It Was Just One Night

Part 1

It was just one night. That’s what Jessica repeated in her head. She was 19 years old, a sophomore in college, and she had just wet the bed on the 6th of July. Her 20th birthday only a few weeks away. But the stains on her sheets applied a different age. She quickly stripped her sheets and through them in the wash. She always did her own laundry so she hoped her parents wouldn’t suspect a thing. She then took a shower and got ready for the day.

Jessica was a 19 year old girl almost 20. She had fair skin and long black hair. Her eyes were a gray blue that made some guys swoon over her. She had a bit of a petite body though, her boobs weren’t the biggest and she kept her pussy trimmed and shaved into an elegant patch. She had a younger sister named Grace who was 15. Grace also had long black hair but adopted her father’s green eyes instead of her mother’s blue eyes. Grace had a bit more of a developed body her boobs grew to a C cup but she also kept her pussy trimmed, but not just trimmed, she completely shaved it.

“Hey, Jess,” her mom said at dinner. “Does your room smell like urine to you? I went up there and there was a huge waft, but maybe I’m just imagining things. You didn’t do anything did you?”

“What? No, mom. Don’t be ridiculous, I’m in college. I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Jess scoffed but on the inside she was freaking out.

“That’s what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure,” her mom said with a smile to indicate peace.

The rest of them continued to eat until Grace asked to be excused followed by Jess.

A few hours later, Jess headed up to bed, she made sure that she peed before she went off to sleep. In the morning, she was awoken by a door slamming open.

“Mom! Come and see this! I told you she wet the bed!” Grace’s voice yelled.

Jess stirred awake not understanding what was going on. Her mom came barging in and threw the sheets off of Jess. Jess looked down in surprise to see sure enough her sheets were wet again. Jess blushed a deep red embarrassed to be caught with wet sheets again but also confused as to why she didn’t even notice for a second night in a row.

“It was just one night!” Jess yelled out trying to defend herself.

“Don’t lie to me,” her mom scolded. “You wet the bed yesterday too, didn’t you?”

Jess frowned but nodded. “I… I did, but I swear this won’t happen again.”

“Jess, I’m willing to give you one more night, maybe it was just one night. But go off and shower, I’m going to go on my errands. Grace, if you see anything please call me instantly,” her mom instructed as she stripped off the sheets. “Jess take off your clothes, I have to wash them too you’re soaked.”

Jess reluctantly stripped her clothes off now standing naked in front of her sister. She covered her petite body in shame. “Jess what is that?” Her mom asked gesturing to her lower region. “Uncover yourself.”

Jess bit her bottom lip but did as she was told. Her trimmed patch came into view and her mother gasped. “What are you some slut? You’ve been decorating your pussy to make it look nice for the boys you sleep with?”

“No, it’s not like that!” Jess protested.

“Fine, then shave it completely off if it’s not like that, and use this cream,” her mom said handing her some bottle of what appeared to be lotion. “I’ll inspect you later when I get home so make sure it’s nice and smooth.”

Jess frowned as her mom walked away leaving her naked in front of her sister who had a small smirk on her face. “What are you smirking about?” Jess asked.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just surprised a girl your age is still wetting the bed like a baby,” Grace said as soon as their mom was out of ear shot.

“It was just one night!” Jess protested.

“Sure it was, I bet you wet the bed during college too. Is that why your roommate asked to switch rooms halfway through?” Grace snickered.

“I did not! That was a whole different reason,” Jess insisted, and she was telling the truth.

This was the first time in at least 15 years since she had wet the bed.

“Whatever, get bathing or I will bathe you myself,” Grace said.

Jess groaned but filled the bathtub anyways. She bathed anytime she had to shave as she didn’t like doing it in the shower. It was scarier for some reason. But Jess cleaned herself off and made sure to shave every nook and cranny before rubbing the cream into her skin. It felt really nice with the cream. Sometimes after Jess shaved she would feel the burn later, but the cream seemed to help that situation.

Little did she know, the cream did a little more than Jess thought it did.

When her mom got home with the groceries, she called Jess downstairs who was now wearing black short shorts and a gray shirt. “Drop your shorts, Jess,” her mom ordered as her father lowered the newspaper he was reading in surprise.

“Here? Can’t we do it in my room?” Jess asked as she felt her father’s gaze.

“No, I want your father to help me look actually. I already told him what you did and what you were to do. Now drop your shorts and panties to your ankles and put your hands behind your head,” her mom ordered.

Jess sighed but did just that. Through the window, Grace was waiting for this very moment as she set up a camera to record Jess’s embarrassment. Jess thinking it was just her mom and dad, not noticing the camera, pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles and pinned her hands behind her head as her mom instructed. Jess’s baby smooth pussy came into view instantly. There wasn’t even the tiniest stubble. It looked like she had never had pubic hair to begin with.

“Oh very good, and you used the growth inhibitor cream. I can tell. Good job, Jess,” her mom said.

Jess’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”

Part 2

“The growth inhibitor cream. It prevents hair from growing,” her mom said.

“Is it permanent?!” Jess shrieked suddenly more aware of her naked state as a breeze from the air conditioner seemed to blow on her bare legs and pussy.

“Not permanent, but this is a very effective cream. You won’t be growing hair down there ANYtime soon,” her mom answered.

“How long?” Jess asked.

“It’s supposed to last around 10 years,” her mom said. “It’s much stronger than most other creams.”

“10 years?! You mean to tell me, I won’t have any hair down there for 10 years?!” Jess cried.

“Well that’s assuming you followed the instructions. If you used it while you were wet, it may last even longer. If you used it while you were dry it’ll only be 10 years,” her mom replied.

Then as Jess stood there with trying to process the news, her mom reached into one of the bags and pulled out a pack of goodnites with tinkerbell on the face of the box.

“What are those?!” Jess cried as she spotted the package.

“I know you said it was one night, and I’m still going to give you a chance, but I want you to wear these just in case. I don’t want to have to change and wash your sheets for a third time this week. Yes, I know you changed them the other day, I saw them in the load. I’ll just assume you changed them because it’s been a week since you last changed them since you insisted that you didn’t wet the bed yesterday, but nonetheless, this is your second chance. If you can last the night without wetting these, we’ll throw these away and forget about it. But, if you wake up wet or wet yourself while wearing these, you’ll be put into diapers, and yes I have diapers in the bag too. Now, I want you to put this on and make sure it fits. You might as well wear these the rest of the day anyways just in case,” her mom explained.

Jess paled. “Okay, mom. I understand. I’m sure it was just one night.”

Jess took a pair of goodnites, stepped out of her shorts and panties and pulled them on. They were decorated with tinkerbell and stars making them even more embarrassing, but they fit perfectly thanks to Jess’s petite body. “Oh perfect, that means the baby diapers will fit too. I wasn’t sure if you would need adult diapers, but you’re small enough to fit into the baby diapers. They’re much cheaper as well,” her mom cheered.

It was then after getting shots of Jess in the Goodnites when Grace stopped the camera. She grinned to herself. Her plan was working. Jess would be in diapers in no time, and then, she would finally have revenge on her sister always making fun of her all those years before.

You see, Jess was not the innocent big sister she might seem to be. In fact, Jess can be quite the bitch especially to her younger sister. Jess might not remember it and may even deny it, but when they were younger, Jess would always pick on Grace. She would bully her, tease her, and humiliate her. Secretly, Jess had always been envious of her younger sister’s body as she grew boobs faster and bigger and in Jess’s eyes was way more attractive than she was.

Jess would project her feelings onto Grace by picking on her. Grace sometimes had irregular periods due to her early growth spurt and puberty, so she would sometimes wear Maxi pads to stop the heavy flows. One day, Jess decided it would be funny to pants Grace in the middle of the hallway in front of her girl and guy friends to reveal to them the large puffy pad. It was only one time in high school, but Grace never was able to let it down. And Grace never forgot about it. She finally decided after years of planning, that she would get revenge on Jess.

So yes, she was the reason Jess was suddenly having bladder problems. She read online that after a certain amount of days of a person wetting themselves consecutively or at least frequently, the body would start to regress to its natural state unless something was to be done to retrain it like potty training. Retraining the body to not wet itself was even harder than training it in the first place.

So Grace got the brilliant idea to start her plan just a few weeks before Jess’s 20th birthday so that for her birthday she would be regressed to having the bladder of a newborn baby and would have to wear diapers not just at night time, but 24/7. She started with the classic warm water in a bowl trick. She wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did as Jess dosed fast asleep, Grace did her magic.

She was disappointed that Jess woke up before her and was able to change her sheets and clean up before she was able to tell their mom about it. So this time, she made sure she would be able to catch Jess in the act as she not only used the warm water trick again but also put a sleeping tablet in her water right before she went to bed. Jess was too busy peeing to realize that the water she drank after brushing her teeth was dosed with sleep medicine.

This night Grace wanted to see if Jess would wet the bed on her own. She dosed Jess’s water again with sleeping tablets ensuring that Jess would fall fast asleep and this time she also set up a hidden camera in Jess’s room. It was motion sensitive so as soon as Jess moved to get up, Grace would be alerted and the whole thing would also be recorded.

After what felt like a long day of wearing the Goodnites, Jess made sure to go to the bathroom, emptying out completely before brushing her teeth and drinking the water that was unknowingly dosed with sleeping tablets. Jess yawned as she laid down on the bed, not even able to pull the blankets over her body before she was fast asleep.

Part 3

Jess yawned as she woke up the next morning. She didn’t see any dark spots on her sheets, so she smiled proudly. No wet nights today. It had been just one night after all. She stood up from her bed and walked over to her dresser where the hidden camera was recording her. She pulled out her change of clothes and reached to pull off her underwear from the other night.

She gasped when she felt not her underwear but the waistband of her Goodnites. She had completely forgotten about the Goodnites she was wearing. She held back tears as she looked down and sure enough, the Goodnites had turned a dark color indicating that she indeed had wet herself. It was in that moment the door to her room burst open to reveal her mom and sister standing there ready to check up on her. Her mom instantly saw the wet Goodnites and shook her head. “I guess that means it’s diapers for you. Lay down on the bed.”

Jess complied laying down on her back. Her mom pulled off the Goodnites leaving Jess completely naked lying face up with her legs in the air. Her position had her unknowingly facing the hidden camera causing a wide grin on Grace’s face as she realized that the camera was catching Jess in such a revealing position. Jess was forced to lay there as her mom left the room and brought in a big bag with her name JESSICA decorated on the front. Her mom opened the bag and pulled out a baby diaper that had colorful ponies and unicorns on them. Her mom masterfully placed the diaper under Jess’s bottom, pulled out a baby wipe and wiped every possible crevice from her butthole to her vagina and urethra opening, powdered Jess’s bottom and pussy with baby powder, and taped the diaper together finishing in a meer minute.

“Alright, you’re good to go for the day,” her mom said helping Jessica stand up.

“For the day? What do you mean? I still have to get dressed,” Jess said.

“You are dressed. You certainly don’t need a bra to cover those small breasts and babies don’t need to wear shirts or pants especially with that diaper on you,” her mom explained.

“I can’t walk around in just a diaper!” Jess cried. “My friends were going to come over and I was going to go out. I can’t be seen in just a diaper.”

“Look, I have to go to work. You are to remain in that diaper. Your sister is in charge. If you need a change, ask her. If you want to invite your friends over, that’s fine. This is part of your life now no need to hide it or be embarrassed about it. And if she wants to, Grace can invite her friends over too. I see no reason to change your plans for the day just because you can’t go to the bathroom like an adult,” her mom said.

Grace grinned. She couldn’t believe all of this was being captured on camera and not only that but now she was in charge of her older sister. Oh the things she was thinking about.

As soon as their mom left, Grace collected the hidden camera and started editing everything together. Jess’s debut was about to be published for everyone to see as Grace compiled a slideshow of the wet sheets, Jess’s bare secret, Jess in her Goodnites and being changed into her diaper. And even the little comment at the end. ‘I see no reason to change your plans for the day just because you can’t go to the bathroom like an adult’. Everything was perfect. Grace waited for the file to process and then hit the upload button sharing it all over the internet; on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pornhub, 4Chan, Reddit, everywhere. By the next 10 minutes, everyone would know Jess’s embarrassing little secret. Grace even posted the address for people to come over to see for themselves.

It took about 20 minutes after the video was uploaded before there was a doorbell ring.

“Go answer the door, Jess,” Grace ordered.

“What? Why do I have to?” Jess asker.

“Because you’re older and it could be someone with a gun,” Grace said nonchalantly.

Jess sighed and opened the door as little as she could peeking her head out. Her eyes widened as she saw a whole line of cars in the driveway and a bunch of her classmates as well as her sister’s classmates at the door. “Um, can I help you?” Jess asked.

Before anyone said a word, one of the college guys pushed the door wide open to reveal Jess standing there in nothing but her diaper. Everyone burst out laughing. “Oh my god, so it’s true! Jess wears diapers! Jess wears diapers! Jess wears diapers! Jess wears diapers!”

Everyone began to chant loudly for everyone to hear. Jess cried out as she tried to cover herself from everyone but it was too late. If that wasn’t bad enough she began to pee herself from the sheer embarrassment of being caught in only a diaper in front of her classmates and more.

Everyone laughed louder as they noticed this. “Jess went peepee! Jess went peepee! Aw the baby wet herself! Wow, she really is a baby!”

Grace finally approached from behind. “Sorry for my sister’s rude manners. Please come in everybody,” Grace said with a smile.

She then leaned over and whispered. “You know what you have to do to get me to change that diaper of yours. I wouldn’t wait too long or else you’ll get a rash and that’ll be even more embarrassing for you.”

Jess paled knowing what Grace was talking about. She whispered back. “Can you please change my diaper?”

“What? I can’t hear you, Jess. Speak up loud and clear,” Grace said pretending like she couldn’t hear Jess speaking.

“Can you please change my diaper?” Jess hissed a little louder.

“Sorry, I still can’t hear you!” Grace yelled.

“CAN YOU PLEASE CHANGE MY DIAPER!” Jess yelled at the top of her voice.

Her eyes widened and her hands found her mouth as she instantly regretted shouting as now everyone including the people in the back of the crowd who hadn’t noticed Jess’s accident now knew exactly what had happened. It was then everyone decided to file in and make a huge circle around Jess to make sure they didn’t miss a second of her humiliation.

Grace smiled. “Of course, let me go get the supplies lie down on the floor in the middle of the circle everyone has formed. If you don’t cooperate I’ll have to spank you in front of them.”

Jess gulped but nodded as she laid down in front of everyone with her wet diaper clearly visible.

Grace returned with the supplies; a clean diaper with the same decorations, baby wipes, baby powder, and a rectal thermometer. Grace then ripped off the tapes on Jess’s diaper causing a loud rip as she removed Jess’s wet diaper and began to wipe every inch of Jess’s bottom and bare pussy. She made sure to lift Jess’s legs high in the air spreading them nice and wide for all to see as she did. Then she began to rub a gel like substance on Jess’s exposed anus.

“What are you doing?!” Jess cried as she tried to clench her butt cheeks but it was no use.

“I’m taking your temperature silly. I need to make sure you’re nice and healthy,” Grace replied.

“Can’t I just bend over at least?!” Jess cried out as she felt her anus opening up even more as all eyes were on her.

“I think it’ll just be easier for me to pin your legs above your head so you don’t move around and make sure everyone can get a nice look at this plump bottom of yours,” Grace grinned as she proceeded to push Jess’s legs all the way back so that her feet were at her ears, her bottom high in the air, and not a shred of modesty left over.

Grace then stuck the rectal thermometer into Jess’s anus holding her in her position and pretended to check her watch. It seemed much longer than necessary before as Jess laid there on display as Grace finally took the thermometer out and checked it. “Looks like everything is normal,” she said. “Well except for the fact that you’re 19 almost 20 and still wetting yourself like a baby.”

Everyone snickered at that comment making Jess blush in shame. Grace proceeded to place the new diaper under Jess’s bottom, put a generous amount of baby powder, and taped Jess’s diaper nice and tight. She then pulled out a calendar and a pack of stickers. “Let’s see this calendar needs to be updated. A frowny face for yesterday, two frowny faces for today,” Grace said loudly before showing everyone the calendar making everyone burst into laughter again.

“What? What is that?” Jess demanded.

“It’s your potty calendar silly, you get a frowny face for days you wet yourself and smiley faces for days you don’t. It doesn’t look good for you, right now, Jess,” Grace said as she showed Jess the calendar.

Jess’s eyes widened as she flipped through the calendar. The whole year was covered in frowny faces up until the current date. There were maybe 2 smiley faces for the whole year. It made it seem like Jess had wet herself more than just that one night a closer look at the calendar made Jess’s eyes widen even more. The pictures for each month were all of Jess in her diapers, Goodnites, and even some of her being changed by her mom.

“No way. That’s not possible. I haven’t wet myself all these days, and where did you get these pictures from?” Jess asked trying not to cry again.

“Oh I have all sorts of pictures of you, and not just those ones. I have a video to show you, Jess. You think you’ve been so secretive, well take a look at this,” Grace said with a smile as she turned on the tv where the video was set up.

Jess watched as the video began to play. “Little Jess has a secret to tell you all,” Grace’s voice said as the video started to play. “She acts all tough. She pretends to be a big girl, but we all know like a baby she will bawl. It’s time to tell you all for I’ve really had enough. But let’s not just tell you, for I can do one better and show you everything.”

Then a slideshow began with pictures and compiled clips. First was a picture of Jess standing in her Goodnites, then a picture of her in her wet Goodnites, then a series of images of soaked sheets from the previous days. There was a picture of Jess standing completely naked with her hands behind her back, her pussy completely bare and no sign of any hair ever existing, then a clip of her mom changing her diaper, then a clip of Jess wetting, and it all ended with her mom’s comment and then a picture of Jess standing there in nothing but her diaper before the video faded to black.

Jess’s jaw dropped not able to speak as everyone cheered and applauded as if they had just seen a spectacular movie.

“You’re a star, Jess. And everyone knows your little secret now. How does it feel to fall? How does it feel to be so embarrassed and humiliated you can’t even look these people in the eyes?” Grace asked.

Jess couldn’t say a word as everyone continued to tease her and laugh at her. Then Jess started to think. She finally remembered what she had done to Grace. And then she realized the truth. “It was you,” Jess said all of a sudden.

“Excuse me?” Grace asked.

“It was you who made me wet the bed, wasn’t it?” Jess demanded.

Grace snickered and smiled. “Maybe at first it was, but today, last night, I did absolutely nothing. That was all you, little Jess. You can blame me all you want, but nothing will change now that you’re just a baby stuck in an adult’s body.”

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