Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers: Chapter Two

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Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers
By:Dementia’s Knight

Chapter II: Outbreak!

Mary’s eyes shot open when she heard glass shattering from somewhere inside the house. Rising from the bed slowly she grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand and quickly dialed 911. An automated message sprang to life on the other end to tell her that all circuits were currently busy and that she should remain on the line.

“Shit.” Mary spat through clenched teeth. Looking around her darkened room for some kind of weapon, she settled on her tennis racket that was laying near the closet. Wielding the racket as if it were a much more dangerous weapon, Mary slowly opened her bedroom door and crept as quietly as she could into the hallway. A clanging noise broke the silence of the house and sent her heart leaping into her throat, she could tell that the noise was coming from the kitchen downstairs, and she quietly inched her way toward the stairs.

The clanging noise came again, louder and at a more rapid pace this time. Mary reached the stairs and crept down them slowly, keeping a wary eye on the kitchen door. The house felt cooler as she neared the ground level, the cause of which she saw to be the sliding patio door’s glass being smashed in, which was also the cause of the sound that had woken her. Mary looked at the broken glass scattered in front of the door and noticed a red palm print on the wood floor.

Following the path of the palm print Mary saw that it was just the start of a trail leading to the kitchen. Hoisting her racket to striking pose, Mary made her way to the door of the kitchen and leaned against it gently to allow it open a crack. As she peered inside the clanging came again, she knew now that the noise was the banging of pots and pans. She heard someone, a man, laughing from within the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath she pushed the door open and slipped inside, her racket clattered to the floor when she saw the cause of the disturbance. A balding man, probably in his mid-forties sat on the kitchen floor, legs splayed out in front of him. The man’s shirt was missing, his shredded pajama pants were stained with blood and urine, and he held a pot and pan in each of his bloodied hands.

Mary’s hand shot to her open mouth in surprise as she let out a hoarse gasp. She watched the man bang the pans together and wince when the impact hurt his injured hands. Mary felt a pang of sympathy for her intruder as she watched his infantile actions.

The man looked up from his toys and caught Mary in his sights, causing him to smile widely at her allowing drool to cascade down his chin onto his bare stomach. “Mama?” he inquired excitedly.

Mary took a cautious step backward as the man dropped his toys with a horrible clatter and began to crawl toward her. The man’s blood coated hands slapped wetly on the kitchen floor as he approached her. As he crawled the remains of his tattered pajama pants slipped off of his body, laying forgotten behind him as he happily neared Mary.

Turning around quickly, Mary ran through the kitchen door and to the table by the front door. Snatching her purse of the table and turning it over, Mary watched the contents spill out on the flat surface, she snatched her car keys when she saw them and quickly flung open the front door and ran through it to her car in the driveway.

Struggling to get the key into the ignition, Mary looked up to see the now naked intruder crawling toward the car. She got the key in as he reached her door, she screamed as the man’s bloody hand reached up and slapped the window, it produced a horrible squeaking sound as the wet hand slid down the glass.

Throwing the car into reverse the vehicle shot backward into the street. Mary caught one last look at the naked man as she sped away. He was sitting in the driveway, legs once again splayed out in front of him, and to Mary it appeared that he was wailing his sorrow at the night sky.

“What the Hell is going on?” Mary asked herself as she drove down the street. The road was much more congested now than it had been a few hours ago. Abandoned vehicles lined the road as she passed by them, several had crashed and were now burning uncontrollably but the majority of them looked as if the occupants had simply vanished. As she looked at the numerous cars she saw a figure ahead of her from the corner of her eye.

“Jesus Christ!” she screamed as she jerked the steering wheel harshly to the left to avoid the woman in the middle of the road. Her tires shrieked their disapproval as the car skidded off the road and smashed into the front window of a nearby deli. As the car struck the back of the building Mary’s head shot forward and smashed against the steering wheel, her vision blurred as blood flowed from her head and down her face into her eyes. She heard crying again from somewhere behind her as darkness overtook her.

,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø ,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤ºº°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,

“Hey lady, you alright?” a man’s voice asked from somewhere far away to her.

Mary slowly opened her eyes and saw a young Hispanic man crouched near her now open car door. “What happened?” she mumbled.

“You crashed your car. We gotta get outta here before those crazy ass people get here.” the young man said as he looked around nervously for signs of anyone approaching.

With the man’s help Mary emerged from the car. She winced and cried out as her bare feet rested on broken glass. The young man hoisted her into his arms and carried her away from the wreckage.

“Thank you.” Mary said softly, her consciousness beginning to fade again.

The young man ran a short way down the block and stopped, gently setting Mary down on the pavement. “Lady, you need to wake up! We gotta get outta here, and I can’t be carryin’ you the whole way.” he said.

Mary’s eyes fluttered open again and she groaned as the young man helped her to her feet. Her head ached and she had a sharp pain in her abdomen, “Probably internal injuries.” she thought grimly as the made their way down the block.

Stopping at an abandoned car a short way up the road, the young man helped Mary in and then ran to the other side and climbed in behind the wheel. As the car sped off the young man began to laugh as he cautiously looked over his shoulder.

“What’s your name?” Mary asked as she grunted in pain while she held her aching stomach.

“Gabriel.” the young man said simply as he focused on the debris strewn road ahead.

The car veered sharply to the left to avoid a woman crawling on her hands and knees in the middle of the road. Mary cried out in pain as the jerking motion jostled her harshly and sent bolts of blinding pain through her body. “Not to be a pain in the ass, but can you please not do that again.” she requested as politely as she could through gritted teeth.

“Sorry lady, but I can’t just drive over people.” Gabriel responded without looking away from the road.

Mary watched the city pass by in a blur as they sped down the congested road. She barely recognized it as the same road she’d been driving on just a few short hours ago. “We need to go to the hospital, St. Anne’s.” she told Gabriel quietly.

Gabriel nodded and turned the car onto the road to the hospital. “Yeah, you don’t look so good.” he told her with genuine concern.

Mary shook her head. “We’re not going there for me, we’re going there to find out what the hell is going on.” she said simply.

,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø ,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤ºº°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,

“Get these people organized into the proper groups!” Claire Monroe shouted at the nurses milling about the waiting area attending to the flood of patients that had begun pouring in nearly an hour earlier. Claire’s eye caught a teenage girl holding her sobbing father’s hand as she cried with him. The man’s face was painted with a look of confusion much like that of a lost child, Claire knew that she’d seen that same look on many children’s faces in the hospital over the years, and had most recently seen it on the face of Sandra Adams.

“Dr. Monroe, we’ve got most of the patients into groups based on the severity of their injuries.” a young female nurse explained to Claire.

“Good. Make sure that any new patients that come in are quickly assessed and put where they need to be so we can maximize our success at treating them.” Claire told the young nurse.

The nurse nodded. “Ma’am, what about the patients that are showing signs of psychological damage?” she asked.

Claire looked back over at the man and his daughter that she’d seen earlier, the man was now sucking his thumb and rocking back and forth slowly as his daughter hugged him. “Treat their injuries and move them to the psyche ward.” she said.The young nurse nodded again and began to walk away when Claire stopped her. “And get a hold of Dr. Franks and tell her to get here as soon as she can.” she called after the nurse.

“You can cancel that.” Mary said as she entered the ER with the help of Gabriel.

Claire rushed to Mary’s side and called for a wheelchair for her coworker. “What the hell happened to you?” she asked as Mary sat down in the chair with a groan.

“Long story. I’ll tell you about it when this is all over.” Mary told her as one of the nurses began to wheel her away for treatment.

“So what’s been going on here?” Mary asked as she was worked on by Claire and several nurses.

“Well, we’ve had over a hundred patients come in in the past hour and a half. I think you’d be interested to know that many of them have shown the same symptoms that Sandra Adams was showing last night.” Claire explained.

Mary nodded. “How are her and her husband doing?” she asked.

Claire stopped for a second, clearly unsure of what to say. “When the nurse went in with breakfast this morning she found Donald on the floor next to the bed, he was showing the same symptoms as her.” she said in a whisper.

“This is like some kind of nightmare.” Mary thought. “Have there been any news reports about what’s been happening?” she asked.

Claire nodded solemnly. “About an hour ago there was a report that the National Guard was being brought in to enforce a quarantine. They said that similar outbreaks were occurring all over the country, some kind of epidemic.” she said, visibly shaken by the report. “Look, we’ll talk about this later Mary, right now we need to put you under anesthesia so we can operate on you.” Claire explained.

Mary nodded and relaxed. “Hopefully there’ll be something to wake up to.” she thought as the gas mask was placed on her face and everything blurred and faded away.

,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø ,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤ºº°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,

Mary lay in her hospital bed several hours later. She opened her eyes slowly, the room was dark and she began to feel quite frightened for some reason. With a groan she sat up, her hand pressing firmly on her stomach where her stitches were. The young doctor rose from the bed on shaky legs and walked over to the coat rack where a robe was hanging for her. Walking slowly to the door she closed her robe and tied it shut before she put her hand on the door lever and opened it.

The hallway was virtually deserted as Mary exited her room. Looking to her left and right yielded no sight of anyone which made her frightened to say the least. “Is anyone here?!” she called out to the empty hall. A childish giggle made her whirl around. She saw a gurney with a long sheet hanging down from it and obscuring it’s underside. Her heart began to race as she approached the gurney slowly, now seeing toes sticking out from below the sheet. She recalled playing hide and seek with her cousins when she was young as she gripped the top of the sheet and quickly yanked it away.

Claire squealed and giggled as her hiding place beneath the gurney was revealed. The young blonde looked up at Mary, her shimmering blue eyes filled with happiness and innocence. “You finded me!” she said with a wide grin.

Mary stepped back and shook her head as if the action would wipe away the reality she was facing. “No, not you too.” she said.

Claire climbed out from under the gurney, her clothes appeared to be missing, but closer inspection revealed them to be in a soiled heap where the young woman had been hiding. “You should play wif me Mary, it’s alotta fun!” she said as she twirled a lock of her hair with her finger and smiled at her former coworker.

Mary couldn’t handle anymore, she turned and sprinted down the hall to get away from Claire. Her side began to ache again as she neared the corner of the hallway. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to get very far in her current state, but anywhere that wasn’t occupied by infantile adults was good enough for her. The hallway turned to the right, leading to the cafeteria, she ran through the double doors into the wide open lunch room.

The room was empty as she ran inside. She looked around to make sure no one would come out from some darkened corner and scare her out of her wits. She could hear Claire singing a song as she followed behind her would be playmate. Mary began to panic as she looked around for another way out of the room, finding none she ran to the kitchen area and took shelter in the pantry, her breathing ragged and terrified as she sat in the crushing darkness of the small room.

“I’mma find you!” Claire called out as she skipped into the cafeteria. Her bare feet slapped against the floor with a sharpness that seemed deafening in the hollow room. Stooping down periodically, Claire looked under each table she passed for a sign of Mary’s whereabouts. Finding no sign of her in the dining area she made her way into the kitchen area. She hummed a little tune to herself as she peeked around corners and in the industrial fridge.

Mary heard Claire shuffling outside the door and held her breath as she watched shadows pass by the light filtering in from under the door. “She won’t find you.” she chanted to herself repeatedly, willing her words to become true.

The door to the pantry opened slowly much to her chagrin. Claire clapped her hands and hopped up and down giggling, her unconfined breasts bouncing happily in time with her. “You’re gonna like playing wif us Mary, it’s so much fun.” she told the frightened woman squatting in the corner.

Mary watched in horror as a glistening golden stream began to trickle down Claire’s leg and pool underneath her. Claire approached her even as her bladder emptied, and with a wide smile on her face she reached out and clutched Mary’s head on either side and leaned in close to her. Mary struggled against her nude colleague, but found Claire to be quite strong despite her current mental state. Her screams were stifled as Claire pressed her lips with her own, she began to feel dizzy as their mouths opened into each other creating an airtight pathway. Claire’s body shuddered and bucked, a choking sound resonated in her throat as she began to heave.

Something began to emerge from Claire’s mouth as she forced it upward with every violent gag. Mary felt it graze the sides of her mouth, still at first, and then as if it had been shocked with hundreds of volts of electricity it began to quiver rapidly within her mouth. It squirmed forward like a mass of worms as it neared the back of her throat. She gagged as it closed off her airway, she choked on the wriggling intruder and tried desperately to break free of Claire’s grip. As she continued to choke things started to go black, and eventually she passed out on the floor of the pantry.

To Be Continued…

Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers: Chapter Two

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Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers: Chapter Two

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Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers: Chapter Two

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