Incontinence Island - Masaki6006

Incontinence Island

Levine Livingston was the Controller of Kimberly-Clark. He oversaw the company’s accounting and had spent many years working there. Today he would have his annual meeting with the CEO explaining the company’s financial performance over the previous year.

“Sales have fallen off a cliff. Sales of our incontinence products have steadily fallen over the past year as you can see from exhibit 1-A. The company must take immediate action to prevent a further decline in sales. We must stimulate demand for our products” Levine warned.

“Excuse me” interrupted the CEO. “Adult diapers aren’t something you can create demand for. Demand is based solely on need not want” he explained.

“Exactly! We’ll create a need. I propose a test program. A program where participants will be paid to use our products. Eventually, they will become dependent on them and will be forced to purchase our products for the rest of their lives” Levine said calmly.

“Bullshit! What the hell are you thinking? You think people are just going to volunteer for this sort of program and wear diapers for us!?” the CEO replied.

“Remember: They’re getting paid. Plus, we won’t tell them the specifics in the beginning. We’ll tell them they are going on a fully paid vacation to test out the company’s products for an entire month on our private island. The island is situated away from prying eyes and will allow our guests to test the products without outside influence. Furthermore, we’ll make them sign a waiver preventing the company from future liability. With proper execution I believe the plan will bolster our image and increase sales of our products” Levine asserted.

“Hmmm… Let me think about it. Our company image is on the line here. Any mistakes would be devastating to our brand and end up being a public relations nightmare” the CEO replied. He stood up and began to leave. However, he stopped just as he was about to leave the doorway.

“Let’s do it” the CEO said apparently having changed his mind.

“A great man once told me ‘Business is a game of risks and risk takers. Those who fail to take risks fail to do business’” the CEO claimed. The CEO stared Levine in the eyes and gave him a slight head nod before leaving the room.

The island was situated off the southern tip of Florida near the Bahamas. It was always warm and sunny. The island was formerly a nude beach before being purchased by Kimberly-Clark for employee vacations. On the north side of the island lie a large shack filled with a recent shipment of adult diapers. The supply of diapers would last years.

Martha was a young woman struggling to pay her way through college. She had a very innocent and childish aura about her. She was small and cute and looked more like a child than a grown woman. She needed extra money and was thrilled when she found out Kimberly-Clark was offering to pay her to have a vacation near the Bahamas.

“How bad could it be?” she thought. The vacation would be an opportunity to get away from the stresses of city life and college. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

However, nothing is free in life. She had one thing to lose: Her continence.

Martha packed her bags and headed to airport. She was eager to meet the other guests. A few of them were on the same plane.

“Are you also a Kimberly-Clark product tester?” Martha asked the young woman sitting next to her. “Ya, but I don’t know what to expect. What do you think we’ll be testing?” replied the woman. “I’m not sure. It can’t be too bad. I’m sure we’ll be testing out Kleenex or some kind of cleaning product” Martha speculated.

The girls continued their amicable conversation as the plane raced towards the island. It was getting close to 7 P.M. and the sun was getting low in the sky. The sky exuded vibrant hues of purple and red as the sun hovered lower and lower. The girls were getting very hungry. The plane ride had worn them down and all they wanted to do was have dinner and rest.

They made their way towards the testing center building in the center of the island. The building was very large - spanning a few football fields - and looked like an ordinary building from the outside. However, the inside was replete with flowers and fancy artwork. The interior was luxurious and well kept. The girls were impressed. They were only there for a few moments but already wanted to stay forever.

They saw a group of people in the adjacent room. “Welcome honored guests, please enter the vestibule and visit with your fellow guests. The concierge will explain everything” the woman at the front counter explained.

The women had talked for a few minutes with the other guests. There was a large double door leading into the dinner room on the other side of the room. Soon the large double door opened and inside stood a well-groomed man wearing a tuxedo.

“Greetings everyone! My name’s Mike Jorgenson and I’ll be your host tonight. I’m sure you’re all curious about the product testing. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s eat!” he told the ignorant guests.

Mike was actually a very sadistic person despite his friendly outward image. He lived off the pain and suffering of others. Like a vampire, he fed on the humiliation and discomfort of his victims. He also had a diaper fetish and loved it when women had “accidents” and experienced incontinence. The company knew he was the right man for the job.

The dinner room was filled with tables of decadent foods and rare wines. Little did the guests know, they would be needing those diapers soon. The food was laced with all sorts of laxatives and diuretics. The wine had been spiked with castor oil ensuring a painful and explosive mess. The tea contained traces of dandelion root which would cause their bladders to swell with urine.

Martha approached the dinner table. Her plate was filled with hors d’oeuvres and a glass of red wine. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing. Classical music play peacefully in the background. Martha had heard this piece somewhere before. She entertained herself by chatting with the other guests.

Slowly, the music became more lugubrious and ominous. The timing was perfect, for the drugs began to take hold of the guests. Martha’s bowels began to cringe as the castor oil slithered through her intestines melting everything in its path. Her bladder began to fill with pee like a yellow star ready to burst into a supernova.

“Excuse me!” Martha screamed. “Is there a restroom around here!?” she cried out in pain.

“Ya, I need to use the restroom to” yelled another women. All the guests agreed and also asked for the restroom. Perhaps they had food poisoning they thought to themselves.

“I’m afraid not…” Mike replied calmly as he stood guarding the entrance to the dinner room. His eyes lit up as he watched the guests double over in pain. He knew the time was near and soon they would be babies: His little babies.

Martha put her hand on her crouch as her piss filled bladder ached. She tried hard to control herself. A small trickle escaped her little pussy and lubricated her panties. The small trickle turned into a gushing water fountain as the acidic yellow fluid saturated her jeans. Her cheeks grew beet red from humiliation. The yellow fluid glistened off the wooden floor.

“What!? How can there not be a restroom? Are you telling us there isn’t a toilet on this whole island!?” the guests cried out.

“Indeed… That’s why I wanted you to eat first. So you could test out our products properly,” he explained. Next to the doorway lie a cable which was connected to an alarm system which would summon the other employees. Mike pulled the cable.

The employees swarmed the dinner room. Each of them carrying packages of adult diapers. The guests were in too much pain to notice or care.

“Strip naked!” Mike ordered. They didn’t want to soil their clothes so they followed his instructions. The employees pinned down the guests and diapered them.

Martha’s stomach gurgled with vitriolic diarrhea. She took off her wet pants and lied on the wooden floor. Mike grabbed a diaper from one the employees and slid the diaper under Martha. She covered her face in embarrassment. She couldn’t believe she was being forced to wear diapers.

Mike couldn’t help but get excited. “Be a good girl. Show daddy how you use your diaper” he said as he comforted the girl. She tried to scoot away from the domineering man. A wet fart spurted into her diaper as she tried to escape. “Owww!!! My stomach!!” she cried out. She clenched her butt cheeks tight and tried desperately to close her sphincter.

Another wet fart escaped her behind which burned and irritated her skin. Mike could smell what she was doing and knew her diapers would be filled within seconds.

Martha turned on her stomach. Her bowels erupted into her diaper like magma from a chocolate volcano. The caustic mush spread throughout the confines of her diaper coating her ass with chocolate frosting. She had been reduced from a grown woman into a stinky baby. She was now a little girl who just had her first poopy accident.

The other guests filled their diapers too. Indeed, the sounds of guests losing control was like a symphony of darkness to Mike’s ears. He enjoyed the magical sounds and smells which escaped their pampers. They were all failures in Mike’s eyes. However, he loved failure (especially women who failed to control themselves).

They had all been bad babies and deserved punishment!

Over the coming weeks and months the guests began to gradually lose bladder and bowel control. They became accustomed to using diapers and used them without thinking. Many had already begun wetting the bed every night as their bladders steadily shrunk from months of not holding anything in. The guests were happy with their new lifestyle and had forged enduring friendships with each other.

The company decided to treat the guests to a longer stay: A 50 year stay. Levine’s plan was to have the guests remain trapped on the island fully incontinent. He also wanted the guests to mate with each other and populate the island with even more incontinent people. They became fully brainwashed and were truly dependent on the company’s products. The adults would be allowed to leave the island and re-assimilate themselves into society after a few years. Word would then spread about the convenience of adult diapers. Diapers were safer and more hygienic than regular toilets the guests explained to outsiders.

The company’s sales skyrocketed. Diapers became mainstream and were no longer taboo. Levine Livingston went down in corporate history. Indeed, he had “changed diapers” forever.


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Good story. ITs end not bad with the capability for more stories.

  1. The life change for the first year on the Island.

  2. The life over the next couple of year were theres marriages, births and the raising of the kids(both adult and children).

  3. The times sending the adult back to normal soceity and how soceity changes.

Here are some ideas for more stories. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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Indeed, you could actually write more of this story. It would make for a really interesting read and the ideas already presented are pretty good.

Re: Incontinence Island - Masaki6006

I thought this was actually a pretty good story. I do wish you had taken a bit more time and expanded it a bit more. It really seemed like you were rushing to reach the end. I felt as though there were so many areas you could have expanded on making the story even more enjoyable.