Jenni's University

Libraries were truly one of humanities greatest inventions. Wonderful repositories of knowledge stored in the the best medium ever created: Books! And the icing on the cake was the silence. It was even mandatory!

Jenni Mallow pulled another book from her cart as she continued to ponder the incredible virtues of where she worked. Pausing, she looked down either end of the isle she was on. Seeing no one, Jenni held the old, leather bound text to her face and took a deep breath. Anyone would probably agree that books smelled nice, but, to Jenni, it was euphoric.

A cough brought her back to reality, and she hastily placed the book on the shelf. Glancing around, she couldn’t see anyone, but she knew of some little used reading desks around here.

Her face burning, Jenni made her way through the rest of the isles. The cart was largely unnecessary at this point. She was on the very bottom basement floor, and most of the books to be re-shelved had already found homes above. The last book slid into place with the satisfying feeling of leather rubbing on leather, and Jenni turned to make her way back to the elevator.

She worked in Weatherheight east wing. The supplementary library at Green Mountain University. She was a freshman, only a month or two into her studies. Truthfully, she didn’t need the job, it payed almost nothing anyway. But her parents had insisted that she find something. The underlying message being that they didn’t want her to stay in her dorm room all the time.

Jenni was about as introverted as a person could be. She had coasted through high school without being noticed by anyone. The silver lining being that she was never picked on, but she never made any real friends either. It wasn’t that she disliked people. The desire to try and form relationships with other people her age had just never really been there for her. More often than not, she’d just hole up in her room with a book.

Her parents had been unconcerned at first, but as her high school career dragged on, the pointed questions had increased. When she’d announced that she’d be going to such an isolated town as Bromwich for University, the questions of what she would do with her free time had started.

After trying to persuade her to join a particularly wild looking sorority, she’d conceded to getting a job on campus. Her parents had sounded a little put out when they’d heard it was at the library, but, finally, they’d relented.

Jenni sat back down behind the long, curved front desk. Looking at the clock showed 10:32PM, only about 30 minutes until closing. The real librarian had left more than an hour ago, but almost no one except graduate students ever had a need for the obscure books in the east wing anyway. She pushed a lock of her mousy brown hair out of the way and pulled her latest book in front of her. Almost closing time.

She sat and read for a minute. Time ticked away until a draft ruffled a few of the papers in front of her. Glancing up for a moment, she saw some one standing at the top of the stairs across the lobby from her. It looked like another student, a girl about her age.

The girl had a book in her hands, and even appeared to have been reading it as she’d come up. The two locked eyes for a moment.

The girl closed the book with an audible thump. As if receiving a queue. The two broke eye contact, and the girl awkwardly started for the door.


Jenni started in her chair as she heard the door alarm go off. The other girl stood frozen in between the scanners. She backed up into the lobby, and slowly approached the desk where Jenni sat.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I was in a rush, so I guess I forgot to check out…”

Jenni blinked. Of course, she worked in a library. The awkwardness of the moment had made her forget she was at her job. She stood, “R-right, sorry- I mean- yes, sure, if you c-could just…”

The girl nodded and extended the book. Just as Jenni went to take it from her, she felt an urgent twinge from her bladder.

“Oh!” she let out an involuntary noise.

The other girl gave her a look, and Jenni blushed a deep red. What was she doing! Why would she make a noise like that!? Much less in front of someone else!?

Jenni pulled the book across the desk and opened it. It was old, very old. Her fascination briefly distracted her from being embarrassed. On top of being old, it had apparently never been checked out, despite the card showing it being cataloged at nearly the inception of the University itself.

Another twinge from her bladder got her moving. Jenni walked over to the librarians desk and retrieved the stamp. Normally, she didn’t have to check people out, but she’d been shown how to do it. All she had to do was scan the girls card, then stamp the book.

She returned to her work station and looked back up at the girl, “Um, your card please?”

The girl’s eyes seemed to light up as she realized something. Then she said, “I guess I don’t have one. Can I make one?”

Jenni nodded, but inside she was screaming. She needed to go NOW! She couldn’t remember a time when she needed to go so badly. The urgency of her bladder scared her a little. Was she getting sick?

She walked the girl through the process of making her library card. The entire time she felt like she could burst at any second. Finally, she slid the book across the desk to the girl.

“T-thank you for coming,” she said. Without waiting for a response, Jenni stood up and dashed around the edge of the desk and across the lobby to the bathrooms. Running into a stall, she fumbled with her skirt as she felt a bit of liquid leak into her underwear. Blushing an even deeper shade of red, she finally sat down on the toilet and let go.

She let out an audible sigh, but her relief was cut short as she looked down between her legs. A sizable wet spot had formed were she had been unable to make it in time.

Jenni sat in the waiting room of the campus clinic. Fortunately, the students of Green Mountain State were provided with health insurance as a part of their tuition. At first, she hadn’t planned on coming here, but this morning had been the second time in as many days she’d had trouble making it to the bathroom on time. And if the state of today’s first pair of underwear was any indication, she was either sick or something worse was going on.

“Jenni Mallow?”

She jumped and felt her underwear grow a bit warmer as a nurse opened the door suddenly and called her name. Blushing, she stood and smoothed her skirt. Hopefully, nothing had gotten onto the seat.

The nurse smiled as she approached. She looked to be in her mid twenties. Maybe a graduate student? Jenni nodded her way through the pleasantries as she was led back to an examination room. It was plain, white. A row of cabinet and drawers lined one wall, and one of those padded tables with the paper on them on the other. A scale and measuring station stood next to that.

The nurse closed the door and turned to her, “What brings you in today?”

“W-well,” she stuttered, suddenly overpowered by the nurses full attention, “A check up I guess…- and,” she paused, “I’ve been having trouble… using the bathroom…”

The nurse smiled sympathetically, “It’s alright dear. I’ll get the check up portion out of the way then a doctor will be in to see you.” She ended her sentence with an even brighter smile.

Jenni nodded, and the nurse instructed her to sit down. The check up didn’t take long, but when she stood to take her weight and height measurements, she felt her bladder twinge faintly. Noticing her moments hesitation, the nurse patted her on the back and gave her a reassuring smile.

Resolving to see the check up through like the adult she now was, Jenni stepped up on the scale. The rest of the check up passed without incident. The nurse finished writing on her clip board and left, letting her know the doctor would be in shortly.

Jenni waited anxiously. After a minute, she lifted her skirt to inspect the damage from earlier. It wasn’t much, but there was a noticeable wet spot on the front.

She quickly lowered her skirt. What was wrong with her? She hadn’t had an accident since she was in kindergarten. Maybe it was the food here? She only ate on campus. Partially because the limited food selection off campus was restricted to fast food and family owned diners. Neither of which had seemed appealing to her.

She sat back down onto the examination table. The only logical answer was that she was sick, and, if she was honest, she was a little glad that it was happening here. Now a days, tuition got you health insurance, but that wasn’t an issue for her family. Her family on the other hand… Her mother might have thought this was cute.

A few more minutes past. Just when Jenni had leaned back to look at the ceiling, the door opened.

For the second time that day, she felt her underwear grow slightly warmer. She blushed again as the doctor turned to greet her. She looked to be middle aged and greying. Seeing Jenni, she paused.

“Is everything alright?” she asked.

Jenni just nodded.

The doctor raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment. She glanced down at her clip board and said, “Well, my name is Dr. Haswell. Jenni Mallow correct?”

“Yes,” Jenni said, regaining some of her composure.

“Well Jenni,” she said flipping over a page, “You look to be in fine health. What brings you in today?”

“W-well,” Jenni stuttered, “I’ve been having some problems using the restroom.”

The doctor nodded, “Any discoloration or just a noticeable drop in its frequency?”

“Um,” Jenni said, “Neither a-actually.”

The doctor nodded, “Pain?”

“No,” Jenni shook her head, “Nothing like that. Going isn’t an i-issue.” She paused before saying, “It’s actually m-making it to the, um, you know…”

Jenni made a vague hand gesture.

The doctor nodded, “I see.” She wrote something down on her clip board before continuing, “And when did you start having issues?”

Jenni blushed and recounted her story from the night before. To her credit, the doctor seemed to take it all in stride.

“And this morning,” Jenni said, “I didn’t quite, um, make it.”

The doctor nodded again. This time she took a minute to write a few things down before looking back up.

“Do you need to go now?” she asked.

As if her body were waiting for the question, she felt an urgent twinge from her bladder. She straightened up with an alarmed look on her face.

“Y-yes!” she said as she quickly slid off the table. Running to the door she rushed out and frantically looked down the hallway. At the far end she could see a sign for the bathroom.

Rushing up to it she turned the knob, but it was locked.

“No!” she whispered. She looked down the hall again, desperate, but this seemed to be the only bathroom in the back of the clinic.

“Please!” She knocked on the door, “H-hurry!”

She didn’t get a response, but by now Dr. Haswell had caught up with her.

“Ms. Mallow, are you…?” She stopped.

Jenni turned to her. Her eyes wet. She could feel the warmth running down her legs. A small puddle was starting to form beneath her.

The bathroom door opened, and a girl, looking to be a few years older than Jenni, stepped out.

“I’m done already oka-” she stopped.

“Oh!” the girl exclaimed, “Sorry, I’m finished now if you need it.”

Dr Haswell thanked the girl and ushered Jenni into the bathroom. Once inside she asked, “Do you need to go more?”

Jenni sniffed and shook her head.

“Okay,” she said, “I’m going to have a nurse clean up out here. Can you clean yourself up as best you can? I’ll be back shortly.”

Jenni nodded to the doctor and she left. Jenni just stood there for a minute until the sound of the nurse outside the door brought her out of her thoughts. She couldn’t believe it. She’d just wet herself in public!

She cringed at herself in the mirror. Other than a faint odor, her skirt hid the damage that she’d done to her now surely soaked underwear. She used a paper towel to wipe the tears off her face. Bending down, she cleaned her legs as best she could.

After a while, the doctor returned. Jenni hung her head in defeat.

“Ms. Mallow please,” Dr. Haswell said, “I promise my opinion of you hasn’t fallen in the slightest. Sometimes,” she continued, “people just have a hard time getting to the restroom.”

Jenni nodded but continued to look at the floor.

The doctor waited a moment for a response. Not getting one, she went on, “I’d like to take a blood sample to run some tests. The school’s insurance covers everything. Also,” she pulled something out from beneath her lab coat, “I’d like for you to wear these moving forward.”

Jenni looked up. The doctor was holding out a white square of cloth.

She took it from the doctor and turned it over, examining it. Realizing what it was, she felt her eyes water a little more.

Dr. Haswell stepped in to cut her off, “It’s only until I get your results back. Then I’ll be able to prescribe some medication to help you.”

Jenni rubbed her eyes and said, “Okay.”

The doctor nodded, “There’s also a prescription a the clinic’s pharmacy for more. The results will take a few days.” She hesitated, “Would you like a nurse to help you change?”

“N-no!” Jenni said quickly, her cheeks burning again.

Dr. Haswell nodded, “I’ll be in touch as soon as we get your results back.” She turned to leave, then turned back, “Jenni, you should know, plenty of people use protection. You shouldn’t feel ashamed.”

Jenni nodded as the doctor left. Despite that though, she couldn’t help but want to cry as she looked at her self in the mirror holding a pull-up.

“What’s happening to me?”


Something different than my main story. There will be more, but I plan on working on this in between updates for Smile.


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