve liked you for so long, Jess, and I’ve always been too scared to tell you, I mean I’d hate to wreck our friendship, but I’ve done that haven’t I? I got carried away yesterday, what did I do? Shit, I’m so sorry.”

He was making it even harder to tell him the truth, now she knew that he definitely liked her it was going to be even harder when he realised what a disgusting little kid she was. “It’s nothing you’ve done,” Jessica said, “I enjoyed yesterday. A lot. But… I, I don’t think you’ll,” Jessica bit her lip, she’d never found it so hard to speak before. “You won’t… You’re not going to like me after I tell you this.”

Kevin took Jessica’s hand, “Don’t be stupid, you can’t have done anything that terrible.” He tucked a stray lock of Jessica’s long, dark hair behind her ear.

“No, but… I’ll understand if you hate me after I tell you this.” Jessica said, she had the crying under control now, but she still didn’t know how to tell Kevin, she was procrastinating, and she knew it.

“I won’t hate you, I promise. Just tell me what it is.”

Jessica looked away from Kevin, she couldn’t face looking at him, seeing his reaction when she admitted her secret. She felt her face grow red, hot and prickly as she tried to tell him what had happened, “I, I… I’ve,” Jessica paused, she picked at a loose thread on her sleeping bag, and the tears started to fall again, looking down Jessica managed to say in a tiny voice, “I, I wet the bed.” Jessica felt as if time was standing still, there, she’d uttered the words. She’d said it.

Kevin let out a loud laugh, and then his hand flew to his mouth, “Shit, sorry. I wasn’t laughing at you, it’s just… shit, I thought you were going to tell me something awful, I thought you’d… I don’t know what I thought you’d done. But I wasn’t laughing at you, I promise I wasn’t laughing at you, but I was just so… so relieved I guess, that it wasn’t something awful.” He took Jessica’s hand again, “Don’t feel embarrassed about it, it doesn’t matter, it’s no big deal. Happens to people all the time, there’s no need to get upset. I don’t like to see you cry.”

Jessica didn’t know what to say, she knew it was a cliché, but she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of her. She didn’t care that Kevin had laughed, he didn’t mind, he didn’t hate her; he didn’t think she was disgusting, and that was all that mattered.

“I’ll leave you to sort yourself out,” Kevin said, “There aren’t any showers here, but Lucy brought some baby wipes, she said they’re a festival essential, do you want me to ask if you can borrow them? I won’t tell her why.”

Jessica nodded, “Thanks,”

“Can I come back in yet?” Kevin was outside the tent.

“Yeah, okay.” Jessica replied, she had cleaned herself up with the baby-wipes and gotten into some dry clothes. She knew she couldn’t put her wet sleeping bag or clothes out in the sun to dry without it being obvious to everybody why, and so she had just put the sleeping bag, with the wet clothes inside it, into a carrier bag. She would wash them when she got home.

“You okay?” Kevin asked as he climbed into the tent, “All sorted?”

Jessica nodded.

Kevin moved over to Jessica and put his arm around her, “You know you really didn’t have to be scared of telling me, it doesn’t bother me. Does it happen a lot? Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that… You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want to. Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Jessica said. She had never confided in a friend about her bedwetting problem before, and although it was embarrassing, now Kevin had accepted it she thought talking about it might be a good thing. She had, over the years, attached a lot of negative emotions to the problem. Since the age of five her parents had taken her to countless numbers of doctors and specialists regarding her bedwetting, and they had all said that there was no obvious reason for it. She’d tried every treatment suggested, but all to no avail. And although Jessica’s parents were very supportive about it, and never made Jessica feel that it was her own fault, she still felt that somehow it must be.

When, in her mid-teens, Jessica still hadn’t grown out of the bedwetting, as the doctors had promised she would, Jessica had begun to feel inferior to her peers. This didn’t happen to any of her friends, yet it happened to her, every night. And the bedwetting made it hard for Jessica to make close friends. Whenever she was invited to anything that involved spending a night away from home Jessica had to say no. Her parents were sympathetic to Jessica’s problem, and where possible they would pick her up from friends houses late at night so that she didn’t have to miss out on too much, but Jessica knew that her friends thought her strange for never staying over, and she knew that when she went home she left them free to talk about her. And even if they didn’t gossip about her when she wasn’t there, Jessica had read enough books to know that she was missing out on the best part of a sleepover, the games of truth or dare, the confessions and secrets spilled when the light were off, the bonding sessions which turned good friends into best friends.

It wasn’t until, aged sixteen, she started at the local sixth-form college, and made new friends, that Jessica allowed herself to spend the night away from home. She never allowed herself to fall asleep though; she became a master at keeping herself awake even when everybody else had fallen asleep. This was made even easier when she was introduced to drugs such as Ecstasy and Speed, which ensured that everybody stayed up all night. However, although through not having to miss out on parties, gatherings and sleepovers Jessica no longer felt as if she were missing out, she still felt inferior as compared to her friends. She’d never mentioned it to any of them because she had been convinced that nobody would be able to accept her as a sixteen, seventeen, and now eighteen-year-old bed wetter. But now Kevin had accepted it, and she was finally being offered the opportunity to talk about her problem. As embarrassing as it was, she knew that it would perhaps be better for her to talk to Kevin about it now, rather than to shrug off his questions, and lose the opportunity forever,

“If it’s not okay just say,” Kevin could feel Jessica’s discomfort, “It’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have brought it up again.”

“No, it’s fine. I just, I’ve never told anybody before. I’ve never talked about it before. I thought people would hate me if they found out.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t change who you are, no real friends would care about it.”

“You don’t know that, it’s easy for you to say it’s no big deal, you’re not the one waking up in… it doesn’t happen to you every night.” Jessica couldn’t bring herself to say the words ‘wet sheets’ out loud. As long as the two of them continued to refer to the bedwetting as ‘it’ Jessica could still slightly disassociate herself from it, she could still pretend that none of this was quite real.

“Is that why you were in and out of the tent so much on Friday night? So you didn’t fall asleep?”

Jessica nodded.

“It happens every night?”

Jessica nodded again, looking down at her hands. “Pretty much.”

“But… how… you knew this was going to happen? Surely you didn’t think you could stay awake for two nights running?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t think about it that much. You didn’t really give me time to think twice, and I always manage one night fine. I didn’t think it would be that hard.” Explained Jessica.

“Two nights is a long time without sleep, especially here. No one could have stayed awake for all that time, not after using up all of their energy during the day. But anyway, it doesn’t matter now, like I said it’s no big deal and I promise I won’t tell anyone. Now, shall we go and see what everyone else is up to out there?”

Jessica lay in bed, smiling as she thought of the events of the previous two weeks. Since the festival, and the embarrassing bedwetting incident, things between her and Kevin were fantastic. He had asked her out on the Tuesday following the festival weekend, and Jessica had of course said yes. Jessica couldn’t believe her luck, they hadn’t properly spoken about it again, but she knew that he accepted it. She had never been able to build lasting relationships with boys before, she always broke up with her boyfriends before it became too serious, or before she allowed herself to fall for them too hard, because she knew that if it became serious there was the likelihood that he would want them to spend a night together, and Jessica was terrified by the thought of wetting the bed with someone else in it. But she knew that with Kevin she didn’t have to worry about that, of course he would never want them to spend a night together, but at least she wouldn’t have to explain to him why it couldn’t happen. It was already established, and he didn’t seem to mind.

In fact Jessica’s bedwetting seemed to interest Kevin more than it disgusted him. He had brought it up several times since Jessica had first told him about it, although Jessica was still not very comfortable with talking about it and so his attempts to start a conversation about it never went anywhere. Jessica knew that sooner or later she would have to properly talk about it again, but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She wanted to take things slowly with Kevin, she still wasn’t convinced that he had fully accepted the bedwetting, although he thought he didn’t mind she wondered if he would feel the same way when he realised it meant she wouldn’t stay at his house or share a bed with him.

Kevin and Jessica were lying on his bed, fingers intertwined, they had been together for over a month now, and Kevin was keen to move things forward.

“You could stay over tonight, if you wanted to.” He suggested to Jessica.

Jessica grew red, she had thought he understood that she wouldn’t stay over, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Then could I stay at yours?”

“I don’t know…” Jessica knew she would rather he stayed at her house than she stay at his, she had two single beds in her room, whilst he had just one double, but she still wasn’t sure. Of course she would be able to stay awake all night, she knew that, and it would be easy at her own house where she didn’t have to worry about moving around the house in the middle of the night. And she thought she might be ready to take their relationship a step further; having never allowed herself to get this close to a boy before she was still a virgin, and she wondered if she was ready for sex yet.

“I don’t want to push you into anything you’re not ready for,” Kevin said, “But you don’t have anything to hide from me, at least think about it.”

“Okay,” Jessica nodded.

“You mean you’ll let me stay over?”

Jessica had meant that she’d think about it, but Kevin looked so pleased that she’d said yes that she didn’t want to disappoint him. And she knew she could easily stay awake, “Okay, I’ll ask my parents if you can stay over.”

“When?” Kevin asked, “this weekend?”

“Okay,” Jessica agreed, “They might say no though. Don’t get your hopes up too much.” She knew her parents would say yes, they liked Kevin, and they had always let her older sister have boyfriends stay over, but Jessica thought she could perhaps lie to Kevin and tell him they had said no. But she didn’t really want to lie to him, and some of her thought it might be nice to have Kevin stay over. It would be nice to spend a long period of time together, she liked the late-night conversations you could have with someone when you were both lying in bed with the lights off. And she knew she could stay awake all night, perhaps having him stay over would be a nice thing.

And so the next weekend Kevin came to stay at Jessica’s house. They spent the evening lying on her bed, wrapped around each other, but not getting much past kissing. Jessica was too worried about her parents walking in to let them go further, even though they both wanted to.

“I guess I’ll be sleeping on the other bed?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, is that okay?” Jessica checked, though she had no intention of letting him share with her.

Kevin moved closer to Jessica, holding her close. “I’d rather be here next to you, but being across the room from you is the next best thing.”

Jessica was glad he wasn’t trying to persuade her to let him sleep in her bed, he had a way of making her say yes to things when she wasn’t quite sure about them; she hated saying no to him.

“Jessica, are you okay?”

Jessica was surprised to see Kevin standing behind her, “Yeah, fine. I thought you were asleep?”

“I’m a light sleeper, I heard you get up, what are you doing down here?”

Jessica had lain in bed until she heard Kevin’s breathing turn heavy, and then she’d slipped out of bed and downstairs into the living room. She was flicking through the channels on the TV, looking to see if anything worth watching was on. “I couldn’t sleep.”

Kevin sat down on the sofa next to Jessica, moving close to her, he wrapped an arm around her, “Did you even try?”

Jessica didn’t say anything.

“This is about the bedwetting, isn’t it?” Kevin felt Jessica stiffen in his arms, he took her hand, gently stroking her fingers, “You know you don’t have to hide from me? I like you just the way you are, Jess. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t relax when I’m here. You don’t have to stay up all night,” He stroked her face gently, “Get some sleep, what happens happens, it isn’t your fault and I’m not going to judge you on it. It didn’t bother me in the tent; it’s not going to bother me now. I’ll give you your privacy in the morning. It’s not good for you to stay up all night. Come on.” He led her by the hand back upstairs and to her bedroom.

Kevin watched Jessica get back into bed, “Here, I’ll even tuck you in.” he tucked the sheets in around her, and kissed her on the forehead, “You be a good girl now and go to sleep.”

Jessica giggled, “You’re not my Dad you know!”

Kevin chuckled, “Sorry, but promise me you’ll get some sleep?”

Jessica nodded, “Okay, I promise. Thank you, Kevin.”

“That’s no problem, you ready for me to turn the light off now?”

Jessica awoke the next morning to the familiar feeling of cold, damp pyjamas and sheets. She was about to jump out of bed and get cleaned up when she remembered that Kevin was lying in the bed next to her. Her skin prickled crimson, she hadn’t meant to fall asleep, she had planned to lie in bed for a while until she thought Kevin’s sleep was deep enough that her getting up wouldn’t wake him, but she must have drifted off. She looked over at Kevin; at least he still seemed to be asleep. She climbed out of bed quietly and made her way to the bathroom for a shower.

Once showered Jessica wrapped a towel around herself and made her way back to her bedroom, she glanced over at Kevin. He still appeared to be asleep; she hoped he wouldn’t wake whilst she changed her sheets. She got dressed quickly, and then Jessica stripped her bed and took the wet sheets into the bathroom, where she picked up her wet pyjamas and took the damp bundle downstairs to the washing machine. With her sheets and pyjamas spinning inside the machine Jessica went back upstairs, and opened the door to the airing cupboard on the landing, where she took out a clean sheet. She went back to the bathroom and filled a bucket with warm soapy water. She picked up a sponge and an old-looking towel and went back into her bedroom.

She dipped the sponge into the water, and wiped down her waterproof sheet. She dried it off with the towel before putting the clean sheet on top of it. She made the bed, and thought that perhaps Kevin would think she hadn’t wet the bed at all. However, when she turned around to take the bucket of water out of her bedroom she caught him watching her. She quickly left the room to conceal her embarrassment, and waited a few moments before shyly going back into her room to face Kevin.

“Come here,” Kevin gestured to the bed, and waited for Jessica to climb in with him, “Thank you, for going to sleep last night. I know you didn’t want to, and I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to, but… I want you to know that bedwetting doesn’t bother me, and that you don’t have to be worried about me seeing it. And… I guess I just appreciate the fact that you kept your promise, and went to sleep, I didn’t know if you would. I thought maybe you wouldn’t trust me, but you did, so thanks for that.” And with that Kevin showed his gratitude with a long, slow kiss.

The following Thursday Jessica was at Kevin’s house, he lived just a five minute walk from their sixth-form college, and so Jessica would often spend her free-periods there, and frequently spent the evenings there after college. Kevin, who had passed his driving test just a couple of months after his seventeenth birthday, would then give Jessica, who lived over 5 miles out of town, a lift home in his car.

“There’s a gig on at The Marble tomorrow night,” Kevin told Jessica, The Marble was a local club which often held small gigs, where three or four local bands could play for their peers, “Charlie and Jason’s band is playing, I was thinking maybe we could go watch them. I’d like to see them play”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can. My Dad’s going to some leaving do with people from work, he wouldn’t be able to take me home, and you know there aren’t any buses back to mine.”

“That’s okay, you can stay at mine.” Kevin suggested, “In fact I won’t take no for an answer, you’ve said before you’d like to see their band play.”

“But… you know why I can’t stay with you.”

“And I’ve told you before, there are no reasons why you can’t stay with me. You can’t sleep on your own for your whole life, I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to, I’ve said that before.”

Jessica didn’t sleep well on Thursday night; she couldn’t stop worrying about spending the following night at Kevin’s. She could hardly concentrate at all through college on Friday. Even at The Marble, fuelled with alcohol and watching her friends’ band, Dirty Pigeon Strokers, Jessica couldn’t quite relax. The knot in her stomach was getting tighter and tighter as the end of the night grew closer and closer.

As they walked back to Kevin’s house from The Marble Kevin could sense that something was wrong, “Are you okay? Are you cold, do you want my jacket?”

“No, I’m fine, just a bit tired, and drunk.”

Kevin laughed, “I noticed you couldn’t walk straight. It’s not far now though, we’ll have you tucked up in bed in no time.”

Jessica didn’t like to say that that was the problem. Although she knew that she could stay awake all night, she also knew that if she didn’t she’d wake up in Kevin’s bed. Not only would she humiliate herself by wetting the bed, she would also ruin his mattress, and wet on him as well. She didn’t think he’d be so understanding after that.

Back at Kevin’s house the couple crept into the house, careful not to wake his parents or younger brother, They went up to Kevin’s room, “Do you need to go to the bathroom or anything?”

Jessica nodded, and fetched her toothbrush from the bag she’d left at Kevin’s earlier in the day. When she returned from the bathroom Kevin was already in his large double bed.

“I guess I ought to go and clean my teeth too,” he jumped out of bed, “You won’t want to kiss me if I stink of beer. You make yourself comfortable.”

Jessica got into his bed, and she was surprised to hear the familiar crinkle of a waterproof sheet, she knew it had never been on his bed before. Had he bought one for her benefit? Was he expecting her to sleep, and wet, with him in the bed next to her? Maybe he was planning on sleeping on the floor, but when he returned from the bathroom he climbed into bed next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and they snuggled down over the duvets, her head resting on his chest.

“Goodnight Jess, sleep well, okay.”

“Night Kev,” Jessica knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. She would have to keep herself awake.

Jessica squirmed again in the bed, the pressure was building on her bladder, the alcohol she had drunk earlier in the evening had worked it’s way through her system, and was desperate to escape her body. Kevin, fast asleep and snoring gently, still had his arms around her; it would be impossible for her to move without disturbing him. She didn’t want to wake him, but she knew she didn’t have much choice. She moved a hand down to her crotch, and squeezed in-between her legs, clenching her muscles again. She would have to get up soon before she peed in his bed; barely acceptable when she was asleep she knew it certainly wasn’t acceptable if she was awake.

Jessica took a deep breath, and quickly got out of Kevin’s bed, he groaned as she moved him, disturbing his sleep, but she didn’t stop to see if he had awoken. She rushed to the toilet, and only just made it in time, a few droplets or urine dampening her underwear.

Jessica figured that Kevin would have rolled over and gone back into a deep sleep, and so instead of going back to bed and disturbing him again she crept downstairs. It felt strange tiptoeing around Kevin’s house so late at night, alone, with his family all asleep upstairs. She went into the kitchen, flicking on the lights and blinking several times. When her eyes had to adjusted to the brightness Jessica looked at the clock on the wall, 4:35. It was only two hours since she’d gotten to Kevin’s house after the gig, why did time always appear to stop when she was the only one awake?

“Jessica, why did you get up? Come back to bed.”

Jessica jumped when she heard Kevin’s voice behind her, “I, I just got up to go to the toilet. I didn’t mean to wake you, sorry.”

“That’s okay, come on, you’ll be tired all day tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep.” He turned and started walking back to his room, gesturing for Jessica to follow.

Jessica didn’t get up again in the night, she lay in bed, Kevin asleep beside her, but she didn’t let herself sleep. She was pleased that the sun started to rise just after 5am, and as light shone through Kevin’s thin curtains she was able to busy her mind examining the various posters adorning his walls.

“I think I’m going to ring my parents to come and pick me up now,” Jessica told Kevin shortly after ten the next morning. The two were sprawled out across the grass in his back garden, the heavy June sun beating down on them.

“I told you I’d take you home later, I’ve got to go and see Nick, your house is practically on the way to his.”

“I know, but I think I’d rather go home now instead of hanging around here, I have a bit of a headache, and I’m kind of tired.”

And whose fault is that?" Kevin asked.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You didn’t sleep at all last night, if you don’t sleep of course you’re going to be tired. I bet you didn’t even try to sleep, did you?”

“Of course I didn’t,” Jessica was raising her voice, “You say you understand this, but you don’t. If I’d gone to sleep last night, the bedwetting, it’s not just sometimes. I can’t turn it off. If I go to sleep then it happens, every night. I couldn’t have gone to sleep last night, I would have wet your bed.” Tears pricked Jessica’s eyes, her voice wavering.

“I know, but I do understand, and I’ve told you it doesn’t bother me. I wouldn’t say I didn’t mind if I did, but you don’t listen when I say I accept it as part of you, you don’t trust me.”

“I do trust you, this isn’t about trust. It’s about me not wanting to wet your bed, especially not when you’re in it.”

“But I’ve told you, I wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t care if you don’t mind, I mind!” Jessica shouted, “Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to be eighteen-years-old and still wake up wet every single morning? Do you have any idea how hard it is to even think about talking about it to people, let alone having people see it? You don’t realise how ashamed it makes me feel that this even exists. I couldn’t do it, Kevin, I couldn’t go to sleep and wet your bed and then have to face you in the morning. I can’t even look you in the eye when we’re talking about it, how would I ever look at you again if I knew I’d peed on you? I couldn’t do it. It would be too humiliating. I hate myself for this, and how do I know that if it happened you won’t hate me to.” Jessica broke down, crying loud, deep sobs.

Kevin’s eyes were filling with tears as well; he hated seeing Jessica this upset, and hated to know it was mainly his fault even more. He put his arm around her, cuddling her close, “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have tried to push you into anything, I didn’t realise you felt like that. I thought I was making it easier, not harder. I wish you’d told me this sooner,” he wiped away Jessica’s tears from her cheek with his index finger, “But you know I wouldn’t have woken up hating you if you had gone to sleep and wet last night. I know you can’t help it. And hey, we could have had a nice hot, steamy shower together this morning.”

Jessica didn’t say anything, but her sobs began to subside.

“Do you want me to take you home?” Kevin asked.

Jessica nodded, “If you don’t mind. I didn’t mean to shout at you, but… I just need some sleep.”

“I know, don’t worry. We can talk about everything another time, when you’re not tired and I’m not hungover. Neither of us is in a great mood right now. You go get your stuff and I’ll find my car keys.”

“Jess, I’ve been thinking,” Kevin passed the joint he’d been toking to Jessica; “We’ve been together over two months now.” June had passed, and it was mid-July already. College had ended for the summer, and both had finally sat their last exams. Now over 7 weeks of summer freedom lay ahead of them.

Jessica inhaled the harsh smoke, and let the effects of the weed wash over her, she lay back and let the warmth from the sun rest on her face. “I know?”

“I was wondering, do you think you’re ready to come stay with me again yet?”

Jessica opened her mouth to protest, but Kevin stopped her.

“Just hear me out, I kept thinking about what you were saying, about why you couldn’t sleep if I was there with you. And I saw your point, I wouldn’t mind if you wet and I was there, but I understand why you don’t want to. So I was thinking, and I looked around on the internet, and y’know you can get nappies, in adult sizes, and if you wore one when you stayed at mine you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Jessica felt her skin prickle red hot with embarrassment, she didn’t know what to say, she felt awash with shame. No guy should have to suggest that his eighteen-year-old girlfriend went back into nappies. Nappies were for babies, wearing one in front of Kevin would be even more humiliating than wetting his bed. “I’m not a baby,” she said in a small voice, “I can’t wear a nappy.”

“But you can. I know it sounds horrible and babyish, but it’s not. It’s just a sensible solution to a problem. No one would know but me, and it would be nicer for you. You wouldn’t wake up cold and wet, and you could stay at mine and actually go to sleep, and you can just pretend that it doesn’t exist.”

“But it will exist, it will exist and it’ll be worse. How can you take me seriously if I’m wearing nappies like a fucking baby, it’s even worse to wear nappies than it is to wet the bed.”

“It’s exactly the same,” Kevin pointed out, “I don’t mean that in a cruel way, but why does it matter if you wet the bed or wet a nappy? Surely waking up to a dry bed’s better than waking up to a wet one? And I promise I won’t even mention it, you can just get changed in the morning and it’ll be like I don’t even know.”

“But you will know.” Jessica interrupted.

“I already know,” he said softly, “Just think about it, I’ll buy them for you and everything. Just try it, come stay at my house on Friday night, please? We’ll go out to The Marble first, loads of people are gonna be there. It’ll be good, please?”

“Okay,” Jessica agreed, somewhat reluctantly. She wasn’t at all sure about wearing nappies, she’d been in them for her bedwetting until the age of six, and she remembered hating them. Her older sister had teased her mercilessly for still needing to wear nappies, and so Jessica had refused to wear them any longer. She vaguely remembered the transition from waking up to a dry bed to waking up in a wet one, and how for months afterwards she had longed for her parents to put her back into nappies, but they never had. And then Jessica had put the thought into the back of her mind, she hadn’t considered nappies at all past the age of seven, not until Kevin brought it up anyway.

“Umm, I, I, look under the bed. I got the, umm, I got the, y’know, the nappies for you,” Kevin stuttered nervously, he seemed to be almost as embarrassed as Jessica was, “Do you want me to leave you to put one on?”

Jessica nodded. When Kevin had left the room she looked under the bed, where she was met with a large, unopened packet of Tena Maxi nappies. She tore open the packaging, and took out a nappy. It had a soft plastic backing, which had a somehow nostalgic scent to it. Jessica fingered the nappy, touching the comfortable padding inside, running her index finger and thumb along the pleated leg cuffs. Excitement rose within her at the thought of putting it on, she pulled off her trousers and knickers, and lay down on Kevin’s bedroom floor. She slid the nappy under her, and pulled it up between her legs. She remembered the way her mother had changed her when she was younger, she remembered how comforting it had been to have somebody else take control of her bedwetting problem, and a wave of longing washed over her. She fastened the tapes of the nappy, she was slightly drunk, and very out of practise, but she didn’t do a bad job. She took a pair of baby-pink shortie pyjamas from her overnight bag, pulling the cotton shorts over her padded bottom she realised that they did nothing to conceal the nappy. The nappy’s waistband rose high above that of the shorts, and the pyjamas’ top rested a good inch above the waistband of the shorts, her nappy visible and obvious.

“Can I come in now?” Kevin called from behind his door.

“Yeah, okay.” Jessica pushed the packet of nappies back under his bed with her foot, and went to climb into it before Kevin saw how obvious her nappy was.

Before she had a chance to get into the bed Kevin had his arms around her, she turned to face him, and the two embraced in a long kiss. They slid into bed. “Thank you,” Kevin whispered, his hands sliding down to Jessica’s nappy, stroking the waistband.

Jessica pushed his hands away, embarrassed. “You said, you… not tonight.”

“Sorry, it’s just, you’re so beautiful. I’ve wanted you for so long, and now I finally have you. It’s hard not to get carried away.” He had his arm around her, and he held her close, “But it’s okay, I can wait.” He kissed her forehead, “I’ll wait for as long as you want, we never have to do anything you’re not ready for.”

“Thanks,” Jessica stroked his bare chest with her fingers, “I will be ready, but one step at a time. This, right now, is a big thing for me. I know it seems small and insignificant, and I know I sound silly, but…”

“Shhh, you don’t sound silly. I understand, I understand completely. You just concentrate on getting to sleep tonight.”

Jessica, still half-asleep, cuddled up to Kevin, she felt safe in his arms, curled up close. He was awake, gently running his fingers through her hair, across her cheek, down her neck, stroking her collarbone, moving down past her shoulders, along her arm and to her fingers. He took her hand in his, and she stirred slightly.

“You awake?” Kevin asked.

“Mmmmm,” came Jessica’s sleepy reply, she rolled over in bed. And realised where she was, in Kevin’s bed, with him, and she’d been asleep. But she wasn’t wet, she hadn’t wet the bed, maybe she wasn’t a bedwetter after all. She turned towards Kevin, about to tell him, when she remembered the nappy. She reached down to feel it, and although she had little experience with nappies she could tell from the warm bulk of it that it was wet, she turned crimson with embarrassment. She was wet, she had wet the bed, she was a bedwetter. She was just a much drier bedwetter than usual.

“Did you sleep well?” Kevin asked, “Better than usual I bet.”

Jessica stayed silent, her tears falling onto Kevin’s bare chest, leaving a small puddle beneath her cheek.

“Hey, don’t get upset, there’s nothing to be upset about. Everything’s fine,” Kevin soothed, “Don’t cry, you’re okay, you’re safe here, there’s nothing to cry over.”

“I know, but I thought for a moment…” Jessica trailed off.

“Thought what?” Kevin prompted.

“I forgot what I was wearing, and I thought maybe I hadn’t, that maybe I’d been…” Jessica trailed off again, she knew what she wanted to say, but she couldn’t find the words.

“That you hadn’t wet the bed you mean?”

Kevin felt Jessica nod against him.

“But you haven’t, the bed’s still dry. And it doesn’t matter if you wet the nappy; it’s what it’s made for. You haven’t done anything wrong, you haven’t done anything to be upset or ashamed about. Isn’t it just nice not to have to get out of bed as soon as you wake up?”

“Yeah… it is better than usual, but… I know I didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s just that when I woke up I thought I’d really stayed dry. Then I remembered. And… it is something to be ashamed of. Normal teenagers don’t wet the bed, no one else has this problem.”

“That’s not true, it happens to loads of people, they just don’t talk about it. Any one of our friends could wet the bed, and keep it a secret in the same way you do. Just because you don’t know who else it happens to doesn’t mean you’re the only one.”

“You’re just saying that because you feel like you have to say something nice, but you know that most people stop wetting the bed when they’re kids.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s something to be ashamed of. Most people learn to walk when they’re toddlers, but surely you don’t think if somebody needs to use a wheelchair they should be ashamed?”

“No, but that’s different.”

“How is it different?” Kevin asked, “Bedwetting is a medical condition as much as anything else is, it’s just not talked about very openly, and it’s not obvious, it’s easy to hide, so you don’t realise how common it is. It’s not your fault, you can’t help it, how can you control what happens to you in your sleep? It’s no different to snoring or drooling in your sleep, sure, you’d rather it didn’t happen, but it’s not your fault that it does, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. And hey, at least now you don’t have to wake up in a wet bed anymore.” He cupped Jessica’s face in his hands, kissing her lips softly.

Jessica kissed Kevin back, and let his hands find their way to her breasts. His hands continued to move down to her hips, and even when she knew they were touching the plastic waistband of her wet nappy she didn’t stop him, she knew now that Kevin was the person she wanted to lose her virginity to.

“Do you want me to stop?” Kevin whispered.

“Never,” Jessica kissed Kevin again, her hands moving down to, and then inside, his boxers. He was hard against her, and she gently took him in her hands.

Kevin slid a hand inside Jessica’s wet nappy, and was surprised when he felt her pull away.

“I’ll take it off.” She said, un-taping the sides of the nappy, folding it so that it was wrapped within itself.

“Just throw it down on the floor,” Kevin whispered, pulling Jessica’s pyjama top over her head. She lay naked before him, and he kissed her nipples lightly.

Kevin removed his own boxers, he took a condom from a drawer and Jessica took it from him, removing the coloured skin from its packet and gently sliding it onto his hard penis. He kissed her again, gently, before he allowed her to gently guide him inside of her.

Jessica and Kevin shared a shower later that morning; she knew that he had been the right person to lose her virginity to. Nothing had changed between them, if anything their bond was stronger now than it had been before.

“You could stay over again tonight, if you wanted?” Kevin suggested to Jessica, as he gently shampooed her long hair, “We could go to the beach later, Tom, Kate, Dan and the others said they’d be there at about two. Then I could drive you back here? Sound good to you?”

“Yep, I’ve got nowhere I need to be anytime soon.” Jessica watched as Kevin’s smile grew, his whole face lighting up – she hadn’t realised before just how much having her stay with him, without having to make excuses as to why she couldn’t, meant to him. She didn’t like wearing the nappies, but she liked waking up dry, and she liked waking up next to Kevin, and if wearing them meant both were possible she would be happy to wear them until she grew out of the bedwetting.

Jessica looked over at Kevin, who was still sleeping besides her, snoring softly. Since wearing a nappy that first time Jessica had been staying at Kevin’s house regularly, and Kevin had stayed at hers a few times as well, although as she didn’t have the luxury of a double bed both preferred staying at his house. At first she had been self-conscious of the nappies, but she knew Kevin accepted them, and she was beginning to accept them herself as well. And she loved the fact that now when she awoke in the mornings she could shut her eyes and drift back to sleep. She was so used to having to get out of bed as soon as she woke to shower and change the sheets, it was rare that she ever had a lie-in before the nappies.

The illuminated green numbers on Kevin’s digital clock said 4:37, Jessica felt the crotch of her nappy, it was warm and very swollen. She and Kevin had been out drinking earlier that night, and she had wet out the large quantities of alcohol in her system in her sleep. She knew that when she drank she was prone to more than one wetting, but didn’t think the nappy would hold another without leaking. She would have to change into a clean one.

Jessica slipped out of bed, and the shift in the bed woke Kevin, “Where are you going?” he mumbled groggily.

“I,” Jessica paused, she still couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable talking about her nappies around Kevin, “I think I need to change my, my umm…”

Kevin sat up in bed, he didn’t wait for Jessica to finish her sentence, “Can I do it?”


“If you don’t mind, I’d like to, I want to take care of you.”

“Umm, okay…” Jessica didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t imagine anybody actually wanting to change an adult’s nappy, but here was Kevin actively volunteering, “If, if you want to then I guess you can.”

“Come lie back on the bed,” Kevin ordered Jessica, and she obeyed. He kissed her quickly before getting out of the bed himself. He turned on his lamp, and then went over to his desk. It had 6 drawers in it, three on each side, and he had assigned the bottom right drawer to Jessica’s nappies. He pulled out a fresh one, and a box of baby wipes, before returning to her on the bed.

He leaned over her, pulled down her pyjama shorts and started to unfasten the tapes. Jessica felt slightly uncomfortable; she hadn’t been changed like this since she was a small child, which was so long ago she could hardly remember it. But she felt comfortable being naked around Kevin, and he seemed to be enjoying himself, she had started to notice that he really seemed to like playing the father figure when he was around her, he was never patronising or dominating, but he seemed to like caring for her. Tucking her into bed, washing her hair in the shower, and now changing her nappy.

Kevin wiped Jessica delicately, as if she were something precious, and she liked that. He slid the clean nappy under her, and he fastened the tapes securely. Jessica was impressed; he had done a better job than she did herself. “There you are baby,” he said, kissing Jessica’s belly just above the nappy’s waistband before pulling up her shorts, “All done.”

“Thank you,” Jessica didn’t really know what else to say, she had liked it, him changing her. Being cared for like that. But she didn’t want to say that to Kevin, she didn’t want Kevin to feel like he should be changing her every night. She knew he might have just offered to be nice, and that maybe having done it once he’d never want to do it again, and she certainly didn’t want him to feel like he ought to.

“I like caring for you,” Back in bed Kevin cuddled up against her, “Now go to sleep, I want to see that nappy nice and wet in the morning.”

“You awake Jess?” Kevin asked.

“Ngmm” Jessica groaned beside him, “Barely.”

“Can I talk to you about something?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Promise me you’ll hear me out, listen to what I say?” Kevin asked.

“I promise,” Jessica assured him, “What is it? Are you okay?”

“Yeah yeah,” Kevin nodded, “Everything’s good. It’s just… last night. I really liked it when I, when you let me change you. I, really like seeing you in nappies, I mean, I really like it, y’know, it’s like a, sorta like a, a turn-on.”

Jessica didn’t say anything.

“It’s not why I suggested you wear them, don’t think I’ve been using you or anything, I haven’t been, I promise. I liked you before I knew you wet the bed, but… That time in the tent, that first time when you said you’d wet the bed it was so, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I kept thinking about being in that bed with you when you wet it, but then you seemed to hate it. Wetting the bed I mean. I thought maybe you were just too embarrassed to admit you liked it, but then when you came over and wouldn’t go to sleep I realised you didn’t like it. And I felt terrible, I really did. I didn’t mean to embarrass or upset you, I just kind of assumed you would like it, that you just needed me to show you it was okay. I felt so guilty when I realised I was wrong. But I still wanted to be able to share a bed with you, not because of the bedwetting, but because I, I love you Jess. And so I looked around on the internet, and I found a website which suggested buying nappies, and I didn’t know I would, y’know, find them a turn on. I just wanted you to be happy, I just thought if you wore them you might wake up happier. But as soon as I saw you in one it was such a turn-on, and I didn’t know it would be, but it was. And every time you put one on I want to be the one putting it on for you, I want to take care of you, I want to be the one looking after you, and, I feel like I should tell you this now, because I felt so bad after last night, after you let me change you, and I didn’t want you to think I was using you. I’m not, I never tried to get you to do anything you didn’t want to for me, I always put you first, I really did.” A solitary tear ran down Kevin’s nose, hanging from the tip for a split-second before falling.

Jessica didn’t know what to say, she hadn’t expected Kevin to come out with this. And she certainly hadn’t expected herself to like what he was saying. If someone had told her six months ago that she would end up going out with somebody who was turned on by her bedwetting she wouldn’t have believed that was possible. She wouldn’t have believed it was possible that anyone could find bedwetting anything other than disgusting, and even if she had, she wouldn’t have let somebody use her like that. But this was Kevin, he was different, he wasn’t using her, she knew that.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin said as Jessica’s silence started to become uncomfortable, “If you don’t want to see me anymore I’d understand.”

“Remember when I said if you hated me because of the bedwetting I’d understand?” Jessica asked, “You said I was being silly, that it didn’t matter. You’re being silly as well, I don’t not want to see you, of course I don’t want to stop seeing you. I just don’t know what to say. I liked it, last night, with you taking care of me. I just never thought bedwetting and nappies could be anything other than horrible. I never thought of it as anything else.”

“You don’t like it then?”

“I, I don’t know. I like wearing nappies, but maybe that’s just because I hate waking up wet.”

“So, you’d never wet the bed for me, with me there, in it?” Kevin asked, his eyes hopeful.

“I, umm,” Jessica didn’t want to say no to Kevin after he’d just spent so long explaining himself to her, even though she knew she wouldn’t enjoy it. She thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad though, if she was doing it for Kevin, “Maybe I could try it, I guess, if it’s what you want.”

“Really? You mean that?” Kevin looked like a little kid who’d just been told he was allowed to choose anything he wanted from a large toy shop, “Tonight?”

“Not tonight,” Jessica said, “I’ve got to go home tonight. Maybe tomorrow night.”

Kevin hugged Jessica tight, “I love you.” He said.

Jessica felt warm all over, she had thought he’d said he loved her earlier, but he’d been saying so much, and she’d been trying to take it all in, and she hadn’t been sure. “I love you to,” she said, and she smiled as she realised that she really meant it.

Jessica had a knot in her stomach, she couldn’t sleep, she was too nervous. She had promised Kevin she would wet the bed with him in it, and she knew that now she would have to do it. There was no way around it. She would have to fall asleep, he wouldn’t believe her if she said she couldn’t, she knew that. And he wouldn’t get angry if she didn’t wet, but he’d be disappointed, and that would be worse. This would be her first night waking up in a wet bed since Kevin had first introduced her to nappies, over three weeks ago. She had bought her own supply for home, and had happily said goodbye to wet sheets forever. Or at least, she had thought so. But now she was lying in Kevin’s bed, the plastic sheet stretched across the mattress, and no nappy between her legs. And she knew when she woke up the next morning she would be wet, and that Kevin would be wet to. It made her cringe just thinking about it. She knew that he expected it, and she knew that it wasn’t any different to him removing her wet nappy, and yet it still scared her to think about it. It was still keeping her awake.

Kevin woke up first the next morning; As soon as he awoke, still disorientated from sleep, he knew something was different. It took him a few seconds to realise that it was the unfamiliar dampness of the sheets, the warm urine slowly turning cold. Jessica, still asleep, had wet for him. He grew hard as he thought of her, wetting helplessly in her sleep, with no control over it.

He wanted to wake her up, and tell her what a bad girl she’d been. “Jessica, Jess, wake up,” he shook her gently, and she opened her eyes, “Look what you’ve done to my sheets, wetting the bed like a baby, you’ve been a very bad girl. Big girls don’t wet the bed, you need to be punished.” He was getting excited at the thought of the sex that they would have together in the very wet bed, he wondered if she might even wet it again for him, so he was shocked when Jessica burst into tears. He wondered if she was just playing along with him, but somehow he didn’t think she was, “Hey, hey, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” Jessica sobbed, turning away from Kevin, unable to look him in the eye, “I, I thought you said you wanted me to.”

Kevin felt terrible, he hadn’t meant to upset Jessica, he’d just gotten carried away, “I did,” he said, “I didn’t meant anything I said, I was just pretending, I don’t mind, of course I don’t mind, I like it.”

“I don’t,” Jessica admitted in a small voice, “I feel so guilty.”

“Don’t be silly, I asked you to do it, don’t feel guilty for something I made you do.”

“But I, your sheets…”

“I don’t care about the sheets,” Kevin said, “But you really don’t like this, do you?”

Jessica shook her head, avoiding meeting Kevin’s eye.

“Shall we get you cleaned up then? How does a nice hot bath sound? I’ll run it for you…”

A week after wetting his bed Jessica was back at Kevin’s house; she had spent the night at his house again, finally over her embarrassment of wetting the bed with him in it. He had put her into her nappy before bed, and she had even let him take a photograph of her in just a nappy and T-shirt with his digital camera. That morning when they had woken up, Jessica’s nappy soaked as usual, Kevin had helped her out of it and they had enjoyed the best sex either of them had ever experienced.

Now the two were relaxing in Kevin’s room, still half-naked and entangled on his bed, Damien Rice playing soothingly in the background. They were kissing passionately when Kevin’s fifteen-year-old brother, Connor burst in through the bedroom door, interrupting them.

“Get out.” Kevin shouted, “You know you’re not allowed in here.”

Connor stayed where he was, looking around the room. His eyes rested on Jessica’s wet, discarded nappy lying on the floor by the bed. Neither of them had bothered to fold it up and put it in the trash, too caught up in the sex and the moments that had followed it. “Haha, your stupid bedwetter girlfriend pissed her nappy again.” He sneered, and turned to look Jessica in the eye, “I found all your nappies in Kevin’s drawers. I never met anyone over three who needed nappies before. Baby.”

Kevin turned a deep shade of puce and, his face dark with anger, he jumped up from the bed, lunging at his brother, “Why the fuck have you been looking in my room?” He pushed Connor to the ground, still shouting at him, and the two began to fight. Neither brother noticed when Jessica slipped out of the room, running out of the house in tears.


Re: Jessica

Oh, sorry for not noticing it had been cut off. The story is indeed mine and it is complete - I’ll add the rest now. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

Re: Jessica

I guess there is a word-limit as I couldn’t get the rest of the story to post in the same thread, so here is the second half:

After the incident with Connor Jessica ignored all of Kevin’s texts and calls, she couldn’t believe Kevin had told his brother her biggest secret. She knew Connor would be sure to tell all of his friends, and any of Kevin’s friends who came to the house, she would be the biggest laughing stock around. She felt so stupid, not just because she was nothing but a little bedwetter, but because she had trusted Kevin, who had obviously just been waiting for the right moment to embarrass her. Waiting until he knew she trusted him completely, and then humiliating her in front of everyone. She knew it would only be a matter of time before he told everyone, she couldn’t believe she’d let him take the photograph of her in just her nappy. She bet he would show it to everybody now, he probably couldn’t believe how perfectly his plan to humiliate her had worked.

Kevin had even called in at Jessica’s house a couple of times; her parents had been out on both occasions, and she had ignored the doorbell until he had gone away. She wished he would just give up and leave her alone, she didn’t ever want to see him again, she didn’t want to hear what he had to say. She just wanted him out of her life, and things to go back to the way they were before he ever knew that she was a bedwetter.

Jessica was woken by her Mum knocking on her bedroom door, “Jessica sweetie, Kevin’s here to see you.”

“I don’t feel well,” Jessica lied, “Can you send him away?”

“Did you have an accident again last night?” Jessica’s Mum asked.

“No,” Jessica lied, her wet nappy bulging between her legs. Since Jessica had discovered nappies she had been wearing them at home, ordering them over the internet using her debit card. Her mother had noticed the lack of wet sheets to be washed, and when she had asked Jessica about it Jessica had been far too embarrassed to admit to wearing nappies, and so had instead lied and said that she had just stopped wetting the bed. Her mother, having been told by numerous doctors that Jessica would eventually out-grow her night time accidents had found no reason to disbelieve Jessica’s lie, and had seemed so proud that Jessica couldn’t tell her the truth now and risk letting her down. Of course not being able to tell her parents that she was still bedwetting meant that Jessica couldn’t tell them that she had fallen out with Kevin, and so they were both under the impression that everything was fine between the young couple.

“Well, I’ll let him in quickly, he said he really needs to see you. It sounded important. And maybe he’ll help you to feel better.” Before Jessica could protest her Mum was calling down the stairs for Kevin to come up. Jessica heard her mother’s soft footsteps move down the stairs, followed by Kevin’s louder ones making their way up them.

“Hey Jess.” Kevin stood nervously in the doorway, glancing at her quickly before looking away, unable to meet her eye.

Although since she had last seen Kevin, fighting with his brother, Jessica had tried to stay strong, avoiding crying over him and giving him the satisfaction of really hurting her, on seeing him again she couldn’t stop herself from breaking down in tears, “Go away,” she sobbed, “I don’t want to see you. You got what you wanted, can’t you just leave me alone now.”

Kevin looked hurt, “What do you mean I got what I wanted? Do you think I wanted this to happen?” he was crying now as well, “Do you really think that I wanted to hurt you? Of course I didn’t, I love you. I could have murdered Connor, I really could have. I didn’t tell him anything, I promise. I…” Kevin paused, as if he was unsure of whether to say what was coming next, “You might hate me for this, it is my fault, that he knows I mean. After you wet my bed I was washing the sheets, and…” he paused again, trying to find the words to say what he wanted, “My mum wanted to know why I was washing them, I never wash them, and I know I should have lied, I know I should have said we spilt a drink, or that it was me who wet the bed, but I told her the truth, not that I asked you to, I said it was an accident, I didn’t even think. I knew she wouldn’t say anything to anyone, I know she wouldn’t think it was a big deal, she’s a nurse, she deals with that kind of thing all the time. And she didn’t say anything, but…” he started to sob loudly, “Connor overheard, I didn’t know he had, not until after that morning he came in, but he overheard and snuck into my room and found the nappies. I didn’t know he knew, not until he burst into the room and said it, I really didn’t. I could’ve killed him after he said that, probably would have if Mum hadn’t come in and made me stop. She kicked me out and told me not to come back till the next day, she wouldn’t listen to what I tried to say, just made me get out there and then. Connor made up a whole load of lies about what happened. She believed him at first, but when I came back I told her what happened, and I think she realised Connor was lying. She went ballistic at Connor; he’s grounded for the rest of the summer, his pocket money has been stopped and he’s been given a list of chores as long as my arm to do while he’s home.” Kevin started to look guilty, “Mum’s swore his life won’t be worth living if he tells anyone else, but…” Kevin started to cry harder, he was sobbing so hard that he couldn’t finish what he was saying for several minutes, “Connor got my phone, afterwards, when I’d been kicked out, Mum didn’t give me a chance to get it, she just made me leave there and then… Anyway, he… he text a few people from my phone, pretending to be me, and he… he, he told them about, y’know, your bedwetting…”

Jessica was mortified, she felt frozen to the spot, her blood running cold through her body. She couldn’t look at Kevin, couldn’t even turn her head in his direction. She wanted to speak, to shout at him to get out, that he had ruined her life, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t make a sound, the tears flowing silently, her body racked with huge, silent sobs. She was shaking, she didn’t know what to do, her secret was out, and she knew people would hate her for it. How could they not?

“It’s not as bad as you think though,” Kevin said, “I didn’t know he’d done it, but I got a whole load of texts from the people he told,”

“Who did he tell?” Jessica managed to whisper between sobs.

“No-one we’re not close to, I think he just text the names he recognised, I looked in my sent items after I got a text about it and he only text people he knows I’m friends with. Lucy and Ollie, Nick, Tom and Dan. No one else I don’t think. But y’know none of them care, they all text back and none of them were laughing at you; all of them were having a go at me for sending out the text. They were all on your side, none of them care, all of them were saying it didn’t matter. And I’ve cleared it up, I told them that Connor had taken my phone; I told them he had just made it up. I think Lucy guessed it was the truth, but everyone else believed me. But even if they didn’t, they don’t care; no-one thinks any differently of you because of it. It’s me they think badly of, not you. I’m not saying that because I want you to feel sorry for me, this is entirely my fault, I know that, but I don’t like to see you like this, avoiding everyone. I don’t like seeing you upset, I miss you.”

Jessica felt torn inside; she wanted to hate Kevin for all of this. Connor had text half of her friends, now they all knew she was a bed wetter, and although Kevin said they didn’t mind and that it didn’t change the way they thought about her, how could that be true? Jessica had been convinced for her whole life that if her friends found out about her bedwetting that they would hate and bully her because of it, and it was hard for her to believe that it might just be accepted as part of her. She couldn’t even fully trust Kevin’s acceptance of it, let alone trust her friends.

However, although half of her wanted to hate Kevin, the other half of Jessica loved him, and wanted to forgive him. She believed everything he had told her, she believed that he hadn’t meant for Connor to find out, and how could she hate him for something that wasn’t his fault? And if her friends really did accept her bed wetting then maybe, in some small way, the whole situation was a blessing. And she hated seeing Kevin cry, he seemed so deeply sorry, and what she wanted more than anything was for their arms to be wrapped around each other, embracing in forgiveness.

Kevin moved towards Jessica’s bed, she looked up at him, and, tears still running down both of their cheeks, they shared a salty kiss.

A few hours later, after Kevin and Jessica had sealed their forgiveness with some much-missed sex, the two lay on her bed, both glad to be back together, where they both felt they belonged.

“I was thinking, Jess, how would you like to move in with me? Not to my house, but maybe we could get a flat together. I’ve been looking around, and a one bedroom flat isn’t that expensive. I mean just for a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and little sitting room, nothing fancy. I think we could afford it, if you wanted to. I might have to ask for a few extra hours at the pub, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem. You don’t have to answer now, I know this is a big thing to ask, and that you’re still upset about Connor, but, that’s why I think it would be better if we lived away from that, from him and parents. I mean, if we lived together we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out about anything,”

Jessica didn’t answer Kevin’s question, but she let her mind wander and imagine the two of them living together, waking up in the same bed every morning, not having to dispose of nappies secretly and have their ears constantly pricked in case one of their parents walked in on them. She imagined coming home from the café she worked at to Kevin, imagined the two of them eating together every evening, and then going to bed together as evening became night.

“Don’t say yes or no yet,” Kevin interrupted Jessica’s thoughts, “But just think about it, consider it.”

“Okay,” Jessica nodded, “I would like to move out from home, but… I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I will think about it though.”

Kevin smiled lovingly at Jessica, “Will you think about coming to Dan’s party on Friday night as well? We can stay over, his parents are away, everyone’s gonna be there. And you won’t even have to worry about staying up all night anymore, I can get you all tucked into bed, safe in a nappy, and you can sleep easy.”

Jessica wasn’t sure, she hadn’t seen any of her friends since Kevin’s brother had told them her secret, and she was scared about facing them now they knew, just because Kevin had told them it wasn’t true didn’t mean they believed him. And wearing a nappy with Kevin was one thing, but wearing one at a party surrounded by all of her friends, most of whom would be looking for signs that she was a bed wetter, was another. She tried to tell this to Kevin, but he was convinced that nobody would notice.

“No-one’s going to be looking, not when you’re in bed. Nobody cares whether you wet the bed or not, it doesn’t matter to them. And I’ll take care of you, I’ll make sure no-one comes in and sees your nappy or anything.”

Reluctantly, after a lot more persuading on Kevin’s part, Jessica agreed to join him at the party.

Jessica quickly gulped down the vodka and lemonade in her hand; she never usually allowed herself to get very drunk at parties as she knew the risk of falling asleep was too high, but tonight she didn’t have to worry, she had two thick nappies hidden deep in her rucksack, and she knew Kevin would take care of her and ensure she was wearing one before she went to sleep. And so tonight Jessica was intent on enjoying herself, and she wasn’t going to turn down any of the alcohol her friends were offering her.

Jessica ended up drinking too much, and Kevin had to hold her hair back as she was sick into the basin of the toilet. She was dizzy and finding it difficult to stand up, nothing was making sense and, feeling very helpless, Jessica was glad that she had Kevin there to make sure she was okay. Having always been a sensible drinker in the past she had never been this wasted before, and all Jessica wanted was to go to sleep and never wake up.

“Is Jess all right?” Dan asked Kevin, concerned, as the two emerged from the bathroom, Jessica’s arm draped around Kevin’s shoulders as he tried to keep her steady.

“Yeah, she’s just had a bit too much to drink, I think she needs to lie down. You got a bed she can have?”

“Sure, you two can take my parent’s room, you know where it is, right?” Dan asked Kevin.

Kevin nodded, “Yep, thanks mate.”

Jessica was finding it hard to stay upright, and rather than have her struggle to walk upstairs Kevin took her petite frame in his strong arms and carried her up the stairs, by the time they entered Dan’s parent’s bedroom Jessica was fast asleep. Kevin lay her on the bed, and remembering that he would need to put her into a nappy quickly, before he risked her wetting the mattress, he went downstairs to find Jessica’s backpack, which he knew had a couple of nappies in it.

A few minutes later Kevin returned with the bag, shutting the door firmly behind him, and he was relieved to see that Jessica hadn’t wet whilst he was gone. He took a nappy out of Jessica’ bag and unfolded it, laying it next to Jessica he unbuttoned the front of her tight jeans, and slid them down her legs, exposing her black lace knickers, which he also slid off her slim legs. Jessica didn’t even stir. He lifted her legs slightly in order to slide the nappy under her bottom; he pulled the front up between her legs and expertly taped it up.

Jessica had a pair of lemon yellow pyjamas, with a cute Piglet motif on the front, packed in her bag, and Kevin decided to dress her in them in order to make her more comfortable. He removed her T-shirt and bra, and admired her figure, dressed in just the nappy, before he slipped the pyjama top onto her sleeping body. Through all of this Jessica didn’t stir at all, and feeling slightly naughty, Kevin had an idea. He left her pyjama shorts off, and ran his hands over her nappy. He moved them up and they settled just beneath her stomach. Holding his breath Kevin pressed down on Jessica’s bladder, and after a few seconds the pale yellow wetness indicator on her nappy started to turn blue as Jessica, still asleep and blissfully unaware of what was happening, began to wet her nappy. Kevin began to feel very excited, his penis beginning to grow hard, and he slipped his hand into her nappy. Jessica was still wetting, her warm urine running onto Kevin’s hand. When Jessica stopped peeing, her nappy now wet, although still not completely full, Kevin slipped his wet hand out of her nappy, moving it down to his erect penis.

When Kevin awoke early the next morning Jessica was still sleeping soundly, he cuddled up to her, and allowed his hands to wander over her body. As he ran his hands over her shorts he was surprised to find a large wet spot, and it took him a few seconds to realise that Jessica’s nappy had leaked. She had drunk a lot of alcohol before falling asleep, and Kevin knew that Jessica would wet a lot after drinking. Usually Jessica would wake up during the night and change into a fresh, dry nappy before suffering any leaks, however, Jessica had drunk a lot more than she usually did, and she had hardly stirred since falling asleep.

Kevin knew he would have to wake Jess and tell her what had happened, and he felt his anxiety levels begin to rise. Kevin knew that Dan would have to know what had happened, he’d have to wash the sheets, and maybe even the mattress, before his parents returned. Kevin also knew that Jessica would be mortified when she found out what had happened, and even more so when Kevin insisted that they told Dan. Kevin didn’t want to wake Jessica; he could pretend to still be asleep. He wanted to just lie beside her, and wait for her to awaken and realise what had happened. But he knew that if he left Jessica to sleep she might wet again, and sooner or later Dan have to be told what had happened.

“Jess,” Kevin shook her lightly in order to wake her, “Jess wake up, you’ve umm, leaked a bit.”

Jessica groaned and rolled over, not taking in what Kevin was saying. However, as she rolled over in the bed she felt the cold, damp patch on her pyjamas rub against her thighs, and she knew at once that she had wet the bed. It took her a couple more seconds to realise that not only had she wet the bed, but she was at Dan’s house, in his parent’s bed. Jessica immediately started to cry.

“You said you’d look after me,” she sobbed to Kevin, “How could you let me sleep without a nappy on?”

“I didn’t,” Kevin replied indignantly, “Look, I did put one on you,” Jessica touched her crotch, and realised at once that Kevin was telling the truth, “Your nappy must have leaked.” Kevin continued, “Don’t worry though, I’ll go and talk to Dan for you. The bed’s not very wet, he’ll just need to wash the sheets.”

Jessica paled, “You can’t tell him!”

“He won’t say anything to anyone else, you know he won’t. After Connor text him he text me back to tell me he thought I was well out of order spreading stuff like that around, he’s not going to mention it to anyone. You go and have a shower and get yourself cleaned up and I’ll sort it out, you can pretend it never happened.”

Whilst Jessica showered Kevin went to find Dan, who was downstairs in his living room, attempting to clear up the large quantity of empty cans and bottles littering every available surface, “Hey Dan, can I talk to you for a second,” Kevin looked at the large group of people who were also gathered in Dan’s living room, “In private. Sorry.”

“Wahey, get in there Dan!” laughed one of the boys sprawled out across an armchair, “Is there something you’re not telling us, Kev?”

Kevin chuckled, “Yeah, I’ve been secretly lusting after Dan for years,” he turned to Dan, “C’mon baby, let’s go someplace private.”

Kevin followed Dan into his kitchen, closing the door behind them, “Everything alright mate?” Dan asked.

“Not exactly,” Kevin was beginning to feel a little embarrassed about telling Dan Jessica’s secret, “It’s Jess, she erm, she wet the bed last night.”

“Shit man…” Dan didn’t know what to say, “Is the mattress ruined?”

“No, it wasn’t a lot. You can’t go spreading this around, but it happens every night, she wears a nappy to bed, it just leaked a bit, it’s only the sheets that are a bit damp. The mattress is fine, but she’s kind of upset about it. She didn’t really want me to tell you, but the sheets will need to be washed so I told her I’d have to. Don’t say anything to her though, please, she’s really embarrassed. And don’t mention it to anybody else, she’s really sensitive about it, she gets upset about people knowing.”

“Yeah, sure, I’m not going to tell anyone. It’s not her fault, is it? That text you sent out last week though, does she know about that?”

“Yeah, I didn’t send it, my brother did. He found out about Jess after she stayed at my house. He took my phone and text all the people whose names he recognised.” Kevin explained, “I wouldn’t ever tell anybody about it. Even if we broke up and I hated her, I wouldn’t spread her secrets around.”

“That’s well harsh of your brother,” Dan remarked.

“Yeah, well he’s a little shit.” Retorted Kevin, “He wouldn’t dare mention it again though, he’s still being punished now. My Mum went mad when she found out.”

“Found out what?” The two were interrupted as Lucy and Kate entered the room.

“Nothing,” Dan and Kevin quickly replied in unison.

Both girls looked unconvinced, but they didn’t push the two guys any further, “Is Jess up yet?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, she’s just having a shower,” Kevin told her, “She’ll probably be down in a minute.”

A short while later Jessica had joined her friends downstairs, and was trying to forget the wet sheet still on the bed upstairs. Kevin had whispered to her that he’d spoken to Dan, who wasn’t going to tell anyone, but Jessica still felt worried that Dan might suddenly announce it to the group. And so she felt especially nervous when Dan, who Jessica had been trying to avoid, approached her.

“Are you okay, Jess?” he asked, “You were trashed last night.”

Jessica felt herself redden, she couldn’t remember very much of the night before, but from her friends’ reactions she had established that she had been very, very drunk. “Yeah, I’m okay, my head hurts a little, but it’s not too bad, considering.”

“Good. Anyway, erm, I just wanted to say not to worry about, y’know, the bed thing. I won’t mention it to anyone, promise.”

“Thanks,” Jessica wasn’t sure what more to say, “Umm, do you want me to wash the sheets?”

“If you don’t mind that’d be wicked, to be honest I’m not even sure how exactly to use a washing machine. I know there’s washing powder and stuff under the sink in the kitchen, do you want me to come and show you?” Dan asked.

“It’s okay, I’m sure I’ll find it. I’ll go and do it now, if that’s okay?”

“Yeah, sure thing, okay. And like I said, don’t worry about it, I won’t tell anyone.” Dan hugged Jessica to show he meant it.

“Thanks Dan,” Jessica smiled.

Upstairs in Dan’s parent’s room Jessica stripped the sheets from the bed, glad that the mattress wasn’t noticeably wet, and slipped downstairs with them.

Jessica hadn’t expected anybody to be in the kitchen when she entered it; Dan had organised a game of Frisbee in his garden and Jessica had thought everybody would be outside joining in. So Jessica was surprised to see Lucy in the kitchen, busy tidying up the inevitable mess a party creates.

“Hey Jess,” she said, and although she glanced at the bundle of sheets in Jessica’s arms Lucy didn’t mention them, “Can you believe how much mess this kitchen is in? Dan’s parents are back tomorrow, and I know if I leave him to clear up by himself he won’t bother and the house will still be this untidy tomorrow.”

Jessica chuckled nervously, “Yeah, I thought I’d help him do some washing, he said he doesn’t even know how to use the machine,”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Lucy paused, “Did you tell him why you’re doing the washing?”

“Yeah, I just didn’t want his parents’ sheets to smell like alcohol when they come back,” Jessica lied, opening the door of the washing machine and loading the sheets into it.

“I mean the real reason,” Lucy said, “We’ve been friends over two years, did you think I wouldn’t ever put two and two together and come up with four? I realised months ago, Jess. It’s not a big deal; you don’t have to hide anything from me. You don’t have to hide anything from Dan either, you ought to tell him, or I could tell him if you want.”

“Thanks, but it’s okay, Kevin’s already spoken to him.”

At the mention of Kevin Lucy frowned, “Yeah, about Kevin,” Lucy paused, “I’ve been meaning to speak to you about him.”

“Why? What’s he done?” Jessica could tell by Lucy’s face that she wasn’t about to say something nice about Kevin.

“Umm, well a couple of weeks ago I got this text from him…”

“…That wasn’t him,” Jessica interrupted Lucy to leap to Kevin’s defence, “It was his brother. He said he’d told everyone that.”

“He did,” said Lucy, “I just wasn’t sure if I believed him.”

“He was telling the truth,” Jessica defended Kevin, “I know he was.”

“Okay, sorry. I didn’t know he’d told you, but he has, which I guess he wouldn’t do if he were lying. I just wanted to make sure you knew, that’s all.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Jessica smiled, “Anyway, let’s go join the others.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately,” Jessica told Kevin one afternoon. Since Dan’s party she had begun to realise that perhaps her bedwetting was not as much of an issue as she had always believed it would be. Not only had Kevin accepted it, but now Dan and Lucy had as well. Although she wasn’t about to announce to the world that she was a bed-wetter, Jessica was beginning to feel much less worried at the prospect of people finding out. She had realised that her real friends would accept all of her embarrassing secrets, and in doing so she had finally realised, with one hundred percent certainty, that Kevin loved her. And that he wasn’t pretending to accept her bedwetting just so that he could use it against her or embarrass her by telling others.

“About what?” Kevin asked.

“About us, about us moving in together.”

“Have you come to a conclusion?”

“I think so,” Jessica nodded, “I think that, if we can afford it, we should do it. That is if you still want to?”

“Of course I do” Kevin threw his arms around Jessica, “In fact, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve already been looking at places. A one-bedroom flat isn’t very expensive round here, I found a few nice ones, maybe we could go and look at them together some time this week?”

“That would be nice,” Jessica agreed, “Although I haven’t spoken to my parents about it or anything yet, they might really hate the idea of me moving out.”

“You won’t be going far though, just into town. It’ll be easier for you, and for them.”

“I know, but I want to talk it over with them first. Have you told your parents you want to move out?”

“I told them I was thinking about it. I think they were kind of pleased, there’s a bit of a weird atmosphere in the house since Connor … y’know. I think Mum and Dad will be happy to have us apart.”

“There, now all it needs a few pictures on the wall, and it’ll be perfect.” Kevin smiled, placing the last large box of items in the bedroom. It was less than a month after Jessica had agreed to find a flat with Kevin, and the two of them had found a flat, which was cheap, clean and, although small compared to their parent’s houses, roomy enough for just the two of them. They had a good-sized bedroom, plus a small room next to it, which currently lay empty, but could become a spare bedroom if they were to buy a bed for it. Then there was a generous-sized living room, a bathroom and a newly fitted kitchen. And with some help from their parents they had finally finished furnishing it, and were ready to call it home.

“Wow, I can’t believe we’re going to be living here, together.”

Kevin grinned at Jessica, “I know, it’s fantastic. No-one to disturb us, no-one to tell us what to do or make us tidy our room and stuff.”

“I hope that doesn’t mean our room’s going to be a mess! I expect you to do your fair share of the washing up!” Jessica said light-heartedly.

“What? I thought the whole deal was you get the privilege of living with me, and in return you do all of the washing up!” Kevin retorted jokingly.

Entangled in each other’s arms Jessica and Kevin lay in bed, and, having just made the most of their new opportunity of sex without any worries of being too loud or interrupted, both were feeling tired. Jessica’s eyes began to grow heavy, she knew she should get up and put a nappy on, but she was so comfortable lying next to Kevin, wrapped up so safely in his strong arms.

Kevin looked down at Jessica, her head resting on his chest. Her breathing had become heavy, and as a sliver of drool ran down her chin, to pool on his chest, he knew she was asleep. Kevin’s penis began to grow hard when he realised she did not have a nappy on, and that if he lay awake for long enough he would be sure to catch her wetting. Kevin’s hand had instinctively moved down to touch his erection, but as horny as he felt he stopped himself from masturbating, he knew if he were to ejaculate he would be more likely to fall asleep, and miss his chance to feel his girlfriend wet against him.

Being careful not to wake Jessica Kevin gently moved so that they were in the spooning position, his penis pressed against her bottom. He knew that when she wet in this position her urine would pool around them both, and, filled with anticipation and too excited to sleep he lay quietly, waiting for what he knew could happen at any time now Jessica was asleep.

Kevin had been lying awake for over an hour, and he was beginning to appreciate how hard it must have been for Jessica to keep herself awake all night on so many occasions. Whenever he let his mind wander Kevin’s eyes would start to droop, and he had almost nodded off several times.

His eyes flicked open as Kevin felt a warm trickle of liquid tickle his thigh, and his penis stirred as he realised Jessica was wetting. He pulled Jessica’s naked form against him as her urine spread around them, the waterproof sheet prevented it from being absorbed into the mattress and so it was forming a puddle as Jessica peed at a faster rate than the thin cotton sheet could soak up the urine. Kevin wrapped an arm around Jessica, moving it down to her crotch, and into the stream of her urine. Kevin’s penis was fully erect now, and he wished Jessica were facing the other way so that he might feel her pee directly onto it. However, he knew if he tried to turn her he would risk waking her, and also that she may not continue peeing for much longer, she had surely been peeing for a full minute already? Kevin shifted his weight and rolled slightly so that his penis rested in the puddle of Jessica’s urine, and he felt the last trickle of urine pool beneath it before Jessica stopped peeing.

Kevin moved his hand, glistening with Jessica’s urine, to his penis. He began to masturbate, but paused when he felt Jessica move away from him, after a few seconds she sat up, and Kevin could hear she was sobbing gently.

“Jess? You okay?” he asked.

Jessica didn’t say anything for a few seconds, Kevin was about to break the silence when she whispered, between sobs, “I’m so sorry.”

“What for?” Kevin asked, “You haven’t done anything.”

“I fell asleep without a nappy on, I’ve wet our new bed, and on our first night. I’m sorry.”

Kevin put his arm around Jessica and pulled her close to him, “Shhh, it’s okay. I know you have, but don’t be sorry about it. I like it, you know I do. I,” Kevin paused, unsure about whether he should admit to Jessica he had been lying awake just waiting for her to wet. He knew if they were to live together they needed to be honest with each other, so he inhaled deeply and continued, “I knew you didn’t have a nappy on, and, and I knew you’d wet the bed, so I’ve been lying here and I was waiting for you to wet. And then you just did, honestly Jess, don’t be sorry, I am so incredibly turned on right now.”

“What, really?” Jessica asked, feeling a little confused.

“Really,” Kevin said, tracing his fingers over her shoulders and down over her stomach, moving his hands down to her thigh and gently up to her wet vulva, he began to finger her softly, and Jessica groaned with pleasure, sliding down under the covers and taking Kevin’s penis in her hands.

The pair lay together, both breathing heavily having enjoyed the best sex either had ever experienced. Kevin turned to Jessica, “Did you enjoy that then?”

Jessica smiled, “You know I did!”

“So,” Kevin paused, “Does that mean you might want to sleep without a nappy on for me sometimes.”

Jessica lay thinking for several minutes before replying, “Maybe occasionally, but,” she stopped mid-sentence, “promise you won’t find this weird?”

“I couldn’t ever find anything you did weird,” Kevin told Jessica.

“That was amazing, that was the best sex we’ve ever had, but,” Jessica paused again before continuing, “I’m sort of starting to enjoy wearing the nappies. They make me feel safe, and secure, and,”

“And what?” Kevin asked when Jessica didn’t continue her sentence.

“And, sort of babyish. And, and I kind of like it.”

“Really?” Kevin asked, the shock in his voice hard to conceal.

“I knew you’d find it weird,” Jessica said, “Forget I said anything. Maybe it would be better for me not to wear the nappies, they’re weird.”

“No,” Kevin said, “No, I don’t find it weird at all. I like the nappies too, and you look adorable in them! Like my very own little baby girl.”

Jessica giggled, “If I’m your baby girl, does that make you my Daddy?”

Kevin grinned, “It sure does. And right now Daddy thinks his baby girl needs a bubble bath! You lie here like a good baby whilst daddy goes and runs it for you!”

When Jessica awoke the next day it was past noon, her middle-of-the-night antics with Kevin had tired her out and she had slept much later than usual. She rolled over in bed to face Kevin, but was met with an empty space, he had obviously already gotten up. Jessica rose out of bed, after bathing her Kevin had put her into a fresh nappy, which was now just slightly wet. The nappy was warm and comfortable, and Jessica did not want to remove it just yet. She wrapped herself in her fluffy baby-pink dressing gown and padded into the kitchen. She expected Kevin to be in there, but he wasn’t. She filled the kettle with water, flicking it on, and checked the living room, but Kevin wasn’t there either, where was he?

Jessica went back into the kitchen, and made herself some buttery toast to go with her tea. She took her breakfast into the living room, flipping on the TV. Jessica sat watching the trashy daytime soaps, and after a while she became aware of a pressure building up in her bladder. She was about to get up to use the toilet, when Jessica realised she still had her nappy on, and that it was not very wet at all. Jessica realised she could just wet right here, on the sofa, without even having to get up, and nobody would ever have to know. Jessica tried to pee, but she couldn’t relax enough to let go. She knew she could pee on the sofa with the nappy on, but there was still a part of her that felt she ought to use the toilet. Jessica shifted, sitting in a more upright position, took a deep breath, relaxed and tried to start the flow again. This time she felt a small trickle of urine escape, and quickly it was absorbed by the nappy.

Jessica slowly let the urine trickle into the nappy, and after a few seconds she let go completely, feeling the stream of urine rush into the nappy, pooling and bubbling around her bottom before being absorbed by the thick nappy. The area around Jessica’s crotch grew warm, but as Jessica felt the back of her dressing gown she knew the nappy was not leaking. She began to feel rather turned on by the feeling of the wet nappy, and she began to rub and squeeze the front of her sodden nappy. Jessica moved her hand inside her nappy, and it didn’t take her long to achieve an orgasm.

Jessica lay panting on the sofa for a few minutes, before she got up, her now sodden nappy sagging between her legs. Making her way to the hallway Jessica was about to take a shower when she heard the front door open, Kevin had returned.

“Hey baby!” he smiled, placing several shopping bags onto the floor, “I see you finally woke up!”

Jessica giggled, “Where’ve you been?” she asked.

“I just went to do some shopping, get us some more food and stuff. And I got you something special to.”

“Ooh, what?” Jessica asked excitedly, moving towards the shopping bags.

Kevin stepped in front of her, “Aah, I’ll show you later. For now you just have to wait, and appreciate how lucky you are to have a lovely boyfriend who does all of the shopping and even buys you little presents!”

Jessica put her arms around Kevin, “I know, I’m so lucky to have you, I love you!”

“And I love you to,” Kevin squeezed Jessica, holding her close to him as they both silently appreciated just how lucky they were to have found each other.

Jessica snuggled up to Kevin, the two curled up on the sofa watching day time TV. Kevin’s hand moved down to Jessica’s waist, and then to her bottom, he stroked her gently, and stopped.

“Hey, have you still got your nappy on?” Kevin asked.

Jessica blushed, she had been about to change out of it when Kevin had gotten home, and now, an hour later, it had completely slipped her mind. The nappy felt so comfortable, left her feeling so safe and secure, that she hadn’t even noticed she was still wearing it.

Kevin shook his head, “Silly Daddy forgot to change it when he got home, didn’t he. Here, come with me.” Kevin lead Jessica into the bedroom. “Lie down on the bed, baby girl.”

Jessica lay on the bed as Kevin directed, she wasn’t sure exactly where this role-play was going, but she was enjoying it.

Kevin leant over Jessica, and he gently stripped her of her clothes so that all she wore was the very wet nappy. He traced a finger over her stomach, stroking the waistband of the nappy. “Dear me, baby’s very wet, isn’t she. You lie there like a good baby, no getting off the bed now, daddy just needs to get baby her surprise.”

Kevin left the room, and Jessica lay relaxed on the bed, smiling to herself. She loved having Kevin treat her like his baby, calling her his baby girl.

“I hope baby’s been good whilst I was gone?” Kevin returned after more than five minutes, Jessica had been beginning to wonder what he was doing, but he’d said to wait on the bed and she wouldn’t want to disobey her daddy.

“Yeth Daddy,” Jessica said, putting on a babyish voice, and even a slight lisp.

Kevin went over to the chest of drawers in the bedroom, and took out a clean nappy and a back of baby wipes from the bottom drawer. He had a plastic carrier bag in his hand, from which he took out a bottle of baby powder. He had more things in the bag, and Jessica was intrigued to see what they were, but he placed the bag down beside the bed without taking them out.

“Time for Daddy to change baby,” Kevin smiled, leaning over Jessica. He untaped her wet nappy, rolling it into a ball. He took a baby wipe, and gently wiped Jessica clean. Jessica shut her eyes, a huge smile on her face. She loved being cared for like this, by Kevin. She loved it when he took care of her nappies, and thus her bedwetting. It made her feel like it didn’t matter, like it wasn’t a problem, like she didn’t have to be ashamed of it. When Kevin put her into a nappy, or helped her out of a wet one, it felt to Jessica that he was taking charge of them, and that therefore for as long as he was happy to do so she needn’t wish her bedwetting would go away. For the first time in her life Jessica was actually beginning to like that she was a bedwetter.

Kevin applied a liberal amount of baby powder to Jessica’s bottom, and she lifted her bottom slightly to allow him to slide the clean nappy under her. He taped it up securely, and smiled. “There now, time for Baby to get dressed.” Kevin went back over to the drawers, and rooted around for Jessica’s yellow pyjamas with Piglet on them. “Sit up baby,” Jessica did as Kevin said, “Arms up!” Jessica lifted her arms and Kevin pulled the pyjama top over her head. He helped her into the pyjama bottoms, stepped back and smiled.

“I got you some presents,” Kevin smiled, and rooted around in the carrier bag. He pulled out a package of hair bands, and selected two pink ones, “Would baby like daddy to do her hair.”

Jessica nodded her head, “Yes please Daddy!”

“I bet baby would like pigtails, wouldn’t she?”

“Me loves pigtails!” Jessica grinned, sitting up and moving closer to Kevin to allow him to style her hair into two babyish pigtails. “What else you gots in the bag, daddy?”

“You have to wait and see. Are you thirsty sweetheart?”

Jessica nodded, her eyes widening as Kevin pulled a bottle full of warm milk from the bag, “Good job daddy just prepared you a bottle then.” Kevin sat on the bed, and pulled Jessica into his lap. Jessica began to tremble slightly with anticipation, she hadn’t drunk from a baby’s bottle since she herself was a baby, but now she could think of nothing she would want to drink from more. Kevin placed the teat into Jessica’s mouth, and at first it felt strange and alien to her, she started to suck and the warm milk filled her mouth. It took Jessica a few seconds to get into a rhythm, but it wasn’t long before drinking from the bottle felt like the most natural thing in the world. Jessica leant her head against Kevin, sucking greedily on the bottle. Kevin smiled down at her, enjoying playing the role of daddy every bit as much as Jessica enjoyed the role of baby. Jessica’s eyes began to close as she relaxed, and without really thinking about it Jessica began to wet her nappy.

Jessica had drunk a lot of tea before Kevin had returned home, and she peed for well over a minute, feeling the warmth spread all around crotch and bottom before it was absorbed by the thick nappy. Kevin, who was just wearing shorts, felt Jessica’s nappy grow warm against his bare leg. “Does baby need a change already?”

Jessica blushed as she realised what she’d done, she’d just wet, fully awake, in front of Kevin. She’d been so relaxed she’d hardly thought about what she was doing.

“I hope baby’s not getting bashful? Daddy knows you’re just a little baby, you can’t help it when you wet your nappy. Daddy will just have to change you again! Finish up your milk.”

Kevin took the empty bottle from Jessica’s lips, “Baby likes her bottle, doesn’t she? Well, Daddy’s got you another present.” Kevin pulled something out of the carrier bag, and ripped the packaging open. Jessica couldn’t see what it was, “Shut your eyes.”

Jessica obeyed, wondering what Kevin had for her. She felt the teat of the bottle against her lips again, and allowed them to close around it. She started to suck, but no milk came out, Jessica felt a plastic shield curve around her lips, and she realised she was sucking a dummy. It felt slightly strange to her that she would be sucking a dummy at eighteen years old, but yet it somehow felt so right as well. Jessica lay back on the bed, sucking her dummy, and smiling contentedly up at Kevin, her Daddy, felt glad for the first time in her life that, like a real baby, she was a bedwetter.



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This is a funny and lovely story! ‹3

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Loved it wished it would never end

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I read part of this year’s ago, glad to see it finished!