Jenny's Return to Diapers: Prologue & word from the auth

This was a story I wrote several years ago on the Wet Set forum. Basically Wet Set used to have this contest where whoever wrote the best story that month got a bunch of photosets. Being a poor college student at the time with a fetish for girls in diapers and no money I figured I could write a better story than most of what I reading on the internet in the way of diaper stories.

Now my story is not the greatest. Its not a novel and if your looking for a great piece of literature than your not going to find it here. It is also not one of these stories where you have to read the first 5 chapters before there is even a mention of diapers. At the same time it is not one of those one or two paragraph stories take a name character is in diapers with no explanation of how or why they got to get there and boom its over either. This is the first ABDL story I ever wrote. I wrote one other story which I don’t think I have anymore. It is not on the level of Long Rifle but it was good enough to win the Wet Set contest. I am going to post one chapter every day. If you like my story please leave a comment or even if you don’t like it throw in a comment I would still like to hear it. Also on a totally unrelated note if anyone has or knows where I can get an ABDL clothing for the Sims 2 let me know. My email is Oh yeah, you should also probably be 18 or the age of majority before reading my story.


Jenny was a senior in high school. She had just had her 18th birthday and things were going well for her. Her grades were so good that she had made the honor roll. She was planning on attending college next year while doing some modeling work over the summer. She was about 5’ 7" with a real sexy frame. Her breasts were finely developed being a little larger than normal with that round juicy kind of look. She had a perfectly round ass and cleavage that was hard to keep your eyes off of especially if she was wearing her tight jeans. Jenny had shoulder length brown hair and clear blue eyes.

Jenny was for the most part a pretty secure person. She had lots of friends that she would hang out with doing the normal teenage activities of partying, shopping and looking to meet cute guys. She had had several boyfriends in the past but had just recently broken up with her most recent boyfriend David. They had mutually agreed to break off their relationship but were still really good friends. Jenny came from an upper middle class family in a Protestant upbringing. Although her and her family were religious they were by no means fundamentalists and were actually fairly liberal. Jenny’s mom, Tammy, was middle aged woman of 43 who mostly stayed home all day and took care of the house. She was a loving if somewhat overprotective woman. Hank, Jenny’s father of 55, worked as a lobbyist in the state legislature for environmental causes. Hank was an aloof man who puts many hours into his work.

Her best friend and confidante was Lindsey. They had known each other since second grade and had shared everything with each other - even their first kiss. Lindsey was a bi-sexual and had and still does have a crush on Jenny. Although they had kissed and did some semi-kinky stuff when they were just going through puberty Jenny was completely straight. She was aware of her friends sexuality and attraction for her but it never bothered her. Lindsey likewise knew that Jenny was straight and so she was content to be Jenny’s best friend.

Jenny had only one shame which bothered her but even that didn’t make her feel that bad. Jenny was a bed wetter. She had used to wet the bed almost every night until she was about 7. As she got older her wetting became less frequent and by the time she was 15 her bed wetting had almost completely stopped. The only time she would wet the bed while she slept would be if she had a really intense dream and those happened less and less frequently as she got older. The only people who knew that Jenny was a bed wetter were her mom and Lindsey and she knew that her secret was safe with them.

As Jenny got older her wetting became less and less frequent and she started doing her own laundry so her mother figured that she had probably grown out of it. Lindsey had found out about it only by accident when the two girls went on a camping trip with Jenny’s family when they were about 9. Jenny’s parents had shared a tent and they brought along another tent for the girls to sleep in. The girls were cold so they slept in the same sleeping bag and Jenny of course had one of her accidents getting her friend Lindsey wet which neither of them was to happy about. It wasn’t the last wet accident that Jenny would have with Lindsey. At slumber parties Lindsey and Jenny would make silly little bets on whether she could keep the bed dry or not. Lindsey would later joke after the camping incident that she would have to put Jenny back into diapers. Jenny never worried to much about her occasional bedwetting because she figured as long as no one besides Lindsey knew what difference would it make.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Prologue & word from the auth

so far this is just a generic cliched diaper story, but i will wait to read more before i pass judgement

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Prologue & word from the auth

Now why, if you had it all, would you post one so small a piece per day?

I’m now not going to start reading for a week.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Prologue & word from the auth

A very basic start. I hope it gets better

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Prologue & word from the auth

Like I said before my story is not the greatest. To those who say my stotry is cliche I admit it is kind of cliche although I like cliche diaper stories myself (I know I am probably in a minority on this forum). For me it just doesn’t get any better than cute girl made to wear diapers. To me and this is just my personal opinion/preference anythingelse is like trying to make a better flavor of ice cream other than chocolate. I mean you can try but it just can’t be done.

As for VNL comment you overanalyze the reason why I am posting only one chapter at a time. Your correct I am not going to change anything. It is all written, if you really wanted to you probably could read my entire story today if your a paying member of Wet Set. My understanding is that if you are paying member of Wet Set you can view all there old archives and any old messages on their message boards. I probably wrote this in 1999 or 1998. Your also correct that my reason for posting one piece at a time is because I will get more feedback or critique by posting it one piece at a time. It won’t change the course of this story but I might write another story in the future whereany feedback or critiques I get can help me do a better job next time I write a story. At the very least curiousity is reason enough for me to want feedback. Even if you think my story sucks I would still like to hear it. My feelings won’t be hurt.