Isolated Mk. 2 first few chapters

This is the story of a girl named Amy. At a glance she is like any other thirteen year old girl - crushes on boys and the like - but underneath there is something else: something different…

It was the first day of a brand new school. ‘A clean slate at last,’ thought Amy. In her last school she had been bullied relentlessly, and all because of a secret, and a lost friend. Laura used to be her best friend, but then she started to distance herself from Amy, and they inevitably fell out. Laura was the only one who knew Amy was a diaper lover - this was the whole reason Laura distanced herself from Amy - and when they fell out, the inevitable happened: Laura gossiped. Amy was then subject to torment from everyone. She lost all her remaining friends, who decided she was ‘sick’ and became depressed. She had seen therapists, psychologists and social workers, but nothing had worked. She was talked out of suicide by her mother and she bunked off school. The school started asking questions, her truancy surfaced, and all of the torment was revealed.

But today that could change. Amy had moved across the city to a brand new school. Yes, she knew nobody, but at least they didn’t know about her being a diaper lover, and that was much better than her old school. As she walked towards the bland, seventies style main building to see the head teacher about her class and lessons, she smiled. In her eyes, concrete had never looked so beautiful. Her crystal blue eyes glistened as she looked towards the entrance - her light at the end of the tunnel.

Her first day went by pretty uneventfully. The lessons weren’t great but Amy enjoyed them nonetheless - she was smarter than most of the other people in her class and she felt comfortable with her surroundings. She made friends with another girl who had moved school because of bullying and quickly got to know her.

When she arrived home she had a spring in her step; everything had gone so well on her first day that she found herself already distancing herself from the horror and loneliness the past had cursed her with. Unfortunately, that wasn’t so. Just a few hours later, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She had a text from Laura. It read:
‘Don’t think you’re getting away this easily.’
Amy couldn’t believe it. Laura was going to try to ruin her life - again. She panicked. If Laura knew someone in her school and told them about her secret, she would be completely screwed. She went to bed to try and get some sleep, but she didn’t get any. She was sick with fear.

Amy got out of bed after a sleepless night to the sound of her parents arguing downstairs. They had been at it for months and Amy was worried that they could get divorced. Things had always been rocky between her mum and dad - her dad got her mum pregnant, so they got married. They knew, and Amy knew, they would fall apart eventually, but now it was happening, Amy was scared. Her parents’ future was so uncertain which was not what she needed with the threat from Laura looming over her head.

Amy met up with her new friend Fay on the way to school. When Amy asked her why she was bullied, Fay avoided an answer and just stuttered, ‘I… I… was… um… There was no real reason,’ she said eventually. Amy knew she was lying but Fay clearly didn’t want her to know the real reason, and Amy was fine with that. Fay was quiet for the rest of the way, at some points looking even on the verge of crying.

As the school term progressed there was still no mention of Amy being a diaper lover, and she decided that Laura’s threat was empty. Her and Fay became inseparable friends, and Amy let her guard down. On the way home one night, Laura texted her again. This time, the message simply said: ‘20 Days.’
Amy knew precisely what she meant. The implications hit her like a ton of bricks, as she gawped for a moment, lost in her own despair. Laura was going to make her suffer by telling her how long before she let out her secret! ‘I can’t panic,’ she thought. ‘All I’ll do is get Fay worried, and I’m staying at her’s tonight. I can’t let this ruin our sleepover!’

By the time Amy and Fay got to Fay’s house, Amy’s mum had already dropped off her clothes. She was unpacking her stuff in Fay’s room when she saw a glimpse of something at the bottom of her bag and she froze: her mum had put a diaper in with her stuff. There was a note attached which read: ‘if you want a diaper at some point, it is here.’ Amy was furious. If Fay saw this she probably wouldn’t want to be her friend anymore. ‘I’ll just have to keep it hidden in my bag,’ she thought. She hid it in a side pocket and zipped it away.

Amy had a great evening with Fay. They went outside and went on Fay’s trampoline and had a great barbecue dinner cooked by Fay’s dad - sausages, burgers and chicken kebabs - some of Amy’s favorite foods. By the time it got to 10PM the girls were exhausted, having been active all evening, while guzzling sweets and chocolate and messing about in the garden. Amy dragged her stuff up to Fay’s room and pulled her pajamas out of her bag onto her bed. She had a shower, and finished it to the loud banging on the door made by Fay, who had been waiting to go in for twenty minutes. While Fay was in the shower and Amy was getting changed, Amy dropped her pajama top under Fay’s bed. As she bent down under the bed to pick it up, she saw something that made her jaw drop.

Under Fay’s bed lay a box of diapers.

Amy was surprised to say the least. Why would Fay have a box of disposable diapers under her bed? ‘Maybe,’ thought Amy,‘She is like me!’ the thought of finding another diaper lover was brilliant, but she told herself not to get her hopes up - maybe Fay just wets the bed, she pondered. Faced with a puzzle about what she should do, she decided to lie down In bed for a little while until Fay came out of the shower to give herself time to decide whether to talk to her about it or keep quiet. It’s probably best, considering my situation as well as hers, to ask her about it, we’d be even better friends if she was a diaper lover like me, Amy thought. She sat down on her bed and waited for Fay, considering what to say to her when she came out of the shower.

Amy heard the bathroom door open down the hallway. A refreshed Fay walked in through the door, wearing bugs bunny pajama bottoms and a bra. Here goes, thought Amy.
‘Fay, can you come over here a moment? I need to talk to you.’
‘What is it?’ said Fay, a worried look setting into her face.
Amy took a deep breath, and then said gently, ‘Why is there a box of diapers under your bed? I bent down to pick up my pajama top and I saw it.’
Fay immediately burst into tears, a look nigh on terror etched into her eyes. ‘Oh God! I never wanted anyone to find out!’
‘Fay, your secret is safe with me. Do you wet the bed? If you do it’s ok, I’m still your friend…’
‘No that isn’t it…’ Fay sobbed. ‘i’m a… a… an AB/DL.’
‘An AB/DL?’ said Amy, her heart racing and practically jumping for joy, as she tried to hide the expression of delight rapidly spreading across her.
Fay tried to explain. ‘an adult baby and…’
‘Diaper Lover.’ said Amy, finishing her sentence.
Fay gasped. ‘how do you…’
Amy smiled. ‘I am too.’
The look on Fay’s face was a mix of disbelief, surprise and joy. ‘I never thought I would find another AB/DL!’ she said, pulling Amy into a tight hug, while wearing a massive grin. A tear rolled down her face in relief to find someone else who felt the same way that she did.
‘Neither did I!’ Amy exclaimed, returning the favor. She still couldn’t believe she was so lucky; in the past she had never had the good luck and this was a VERY welcome change. This brought her and Fay into a much closer friendship, on a level they never could have got to before. She completely forgot about Laura and the threat to spread that she was a diaper lover; she was in one of the happiest moments of her life. She knew that Fay was a better friend then Laura could ever be or had been, and that Fay had something Laura didn’t: loyalty. Laura abandoned her friends if she would make a personal gain: Fay would stick by her friends no matter what, Amy had no doubt about that.
‘We should probably get some sleep,’ said Fay. ‘I need some time to calm down!’
‘Heheheh. Same here,’ agreed Amy. ‘See you in the morning!’

The next morning, Amy woke up around 7AM, feeling refreshed. Fay lay asleep in the other bed, snoring slightly, which Amy found highly amusing. ‘Thank goodness I found her,’ thought Amy. ‘I don’t know how I could end up eventually without someone like me there to support me.’ As she looked over to Fay again, she noticed something surprising - She had a wet patch on her pajama bottoms, which could only mean one thing: she had wet the bed. ’ I know shock can sometimes make someone wet the bed, maybe last night was a bit too much for her, or maybe she did wet the bed but decided not to tell me.’ mumbled Amy under her breath. Either way, Fay was going to be upset and embarrassed when she woke up and Amy made a mental note to try and comfort her when she woke up, however she was hurt that Fay had not told her, despite her assurances that she didn’t mind.
When Fay did wake up at around 9, and saw what had happened during the night she was, as Amy predicted, embarrassed and upset about what happened. Fay tried to hide it, but Amy knew already and told her not to worry, but to tell her if she wet her bed regularly. ‘Not everyday, just a few times a week. I usually wear a diaper to bed, but I was so excited last night I forgot. Even though I love diapers, I absolutely hate wetting the bed. It is horrible to wake up in the morning to find yourself bathing in your own urine,’ Fay explained. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.’
‘Don’t worry about it, but in future please tell me these things.’ Amy said comfortingly. ‘As I told you last night, I honestly will not judge you.’
‘OK, I wish all my old friends were as good as you…’ Fay replied, making Amy smile.

Later that day, Amy got a phone call from her mum. ‘Amy, Dad and I need to go away for a couple of days to a friend’s funeral. Can you stay at Fay’s house until Monday? We’ll drop you off some more clothes.’
Amy was delighted and so was Fay, despite the fact it was because of a funeral. ‘This is going to be great!’ exclaimed Amy. ‘What should we do?’
‘How about we go to barringtons? I heard they are having a sale and it ends today!’
‘Yea, sure!’ said Amy. Just then, her phone vibrated. There was a text from Laura. It said:
‘Nineteen.’ Even so, Amy felt odd, almost uncaring about the situation with Laura. She snapped her phone shut and turned it off, she wasn’t going to let Laura spoil her weekend.

‘I still can’t believe she left because of me.’
‘Well, she never did have the courage to take a little stick.’
‘I sent her another text. She’s probably wetting her pants scared…’

Amy and Fay walked through barrington’s, with 3 bags of brand new clothes. ‘We spent WAY to much money today,’ laughed Amy.
‘Yeah. I spent three months allowance!’ Fay said, chuckling.
Amy had barely thought about the text Laura had sent her that morning - all she had decided was that Laura was serious about letting her secret out, and she couldn’t think of a way to stop her, but she wasn’t going to let that ruin her weekend at Fay’s house. Anyway, she would still be Fay’s friend no matter what judging on the events of the last 24 hours, and she would make it much easier to cope with then it was in her old school.

Fay and Amy were still laughing about how much they had spent when they got back to Fay’s house. Amy had spent £50 on a single pair of jeans and Fay spent over 150 pounds overall! Once they had put their bags upstairs, they went into the kitchen for their lunch: bacon sandwiches. While they were eating, Fay decided to make a bold venture. ‘Amy…’ She said slowly,‘how did you get into diapers?’
Amy stopped eating and thought for a moment, and then started.
‘The first time I felt these feelings was when I was 6. I had a 4 year old cousin (now 11) who was wetting the bed heavily and wore diapers for it. I never thought anything of it until one night we stayed at theirs because we had building work being done on our house. I went to the bathroom to have a shower before bed, and I saw one of his diapers sitting on a shelf. I was curious, so I decided to put it on. I remember liking the feeling, but telling myself that diapers were for babies and blotting it out of my mind. I didn’t get any less curious and when I was 9 I went out and bought a pack of pampers size 6 diapers from the supermarket. I didn’t hide them well, and my mum found them a couple of days later. I was lucky - my mum and dad were understanding. They decided to buy me some diapers occasionally on the condition I did not allow them to interrupt with things like school - which it didn’t. I remember the rules they laid down clearly - ‘evenings and night time only during the week, any amount you want on weekends. No pooping and keep the wetting to a minimum!’ The secret got out around january this year - after I told my ex-best friend, she didn’t want to hang around with me anymore, and then we fell out. Basically, she thought i was cheating with her boyfriend. I wasn’t, but the damage was done. By the end of the week I was the butt of all the jokes: bottom of the food chain. It got so bad I moved schools - and you know it from there.’
‘Wow,’ said Fay,‘that sounds awful!’
‘it was. And I hope It is over now. I’m so glad to get a fresh start after all of this time.’
‘same here!’ agreed Fay.

Having been thoroughly tired out by the day’s fun, the girls went to bed early. Around 9PM, Amy whispered:
‘What is it, Amy?’
‘Do you mind if I get the diaper I bought from my bag?’
‘Go for it. Why did you bring one?’
‘My mum packed it.’
Fay laughed. ‘Okay.’
Amy dug the diaper out of her bag, and pulled off her pajamas. She then expertly slipped the diaper under her bottom and taped it around her waist. She instantly felt better - she felt so secure and happy when she wore diapers, but she hadn’t wet one in a while; the last time she tried the diaper leaked all over her mattress and sheets. As for mess, she had never tried that, and did not intend to.
‘Now we’re both diapered,’ chuckled Fay.
‘Yeah.’ smiled Amy.
‘Amy, why haven’t you put your pajamas back on? They’re just lying at the end of your bed.’
‘Whenever I wear diapers in bed I always sweat a lot!’ explained Amy.
‘OK,’ Fay laughed.
‘By the way,’ Amy said, ‘Does your mum let you wet your diapers for fun?’
‘No. She says I get through way too many diapers as it is. She says that if my wetting problem gets better then she might reconsider.’
‘Okay then - I guess I’ll be keeping this diaper dry then.’ Amy sighed.

The next morning, Amy woke up at 8AM to the sound of birds and Fay sleeping soundly. She got up and went to the bathroom to take off her diaper and relieve her bladder, keeping to Fay’s mum’s rules on wetting but the sound of the toilet flush caused Fay to stir. As she woke she looked down sleepily to see a soaked diaper. She groaned, then pulled it off and tossed it in the bin next to her bed.
‘You wet again?’ asked Amy.
‘Yes.’ came the reply from Fay. ‘It is so frustrating to wake up feeling good and refreshed, only to look down and see a wet diaper. I’m fed up of it.’
‘Don’t worry Fay, I’m sure it will stop eventually.’ Said Amy, comfortingly.
‘I guess.’
Amy went over to the cupboard, and saw she had an unread text. It was again from Laura. It read:

‘She hasn’t replied.’
‘Did you expect her to rise to it?’
‘I guess not.’
‘Exactly. You must be patient…’

‘Wake up Amy! We need to get ready for school or we’ll be late!’ said Fay, urgently.
‘uuuuuuhhhhhhhrrrrrrfff.’ Came Amy’s reply. ‘I’m not feeling so great… I think I’m going to need a bucket…’
Fay rushed to the bathroom and grabbed a bucket. She then ran back to her room and gave it to Amy, who promptly threw up last night’s dinner into it. ‘I’ll go tell my mum that you aren’t well, ok?’ Fay said.
‘Right, yeah…’ Said Amy. She looked as if she had gone days without sleep, and her normally pretty blue eyes portrayed a look of exhaustion across her face. She could barely move because of the illness she had developed overnight and she was already fed up. To make things worse, if Fay’s mum came up to see her she would see Amy was wearing nothing but the diaper she had put on the night before. Luckily, Fay just had to show her mum the sick in the bucket for her to realize Amy was in no fit state to go to school. Fay’s mum made sure Fay was off to school before coming upstairs to get to know Amy, who had managed to get a bra and pajama bottoms on to cover the diaper, and to bring her a glass of water. They chattered for a little while until Fay’s mum had to go to work, at which point Fay’s dad got home so Amy wasn’t left alone.

Amy was still lying in bed around midday when she began to feel the need to pee. She tried to get up, only to find she could barely move her aching muscles. Using the wall as a support, she began to slowly inch towards the bathroom. She felt the urge to go more and more but did not want to wet the diaper when Fay’s dad was just downstairs. She couldn’t get to the bathroom in time, and gasped as she lost control of her bladder. However much she loved the feeling of a warm wet diaper and however many times she had wet them before, this was the first time she had ended up losing control of her bladder and felt like a complete and utter baby, standing in Fay’s room in just pajama bottoms and a soaked diaper. She had not managed to do her bra properly and it had fallen off. She hobbled back to bed and festered in her urine and her private humiliation.

Around 1PM Amy dozed off. She dreamed she was standing in a great white expanse, wearing a soaked, soiled diaper and she could hear laughter. There were shadows everywhere, and it was almost as if it was the shadows laughing. She passed it off as a bad dream and promptly forgot about it. By the time she woke up Fay was home. Amy still couldn’t barely move from the stiffness in her muscles, but made sure the soaked diaper and her bare breasts were hidden from view. Fay came and sat on the end of Amy’s bed and talked about what happened that day. Amy was lucky - she had missed three pieces of homework. Fay talked about how Mr. Coleman had given her a 1000 word essay because she didn’t have her PE kit, which made Amy laugh, but Fay looked hurt so she promptly stopped and apologized.

When Amy’s parents arrived to pick her up and saw the state she was in they decided she was in no fit state to come home right now and would have to stay at Fay’s house until she could walk properly again. Amy was delighted but knew that it wouldn’t be very interesting lying in bed all day, which dampened her mood. She was however, feeling more sprightly later on, and although she didn’t eat dinner her muscles weren’t stiff anymore, which meant she could change her diaper and pajamas for that night thanks to one of three fresh diapers which her parents had given her.

By the next morning she felt even worse. She could not move at all and was stuck in bed wearing a diaper again. She had been holding in her poop for a day and a half now and realized at some point today she would have to use the diaper. Fay’s mother and father knew her situation now at least, as Fay had explained it all to them. It was just before Fay arrived back from school that Amy pooped. She had wet earlier in the day already, but pooping was much harder. When it did come out it was very soft and squishy up against her butt, which she liked, but was practically crying at - she felt like she couldn’t control herself. Once Fay got home she smelt Amy’s poop immediately. ‘Amy, it smells like you did a big load!’ She exclaimed.
‘I can’t change it because my muscles have all stiffened, meaning I can’t even move!’ Amy said, sobbing.
‘I’ll change you,’ Offered Fay.
Amy smiled. ‘Ok.’
Fay gently lifted Amy down onto the floor before going up to the attic and grabbing an old tablecloth to use as a changing mat. Amy couldn’t help but giggle as Fay untaped her diaper and wiped her private parts with some damp tissues, before strapping her into a fresh diaper. With great effort Fay lifted her back into bed and Amy thanked her. By late that evening Amy was walking around again and could return home.

Once she at last got back to her own house, she got changed into some fresh clothes and hung out with the kids who lived on her street for a while before coming inside and doing her homework, An essay on the American Civil War, until dinner. She had spaghetti meatballs - her favourite - followed by chocolate ice cream for desert. After dinner she finished her homework before putting on a diaper like she usually did at night and went off to sleep. However, she noticed a two texts come through on her phone.


‘hey amy its fay, i kinda enjoyed changin u earlier, maybe we shud change each other more often? cya at skool tomoro :)’

Re: Isolated Mk. 2 first few chapters

Ok what i have to say may come across asa bit harsh but its meant to help you and not discourage you. Anyway this is what i think of your story.

you use inevitable to much in your second paragraph, you should change it up a bit. it would make the story flow a bit better. try not to use the same word to much, a thesarus is your best friend.

you just glance over her first day in school calling it uneventfull, which in my experience in moving schools is far from uneventfull. theres is alot of emotion going on, you really should have expanded more on this. Also in the next paragraph she seems very happy with how her first day went, which i dont think would have been the case if her day had of been uneventfull, and also you glance over when laura texts her. i think you could have done some nice character development here.

Why would her mom give her a diaper to wear? the whole reason that they moved schools was because she was bullied when she told her best friend she was a diaper lover. Her mother would definately be encouraging her to keep that part of her a secret.

Fay being an abdl is a bit to conveniant i think you should have gone down the whole bed wetting road and then have it progress. also if i got caught with diapers i would definately lie about being an abdl and go with the bed wetter thing, i think that is far mor socially acceptable than being an abdl.

Also she makes huge assumptions about fay, how does she know that fay is loyal?

I dont see them going to sleep right after they find out they are both ab/dl’s there would be a lot of talking about that. also its a sleep over, who actually sleeps at a sleep over?

Ok her parents wouldnt leave her in her friends house if she was sick, if she was so sick she would be taken to a doctor or something.

it gets a bit confusing to with the texting. like laura and fay both text her and then theres a conversation, but you dont know if its laura or fay, and im guessing that fay is going to be betraying amy but still its confusing

The whole coma thing not plausable. they wouldnt have her in a coma if she was on the way to making a full recovery

Also amys reaction after they find out that fay will be ok feels wrong. like she completely forgets that fays mom has just died and that fay is still in a bad way. shed have to have been severley hurt to be in a medicaly enduced coma.

Her father would not be made wait in the waiting room, he would be alowed in the room unless they were doing a procedure on fay

They would not be having a sleep over so soon, fay would not be up for it. look i get you wanted to cause tension in the story by having fay near death but you dont follow up on it well. it would have worked much better if fay was fine and her mom was in the coma, then i could see her getting out and still being up for the sleep over because she wanted something to take her mind off of the car accident, but having her released on the same day as being in a medicly endused coma is so un plausable.

Over all this has a good idea but its not well implimented. your characters seem one dimensional, amy and fay seem to be the same person the only way i can tell them apart is by there names. you need to put some serious work into them.

The story flows way to fast, there is no build up to tension, i could not connect with the story, or feel for the characters because things just keep happening to them and you dont show us how they are feeling.

The dialogue is unrealistic and to conveniant.

So over all im not happy with this story. it has some good ideas, but it feels like you rushed it. Slow down and take your time. Its very easily salvaged though, keep writing and reading. The only way you will get better is by reading other peoples work and seeing what works and by writing your own stuff and seeing what works.

Anyway i hope this helps