Inside The Author's Studio

Not really a story but I had fun talking about writing. If this needs to be moved please do so.

Inside The Author’s Studio:

A chat session with me. ID’s have been changed to protect the innocent:


ABMag: Thanks for agreeing to chat with me; you’re not easy to get in touch with.

Lizzy: I’m still impressed that you sherlocked out who I was on here, and I’m still surprised that you wanted the interview; I don’t consider myself that interesting… so, You’re welcome.

ABMag: You haven’t written anything new in a long time and you’ve left a few stories unfinished. Are you planning on writing anything new, or perhaps finishing “The Banyon Sisters”?

Lizzy: I’ve been asked that before, I never really know what to say.

ABMag: You don’t?

Lizzy: Not really no. I’ve had writers block for the past 5 years really. It’s been strange, I’ve heard it happens to people but it’s really strange to experience it.

ABMag: How so?

Lizzy: Well when I was writing, and I had the idea for a story in my head, I would just sort be in a zone, like I was inside the story and could see where it was going, who the characters were and where I wanted to take them. When I was like that I could just crank out chapters every day without missing a beat. Now it’s like I just can’t think about it.

ABMag: About writing?

Lizzy: No, about a story, or a new character, or even existing characters for that matter.

ABMag: Is that why you left “The Banyon Sisters” unfinished?

Lizzy: Sort of, I think I wrote myself up against a wall with that story. I really like it, and do hope to finish it one day. I liked those characters when I originally intended it to just be a short story, but I liked them so much that I thought I could take them somewhere else.

ABMag: What happened?

Lizzy: I think I had two different endings for their story in my head, both sort of leading the characters to the same ultimate end point, but I just couldn’t decide which one too go with.

ABMag: Why not write both?

Lizzy: Yeah I thought about that, but I think I got tired.

ABMag: Tired of the story?

Lizzy: No, just tired of writing, and that’s when the ideas dried up…not the ideas for the ending of Banyon Sisters, I still have those, but usually I would get the idea for my next story while finishing the one I was working, on. I couldn’t see beyond Banyon Sisters and I think that rattled me. I was going through a weird period, had just gotten out of a relationship, and changed jobs. That contributed as well.

ABMag: And now? Do you think you’ll start writing again?

Lizzy: Maybe, I’m in a better place obviously…enough to chat about it anyway :wink:

ABMag: Thanks for that.

Lizzy: You’re welcome again.

ABMag: So here’s the million dollar question, why diaper stories? What got you into it?

Lizzy: You boys always want to know. :-p

ABMag: Is that so wrong?

Lizzy: I don’t know, I guess it depends on your intentions. I don’t mind explaining my interests as long as I know it’s not for someone’s own…I don’t know. Jerk fest?

ABMag: :o Ha…no, I promise.

Lizzy: For me it was bedwetting, I wet nearly every night until I was about 12, then it got better.

ABMag: Better? Did you stop wetting the bed?

Lizzy: Well I was diapered…so I didn’t really wet the bed, just the diapers. :wink:

ABMag: Right.

Lizzy: It didn’t stop altogether; it became less frequent…almost to the point of stopping.

ABMag: But not?

Lizzy: Not completely no. I still have the occasional night accident, usually around my period (sorry if that’s too much info) or if I’ve had a bit too much to drink…which I don’t do very often.

ABMag: It’s ok. So the other million dollar question, do you still wear?

Lizzy: Not always, I’ll wear a pull up at night during my period, but that’s about it.

ABMag: Pull ups? Not diapers?

Lizzy: I just find Pull Ups more convenient now.

ABMag: Did you ever like diapers?

Lizzy: Of course :blusing: you couldn’t tell by my stories?

ABMag: ha ha.

Lizzy: In my 20s I played with them for a while, I would wear them for fun at night and “played” a bit.

ABMag: Fun? What do you mean by “play”

Lizzy: Oh come on!

ABMag: Sorry.

Lizzy: It’s ok, yes, I masturbated in them, everyone asks that. I’m not ashamed of it. People have desires, needs, feelings whatever. I don’t think we should be ashamed of it. But it is private; I don’t want the world to know “HOW” I do it, especially not the diapers part!

ABMag: I understand. So you don’t do that anymore?

Lizzy: I’ll leave that to your imagination.

ABMag: That’s a yes.

Lizzy: :-p Shut up!

ABMag: Sorry

Lizzy: Whatever. I thought this was supposed to be about writing?

ABMag: Sorry. I guess what I wanted to know was, how did wearing diapers effect your writing? Did the experience lead to any of your stories?

Lizzy: Of course. Yes I took a liking to them; it was hard not too. I wore them every night during my childhood and early teens. You hit that age where you start to have those feelings. The only time you have privacy to explore those feelings at that age is when you’re in bed at night. I was diapered at that time so obviously diapers came to be involved with my masturbation. Do you need to take a break? :-p

ABMag: Ha! No, I’m fine. When did you stop wearing them?

Lizzy: I was 15, almost 16, I switched to Pull Ups and then phased those out…well not out, just to during my period.

ABMag: did you ever wear a Pull Up to school?

Lizzy: No! I thought this was supposed to be about writing? 

ABMag: Sorry again. So you did enjoy wearing them, and if so, is that what got you into diaper stories and writing them?

Lizzy: Well getting back to the “wear them to school” question, no never! But my best friend knew about my bedwetting and even wore with me during sleepovers a few times. She was curious about it and those experiences were the basis for several story ideas…particularly magic diapers.

ABMag: Do you think you have to have had experiences like that to write a good diaper story?

Lizzy: I don’t know if you have to, but I think it definitely helps. How many authors in the forum are AB’s or DL’s? All of them I’d suspect, to some degree or other.

ABMag: Obviously, but that doesn’t mean they’ve had experience with wearing with a friend or bedwetting.

Lizzy: Well everyone has different experiences, you can’t judge someone’s stories by that because you have no way of knowing what the author’s personal experiences are or how they relate to the story unless they come out and tell you.

ABMag: Right, so what do you judge other stories by?

Lizzy: I try not to.

ABMag: Not at all?

Lizzy: Well no, I’ve left comments, but I do my best to be as nice about it as possible. I hate getting criticized and I don’t think others do either.

ABMag: You’ve said in comments in the past that you appreciate the criticism/comments?

Lizzy: Well I do, I want to know what people think, but I don’t have thick skin, when someone slams something I’ve written, it does hurt. But that comes with the territory and I think everyone who posts a story should experience it. I just don’t like to dish it out in a bad way because I know how I feel when getting it myself.

ABMag: So you don’t criticize others?

Lizzy: Oh no, I do. I won’t go back and read every comment I’ve ever left, I think I may have been mean to some writers somewhere, but I hate myself for that when I’ve done it and try not to do it.

ABMag: You only post on abdlstoryforum?

Lizzy: That’s the only place I’ve posted stories… that I can remember at least. I’m not super tech savvy and have been bouncing around the various sites ever since I found out what an AB/DL was and that I was a DL and that there were other AB/DLs way back when…

ABMag: So you have posted elsewhere?

Lizzy: Not stories, just comments or random thoughts…even questions for other AB/DLs…that’s how you found me :-p

ABMag: ha!

ABMag: So not posting to other sites, is that out of loyalty to abdlstoryforum?

Lizzy: Yeah I guess. Like I said, I’m not very tech savvy and I’m familiar with the site, I tend to stick with what I know. Also I love the writing on abdlstoryforum, I think you find the best stories there and the best writers.

ABMag: What makes the best writer?

Lizzy: Ha! I have no idea!

Lizzy: Maybe the ones who aren’t afraid to take risks?

ABMag: what kind of risks?

Lizzy: Well when they write a story that is completely preposterous, but well written, when you can tell that they aren’t afraid to put it out there and let others enjoy it or rip it apart.

ABMag: Aren’t all diaper stories completely preposterous? Can you give an example of a story like that?

Lizzy: Ha, well all of my stories are completely preposterous!

ABMag: I like your stories.

Lizzy: Thanks, but you know what I mean, my stories are fantasy, I don’t think any of them are close to logical situations.

ABMag: What about the example? What stories do you like?

Lizzy: I’ve been reading “The Trying Policy” by Mr. Sea Otter. I don’t necessarily think that the idea of parents letting their daughter wear diapers because she is curious is “preposterous”, but I think the idea of them making her wear them 24/7 and insisting that they change her certainly is.

ABMag: So you don’t like the story?

Lizzy: Oh no I love it! That’s what I mean about risk taking, Mr. Sea Otter pulls it off, the story is enjoyable and you just want to know what’s going to happen next.

ABMag: Have you commented on it?

Lizzy: No I’ve been comment shy lately. Since I haven’t written in so long I don’t feel like my input is valid.

ABMag: But everyone likes feedback.

Lizzy: Do they? I don’t know, maybe I’ll post this chat and he can read it here :wink:

ABMag: You can, I don’t care.

ABMag: So what do you think makes a good diaper story?

Lizzy: Attention to details, continuity, all the things that make any story good really. I’m not saying I know the answer to that, I’ve made tons of mistakes with my own stories.

ABMag: What kind of details are important?

Lizzy: Pooping.

ABMag: Ha Ha!

Lizzy:  I know, that’s always funny no matter how old you are. But seriously, weather you like it or not, the best part of most good diaper stories is when the main character, whoever they are, weather they are in diapers by strange regression, punishment, or just because they want to be, poops in their diaper for the first time.

ABMag: Go on.

Lizzy: Ha Ha! You like pooping! :stuck_out_tongue:

ABMag: No comment.

Lizzy: It’s ok, everyone has their own interests. I certainly can’t judge.

ABMag: Have you ever done it?

Lizzy: Of course 

ABMag: Ha! So you like it too! :-p

Lizzy: I didn’t say that, I just said that I’ve done it.

ABMag: So you don’t like it?

Lizzy: I didn’t say that either, I’ve done it, I’ll probably do it again, but I don’t like having to clean it up so if I do it, I do it rarely.

ABMag: Ok then, so you do like it too :-p

Lizzy: Well a bit yes. Again, I was a bedwetter, pooping accidents were never a problem for me growing up. I didn’t experiment with that until I found out that there was a whole world full of AB/DLs out there trying it too.

ABMag: What do you like about it?

Lizzy: That’s hard to explain. I like the feeling of complete helplessness that comes with it. I’m not sure if I’m explaining it right, maybe helplessness isn’t the write word.

Lizzy: I meant “right”

ABMag: No problem.

Lizzy: Ha…this was supposed to be about writing…you’ve made me slip.

ABMag: Sorry again.

Lizzy: That’s ok, I’m enjoying this.

ABMag: I am to. Thanks! 

Lizzy: You’re welcome.

ABMag: So you were saying about pooping… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lizzy: Oh please…you’re terrible!

ABMag: No I mean as in being a component of a good diaper story.

Lizzy: Really? :-/

ABMag: Yes really.

Lizzy: Well as I said, that first moment when the main character does it. If it’s well written, describing the characters feelings and done with great detail, it can be a very powerful part of the story.

Lizzy: I think when I said before that “helplessness” was the wrong word; I meant that for me, it’s the feeling of giving in completely, as if you’re surrendering all your adult control. When it’s done you just feel really naughty or even ashamed or embarrassed. I don’t know, it really is hard to explain, but that feeling, if captured by an author and written well, it makes for a good diaper story.

ABMag: I understand, and I completely agree.

Lizzy: Aren’t you supposed to be objective?

ABMag: Ha. Yes but on this point I think you’ve nailed it.

Lizzy: Don’t think that I’m into humiliation or the feeling of “being a naughty girl”. I’m not! That’s just how I’ve felt when I’ve done it, and as I said, if that emotion can be captured and presented well in a story, I find it entertaining.

ABMag: Do you think you’ve written that feeling well?

Lizzy: I don’t know, I think I’m more critical of my own stuff than other people have been, I just don’t present my own critiques. Maybe in “Potty Problems” I got it right, but who knows…I prefer to read others work and I like it when someone else nails it.

ABMag: whose work do you like best?

Lizzy: Wow that’s a tough question. There are a bunch of people on the forum that I like to read.

ABMag: Tell me a few.

Lizzy: Well I’ve always liked Long Rifle’s stuff, which is not like me because his stuff is very dark and I’m not into dark. But he does it so well that I just can’t not read it. Truth is I’ll read anything he posts, I just like the way he does it.

ABMag: Who else?

Lizzy: Well you may think this is odd or ironic. I like the other “Lizzie” I haven’t read much of her stuff but what I have read I liked.

ABMag: Which story was that?

Lizzy: Hope and Fear.

ABMag: What’s your favorite story?

Lizzy: Oh god, I don’t know, there are a lot I’ve read that I really liked. I’ve always felt that you can’t have a favorite story because people keep writing, and you never know what’s coming up next…the next new story you find might be better than the last one you read. People are pretty creative on that forum.

ABMag: Come on, you must have a fav?

Lizzy: Well…I liked “The Epidemic” by Teekabell and I liked “The Bedwetter’s Ball” by Nemo, I really liked “The Hex” which was a Halloween one that Elizabeth wrote. But there are so many others that I’ve liked too…there are some really good ones that everyone knows, like “Skye’s The Limit” also by Elizabeth. I don’t want to peg myself down to one favorite because people keep coming up with good stuff.

ABMag: is there anything you’re following now?

Lizzy: Other than “The Trying Policy” I’ve been reading “The Diapered and the Dead” by Kid Marv, although I’m several chapters behind on that one, have to catch up. I love anything with zombies, who doesn’t? Do you watch The Walking Dead?

ABMag: Absolutely!

Lizzy: We can chat about that for hours! 

ABMag: Totally!

Lizzy: But it’s late and I think I’m fried. Did I satisfy your curiosity?

ABMag: I think so yes…but I’d love to do this again sometime.

Lizzy: We’ll see.

ABMag: Well thanks again for chatting with me, and I do enjoy your stories. I hope you get over your writers block someday.

Lizzy: Thanks, I think this has actually helped in a way…talking through it a bit. Like I said, maybe I’ll just post this. :stuck_out_tongue:

ABMag: just change my name if you do.

Lizzy: Oh I will, I’ll change mine too! Nite nite 

ABMag: Night, thanks again.

Re: Inside The Author’s Studio

Hello Lizzy;
I hope you get inspired to wright again soon.
I really love your stories.