It feels a bit silly to ask this question in particular, but in my Agent: DARK story how different does The Host think and act in comparison to normal Amazons?

I’m just curious, and on that topic, the Host is supposed to be fundamentally different from the vast majority of Amazons, specifically that he acts like a 100% completely normal person from our world with his head screwed on right instead of…well, an Amazon who just babies Littles and is always willing to scoop their poop off their butts. And this is completely intentional, but did I do this right?

But since I’m not into reading most DD stories, (as most in the genre I find difficult to get into), I have to wonder if he’s really that different from the rest of his kind? As in Chapter 10 of Agent: DARK (coming June 17th!) these differences are put into sharp focus. And I’m willing to put in suggestions.