Jane's Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

Jane’s Chris Chapter 1

For a slightly built, short man, Chris wielded considerable power within his wife’s father’s company.

His attainment of managerial status owed just as much to his business talents as to his marriage, as he would remind his wife when she became a little bossy.

Jane was used to power and privilege. Not only was she tall and universally regarded as beautiful – too beautiful to have married a ‘shrimp’ like Chris, as Jane’s no-nonsense mother was apt to observe at the occasional family gatherings – but she seemed most comfortable when she was in charge. She had been the captain of her school hockey team, a rising young corporate star and now, as a ‘director without portfolio’, she outranked her husband. Technically she might, thought Chris as he waded through the sheaf of sales reports Jane’s uppity PA had dumped on his desk.

Chris shifted in his executive chair, and rubbed his inner thigh.

‘Damn!’ he said aloud, as his fingers discovered that the fine grey wool of his trousers was quite damp in the crotch.

This was the second time in the last few weeks that had happened. Chris couldn’t say when it had happened, but there it was. He felt a sudden pang of helplessness, which he overcame with the practical consideration of assessing the extent of the problem. Glancing first through the open door of his office into the quiet and empty passage beyond, he pushed his chair back and spread his legs slightly to see if the dampness was noticeable. He thought he was lucky to have worn one of his darker grey suits. The dampness was only slightly noticeable and only high up between his thighs.

Chris stood up and headed to the executive bathroom, where he assessed the damage in the room’s strong, bright lighting. Damn, he muttered again. He headed to the urinal and had unzipped his fly when a fullish feeling told him that he needed to use the cubicle. He hurried to the nearest one, dragged down his slacks and underpants and sat just in time.

I probably need more sleep, he thought as he wiped himself and got dressed again. His underpants were quite wet in the crotch, but that wouldn’t be noticeable. He had that odd, helpless feeling again. It was akin to the feeling he sometimes had when he spoke to his general manager, a woman who like his wife was several inches taller than he. It was strange. He and Jane had an adequate sex life – no worse than many other couple’s, he thought – but he always found himself fantasizing about his immediate boss’s breasts. They were certainly large, and Marina seemed to dress to accentuate them. Chris simply accepted that he was a ‘breast man’.

Chris emerged into the corridor, still thinking of his close call with nature and wondering about his damp pants. He remembered a couple of occasions during his school days when he hadn’t been so lucky. He had been late with his toilet training, and had had to go to the school nurse several times as a result of accidents, escorted on one occasion by his junior school headmistress who had found him in a hallway between lessons with wet pants. The memory still seemed fresh.

‘Chris,’ said a strong female voice behind him.

Chris was jerked from his musings and turned to see Marina, dressed as usual in a power suit and a blouse straining across her chest.

‘Oh, hi Marina,’ he said.

‘Everything alright?’ asked Marina.

'‘Yes, I was just, I had to go to…’ Chris began.

Marina laughed.

‘No, sweetie, I meant with the sales figures,’ she said, looking at Chris.

Chris wasn’t too happy about her calling him ‘sweetie’, but he hadn’t objected the first time and now had to put up with it.

‘Yeah, they’re fine,’ replied Chris. ‘I’ll be finished by 5.’

‘Good boy,’ said Marina. ‘Are you sure everything’s OK? You look a but flustered.’

Chris was 38, and didn’t like being called ‘good boy’, either. Marina was only about 45, too.

‘No, I’m fine, thanks,’ said Chris.

He had a weird, helpless urge to say ‘I wet my pants’, but gave Marina a smile and turned to walk back to his office. He imagined that he could feel her watching him as he walked away. He hoped that there was no damp patch visible in the seat of his pants. He regretted not putting his suit jacket on before he went to the bathroom.

Safe in his office, Chris decided to go home as soon as he’d finished his paperwork. He also thought he might drop his suit off at the dry cleaners in the morning.

Chris and Jane usually drove to work separately. Chris was often in the field, and would go home from one of his appointments, and Jane worked from home at times and kept irregular hours at the office. She was home when Chris arrived.

‘Hi honey,’ she called as he opened the front door. Chris found her in the living area, reading a file. He greeted her and went to the bedroom to change.

Chris took his suit off and hung it in a plastic suit bag to take to the dry cleaner’s. He changed his underpants and put on the tracksuit he often wore at home.

‘Are you busy, honey?’ called Jane.

A thrill shot through Chris. That phrase was Jane’s code for ‘I want you to come and look after me’. The usual procedure was for Jane to lie back in the big leather chair she favoured, and for Chris to kneel between her legs and give her oral sex, sometimes moving up to fondle and kiss her breasts.

Chris didn’t mind giving his wife pleasure that way. They rarely had regular, penetrative sex these days, and Chris was used to Jane reaching down while he worked and fondling him through his tracksuit. Coming in his tracksuit didn’t seem so bad once Chris had become used to it. He even felt that the damp patch was a kind of badge of his virility. It was certainly better than slipping out of his wife’s vagina just at the wrong moment, which seemed to happen too often and which neither he nor she enjoyed. In short, Chris was excited at the prospect of a little fun, and trotted into the living room to find Jane already naked and idly fingering the full mound between her legs.

To be continued.

Please hold any comments about my unfinished stories. I have time to write again and will try my best to continue them. As usual, this story is just to get back in the groove again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for another story SallyKat. I have really missed your writing.

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I am sooooo happy, to see you back Miss Sally. Please know that you were missed.

Jane’s Chris - update Chapter 2

Jane’s Chris Chapter 2

Just a short chapter.

As Jane and Chris sat eating a late dinner that night, Chris found himself thinking how much he loved his wife. Even needed her, he thought. That was a new feeling, and he wasn’t sure where it had come from. Chris didn’t dare articulate it to Jane, for fear of sounding weak. He glanced agsain at Jane, who seemed to be smirking knowingly at him.

‘I love you, Jane,’ Chris blurted out.

‘I know, honey,’ Jane replied with a soft smile.

Their sex had been as good as ever, and Chris recalled Jane’s intimate taste as he ate his dinner.

‘Oh Chris,’ said Jane suddenly, as Chris managed to drip some of her excellent curry onto his tracksuit top.

‘Messy baby,’ added Jane, standing and using her napkin to wipe Chris’s chest.

‘It’s ok,’ said Chris. ‘I can do it.’

‘You need a bib,’ said Jane with a laugh.

Chris grimaced, and endured Jane’s attentions. Jane finished by wiping the corner of Chris’s mouth with a corner of her napkin.

‘Jane!’ objected Chris, rubbing his cheek with his fingers.

‘You were messy, honey,’ said Jane, and resumed her seat.

Chris squirmed a little in his seat. He felt a tiny spurt of pee leave his body. Damn, he thought yet again, and clenched his muscles to prevent any further emission.

He ate the last mouthful of curry, and wondered how much he had actually peed.

Jane finished as well, and after a moment, stood up.

‘I’ll clean up, honey,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you go and get ready for bed. It’s late and we have an early start tomorrow, don’t we?’

The next day was Saturday, and Jane had decided they would go for a trip into the country tosee heer friend Sue. Chris wasn’t entirely looking forward to it. He found Sue a little formidable, both intellectually and physically. She was some sort of psychologist, and CHris always had the feeling she was analysing him whenever they met. The thought of spending half the day in her presence was not particularly attractive.

‘Jane,’ Chris said as he got up from the table. ‘Why don’t I stay home tomorrow and get some stuff done around here? I could fix the door on the garage.’

That seemed to Chris a reasonable suggestion. He knew Jane wanted the door fixed, and it would avoid his enduring Sue’s presence.

‘No, honey,’ Jane replied, ‘I think you’d better come with me. You can work on the door another time. Now, why don’t you hop into the bathroom before I need it. I want to leave at 8 tomorrow, so quick sticks.’

‘OK,’ Chris said.

He realised that he did need the bathroom anyway, and really didn’t have time to indulge in a fruitless argument with Jane. It annoyed Chris that Jane had recently become so sure of herself, at least where Chris was concerned. She had even started telling him what to wear at times. It wasn’t so much what she said, but the way she said it - as if it were a foregone conclusion that her word was final. Chris watched her for a momemtn as she took the plates ito the kitchen, then felt another spurt in his pants, a long er one this time. He stopped thinking about Jane and went briskly to the bathroom.

He just had tie when he got to the bathroom to whip down his track pants and underpants and sit on the toilet, where he released his bladder with considerable relief.

Once finished, he leaned forward and examined the trackpants bwetween his knees. He was a little shocked ot find that he really had wet himself. Both his track pants and underwear were quite wet. He hoped none of it had been visible to Jane. His problem now was that he had nothing else to put on to get from the bathroom the few yards to the bedroom. He decided to have a shower. Not something he normally did at night, but in this case wearing a towel or even being naked would be a good cover for what had happened. He coculd put his clothes straight into the washer, and even offer to turn it on.

As he stood to put his plan into action, Chris also wondered for a moment why had had sat to pee. He had done that at the office a couple of times recently, without thinking about it. It was odd. He wondered if he was thinking too much about the various problems he had at work, and if he was becoming a bit distracted. He shrugged, and got into the shower.

Jane came into the bathroom while he was showering. He saw her through the watery glass of the shower enclosure. His clothing was in a pile on a chair near the toilet.

‘Good boy,’ Jane said. ‘You won’t need a shower in the morning.’

‘Yeah, I thought I might as well,’ said Chris, letting the ‘good boy’ comment pass. ‘Speed things up.’

Well there goes any chance of a last minute attempt by him to stay home tomorrow.

‘I’ll out your pants and things in the bedroom, honey,’ said Jane as Chris saw her move towards the chair.

‘I’ll do it,’ shad Chris quickly. ‘Leave them there.’

Jane turned to the shower enclosure.

‘OK, honey,’ she said. ‘I’ll put out your overalls for tomorrow. It is a farm, after all.’

Chris rolled his eyes. Jane jhad bought him a pair of denim overalls a few weeks before, and had suggested he wear them working around the house. they weren’t the sort of clothing Chris would buy for himself. They had a bib on the front with steel clips to hold them up. There were three buttons at the sides, and even with those done up, they still gaped a bit. With a t-shirt on, the sides of Chris’s underpants were visible to anyone looking down the loose sides of the garment. The denim was dark and new-looking, and the worst thing was that they made him feel like a kid in Oshkosh overalls. Again though, there was no use arguing with Jane.

Showered, Chris put his clothes in the wash as planned. there were some of Jane’s clothes in there already, and Chris went ahead and added washing powder and turned on the machine.

As he returned to the bedroom, he saw that Jane was in the bathroom, performing her nightly makeup removal. She had stripped to her underwear, and Chris admired her shapely silhouette as he passed the open door wearing his bathtowel. Then he felt another spurt from his penis. What is going on, he thought, as he clutched himself through the towel. He’d felt no urgency, and felt none now. Maybe I’ve eaten something, he thought.

Chris wiped himself carefully and climbed into bed. He was still thinking about his little accidents when Jane arrived, naked now, and climbed into her side of the bed.

‘Everythig OK, honey?’ asked Jane as she put an arm around his shoulders and kissed his cheek. ‘You seem a bit distracted.’

‘No,’ said Chris. ‘It’s just work stuff.’

‘Well, you can talk about it to me,’ said Jane reassuringly, kissing him again. ‘I’m always here for you.’

‘I know,’ said Chris, and kissed her back.

He loved that feeling of security more than ever. Maybe his work affairs were getting to him, he thought. He realised how much he really did love Jane. She’s the centre of my life,’ he thought happily. As he drifted off to sleep, he was thinking about his accidents again. It occurred to him that he might even have an accident in bed, while he was asleep. That would be a disaster. He decided to make the effort to go to the bathroom again.

‘Where are you going?’ Jane asked as he slid out of bed.

‘Bathroom,’ said Chris, and left the room.

Jane lay back in bed, and smiled. She decided to put Chris for the visit to Sue’s in his red socks and the jokey Pokemon underpants Sue had given her after she had complained about the time Chris was spending playing computer games. ‘Aversion therapy’, Sue had. The underpants were of thick interlock, full cut with elasticated leg openings. God knows why anyone would make such a garment. They were quite childish and she knew Chris disliked them intensely. He complained they made him feel like an overgrown toddler.

Things were going well, and Jane looked forward to discussing Chris’s progress with Sue the following day.

To be continued…

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Jane’s Chris - Chapter 3

Jane woke Chris early the next morning. Chris blinked sleepily, rubbed his eyes and looked up at his wife as she bend over the bed. Sue’s, he remembered with a twinge of resentment. He then felt a moment of panic as he shifted his hips unbder the bedclothes, trying to assess whether he ahd leaked during the night. Thank God, he thought with relief. I’m dry.

That thought made Chris feel oddly proud of himself. He tried to dismiss the strange feeling. After all, why should a grown man feel proud of not having a damp patch in the bed on waking up. Still, he thought, given his little leakages, it was understandable. He was wondering if he should see a doctor, then told himself that Jane would look after him. She would know what to do. That’s a comforting thought, Chris told himself, but it’s another odd one. He seemed to be feeling an increasing confidence in Jane’s ability to manage anything that came along - in her infallibility, i fact. Well, she is pretty competent, he told himself.

‘Come on, sleepyhead,’ Jane said, pulling the bedclothes baclk to the foot of the bed to expose Chris curled naked on the sheet.

Good thing nothing did leak in the night, thought Chris smugly.


Jane landed the palm of her hand square on Chris’s bare buttock.

‘Ow!’ said Chris, startled.

‘Ow what?’ said Jane, who stood looking down at her husband.

‘You spanked me!’ objected Chris, rubbing his bottom.

‘I did, and I’ll give you a proper spanking if you don’t get a move on. Sue’s expecting us before 9.30. So up you get,’ Jaane commanded.

‘I’m getting up,’ said Chris, climbing off the bed. ‘That was hard!’ he added stilll rubbing his backside and twisting his neck to look at the red hand mark on his soft skin.

‘Poor baby,’ said Jane, tugging upwards on the zipper of her tight cotton pants. ‘I’ve put your things out on the chair to save time.’

Chris stood and looked dubiously at the clothing on the chair.

‘Oh, not those,’ he said, looking from the brightly coloured Pokemon underpants to Jane.

‘Chris,’ Jane said, ‘I don’t have time for this. It will be chilly up at Sue’s and I don’t want you catching a cold like you did last time, and those panties are nice and warm. So, put your clothes on and let’s get going. You can have a piece of fruit and drink for breakfast. Sue will give us a good lunch.’

‘They’re not panties,’ said Chris, holding up the juvenile underpants.

‘What?’ said Jane. 'Oh undies then. ‘Come on Chris, for heaven’s sake.’

Jane took the underpants from him, shook them once and held the waist open for Chris to step in.

‘I can dress myself, Jane’ Chris said, as his wife held the pants open in front of him.

‘Stop whining and step in,’ ordered Jane.

Chris gave up and threaded his legs into the pants as Jane held them. Jane was amused as always to see Chris’s little dick and balls wobbling between his legs. He wasn’t particularly hairy down there, nor particularly well-endowed. Jane tugged the underpants up to Chris’s waist, squashing his equipment into a little lump, and turned him around She tugged up the back of the waistband and patted Chris with satisfaction on his rump.

‘They’re too tight,’ said Chris.

‘Honey, stop whining, please,’ said Jane. ‘It will all settle out once you’re dressed. Come on, give me some help here, please.’

Jane was now holding open the denim overalls.

She’s dressing me, thought Chris.

‘Jane, I can do it, please,’ he said.

‘In an hour or so,’ responded Jane. ‘And you can’t do the hooks on the bib.’

‘I can,’ said Chris defiantly, 'It’s just that they’re

‘Chris, I told you, we don’t have time. Other leg please,’ said Jane as Chris put one hand on her shoulder and put his leg into the overalls.

Jane hauled up the bib and quickly engaged the metal clasps on the front.

‘There you are,’ she said, ‘All done. Now, can you put your shoes and socks on without any more fuss?’

Chris didn’t answer, but gave Jane what he hoped was a glaring look as he bent to put on his socks. The overalls felt way too tight, but he didn’t want to irritate Jane any further by complaining. He’d tackle the straps of the garment later.

With his red socks and the sneakers Jane had put by the chair on, Chris stood up straight.

‘There,’ said Jane. ‘Don’t you look good!’

Chris turned to the big mirror on the wardrobe. With his longish hair and the childish overalls, he looked like a big kid. The fact that beneath the overalls he was wearing his Pokemon pants didn’t improve matters. He looked at the modest bump his squashed genitals made in the flyless crotch of the garment. He dreaded to think what Sue would make of his appearance.

Jane had a bag ready and packed, and marched Chris out to her car.

‘In you hop,’ she said, holding open the passenger door. ‘It’s well after 8 already.’

Chris stopped and turned to Jane.

'‘What now?’ asked Jane.

‘I have to go to the bathroom,’ Chris said.

‘Oh Chris!’ Jane said angrily. ‘It’s not as if you didn’t have the chance before. I’ve locked the house and turned on the alarm. Can’t you wait until we get to Sue’s?’

‘No,’ said Chris.

He really did have to go. He crouched slightly to relieve the urgency.

‘Well, we don’t want to arrive with you in wet pants, I suppose,’ said Jane. ‘And you’re not wearing a diaper, so you’d better go. Come on.’

Chris hurried past Jane when she had unlocked the door and turned off the alarm on the panel in the hall.

‘Leave the clips on the front,’ Jane called after him. ‘I’ll do them when you’ve finished.’

Chris had to sit this time. Clumsily he undid the two troublesome clips, pulled down the overalls and his underpants and sat just in time. He felt a combination of relief and concern that he had been so close to wetting again. He tried to be as quick as he could, and was soon back at the front door. Jane locked up, then did up his bib. Once again, Chris felt tightly wrapped in the denim. Sitting in the car didn’t help much. He was very conscious of his youthful atttire. What did she mean ‘diaper’. thought Chris. The remark rang in his head. Maybe I’m a bit over-focussed on those little leaks, he thought.

They drove out of town and into the low hill country where Sue had her small farm. Other than replying ‘Fine’ to Jane’s enquiry how he felt, Chris didn’t talk much, but stared out the window. He brightened up as they swung into a McDonald’s at the last town before they turned off the main road towards Sue’s place. He felt a twinge in his stomach. Perhapos he had hurried too much when he went before, the thought. He wondered if he should tell Jane he needed to use the bathroom again. Best not, he decided. It had becoe a touchy subject. He would hang on until they reached Sue’s farm. Chris shifted slightly in his seat, so as not to let Jane notice that he was beginning to feel the need to go again.

‘Coffee,’ said Jane simply as they swung off the main road into the drive-through.

‘Me too,’ said Chris.

‘We still have a way to go,’ said Jane. ‘I think you’ll be better with a cone, honey.’

Jane ordered at the window.

They drove on to the service window, and an attractive girl leant out to give Jane her coffee.

The girl glanced across the car at Chris, and said to Jane ‘Your son’s cone will be a minute, ma’am, would you minding parking the the waiting area?’

‘No,’ replied Jane. ‘That will be fine. Thank you.’

‘Son!’ Chris said hotly as they pulled over to the waiting area. ‘She called me your son!’

‘Did she honey?’ said Jane mildly. ‘I didn’t hear it. Here she comes, anyway.’

Chris looked up to see the girl approaching with the cone and a little tray. Chris turned away and stared out his window at the hedge next to the car.

‘Sorry about the delay,’ said the girl, handing Jane the cone and the tray. ‘Here are some treats for him if you have a ways to go.’

The girl was standing up now, and Chris turned to look past Jane at the full curves beneath the girl’s red apron. He felt grumpy that she looked so mature.

‘Say thank you, honey,’ Jane said, handing Chris the cone and the cardboard tray with its McDonald’s amusements for children.

‘Thank you,’ Chris said to the curvaceous red apron. The girl bent down to the window, and smiled at Chris as he held his cone.

‘You’re welcome.’ she said with a wide smile. She gave no indication that she thought Chris wasn’t Jane’s son.

Beofre they drove off, Jane turned to Chris.

‘Do you need the bathroom again, honey?’ she asked.

Chris nodded.

‘Off you go then,’ said Jane pleasantly. ‘I’ll park in the carpark.’

CHris opened his door and got out. He really did have to go again. he hurried across the driveway and into the restaurant. He looked around and saw the bathroom sign and haeded as quickly as he could into the men’s toilets. He swung ito a cubicle, closed the door and fumbled with the damned clips on his bib. By the time he had them undone and was sitting on the toilet, he had peed a tiny bit into his underpants. He was glad for once that they were so thick. He wasn’t ahppy, either, about the way Jane seemed to have taken such an interest in his toileting. He was in charge of that, not her.

Chris tried to get the bib hooked up again, but couldn’t do it. He left the bathroom and walked with his bib and straps around his waist through the restaurant and out the door. There were a few customers and staff around, but no-one paid him the slightest attention. When he reached the car, Jane got out and he had stand in full view of everyone while she did up his bib. Just as she finished, the girl who had served them emerged to deliver another late order to the nearby waiting area. She smiled and waved at Chris, but it hardly cheered him up.

Soon they were back on the road.

‘You can get travel diapers for people who have trouble holding on,’ said Jane matter-of-factly as they drove along the unmade side road into the hills.

‘I don’t need a diaper!’ said Chris.

‘Honey, I know you’re having a bit of trouble with this,’ Jane said. ‘I saw the condition of your pants in the bathroom last night, and I know why you put them ih the wash. All I’m saying is that if you are having trouble, please talk to me about it. You know i am here to help you, whatever.’

Chris was in shock for a moment, then managed to say ‘It’s OK, I was just, I was just sort of caught a bit. I’m OK. And I don’t want a diaper!’

‘I wasn’t suggesting you wear one,’ said Jane. ‘All I’m saying is that I’m here to help. Anyway, no-one wants to wear a diaper, but some people need them sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a good thing. It would be a lot better to arrive at Sue’s needing a diaper change than with soaked pants, wouldn’t it honey?’

Chris didn’t know what to say. Was this a discussion about whether he should wear a diaper? Whatever it was, he couldn’t deny the logic of what Jane had said.

‘I suppose so,’ said Chris. ‘But I don’t need a diaper.’

‘OK,’ said Jane, ‘But I think it’s something we should keep in mind. Are you dry now, honey?’

‘Of course I am!’ retorted Chris, looking down at the tight denim over his crotch.

Thank God nothing’s showing through, he thought.

‘What about your undies, Chris? Are they dry too?’ Jane asked.

Chris didn’t answer for a moment. He felt a weird, momentary urge to burst into tears.

‘There, there might be a tiny drip in them,’ he said, and turned away from Jane.

‘That’s alright, honey,’ said Jane kindly. 'I’m sure Sue will have something we can change you into. We’ll be there in a few minutes.

A small avalanche of feelings hit Chris, culminating in an inner voice saying to him ‘Give in!’

‘Well I won’t need it,’ said Chris petulantly, staring out of his window again.

Jane smiled as she turned into Sue’s driveway.

To be continued…

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Great story again. Glad your back

Re: Jane’s Chris - 2 updates - Chapters 2 & 3

Thanks. It’s good to be ‘back’. I’m sorry about all the typos. I’ll try to edit them out when I have the chance. I’m having trouble finding moments to write, and I’m using an iPad not a desktop with a nice keyboard. I’m also having trouble getting back into the swing of writing, so I further apologise for any lack of focus in my writing at the moment. With luck, things will improve. :slight_smile:

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Interesting set up so far, I am interested to see where this goes. There are a few grammatical issues but nothing serious, and I’m definitely enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The direction should become obvious soon, if it isn’t already. And ‘grammatical issues’! Hmmph. Let me know and I’ll fix them.

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More awesome chapters. Thanks so much for all the writing SallyKat

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Jane’s Chris Chapter 4

Chris watched the pine trees beside the long driveway roll past. He felt a bit sorry for himself. He was being taken by his wife to spend the afternooon with a lady he didn’t much like, and dressed like a kid to boot. He thought about Sue. His memory of her was strangely fresh, although he couldn’t remember when he had actually seen her last. He clearly remembered her sweet smelling perfume, and even her soft voice. He thought he remembered her saying goodnight to him, or putting him to bed or something, but he was sure that was wrong. Jane had taken him to the clinic where Sue worked, but that was just to talk about his anxieties at work. When was that, he wondered. He couldn’t recall, but it must have been recently.

‘Here we are,’ said Jane brightly as she came to a stop outside Sue’s substantial farmhouse.

Chris looked out and saw the big blue front door. He pictured the hallway indside, with Sue’s farming coat and hat hanging on hooks on the wall. There was a big, comfortable chair by the fire in the living area too, with big soft cushions. He recalled going sleep in that chair, but again, the memory seemed oddly timeless. Perhaps when he was little. Had he known Sue then? He wasn’t sure. It didn’t seem likely.

‘What are you thinking about, mister dreamer?’

Sue’s gentle voice brought Chris into the present. Sue was holding open the passenger door. Chris looked at her. Sue was tall, well-built and buxom under her green sweater. She took Chris by the hand and helped him out of the car.

‘And don’t you look special in your overalls!’ Sue said, ruffling Chris’s hair.

She was a good six inches taller than Chris, and she pulled him to her side and gave him a squeeze.

‘My favourite boy,’ she said, and kissed the top of his head.

Chris felt embarrassed and comforted at the same time. At least she wasn’t horrified by his clothing. Perhaps he didn’t look so odd after all.

‘I’ve got something for you inside,’ she said warmly. ‘In the living room. Go and have a look!’

Sue gave Chris a pat on his rump to set him off. Chris flinched a little, but headed through the open door of the house. There were Sue’s coat and hat, and through here, he thought, the big chair and fireplace. Just as he expected, there they were. It was quite cool in the hills, and Chris was glad the fire was roaring away. He was also glad of his warm underwear. Jane had given him a woollen vest as well as his ridiculous underpants, but they were comfortable.

Chris saw his surprise. In the middle of the big rug on the floor next to that well-upholstered chair was a plastic bin full of blocks and next to it, according to the brightly coloured pictures of bridges and buildings on the box, a collection of ‘Big Blox’.

Chris wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or angry. Now he remembered their last visit here. It was snowing heavily, and Jane had accepted Sue’s invitation to stay the night. There was a particularly embarrassing memory of that night too, that Chris immediately put out of his mind. The snow prevented any activity outside, and while Sue and Jane had been talking about boring matters i which Chris had no interest, Sue had suggested that Chris get out a box of a kind of old-fashioned wooden Lego she had in the house. They were actually quite good fun, Chris had found, and the afternoon had flown past as he made various buildings with them. It beat listening to the two women he had thought. So now Sue had found a new box of these things somewhere. Well, he might as well unpack them, he thought. there was an element of pleasant surprise after all.

‘Thank you, Sue!’ he found himself saying, a little more enthusiastically than he intended, as Sue and Jane entered the room. He wasn’t sure a grown man should be excited at being given a box of what were really just toys. He didn’t mean to hug Sue, either, but it was such a lovely, warm room, and Sue was being so nice, even if she was a bit big, thought Chris. She was big but she was nice. He didn’t mean to hug her, either, and now Jane was laughing as she unwrapped Chris’s arms from around her and kissed the top of his head again.

Chris felt quite contented as he turned back to the box on the rug. As he knelt beside it, he felt the unmistakeable feeling of wet underpants between his legs. Whoops, he thought to himself. He knew he’s have to tell Jane he was wet, but he wanted to see what was in the box first. He set to work opening it.

A few minutes later, Jane came in with a cup of coffee in her hand. She stood looking down at Chris who had opened the carton and was arranging the contents on the rug. The blocks were various colours, with specific shapes like arches for making bridges. They looked very interesting, Chris thought.

‘How are you going, honey?’ Jane asked.

‘Good,’ said Chris.

‘I’m glad,’ said Jane. ‘Sue wants to sit down and have a little talk with you later,’ she added. ‘Would that be alright?’

‘Yup,’ said Chris.

He suddenly remembered that he liked talking to Sue. He liked her voice.

‘Do you remember the last time you talked to Sue?’ Jane asked suddenly.

Chris thought as he took the last blocks from the box.

‘A while ago,’ he said, intent on the blocks.

Sue smiled again.

‘Yes, honey,’ she said.

Chris was sitting down now, and splayed his legs to get more comfortable as he began to work with his sorted blocks.

‘Oh, honey,’ said Jane, looking at the soaked denim of Chris’s crotch. ‘Hop up, sweetie, you’ve had an accident.’

Chris looked at his wife non-plussed, then stood awkwardly and looked down at the front of his overalls. the crotch was dark and wet, with the wet patch extending under his thighs.

He looked up at Jane.

‘I didn’t mean to,’ he said in a quavering voice. ‘I was going to tell you.’

‘It’s OK, darling, but you need a change. How’s the rug?’ said jane with concern.

Chris looked down. The rug looked OK.

‘It was an accident,’ Chris managed to say before bursting into tears and hugging his wife.

‘Just a bit of an accident,’ said Jane to Sue who had come into the room. ‘He was so busy with his new blocks I don’t think he noticed.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Chris wailed to Sue.

‘It’s alright, baby,’ no damage done. Let’s get yhou fixed up,’ said Sue, extending her hand again to Chris, who took it and let her lead him out of the room.

'‘I’m sorry about this, Sue,’ said Jane as she followed her friend from the room. ‘I’m afraid I didn’t bring a change for him.’

‘That’s OK,’ replied Sue. ‘We’ll find something for him.’

‘Won’t we, honey?’ Sue said, looking down at Chris’s worried, tear-streaked face.

Chris just blinked and swallowed hard. He was peeing helplessly now, and squeezed Sue’s hand tight as she led him into the big, familiar-looking bathroom.

‘I don’t want a diaper,’ he sobbed. ‘It was an accident.’

‘I know, honey,’ Sue assured him. ‘Now let’s get these wet things off you, OK?’

‘Sue, I’ll do it,’ said Jane from the doorway.

‘Don’t worry, I’m fine,’ said Sue. ‘You go and finish your coffee. I know where everything is. And Chris won’t mind me helping him, will you honey?’ she added, giving Chris a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Chris’s shook his head. Any help at the moment was welcome.

‘Oh, thanks Sue,’ said Jane and returned to the kitchen as Sue squatted in front of Chris. His sobbing subsided as she chattered about the blocks while she took off his overalls and put them aside. She saw the wet Pokemon panties and smiled to herself. She didn’t think Jane would have been able to get him to wear them. A diaper, she thought. She wondered what Jane had been saying to him to make him firghtened of that. She hoped she wasn’t pushing Chris too fast.

Chris was quiet now, and stood very still as Sue pulled down his underpants. Whether ti was the cool weather or his wet pants, Chris’s little penis looked cute and innocent above his tight little scrotum. Sue wondered what was going through his mind.

Chris was naked now except for his soft wool vest. He shivered a little, and Sue left him for a moment while she turned on and adjusted the shower.

‘I’m sorry,’ he told her again as she helped him into the shower recess.

‘There’s nothing to worry about, sweetie,’ Sue said. ‘You’re warm and safe here. Do you remember that? Warm and safe.’

Chris suddenly felt exactly that. He really was warm and safe.

‘Warm and safe,’ he repeated dreamily, ‘Warm and safe’.

He looked up at Sue with trusting eyes as the water cascaded over his head and down his face.

With one hand he reached down to his groin, and held his little pink penis.

‘I did wee wees,’ he said, smiling at Sue

‘I know you did, honey,’ said Jane, returning his smile. ‘But everything’s alright now, isn’t it?’

‘Uh huh,’ said Chris happily as he took the soap Sue offered him and began slowly to soap his tummy.

Sue looked pleased as she left to get the diaper and plastic pants she had bought in anticipation of Chris’s visit.


The End

(Hooray! I finished one!)

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

nice story like always Sally :slight_smile:

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

Thank you for a really nice story Miss Sally. I am very happy for you, that you finished a story… YAAYYY.
As always your story line, characters and their journey are very relatable for me. I especially love the loving and nurturing ways that the bigger, stringer women reduce and regress the male. While emotionally, mentally and physically manipulating them into a child like state and position in life.

I can not lie, and have to tell you that I was somewhat disappointed, that this story ended so abruptly. It seems that it was really just getting started, ant that there could have been many more chapters detailing Chris’s regression into toddlerhood. But I also understand that this is your first story in a few weeks, and that at the beginning you said that it was intended to be an exercise, to get back into the swing of writing this type of story. I hope that it served it’s purpose for you, and that you feel good about it.

I am looking forward to reading your future stories as you write them, thank you for sharing with us Miss Sally.

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

Thanks, ababy. While there’s room for a sequel to this little tale, I finished it not because I actually wanted to finish a story :angel: but because I wanted to try the idea of a crucial part of the story happening outside the text. In this case, it was the hypnosis or whatever manipulation of poor Chris by his scheming wife and her psychologist friend. Hence the references to Chris’s time in the comfy chair and the apparent trigger phrase of ‘warm and safe’. I hope I wasn’t being too clever and subtle for readers to get it.

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

Wow, that’s a really intelligent and creative approach Miss Sally… I did get the references to the flashback to being in the big comfy chair in the room with the cozy fire. And the question of whether he had ever been to her house as a child.

And now that you explain to me that, there could possibly be room for a sequel. my hunger for your unique style of story telling is sated… Just a happy lil camper, awaiting the next installment from your beautiful mind… Regardless of what that installment is :slight_smile:

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

Okay, now that this one is officially over…

I’m going to challenge you, Sally: I want to see you write something that isn’t in the wife-doms-husband “subgenre” (just because I can’t find a better name for it). Technically, you write very well - you clearly have a knack for scene-setting and narrative, but everything I’ve seen from you has been essentially the same plot with different names and slightly adjusted characters.

Can you break out of your comfort zone and write something that isn’t the usual dom-sub spouse interaction?

If you’d like, we can bounce ideas around via PM to inspire you. I’ve got plenty of concepts in my head I have yet to explore myself… :wink:

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

I’m very aware of my limitations in the area of plot. I have written outside my ‘standard’ plot, but not often. I remember a couple of early stories - my first one, ‘Sally Anf The Bottle’ and another, ‘Meg And The Metoers’, fir example. I also wrote a story about a girl who turned into a pig. Ho knows where that is; I don’t keep an archive.

But you’re right in general. I do have a comfort zone, and I’m quite comfortable within it. I like writing about men being regressed or becoming powerless and dependent on women, and while I write to give pleasure, I suppose I also write for my own pleasure.

I will accept your challenge, however, and try something, for me, radical. Variety is a virtue in writing, after all - and is less boring than presenting the same plot, as you may be suggesting. Perhaps a female central character. I’m not inclined to have a child as the central character, so perhaps a female adult is the way to go. The loss of control and independence can still be investigated, but from a new angle. I should thank you for giving me a bit of a jolt, and I do thank you, WBDaddy.

Now - to think, to plan and to write…,

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

One of the reasons SallyKAT’s writing is revered so much is because the male is the central character being regressed against his will by a dominant female or females. This results in sometimes very subtle description of his loss of stature and often leads to some very powerful humiliating scenes concluding with the diminutive status of the male.

I appreciate these themes and SallyKAT’s knack of describing the details. If you examine the themes across this forum, the short stories or novellas for sale on Amazon, and the stories on a few other similar websites, you will mainly find females being subjugated or stories with a male protagonist already in an abdl position.

The challenge I would like to issue, is to see more attention being paid to the themes central to SallyKAT’s many pieces. I have contributed my own stories in the past. Please keep writing SallyKAT! I appreciate all the writers on this board.

Re: Jane’s Chris - updated 2 Nov 15 - Chapters 1-4

Thanks Charlie. I’ll do my best. And thanks for the great compliment about my writing. I promise I won’t call one of my poor little men ‘Charlie’. Or perhaps I should promise I will. ; )

I’ve found with my writing that to produce anything worthwhile, I need both time and opportunity in my busy life - and most importantly, I have to be in the mood or groove or whatever. The last requirement seems beyond my direct control. I seem to need a visit from the muse. Call her the ‘diaper genie’, ha ha. Frankly, it’s a bit like feeling rather horny, and for me that’s somewhat random.

I can make myself write, but the results tend to be formulaic, as WBDaddy has eloquently pointed out. You probably don’t need to know all this, but I have found that going to a busy public place dressed, again, for me, provocatively, say in tight jeans, boots and a tightish top, seems to encourage those feelings, especially if there are men around wearing their fairly frumpy suits or ordinary casual clothes. Apologies for all the commas in that sentence! I think it has something to do with a blatant display of femininity without the micro skirt or deep cleavage. I enjoy it, and the furtive and not so furtive looks I get. Not that I have anything like good looks, but what I do have seems to work well enough!

End of ramble. I’ll get to work at the next opportunity. : )