introducing myself again!

Hi everyone!

I’m reintroducing myself because I’ve been away a lot. I first joined the IRC channel because this is the only channel on the Internet that didn’t ban Tor/VPNs outright. I live in a household where my internet connection is not private. I have privacy in my apartment but I don’t want to have to explain what I connect to so I have been trying to be careful not to mix this with my regular internet use.

I have social anxiety, so it takes me a long time to open up about myself especially about something I don’t want other people in real life to know about. I reached out to here for support and to find others that like the ABDL lifestyle. I hope I can learn how to write someday and until I get there I’m planning to review ABDL gear I get so maybe other people who are in search of reviews will spend less time making expensive mistakes like I did starting out.

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Welcome… again.

Reviews sound good. Actually, I’ve been meaning to put together a few reviews myself. Lot of good products out there, lot of not-so-good ones.

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