Is Ageplay Related with Pedophilia?

I’ve struggling with this issue for a long time, and I would like to expose my opinion about Ageplay and Pedophilia. And I know that many people complete reject that idea that Pedophilia has anything to do with Ageplay.

Well, I think first of all we should define what does Pedophilia means? Many people only take in consideration the sexual attraction to children, but there is also a romantic-affective attraction.

A pedophile can, and many times indeed likes personality traits of a child, for example, her innocence, her childish way of being, her mental traits. In other words: Some times pedophilia is not related with a sexual attraction to the biological body of a child, but rather with an affective-romantic attraction by the childish physique.

I found very interesting the sexologist John Money opinion on this issue:

“Pedophilia is caused by a surplus of parental love that became erotic”

I’m think Ageplay in many points’ fits up within this description above. You are treating an adult person, that has a “childish physique”, as a little kid, you are dressing them, giving them a bath, brushing their teats, changing their diapers, cuddling them, and you love doing that. You love having conversations with them about “What is their favorite candy?”, or watching Powerpuff Girls, or just watching your adult baby girl making a cute drawing to Daddy… And this turns you on.

I mean, if what you love is the childish way of being… how does been attracted by a woman that has this “childish way” differs about being attracted by the childish physique, which most of times, is cute and innocent?

You love the innocence, the cuteness, pure way of seeing life, and most people loses this characteristic when they grow up, but not ageplayers. Ageplayers still maintain this characteristic.

And I believe that many people reject this resemblance between been a “Daddy in Ageplay” and Pedophilia because there is a great negative concept of pedophilia, because people don’t take in consideration the fact that a pedophile can really “love” a child.

Anyway, I would like to know your opinion about this subject.

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As thoughtful as your post may be, the title of the question and indeed all of your rhetoric can be answered very, very simply.

The big difference, the one difference that makes ageplay separated from pedophelia, the most important detail of all-

Consent goes beyond simply saying yes or no, agreeing to something or denying it. Consent requires a certain degree of cognizance that indicates a knowing and full understanding/grasp of what is happening in a situation.

Now…I personally don’t believe there is a set “defined” age in which one achieves adult-cognizance. I’ve known 30 year olds who are immature children, and I’ve known 14 year olds wise beyond their years. I, myself am 25 and while fairly intellectual, if I’m being honest with myself I have the emotional maturity of a preteen, maybe a high school student. I’ve made a lot of rash, terrible, irrational decisions without thinking them through at all, blindly jumping into things I knew nothing about. I’m 25 and I’m only just now beginning to fully grasp the concept of consent, and how utterly important it is.

This applies both ways of course, for the little and the caregiver. Ethically speaking of course, if you’re not at least 17 years old, I’m not touching you with a ten foot pole let alone become romantically involved. However, morally speaking, after the legality of age of consent, then comes the question “Are you really sure you can consent?”

Believe me when I say I’ve heard every tired ass line in the book. “I could totally be your daddy!” “I wanna keep you in diapers 24/7 and my little girl forever.” “I wanna be this way with you forever.” Or my personal favorites, and these days if these two phrases are ever uttered to me, I immediately lose ALL romantic interest in the party “I would never hurt you” and “I’m not going to abandon you.”

When it comes to something as intimate and emotionally distorting as being a little, when you -really- get into that little space and all the walls are coming down and you can be left so utterly defenseless, you need, and I repeat absolutely NEED to have enough cognizance and self-awareness of your emotions, your subconscious, and what you want before jumping into it, and you ALSO need to know that the other party is competent enough to handle those needs and it’s some idealistic sycophant looking to exploit you for his own personal turnons.

My little side is nonsexual, I find absolutely no arousal out of wearing diapers or being the little girl that I am. It’s a way for me to reconnect with a more innocent and care free time in my life, and if I go deep enough into my little headspace, I can in essence become as helpless as an actual child.

So is it related to pedophelia? In a way. It can be just as damaging. But the key thing to remember is that -before- you become engrossed in that headspace, you are in fact an adult and as an adult, need to make a well informed, consenting decision.

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While pedophilia may not necessarily manifest itself in a sexual attraction to children, it is an attraction to children nevertheless. Age play, on the other hand, is centered on an attraction to adults who exhibit childlike characteristics. No matter how childish a mode an adult enters or how accurately an adult mimics childlike characteristics, the adult remains an adult. For that reason, age play and pedophilia are quite dissimilar.

It also goes without saying that attempting to use sexual ageplay as a pretext to justify sex with actual children is disgusting beyond belief.

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Re: Is Ageplay Related with Pedophilia?

I would like to thank Purged_User very much to have approved this topic. And for being so comprehensive and allowed this debate. :slight_smile:

Well, first of all a agree with what you said, Ageplay is not only the “Daddy/Little Girl Relationship”, in fact there all sort of kind of Ageplay relations, many of them which not even includes an “adult figure”. I should have made clearer the kind of Ageplay I was referring to. About Ageplay not always being sexual, I also agree. To me, personally, I wouldn’t say that ageplay is directly sexual, I don’t have a desire of having sex with them during the Ageplay.

Now, the subject:

My major issue and the reason the leads me to believe that the “Daddy/Little Girl Relationship” has something to do with a romantic-affective pedophile attraction is that; let’s suppose that a man has a romantic-affective attraction by the “childish way” in general, but he doesn’t care with the physical characteristics, this doesn’t matter to him, could he be consider a pedophile?

I mean, if we forget the biological-sexual attraction and consider only the romantic-affective attraction, suddenly both concepts, doesn’t seem so different anymore.

If what a pedophile really loves is the childish mind, the childish innocent, I don’t see why he wouldn’t feel the same feelings for an Adult Baby/Little Girl, that also has these characteristics.

And I think the the same about an adult figure of Ageplay, if what a “Daddy” (Or any adult figure) in Ageplay, if what they love is the childish way… I don’t see why they wouldn’t feel the same feelings for an actual child.

As an Ageplayer, many of my feelings when I see an adult baby girl are similar with the feelings of when I see an actual little girl. I always loved women that had a cute and innocent way of being; I felt, I feel a great desire of protecting them, of playing with them, of make them feel safe, and so on… And I have to be honest; these actions in a weird kinda turns me on. But at the same I don’t have any desire of having any kind of sexual relation with them in this context. (And in the case of biological little girls, I don’t have any desire of having of sexual relation with them at all)

I am sorry, I truly intended don’t want to offend anyone here, maybe it’s just me that feel that way.

PS: Sorry for any grammar mistake that I may have made. And thank you everyone for being so nice.

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Dude, can you please stop with the random bolding if words and phrases? It’s distracting. I gave up reading both of your posts because of it.

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The point about consent is right on.

But let’s look at similar activities that might not have the same gut reaction as pedophilia. Consider someone who’s into BDSM, and has rape fantasies, or enjoys being beaten until bruised and bloody while screaming “No! Stop!”. Assuming prior consent is given by both parties roleplaying a rape scene or engaging in sensation play is a perfectly fine activity. Ideally there’s a safe word too, but if two consenting adults want to live dangerously and not use one, that’s up to them, even if I think it’s a bad idea. It’s not really something I’m interested in, but I don’t have a problem with it. And I don’t think those activities are legitimizing rape or assault and battery. It’s a fantasy, and as long as it’s done between consenting adults, it’s perfectly fine. And I don’t think anyone who does participates in such activities condones actual rape or assault. In fact, the BDSM community seems to be extremely aware of consent.

In my mind, ageplay is similar. Even if it’s sexual, it’s between consenting adults roleplaying a fantasy.

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First off I would like to thank the original poster for coming back. I first thought this might be a “strike-and-run” flamer (a well written one, mind you). So I stayed on the sidelines to see what would happen.

I can’t say I have anything to add to this debate other than to say I am glad to see how well done the points are in every post. But I will try to say what little I can.

I do agree with the consent point the most, while I do enjoy rape-play at times I cannot be attracted to the real thing, the idea doesn’t do anything for me. My interests in age play are largely based on controlling another human being in my age group, perhaps because I find myself most intimidated by them (I don’t know why I prefer a female victim since I feel more comfortable around women). This last point is a big one for me as I do treat different age groups differently on a subconscious level. I respect those who are older than me and treat them as my superiors/teachers/bosses. I treat my age group as equals but I am very wary of their judgement, because of these I don’t go out of my way to be polite but I try to be nice but distant at the same time. I consider them wildcards and threats even if they are objectively harmless. This is why I think I enjoy having control over them (this manifests in multiple forms not limited to age play). Children I feel safe around (even though they are objectively more wildcard-like than my age group) and while I don’t interact with them frequently I try to act as the teacher/mentor when I do. But I am not open to them. I build trust slowly I guess.

While I am not the same case as being discussed it is nice to consider other cases in a study. The point, I guess, is that children and adults are different in my mind (conscious and sub-) so my feelings could not be interchangeable.

Take from that what you will, it’s all I’ve got and I’m not sure if I can add anything to this discussion.