I got bored and decided to write a little, this is the result. Enjoy

They gave me this journal so I could practice my writing, that’s what the note said on it, I never actually see them. I guess it’s working because I’m doing it, but honestly it’s only because I’m tired of reading all the books, that’s all I ever do. I don’t like this new place, it’s got a big mirror in the main room that reflects everything, I guess it’s supposed to be an illusion or something, like the room is bigger. This is the third move this year, I have no idea why, then again I never know what’s going on because I’m stuck here. The only good news is they switched back to the old thicker garments, those new ones were so uncomfortable, and impractical.

I want to get out of here. My entire world has always been a room, I want more, I want out. I can’t say this out loud though so I’m writing it here, if I did they wouldn’t be happy. The old garments are so much nicer, never have trouble with them holding. I can’t believe that’s all I have to write about. Maybe more next time, for now some sleep.

I got a few new books! When I woke up they were laying on the center table, I spent the whole morning reading them, planning on re-reading tomorrow or maybe this afternoon, I haven’t decided. Some of them had the covers ripped off, and like the others there was a black bar on the one with covers that was blacking out some text or something under the title. They switched back to the thin garments again so I’m saving the older ones for when I’m busy and don’t want to be distracted.

One of the lights went out today, so it’s a little darker in here than usual, still bright enough to read and write. I re-read the books again, it’s so nice to have some fresh to do, I wish they’d give me more books. One of the books mentioned something called a television, I’d never heard of it so I looked up in the big book. Some kind of made up box that shows a moving picture. I wish I had one of those, it’d be a nice change of pace from the books.

Fixed the light today, there was a new bulb on the table when I woke up. I have no idea how these thing get in here but for some reason it kind of unnerves me. There was also a pack of the old garments next to the bulb, don’t think they’ve switched back though because they resupplied the changing room with new ones so I guess I’ll be saving these too.
Finally found you, could’ve sworn I left you on the table a few days ago before I went to bed. Oh well not that it matter now. Not much has changed, no new books and still the new garments.

I woke up in the night. I don’t know why, maybe it was because my garment was wet, but there is something weird going on with the mirror. It was glowing kind of. I want to cover it up but the bed sheets are too small. I want out of here.

There was some new food on the table this morning, really sweet tasting. I wish I could get more of it, I saved a little bit for tomorrow. There was also some more of the bubbling drink, I wore an old garment when I drank it because it goes through me quick and I didn’t want to risk wearing a new one. I stayed up a little later last night to see if the mirror glowed again, it didn’t. Guess I’m just paranoid.

New book! There was a new word on this book that hadn’t seen before, “isolation”. I don’t know what it means so I tried to find it in the old book, but it wasn’t in there. Maybe it’s just some made up word but the way it was used… it is making me think. I really want to learn the new word. I’ve re-read the book a few times, I even wore an old garment so I wouldn’t need a break. It bothers me that I don’t know what it means

The book is gone. I’ve looked absolutely everywhere and it’s like it vanished. I remember reading it until I couldn’t keep my eyes open then I laid it on the bed table. When I woke up it was gone. I’m probably going to end up spending most of the day looking for it.

The book is gone but I’m not done thinking about the word. I’ve practically dedicated myself to looking for any words like this one in the other books, I have enough old garments to last me for a while.

The old garments are gone. At first I thought I had misplaced them with the new ones but they’re gone. I’m still searching through the books but it’s a lot more annoying having to take breaks to switch garments so often.

The search isn’t proving fruitful, I can hardly even find a word similar to the one in the book. I’m starting to lose hope.

I’m scared. I woke up in the middle of the night again. The first thing I noticed was that the mirror was glowing again, the second was something else. I don’t know what happened but there was something in the room. I didn’t see it but I heard something drop and when I tried to turn on the lights they wouldn’t work. Then I heard a slam and the light came on a second later. There was a new book on the table. I’m almost too scared to read it. I want out of here.

I’m done looking for the word, I have a bigger problem. I want out, and I’m going to get out. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried and probably won’t be the last but I have too. This place is new, maybe I can find a way.

No progress on getting out, this place is sealed up tight. Maybe I’m wasting my time.

Isolate: To be or remain alone from others. That’s what it means! I read the book today. About halfway through I found a note it wasn’t the handwriting like the books and other notes it was more curvy like mine it had the definition just like it would be in the old book. The note said I should put my journal under my pillow and on the back it said “I’m going to get you out, just act normal,” wanted to scream. But I can’t according to the note, “act normal”. I don’t want to mess up so writing this is the only way I can even begin to let some of this out. I can’t believe it! I don’t when or how but I’m getting out! I put the book on the self and I have to keep myself from going over to read the note again and again. I’m in absolute shock I can’t believe this is happening!

It’s been a few days since I got the note, nothing has happened so far. I keep thinking about that word though isolate or isolation whichever, and it’s me. Was I not supposed to know that? It must be why they took the book away. I don’t understand why they would try to hide that from me. None of this makes sense but I don’t want to be isolated anymore, I want out. I hope it happens soon.

Re: Isolated

Jugging by the location,is it safe to assume this is all there shall be?