Is Network54 gone?

It automatically directs me to tapatalk.

It looks like the network 54 got moved to tapatalk? I have an old (REALLLYY) old story- like from 2004- bookmarked and the story itself still showed up, but on tapatalk, so it looks like the posts from the old net 54 are still there.

The forum is still there, it just is under tapatalk rather than Network54.

So I can just login there and my account would still be there? I just tried and it said it didn’t exist. Oh well I guess I will consider my forum gone I kept private and only kept my stuff on for back up which I never used anymore because I use One Drive now.

It’s possible your account was removed if you never got the email telling you about the purchase and how to reset your password.

Oh, they turned it into a paysite now like they did with photobucket.