Jenna goes to College

Just a short story, it won’t go very long. But it’s sad how few new stories we are getting lately. Hopefully this inspires a few others to put themselves out there and write for every one :slight_smile:

Background on our story:

First of all, this won’t be your typical story. This is a rushed production to get to the end. I’m not trying to develop the characters, or make it particularly interesting. I’m just writing out a short drama and spitting the story out.

Jenna Smith heads off to the University of Maryland for her Freshmen year.

A full 4 hour drive from home, and the first time she has ever lived alone. She is likely to be accepted into a sorority, which will allow her to live in a two bedroom apartment with another sorority sister who is a Junior who is expected to look after her and mentor her into a good Tri Delta sister.

Jenna has never tried drinking, hasn’t done much with boys, and was overall rather shy in high school. She had her friends, but all of them were going to different schools. She did have a couple of high school boyfriends, but none of them ever amounted to much. She just wasn’t really that into any of them enough to go very far with them.

She grew up in a good family in a good home. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, and her father is an accountant. She is the oldest of four children. And while they were able to live a common middle-class family life. She never really bought new things, or had great gifts. But being the oldest, meant her little sister and two little brothers often times had to share many of her hand-me-downs.

Jenna was overall very excited about going to college. She planned to study nursing and maybe become a nurse practitioner one day. Jenna was fairly bright, a solid 3.7 in high school. She also ran cross country and remained fairly active. She had had a part-time job during the last two summers working as a pharmacy clerk (basically just ringing people out at a register).

Jenna is a friendly, chipper young girl. Polite and courteous. Never too bold, never too loud, respectful to the people around her.

She is also rather nervous about going off to college. She is worried about failing, worried about being away from home, her family, and her closets friends. She knows of one other girl from her graduating class going to Maryland, but she doesn’t really know the girl, just of her. Maybe they will become friends, she isn’t certain. The girls name is Hilary Schneider. Jenna doesn’t know much about her.

Our story:

Chapter 1

After a long day of driving in her car with her mom sitting next to her, along with Jenna’s dad following in the minivan with her three little siblings with him and both cars filled to the top with all of her things, then unloading everything into her new apartment, and THEN saying good bye to them and dealing with the hugs, tears, and frantic last-minute advice. Jenna can safely say she finally feels a lot better about living on her own for the first time.

She had some anxiety moving away from home, but now that she is here, Jenna is ready to explore and see the campus. Get herself settled in.

There are actually have two more days until she actually has to do anything, but she wanted to get here in time to actually get settled in.

So Jenna takes a walk around campus to find out where some things are. She signs up for a tour tomorrow afternoon to learn the campus better. As she gets herself set up for some dinner, and is making her mac and cheese and figuring out how to connect to the schools wi-fi her room mate and all of her packages walk in.

Long story short from all of this, Jenna gets to meet her new roommate, named Elizabeth. She is 21, a Junior, and a member of the sorority that Jenna has been sort of pre-approved into (her mom and aunts were members and they know basically all of the girls in charge, so I she is sort of legacy).

Elizabeth seems really sweet, is very charismatic, very cheerful, and spent the entire night getting to know Jenna better.

Elizabeth knows of a party off campus, and basically drags the new sorority freshmen out to the party to meet some people. Not that Jenna doesn’t want to go, she just sort of feels like she has to go.

It feels like I am rushing this a bit. I am trying to get to the main story, but I wanted to paint enough of a background picture to get the idea across. I initially wrote this in first person perspective, and it was just awful. So I adjusted it in a quick review, and will give it a better shot here in chapter 2.

Re: Jenna goes to College

Jenna and Elizabeth arrive at the party, they spend time socializing for awhile before Elizabeth gets Jenna inside to the liquor cabinet where everyone is gathered. She makes Jenna a Red Bull and vodka and just sort of shoves it at Jenna. Jenna does take her time before deciding that she wants to try it, but after some mental pros and cons debate with herself, she caves in and drinks it.

Not so bad, sort of makes her gag a bit, but she can manage it. She’s never actually had alcohol before.

Before long, Jenna has managed to finish a few of these and finds herself getting a bit dizzy talking to a cute boy.

Before she notices it, Elizabeth comes running up to her and grabbing her and pulling her to the bathroom.

At this point, Jenna is sort of in and out of it, and the next thing she knows, she is waking up in her bed. Eyes sleepy and heavy, the day light coming in through the window, trying to come back to reality.

She stirs around, notices that her bed is soaked, and so are her clothes.

She can’t remember much other than the cute boy and the drinks. She hopes she didn’t make too much of a fool of herself.

Reaching around, she realizes that she obviously wet the bed.

‘ugh’ a heavy sigh. She feels sleepy. No hangover like she had always heard about. Just really sleepy, and her throat is dry.

She gets out of bed, heads to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She then heads to the bathroom and hopes in the shower, peeling off her wet clothes.

After her shower, she strips her bed, and goes to sleep with a dry blanket over her.

Re: Jenna goes to College

Chapter 3

Over the next few days, Jenna gathers some information from Elizabeth. She finds out that she had wet her pants at the party in front of the cute boy.

Elizabeth got her home and went back to the party. Jenna had proceeded to wet her bed later that night.

A few night later, Elizabeth talked Jenna into going out with her again, and the same thing happened.

Jenna had too much to drink, got too drunk, and wet her pants while out and about. Elizabeth managed to get her home, tucked her into bed, and she managed to wet her bed again.

After all of this, Jenna decided that maybe she should hold off on drinking, since it obviously wasn’t agreeing with her.

But with rush week coming, and plenty of events and parties, Jenna didn’t want to be the only one not drinking, and it sure made it easier to talk to people. But that embarrassment of wetting herself completely countered any move to make any friends.

Elizabeth and Jenna start to become friends. Jenna is looking up to Elizabeth as the big sister that she never had before. They bound, watch tv, share bad food, and start classes together.

As rush week moves along, Elizabeth and Jenna have not discussed the wetting and her drunken behavior outside of Elizabeth simply saying ‘I got you home and into bed’ and Jenna being too embarrassed to talk any further.

Elizabeth started to bring up a party coming up this Friday to Jenna. Something Jenna would certainly have to attend, and she would be encouraged to drink.

Jenna planned to go, and just not drink at all. Something Elizabeth had a better idea than to assume could happen. She knew how to this party went. Every year, all the freshmen got very drunk. She knew that would happen. What Jenna didn’t know is that Elizabeth had a plan for her.

Re: Jenna goes to College

Chapter 4

Jenna and Elizabeth get to the party Friday.

All of the girls get paired up with a ‘mom’ for the semester. For most girls, it’s the room mate they have been paired up with, and that applies for Elizabeth and Jenna as well.

The girl start drinking, with Jenna attempting to stay on the sidelines, but it can’t last too long before she is finally persuaded to take her first drink.

After she finishes the drink, Elizabeth makes her a second one and takes her to the bathroom.

“Jenna, I know you have had some (in a hushed voice) troubles, when you have drank too much the last couple of times. So I think I found you a solution this time.” Elizabeth starts.

“What do you mean?”

“Well the wetting” as Elizabeth starts to open her purse.

“Oh, I’m just not going to drink very much tonight” Jenna recants.

“Well, to be safe, I brought you this.” As Elizabeth pulls out a large white plastic item that it takes Jenna a moment to realize what it is.

When she does “you can’t be serious?!” Jenna almost shouts.

“Yes, absolutely yes Jenna. Do you want to be embarrassed again and never be able to show your face around the sorority again?”

“I think if I wear th….that thing and someone sees it, I’ll never live that down either”

“Look Jenna, you are lucky that basically no other of the girls know about the accidents. But you need to handle this, and you want to keep talking to everyone, and you want to keep drinking and having a good time. Well I don’t know how else you can do that unless you protect yourself from any potential embarrassments.” Elizabeth reasoned.

“Fine, I guess. But how can we keep it so no one can tell?”

“You are wearing a pretty loose fitting dress, you’ll be fine. No one will know. And with the music and it being dark out there no one can tell, trust me.”

“Fine, give it to me” Jenna huffs

“Do you have any idea how to put a diaper on?”

“Of course, I used to baby sit my little brothers. I know how to do it”

“But have you ever done it on yourself?”

“Of course not.”

“Just let me help you, it’ll be quick.”


Jenna is very annoyed at this point, but just wants to get back out there.

“How do you wanna do it then?” Jenna huffs

“Just lay down” as Elizabeth locks the door.

Jenna lays down, as Elizabeth spreads open the diaper and pulls down Jenna’s pink cotton thong.

Jenna just looks away, stunned, as her dress is lifted and Elizabeth lifts has Jenna lift her bottom off the floor and slides the back of the diaper under her.

After sealing it up, Elizabeth slides her pink thong back over the diaper.

“Alright, there. That should help seal the sound.” Pulling her dress back down.

The night rolls on, Elizabeth and Jenna both have fun, Jenna becomes drunk again, and eventually falls asleep on a couch before Elizabeth helps her back their room, wet diaper and all.

The next morning, Elizabeth sneaks into Jenna’s room, who is laying spread out in only her wet diaper and pink thong on top of her covers.

Elizabeth takes off the drunkenly asleep Jenna’s wet diaper, and changes her into another disposable diaper.

But then she pulls out a pair of locking panties and slides them up over the still asleep Jenna’s legs, up over the diaper, and rolls her over onto her stomach and locks the panties on a fairly tight setting.

Then, one more surprise in store, Elizabeth pulls out a pair of handcuffs, and handcuffs Jenna’s hands behind her back.

Now, the still asleep Jenna, is laying topless, in a pair of pink, locking plastic panties, with a pair of handcuffs behind her back, snoring face down into a pillow as Elizabeth sneaks back out of the room………