Jason and Charissa


Seated in the middle of the group of 30-odd photography club members, twins Jason and Jennifer were anything but paying attention to the photo essay that their teacher-in-charge was going through. Constantly pointing out the flaws of the individual shots in a humorous way, the pair kept disturbing the essence that their teacher was trying to portray, much to the amusement of those seated around them. Highly annoyed, the teacher threw the gauntlet and asked the pair to stand at the side of the classroom. Sheepishly, they took their place. But even that didn’t stop the twins from talking. Life was too rigid to stop having fun.

This was aptly demonstrated towards the end of the session. Jennifer had just cracked an especially humorous joke, and even the teacher couldn’t help but smile. Just then Jason’s phone rang. It was a call from the hospital. The nurse mentioned their parents’ names. Jason stopped smiling. The world seemed to stop spinning and he dropped his phone, the glass front shattering on impact. The ensuing silence was deathly.

All that was registered in Jason’s head was that their car was crushed flat.

One year on.

Jason stood in the shower, his mind numb to the cold water trickling down his body. Cold water was but a luxury, given his miserable life. Instead, he stood there, wondering why he was up at this hour on the first day of his school vacation, getting ready to go to school.

Ten minutes later he got out of the communal shower, went to his room and got himself ready. Thereafter he proceeded to pick out the books and notes he would need for the day’s revision, and accordingly he packed his bag. Still feeling lethargic, he sat on the floor beside his bed, but immediately stood up for he had sat on something. It was a picture of him piggy-backing his sister Jennifer. Unable to look further, Jason carefully placed it behind his bed. Jennifer loved placing bets with him in piggy-back rides.

His stomach starting to growl, he then turned his attention to breakfast. Walking through the cramped, dimly-lit room, past the boxes and things lying around, he reached the table beside the door. Opening the breadbox that sat on the top, he peered inside. The jar of jam had been scraped clean and the loaf of bread was finished.

Sighing, he closed the box and left the room, resigned to starting yet another day without breakfast. No matter, he thought, for the two mile walk to school still lay ahead of him, promising a better studying environment and fresher air. He wondered, as he walked, if anyone was even going to be in school today. He wanted company, the kind that used to sustain him. But still, it was a far off memory. Life was too rigid to have fun.

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It’s short but it grabs my attention and leaves me with multiple questions? I hope you’ll continue.

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[i]I do not wish to offend anyone through my story, particularly the ICs.

I start off with a fairly ordinary storyline but the character of my story transforms into something different towards the end of chapter 3. I only ask for your generous patience.

My story outline is complete, but the chapters remain to be written. Please help me better my story. Thank you. [/i]

Chapter 1

Clutching her sling bag, Charissa walked along hurriedly. Above her, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. How the weather changes in a flash these days! But the impending thunderstorm was the least of Charissa’s worries. Within a minute, she had reached the school gate, and shelter. Now she only had the hundred meter walk along the covered walkway to complete, to prevent an impending disaster. Anxious, she hastened her steps, trying her best to maintain her composure. She could do this! But sadly, it was not to be.

Holding onto a pillar, Charissa came to a stop. Now unable to walk, she knew that she was in deep trouble. As she felt it creeping up on her, she stood there helplessly, her fists clenched and body stiffened, trying her best to stop it. But her actions were to no avail. Her face flushed, she stood there frozen. She was all alone, along the empty walkway leading to her school building, on the first day of the mid-year school vacations.

It then started to pour.

Shielding his head from the drops of rain, Jason ran as he lamented the sky giving up on him when he was just meters from shelter. But thankful that he was barely wet, he slowed down to a walk inside the school compound, walking along the curved walkway leading to the school building. Having earlier resigned to spending the day alone, he was pleasantly surprised to see his friend Charissa in school.

“Hey there Charissa!”, he called out to her, coming to a halt.

Charissa looked up. She had heard footsteps and had been hoping it wasn’t someone she recognized. But no, it was not to be. Instead, it had to be her school’s photography society-mate. Stunned and highly embarrassed, she did not respond.

“What’re you…”, Jason began.

Jason paused. He could tell from her facial expression that something was wrong.

“Charissa, are you okay? You look pale!”, said Jason, placing his hand on her shoulder.

Still in a state of shock, she opened her mouth and closed it.

“I… I… I’m waiting… for my friend. You can go firs…”

Just then, there was a loud clap of thunder, and Charissa jumped. That was a disaster in itself for her, for the exigency of her petrified state dislodged itself and fell out of Charissa’s school skirt. Both stared at that something for a second, before looking away. It was hard to determine who was more embarrassed.

A flustered Charissa spoke first. “I… I had an accident Jason. I’m so sorry…”

“It’s okay Charissa, accidents happen,” said Jason, interrupting her pitiful outburst tactfully. " Why not you go to the toilet first, and clean up your… thing?"

Charissa, now tearing, nodded her head and straightening herself, started to walk. Jason followed her. But she came to a halt again.

“There’s more, that might fall out if I move,” she said, panicking a little. She clutched her skirt tightly. “I’m scared,” she whispered, looking down at her feet.

Jason thought for a moment. He knew what he had to do.

“Charissa, I’m going to help you. I’m going to carry you to the toilet,” he said and before she could protest, he carefully picked her up and held her in his arms.

For a moment, he stood there, numbing himself to the strong emotion and memories that he had evoked by that action. But a struggling Charissa brought him back to the current situation.

“No Jason, put me down!… I’m very dirty now… I’ll walk… let me go…”

But Jason ignored her protests and struggling, and continued walking. Charissa, unsure of how to react and feeling mighty embarrassed, kept quiet and allowed herself to be carried to the nearest girls toilet.

Charissa had known Jason since the start of the school year, when she first joined the photography club as an extra school activity. At first, everyone avoided Jason for the biased reason that he was repeating his first year of study. But she had gotten to know him better when they both repeatedly volunteered to photograph various school activities. He was thus one of the close friends that she had in the photography club, someone that she could trust.

Jason meanwhile, was glad that there was not a single soul in school today. They were an extraordinary sight as Charissa buried her face into Jason’s chest as the latter strode fast and furious. He thundered quickly towards the toilets located under the sports gallery, which was the closest one to the school gates.

Cradling his friend in his arms, he reached the door. Pushing it open with his left foot, he called out to check if there was any girl inside. When no one replied, he walked in and set Charissa down in front of the cubicles. Reaching into his school bag, he drew out a packet of wet wipes, and a pair of school bermudas, which he promptly handed to her.

Their school was unique in that besides the usual formal school attire, on certain days, both boys and girls are allowed to wear the school polo-tee and bermudas in what is dubbed the half-uniform.

“Use these, you may return the berms to me when you next see me. I’ll wait outside for a while,” Jason said.

“In case you need me,” he added. Charissa smiled weakly at Jason and muttered a thanks. He then left the toilet. Thinking for a moment, he then went into the boys’ toilet and tore a large roll of toilet paper.

Charissa meanwhile, had entered a cubicle and was standing there with a numbed state of mind. With a thousand things going through her head, she carefully removed her clothes and underclothes and placed them in a plastic bag. Then, she sat on the toilet thinking. Why was this happening to her? Why did it have to be this bad? And how was she going to stop it?

With all these thoughts and torments going through her mind, Jennifer started to cry. She was frightened, uncertain of what was happening to her body. This couldn’t go on! What would her friends say if they found out? What if she pooped her pants in front of the whole school, and everyone laughed? She really wanted the company of her father and mother now, but they were overseas on a business trip. They wouldn’t be back for two weeks. She sat there, feeling all alone

She sat there for some time sobbing, but when she was certain that her bowels were not moving anywhere, she flushed, put on the bermudas that Jason lent her and came out of the cubicle. She washed her hands, remembering that Jason might still be waiting outside for her. She realised that Jason needn’t have carried her to the toilet, that what she said was a slight exaggeration. But he still had tried his best to help her. Quickly she exited the bathroom.

Jason sat on some benches outside the toilet, facing the heavily inundated school field. He knew that it must be terrible for Charissa to be having accidents at this age. The anguish, the uncertainty, the embarrassment… It brought back memories for him. His head leaning against the wall, he couldn’t help but recollect the string of events that happened the year before. So engrossed he was that he did not notice Charissa emerge out of the toilets some twenty minutes later.

She gently tapped his shoulder. Jolting back to the present Jason looked back and started. There was an awkward pause, in which Charissa slowly lowered herself and seated herself beside him. She looked down, unable to face him. Jason sat up, feeling awkward. But he spoke first.

“You feeling better now?”, he asked.

Charissa shook her head. “Not really. I’m scared it will happen again,” she said.

“Nah, it won’t. But what happened? What caused you to… go? Were you lost in thought?”, he asked.

“I’m not sure why it happened,” she replied. “I didn’t need to go in the morning, but as I was walking to school I suddenly needed to go very badly. I thought I would make it, and I did try. Honest!”, she said, starting to tear again.

“Shh… It’s over now. Don’t think about it. Be brave, girl”, said Jason softly.

Charissa nodded, wiping the tears off her face with her hand.

Jason then tried to change the topic, to move away from the incident.

“So, why are you in school so early? Got any classes?”

“Actually, no. I felt lonely at home, so I came to school to study. My parents are out of town on business. I was hoping there were some people, but there aren’t,” she said quietly.

Jason nodded. “I know that feeling,” he said. “Come to the library, let’s study together”.

Charissa nodded. Feeling a little better now, they stood up and walked to the library, together. But as they walked to the end of the corridor, Charissa suddenly remembered that her accident was still lying on the walkway into school.

“Um Jason, you go first. I’ll meet you at the library,” she said.

“Why, what’s the matter?”, he asked.

“I um, need to… to clear up my…”

“Your mess?”, Jason asked.

Her face turning red, Charissa nodded.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ve taken care of it”, he said.

“Jason! You told the school janitors about it?”, Charissa asked, her eyes widening with embarrassment and a tinge of indignation.

“No I didn’t. I used some toilet paper and cleared it myself”, he said.

“Didn’t want anyone to accidentally step on it”, he added.

“But why did you bother?”, she asked, flustered. “Didn’t you find it revolting? I feel very bad now”, she said, her voice trailing off.

“Don’t worry Charissa, I washed my hands thoroughly with soap. Besides, better me then the elderly janitors,” he said.

As expected of the first day of the school holidays, the library was as empty as a brand-new thumb-drive. They studied for most of the morning and even had a quick lunch together outside of school, as the school canteen was closed for the holidays. Sitting side by side, they continued their individual course of study until about 2pm, when Charissa stood up to leave.

“Enjoy your movie with your classmates. And have a good shower when you go home to change your clothes,” said Jason as he bade her goodbye.

“I will”, she said. “I’ll try to come to school again tomorrow, but I might probably sleep in”, she said. She then turned around and left.

Jason sat at his table for a while, taking a moment to acclimatise to the new extreme emptiness of the library. But as he picked up his pen to continue his English essay, Charissa reappeared.

“You’re back early”, he said. “Did you forget something?”

Charissa nodded as she drew to a stop beside Jason.

“Oh Jason, I forgot to say thank you for helping me just now,” she said quietly.

“It’s alright, Charissa”, he said.

They smiled at each other again before Charissa took her leave.

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A good start. :slight_smile:
Please more!

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Chapter 2

Jason sat at his favourite spot in the library. It was a quiet corner seat along a long table facing the window. The window overlooked a lake, and was located deep within the library aisles.

Having been staring into the scenery, he became aware that he had been stoning for quite a while. Looking at his to-do list, he was quite pleased to see that he had already completed a quarter of all his holiday assignments. If things went according to plan he might be able to complete all of his assignments by the end of the week, he thought to himself.

He spent most of the morning doing his math assignments on Vectors and Vector Planes. By the time he had completed and gone through his work to check for errors, it was nearly lunch time. Feeling stiff and lethargic, he stood up and stretched, taking in the lakeside scenery. Organizing his things neatly, he then took off his jacket, which he then wrapped around his chair to indicate its occupancy. But he needn’t have done that, for the entire row of fifteen seats was still empty. Tucking in the jacket’s collar, he recalled the several occasions when Jennifer would borrow his jacket on the pretext of needing a second jacket for use in the freezing lecture rooms, only to end up using it as a pillow. While Jason on the other hand, being just as skinny as her, would be left shivering in the cold.

Nevertheless, Jason tucked in his chair, took his wallet and mobile phone and proceeded to the exit. As he walked through the school library, he noticed just one other student in the main study area, and he too was watching a video on his smartphone instead of studying. He sighed as he thought of all the fun things that his classmates were probably doing right now. But he did not let it bother him too much, for it was his choice to not spend money on these things, but instead, to catch up on his studies these holidays. Not that the library was crowded with muggers during school days. But still, the company of strangers was better that no company.

His head swimming, he left the library en route to the school gate for a quick lunch outside. He had been silently hoping that Charissa might show up that day. He was worried for her, and had spent a good deal of his free time thinking about the incident. Perhaps she was under some intense stress, which triggered it? Or maybe it was just something that she had eaten? Nevertheless he took a guess that she had tired herself out after her outing with her classmates, he let that hope falter away.

Fate however had destined otherwise. And as he walked along the corridors, he felt his phone vibrate. Checking it, he saw that it was a call from Charissa. Not having been expecting a call from her, his heart skipped a beat. He quickly answered the call.

“Hello there”, he said.

“Um Jason, are you in school today?”, she asked. “Please… say yes…”, she croaked with an air of panic in her voice.

“Yes I am in school, Charissa. What’s the matter”, he asked, concerned.

"I… I… ", she began, but was unable to continue.

Guessing what might have happened, Jason knew that she was in trouble again. He said “alright, calm down now Charissa. I’ll come over. Where are you?”

“Outside my classroom. Block A, Level 3, Room 5”

“Alright, I’ll be there before you could say ‘Page 394’. Hang in there”, said Jason and he ran, through the maze of corridors and stairwells, and within the minute, he stood in front of her.

Charissa stood outside her classroom, one hand clutching her phone, the other cupping her skirt. Feeling dizzy, she leaned against the railings along the corridor, which overlooked a small garden and another classroom block. What’s going on? How could she, a seventeen year old girl, poop her pants? And why had she pooped her pants three days in a row? She felt hot tears falling down her cheeks as she saw Jason sprint towards her through her tear-strewn spectacles.

Jason came to a stop in front of her. The stench was overpowering, but he tactfully tried to ignore it. Charissa looked down, unable to face him as her tears continued falling. Jason spoke first.

“Did it happen again, Charissa?”, he carefully asked.

Charissa nodded, still facing the floor. “I t-tried, but I couldn’t m-make it”, she stuttered.

“There there, it’s okay”, said Jason, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Let’s get you cleaned up”.

“I’ll carry you to the toilet in case…”, he began.

“There’s no need for that, I can walk there by myself”, Charissa stressed indignantly. “It is only at the end of the corridor”.

Jason, though taken aback by her outburst, realized that she felt embarrassed about being carried. He nodded.

Silently, the pair walked slowly to the bathroom. Charissa carefully held on to her skirt, and took small steps. The large lump in her underwear was stable, but was still in danger of falling out. Charissa did not know why she had called Jason, but now that he was here, felt secure. She knew here was someone whom she could trust. She stayed close to him. And as they reached the bathroom, Jason asked if she needed a change of clothes.

“Oh yes!”, she said. “I brought along some spare clothes to change. I prepared for in case this happened again, and it did”, she added.

“Could you help me get my school bag from my desk?”, she added.

“Ok, I’ll be back”, said Jason, and he sprinted to her classroom. Charissa sat in the second row, beside the window facing the lecture theatres and lockers block. Zippering up her bag, a small, purple coloured haversack sporting the ‘Jansport’ label, he sprinted back to the bathrooms. Charissa stood there, waiting. Passing her bag to her, he said that he would wait for her in her class, and he left.

Charissa then went into a cubicle and after taking off her soiled garments and bagging them, sat on the toilet. But again, her bowels didn’t move.

Charissa sat there, her mind swimming. It was the second day in a row that she was facing the cubicle door and holding on to soiled school uniforms. She dropped the plastic bag as she started to tear again, as the feelings of hopelessness and despair started to sink in yet again.

She clenched her fists in anguish as she sobbed painfully. Images flashed in her head, images of embarrassment and humiliation, of what may be if her weakness was known to others, and she started slapping herself in a bid to rid her mind of those images.

Charissa sat there for several minutes, trying her best to calm herself down. She would have stayed in her position for longer if she hadn’t recalled that Jason was waiting for her. Her friend was waiting for her. So she quickly cleaned up, put on her new school skirt and sprayed on some deodorant, and she emerged from the cubicle.

Drying her eyes, she washed her hands and left the toilets, tossing the bag into the trash.

Charissa slowly entered the classroom. Jason sat at the desk next to hers, amusing himself with his phone while he waited. Upon noticing that she was back, he put away his phone and stood up, concerned.

Charissa couldn’t bear to look at him. She felt embarrassed, indignant, afraid, to approach him. Why wasn’t he scolding her? Why wasn’t he even disgusted? He spoke first.

“What happened, Charissa?”, he asked simply.

Those three words squarely hit her in her face. Her mind went blank.

“I… don’t know”, she said, her expressionless voice trailing off. She sat on the desk closest to her.

“Well, this is the second time this has happened! Surely something is not right!” He said.

“Actually, this is the third time. I had another accident at home last Sunday”, she said.

Upon saying that, all at once the feelings of anguish and despair hit her like a boulder. She covered her eyes with her palms as tears welled up in her eyes again. “I’ve tried to control my bowels, I’ve tried! But I can’t. I don’t know why,” she pitifully cried.

She didn’t care that her voice was beginning to crack, she didn’t care that Jason was watching her. She felt tired and terribly upset as she let her painfully sobbed where she sat.

Jason moved towards Charissa and placed himself beside her. Firmly grasping her right hand, he gave it a comforting squeeze. She calmed down a little, and rested her head onto his shoulder. Jason sensed that he ought to let her grieve for a moment. Charissa curled up beside Jason, her head finding a nice spot on his shoulder hollow.

The pair remained in that position for a while, with Charissa’s sobbing dying down and Jason sitting in pose, aware of his empty stomach. Perhaps, it was his stomach growling several minutes later, that prompted a reaction from Charissa.

“Jason?” She called out, lifting her head to face him.

“Yes, Charissa”.

“Do you think that I’m lazy, and that’s why I have ‘accidents’?”

“No”, he replied. “I do not think that you are lazy.”

“But if you have a problem, you must not hide it from yourself”, he added.

Charissa nodded. “I think I know what’s happening to me”, she said quietly.

“Would you like to confide in me what’s the matter?”, Jason asked slowly.

Charissa nodded. She shifted herself to the next desk, to properly face Jason. Yet she could not bring herself to look directly into his face.

“I’ll help you in whatever way I can, if you let me”, said Jason. Charissa nodded and smiled weakly at him.

“It was the Saturday the school vacations started”, she started.

“I went for a jog in the park near my house. I had just completed my run and I sat down on the grass to stretch - and I sat on a piece of glass! Oh, the pain! It was a very sharp piece and it cut through my slacks and underwear and… and… cut my… my…”

“Asshole”, Jason completed her sentence.

Charissa looked down at her shoes. She was embarrassed.

“Why didn’t you check before sitting down?”, Jason asked.

“I was tired after my run and I was halfway through my stretching. And it was nicely hidden in the blades of grass”, she said.

“So you cut yourself? Did you see a doctor about it?”

“I didn’t. The bleeding stopped a few hours later. The pain went away very quickly - much faster than I expected actually”, she said.

“I see. Wait, there was bleeding?”


“Then why didn’t you see the doctor? What if there is some infection of some sort?”

“I… I didn’t think of that”, she said. “But it’s not likely, as there hasn’t been bleeding since.”

“Bleeding may or may not result in an infection. But I’m worried that the cut may be the cause of your current problem”, Jason said quietly.

"Nah, I don’t think so Jason. I doubt it has anything to do with it. But admittedly I haven’t been able to feel what’s going on down there. ", she said.

“Hmm, but you should have tried sitting on the toilet…”

“I did!”, Charissa said indignantly. “I sat on the toilet for half an hour this morning, but I didn’t feel anything to poop. And that’s not what I meant. I mean, I can’t feel my muscles as well as I used to”, she said.

“Oh alright. So you are trying to suggest that your muscle got injured, by the glass?”

“No! The glass… could have cut me”.

There was silence for a while as Charissa struggled to accept the possible explanation. Jason broke the silence.

“Maybe we should go see a doctor, just to be sure. In any case, you should get it checked for any infection. This is what I think”, he said.

Charissa, while partially convinced, was still weary. She didn’t fancy the idea of some guy checking her private parts. And she certainly didn’t want to face the answer.

“You look unconvinced, Charissa. Is it the cost?”

“Not really”, she replied, unsure of where to begin. “It’s just… which doctor do I see?”

“Well, I know of a Colorectal Specialist who practices at the General Hospital. I could fix an appointment with them”.

“Is the doctor a he or a she? And could we get an appointment soon”, she quizzed.

Jason smiled. “It can be arranged. And it’s a she. Her name is Dr. Monica Granger”.

“What do you think?”, he asked. “Just it a try, you might get some answers”.

“Oh ok. I’ll go for it then”.

“That’s settled then”, said Jason as he stood up and stretched. Charissa followed.

Just then, his stomach growled.

“Jason, have you eaten your lunch?”, she asked.

“Erm no”, he replied, looking at his watch. It was 1.30pm, way past his lunch time.

“Ah, no wonder your stomach is growling like a griffin! Why haven’t you eaten?”

“Well that’s because you called me up to your class, Charissa.”

“Oh I see”, she said.

“You want to have lunch together?”, she asked.

Jason’s face lit up. He nodded his head. He waited as Charissa packed her bag to bring with her, as she decided to move to the library to be with company. They made a quick detour to let her deposit her bag in the library, beside Jason’s own stuff.

As they walked to the eatery outside of school, Jason called Dr Granger’s clinic to fix an appointment. Her schedule was packed for the whole week, but as she knew Jason, she arranged to see Charissa before opening hours, at 7.30am the next day.

Jason relayed this info to her. Charissa, though surprised at the doctor’s gesture, agreed to meet Jason at the subway station before taking a train down to the GH.

They ate a hearty lunch at the little eatery outside their school. With special student menus, it was a magnet for the students. And as it was the holidays Jason and Charissa had the entire restaurant to themselves. Once they had their quick meals, they settled the bill and returned to the school library.

Quickly, the two had their heads buried in their books. They only occasionally interrupted each other to ask help with questions they were having problems. As such, the rest of the day went uneventfully, although each person’s thoughts kept getting punctured by thoughts of the midday incident, and what the next day’s appointment would bring.

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I really enjoy this so far and I’m excited to see how Jason and Charissa’s relationship will develop.

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Thank you DL4LIFE and derj :slight_smile:

[i]On a separate note, I mentioned that there will be a change in the character of my story towards the end of chapter 3. I kept on writing and realised that I had to split it into two chapters to make it more readable.

I wish to thank you all for your patience and support.[/i]

Chapter 3

Charissa stood waiting at the ticketing counter of the train station. Looking at the train arrival times display, she wondered where Jason was. There was still time before their agreed meeting time of 7am, and she did not have to wait long before he appeared amongst the mass of people exiting the station, carrying his usual backpack.

“Sorry, have you been waiting for long?”, Jason asked.

“No, no. I just arrived. Glad to see you”, said Charissa.

“Haha okay. Let’s go,” said Jason and they both started to walk.

“You eaten breakfast yet?”, Charissa asked him.

“Nope”, he replied. “How can I eat when you haven’t eaten?”, he asked.

“Jason Coleman, that’s different! It was the specialist’s instructions for the blood tests…”, she said a little indignantly.

The duo walked on. They followed the trail of healthcare workers trudging towards the hospital, walking side-by-side, with Jason leading the way. It was a short walk up a small hill before the path split and led to the various wings of the hospital. Jason, being familiar with the way, walked on into one of these buildings.

As they entered the lobby, Charissa suddenly came to a halt. Before Jason could question her, she announced that she needed to use the toilet. And without another word she dashed, a little unstably, towards the end of the lobby, where a sign hung. Jason waited outside patiently. He waited for 5 minutes and when she eventually came out, they carried on walking to their destination as if nothing happened. Jason guessed correctly that Charissa had a near miss this time, but sensed that she did not want to discuss it, so the pair walked along silently.

As arranged, the clinic was open and they let themselves in. Jason guided Charissa through the registration process, which required her to fill in some forms.

Once that was done a nurse led Charissa into a side-treatment room. Jason went in as well. The nurse measured her height and weight first, before asking her to sit. She then took her blood pressure, and then proceeded to draw some blood samples. Charissa was asked to stretch out her right hand out onto the table. Jason held on to her left hand, squeezing it gently. She had earlier professed to having a slight fear of needles, and Jason did his best to calm her nerves.

The nurse drew two vials of blood, each 10ml. Though she sat stiff and rigid in her seat, she did not scream nor cry. Very soon it was over, and the nurse applied a small plaster and gave her a Mentos. Still tingling from the experience she smiled weakly and said her thanks.

After that, the nurse instructed them to return at 8am for the consultation, to give the labs time to process the blood samples and test results. That gave them 20 minutes to have a quick bite. They went to the small cafe just off the lobby and had some sandwiches and some hot milo. It was quite crowded but they managed to get seats. There was very little time for talking so they ate quickly and proceeded back up to the clinic for the consultation with Dr. Granger.

Charissa and Jason returned to the clinic at eight.

“Welcome back”, chirped the receptionist as they entered. “You may enter now, Dr. Granger just came in with the blood test results”, she said, directing them to the doctor’s door.

Charissa went up to the door and knocked twice.

“Come in”, replied a voice from within.

Charissa opened the door. Dr. Granger was seated at her desk, looking at some paperwork. The room was spacious and was separated into two portions, one hidden by screens and was presumably some examination or treatment room.

At this point, Charissa realized that Jason was no longer behind her. Instead, had just taken a seat at the waiting area.

“Follow me in Jason”, she said.

“Never mind, I’ll stay here, let you have some privacy”, he said.

Charissa, caught in the middle, nodded her head and went into the room, closing the door behind her. She had wanted Jason to be in the room with her, to help her explain her problem, but he seemed to be a little uncomfortable. Jason took a seat outside in the waiting area, picking up a newspaper. He knew that the doctor would be examining her, and he didn’t want her to feel embarrassed, so he decided to stay outside instead.

“Hello doctor, my name is Charissa Clarkson”, she said, introducing herself.

“Hello Charissa, do take a seat. We’ll take a look through your blood tests first”, said Dr. Granger.

Dr. Granger looked through the test results, occasionally ticking a certain value. She circled a particular value.

"Hmm, your liver and kidneys are functioning normally and there is no sign of a blood infection. Your Cortisol hormone levels are high, but otherwise your blood-glucose levels are in the normal range. ", Dr. Granger said.

“Oh okay. What is Cortisol”, Charissa asked.

“Ah, it is the hormone determining the stress levels in people. But it is normal for school-going kids to have moderate levels such as these”, she added. “So tell me, how can I help you?”

It had been a while since Charissa had gone in and Jason sat at the waiting area. He was still reading the newspaper, trying to distract himself from the painful memories that kept flooding in. Just then the door opened and Dr Granger appeared.

“Jason, could you join us for a while?”, she asked.

Jason put down his paper and hastened to the door, entering it and closing it behind him. Dr Granger returned to her seat. Charissa wasn’t at her seat, and a shadow moving behind the curtains suggested that the examination had just taken place.

“So, how are you doing Jason? It’s been a long time since I last saw you,” said Dr. Granger.

"I’m fine doctor, still studying in school, said Jason as he sat down on the caretaker’s chair in front of the doctor’s desk.

“Ah I see”, she said. “You look better now, more upbeat and running about as compared to last year…”

“Yes, I’m much better now, concentrating on my studies”, Jason added hastily, aware that a curious Charissa was listening.

There was a pause, in which Charissa chose to come out from behind the curtains. She adjusted her clothing and sat down on the patient’s chair beside Jason, directly in front of Dr Granger at her desk.

“What’s wrong with Charissa”, asked Jason.

“It is nothing serious. She has a small anal fissure”, Dr Granger replied.

Jason gasped, Charissa looked down at her lap.

“The anus has several nerve-endings which relay signals to the brain when one needs to defecate. So it’s all got to do with the piece of glass that Charissa sat on. A tiny piece lodged itself onto her anus, which cut one of these nerves”.

Jason nodded, listening intently. He noticed Charissa shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

“What I’ve done is that I’ve removed that piece of glass. This should allow the affected nerve to heal naturally. There was some localised infection, which possibly reduced the remaining nerves ability to relay the signal properly, but this should not be a lasting problem”.

Jason nodded. Charissa however was still mighty worried.

“So does this mean that I should be able to feel when I need to go to the toilet?”, she asked.

“You may not feel anything for a few weeks, at the very best”, said Dr Granger.

Charissa’s jaw dropped.

“So does that mean that I’ll… I’ll continue to have accidents”, she asked, her voice beginning to crack.

Dr Granger sighed. “Yes, you may”, she said.

Charissa leaned back onto her chair, her face losing the little colour it had, and took a moment to digest the information.

“So doctor, is there any other treatment that she can go for, or some medication that she could take”, Jason asked.

“Ah, I was coming to that”, said Dr Granger. “There’s no need for surgeries of any kind, since the area affected is very small. Modern medicine has evolved to the point whereby applying a gel can help to greatly expedite the healing process”, she explained.

Charissa and Jason nodded their heads, listening intently.

“Many of my patients who come to me for their fecal incontinence problems usually experienced some damage of some sort. If the deeper Sphincter muscles are damaged then those cases may require surgery. But the majority of cases, like Charissa’s, are surface-level and some non-invasive methods are sufficient to treat the problem”.

"This gel that I’m prescribing will relax the muscles around the anus, allowing the fissure to heal quicker. The side effect is that you may get a slight headache, for which I’ll prescribe some Paracetamol ", she said.

Dr Granger went on to describe how to apply this gel that she was prescribing.

Charissa took in the information carefully. She did not fancy the idea of having to tough her asshole to apply this gel. Already she had her privacy violated today when the doctor conducted her examination, and drew out the piece of glass. Although Dr Granger did explain step by step what she was going to do and why, she did feel highly uncomfortable.

Charissa felt relieved when she heard that the effects of the piercing were not permanent. But she had some questions unanswered.

“Doctor, now that the piece of glass has been removed, does this mean I’ll stop having accidents once it’s completely healed?”, she asked.

“Well, it depends. As I’ve explained, it will take a few weeks for the nerve to completely heal, and in the meantime, you may have an accident or two”, she said.

Charissa sat up and pushed her hair back, bracing herself.

“The gel that I’m prescribing is not an instant fix. It helps to disinfect the area and prevent infection, as well as to aid in the healing process. So your ‘accidents’ may continue to occur for a while more”, she added.

“But, how am I to go outdoors if I…”, Charissa blurted out, her voice trailing off.

“It is the school holidays, and if you don’t want to wear protection then it’s best if you stay indoors”, Dr Granger said.

Charissa nodded her head. But Jason then asked a question.

“So this means that she doesn’t need to wear incontinence protection right”, he asked.

Dr Granger raised her eyebrows. Simultaneously, Charissa kicked his foot.

“Hmm, Charissa was concerned about that issue. But I leave this decision to her”, said Dr Granger.

“Well, you don’t think you need them right?”, Jason asked.

“I… I’m kind of uncomfortable the idea of having to wear… diapers”, said Charissa quietly.

Jason nodded, understanding. What was he thinking? Thankfully she did not need them, he thought to himself.

“What I would recommend Charissa, is for you to wear them for just a few hours each day, in the mornings. That’s when you’ve been having your accidents. Three times in four days is quite a high rate!”, Dr Granger said.

“Oh okay”, Charissa said. She sat there thinking for a moment. Jason on the other hand, hadn’t expected this.

She was still uncertain about the whole idea. She had considered wearing protection prior to this appointment, but she didn’t feel comfortable at that idea. After all, only babies wore diapers right?

Yet, the Doctor herself was suggesting that she should wear them, just in case.

“You seem bothered by something Charissa. What’s wrong?”, Dr Granger asked.

Charissa jolted back to the present. “Umm… I was wondering if I did wear them, and I suddenly realized I needed the toilet”, she stuttered.

“Well, if need be just remove them and sit on the toilet, it would be fine”, Dr Granger said.

Turning to Jason, Charissa asked “what do you think?”.

Jason shook his head. He did not like where this was going, but this was was Charissa’s problem, what she felt was more important.

“Up to you,” he said.

Charissa nodded her head. Diapers meant that she did not have to deal with poopy clothing. But who would teach her to put on a diaper? Her parents weren’t in town. Not that she was going to tell them anyway. As if she read her mind, Dr Granger replied.

“You seem to be very comfortable with Jason. If you trust him, he could show you how to put on these incontinence pads. He knows how to, for when he and his sister came to me last year…”

“Sorry Doctor, but I’d rather not bring up that topic. I’ve not really told anyone about it”, Jason said, hastily cutting Dr Granger’s words.

There was an awkward silence in the room. Charissa got trapped in the middle.

“I’ll wear these diapers”, said Charissa.

Charissa and Jason thanked the doctor for her advice, collected the prescription and scheduled their next appointment before they left the specialist clinic. They then proceeded down to the pharmacy to collect the prescription medication and were seated patiently, waiting for their queue number to be called out.

Charissa sat beside Jason, who hadn’t spoken to her more than necessary since they had left the clinic. He was checking his Twitter feed, and did not look ready to start a conversation.

She was getting curious. It had definitely seemed odd to her the day before, when he pulled out a colorectal specialist’s phone number. Normal people don’t even carry their General Practitioner’s number in their phones, let alone that of a colorectal specialist’s! So it was no surprise to her when it emerged that Jason had gone to consult Dr Granger before.

But why didn’t he mention it to her before? Why did he abruptly interrupt Dr Granger’s words on the topic. And why, didn’t he ever mention that he had a sister before? Come to mention it, he had never talked about his family before, she thought to herself.

“Queue ticket number seven”, chimed the voice announcement.

The pair got up and went to collect the medication, consisting of the gel and the headache medication.

“Rectogesic”, said Charissa, reading out loud the medication’s name. “And Panadol Extra”.

Charissa shuddered at the amount that the medication came up to, but paid for it anyway, and they prepared to leave.

Jason meanwhile, had been feeling very uneasy. He had been consciously hiding his past from his close friends, and they knew not to bring it up with him. He had taken a big risk when he decided to bring Charissa to the same specialist as the one he used to visit with his sister, but he blamed himself for not warning Dr Granger beforehand. But he had other things to worry about now, for in a few moments, she would see them.

Charissa knew she had one more thing to buy on her way out, but Jason seemed more intent on zooming out, walking past the incontinence aids section.

“Um, Jason”, she called out to him.

Jason came to a stop and turned around to face her. She had not forgotten them, it seemed.

“I need to get some of these”, she said softly, pointing to the shelves.

Jason nodded.

Charissa started to browse through the rows of incontinence products. They came in all shapes and sizes, from absorbent disposable bed mats to youth-sized pull-on pants. She picked up one of these.

“Leaky Cauldron Maxi Pants. Disposable pull-on pants for your incontinence needs”, read out aloud Charissa, turning to look at him.

“Um, they don’t really hold accidents that well”, said Jason quietly, conscious of the fact that some of the staff had noticed them.

“You should consider the taped ones here”, he said pointing to the shelf above.

“How does he know”, thought Charissa to herself.

“Believe me, I’ve seen these Maxi Pants fail spectacularly. Poop smeared all over a cab seat isn’t fun. Pull-ups aren’t that good at holding messy accidents”, said Jason.

“Um okay”, said Charissa. She didn’t fancy the tape-on diapers, they seemed very babyish to her.

“Here,” said Jason, grabbing a pack and handing it to her.

“Attends Youth Briefs. The smart choice for incontinence care. 12 pads”, read out Charissa.

“Oh wait, this is size L. They certainly won’t fit you”, said Jason

“Oh yeah! Do you think a size XS would fit me?”, she asked a little coyly.

“Shh, people are looking at us!”, said Jason.

“Ah, whatever. So do you think they will fit me? I’m not fat right?”, she asked.

Jason glanced at her. “You wish! You are barely thinner than me! But they don’t make diapers in XS. We best hope for a size S”, he said, scanning the shelf for one. But they couldn’t find an Attends size S so Jason handed her another package.

“Tena Slip Maxi, size S. Odour Neutralizer. Unbeatable all-in-one protection with maximum absorption and security against leakage and suitable for faecal incontinence,” read out Charissa.

“Sounds like the product for you. And it’s on a discount”, Jason pointed out.

“Yeah, but will I need 24?”, she asked him.

“Yes, you will. Now let’s get out of here, the people at the waiting area keep looking at us,” said Jason.

They grabbed some wipes, hastily checked out and quickly left the area. But before that, Jason stopped at one side and stuffed the entire package into his backpack.

“To avoid unnecessary stares on the train”, explained Jason when Charissa queried him.

The duo walked down the hill towards the train station. Charissa stayed close to Jason, appreciative of the little things that he was doing for her when he didn’t need to. He even offered to follow her all the way to her house to keep her company, just because she asked him! She definitely felt much closer to him, after all the heart-to-heart-talks that morning.

They then took a train and a bus down to Charissa’s house.

Leaving the train station, the pair made a slight detour for lunch. Jason treated Charissa to a Taco Bell. After their meal, they took a bus. Charissa’s house was only two bus stops away, and sitting beside each other, they argued which science -Biology or Physics - was better, and almost missed their stop. Getting off, they started walking.

Charissa had been wondering if she should ask Jason about why he had visited Dr Granger before. She was apprehensive, seeing that Jason was reluctant to talk about it. But as they walked along and the argument died down, she plucked up the courage to ask him.

“Jason, can I ask you something personal”, she asked.


“Promise me you won’t get mad”.

“Hmm okay”, said Jason. He was still in a high from seemingly winning their little debate.

“Erm… May I know why did you use to visit Dr Granger with your sister?”, she asked.

Jason stopped smiling.

“Charissa, I… Jennifer and I, well…”. There was a pause. Charissa saw that Jason was fighting some internal battle.

“It’s okay if you don’t tell me”, she said. “I’ll understand.”

Jason took a deep breath. “I… Can I tell you another day? It’s just that… I’m not ready to talk about it”, he said weakly.

Charissa nodded. “Okay then. It’s just that you never told me you had a sister!”.

Jason smiled weakly. “She suffered from the same problem as you, Charissa - an anal fissure. And that’s why we’ve visited Dr Granger before. That’s how I know so much about diapers”, he said.

Charissa nodded, listening intently. But their conversation was at an end, for they had reached their destination.

Re: Jason and Charissa

more please!


Chapter 4

Jason had never been to Charissa’s house before, despite having worked with her so many times. It was a pretty tudor-styled house at the end of the street, not too far from the lake.

They walked in down the path cutting a through a large front-yard, and up two steps onto a sheltered verandah and entered the front door. Charissa welcomed her guest in and led him to the living room.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she said, pointing to the sofa. But Jason had his eyes onto the swing-chair, which hung from the ceiling.

Noticing his expression, Charissa said, “indulge yourself! It’s fun”.

Jason sat on the swing and Charissa turned on the radio.

“I’ll go get some drinks”, said Charissa, going into the kitchen.

Jason sat there, looking at some photos. Charissa was an only child, and her parents were definitely wealthy. Pictures of her jet-skiing, windsurfing, riding an elephant and rock-climbing, alongside with pictures of her riding her first bicycle with her dad and playing dolls with her mum, certainly suggested a great childhood.

Charissa returned with two glasses of lemonade, and handed one to Jason, before seating herself in the couch beside him.

“What time will your folks return”, asked Jason.

“They’re both overseas. Thought I told you?”, she added.

“Oh yeah! So you’re a latchkey kid then!”, said Jason.

“Yup! My mum and dad are dentists, and they’ve gone to attend some dentistry conference in the US. They will only be back the day before school starts”, she added.

“Ah I see”, said Jason.

“So, what do your parents work as?”

“Erm… Well… They’re grocers”.

“Wow!”, said Charissa. “Where’s their shop?”, she asked.

‘Honk honk’, came a great honking from the front door.

“Ah, that mailman”, said Charissa. “Give me a moment”, she said, and went to get the mail.

Jason breathed a sigh of relief.

Charissa came back from collecting the mail. Her parents had sent her a postcard. She held on to it, entering the living room.

“It’s almost one. You should apply your medication”, said Jason.

Charissa knew that he was trying to change the subject but looking at the time, she knew that she should obey.

“I’ll go to my room. I’ll be back quick”, she said.

“Ah and Charissa, take your diapers up”, he said. He took out the pack from his backpack and handed it to her.

Charissa paused for a moment.

“Should I put one on now?”, she asked.

“Charissa why I you need to?”, asked Jason. “You’ve already pooped in the morning!”, he said.

“I dunno… I was thinking that since you were here you could teach me to put it on,” she said.

Jason sighed. He thought that she might actually be reluctant to put it on, but she wasn’t.

“I’ll wait here. You call me once you are ready”, he said.

Charissa went up to her room and closed the door behind her. She went into her bathroom and took off her cargo pants and undergarment, put on a disposable plastic glove, and proceeded to apply the gel. She felt a slight stinging sensation, but nothing more. Clenching her fists, she wore back her clothes, opened her door and called out to Jason.

“Jason, I’m done. You can come up now,” she hollered.

“Okay coming”, he said. He climbed the stairs to the second floor. There were two rooms but Charissa was not in them.

“I’m up here, on the third floor,” she shouted again.

Jason then climbed up to the third floor.

There was a door where the stairs ended. Waiting inside was Charissa.

“Nice, your room is in the attic!”, exclaimed Jason.

“Yup”, said Charissa grinning.

Jason looked around. It was huge and painted lilac. There was a study table, a dressing table, a large wardrobe and her bed in the middle. She even had a window-sill with a comfortable reading spot, a bookshelf and a guitar-stand.

“Charissa, you’re a real-life princess!”, Jason remarked.

“Ah not really,” she said, blushing.

“I mean, everything is lilac and turquoise with gold borders!”

“Well, every girl has that Disney princess childhood phase right?”, she retorted.

“Oh yes, very important phase. That you’re still in”, said Jason smiling. Charissa punched him in the arm for that.

Jason walked over to her bed and picked up the pack of diapers that lay on top. He opened it and drew one out.

“Have you ever changed a baby’s diaper before”, he asked.

“Me? I’ve never even babysat before”, she said.

“Never mind then. Basically there is the frontal patch and these are the tapes. There are four of them and they must land on the frontal patch”, he explained.

“I see”, said Charissa.

“And these are the wetness indicators, which will indicate if the diaper is nearing capacity and you need a change”, she said.

“Wetness indicators”, repeated Charissa. “I don’t think I’ll need them”, she said.

“You will. Trust me, it is better to pee in the diaper itself than to take it off and put it on again after. Saves you a lot of trouble”, Jason explained.

“Really? I was thinking of wearing just a few again and again…”

“Please don’t do that! You need to take care of your skin lest you get a rash. Don’t use a diaper more than twice, and reuse only when you did not pee in it the first time”, said Jason.

“Oh okay. I’ll try not to pee in them,” Charissa said smiling.

“Nah, you don’t have to worry. You have 24 diapers remember? And besides, diaper rash is not something to be played with”, said Jason frowning.

“Well so much for the lecture! How do you put it on?”, asked Charissa.

“It’s best to lay down and get diapered. Spread out the diaper on your bed or something, lie down on top, bring up the front of the diaper and then do the tapes. Do the top tapes, then the bottom. I find doing the top ones give a snug fit”, said Jason.

“Why not you try, I’ll go hide in the bathroom, give you some privacy”, he said.

“You don’t need to hide in the bathroom Jason! I trust you! Just sit down at my study table, I’m okay with you being around”, said Charissa.

“Really?”,asked Jason.

“Yes! You’ve helped me out in many tight spots. I trust you. I don’t mind if you even see me in just my diaper!”, stressed Charissa.

Jason smiled. “It’s okay, I appreciate that you trust me. I’ll just sit there and wait”, he said.

Charissa nodded. Jason went over to her study table and chair, which faced away from the bed, and sat down, to check his Twitter feed.

Charissa meanwhile, took off her pants and undergarment again and, following Jason’s instructions, spread out the diaper on her bed and lay down on top of it, and pulled the front part over her privates. But she couldn’t decide how best to put on the tapes. Using this as an excuse, she called out to Jason again.

“Um Jason, could you help me with the tapes please”, she asked.

Jason came over to her bedside. He saw Charissa lying down on her bed in that vulnerable state, with her diaper half-on. Jennifer always looked at him that way. He sighed and helped do the tapes for Charissa.

She stood up and adjusted her diaper. Jason looked away. Charissa tugged at her diaper one last time, and looked at Jason with a crestfallen expression. He sighed and held her hand.

“It will be over soon. Wearing diapers doesn’t define what kind of person you are, and I do not wish that it affects your personality”.

“Hang in there, Charissa”, he said.

Charissa nodded, looking down in embarrassment. She could feel Jason’s concern exuding in every syllable he spoke.

“Now put on a pants or something, and hide these diapers in your wardrobe”, he said and turned away.

Charissa looked down at her diapered crotch, staying rooted to the spot. She may have been willing, maybe even a tad eager to try on diapers to escape washing poopy clothing, but perhaps only when she saw an actual adult diaper on herself did reality hit her like a stone.

Did she just spend a sum of her own money on diapers? Was she now considered ‘abnormal’, because she wore diapers? Was her pooping problem so bad that she really needed diapers? And in the event that she did have an accident, who would change her diaper for her?

What would her friends say if they found out? How would her parents react, if they found out their 17 year old was wearing diapers again?

She had considered these issues when she was alone at home in the wake of her accidents, but when she was buying diapers she was too occupied to think about these issues. Only when she actually put on one did the gravity of the situation attract her attention. Perhaps that was why Jason was not keen on her wearing diapers?

She turned to look at him. Realizing that she had been lost in her own thoughts for quite a while, she walked over to join him at the window. She realized that if she was distressed, then he was emotionally vulnerable. He stared into the distance, unaware that Charissa had joined him by the side. A lone tear rolled down his right cheek. She reached out and held on to his left hand and leant onto his shoulder. Had she unknowingly hurt her friend?

Jason sat at Charissa’s study table, finishing up his chemistry assignment. Once he had written his last line, he sat up and stretched. He noticed the time was 5.45pm. Darkness would be falling soon. He turned around and glanced at Charissa.

Charissa was sleeping peacefully, her head tucked to one side and the rest of her buried under her sheets. She had gotten a slight headache, and had fallen asleep after taking the headache medicine. Jason had volunteered to stay around for a while longer in case it worsened. He smiled as he knew that Charissa was sleeping peacefully.

Knowing that he had to make a move soon, he stood up and went over to Charissa and slowly tried to wake her up.

“Mm, five more minutes”, she whined.

“Charissa, you’ve been asleep for four hours already! Wake up!”, said Jason softly, shaking her.

“Mm okay then”, she said groggily and sat up on her bed, stretching. The crinkling of her diaper was barely audible.

“How’s your headache”, he asked.

“Much better”, she answered groggily.

“Hmm looks like you’ve had a good afternoon nap!”, Jason said.

“Yeah. I’ve not had such a good sleep in a long time”, she said smiling at him.

“These diapers are surprisingly comfortable! It’s just that they crinkle when you turn over”, she added as she threw open her covers and stood up. A pair of loose Hawaiian shorts hid her diaper nicely.

“Haha. So you feeling better? How’s your headache?”, Jason asked.

“My head’s still throbbing a little, but much better than just now”, she replied sleepily, stretching again. “I’m starving, aren’t you”, she asked him.

“Me? Yeah”, he said.

“Hey listen, it’s getting late, I need to go soon”, he said.

“Oh okay”, said Charissa sadly.

“I was hoping you could stay for a while longer. We could order pizza for dinner!”, she added sadly.

Jason’s heart melted upon hearing the sadness in her voice. Well he <i>could</i> stay for a while longer, he just had to inform the landlady.

“Pleeeze,” beseeched Charissa.

Jason nodded.

“Yay!”, said Charissa, giving Jason a small hug. Jason, who had not expected that and was standing stiffly, squeezed her hand.

They both went downstairs into the living room and Charissa ordered some Dominoes pizza. The salesgirl who took their order said that it would take half an hour, so they switched on the television, and sat watching The Ellen DeGeneres show. They sat side-by-side on the sofa as the sun started to set outside.

Jason knew that sooner or later, Charissa would need to pee. And judging by her uncomfortable movements, he knew that was it was going to be soon.

Charissa meanwhile, sat beside Jason a little stiffly. She needed to pee, urgently, as all the soft drink from their lunch had completed its journey. She wanted to take off her diaper and use the toilet, but Jason’s advice of just using the diaper still sounded in her ears. She felt really close and comfy beside her friend, and didn’t want to upset him. But she didn’t like the discomfort either. She was in a mini dilemma. She shifted uncomfortably again.

Jason knew that she was embarrassed to talk about it, so he decided to help things along.

“You okay Charissa?”, he asked.

“Me? Yeah”, she replied uncertainly.

“Alright then”, he said and paused.

“You haven’t used the toilet right?”, he asked.

“Um me? No, I haven’t peed my diaper yet”, she said, a little defensively.

“So you haven’t gone to the bathroom since morning? Don’t you need to pee?”, he asked.

“Oh erm, yeah I do. It’s just that, I don’t want to pee in my diaper, but you told me to keep it on and I…”. Charissa couldn’t make out what to say.

“It’s okay, Charissa. You may pee in the toilet, you may pee in the diaper. It’s your choice. You’ll eventually take off the diaper, it’s a matter of now, or later tonight. Up to you”, said Jason.

Charissa nodded. But she was feeling too lazy to stand up from her comfortable position beside Jason. Maybe she should try to pee in a diaper, since it’s only doing its job, she thought to herself.

“I’m feeling lazy Jason,” she began.

“Hmm okay then. I’ll lift you up”, he said and stood up before Charissa could say anything, and helped her up onto her feet.

“Quickly go to the toilet! Don’t control for too long!”, he said.

“But Jason…” began Charissa.

“Why? Do you need someone to carry you to the toilet?”, he asked jokingly.

“Oh no, no. It’s just that… could you help me with the tapes?”, she asked, quickly changing the topic.

“Lazy girl”, he said smiling, while Charissa grinned back. He gave her a mischievous look, then without warning, pulled her Hawaiian Shorts straight down.

“Hey!”, Charissa protested.

Just then the pizza deliveryman rang the doorbell.

Charissa came out of the bathroom with her bladder feeling much better. She returned to the living room after donning on a pair of fresh underwear that she took from the laundry, and found that Jason wasn’t there. She took a seat first on the sofa. Seconds later, he reappeared at the staircase landing.

“I’ve left the diaper in your room, on the window-sill to dry. You may use it tomorrow morning”, he said, taking his seat beside Charissa.

“Oh okay. My bums actually feel kind of weird without any padding”, she confessed to Jason.

“Alright. Thought you’d be glad to be rid of them”, said Jason casually.

“Hah, I thought so too, but I didn’t realize that they would be this comfy to wear!”, she said.

Jason nodded. ‘At least she is willing to wear a diaper, so it’s not an emotional burden for her’, he thought to himself.

“You know, I really wanted to know what it’s like to pee in a diaper”, I was going to, but… yeah…", she said, trailing off.

Jason took a breath and looked at her. “Why Charissa?”, he asked.

“Just… curious I guess”, she answered, shrugging her shoulders.

“There’s nothing fantastic about it really. In any case, you still have a few weeks to try it out, though you’ll probably get sick of them”, he said.

Charissa nodded. “Sick of them”, she repeated softly.

“Yup”, he said.

There was silence for a moment. Then Charissa spoke.

“Um Jason”, she began.


When do we eat?"

“Erm now I guess,” he said.

They both laughed. Jason helped to open up the pizza box and they started to eat.

They ate their fill, heartily chatting with each other. Once they were done they cleared up the pizza and spent some more time watching the TV. But the clock was ticking and Jason knew that he had to return to his lodge, lest the landlady would be worried about him.

Slowly, he stood up to leave.

“Hey Charissa, I gotta go now. They will be looking out for me”, he said, careful of his tone and words.

“Oh okay”, said Charissa. She hoped Mr and Mrs Coleman wouldn’t get mad at Jason coming home late. She stood up and followed him as he gathered his stuff from her room. She stood by his side as he put on his shoes. She fussed over his jacket and adjusted his backpack for him. She didn’t want him to leave.

“You’ll be okay right?”, he asked her softly. He sensed her unwillingness to part with him.

“Yeah, I guess so”, she answered back softly.

“Okay then. You staying at home tomorrow right”, he asked.

“Um, yeah”, she answered a little undecidedly.

“Don’t want to have an accident in school”, she added.

Jason nodded. “Maybe I’ll drop by in the afternoon, to keep you company. How about that?”, he asked.

Charissa’s face lit up. “Jason I’d love that! Please do come, you are welcome here anytime”, she said happily.

Jason laughed.

“Alright then. I’ll drop by say 1?”, he said.

“Okay. I’ll try to cook something for you”, she added in zest.

It was Jason’s turn to smile. Charissa hugged Jason again, and this time, he reciprocated, hugging her tightly as well.

And as Jason stepped out of the front door, Charissa called out to him again.

“Oh Jason”

“Yeah”, he asked.

“I… I just want to say thank you for following me for the appointment today. And for helping me with my… my diapers. And for spending all the time with me today”, she said.

“It really means so much to me”, she added.

Jason smiled at her. “You’re welcome,Charissa”, he said.

Charissa stood at her door as Jason walked on, quickly disappearing behind a bend. She locked up her front gate and the doors to her house and went up into her bedroom.

She turned on the light and sat down on her bed, taking some time to get accustomed to the sudden loneliness. She had wanted to ask Jason to stay over for the night, but knew that it was asking too much of him. He had already sacrificed his whole day to be with her, to support her and comfort her. She kept thinking of the little things that he did for her today that made her feel well taken-care of.

She saw the diaper set out to dry on her window-sill. She wondered to herself if she should wear it to bed tonight. Once she had changed into her pyjamas she picked it up and observed it carefully. Hesitantly, she put it down, knowing that it would be at least two hours after she woke up that she would need it. She switched off her room light and climbed into her bed, her bedside lamp being the source of light. She sat there in that position, surfing her phone, checking her Twitter and Facebook feeds before she decided to turn in early.

Charissa didn’t fall asleep immediately. Instead, she kept on thinking about the day’s events. It had definitely been an emotional roller-coaster ride for her, and felt thankful that Jason was there for her. She was already missing him.

She knew she had feelings for him, feelings that have existed for months, feelings that exponentially increased these past three days. And she knew that he harboured similar feelings for her too. But she sensed that something was stopping him from taking the next step, something which Charissa couldn’t make out.

Perhaps it involved his past? There must have been some strong reason for him to be allowed to repeat his first year of study in the same school! And Jason had never told her that he had a sibling. Come to think of it, he had never mentioned anything about his family until today.

Charissa kept on thinking about Jason’s unusual secret. Even as she groggily shifted into sleep, she knew what she must do the next morning.

Jason was tired, he was emotionally drained. But he still forced himself to wake up the next morning. It was a beautiful Thursday morning. After a quick shower and a quick walk, he was at his usual spot in the school library by half past eight. The library showed no new signs of students returning, and Jason was beginning to like it that way. Except today, Charissa wasn’t beside him.

He laid out his things on the table, and took out his stationary and calculator. But he simply wasn’t in the mood to do work today. He flipped through the Economics assignment. The topic of globalization wasn’t his favourite topic, and was his weakest. He knew that Jennifer hated it too. And so did Charissa.

Jason knew that Charissa was someone who was special to him, someone who was genuinely cared for him, someone who loved him. Ever since he defended her from an aggressive member of the public who harassed her during a photography society outing, she had gotten friendlier with him. They then volunteered to photograph a string of school events, during which they helped each other with the technical aspects of the art. They even stayed back till late to edit the photographs that they had taken, and so Charissa was not just a friend to Jason, she was his buddy.

Jason was knew that she was more than a buddy. He had feelings for her. But he fought to suppress these feelings, for within Charissa he saw his sister Jennifer. Charissa was filling in the vacuum left behind by his sister, and though he never mentioned anything about Jenny to Charissa, he treated her the same way.

He cried on the inside when Charissa told him she had a problem controlling her bowels. After all, it was one of the many problems that Jenny faced too, he thought to himself.

Slowly, his eyes started drooping and he fell fast asleep.

Jason was running. He was chasing after a dark figure, a dark figure of a tall, muscular man. He was chasing someone. She was crying. Jason couldn’t make out who it was or why the dark figure was chasing after her. Soon, they came to a room. It was a dead end. The girl, cornered, turned towards her assailant and started beseeching him.

“Please… please spare me”, she pleaded.

Alas, those cries fell on deaf ears. Instead, he raised a hammer high above his head.

“Noooooo”, cried out Jason. But it was too late. Jennifer ducked at the last possible second and scampered into Jason’s arms. The hammer struck a door which wasn’t there previously. Immediately, a horrible ear-splitting alarm bell sounded.

Jason jerked awake, still perspiring. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was not hugging his sister, but his jacket. And his phone, which was millimeters from where his head was resting, had just stopped ringing.

It was a text message from Charissa. He opened it.

“U in the library right?”

Still in a daze, it took a few moments for him to add one plus one. He quickly replied a ‘yes’.

Within five seconds Charissa replied.

"Ok cmg. In sch alr :slight_smile: "

Jason stood up and stretched . He glanced at his watch. It was nearly ten. What in the world was she doing here? He leant on the adjacent wall, anticipating Charissa’s arrival within the next five minutes. His dream was still vivid in his mind, and he quickly wiped of his sweat and drunk some water to freshen up.

Maybe his heart was still racing from the dream but he could not stand still. So he walked towards the entrance of the library, past the silent rows of shelves, and empty tables and chairs. He walked past the librarian, who was playing with her Nintendo 3DS, and walked out of the library. He continued on to the staircase, past the empty cafe, and descended to the school concourse. Still no sign of Charissa.

From his position near the foot of the staircase one could clearly see the assembly plaza and the adjacent sidewalk. Running behind the canteen, it lead from the concourse all the way to the sheltered walkway. The gate lay just beyond sight. But nowhere, was Charissa to be seen.

“Girls”, Jason said to himself and took a seat, thinking that she had exaggerated her position. But as soon as he sat down, he wondered if she had taken a detour. For while this was the most direct path to the interior of the school, it was not the only one. He stood up and started to walk towards the canteen. At the first bend he saw, all the way at the other end stood a girl dressed in full school uniform.

“Charissa!”, he called out to her, and sprinted towards her.

Charissa did not move from her spot. Only when Jason stood in front of her did he realize that something was wrong. The odour gave it away.

“It happened again!” she blurted out, her voice cracking. “I just kept my phone when I felt… I couldn’t control it”.

Jason held her hand. Charissa stood rooted to the spot, her face pale and visibly distressed.

“It’s going to be alright. You wearing your… thing right?”, he asked cautiously.

Charissa nodded.

“Good. Now, let’s get you changed. The canteen toilets…”

“I…am scared that the floor will be wet. Can we go somewhere else?” she asked.

Jason thought for a moment.

“The classrooms and all the other toilets are locked today. But there is one place. Can you climb stairs?”

She nodded.

“The third floor corridor, on the right hand side of the lecture block,” he replied.

“You mean on top of that blocked off staircase where couples go to have sex?”, she asked.

Jason nodded. “You’ll be able to walk right…”

“Yes Jason”, she cut in, knowing that he meant to carry her.

Jason gulped. Nevertheless he took Charissa’s schoolbag from her and they slowly made their way up. Charissa was waddling a little. She was highly embarrassed.

She was in a daze. What she had been hoping would never happen again, happened. She had told herself again and again, even Jason stressed it, that she was to remain at home. And just because she didn’t feel any urge to poop after three hours of being awake, she put on her uniform and hastened to school. She felt hopeless. Why did she even bother to leave her house? Did she trust her diaper too much?

Her mess was wedged in between her legs. It was soft, and she could feel it being moved around with every step. She regretted rebutting his offer to carry her and was secretly hoping that Jason would offer to carry her again. But as they got closer to their destination she let that hope falter away. Instead she remarked out aloud that she was lucky that no one was around to see her walking in that state.

Jason then asked her why she came to school today, despite hearing Dr Granger’s advice against leaving her house.

“You know that you have accidents in the morning”, Jason chided her. “Why did you risk it?”

“I… I thought that you might be alone in school today”, she said as they reached the secluded spot. It was a small space which wasn’t well known, had only one way in, and was perfect to hide in and change a diaper.

“Yeah but that’s not for long. I was going to come to your house, and you were going to make lunch remember?”, he said.

Charissa nodded. “I just felt like seeing you, Jason. And you told me to trust my diapers. Which is what I did. See? They haven’t leaked one bit”, she said, turning around and showing her behind to him.

Her school skirt wasn’t dirty one bit.

Jason nodded. “Thank you Charissa”, he said softly.

“I’ll stand below, keep a lookout while you get cleaned. You know what to do right?”

“Yes, she said, nodding her head. I was listening when you taught me as you took off my diaper yesterday”, she said.

“Okay. Call me once you are done”, he said.

"Okay, she said.

“And try to stop farting, once you are done,” he added with a grin.

“Hey,” she said putting we hands on her hips, smiling a little.

Jason smiled back, and he turned to make his way out. But he had taken just a few steps when he turned around again.

“You… sure you don’t need help”, he asked.

Charissa had just been pulling out her tucked-in school blouse. “Well… I don’t really mind some help…”, she began.

“Can you change my diaper for me”, she asked shyly.

Jason smiled kindly and nodded at her. Charissa had taken off her school skirt by the time he was beside her.

“See”, she said, pointing at her diaper. “I peed in it, twice”, she said.

“Ouh Charissa”, he said comfortingly. He proceeded to change her in a standing position. Once he was done, he spread out a new diaper on the floor and fastened the diaper with her lying down.

He helped her up to her feet. Charissa blushed, knowing that her Jason had just seen her naked and had diapered her. Jason too, felt very happy that his Charissa trusted him to change her diaper. She put on her school skirt while he bagged up her used diaper.

They went down to the nearest toilets and washed their hands thoroughly with soap. Jason then gathered his stuff and they left the surreal loneliness of the school, heading instead to a nearby Burger King where they had and early lunch and spent most of their time talking instead of studying.

Charissa had not forgotten her promise to cook lunch for Jason. She cooked for him that Saturday. And the Saturday after that. In between, Jason visited Charissa’s house every day of the week, spending much values time with her. They watched movies, finished ther homework, started studying ahead and even took long walks along the lake near her house.

Charissa did enlist Jason’s help in changing her diaper whenever she did have accidents. She had as many as three accidents a day, and had to wear her diapers all day and even at night, eventually purchasing another pack of diapers.

But eventually, Charissa started to gain more and more control of her bowels, and by the last week of the holidays she was successfully making it to the toilet every time. She stopped wearing diapers in the afternoons and evenings, but she liked their comfort and wore them every night, staying in it until after breakfast, when Jason came over.

After spending weeks with Charissa, Jason was very much comfortable with being around her. The two of them were inseparable. He called her Cherry, and she called him Jay Jay in their intimate chats. He was glad that Charissa was finally weaning off her diapers. But he knew that he would miss changing Charissa, for she had not told him that she actually liked to wear them at night. He had convinced Charissa to poop her diaper on purpose one day just for him, and that was a day when things went horribly wrong.

Each returned home to their rooms and spent hours, crying themselves to sleep. School opened just two days later and they still hadn’t called or texted each other.

Re: Jason and Charissa

Very good. Keep at it.

Re: Jason and Charissa

Something went horribly wrong? Now I need to know more! Things’ll be okay between them in the end, right?

Re: Jason and Charissa

What happen?
More please!

Re: Jason and Charissa

Here it is. I apologize for the long wait.

Chapter 5

Charissa was running. Weaving through the maze of booths and rides at the annual neighbourhood community fun fair, she sprinted, clutching her camera tightly.

“Come back here you piece of shit!”, yelled the man, completely oblivious to the children and parents watching the spectacle.

Charissa continued to run, but suddenly, she felt her legs being yanked hard and the next moment she was facing the grass. She had not seen a power cable, which was hidden in the grass, and had tripped over it. She quickly scrambled to her feet, but she was not quick enough. Her assailant had caught up with her.

He yanked the camera out of her hands, and held it high out of her reach.

“Please… Give it back… It’s not mine…”, she pleaded.

The assailant had a smug smile on his face. “Just because you are a photographer doesn’t mean you can take photos of everything”, he said.

And he shoved her to the ground. Charissa noticed the crowd, standing there and watching the scene silently. Her assailant towered above her, a muscular man.

Tears streamed down Charissa’s cheeks. “B-but you were stealing the hard earned money of these kids…”, she began.

“Well it doesn’t concern you. And since you don’t know how to shut your f*king mouth, I’ll just teach you a lesson”, he said, and raised his hand, ready to throw the DSLR down to the ground, flash and all.

“What’s going on here?”

Both the assailant and his victim looked up. A young man had spoken out against the assailant; Charissa recognized him as one of her photography society mates. The assailant, who was momentarily stunned, quickly found his voice.

“Ah, here’s the hero to save his damsel in distress…”

“Shut it!”, he snapped.

The assailant’s face turned black; never before had he felt this insulted. He simply put down the camera (which Charissa quietly reclaimed) and rushed at the young man. He grabbed his collar with both his hands, giving him a death stare.

But the young man, who was a head shorter and had only half of the muscles of the assailant, stood calm. Without hesitation he reached out and simply slapped the assailant.

Charissa watched as the assailant got stunned and momentarily loosened his grip on him. Jumping at that opportunity the young man grabbed the assailant’s hand and twisted it outwards into a painful hand-body lock, and using his foot he brought the assailant down, face down into the grass. Charissa watched him struggle, but to no avail. Just then the security personnel arrived.

“As usual, arriving only after all the action has ended”, the young man sighed loudly as they handcuffed the assailant. He could only yell in pain, as the young man had twisted the assailant’s arm into an immovable position, and simply knelt onto him to keep him down.

“We saw you speaking up, and we left it in your good hands”, joked one of the officers, as they handcuffed and took over the assailant.

The young man hahaed unconvincingly and walked over to where Charissa was, still sitting on the ground. He helped her up onto her feet, and she felt him whisk her away, out of sight from the crowd.

“You okay? Did you get hurt or scratched?”, he queried as they walked away quickly.

“Um, I’m okay, no problem”, she replied. “At least the school camera is alright!”

The young man shrugged his shoulders. “What happened?”, he asked.

“I was taking a picture of one of the kid’s expression when her customer bought her handmade cookies. Just then the thief grabbed the whole box of money, so I took another shot… And he saw me and gave chase”

“That’s just plain unlucky”, the young man admitted.

“Well, it could’ve been worse,” Charissa said bitterly. Just then they reached the admin point that the school photographers were using as a ‘base’ of sorts. It was a small hut, used to shelter park-goers in the event of a downpour. Only one other person, Belinda, was there, helping to take care of bags and equipment…

“Anyway, I want to thank you for standing up to my assailant and… saving me. You came in the nick of time”, said Charissa.

“It really means a lot to me”, she added, taking a good look at the person who came to her aid.

He was slightly taller than her, and had blue eyes. A little skinny, he had muscular arms and a kindly face. He smiled back at her.

“You’re welcome, Charissa. I see my sister in you, and … But you are alright, and that’s what’s important”, he said.

Charissa smiled and took a seat.

“I’ve always see you around during photog club sessions, quiet and alone. But I don’t really know your name. You are…?”

The young man smiled at her. “My name is Jason…”


“Jason…”, she mumbled sleepily.

“Charissa, stop mumbling and wake up”, came the shrill voice of Charissa’s mother. “You’ll be late for the first day of school at this rate”, she said loudly.

Charissa opened her eyes. It was a dream.

It was raining that morning, which meant that Charissa had to leave her house earlier. Waking up a little later than she usual did not help things. She quickly got dressed and crammed her stuff into her schoolbag. Her mother, fussing over her daughter, insisted on her having a quick breakfast, which she did.

Quickly, she threw on her shoes and grabbed her bag, and clutching an umbrella she ran all the way to the bus stop in the heavy downpour. Charissa was wet by the time she reached her school. But it didn’t matter to her, for she had made it to the assembly hall on time.

The principal then started to give her usual school-reopening speech, but Charissa was far from interested in what she was saying. It was a cold morning and most of the students were sitting there in a zombified state, curled up in their jackets as the principal droned on and on about academic excellency. But Charissa spent half of the time trying to look out for Jason.

“… year-end examinations are at the end of the semester, and if you students keep on sleeping, you will never pay attention in class”, said the principal. She paused for effect.

The zombified students sat upright, taking her cue. Charissa sat up too, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw a jacket with a familiar pattern, way up in front. But as she squirmed for a better look, that momentary visual cue disappeared among the mass of students sitting up.

The speech eventually came to an end. The forty or so classes of twenty-something students, spanning two academic years were then dismissed. Charissa stood up and fervently made her way to the front, against the mass movement of students to the rear door. But she didn’t see him. Defeated, she made her way to her classroom.

Charissa’s mind wasn’t on her lessons that morning. She was lost in her own world, oblivious to what her teacher was teaching. Her teacher was naturally annoyed by her student’s lack of concentration. The first few days were usually spent going through holiday homework. There were two embarrassing situations where the teacher called on Charissa when she was most distracted, to answer tricky questions.

But Charissa, having completed her homework early on and with a clear mind, easily answered her teacher’s questions and quoted all that was expected of a model answer. The teacher, somewhat satisfied that she was still on the ‘safe zone’, decided to leave her alone for some time.

The recess bell rang. Charissa was the first to grab her wallet and get up, once her teacher had dismissed the class. She was about to dash out of her classroom when her teacher called her back. Reluctantly she had to stay back and she had to endure a lecture for not paying attention.

She quickly ran from her classroom to the adjacent classroom block via the connecting walkway, stopping at her destination. It was too late. All the class’s occupants had left. But not ready to give up, Charissa walked quickly towards the school canteen, hoping to catch Jason. But he was nowhere to be seen.

“He probably went to one of the two school cafés”, she told herself.

Charissa decided to give up for now. She bought her food and sat alone, and ate in silence.

She felt miserable. She knew that she told Jason to never see her again during the fight, but she didn’t think that he would take it this seriously. Ever since the fight, she had regretted every word that she had said. True, he had upset her, but she didn’t think it would lead to this!

She missed Jason, she missed him greatly. She had spent a great deal of the past two days cringing, crying and sleeping away her heartache. She was a moody, numbed shell of her former self. Her parents, who had returned from their trip abroad the day before, had certainly noticed the change in their daughter’s personality but she wouldn’t open up to them. How could she? She was the one who told Jason to stay away!

Every hour she spent without Jason, was hell. Every minute that she spent without Jason after the fight was killing her. Text messages and calls bounced, indicating that he had switched off his phone. She knew that only she could end it, but for that to happen, she first had to find him.

She didn’t realize it, but Jason could see her clearly from the spot that he was inconspicuously seated, hidden from her view. He saw her every cringe and deep breath that she took. Of course he knew why she was doing so and he couldn’t bear to look into her lost and upset face. A part inside him was withering away. She was his friend once, and he would have gone straight up to her without a second thought to comfort and assist her. But no, he couldn’t do it this time. Charissa was no longer his. He could never talk to her again.

Jason then came to realize that it wasn’t she who needed him, it was he who needed her.

Charissa knew that Jason knew her movements very well. She also realized after two days that he had probably adjusted his own routine, to avoid her.

She arrived in school on the third day of school, deciding to let things run its’ course. She didn’t have to wait long that day. Recess was about to end, and all the students were scrambling like ants, rushing back to their classrooms and lecture theatres. She was walking along, when she noticed a commotion along the side of the school concourse. A group of students had gathered around a student, who had fainted. Charissa didn’t need a second glance to tell who it was.

She pushed and shoved the crowd aside, and knelt beside Jason, trying to arouse him.

“Who is he?”

“What happened? Call the teachers!”

“No need for that. He’s coming around”, said Charissa. Just then, Jason stirred.

“Jason, are you okay?”, she began. Jason opened his eyes and tried to sit up. Charissa and another guy helped him sit up against the adjacent pillar. She gave him some water while Melvin, a classmate of Jason, shooed away the remaining bystanders.

“What happened?”, asked Jason’s classmate.

“I skipped dinner and didn’t eat this break”, he replied weakly.

“You should have”, said Melvin. “Why didn’t you?” he asked.

Jason, who was looking at the floor all this time, now looked up at Charissa. Just then, the school bell rang.

“Well never mind that, I think you should grab a quick pie or something before we go to class”, said Melvin.

Charissa fumbled through her skirt pocket and drew out a box of tic-tacs, and gave one to Jason.

“Take it Jason”, she said.

Jason took it. Charissa and Jason’s classmate accompanied him to the cafe outside the library, and Melvin bought him an apple crumble pie and an iced lemon tea.

Melvin noticed from the onset that Charissa was trying to say something to Jason. He knew that they were both in the photography society, and she often dropped by their class looking for him. So he returned to the table where the pair sat and passed Jason his food. Jason didn’t protest being bought food today, indicating that he not only was famished, but was trying to behave in front the girl.

Jason and Charissa sat quietly, side-by-side. Each felt embarrassed, and was waiting for the other to say something. Just then, Melvin returned.

“Here Jason, eat! I’ll tell Mr Hontinsen that you weren’t feeling well. Don’t you worry about your physics tutorial”, he said.

“Thanks man”, he said weakly. “I’ll pay you in class…”, he began.

“No need, just stay safe Jason! We need our class photographer!”, he said and left.

It was now just Jason and Charissa, alone in the school cafe. All the other students were at their respective lesson venues.

Jason put down his drink and looked up at Charissa. There was an awkward pause. She spoke.

“Why didn’t you eat something Jason?”, she asked.

Jason shook his head. “Nothing, just… didn’t want to”, he said.

“But two meals? Why?”, she queried.

“Actually three meals - dinner, breakfast and this recess”, he added.

“Yeah but… you aren’t answering me,” she began.

Jason looked away. Charissa, remembering what she said during the fight, backtracked.

“As in, you don’t need to answer me or say anything”, she flustered. “I was only wondering…”

“It’s not linked to my past or anything,” he added quietly.

Charissa became quiet.

“I just wanted to save money and didn’t eat dinner last night until my allowance came in today,” he said quietly. “And I woke up late this morning, and was rushing some corrections during recess. Nothing to hide,” he said.

Charissa nodded. There was a pause. She sat and thought for a moment about the fight.

“I didn’t think you would actually leave. And I certainly didn’t think that you would stop talking to me, like what I said”, she whispered.

Charissa was unable to go on. She wiped a tear with her left palm.

Jason felt terrible on the inside. He didn’t want to make her cry, and he didn’t want her to cry again.

“Charissa I’m sorry I was a jerk that day…”

But Charissa didn’t let him finish his sentence. She stood up and pulled him into a tight hug, with tears rolling down her eyes. She couldn’t bear to hear those words, she just wanted thing to be okay.

“I shouldn’t have… I misunderstood you… I MISS YOU JASON!” she cried, oblivious to her surroundings.

Jason stood up and embraced his girl. “Shh, Cherry, it’s okay now. It was my fault - I shouldn’t have forced you…”, he said.

“B-but, I wh-wanted you to smile that dh-day!”, she lamented. “I shouldn’t have asked you about your s-sister”.

Jason sighed. He gently pulled Charissa off his chest and looked into her eyes.

“I should have told you about her a long time ago. You are my girl, you have every right to know.”

“It’s just that… I was waiting until the end of this month, the 27th before I said anything. That’s why I …”. He trailed off.

Charissa gently pulled herself off his chest. They both sat down quietly. Thoughts swimming in their heads, they started, but fell back awkwardly. Charissa spoke next.

“We should take a break,” said Charissa.

“I didn’t mean that… ,” began Jason, shocked.

“As in, I think maybe we should take a break,” said Charissa.

Jason sat there, shell-shocked. What was she saying? Did she really mean it, thought Jason to himself. He was confused.

“Oh okay,” he said, unsure of what to do.

"We’ll meet again on the 27th then, she said, gently detaching herself from Jason.

Jason was surprised by the abruptness of her actions. What did he do this time?

“I guess I’ll see you around then”, he said.

“Yes, we will. See you for photog tomorrow,” she said, picking up her bag.

Jason nodded. Charissa slung her bag and turned to leave.

“Oh and Jason, please don’t ignore my texts”, she added quietly.

“Erm… About that… I left my phone at your house, on the table in the verandah. Could you please bring it to photog tomorrow?”

“Oh you did? No wonder!”

“Not that I need it anyway, you are the one who calls and texts me the most”, he said.

Charissa smiled.

“What lesson you having now?”, Jason asked.

“Biology lecture”, she replied. “Mr Saluden wouldn’t notice if we crept into the lecture theatre by the back entrance”, she added, and turned to leave.

Jason stood there for a while, a tsunami of thoughts engulfing him. It had ended as abruptly as it had begun. He watched as Charissa walked on down the corridor, wondering if she would turn around. She didn’t.

Charissa lay curled up in her bed toying with her phone. It was night, way past her bedtime and she had changed into her night-things, but could not sleep. She refreshed her Twitter feed for the umpteenth time that evening. There appeared a new tweet. Her heart jolted as she saw it was posted by Jason.

“Have you ever realized that if you hadn’t met a certain person, your life would have been completely different?”

Charissa scanned the post, checking to see if there was anything to indicate if he had been referring to anyone, in particular herself. There wasn’t any such indication. But she then realized that he had posted it at exactly 12 midnight. She checked the date, and it was 27th of November.

She sat up on her bed and stretched. The crinkle of her night-time diaper was audible through her pyjamas, but she was now used to it. She had no daytime accidents for a month now, since before school had reopened, but she still wore them every night, in the comfort and safety of her room. Somehow, she liked wearing them at night. And when she took them off in the mornings, she was always reminded that Jason instead could have been the one doing it for her.

She threw open her covers and stood up, walking over to her window. Jason often stood there and peered out. She stood there, thinking of the short time that they had spent together. It had been a most wonderful period, where she had gotten the undivided attention of Jason.

She then thought of the last time that they had properly spoken. It had been nearly 3 weeks. She remembered the scene vividly; as she turned the bend she glanced and noticed Jason standing at the far end of the corridor, waiting, hoping. But she had simply walked on. It was a mistake, what had she done? She had wanted to say ‘I forgive you’, but she didn’t!

The past three weeks were horrible. Jason was one of her good friends in the Photography Society, even before the holidays, and having to stop speaking to him was a huge emotional burden. She let her tears fall as she climbed onto her seat in the window-sill as she cried silently.
She cried herself to sleep that night, on that very window-sill where Jason once comforted her.

The next day, Charissa was nearly late for school again. She had fallen into an uncomfortable sleep without setting her alarm clock, which meant that her back up alarm - her mother - had to wake her up. And she was very nearly caught for the top of her diaper might have been seen if not for the darkness of the early hours.

Thus the fluster of almost being late for school as well as the adrenaline of almost getting caught by her mother ensured that she had little else on her mind that morning. That is, until she reached her classroom.

For lying on her desk was a note. A single A5 sheet of paper, folded into two. Quickly walking out of the class to avoid prying eyes, she read the note three times in succession. It was from Belinda, her Photog friend.

"I know that you and Jason have feelings for each other. And I know you two are taking a break. But I should tell you, today is his sister’s death anniversary, and he needs your company more than an endless couple-fight. He has suffered alone for too long.

And if he did not tell you a single thing about his sister Jennifer, it’s because she told him not to.

Please, stop fighting. You know what to do.


Charissa was lost. Belinda was her friend from Photog. She was a Year 2 senior, and was always around to give much-needed advice. She was Charissa’s mentor, and she was also quite close to Jason. But how did Belinda know this much about Jason? Was this why Jason had waited for this day, the 27th of November? And was it true that Jennifer was dead?

Her subject teacher, who had arrived and was about to enter the classroom, had to yank the note out of Charissa’s hand to bring her back to the present.

“It’s okay to stone Charissa, but please don’t stare at nothing”, joked the teacher, unaware of the seriousness of Charissa’s thoughts. She muttered an apology and went back into the classroom.

Unfortunately, Charissa’s timetable that day was so jam-packed that the students hardly had the time to catch their breath. Charissa knew what she needed to do. But that was easier said than done. She was caught using her phone as she was texting Belinda for advice, and was made to stand through the lesson. After which, she decided the sensible thing was to wait until lessons had ended.

It was CCA day that Friday. All lessons ceased at 4.30pm, for the individual clubs, societies, councils and sports teams to commence their meetings and trainings. Charissa had already started packing her stuff before time, and at class end she simply grabbed her stationary and assignment, and rushed out.

She sprinted towards the adjacent block via the connecting walkway, weaving through the crowd of students. She ran straight to Jason’s classroom, and stopped to catch her breath. But he wasn’t there. A few students were still around, staying on to ask their subject teacher, Mr Hontinsen, a few questions, and they looked up as she crashed into the classroom.

“What’s happened Charissa?”

Charissa looked up. Melvin was there, and he approached her.

“I… was looking… for Jason.” She paused to catch her breath. “Where is he?”

Melvin did not answer. Instead he turned around to glance at his teacher, who raised an eyebrow.

“He… has been acting very odd today. In fact, he didn’t come for lessons the past 2 hours…”, Melvin began.

Charissa gasped.

“Do you know what has happened to him? It’s not like him to disregard lessons. He didn’t even pick up his phone!” said Mr Hontinsen, with a concerned look on his middle-aged face.

“I… I’m not sure why he disappeared, or where he is. All I know is that today he… came to school,” lied Charissa uncertainly.

“Yes, we know that”, snapped one of the boys rudely. There was silence for a moment.

Charissa walked over to Jason’s seat as the students resumed their consultation. She decided to CSI, to see through his stuff.

His desk was clear. Underneath it was a ‘shelf’ of sorts, for students to keep their books and paraphernalia. Charissa noticed Jason’s notebook and she pulled it out. She flipped through it. It was mostly filled with tasks and to-do lists, coupled with the occasional doodle or random note. She stopped at the last written page.

There was a small, incomplete sketch at the bottom of the page. It was more of an outline, but Charissa could just about make out the form of a person, sitting on the floor against the wall sleeping. Underneath that sketch a phrase was written.

“I hate A4-5”, Charissa read out aloud. ‘A4-5’ was a classroom in the adjacent block A, directly above Charissa’s own classroom.

Hurriedly dropping her stuff onto Jason’s chair she sprinted out of the classroom yet again, not stopping until she reached the fourth-floor corridor.

Charissa thundered up the staircase and turned, running down the corridor. The classrooms and corridors were empty and she immediately noticed a figure seated at the very end of the corridor. She did not need to stare to deduce who it was.

Jason was seated at the end of the corridor, facing the toilets. Legs up, arms folded over and face buried in them, he looked like he was asleep. Charissa came to a stop and knelt beside him.

“Jason… Are you okay?”, she asked, gently shaking him. He did not stir.

“Jason… Jay Jay. It’s me Charissa”. Still, he did not move.

“It’s already three-thirty and it’s time for Photog. Come, let’s go…”

“Leave me alone”, Jason growled, his voice crackling as if he had been crying.

Charissa started. Sitting down beside him, she placed her hand on his arm and spoke to him.

“It’s the 27th of November. We can talk now. Our break is over Jason, we can now spend time…”

“I don’t want it, you acted as if we’re through, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!”, said Jason, a little louder this time, still without looking up.

Charissa hurriedly withdrew her hand, large tears falling hotly onto her skirt.

“Jason I’m sorry I was vain, please forgive my actions, please forgive me…”

“I know that it is your sister’s death anniversary today, I just wanted to comfort you and help you, to console you and be with you…”

“Can you bring her back? No right? Then just keep quiet!”, said Jason quietly. “You have no right to talk about Jennifer, now go, go away and leave me alone”.

And despite Charissa’s further pleadings and whinings, Jason did not say a word more, nor did he budge from his position.

Just then, her phone rang. It was a call from Belinda.

"Hey Charissa where are you? It’s almost 5, they are looking for you and Jason! Where are you guys?

“Belinda, I’m outside A4-5. It’s… it’s just that… Jason is not moving from his spot here.”

“A4-5? That’s… Charissa I’m coming there now. Bye”

“Bye”, said Charissa. She waited there in silence. It was an uneasy silence, but it did not last long, for the soundlessness was punctuated by the thudding of Belinda’s shoes thundering towards them. She too was panting as she came to a stop beside them, and knelt beside Jason. Jason, despite all of the noise, did not stir.

Belinda tried to awaken Jason, she shook him and queried him. But he did not stir. A second phone call asking for their whereabouts came and was answered, but Jason showed no signs of abating his protest.

Belinda stood up. “Come Charissa, let’s go”.

“But what about Jason…”, she began.

“Let’s not worry about him, we’ll leave him here for now, we must go now!”

“But…” began Charissa, but Belinda simply pulled her up to her feet and pulled her away from the scene. The girls finally left Jason alone.

Charissa followed Belinda in silence, detouring to Jason’s classroom to pick up her stuff. Charissa slung her bag, ready to move, but Belinda meanwhile, was very interested in Jason’s notebook, the same one which Charissa had chanced upon earlier.

“Hey Charissa, look at this”.

It was a photograph pasted into the notebook. It showed Jason, standing beside a girl in a wheelchair. She was dressed in hospital garb, and looked pale and sickly.

“This is his sister, Jennifer. I took this picture of them, about a week before she died”, said Belinda.

"Sister? Why was she in hospital?

“She… had a heart condition, and was in and out of hospital. Ah, its very complicated… You wouldn’t understand Charissa, you didn’t see it.”

“See what?”, asked Charissa. She wasn’t rude, just curious.

Belinda closed the notebook and put it down onto the desk. She surveyed Charissa for a moment through her half-square glasses.

“See what?”, Charissa asked again. Belinda sighed.

“You didn’t see a lot of things. You didn’t see Jason wheel his sister to school everyday, just to keep an eye on her. You didn’t see Jason running down every hour to our class, just to check if her pain had eased. You didn’t see Jason have to bring her to the toilet, just to change her diapers. You didn’t see Jenny cry helplessly as her brother fainted because he hadn’t eaten, to save for her medication. You didn’t see the look on Jason’s face, when Jenny uttered her last ‘I love you Jason’.”

“You didn’t see anything, Charissa”, said Belinda.

Charissa stood there quietly, ashamed of herself. She could now see why Jason hadn’t mentioned anything about his sister before. There was just too much emotional pain involved.

“Please sit down Charissa”, said Belinda. “I am going to tell you everything”.

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I made a small edit, to explain a little more about Belinda. I realized that I did not properly introduce her. Here is the paragraph that I edited:

Charissa was lost. Belinda was her friend from Photog. She was a Year 2 senior, and was always around to give much-needed advice. She was Charissa’s mentor, and she was also quite close to Jason. But how did Belinda know this much about Jason? Was this why Jason had waited for this day, the 27th of November? And was it true that Jennifer was dead?

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