Jennifer and Elisa

This is a story that I wrote some years back. I had planned on writing more, but never did.

[B]Jennifer and Elisa

[/B]Jennifer woke up to the realization that her under panties were wet again. She had peed the bed for the third time in two weeks. She luckily had a vinyl mattress cover under her sheets in-case of just this type of mishap. Her parents were away on a cruise for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She stripped her pajamas, rolled them up in her sheets and hauled them down stairs naked. After starting the wash she took a warm shower and headed off to class. She might have been late if it was not for wet undies to wake her up. She dreaded going to class so early but that is what she had to do in order get her English units while working during the day. After class she headed to work at the dental office she did secretarial work for. Five hours later she was heading back to the junior college to start her evening classes. Halfway into her last class she dozed off. The teacher did not even notice, but someone else did. The student next to her, another girl her age that she knew from high school, woke her up with a nudge.
“Hey Jenny, wake up” Elisa whispered
“Huh” Jennifer said startled
A few other students looked over at her but the teacher still seemed oblivious. Jennifer realized she was in class with a bit of unease, but then to her absolute horror she realized she had started to wet her pants. She jumped out of her seat grabbed between her legs and made a mad dash out of class heading to the nearest restroom. By the time she stumbled through the door of the restroom she had a trail of leaking pee behind her. She went to the closest stall. As fast as she could slipped down her jeans which were now soaked down to her ankles where her socks and shoes were sopping with pee. She let out what was left into the toilet and sat there in tears. She did not know what to do now and everybody in class probably saw what she did. After a little bit of crying she heard someone walk into the restroom.
“Jennifer are you in here” Elisa called. “Hey dear don’t cry it’s no big deal. Everyone has accidents now and then.”
“B-b-but I … the whole class saw…” Jennifer stuttered.
“No they didn’t dear, I just noticed 'cus I was already looking at you and I was the closest one to you. And I didn’t even know ‘till I saw your little trail halfway to the restroom.”
“Everybody knows.” Jennifer sobbed.
“If anybody says anything mean I’ll dent their face.” and Elisa meant it. “Come on out dear I’ll give you my sweater to tie around your waist.”
Jennifer opened the stall door with her head down dripping tears. Elisa grabbed her with a big hug and Jennifer instantly felt better. Elisa helped Jennifer tie the sweater around her waist trying to hide as much of the wet spot as they could. Then Jennifer gave a little kiss on Elisa’s cheek.
“Thank you” Jennifer said.
“No problem honey.”
Jennifer blushed and then they headed out to the parking lot. They got to Jennifer’s car, Elisa said goodbye. Elisa gave Jennifer another hug handed her backpack to her, which Elisa had retrieved from their class.
“By the way I told one girl you just started your period when she asked if you were alright.” Elisa added.
Jennifer was happy with that and hugged and thanked Elisa again. Jennifer headed home sitting on Elisa’s sweater. After she got in the house she remembered the load of laundry in the washer from the morning and headed to the laundry room and loaded the sheets into the dryer and stripped her wet jeans, undies, socks and Elisa’s sweater; putting them all in the washer. She then hung her sneakers outside and went to go watch some TV. After retrieving her sheets and pajamas she loaded the dryer with her clothes and Elisa’s sweater. She striped her shirt off and put her pj’s on went up stairs to make her bed and go to sleep. After making sure to go pee.
The next morning she woke up dry to her surprise, but realized she was late for her math class. She jumped out of bed threw on some clothes and sped to school. She sneaked into class hoping not to be noticed. The teacher looked at her but continued his lecture. She found a seat and got out her note pad and pen. She notice a few more students come in after she did. A class at six thirty was early for everyone. She noticed that the guy next to her was snoring lightly with his head leaned back bobbing up and down. Another girl looked over at her after noticing the guy snoring and yawned. Jennifer then yawned too and went back to taking notes. The teacher seemed to be very monotone in his lectures, maybe he was tired too. Jennifer slowly found her eyes batting and getting heavy as she tried to take notes. She slowly drifted off against her will. It was hard taking night classes and then making it to classes early in the morning. She woke up and realized she needed to pee very badly. She had not peed the bed, and forgot to go to the bathroom in the rush to get to school. She got up quickly and headed to the restroom, which was locked. She really needed to go now and did not want to have another accident. She ran to the next closest restroom turned the corner, and smacked right into Elisa.
Elisa helped her off the ground, and Jennifer said sorry as she ran into the restroom. ‘Not again’ she thought, the impact made her start to loose control and she had let a spurt of pee into her undies. She went to the nearest stall and started to take her jeans off, but the zipper was stuck. Just her luck she thought as hot pee started to run down her thigh. She pulled harder at the zipper but it would not budge so she tried to pull her pants down without unzipping. After a lot of wiggling she got them down far enough to sit down. With relief she let the torrential flow of pee splash into the toilet sighing as she did. She opened her eyes gasped as she saw Elisa staring at her. Jennifer had forgot to close the stall door.
“Well it looks like you did not quite make it dear. I’m sorry for running into you.” Elisa said.
Jennifer looked down at the damage and saw that she had quite a wet spot on her jeans. Not bothering to wipe; she pulled up her pants and saw that it went down to her knees on both legs.
“No, it was my fault, I’m sorry.” Jennifer said still looking at her legs.
“Well I don’t have my sweater but you can have the extra pair of sweatpants I have in my car. It’s parked right around the corner.”
“Thank you Elisa you have been so nice to me.”
“Wait here and I will be right back. Okay?” Elisa then left the restroom. After a few minutes she was back. She took her pants out of her bag and something else.
“I picked up a package of these for my sister on my way to school, she ran out this morning. They should fit you and I don’t have any extra underwear with me.” Elisa said as she handed the sweatpants and a pair of what looked like disposable training pants to Jennifer. As she received them, Jennifer knew just what they were, Goodnites.
“My sister still wets the bed.” Elisa added.
Jennifer looked them over for a second and a tear ran down her cheek.
“Oh honey, it’s alright. I brought these to you just because they are really the only underpants I have with me.” Elisa reassured her as she gave Jennifer a good hug. “You can change out of them when you get home.”
“I know I… I just have been having so many accidents lately. I feel like I am twelve again.” Jennifer said.
“Honey, everyone is affected by stress in different ways. These last two years out of high school have been hard for me too.” Elisa said. “Please cheer up. I am sorry but I am going to be late for my class. I will come by and see you later today. Just go at home relax and enjoy the weekend.”
Jennifer then realized that it was Saturday. She had not even remembered with how hectic the last week has been.
“Thanks Elisa, I will have your stuff washed too.”
Elisa headed out and Jennifer went into the stall to change. She could not believe that she was putting on a pair of Goodnites… again. She had not worn them since she was fourteen. After getting dressed she took her wet jeans to her car and headed back to class. She got there just as the teacher was locking the door.
“Jennifer, I have your backpack here. Are you alright?” Mr. Smith asked.
“Yes, I… I was just having ‘women problems’, you know.” Jennifer replied.
“Oh sorry. Here is your bag, try to get notes from another student.” Mr. Smith said and left.
Jennifer went and got some breakfast with the money her parents left her while they were gone. She had not eaten all morning; in fact she did not have dinner last night either. She had a big meal, for her that is, and downed three or four cups of coffee an orange juice and a glass of water. She then went to pick up some frozen pizza for later at the grocery store. The guy stocking the shelves would not let her use the key for the employee’s restroom so she headed home as fast as she could. In the line to check out she was already twisting her legs in torment. As she got into her car she had to pee pretty bad. As she drove home speeding she started to pee a bit in the Goodnites. She pulled up to her house, ran up to the door and ‘click’ her key broke in the doorknob.
“Shit!” She screamed grabbing herself as another spurt shot violently into the Goodnites.
“Jennifer, you Okay?” Mr. Thomson asked who was mowing his lawn.
“I have to go to the bathroom and I broke my key in the door.” Jennifer replied.
“Go inside and use ours. The door’s unlocked.” Mr. Thomson said.
“Thanks” Jennifer said as she ran into the Thomson’s. She felt she had already begun to leak when she got her pants down in the bathroom. After finishing up she inspected her sweatpants and saw that she the Goodnites had leaked a little. There was a spot on the side right under where the left leg opening of the Goodnite was. Damn she should not have had so much to drink, and the running probably did not help. She pulled up her warm wet Goodnites and sweatpants and saw in the mirror that they were sagging noticeably. Damn, she can’t go out and have Mr. Thomson see her like this. She pulled sweatpants down and tore the sides of the Goodnite striping the heavy diaper off and tried to cover it in their garbage. To her surprise their was a wet Goodnite already in the garbage. She realized that it must be Tammy’s who was probably seventeen now. She remembered baby-sitting Tammy when she was younger and Tammy wet the bed. Jennifer would put Tammy in pull-ups before bedtime. Tammy must still wet the bed Jennifer thought. Great no one will notice, and I bet she keeps the Goodnites under the sink. Here they are, she took one out and slipped it on and went outside with great relief. Mr. Thomson was in front of her door.
“Hey Jennifer I got it out and I even opened the door. You will have to go to a key shop though and get another key made.”
“Thank you very much Mr. Thomson. I owe you a big one.” Jennifer said.
“No problem. Are your parents still on vacation?”
“Yeah, they should be back next weekend.” Jennifer answered.
“If you get lonely at all just knock, I am sure Tammy would love to hang out with you. You know she just turned eighteen this last week”
“Really, well I’ll have to come wish her a happy birthday. She is going to my old high school?”
“Yeah, she is a Junior at JFK high now. Well alright I guess I ought to get back to mowing the lawn.” Mr. Thomson said.
“Thank you again Mr. Thomson.” Jennifer said and went inside. Wow twice in one day. ‘Luckily I had that Goodnite on’ she thought. Jennifer sat down on the couch and zoned out on cartoons. A little later she woke up to the doorbell ringing. It was Elisa.
“Hey honey did I wake you?” Elisa asked.
“I fell asleep watching cartoons. C’mon in” Jennifer replied.
“You still got my pants on, kinda cute.” Elisa said as she slapped Jennifer’s butt. “You still have the Goodnites on…”
“…Oh … yeah…” Jennifer realized and the slap was wet too. ‘Oh no’ she realized she must have peed again in her sleep. She did not even notice it. The Goodnite pulled most of the wetness away from her ass.
“You okay sweetie you sound glum all of a sudden.”
“Well, I… I must’a wet them in my sleep… and I just noticed…” Jennifer replied honestly.
“Oh… Well that’s okay sweetie. You will get over it.”
“I have been wetting the bed a lot lately.” Jennifer said.
“Well, until you stop… well, maybe I can bring you some more Goodnites… now and again. The people at the grocery store already are use to me buying them for my sister.”
“Maybe.” Jennifer said in resignation and sighed.
“Oh babe it’s alright really, everyone has problems.” Then Elisa Grabbed Jennifer and gave her a long, wet kiss.
“Oh my.”
“I’m sorry I just well, you are so attractive. I’ve always had a crush on you. But… well I was kinda shy.” Elisa said.
“Wh-wh-why now, I mean why did you kiss me now.”
“You seem… well… so vulnerable the last couple of days and I just, well I want you to know I like you and maybe you just seem a little more human to me.” Elisa replied. “You are wonderful. I don’t like to see you miserable but I feel more bonded to you than ever.”
“Well, I don’t know what to say.”
“Have you ever thought about girls in this way.”
“Well… yeah I have a little while masturbating, but I have only been with guys. And only a couple like that.” Jennifer said. “I guess I am willing to try. I like you a lot as a friend, and well what you have done the last couple of days… I think you are the nicest person I have ever met. You know… I told a couple people, one guy I was going out with, that I wet the bed, sometimes… And the guy told me I was gross and we kinda stopped seeing each other a week later and he call me a bitch and a bedwetting baby.”
“I’m so sorry, you want to go beat the shit out of him? I have a baseball bat and a can of mace in the car.”
“No! no, I just mean it has meant a lot to me how nice you have been.” Jennifer said. “Well I guess I better get changed maybe then we can go to movie or something my treat.”
“Okay.” Elisa said, and as Jennifer turned to the stairs Elisa said “Jennifer, do you mind if I change you?” Elisa was grinding her toe in the carpet, “I have the Goodnites in the car along with some Desitin and baby powder. My sister is getting a rash I would not want you to as well.”
“Well I guess… I mean it’s not like you haven’t seen a pussy before, and I am getting a little itchy.”
“Great, I’ll be right back.” Elisa said with a big smile and then dashed out the door.
Elisa came back and laid out the supplies on the floor. She pulled her sweatpants off Jennifer, whilst Jennifer held onto Elisa’s shoulders. Elisa paused looking up at how cute Jennifer was in a t-shirt (a tight one at that, no bra) and soaking wet Goodnite. She started to run her hands softly up and down Jennifer’s thighs noticing they were moist with pee around the crotch of the Goodnites. Elisa stood up and kissed Jennifer inserting her tongue and playing around with Jennifer’s tongue which started to move more freely until they were deep in a very romantic kiss. How long Elisa had dreamt about this and it was better than she could ever have imagined. She then started to caress Jennifer’s body with her hand around the waist and slowly moving up feeling each curve and caressing it in awe of it beauty and the smooth feel of her warm skin. She reached the start of Jennifer’s smooth round small breasts and stopped for a moment as she reached a climax. And pushed deep into Jennifer’s wet lips squeezing Jennifer’s thigh with her thighs and gasped as it came to a head. Jennifer then started kissing Elisa’s neck and play with Elisa’s earlobe with her tongue as Elisa rolled over pulling Jennifer on top of her. Jennifer stripped Elisa of her shirt and also took off her own. Elisa’s breasts were bigger than Jennifer’s and Elisa also had bigger nipples. Jennifer started kissing and caressing Elisa’s breasts with her tongue. As she did so her diaper was getting wet with another fluid and she liked it. As she sucked on Elisa’s nipples they started to perk up and get hard. Jennifer licked and played with Elisa’s tummy until she reached her bellybutton. She pulled down Elisa’s pants and Elisa was wearing blue panties. Jennifer could see that Elisa did not shave. Jennifer found it exciting, she herself had removed all her pubic hair. She reached her hand into Elisa’s panties and started rubbing her wet clit. Elisa moaned with approval. As Jennifer fingered Elisa she was getting more and more turned on. She started gyrating her legs and hips back and forth, up and down rubbing the wet Goodnite against her pussy. She could not believe how good it felt to be in a wet diaper fingering another girl. Elisa saw what Jennifer was doing and grabbed her pulling her up and laid Jennifer on the ground. Elisa started to rub Jennifer’s Goodnites around against Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer gasped and a shiver fell over her body and then erratic spasms as she climaxed.
“You have goose bumps now.” Elisa said.
“Ahhh ahhhh ahh… don’t say anything.” Jennifer said as she held her finger over Elisa’s mouth. With her other hand she grabbed Elisa’s crotch. “Oh My?!” Jennifer said with amazement. Elisa had an unusually large clitoris that was now very hard with excitement. “It is about the size of my nephew’s penis, almost as big as Ted’s” Jennifer said in amazement. She quickly pulled down Elisa’s panties to inspect further. Jennifer started to lick and suck it like she use to with her ex-boy friends’. Elisa orgasmed more heavily than she had ever done by herself. She started convulsing like she was having a seizure. Jennifer stopped and leaned back as a huge spurt came shooting out of Elisa’s Clitoris. Jennifer was so hot with excitement she started peeing the diaper again and that sent her into her own orgasms as Elisa fell into Jennifer’s arms in exhaustion. Jennifer continued to orgasm as she held Elisa and fondled her ass as they hugged and kissed. Jennifer was so excited, this was her first experience with orgasms.

Jenny woke up in her bed and she felt dry for a change. Then she recalled the events of last night and smiled to herself. She pulled up the covers to see that she still had on the Goodnite pull-ups. With inspection she realized they were also soaking wet. It was weird, she thought, for a girl her age to wake up in wet training pants. She then thought of Tiffany from next door that she use to babysit and stole a diaper from yesterday. Hopefully Tiffany would not have to go through the same pain as Jennifer. She thought back to her Senior Ball and how she wound up in diapers that night too after peeing on her date’s lap in the limo. They had not even arrived at the Ball yet.
At that moment Elisa came in carrying a tray of food wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties. Elisa looked beautiful in the pre-dawn light, hair flowing effortlessly over her shoulders.
“Would you like breakfast in bed my dear?” Elisa asked.
“Oh… Okay… thank you very much, you’re so sweet.”
“It was nothing. I love cooking.” Elisa said as she laid the tray down over Jennifer’s lap.
“Will you eat with me.” Jennifer asked in her most pleading voice.
“Oh honey you of course, though I did eat a lot as I was cooking.” Elisa sat on the bed and leaned over kissing Jennifer. They talked while feeding each other and fondling. Eventually Elisa’s hand migrated down to Jennifer’s crotch. “Oh, um… we should get you out of these wet Goodnites so that you don’t get a diaper rash.”
“Okay” Jennifer said looking down.
“Honey come here” Elisa said as she reached out to hug Jennifer. “I love you and I will take care of you as long as you let me. I won’t let anyone tease you or make you feel bad. I am just sorry I didn’t get the chance to be your friend earlier. You know I heard how your boyfriend dumped you after the Senior Ball because he thought you were to immature after you had an accident at the Ball.”
“It wasn’t just an accident. I peed in the limo on the way to the Senior Ball, on his lap. We had to go to his friends house to use a blow dryer on my dress and his pants. His friend’s mother took me aside and said his friend’s sister has the issue, and that she herself even had accidents now and then. She offered me a pair of her daughter’s Pull-Up training pants. She said that the senior ball was long and there was a lot of excitement and drinks and that the lines for the female bathrooms were always long. I hesitantly accepted her offer and went to the Senior Ball with a diaper under my dress. You know she was right, and I did have another accident in line waiting for the restroom. It was so embarrassing. Th-then…” Jennifer teared up.
“Let it out dear.” Elisa reassured her.
“Then when we left the Ball Joseph told the limo driver to take us to a hotel that he had reserved. I didn’t even know. I was so scared. When we to the hotel I pleaded with him that I was tired and that we could have sex at home in my room and it was a waste of money to go to a hotel. I got nowhere with that. He said I was being silly and his visa card was already charged.” Jennifer paused for a moment and Elisa gave her a big hug. “We got up to the room and he tossed me on the bed; and I peed the Pull-Ups again when he did that. I said I had to go to pee and tried to bolt for the bathroom. He grabbed me and said it can wait a minute, that I should get the dress off first anyway. He then undid my dress straps and my dress fell to the floor leaving me in just my high heals, my done up hair and the soaking wet Pull-Ups that were now dripping pee down my leg. His jaw dropped and he stood their for a moment as I broke into tears. He said that maybe we should go home now. He said 'when you’re done changing your diaper my car is parked down stairs I dropped it off before the I had the limo pick me up.’ I started to cry harder and he walked out the door. Well I did not have any panties to change into so I just pulled the Pull-Ups off and threw them away. After unsuccessfully trying to compose myself I went down to his car still crying. We did not talk all the way home when we got to my house he said that he did not think that it would ‘work out’. That he was sorry but maybe we could be friends. I started to cry again my throat swelled up and all of a sudden I felt it. I had forgotten with all that was going on, to finish going to the bathroom at the hotel. I was peeing in his car. I opened the door and ran into my house. It had to be the worst day of my life. Then like a week later at school I overheard Andrea telling another girl that her boyfriend heard from Joseph everything that happened. I was crushed I wanted to disappear. My mother had to talk me into even going to the community college after school ended.” Jennifer was bawling by the end of her story.
“Well I think he was a dick. To tell you the truth I was the one who teepeed his house the last week of school. I also dumped a bag of manure in the open window of his car door that summer.” Elisa said hugging her lover.
“You!?! You did that for me?” Jennifer said stopping her tears and then kissed Elisa on the lips. “You are the best. I hate him so much, why would he be so mean? We had fun together.”
“Most Guys can be real ass holes.” Elisa replied. “Now Jenny we should get you changed. Diaper rashes are not fun. My sister has one right now and has a hard time even sitting down.”
“All right.” said Jennifer and with that Elisa pulled the sheets of Jennifer and tore the sides of the Goodnites revealing Jennifer’s bare wet pussy. She gabbed the Desitin and baby powder off the night stand.
“Shouldn’t I take a shower first?” Jennifer asked.
“If you like but I thought we could see the matinee’ since we wound up doing other things last night, and you fell asleep right after. You know I carried you up to bed. It’s better, this way no one will be at the theater. We don’t need to clean up do our hair or anything. Except get you changed that is. But if you want you can take a shower. maybe I could join you.”
“That sounds fun; does my hair look okay?” Jennifer asked.
“You look beautiful my dear. Sweetie do you want to wear big girl underwear or another Goodnite?” Elisa asked Jennifer.
“I guess it would might not be a bad idea to wear another Goodnite. I’ll buy your sister another pack after this.” Jennifer offered. Elisa finished cleaning Jennifer with the baby wipes, pulled the diaper from under her butt and went to the bathroom to throw away the used Goodnite and get another from under the sink. She then spread baby cream and powder thoroughly over Jenny’s privates. Spending a little extra time between Jennifer’s bare pussy lips.
“It’s good that you are shaven. You are less likely to get a rash.” Elisa commented to Jenny as she helped her step into the Goodnites.
“Joseph liked bald vaginas.” Jennifer replied as Elisa pulled the Goodnite up over Jennifer’s small bare ass. They heard the doorbell ring just then.
“Oh shit, I hope that is not my parents they should not be back for another week. But they never let me know when plans change.” Jennifer said as she grabbed her robe in a mad dash and Elisa jumped in the closet. Jennifer ran down stairs almost tripping over her robe but caught herself on the railing. she slowed down and got to the door just as the doorbell rang again. She opened it to see Tammy from next door. Tammy opened her mouth wide as she looked down at Jennifer’s waist. Jennifer looked down to see that when she had tripped on her robe she had pulled it open to relieve her Goodnites.
“I-I-I’m sorry Jennifer I did not mean to wake you up I-I just… why are you wearing a Goodnite? I mean if you don’t mind. Well you remember you babysat me I wet the bed, well I mean I still do I just never knew that you… well… you wet the bed too?” Tammy stuttered at 90 mph.
“Uh… Yeah Yeah I do wet the bed still.” Jennifer replied. Tammy jumped up and hugged Jennifer.
“I always thought I was alone, and all this time my neighbor, the neighbor who babysat me even, is a bedwetter too. This is just so cool!” Tammy said enthusiastically. “Well anyways I came to see if you would like to go to the amusement park with me and a friend from school.”
“When?” Jennifer asked as she tied up her robe.
“Next weekend. It’ll be so fun. There is this new ride they just put in. We will be the first crowd next weekend to try it out. You know, see if it’s safe. My dad’s company is renting the whole park and they give out four tickets to each of their employees, so you can bring a friend if you like.” Tammy said. Tammy always was hyper Jennifer remembered.
“I think that would be fine can I call you later today?”
“Yeah. I’m telling you it will be a lot of fun. Here let me write down my new cell phone number I just got it last week for my birthday. Look isn’t it cool?” Tammy handed Jennifer her bedazzled phone, and pulled a pen and note pad out of her purse. Jennifer could actually see a Goodnite in Tammy’s purse as she rummaged through it.
“Well happy birthday! I didn’t know I am sorry. I’ll give you a call; see you later.” Jennifer said handing back Tammy’s phone and taking the number from Tammy.
“Come with us man it will be sooo fun.”
“I have to pee, I’ll see you later.” Jennifer lied as she tuned to close the door.
“See you later alligator.”
“After a while crocodile.” Jennifer responded kind of embarrassed. Jennifer headed up stairs and yelled up “It was just the girl next door.” Elisa came out of Jennifer’s room.
“That was a scare. I forgot my clothes down stairs too.” Elisa said.
“Yeah, that would not be good. Her name is Tammy I use to babysit her a few years back when her parents went out. She invited me and a friend to go to the amusement park with free tickets from her dad’s company. His company will be renting the park next weekend. You know I don’t know if you could hear the conversation, but I tripped on my robe going down the stairs and did not notice it but my robe was left open and she saw my diaper. It’s cool though, I think. She wets the bed and wears them to. I did not tell you I was too embarrassed, but yesterday I broke my key in the door and had an accident because I had to pee really bad. Her dad was mowing the lawn and let me use their bathroom while he got the key out of the door. I found a package of Goodnites under the sink and changed the one you gave me for one of her’s.”
“Wow. I wondered why you had on a different brand last night.”
“You noticed?”
“Yeah, I just didn’t want to embarrass you. You know my sister’s best friend is named Tammy.”
“I can’t believe you noticed.” Jennifer said forgetting Elisa’s last comment as she headed into her room.

They got dressed and went to the movie theater after picking up some snacks and a couple packs of diapers from the grocery store. One for Jennifer and one for Elisa’s sister. The cashier rang them up as he hit on them both. ‘You know I wet the bed ‘till I was in kindergarten.’ he commented to Elisa and Jennifer.
“I still poop my pants. I have a messy diaper on right now.” Elisa said jokingly
Jennifer noticed that the guy’s crotch expand as Elisa said that. She elbowed Elisa.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Jennifer apologized.
“So what’s you relation?” The cashier asked.
Jennifer and Elisa simultaneously responded “Lovers” (Jennifer) “Freinds” (Elisa) After the left they both started giggling.
“I love that you said that, wow.” Elia said.
“Did you see his crotch when I elbowed you he had a boner after you said you pissed yourself. And what is this friends shit. I don’t let friends change me. My mother hasn’t even changed me since I was five.”
“Well I was seven the last time my mother changed me.” Elisa said.
“I was late to potty train and she used cloth diapers sometimes.”
“Did you really wear diapers at seven?” Jennifer asked.
“Yeah, I wet the bed for a couple years after that. I hated kids teasing me I was glad when we moved when I was twelve. I use to beat the shit out of anybody who looked at me wrong. I am a good fighter I took Jiu Jitsu for like eight years.”
“Wow, dangerous woman. I’m glad you’re on my side.”

They snuck the food into the theater. Then sat in the very back row, right under the projector and made out a bit before the movie started.
“Wow, that was intense.” Jennifer said.
“I totally did not expect that ending. Do you have to pee before we go back to your house? You did have most of the jumbo soda, plus that orange juice this morning.” Elisa asked Jennifer noticing her sweatpants sagging in the crotch. Jennifer looked puzzled for a second.
“I think I might be wet. I did not even notice wetting my diaper, let alone having to pee.” Jennifer replied. Elisa pulled Jennifer over to her by the waist of her sweatpants, stuck her fingers into her diaper to find it sopping wet.
“Yep, you must have been really into the movie. I almost peed myself when that guy jumped on their car. Why don’t you let me use the toilet and then will change you in bathroom I put a Goodnite and some wipes in my purse just incase.” Elisa suggested. Jennifer agreed still stunned by her lack of awareness of her wetting. Elisa notice as she followed Jennifer into the bathroom that the Goodnite was leaking. Jennifer watched as Elisa peed, waiting for Elisa to change her soggy diaper.
“Okay hon’ there is no one at the theater, why don’t you sit up on the changing table to make this easier.” Jennifer jumped up on the table and laid back. Elisa pulled Jennifer’s sweatpants to her ankles, proceeded to take her Goodnite off and wipe her clean.
“You really soaked that Goodnite. It even leaked a little.” Elisa said as she pulled the attend briefs under Jennifer’s butt. After they Jennifer was finished being changed they went back to the car.
“You mind if we stop by my house to drop off the Goodnites for my sister?”
“Not at all.” Jennifer responded.

They arrived at Elisa’s house and she introduced Jennifer to her mother and her sister.
“I don’t mean to pry but are you wearing a diaper, I just noticed it was leaking as you were talking to my mom.” Elisa’s sister sort of asked.
“Cindy that’s rude, young lady”
“What it’s true her diaper is leaking! It’s not like she doesn’t know I wear Goodnites to bed Elisa handed them to you right in-front of her!” Cindy responded angrily.
“Cindy do you want to get a spanking, no back talk. Jennifer is this true?” Elisa’s mother asked.
“Yes mam.” Jennifer head hung low and a tear coming to her eye.
“Well would you like me to change you or can you handle it yourself?”
“No, mam I have already changed, my diaper is clean.” Jennifer replied to Elisa’s mom, quite surprised at the offer.
“Well then you wouldn’t mind if I checked, young lady?” Jennifer could not believe what she was hearing from Elisa’s mom. She turned to Elisa.
“Mom she is in sophomore college with me.” Elisa replied.
“Wow you must real excel in school, how old are you my dear?” Elisa’s mom asked.
“I am 19 Ms. Datana.”
“Well I am sorry dear I assumed Elisa was babysitting you for a friend and thought you were no more than ten years old. When Cindy mentioned your leaky diaper I thought you were even younger.”
“That’s alright Ms. Datana I get mistaken for younger than I am frequently.” But never that young Jennifer thought to herself. Then again she was wearing a diaper.
“So are you incontinent my dear.” Elisa’s mother asked.
“I guess, I have been having a lot of accidents. I always have had a problem with it, but it has been really bad lately so I started wearing protection.” Elisa replied.
“My husband’s sister still wears diapers at night also. I helped her at her wedding and she was wearing a diaper under her wedding dress. By the end of the ceremony she was asking me to change her diaper. She went through three diapers before the night’s end; and who knows how many on their honeymoon. It’s nothing to be ashamed of dear.”
“Thank you Ms. Datana.”
“Now dear are you sure you don’t want me to change your wet diaper as you see I have lots of experience and Cindy’s Goodnites will fit you. Though they might be a tad big on you. We don’t want you getting diaper rash now do we. Cindy is having quite the problem with it right now because I have been letting her change her self. An obvious mistake.”
“Mom!!” Cindy said blushing a deep pink.
“I am dry Ms. Datana, really.”
“Would you be opposed to Elisa checking you maybe?” she asked.
“Alright.” Jennifer finally gave in thinking what harm could it be.
“Well Elisa go ahead.” Elisa obeyed her mother and checked Jennifer’s attends. Elisa was surprised to find Jennifer quite wet so soon after a change and lying about it.
“She is dry mother.” She said deciding to cover for Jennifer.
“Are you sure she sure looks wet and leaky? You barely even checked her.” Ms. Datana asked as she walked over and checked Jennifer’s diaper.
“Good thing I checked you are soaked my dear. Come now let me change you into a nice dry diaper.” Jennifer was stunned she wasn’t wet Elisa even said so. Jennifer started to cry. As she did she realized she was again peeing her diaper.
“It nothing dear don’t get so upset. You have no need to be embarrassed Cindy often lies about being dry in the mornings all the time, but it is a very bad habit. I bet your parents hate it. It just makes things harder.” She said as she took Jennifer to a changing pad laying out on the floor. She deftly laid down Jennifer on the pad pulling off her pants. She then proceeded to quickly change Jennifer’s Goodnites.
“MOM! Stop she is an adult!”
“Oh hush Elisa we are almost… done!” Ms. Datana looked down at Jennifer, “Isn’t that better. Now dear I will wash you sweatpants for you why don’t you watch some television with Elisa and Cindy for now.”
“I am so sorry about my mom.” Elisa whispered to Jennifer while they all watched cartoons.
Jennifer nodded silently.

“Now would you girls like to go with me to the mall?”
“Yeah” Cindy said enthusiastically standing up.
“We were going to go back to Jennifer’s house to do some homework. I just wanted to drop by and let you know what I was doing.” Elisa said.
“Oh come with us Elisa. We have not hung out in a while. You have been so caught up in college, you never spend any time with us any more. It would be fun, and we could all get to know Jennifer better.” Ms. Datana pleaded.
“I do need some new clothes and I love the mall. We can take some time out of our studying Elisa.” Jennifer said.
“You sure Jennifer?” Elisa said with a bit of surprise.
“Yeah, it’ll be fun.” Jennifer replied. Elisa gave in and so Ms. Datana took Cindy, Elisa and Jennifer to the mall. When they arrived Cindy wanted to go to the Tower music store but Ms. Datana insisted they go to Target first.
“And anyways you can listen to music here.” Ms. Datana told her youngest daughter. Jennifer and Elisa agreed to meet up with Ms. Datana and Cindy in a half an hour, at the door to the rest of the mall by the frozen yogurt stand. They headed to the petite clothes section Jennifer wanted some new pants. As they were looking around Elisa held up a pair of overalls.
“Jenny you would look cute in these.”
“What’s with the buttons down the side?” Jennifer asked.
“I don’t know but they have them down the center to, I wonder if they really work?” Elisa said as she tried to open them. “They do. You could separate the overalls in half. I have never seen that before.”
“They are cute though.” Jennifer said. She then held up a pair of jeans that had pink tassels from the waist down about a foot. Check these out you could be the center of the dance club in these." She said as she shook them a little. After picking out a few things the went into the dressing room to try them on together. As Jennifer pulled down her sweatpants to try on the overalls she saw that her Goodnite was wet yet again. This was the fourth time today and it was only two o’clock. She did not know why she was peeing so much. She did not even know when it would happen; or even notice afterwards. She felt like such a little kid.

When they met up with Ms. Datana and Cindy. Ms. Datana was dragging Cindy by the wrist towards the restroom by the yogurt shop.
“Cindy I told you I didn’t want any more accidents while we are here. You are going to wear these Goodnites under the pants I bought you or you will have to stay in the pee soaked clothes you are wearing. So what will it be?”
“But mom, I might see my friends here.” Cindy replied to her mother.
“Then I suggest we get you changed young lady.”
“Mooom, what if they see I’m wearing training pants, I will be soo embarrassed! Please mom can I just change my pants?”
“Yes, and put on these Goodnites.” Said Ms. Datana.
“Hey mom sorry to interrupt but we’ll just be getting some smoothies while you change Cindy.” Elisa said.
“Get me one.” Cindy chimed in.
“Here is some cash go right ahead and get me and Cindy one also. We will be right out. Does Jenny need a change too?”
“Nah mom, She just changed.” Elisa said as Jennifer blushed and looked down.
“That’s good dear, no one likes diaper rash.”
“Let’s go Jennifer.” Elisa said with a little disgust for her mother. How could her mother treat her friend, her best friend, girlfriend like she was in elementary school!? Elisa did not like the way her mother treated her sister, but to treat her friend like this was just wrong.
“I am sorry Jenny, my mother can be quite the bitch.”
“What do you mean Elisa?” Jennifer asked.
“Well she has not been the nicest about your condition, in fact she has pretty much treated you like a little kid.”
“Oh I don’t mind so much, and anyways it’s not like it’s your fault. Lets just get some yogurt and forget about it.” Said Jennifer.
After talking for a while over the frozen yogurt they picked up two yogurts to go.
“Wait Elisa” Jennifer said grabbing Elisa’s shoulder. Jennifer then licked the spot of yogurt off of Elisa’s nose. Elisa then quickly kissed Jennifer on the lips and grabbed Jennifer’s ass with her free hand. She loved the feel of Jennifer’s pull-ups over her tight little ass.
Ms. Datana and Cindy walked over in the middle of conversation.
“Mom I don’t want Tammy to find out.”
“Their is no way you will make it all day on roller-coasters and long lines without peeing yourself.”
“Nuh-uh, I’m not a baby momma!” Cindy said stomping her foot.
“Jennifer, tell Cindy that it’s better to wear protection than for everybody to see you pee your pants.”
“Uhh…” Jennifer did not want to be in this conversation, especially in public.
“Mom, can we talk about this later?” Elisa interjected.


Re: Jennifer and Elisa

I kind of lost interest about the fourth wetting in.
The problem with this story, is that there is too much wet and too little story to balance it.
It is like you are trying to just describe all the embarrassment and accidents and not really give us a chance to see what is causing it or going on.

You do allude to the idea with stress here and there, but I think there should be a little more story about this person rather than just filling the whole page with her wetting her pants at every turn.

On the plus side, you do do a good job in showing her emotions and her situation when she has wet her pants. You also make it easy to read because you have very few grammar problems, and the story seems pretty fluid.

Re: Jennifer and Elisa

Thank you for the constructive input.

Re: Jennifer and Elisa

Its kinda fast but I like it. You could break up the wall of text a bit more. I look forward to the continuation of this story.