It always seems to happen to my dad's family...


Here in Ohio, there was an incident in a town just outside of Akron where a woman was going around, driving with a loaded shotgun, and threatening people with it. That woman, sadly is my Aunt.

It always seems to happen with my dad’s family. I am not kidding. My aunt’s son is a registered sex offender, and her daughter is a known drunk, and has been on COPS.

If anyone wants to see the article, send me a PM. I am not kidding about this. I prefer not to post it here, cause of family privacy reasons. Send me a PM, and I’ll send the article.


It always seems to happen to my dad’s family…

I am sorry to hear that, Chris!! I hope your aunt can get some help & I will pray for you & your family!!

It always seems to happen to my dad’s family…

Yeah, the only thing that my Uncle really did was bring down the weight of the SWAT team (at least, that’s who I’m assuming they were. They all seemed heavily armed and armored as they quietly stalked around outside in the dark) on the house he was living (and supposedly manufacturing and selling drugs out of)