In search of survival

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In search of survival

a couple of things: first, you posted this story on the general board (here) and the non abdl story board. It belongs here if you are going to have diapers in the story somewhere, and on the other board if not.

Also, I assume that english is not your first language, going by the way you phrased some of your sentences. I thought it was a pretty good story anyway.

In search of survival

Reminds me of “Silent Hill”.

In search of survival

he posted it in the Archive from XSorbit also.

Reply to Robehouse and Kip

Dear Robehouse and Kip,

Ms Robehouse, I may not be a professional writer but English is not my second language. I know you’re thinking that I am some uneducated Mexican. There is one advice for you. Please do not be so races to anyone by their skin color. Even I may be a mexican who doesn’t write well, since my English is a second language. That does not give you the right to despise me. I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you.

Ms Kip (I know you are a dude),
Mind your own business.

From then on, I am no longer posting here. You guys must be happy. I know I am not welcome. Have a nice day. I will be long gone.

From: a moron

In search of survival

You may heard in the media that everyone is equal. It is regardless the races you are, or the social status you were born. This may be true but it is not completely right.

People in our world still conflict each other because of the differences we had.

When would this stop? The answer is that it will never stop. People look down at someone because they are poor, uncool, the way they look or even they dress.

Today I have being look down because I write like a moron.

In search of survival

When I replied, I had no idea you were a mexican. I just thought that by the way you phrased some things, that english was not your first language. I was not putting you down. I am sorry you took it that way. I did say the story was good, if you remember.

As to the other points I made, A story should be posted on only one board, and your story contained no diaper content, so it belongs on the non abdl story area, not here.
if you did not post it in the other forum, then it doesn’t belong in the archives from that site.

I was just making some observations.

Re: Reply to Robehouse and Kip

bite me. i was just stating an observation.