Is anyone besides myself using the Telegram integration?

I know @penguin was using it as she was the one who originally installed the plug-in for it but I’m planning to turn it off if no one else is using it as I discovered it’s causing some issues with the notifications on my account.

If people are using it, I’ll keep it for now, but if no one else is using it I actually have better alternatives as an admin. :slight_smile:

Don’t think penguin ever formally announced we had it. I vaugely recall her mentioning it to the old chat crew, but i might be missremembering

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if she never got around to mentioning it on the forums…

Incidentally, there is actually two integrations. I was just made aware that there is an abdlstoryforum group on Telegram that gets notices about announcements same as the Discord server!

Apparently she made it and added me to the group and never told me, and I had apparently muted the group somehow so I wasn’t getting those messages.

Looks like at some point she also was going to use the Slack integration for the moderators group messages… no idea what the fuck was up with that one because I didn’t even know the Slack workspace existed until this past Monday…

I just realized what @Penguin was doing!

She was trying to use only official plugins to try and work around the fact that because we’re self-hosted instead of using Discourse’s hosting we don’t get real time push notifications in the DisouruseHub app

That also explains why there were dozens of webhooks that seemed to do nothing! She was trying to use the web hooks to integrate and notifications for all users!

Well mystery solved then, no talking dogs., required


Also, went ahead and killed the telegram integration that sent personal notifications as chat messages on Telegram to see if it fixes the issue with my notifications being automatically marked as read.

Sounds like a bunch of us wouldn’t miss it then. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I seen this post.