Inuyasha: Diaper Days. Finale

I like to believe that the ending is a bit cliche, I know, and unexpected. I’m sorry it took so long to post this, my parents kind of found out about my secret life as an infantilist and the pc has been off for several months. well, please read and enjoy

Chapter 6: A Day In the Sun

Gathering the children, Kagome and Sango smiled, they had never felt more in control then now. Shippo sucked on his pacifier, quietly snoring as he was asleep. Tasha drank juice from her bottle, the dribble running down her chin and onto her pink sun dress. Souta looked around from the stroller, apparently his identity of Ayumi was extremely easy to keep. They pushed the strollers along the street together, the sounds of traffic and the nice breeze of the day all around them, somehow, the children remained calm. Kagome smiled as they rounded a corner and crossed a street, they were stopped momentarily for the children to be ogled at by some older ladies. Kagome hid her smiles when they referred to all three of them as girls.

Finally, after their painstaking trip, they arrived near the park, Kagome made everyone stop while she checked diapers and refilled Tasha’s bottle, Tasha kissed her on the cheek, Kagome blushed what’s gotten into her? She thought, grabbing the stroller, they were once again off.

The park never seemed so big to Kagome as it did now, there seemed like there hundreds of kids from age 1-20 all running through they park, she didn’t really like the thought of losing them in the park, they walked over to a comfy little bench and sat down, Kagome turned the ‘twins’ toward her and Sango turned Souta towards her. “Should we just let them play or what kagome?” Sango asked, somewhat overwhelmed by the size of the park, it seemed only too big. Like the developers couldn’t take enough space to spread it out all over the place. Souta squirmed, out of the corner of her eye saw some of Souta’s friends and she pulled the cover over his stroller down. The children passed by without even noticing. Kagome huffed a sigh of relief and started unbuckling the two young ones, trying not to wake shippo, he must have been tired from the morning’s events.

Tasha began by grabbing at Kagome’s shirt, she smiled and put him into her lap, stroking his hair. It seemed all too long ago that he was the robust half demon warrior. Now he was her little angel, hopefully it would change soon though, Kagome was getting too attached to ‘tasha’ and needed the old Inuyasha back so they could once again return to hunting for the jewel shards and defeat Naraku. She smiled though, she loved the squirming demon in her hands, he had almost become completely dependable on her, which was bad in and of itself.

“Sweetie, go play in that sandbox right over there.” she said, setting him down and patting his butt, she smiled as she toddled away, and plopped herself down into the sand, almost instantaneously she began to draw in the sand, drinking from her bottle on occasion. Shippo stirred and started tugging on Kagome’s shirt, “Kagome, Kagome…” he called

She smiled, “Yes shippo what is it…” she was cut off by the scent of a wet diaper. She giggled and picked up shippo. “Poor thing, Sango, can you hand me a diaper and some wipes?” she asked, laying shippo down and unbuttoning his green overalls and rolling them up slowly. Sango handed Kagome the diaper and she handed it to shippo, who proceeded to play with it. Kagome giggled, “Shippo a stick wouldn’t be safe from being used as a toy by you” she said, giggling again. She poked the wet Buzz Lightyear diaper and then untaped one tape after the other, slipping a changing pad under him quickly, she pulled the diaper out from under him and rolled it up taping the two tapes to it and handing it to Sango who wasn’t expecting it. It fell into her lap and bounced into the stroller. Kagome wiped Shippo clean and the sprinkled a little powder on him while she lifted his legs and put the diaper under him, hiking it up between his legs and taping it shut. She lifted him and kissed him on the cheek with a loud “Mwah!” and set him on the ground giggling. “Go play with Tasha” she said.

Sango smiled, “You sure are motherly today” she said, she stood up grabbed the used diaper and tossed it into the trash can. “Should I let Souta go play with them or let him…” She smiled as she was cut off when she saw him asleep in the stroller. “Never mind” she said. She pulled a newspaper out of the bag she brought with her. A sight out of the corner of her eye caught Kagome by surprise, Sango was reading a parenting section, Kagome looked at Sango’s stomach, it did look a slight bit bigger, that’s when the connection “Sango” she whispered, Sango didn’t meet her eyes

“Kagome, we just found out a few days ago.” She said abruptly, bringing Kagome’s eyes back to Sango’s face, a shade of pink forming into her usually pale cheeks. “Don’t tell anyone, it won’t be too long before I have to retire from demon hunting with everyone all together.”

“Wait, Sango, that isn’t… Miroku’s child is it?” Kagome asked, not able to grasp the fact obviously, it just didn’t seem right that Sango would even let Miroku touch her.

“Yes.” She said, smiling proudly. “It is” she went back to reading her book and Kagome let her, though something just didn’t feel right, she looked over at the babies and smiled, Shippo had covered Tasha’s feet in sand and they were both giggling.

“Kagome?” A familiar face sounded awfully close, she turned to see Hojo standing in front of her, “Kagome, what are you doing here?” he asked her, looking at the stroller and the kids in the sandbox. “Babysitting?” he asked her.

This boy wants Kagome. A single thought permeated Tasha’s thoughts, an older voice, male. He’s trying to steal me from her, Kagome is mine, this damn baby is keeping me from ripping his face off and handing it to him, I have to… Tasha had a battle going on inside her, which she eventually lost, her eyes went black, Kagome caught this and ran over to her

“Tasha?!?!” she screamed, Shippo was horribly worried, then Inuyasha’s voice spoke from the girl.

“Get the hell away from Kagome, she’s mine!” Inuyasha’s hair grew and so did his body, his hakama flowed from the baby clothes he had on suddenly, and there stood the full adult Inuyasha, “I said get the fuck away from her!” he screamed, flexing his claws, Hojo turned and ran, Kagome was startled, standing in Inuyasha’s arms.

“Inuyasha, how did you… I mean, why did you…” she was at a loss for words as he grabbed her face and drew her into a deep, passionate kiss. She backed away from him and looked him in the eyes, longingly.

“Kagome, let’s keep Shippo that way, he wants that, but leave me as an adult and…marry me?” he asked her. Kagome’s eyes widened to dinner plates, Sango stood up, shocked, Shippo’s diaper reflected his surprise and excitement.

“Yes Inuyasha, yes.” she said, they packed up fairly quickly, the park trip was wrapped up just as the sun was going over the horizon. They all walked home merrily and put the kids to sleep, they laid in Kagome’s bed and Inuyasha watched as she drifted to sleep, he smiled as she fully nodded off, her then looked around and reached for the lamp and saw a pacifier on the night stand. He turned off the light after inserting into his mouth before drifting off to sleep.