Incontulosin: development of an incontinence drug

Hi everyone, this is my first post! I wanted to make a story focusing on medical incontinence. This is sort of a set-up to a series focused on coercing average people into participating in medical research on adult incontinence, to watch them struggle with unwanted diapers.
I’d love to get feedback or to hear if there’s interested in a part 2!

Keywords: Urinary incontinence, pull-ups, medical, temporary, accidental, karma, non-sexual, dominant

Summary: Dr. Jessica Klein discovers her experimental lab pharmaceutical can induce complete temporary urinary incontinence, or rather the student Anna does when she mistakenly steals a sample during finals week. Jess has a conversation with Anna to make her explain exactly what effects the drug had on her, and coaches her through her upcoming week in pull-ups. Jess’s dominant side comes out as she takes control of the situation to ensure neither are expelled from the university. While Anna sits through an uncomfortably soggy winter break, Jess schemes about the potential of her accidental pharmaceutical discovery.

Chapter 1: An Accidental Discovery

Dr. Jessica Klein found herself still on campus, one day after the fall semester had officially ended and most people had left for the winter break. She was sitting across from a very nervous-looking undergrad in the safety of her dorm, which the student insisted she come out to meet her at, in a panicked, hastily written email that morning. Jess understood her reluctance to go out, considering the position she had gotten herself in. She also understood the missing sheets from her mattress, no doubt hidden out of shame.

Jess had only just finished her PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry the year before, and was at Woodgreen College on a post-doc, just until she could produce enough research to get a real professorship. She wasn’t close. No, instead she was working under the instructions of senior professors, for the most part. In fact, this little cocktail had been the only thing she had created of her own design, not that she had approval to do so. It was just supposed to be an improved diuretic to give the lab mice to test water retention for completely unrelated drug tests, though Jess admitted she may have put in more work into this than a simple diuretic needed. It certainly wasn’t designed for humans. Of course, even at this moment, Jess was still under the impression that it merely induced incontinence-like urinary urges; to her knowledge there wasn’t a drug out there causing true incontinence.

“Tell me one more time, Anna, why you thought it was appropriate to ingest powder you found in my lab, from a bottle labelled ‘Incontinence’?”

Anna had already explained most of this in her email that morning, but Jess had to make damn sure she knew exactly what happened when Anna recklessly decided to sample her research pharmaceuticals, and exactly what effects it was having to her body.

“Intelligence!” Anna replied. “The bottle said ‘Intelligence’. Well, it looked like it did, but you’re handwriting is really bad.” Jess glared at her, prompting her to continue. “OK, I know this looks really bad for me. I was having a really tough semester and needed something to get me through finals. I heard from Prof. Kauffman about the experimental neuro-stimulators his lab had been working on, how they were basically safe for human consumption. And, well, I knew which lab he worked in…”

“Dr Kauffman has recently moved his lab, not least of which because of the highly sensitive drugs he was working on that had to be under better security. I see you figured out that I was given that space to work in, and that I am not affiliated with his neuro-stimulators.”

“Yes, I saw your name on the bottle I…”

“The bottle you stole .”

Anna turned away sheepishly and crossed her arms over her legs. Anna was fairly average as far as undergrads go. The only thing seeming to differentiate her was too much ambition, which she was presently being humbled for. Jess noticed that underneath her crossed arms was a noticeable bulge inside her baggy sweatpants, likely a hand towel she was forced to improvise as protection while she was forced to meet with a human face-to-face.

“Anna, it is extremely important we understand exactly how you took this medication. When, how much, what symptoms do you have, and how quickly did they set in? You need to tell me everything, even the embarrassing parts.” Especially the embarrassing parts, Jess thought. She was going to need to hear about every pair of soaked panties to understand the drug’s effect on Anna.

“I took them two days ago, in the morning. I was planning use them to study all day for the final. I measured out 10 milligrams in the morning with breakfast, but I didn’t feel any effects so I had another dose around lunch. I noticed I had to run to the bathroom a bunch that afternoon, but I thought that was just the four cups of coffee I drank. I… on the way back from dinner was when I…” Anna blushed, clearly finding it difficult to continue. Jess waited patiently until she could continue her story. “wet myself. Just a little. Enough I could see my jeans darken. I was outside and wasn’t near a toilet.” Anna again turned away and attempted to cover her crotch, clearly remembering the embarrassing event, like she was worried it would happen again right there.

“I thought it was just stress. I grabbed a shower and decided to call it a night, since I had my final in the morning. But I [blushing again] woke up wet. I thought the stress must have finally gotten to me. There wasn’t really anything to do but to clean up and get to my exam. I’m just glad my suitemate had already left campus the day before and wasn’t around to see.”

“That makes sense. About 12 hours to begin working. Being asleep further inhibited your bladder control so a nighttime accident makes sense as well.” Jess was bullshitting, she had only tested small quantities on mice before, and they weren’t good at reporting symptoms. But she wanted to reassure the girl that the strange experimental diuretic she had taken wasn’t going to harm her. “Continue.”

“I guess I shouldn’t have had more coffee at breakfast. It was a long exam so I had gone to the toilet before. I still didn’t realize I was, umm… That I had taken the wrong medicine. I took another 20 milligrams that morning to see if the intelligence would kick in.”

“Well it certainly sounds like it kicked in. This was about when you had your first full daytime accident?”

“Yes. I made it through most of the exam. I only had 20 minutes to go. But I had an accident there in the lecture hall. I noticed because my pants were suddenly very warm and very wet. But I couldn’t get up to leave or else everyone would see what happened. I was stuck. I did my best to finish my test, but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t get anything done. I had to sit in the middle of class while the stain spread across my pants, until everyone passed up the exams and left the room. Luckily, I had a hoodie in my backpack to cover up the stain while I walked back here, but I basically froze my crotch off on the walk back. It was so clammy.” Anna shuddered.

“And after that?”

“I still thought it was just stress, but even after the exam I was still leaking. Every couple hours I would have a new pair of soiled jeans, so all day yesterday I just sat at my desk sitting on an old towel. When I woke up this morning in a wet bed again, I realized this might be more than stress. I finally put it together that maybe I should contact you about the medicine. I didn’t want to admit something was wrong. I would have at least ran to the bathroom if I could feel it coming even a little, or feel my bladder at all really, but by then I…”

“What?” Jess interrupted sharply. “Couldn’t feel it? Anna, this medicine is intended only to be a diuretic. If anything, you should have felt a very strong urge to urinate, even if it only gave you a minute to get to the toilet. Are you sure you couldn’t feel it at all? You weren’t just distracted by the exam?”

Anna looked worried at the sudden intense line of questioning. “N-no, I didn’t feel it at all. I would have noticed my bladder feeling at least a little full, but I didn’t. I was just… wet with no warning. Same thing all day yesterday. I haven’t felt the need to pee since studying two days ago.”

This was unexpected news for Jess. It meant that the drug worked differently than she thought. She supposed the mice weren’t actually able to tell her if they were unable to hold it, or if it was just difficult. But Jess made a guess about what happened. “Anna, this drug hasn’t ever been tested on humans before, so I’m afraid this isn’t what I thought would happen. This was intended as a diuretic, just something to make liquids pass through quicker and for it to be easier to pee. Easier, not compulsory. I only wrote incontinence on the bottle because it was meant as such an extreme diuretic, I didn’t expect it to actually cause incontinence.”

Jess paused as Anna’s face flushed white, terrified. “Temporary! It’s temporary. It’s been temporary in all of the mice at least. Based on your body mass, you probably took about an equivalent dose to them.”

Dejected, Anna asked. “So how long did it affect the mice?”
“Honestly, I don’t know. I never meant to track this drug’s effects. It could be anywhere from later today to as long as a month. We just have to wait and see.” Before Anna could cut in, Jess continued placating her. “But this is a good thing! It looks like you had the expected reaction, and that means that as soon as it clears your system, you should be back to normal!” Probably, Jess hoped, hopefully.

Truth be told, Jess was distracted even as she spoke. There were plenty of diuretics of varying effectiveness on the shelves. But a true incontinence medicine? Jess jumped to thoughts of what this might mean for the field of urology, what it might mean for her career, if only this girl’s reports were true…

The girl did not look reassured. “And… and what do I do until then? I can’t go home and piss myself in front of my family.” Croaking through the words as she began to panic, Anna raised her tone. “I need to get help! I need to go to the emergency room. You need to tell them what was in that stuff so I can get fixed right away!” The dread of a day with a tricky bladder was nothing compared to potentially weeks of full blown pants-wetting incontinence. “You… You need to fix this! Right now! Before I tell the dean you left those drugs out and get you fired!”

This was the worst case scenario for Jess. She could not let it get out that she was using restricted chemicals in the lab to make unauthorized drugs. She certainly could not let it out that she had somehow left the door unlocked, with experimental pharmaceuticals within reach of any idiot student. Least of all, she couldn’t let it get out that someone had actually taken the drugs, with her permission or not. Anna was getting out of hand and was now threatening Jess’s career.

And just like that, something snapped inside of Jess. She would not let this sniveling little pissed-soaked undergrad ruin her entire career. Not when she might have finally stumbled on something useful. Jess felt a fire in her she had never felt in herself before. She found herself taking control back of the situation. Jess drew herself to her full 6’ of height, pushed her shoulders back and stood over the girl. Jess was only 28 to Anna’s 19, but even that age difference made Jess feel some control over the young girl. She towered over average little Anna, still mentally glued to her seat. Jess crossed her arms, or rather folded them underneath her DD-cup breasts, pushing them up and out for Anna to stretch her gaze over and up to her face. Jess felt immediately confident in this pose like she never realized she could feel lording her tall, voluptuous body over Anna. It was as if pushing out her exposed cleavage over the flat-chested sophomore would remind both of them who was the adult and who was the child in this situation. She had never been a dainty little feminine figure that men wooed over. Maybe, she thought for a brief moment, she wasn’t supposed to be the submissive one. Maybe she was meant to be the one in power.

“Anna” She began forcefully. “Let me remind you of the situation. You, of your own volition, and by your admittance over email, snuck into a university lab, stole proprietary pharmaceutical chemicals, and stupidly ingested them. If those explicitly illegal actions weren’t enough, you’re intent alone was enough to get you kicked out for academic dishonesty. Do you understand that you’re in a much worse position than I am?” Jess paused to let that sink in. “If you want to get out of this situation without landing in jail, you will do exactly as I say. Understood?”

“Yes” came the reply, suddenly sheepish again.

“Yes, what, dear?”

“Yes, … Dr. Klein.”

Even in her slightly excited state, Jess knew that wasn’t necessary. But she realized she liked it and would need to reflect on why that was. Later. After this situation gets sorted out.

“Now, were there any other side effects? Anything at all?”

Anna opened her mouth slightly, like she was going to say something. “Nothing, never mind nothing.” A blush spread blatantly across her face, but Jess dismissed it as her overall embarrassment and moved on.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do, Anna. We’re gonna wait this out and let the meds flush from your system. Now it’s winter break, so the best thing to do is keep you here on campus. I’ll be near, and not many other people will be. I’ll talk to resident services and tell them you’re doing some work for me over break so you can stay here. You won’t mention this to anyone, ever, for any reason, or else you’ll get kicked out of school. You’ll stay here, recording your bladder activity until you return to normal. Hopefully it should only be a few days, ok?” Anna nodded to show her understanding, a slight tear running down the terrified girl’s face.

This served to soften Jess up. Dropping her tough facade, she pulled her chair next to Anna and sat down. She reached out to take her hands in her own. “Its ok, baby. It’s only a few days, then we’re all going to forget it ever happened.”

The next part Jess knew would be difficult, and was awkward even in the wake of her newfound dominance. “Anna, I have something with me to help you through this.” At this, Jess reached into the large bag she had brought in with her. From Anna’s email, Jess knew these were probably necessary, but now Jess wondered if they were even enough. “Anna, these are diapers. You’re going to need to wear them for a little while.”

They weren’t diapers, actually. They were just pullups, convenience store-style Depends for women. But Jess didn’t know the first thing about diapers, so that’s what she grabbed as she hurried over to Anna as quickly as she could.

“I can’t wear diapers!” Anna began, now suddenly petulant. “I’m not a baby or an old hag!”

Seeing Anna become spirited again, Jess took a decisive action. Taking her hands off Anna’s, she reached for the girl’s waistband, quickly yanking out the bundle of cloth held against the girl’s leaking pussy. Anna let out a gasp, almost a faint moan as the moist cloth was pulled against her crotch. “Would you prefer walking around with this piss-soaked rag making a bulge in your pants?” And less sternly, “Honey, It’s for your own good. Things will go much easier if you put these on for me.” Jess noted that the towel was quite warm and pungeant. It must have been freshly applied right before Jess came in, and jet it was already soaked. Jess almost paused to ask when Anna had wet, but the poor thing probably didn’t even know.

Jess stared into Anna’s eyes, until the girl finally capitulated with a meek, “Yes, Dr. Klein.” If she put up a fight, Anna knew, she would only be arguing until she lost one more pair of sweatpants, only this time with someone watching as she soiled them.


That was two weeks ago. Unfortunately for Anna, pull-ups were simply not the right product for her needs, and during this time she still found herself waking up in a completely soaked bed, her pull-up having done little to protect her sheets. Even during the day, she had to be very careful to monitor herself for wetness and change as quickly as possible before a second wetting ruined another pair of pants. Fortunately, the pull-ups gave Anna enough independence to venture to the laundry room. Though she hated it, she was also able to go to the cafeteria for meals, fearing every time that someone would catch on to the faint crinkling sound, whiff of pee, or else catch sight of the distinctive waistband sneaking its way above her jeans. Anna spent the next few days in soggy misery, hidden away in her dorm room, feeling degraded by her own body’s lack of functionality. She knew she couldn’t even complain to Dr. Klein, as this was merely punishment for her own actions.

Thankfully, Anna did recover, reporting a return of sensation just two days later, but with another three days of rushing to the bathroom with both successes and failures before finally regaining consistency. It was a full week from Anna’s first to her last accident, but even afterwards, Anna experienced a near-constant drip for almost another week after that. What was interesting to Jess was the psychological effect this had on Anna. Even after managing to keep her pull-ups dry, Anna insisted, despite no medical need, on staying in the pull-ups she hated so much. Anna must have been traumatized by the ordeal, of losing control and humiliating herself in front of what felt like the whole school, too traumatized to risk it happening again. Jess thought her self-induced extra punishment was more than appropriate for the girl’s actions, and didn’t even mind her own little embarrassment of having to buy pull-ups at the nearby pharmacy twice a week to replenish Anna’s supply. It wasn’t until the end of the winter break when the trauma wore off enough for Anna to remember her revulsion for diapers and fear of being caught in one, and was able to put on her big girl panties before her roommate and the rest of campus returned.

Jess still had a lot to learn about proper diapers, but she was more concerned with her novel discovery. Anna’s smooth recovery was promising, but not as promising as how wildly effective this incontinence concoction seemed to be. Jess had built a theory on how the drug affected Anna. First, it turned off nerves in the bladder, causing a complete lack of sensation in the area. Additionally, the muscles seemed to be paralyzed. While paralyzed, the sphincter seemed to be frozen in a relaxed, almost-closed position. It seemed to leave enough of an opening at rest to allow for drips and dribbles throughout the day. However, once the desensitized bladder filled up to capacity, the paralyzed sphincter would give up and release the entirety of the bladder’s contents at that instant, with no notice to poor Anna. Jess noted that the bladder regained sensation and control relatively quickly, but the sphincter remained relaxed and prone to dripping for some time after. This was harder to prove, but Jess speculated it had slightly shrunken the bladder based on Anna’s frequency of urination.

Jess wondered about refining her recipe to isolate these effects and better control her subject’s incontinence. A few tweaks could leave the sphincter completely open or stop the dribbling, perhaps she could leave the patient with bladder sensation but keep the incontinence. The bladder shrinkage might have long-term effects, Jess speculated she might as easily cause bladder size to atrophy as she could to force it to expand with long-term use. Jess decided to call this first version of the drug Incontulosin-alpha.

There was one other, rather strange side effect. It took a week for Anna to admit to it. Increased sensitivity, in a very localized area. Jess still wasn’t sure why, but somehow the drug stimulated the nerves in Anna’s genitals at the same time it dulled the neighboring bladder. For the first three days, whenever she moved, Anna’s attention was brought to her moist diaper rubbing against her now extra-sensitive pussy. Any amount of walking would turn her on. The further embarrassed Anna reported that were it not for her own pee, she still would have been wet most of the time from her own juices. Jess didn’t know what to make of this, but kept it in mind as an interesting side effect.

Finally, Jess could put this whole ordeal behind her, and she began planning what to do with her newfound discovery. Jess would have to fudge some data and lab forms next semester to make it look like she developed this legitimately, but that was easy. Some refinement of the formula, some lab tests on mice, and a good publication and she was looking at a professorship at whatever school she chose. Jess was going to develop this into the first true incontinence-inducing pharmaceutical.

Wryly, Dr. Klein wondered when she would get to conduct her first real round of human trials.


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I am of the impression “Keywords” and the other headings were intended to mimic the format of medical research. So far I like it; I’m not all-in yet, but I’d like to see more.

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This is absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to see where you take it.

I still can’t believe no one else has commented on this gem. Any plans to continue it?

(You also might consider cross-posting it to sites like, where interest in straight-up wetting scenarios might be higher.)

This is an amazing story! I’d love to see it taken further, begging you to continue! Scenarios like this are awesome