influnenced by my best friends (a crossdressing story)

Hey i know this story isnt diaper realted but is it still ok to post it here………
(this story is a work of fiction)

Hi my name is Jarred, I’m 34 with a wife and 2 kids, My wife’s name is Emily also 34 and my kids names are Amy and Courtney both 15.
I have been into cross-dressing and role playing since the age of 11 thanks to my 2 best friends Emily and Alyssa.

And this is the story of how one night when I was 13 I ended up in Hinchingbroke hospital Alyssa needing stiches and braking her leg and ended up having my mum come and get me now, that may not seem as bad but given the fact that I was not wearing the sort of cloths I would normally wear around my mother (yes I was wearing girls cloths) it makes the situation a whole lot more embarrassing.

Oh by the way my 2 best friends are twin sisters.
So here it goes.

It was lunch time and me and my 2 best friends Emily and Alyssa were sitting by the lunch hall.“Hey you want to come round ours after school” Emily asked. “Yeah ok, I should go home and change first but I should get there for 4” I answered.
“Cool” she replied.
I finally got there at 4:10, apologising for being later than I said I would. "Doesn’t mater Emily said as we walked up stairs to hers and her sister’s bedroom.

I probably should mention that at this point we are all 11 and in year seven at school

“Cute skirt” I said to Emily as we entered her room. “You think?” She questioned “I bet it would look better on you” she added with a giggle. Just then I spotted Alyssa on her bed with an evil grin on her face.
“Hey jarred I dare dress up like a girl whilst you’re here” Alyssa said. “No why would I do that” I retorted. “Because” Emily said before whispering something in my ear. A huge smile spread across my face and a confused one on Alyssa’s. “What she say” Alyssa asked. “It’s a secret, but I bet he will agree to dress up now though wont you” Emily said directing the last part at me.
It was something that I had to consider, if I didn’t dress up then what Emily said wouldn’t happened but if I did then it would but I would be wearing a dress or something and boys don’t wear dresses, do they?
“Ok” I finally agreed, both girls giggled with delight as the rushed to the wardrobe, not be fore making me turn around so I couldn’t see what they were getting out for me to wear.

By the way I’m getting evils from Emily as I write this because it isn’t the one I’m supposed to be telling but it’s an important lead up so you need to now

It turns out girls can be very evil when they want to be, when I was finally allowed to look round my eyes nearly left their sockets at the sight of the cloths they picked out and carefully placed on the bed.
First of all there was a pair of bright yellow knickers which I refused to wear.
“Its all or nothing” Emily threatened and that meant the thing she whispered in my ear as well.
“Ok fine then” I said as I began examine the rest. Secondly there was a pair of pink cotton tights which looked to small. Third was a t-shirt with the words mummy’s lil princess on it this was also pink, and then came the dress it looked like a dress that would be work to a formal party or a church service or something, not to sit around the house and play in, The dress was lilac with a big lilac flower and black belt type thing around the waist. They told me to get changed in the bathroom which fortunately was an en-suit so I wouldn’t have to go out in the hall way. And that wouldn’t see me naked.
After about ten minuets I realised that I couldn’t do the dress up by my self and had to go out and ask one of them, as soon as I entered the bedroom they stared giggling and awing. Alyssa came over and zipped it up for me, and then they started putting make up on me and doing my hair.
I wont keep boring you with all these details but I will just mention that about an hour later their mum walked in to the room, after knocking and being invited in by Alyssa who had obviously forgot what I was wearing (she’s laughing her head off now). It was ok though she thought it was cute and promised not to tell my mu (thank god) Any way Emily keeps hitting my cause I’m not tell you the story I’m supposed to be telling you.

The night it happened (me, hospital, mum etc.), we at the age of 13 would always either be down the park or in the woods or somewhere but not at home (eithers) unless it was raining.
But this day Alyssa had said that she would give me £15 if I dressed up as a girl for the day (it was a Saturday) and went out like it. At first I was hesitant I mean I know a lot of people and if the recognise me my life would be over. But Emily assured me that they would put make up on me so no one would. So I agreed.
As it was late September and a little could out side I wore a pair of thick red tights (boxers this time not knickers) a just above the knee length read and black tartan skirt a long sleeved white t-shirt/ thin top and a thick red woolly jumper. Needless to say I loved the outfit, I had been growing my hair long ever since my first time and now it was shoulder length, which Alyssa easily styled to make look really girly whilst Emily applied some lip gloss, eye shadow and some mascara and what she called powder.
When they handed my the mirror and I looked at my reflection I hardly recognised my self I looked so different and not at all like a boy, Alyssa pick out a pair of shoes for me to wear, I was surprised to find that all there stuff fit me actually.

So off we went down to the park, I was extremely nervous and every time some one walked past us all I could think was they know, they know I’m a boy.
We stayed at the park for about half an hour until we got bored and went down to the stream in the woods me and Emily went and sat on the low branches of a tree whilst Alyssa had to be a show off and climb right to the top. We could all climb tress very well but I didn’t want to get the cloths I was wearing to dirty. It was then that the accident happened Alyssa began to climb down and as she was 3-4 branch above us which was about 9 ft. of the ground she fell, and landed with a sickening thud.
It all happened so fast Emily screamed I jumped down (twisting my ankle) to see if she was ok as she wasn’t moving.
There was blood coming from the back of her head and her right leg was bent in a funny was.
Fortunately there happened to be a couple walking their dog nearby and had heard the scream and cam rushing over the bloke got out his mobile phone and phoned an ambulance whilst the women check to see if Alyssa was breathing after she was sure she asked us what Alyssa’s mums number was which we couldn’t remember but we told her the address, and she also asked what all our names where I lied and said mine was Amy, after what seemed like hours but was probably only 10-15 minuets the ambulance turned up and the paramedics came rushing over. By this time Alyssa had regained conciseness but was in a lot of pain. The paramedics asked the couple if they were the girl’s parents and they said no but just at that moment the police arrived so she gave them the address.
We all thanked them as they headed off. The police headed off to Emily’s house whilst we 3 went in the ambulance to the hospital. We hadn’t even been there 5 minuets when Mrs Jones (Emily’s mum) turned up. I was also checked over as my ankle was still hurting, I had sprained it but before the could give me and pain killers that had to have my mums permission, so unfortunately I had to give them my mums phone number.
Alyssa had to have 8 stitches in the back off her head and she had also broke her leg, but yet she was still laughing and joking with us, as usual putting on a brave face.
A few minuets later my mum turned up she stopped in her tracks as she entered the room, but mentioned nothing only asking if I was ok and giving me a kiss on the cheek in front of everybody.

So yer that’s basically it nothing to spectacular or fancy. Just Alyssa falling out of a tree, she still has a small scar on the back of her head but you have to know it was there to notice it. And she had to use crutches for like 2 months after until the leg had fully healed.

The End.

Maybe next time I will tell you how because of Emily we all ended up spending the summer of our 14th year of age at her house in Diapers.

Ok I’ve just been asked by Emily, well I say asked I mean more like threatened that if I do tell it she will kill me very slowly and painfully
( but I will persuade her)

byt the way the thing that emily whispered in my ear early on in the story was that if i dressed as a girl she would be my girl friend and i really liked her