Infantile commitment 3

Infantile Commitment
Chapter 3

A sedan pulled into the driveway and up to the parking area. Two attractive women in their mid-twenties got out of the Crown Victoria and walked up to the front entrance. Marry opened the door, led them inside, down a long hallway, and into the living room.
“Here he is,” she said.
One of the RN’s walked over to Jack, knelt down beside him, felt his pulse, and started looking at his face.
“How much did you give him?”
“The amount they told me to.”
“How long ago did you administer it?”
Marry took out her cell phone, hit a few buttons, and nodded, “9:52AM.”
The nurse looked at her cell phone, checked the current time, and nodded. “Good job.” She paused for a few moments, looked at the time again, then looked back at Marry, “OK, we going to need you to give us some room here.”
Marry nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.
The two psychiatric RNs undressed Jack, removed all his clothes, and threw them into a plastic bag. Once undressed, one of them took out a syringe and stuck it into a bottle. She held it up to the light, and carefully extracted the liquid into the syringe. Once full, she stuck the needle into his arm and slowly injected him with the liquid.
“OK,” she pulled the needle out of his arm. “All done with the first medication.” The other nurse checked her watch, and entered the time on her ipad.
“Let’s get him into his clothing.”
One of them held up his legs, while the other began rubbing ointment into his anus and around his balls and crotch. She then applied some lubricant to his penis, followed by a sprinkling of baby powder. After the powdering, she inserted two suppositories into his rectum. Then, she put a disposable diaper around him. It was an oversized diaper, comfortably fitting all the way around his waist and all the way up and even covering his belly button. Finally, she put a pair of large, snap on plastic pants they use in mental hospitals.
Once diapered, the two of them rolled him over and put his arms into the long sleeves of a straightjacket. They turned him over again, and fastened the straps around to the back of the jacket, buckled them, and tightened them securely. Once the straps were secure, one of them pulled the crotch strap underneath him, between his legs, and both of them cinched it up tight.
“Snug as a bug in a rug,” she smiled.
“Don’t see any way he’ll be getting out of this,” the other nurse said.

Jack began to wake up and found Sally seated next to an attractive woman in her '30s. She had a business like suite on, with a short skirt that exposed most of her legs.
“Mr. Houser?”
Jack took a deep breath and tried to orient himself.
“Can you hear me Mr. Houser?”
He looked at her.
“Good morning,” the woman said. “I’m Kathrin Benson. I’m a psychiatrist with Blodgette hospital. Sally told me a little bit about what’s been going on, and felt I should stop by.”
The scene was surreal. Jack was convinced it was a dream, but somehow knew it couldn’t be.
“Sally told me all about this regression you’ve been experiencing, even going back to wearing diapers.”
Jack began to laugh, it was all too insane. “This is ridiculous,” he said.
“Well apparently, these childlike experiences are very real to you; why Sally even tells me you have bowel movements in your diapers, along with other activities. In cases of this nature, it is not uncommon for the subject to experience the result of very deep, powerful subconscious issues. These often take the form of severe, and eventually uncontrolled regression to an infantile state, without being able to control it. An infantile state that can seem extremely real.”
Her words were creating feelings and thoughts within his mind; too scary, Jack thought. “What? What are you saying?”
“And this subconscious energy often causes a complete loss of bladder and bowel control, infantile speech patterns, and very real feelings identical to those you had when you were a baby. It’s a profound psychiatric condition.”
Sally looked concerned, “We’re here to help you Jack.”
Kathrin continued, “And with the proper care and treatment, and of course, a restricted environment, we may be able to help you deal with these ever increasing symptoms. Although there is no real cure, we can help make you as comfortable as possible and alleviate the symptoms.”
Jack began hearing a baby lullaby, but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Then he looked over and saw Sally totally nude on the couch next to Kathrin.
He then heard himself fart, and felt a warm mass flow into his diaper. It continued and then his urine released from his bladder, spraying into the diaper. When he looked back at the two woman, both Sally and Kathrin were fully clothed.
Sally shook her head slowly.
Then he saw one of his ex-girl friends tickling him and patting his diaper. “A goo and a ga ga…baby did a poopie in his dydee…”
Kathrin, Sally, and the two nurses watched Jack squirming and giggling. He was telling two imaginary people to stop tickling him. “Stop, stop it! No…stop it!” He yelled at his hallucinatory phantoms.
Kathrin looked at her watch, nodded, and walked over to Jack with a syringe. The nurses held him while she gave him the injection. “There we go,” she said, and sat back down next to Sally.
Moments later, Jack began seeing his old baby sitter, the sexy one, straddling him. She took a large baby bottle, and was jamming it into his mouth, “Suck on that you little baby boy! Suck it…I said suck it you diaper shitting baby brain!”
He tried to fight it, but his arms were strapped inside the straightjacket. Jack thrashed his head back and forth, but kept seeing her force feeding him the milk from the bottle.
They watched him, fighting with his hallucinations for several moments. There was a brief lull in his jerking and yelling.
Jack had just caught his breath when he saw all his former lady and girlfriends in the room. Some were naked, others fully clothed. Cherry was looking at him and nodding. "A fucking baby…that’s what you are!
“Shit, you shit your pants.”
“I don’t believe he shits in his diapers…he does…he shits in his diapers.”
“And then he jerks off sitting in his shit!”
One of the women put her hand on his diaper and pressed it, “Look at this, he shit his diaper.”
“Yeah,” another woman was waving off the fumes, “I can smell it.”
“You, are a fucking, baby. You are,” another one said. “You know what? You belong in a fucking little baby crib, where you can sit in your shit and piss for the rest of your life.”
Jack looked over at Kathrin and Sally, both were calmly seating on the couch. Kathrin watched Jack’s eyes looking from one phantom woman to the next, and listened to him talking to his hallucinations.
“Stop it! I am not a fucking baby! Get off me. Get them off me! Stop it!!!”
He then felt one of them grab him by the hair and pull his head back. Another woman straddled his head, and a third woman began forcing a baby bottle into his mouth again.
Sally and Dr. Benson watched as Jack began wrestling with his straightjacket. He began yelling and screaming. Finally, he began screaming just like a baby. His screams were very loud, and became somewhat rhythmic.
“Waaa!!! Waaa!!! Waaa haaa haaa!!! Waaa!!!”
His cries and screams continued until his face became red. Marry watched from the door to the kitchen she had left ajar. He screamed like an infant until he ran out of breath. Kathrin gave him another injection.
Then the two nurses took hold of the handles on the straightjacket and gently lifted him up off the sofa, “There we go,” one of them said. “Up on the stretcher.” They got him on a stretcher and strapped him in. Jack was staring at the ceiling, his eyes unfocused. Looking upward he saw a large baby rattle, floating in the air, and moving back and forth as though an imaginary hand was shaking it. Baby blue, pink, yellow, and blue colored notes began pouring out of a speaker, in rhythm to the lullaby he was hearing, as though out of a cartoon. Teddy bears were floating by him, waving their hands at him. The smell of poop laced with baby powder and baby lotion was strong, an odor that took him back to his earliest memories.
Sally watched them wheel him down the hall towards the front door. “Is this commitment really a one way trip?”
“More than likely,” Kathrin replied.
Sally nodded.
“I have my evaluation of his mental state all written up, so you can get power of attorney. I’m committing him this afternoon, and that will legally make him incompetent. Now that we’re putting him in his play pen, he’s out of your way for good. From now on, nothing he signs is valid. And if his attorney or anyone in your company gets suspicious, I’ll fix Jack up real nice, so they can see just how sick he is. Believe me, you have no worries.”
Two lady paramedics were waiting outside by the ambulance. They took the stretcher up and into the vehicle. “Who’s gonna change the dude’s diapers?” one of them asked. The other woman shrugged, “We can let him sit in it till we get him to the psych ward. They’ll handle it.”
“Thanks,” one of the nurses said. “Take him to the South wing at the psych center. He’s not going to the main entrance, the doc is going to process him over at the other facility.”
The paramedics nodded, secured the stretcher inside, and closed the doors.
“All females,” Kathrin told Sally, as they watched the ambulance pull out of the driveway. “Jack is straight. It’s a very powerful method of control I use. He’s going to a special unit in a maximum security wing. Very few people know about it. With an all-female staff, Jack will grow to like it. It creates a very powerful force; one that uses the energy of his fantasies to keep him right where we want him. It’s a psychiatric pressure point I’m going to keep pressing. He will happily accept his new life as a baby. We’ll give him humane care and treatment. The fact is, sooner or later, he’ll be happier there.”
Marry slowly walked outside towards the two women. Sally gave her a week off with a bonus. Karthrin and Sally watched her VW pull out of the service drive and disappear.
“Can you really hold him? I mean, can you contain him?”
“The fact is, I’m not holding him; he is holding himself. He is the one that wants this, not you or me. Basically, I have given him the invitation to put himself into the ultimate psychological takeover of his ability to resist his ever increasing psychosexual desires. Sally, he is in love with the idea of diving into to the abyss of his obsession. I simply handed the anchor to him, and he made his decision.”
Questions, a tune by Allen Holdsworth, came on over the music that was piped in throughout the house. Kathrin moved closer to Sally, with a determined look.
Without warning, Kathrin’s hand caressed Sally’s crotch, rhythmically up and down a few times. Sally was overwhelmed.
“Let’s go upstairs,” Kathrin prescribed.
Sally nodded and went up to her master bedroom with her. The doctor had her thumb in Sally’s rectum before she knew what was going on. With noticeable acumen, Kathrin manipulated her other finger into Sally’s vagina, teasing her to orgasm, while sucking on her lips.

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