Jenny's Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

Chapter 3
Not a Baby?

Jenny’s mom arrived about 45 minutes later to pick up her daughter. Jenny couldn’t believe how much she had to pee especially considering how she had completely relieved herself in Mrs. Jackson’s class. Nevertheless Jenny was determined to wait until she got home before using the bathroom. After all she was a big girl and just because she was in a diaper was no reason to act like a baby. She had to prove to herself that she still had complete control over her bladder. She considered using the bathroom at school but that would mean having to walk down the hall and letting everyone know that she was wearing a diaper.

Jenny’s mom was astonished to see her beautiful teenage daughter wearing sweat pants and what was obviously a diaper underneath. “Jenny, what are you doing in those clothes?” Jenny’s face began to blush as she told her mom about her accident and the nurse. “Maybe I could get you some diapers so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

“Mom! I am not a baby! It was an accident this not going to happen again!”

“I am sorry dear. You are right I just don’t want you to be embarrassed like that again. You know how I am”

As they got in the car Jenny’s mom told her that they would have to stop at the store to buy some groceries first before returning home. “But Mom!”, Jenny began to pout.

“No buts I have to many things to get by myself. I am going to need your help loading groceries. I have to many things on my list for me to carry by myself.”

“Mom people are going to see me like this!”

“I am sorry dear but I really need your help this shouldn’t take to long.”

Jenny sat in the car for the next few minutes fidgeting and crossing her legs as they drove to the store. Her need to pee was getting stronger as it was getting harder to sit in one place. They got into the store and began their shopping. Fortunately for Jenny their wasn’t anyone she knew there. Most people were to concerned with their grocery shopping to notice Jenny although she was sure that a few people did notice. As Jenny and her mom were in the vegetable isle a little girl pointed at Jenny and shouted, “Look Mommy! That lady over there is wearing a diaper!” This turned a few heads and Jenny began to feel even more embarrassed. Inadvertently Jenny started to pee in her diaper from sheer embarrassment but she was able to quickly regain control fight by squeezing her legs together real tight. Only a little bit of pee escaped into her diaper. “At least nobody knows I am wet.”, Jenny thought to herself.
The girls mother reprimanded her little girl saying, “Now Ruthie it is not nice blurt such things out.” But what made matters even worse was that when the little girls mother turned around Jenny realized that the girls mother was nurse Blanch. Nurse Blanch recognized Jenny. “Oh, Hello Jennifer. Don’t mind Ruthie here she is just a big blabbermouth.” Nurse Blanch grinned as she said, “I hope your undergarment isn’t causing you to much trouble dear.” Jenny’s face started to blush as her bladder again began to throb. Nurse Blanch was the last person that Jenny wanted to be around at this moment.

“Hi I am Tammy, Jennifer’s mom. You must be the nurse that took care of Jenny this afternoon. I would like to thank you for taking such good care of Jenny.” Jenny’s mom and nurse Blanch began talking to each other. Jenny’s bladder was really starting to ache and she gave her mom a tug on the shoulder.

“Mom can we get going? I really have to go.” By this point Jenny was starting to squirm to keep from peeing herself.

“I guess we had better get going now.” Jenny’s mom said to nurse Blanch.

“I’m done shopping I will go with you its always good to have someone to talk to while waiting in line.”

Tammy and nurse Blanch continued to talk while they waited in line. Jenny’s bladder continued to ache and several times she grabbed her crotch when she didn’t think anybody was looking. The pressure in her bladder was becoming immense to the point where her bladder muscles were almost completely numb. Just when Jenny’s mom was about to purchase her groceries Jenny’s last ditch effort to maintain her self-control gave out. Jenny’s aching bladder muscles began to spasm before releasing a torrent of hot pee into her diaper. Jenny tried to stop herself but it was hopeless her bladder muscles would no longer respond to her command. She felt as helpless as a newborn infant as she wetted her diaper. The pee flowed out of her at a rapid pace completely saturating her diaper. The diaper absorbed her urine as it traveled up the front, back and side of her diaper making it cling to her even more. Jenny felt so warm while helpless as the liquid spread to all parts of her diaper. Instinctively Jenny almost wanted to start masturbating right on the spot in her warm, wet and squishy diaper yet she felt so ashamed for even thinking such a thought.

Outwardly Jenny looked frantic as she was beat red not only from embarrassment but from the strain of holding her pee from before. As she felt her bladder give way Jenny let out a little whimper, “Oh no!”. Jenny was sure that she must have been leaking but the diaper had absorbed all her pee. However everyone knew that she had just peed herself from her reaction and the hissing noise coming from her.

“It sounds to me like somebody just wet their diaper.” Nurse Blanch said calmly with a sort of I told you so smile on her face.

“Did Jenny go pee pee in her pants moma?” asked Ruthie.

“Yes dear Jenny had an accident.”

“I had better give your diaper a check dear.” added Jenny’s mom.

“Mom I am not a baby!”

“Don’t give me any of this ‘I am not a baby’ if you weren’t a baby then you wouldn’t have just peed in your diaper.” Tammy then proceeded to pull down Jenny’s sweat pants in front of everyone. Tammy then placed her fingers in the hem of Jenny’s diaper to check if her daughter was wet and sure enough she was. “It looks to me like we are going to have to get you some more diapers.”

Jenny standing with her soggy diaper exposed to everyone started throwing a temper tantrum. “I don’t want to wear diapers!!! I am not a baby!!!”

Tammy then started leading her 18 year old daughter by the hand who was acting more like an 18 month old down the aisle to buy some more diapers and baby supplies for her daughter. “The more you act like a baby the longer I am going to have to treat you like a baby. It look like we are going to have to keep you in diapers for a long time.” Jenny continued to cry as her mom and nurse Blanch continued to talk. “From now on you are to come directly home from school to get your diaper changed. If you need to get changed in school then I want you to go see Mrs. Blanch who says that she would be more that happy to change you.”

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

Not very good. Sounds like a dream sequence at best.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

First off, wouldn’t a relaxant cause her to wet a little unknowingly? If she could hold it and hold it then what place did the relaxant play in the story? Second, why didn’t she use the bathroom in the grocery store? Third, how did the nurse make it to the grocery store WITH her child before Jenny and her mom? And fourth, I HIGHLY doubt people would “hear the hissing.” And then proceed to say “sounds like someone had an accident??” This story is really REALLY implausible and gave me a good laugh. Do you really think that a mother would pull her daughter’s pants down in the MIDDLE of the grocery store? I doubt it. And if the nurse’s office had no underwear which I doubt most do… they would make the person go without anything… not a diaper.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

and shouldnt the mom be a bit more understanding towards her daughters embarrassment, like if its obvious she is diapered wouldn’t she just drive her home to get changed

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

This story is ridiculous. I’m waiting for her to wake up from her dream and then the actual story starts.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

I remember reading this a good while back. I also remember stopping at this very point because the story was so completely implausible.

Just not my kind of thing, I guess I have to believe it’s possible.



Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

I could have sworn I saw this same outline of a story somewhere else….
Come to think of it I did, I just can’t rememeber where.

You need to work on your characters and give them a life of their own. If you need an exapmle of this look at some of the other stories here.

At least your gramatical skills are decent. To make this story more plausible read over it yourself and take the time and effort to develope a Plot.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

I wish I’d saved my rudeness for this chapter, rather than the comparatively innocent chapter two.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 3 Not a Baby?

Wow. This story really bites.