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I LOOKED AT the mark my dad had made on my doorframe again and smiled with glee! Today was going to be the best day ever of high school! I might never have noticed if my friend Shawn hadn’t said something yesterday about it seemed like I’d grown. I’d given up hope that would likely happen anymore at eighteen, and stopped measuring, but here I was… finally!!!

I was practically bouncing as I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a breakfast bar and a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Ready?” My dad asked while walking back in the room with a travel cup of coffee.

“Yes!” I told him with a smile, “Can we leave now so I can go see the nurse before school?”

He laughed, “I figured you’d want to do that. Grab your bag and we’ll head off.”

I walked to the car ahead of him and opened the back door and looked at the seat there, or rather the lack of a car seat! I smiled as I buckled up and Dad drove me to school. He pulled up to the front where there was a little bit of activity already still a half-hour before school.

“Have a good day Sport! I love you,” He told me with a good-natured smile.

“Thanks Dad, love you too,” I told him as I closed my door. I walked up the steps to the school, dodging a few students who were definitely still taller than me! As I opened the main door, I saw one of the senior girls was dragging a boy not much smaller than me to the office with her hand grabbing tightly onto his wrist. The tell-tale wet spot on his front was not going to go over well for him inside the office… While I felt for him, the girl’s giggling and laughter over his misfortune spurred me to walk faster to the nurse to hopefully beat them there after a principal saw them.

When I arrived, I found the woman I was looking for sitting at a desk that I could see over pretty well, except where a computer screen blocked my view.

“Cameron! What brings you here so early baby boy?”

I felt my gut wrench at that statement, but knew she used that tone with everyone who was too short to be a ‘Big’ to her.

I forced myself to sound confident, “Hi Mrs. Giddings, I’m here to update my height records if you might have a chance to check?”

Her eyes narrowed at me and I wondered if I had now offended her. “Well, you think you might have grown since the beginning of the year?”

I nodded, “My dad and I checked last night.”

“Well, step over to the scale over here. Take your shoes off first though!”

I blushed, knowing that I did have shoes on that gave me an extra two inches, and stood bare-foot on the scale as she first read off my weight. “One-hundred-and-ten pounds… You are a scrawny boy, aren’t you?” She smirked at me.

I shrugged, “I eat all of the time, just never gain anything,” I told her honestly.

“Still, you might see about having some more fattening foods in your diet, add some more milk in your meals?” She suggested.

I bit my tongue and groaned, knowing that she thought of me still at my old height… and what kind of milk she would have wanted me to have. “I’ll try,” I told her an easy lie.

She reached behind me and pulled up an attachment from the scale that seemed anachronous in a way from the high-tech instruments that even a school nurse’s office had. I could see in the corner her automated changing table, an auto-feeder, and an older model of a machine that I knew would take off all of the body hair of a little with the press of a button once they were strapped inside… I shuddered as I thought about how many times that I had just barely avoided them!

I felt a bar land on my head gently as she pushed it down. “Stand tall little one!” She told me. I did so, and she looked down to make sure my feet were flat on the scale’s surface. “Those feet are flat, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I told her calmly waiting her verdict.

She stared at the digital readout above the scale for a moment and adjusted things before saying, “Well, I’ll be! I guess you’re going to grow up to be an adult here after all!”

“How tall?”

She smiled, “Seventy-three inches!”

“So…?” I asked with a smile.

“You’re officially no longer a Little, Cameron!”

I smiled widely as she entered the information in the system and then looked at me, “I’m sad this is the last day I’ll see you in that uniform. If you brought anything else with you, you may go ahead and change?”

I nodded and said, “Thanks!” before heading down the hallway into a bathroom that I found unoccupied. I quickly took the stupid clip-on tie off, followed by the slacks and button-down shirt. I was already wearing normal boxers, so I was able to quickly pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with my favorite band on the front of it. I had risked a bit with already wearing regular tennis shoes, but those went back on with a smile that I wouldn’t have to wear the stupid Littles’ dress shoes I’d been forced to wear since elementary school.

I looked in the mirror at my face and smiled, knowing once and for all I wasn’t in danger of being just adopted off of the street like my Little friends! Mom had been a ‘Big,’ but for some reason I had inherited short genes. I was never going to be as big of a ‘Betweener’ as my dad, but at least legally as a ‘Betweener’ like my dad was, I could have a future that didn’t involve a nursery and diapers for the rest of my life!

I headed out of the bathroom, noting the now full hallways, and made it to my first class just before the tardy bell rang.

“Mister Sylvester, why are you out of uniform?” The tall twelve-foot woman who taught English asked me.

I forced myself not to be nervous as I craned to look up at her still towering at me even sitting at her desk. “I’ve just been to the nurse. Please check my records, you’ll see I’m no longer required to wear the Little’s uniform, Ma’am.”

I was polite, knowing that she could still met out punishments that involved diapers and going back in my educational status.

“Is that so?” She asked as a couple of large girls in the front row giggled.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“No way, he’s still a Little. Can I take him to the nurse so you can get on with class, I’ll get him diapered, and send him off to a daycare?” Kristin, a total witch of a girl said.

“Well, let’s just see what the records say,” she said. I watched her pull up the school’s student information system on her tablet and clicked through before tutting, “Well I’ll be, you did finally grow up, didn’t you?” She said to me.

I nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

“So, I guess this means you’re going to college next year after all…”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said to her.

“Which one?”

“Emerson?” I told her. It was a university a few hours from my hometown that would have accepted me as a little too. Fortunately, now that I had received a new official designation, I would be able to cancel my CARE exam that had been scheduled for next week!

“My Alma Mater!” she said with a smile, “Too bad I guess that means you won’t be in Wenig. I was an RA for two years there.” She looked over at Kristin, “That’s of course where I met my little guy.”

Fortunately, the school announcements started up then and I was able to avoid hearing any more discussion about the poor man’s fate. I’d seen him on several occasions in our class, dressed just in his onesie and a messy diaper. Kristin had especially seemed to enjoy getting a chance to dote on him. Whenever he was there she constantly cooed at him with baby talk, and worked to actively embarrassed him when he tried to hide behind his large stuffed puppy dog. ‘He certainly isn’t lacking milk in his diet,’ I thought while grimacing at the number of girls in the class who had nursed him while we would read as a class out loud.

I made sure to pay attention as she gave us our final project we had to complete for the semester before our exams began in three weeks. I walked out alongside Beth; my best friend who was unfortunately only seventy-one inches tall. Her brown hair was braided into two pigtails on either side of her head like most of the littles. “So, no uniform, diapers during exams, or graduation now?” she said with a smile as she gave me a hug. “Congrats Cameron!” She said with a smile.

“Thanks,” I told her returning the hug. Her plaid uniform dress with the required white blouse unfortunately labeled her as the ‘Little’ she would forever be. “I’m sorry this means we’ll be in a different dorm now…”

She shrugged, “It’s not like you can’t come visit me?”

I nodded, but felt my stomach be a bit queasy, “Maybe we can meet for lunch on campus each day?”

“Already afraid to be around a little who can drag you down?” She teased me.

There was a hint of truth in it that we both knew neither could escape.

Now that I was officially a Mid, or a Betweener, it was risky to hang around Littles, lest I be labeled as one myself! Even ones like Beth who were nearly as tall as I was, and every bit as potty trained, could draw unwanted attention to me! I hoped her Betweener mother and Big father would be able to get her safely away from the graduation ceremony later that month. I was glad I wouldn’t have to worry about the gauntlet that the Littles usually faced as soon as the caps were thrown in the air!

Part I: Freshman Year

Chapter 1: Fresh Starts

GRADUATION HAD COME and gone before I knew it! I had been fortunate to end up with another Betweener roommate, Jason, who was only a foot taller than I was. His height was much less intimidating than if he had been a Big! He was also shorter than my dad, so being shorter than him really didn’t bother me that much.

Orientation had been a blast! I had been so glad that I wasn’t a Little, as I caught glimpses of the occupants from Wenig Hall, the Littles’ dorm. I had been able to enjoy the dance, a movie on the lawn, a casino night, and a few other activities that happened at night. If I had been just a tiny bit shorter, I would have been forced to be in bed in the Little’s dorm!

I had caught sight of Beth being pulled along a stupid ringed line rope thing like a bunch of preschoolers on the first real night of orientation. She texted me the next day that she was sorry she couldn’t get together with me yet.

We’d had a big send-off barbeque with our families the night before we moved in though, so it wasn’t like it had been weeks since we’d seen each other… We did finally get to plan a lunch together on the first day of our classes since we had the same class right before lunch. I was looking forward to seeing her, and from her text message, she was looking forward to going to class without her Nest Mother peering over her shoulder all of the time.

‘Nest Mothers…’ I snorted at the stupidity. With a normal dorm you got R.A.s that were essentially there to keep you from partying or doing epically stupid things. They also tried to help you out if you were in a bind with something. For Wenig Hall, the Littles all ended up in ‘Nests’ that had ‘Nest Mothers’ to watch over them. The Littles had to obey them, like nannies or something, and everyone had horror stories about them!

I shook my head and took care that I didn’t run into a tall girl that was standing in the middle of the hallway for some reason. Just as I passed her though she grabbed my wrist, “Where are you going out of uniform?”

I sighed, “I’m not a Little, please let me go, I need to get to class.”

She looked down at me skeptically and I noticed that she was easily over eleven feet tall. “You don’t seem like you are tall enough…”

“I promise I am. Do you think they’d really let a Little out of Wenig without their uniform?” I asked. I nodded towards a pair of Littles walking right past me. I kept my face calm as I could tell there was padding underneath their pants. One had a little tale-tale bit of white plastic sticking up over the back of his shirt that had been tucked inside the diaper somehow.

“Come on Holly,” a girl next to her, a bit shorter said, “We need to get to class too. Besides, you know the rules. You can’t adopt Little students, and Betweeners aren’t required to wear the uniform.”

She sighed, “Get lost baby boy,” she told me.

I didn’t hesitate to follow her instructions and took the chance to get the hell out of there. I was sure she had Little-fever bad! I made it to class and found a seat in the third row of a large lecture hall next to a smiling Beth.

She stood up carefully off of the booster she’d sat on in her chair and gave me a hug. “Cameron!”

I squeezed her back, “It’s good to see you Beth!” I told her. As she sat back down, I noticed I smelled baby powder, and her bottom seemed to crinkle… I tried not to get nervous at being next to her – I didn’t want my friend to be labeled as having a case of maturosis. That’s what the Bigs tended to call it these days… ‘maturosis’ was their way of labeling a Little and saying their only use was to be a babied living doll. I never wanted to see a friend getting stuck with that label, but it looked clear that Beth could be on her way.

“So how are you settling in?” she asked me.

We talked for a few minutes before our biology professor began introducing the class. I was intending on getting an undergrad degree in Chemistry or Biology before going for a juris doctorate. I had learned from my grandfather that lawyers who had the technical background to understand the details of science would do better with patent law cases. It seemed a good match to me of something that wasn’t overly physical labor wise, and would enable me to stay out of view much of the time as I prepared for cases.

I’d always done really well with science as a kid, so this class was just going to be a review from what I read on the syllabus. I tucked it away in the backpack I was carrying, and stood up to follow Beth out of the hall, and to the nearest dining hall.

Next to the entrance, one of the T.A.’s had one Little by the arm and was pulling up her skirt - showing off her purple training pants. “Uh-oh, someone made a stinky in her training panties! Guess we need to go see the Dean!” she said with a smirk and then smushed a lump in the back intentionally as she picked her up.

Beth seemed to shrink into me as we passed the other T.A. “Let’s see how you’re doing on your first day little girl!” she told her as she pulled up her skirt without warning. I watched in horror as a pair of pink disposable training panties were displayed and pulled back from the back so she could look inside. “Bit wet, but all clean! Make sure you get a change before your next class little girl,” she told her as she pushed her skirt down and clung to me with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I told her as I hugged her outside. “We’ve got to keep moving though, you can’t be seen crying out here Beth.”

She nodded and calmed down. The two of us had made a pact long ago that we would help each other through the big bad world of Bigs looking to kidnap and baby us. She’d done the same for me many times when I was shorter than she was. We arrived at the cafeteria and walked together around the stations to get food. I helped her get some things from a couple of the serving dishes she couldn’t reach, and tried to ignore the hungry looks some of the Bigs were giving her… and me!

Not all of them were like that mind you, I could see a larger number of students really looking through new books, schedules, and talking to friends across their tables. Those were generally the safe type of Bigs when I had been still considered a Little. I glanced over at Beth who was handing her card to be swiped and thanked god again that I finally had a small growth spurt! Until I had been a freshman in high school, I hadn’t even hit five foot. By senior year when I was five feet ten inches at the beginning of the year, I was afraid I would be like Beth, forever just a hair short of the mark. Emerson’s school uniform for Littles didn’t even allow for lifted shoes to let her get away with pretending to be that extra inch.

I handed over my own card and followed Beth over to an area of the Cafeteria that was better sized for Betweeners… ‘or really elementary school children,’ I had to admit. Truthfully just because I was over six feet now, didn’t make me an adult in the eyes of many of those around me. Since I was still just the size of an average preschooler, it didn’t bring me a lot of safety. It just meant though that the majority of Amazons that wanted to humiliate their charges, change diapers, and breastfeed their pretend babies would give me a pass at first glance so they could have their cuddly ‘infants.’ I did have to be wary though, there were some that would prefer to have a pretend ‘potty-training’ inept Little boy that goes to preschool or elementary school each day - always missing the potty and having ‘accidents.’ I could honestly remember several Littles like that in my kindergarten through second grade classes. They became pretty rare by middle school and high school. Usually only newly adopted Littles with ‘parents’ that wanted to really run them down by continually demoting them through the grades would be sent to high school. Most got ‘Go Straight Daycare, and Don’t Pass Go’ cards.

I shuddered thinking of some of the last ones I’d seen in high school.

With that I looked at Beth, “So how are things really?” I asked her.

She looked around, and then said, “I knew…” she sighed, “I knew that I would probably end up diapered at night… that’s been happening every night. We were told for the first week it was mandatory, and then we could have our big girl panties back for bed if we proved we weren’t bedwetters on our potty charts. I’ve never had accidents back home, but I’ve woken up wet all but two nights here! I think they’re doing something…” she started to say when a tall girl walked up to our table.

She was wearing a top that was way too tight, causing her plump breasts to practically pop out of the top of her shirt. Something about her body language said she was bad news as she walked up to our table. “Well, there you are Lizzy!”

I could mentally picture Beth wanting to kill the woman already. Even her parents didn’t call her that!

“Hi Miss Nancy,” Beth told her politely. Her body was tense though and I could see this girl was getting under her skin.

“And who is your little friend? Is he in our dorm as well?” she asked.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I guessed that she was one of the damn Nest Mothers. “I’m Cameron Sylvester,” I told her politely and extended my hand.

“You know you’re not allowed to have boyfriends…” the girl told Beth.

“I’m not a boyfriend,” I told her, “we’ve just been friends for a really long time. We grew up together,” I told her.

“Sort of grew up,” she said with a wry smile. “I take it you must have just edged over the finish line that wittle Lizzy couldn’t make! No matter,” she said as she suddenly put her hand up Beth’s skirt and pulled up. “Who’s a wet wittle girl? This girl, huh?” she tisked, “I guess you really did need those cute training panties, huh?” She talked to her in a very patronizing voice. “Make sure you come by after lunch for another pair… or you can go see one of the attendants at the changing stations too. They’ll probably only have diapees though.” She stood up then, and looked back down, “Of course that might be a better option for you anyway if you’re not going to stay dry. Smells like you’re clean at least though. See you soon chickling.”

As she stood and walked away, I looked at Beth whose shoulders were clearly tense and doing her best not to break down again. I sat quietly for a few minutes and asked, “So who was that bitch?”

“Shh!” she told me. “If they think I said that…”

I smiled, “Relax, I’m a big adult, I can say naughty words.”

That was enough to make her giggle a little bit at least.

“So, who was that?”

“Nancy Dannigan, my nest mother.”

“Landed yourself one of the good ones… huh?”

She shook her head, “I think she’s probably the worst actually. My nest is already half-gone after orientation. Someone must have spiked the punch for the Littles - all but a few of us who didn’t drink it ended up messing our pants!”

“Not you?” I asked her.

She held up her thermos of water, “You know I don’t ever drink water I can’t trust.”

I nodded; it was a good plan as a Little. She was worth a lot of money to the university as a Little student in special grants and aid, but I’d heard all about the demerit system from some others around campus since we’d arrived. For Littles there was a rule of ten demerits in a year… get those and you were immediately escorted to a daycare the university ran, or taken to an orphanage if you’d pissed Dean Sanders off too much. It seemed like there were a lot of ways to get stuck with them, but the worst was pooping your pants in class. Doing so would be an automatic eight demerits! From what I’d seen a couple times during that morning, it seemed like they would then swoop in on the opportunity to knock two more for wetting their pants, or not wearing protection, or swearing, or… well anything.

To be honest I was glad I was no longer bound by those rules. I hated to see my best friend stuck with them! I’d made it to safety, and I felt guilty about that.

Just when I was beginning to get some more information out of her about her life in Wenig, another Little came over, “Can I sit here?”

I looked a little down at the girl who was standing and still shorter than I was in the seat.

“Sure Meg,” Beth told her.

Once she had sat down, she looked up at me, “Hi, I’m Meg.”

“Cameron,” I told her.

“Boyfriend?” She hissed at Beth.

We both laughed, “Just good friends,” I told her. “How do you two know each other?”

“Oh, we’re in the same nest together,” she told me.

“I’m sorry, I just had the displeasure of meeting your Nest Mother…”

“Yeah…” Meg said. She took that moment though to take a bite of her food. “What’s your major Cameron?”

“Either chemistry or biology… I haven’t decided yet.”

“Future doctor?”

I shook my head, “Lawyer actually…”

We talked for a while and I learned she was majoring in electrical engineering. Beth gradually calmed and became a bit more of her normal self with us, before blushing and excusing herself to go back to the dorm. I guessed for that change… Meg and I were heading towards the same part of campus where my chem lab was to be held.

“It was nice meeting you,” I told her as we parted.

“You too!” she said with a smile.

I noticed a couple Bigs giving me a look like I was shrinking by hanging out with a Little, but I just shrugged and walked through the hallway, up a staircase, and found the small lecture hall that I guessed they had chosen for us to meet on procedures before taking us into a lab. This class met for a lecture on Mondays, and then had lab time to complete the projects and experiments on Wednesdays and Fridays. I was probably as excited about this class as any I had on my schedule!

I ended up finding a seat not quite at the back, and looked on as other students entered. Most were Bigs of course, with several Littles mixed in here and there. I looked to be one of only two Betweeners in the class, and knew I’d have to be careful not to get labeled with an infraction of some sort… I noticed that one of the girls was in a thick diaper as she did her best to climb onto a seat and flashed the room. She blushed when she noticed me watching.

I blushed and looked back at the doorway in time to see Her.

The girl who walked in looked to be one of the tallest Amazon girls I had ever seen! I guessed she was probably close to thirteen feet tall! Her red hair was styled in a beautiful down look, with just a little bit of gentle curls at the ends of her long hair that stretched to the middle of her back. I could tell that she was well off from the obvious designer clothes. I squirmed a bit to hide a reaction as she sat just a few seats down from me, and I stole a glance at an equally beautiful face.

‘Too bad she’s a giant…’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘She’s gorgeous!’

I wanted to say ‘hi’ when I saw her again later in my history class, but didn’t have the guts to do it. After class I watched a tall guy, just barely shorter than her, and who could have been a model, say, “Babe, you’re so hot! How about going out with me tonight?”

The slap across his face was well deserved in my opinion, but clearly, I wasn’t brave enough to go up to her after that!

Chapter 2: Inches

MONDAY NIGHT I had checked the online portals for my classes, and discovered my writing professor had posted an assignment that was due the first day! It was just a short assignment, but it was kind of sneaky to require an assignment to be due even before we’d received our syllabus! I’d heard stories about such things before though. It was a smaller class than most of the intro freshman classes, and the professor was easily able to pick out the four of fourteen students who hadn’t done the assignment. Two were Bigs, who she ripped into, and told them they were on their way to failing her class. Even though I wasn’t even the one getting berated, I still felt like I wanted to hide underneath my too tall desk!

Another Betweener girl, who was a foot taller than I was, was in tears as she told her, “Not doing your homework is a sign of not being mature, isn’t it? You know you might have your own case of maturosis coming on…”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I’ll do better. I’ll prove you can trust me from here on out!”

I gulped at that, knowing the implication that she was really a Little… and all that implied! Fortunately for her though, two boy littles in our class had also failed to turn in the assignment. One of them argued, “I’m sorry Professor, our Nest Mother made us all go to bed early last night and I didn’t have a chance to login to see…”

“Blaming your failings on someone else…?” She asked coldly.

“N…” he tried to get out.

“Well Jimmy, I’ll add that to my notes to Dean Sanders when she meets with you later for your demerits. She can look into it… If she tells me you really had no free time at all yesterday, and the night before when I posted it, I’ll consider giving you an extension.”

I watched the other guy motion to him to knock it off.

‘Both will be in diapers and gone before long…’ I thought.

My own work was thankfully approved and given compliments before she got into the next assignment. I was grateful there weren’t a lot of topics in this class that would be like a grammar class, but we did talk about the way a technical article or paper should be written. By the end of class we were assigned a two-page essay that we would have a week to do, along with information on a more significant ten page paper that had to be completed by midterms.

I sighed on my way out the door, knowing that even as an easy class, it was probably going to occupy a lot of my time!

My trip to Chemistry was mostly uneventful for me. As I walked I couldn’t help but notice that nearly every Little seemed to be padded now in some way. My chemistry professor was like a savant with names and faces, and called on me mid-way through the class after a Big failed to answer the question he was asking, correctly.

“Mr. Sylvester, can you help him out?”

It was a simple stoichiometric equation that I responded quickly with the correct answer.

“Correct!” he told me. “Mr. Nutter, you might want to see about getting a tutor for this class.”

He continued on for a long time in that class before assigning us about forty pages of the textbook to get through by Thursday. Some optional assignments and worksheets were also given out that he ‘encouraged’ everyone to do. I suspected the fact that there were only three tests in the class was going to make it easier to fail if someone didn’t keep up. I didn’t intend on drawing the same attention as the others in my class earlier!

At the end of class I had a text from Beth to meet up for lunch.

“Hi Beth!” I told her with a smile.

“Hi Cameron,” she said and gave me a quick hug. “I miss hanging out with you more.”

“I miss you too,” I told her honestly. I couldn’t help but note that unlike the other Littles in my classes that I’d seen, Beth didn’t seem to be crinkling. “How’s everything going today?”

“Okay so far, I have that stupid Seminar class this afternoon.”

“Sorry,” I told her apologetically. “I’m really glad I had that growth spurt,” I told her kind of guiltily.

“I wish I’d had one… or that I could have gotten away with heels to hide my height or something. Emerson is so strict on them for Littles!”

I nodded, grateful that as a Mid I didn’t face that restriction. I actually had two-inch lifts on to make me a little less obviously on the line. “Regrets on coming here?”

She shrugged, “There’s not a lot of options out there, are there? I didn’t want to stay with my parents… and at least it’s a bit of time to do something other than be adopted by some Big who just wants me to suck her tits…” Beth said the last part in a whisper, obviously not wanting to upset any Bigs who might be listening in.

I nodded at that as we took our places in line. We both had our cards read by the lady at the door, and began walking to the different sections together with our trays. “How was your Chemistry class yesterday?” I asked her. “I think we have the same professor, right?”

She laughed, “Yes, he’s great! But don’t show up without knowing your stuff… I couldn’t believe he called on people by name at random! One Big was completely humiliated yesterday when they didn’t know the answer to the question. Then he turned and asked that really tiny Little, the question, and she knew the answer immediately!”

“Tiny little?”

“Some sort of special case, I don’t really know anything about her. She lives off campus with her adopted parents? Or she’s some sort of exchange student? It didn’t make sense to me, but somehow she’s gotten out of living in the dorms.”

“Sounds like a smart plan,” I said.

“Sort of, she’s in diapers full-time, and I’ve heard rumors she may suck on pacifiers a lot, and even… breastfeeds too.”

I grimaced. It wasn’t known why, but it seemed to be that every Little that was stuck breastfeeding their kidnapper’s breasts would lose all of their continence. As a Little I had always been told to avoid strange milk in cups or bottles at all cost! I looked over at Beth and said, “That’s bad… Has anyone explained it to her?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, I’m actually curious to see if her Mommy lets her stay in school all the way.”

I had just put some fries on my plate, and was just about to ask if she wanted some too, when I noticed a panicked expression on her face.

She just gasped “No…” as her body made a quick dip, and she left her tray and took off running out of the dining hall!

That look, and the smell that had accompanied it… I would have known even without looking at her fleeing form, what it probably meant. I sat my tray down on a table and tried to follow her trail.

Unfortunately as soon as I reached the hallway, I could see a trail of dribbling wet brown stuff…

The trail led to the women’s bathroom where I thought about standing and waiting for her, or offering something… other clothes…? But I could suddenly hear her screaming, “No!!! It’s not my fault!!! Someone…”

A smack followed. Then another one, and another… and then a ton of crying and wailing. I was too much of a coward to charge in to try and save her. Not that it would do her or I any good. It seemed forever before a Big girl dragged her out behind her, forcing to walk with her holding onto her wrist like a naughty child. “Well young lady! Looks like we need to address your lack of padding! If you’d at least been wearing protection you wouldn’t be going to see the dean, but now you’re in for an extra spanking and demerits!”

She dragged her so fast there was nothing I could do for her… Just when I thought she would leave without looking at me, she turned and saw me while the girl pushed the door open.

Her expression, tears, and eyes broke my heart.

‘Poor Beth…’ I thought as I turned and returned to where I had left my tray and tried to eat something even though my appetite had left me.

Her friend Meg showed up right then, “Can I join you?”

“Sure,” I told her.

“Where’s Beth?” She asked.

I fought to keep a calm face, “She umm… she had an accident,” I told her.

“No…” she gasped and gave me a sad look. “Where?”

“Here, not long ago?”

I noticed she was crinkling a bit as she moved. “Did she wear the training panties they suggested we keep on today?”

I shook my head, “She’s always been stubborn… something happened?”

“An outbreak of something,” she said, before whispering, “I’m pretty sure our Nest Mother slipped something into everyone’s drinks last night… or is using some sort of hypnosis or something.”

I nodded, “It would take that… she hasn’t had an accident since middle school, and that was foul play too.”

“I hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble…” she told me.

I nodded in agreement.

THAT AFTERNOON I worried about Beth, especially when I didn’t hear anything back from her when I texted her and emailed her. The next day I had hoped after my calculus class I would see her in the Biology class we shared.

I felt my stomach sink when I didn’t see her there.

‘That’s it then…’ I thought as I sat in class listening to the lecture. ‘They demerited her out… she’s probably…’

I did the best I could to focus in Biology and just take notes from then on. After class I was so intent on just walking to the dining hall, feeling guilt for her, that I almost didn’t notice her standing next to the entrance with a tall woman with graying hair. She was no longer dressed in the awful school uniform at least…

I wanted to vomit!

She was dressed in a yellow one-piece romper that barely covered a very thick diaper. The sleeves had ruffles on them, and a large pink baby bottle and pacifier were embroidered on the fabric in the middle of the chest. They matched the pink pacifier hanging from a strap clipped to the romper.

“Cameron!” she said to me nervously.

I walked up to her after taking stock of the woman who gave off vibes of being less trustworthy than a snake.

“And you are, young man?” The woman asked me.

“I’m Cameron Sylvester… I’ve been friends with Beth for a long time.”

“This is the boy you begged to talk to first?”

“Yes Mrs. B,” she said to her.

She glared at me, “You two can have three minutes to talk. I’ll give you some privacy.”

After she walked about fifteen feet away, but still stared at us, Beth locked me in a hug, “Oh Cameron!” She was in tears, “I didn’t want to… I couldn’t…”

“What happened Beth?” I asked calmly.

“Yesterday I ended up with nine demerits for pooping my panties in the dining hall… I don’t know what happened to me… I couldn’t hold it at all!”

She sniffled and I felt my heart breaking for her. “I’m sure someone…”

“Probably… but no one cares about that Cameron… After that - well I only had one left…” She sniffled again, “I thought about it all night long, and this morning I decided I was better off giving Student Services a chance.” She said softly. “After I texted my parents to tell them goodbye, I went there before my first class.”


“I gave up…” she told me. “I didn’t want… I don’t want… but what choice? At least this way I’m supposed to be able to choose my… ma… ma… mommy?”

She broke down in tears again and I embraced her in the tightest hug I’d ever given my best friend.

‘There’s got to be something she can do…’ I thought to myself, but even then, I knew that the laws were clear. She had effectively ended her rights as an adult that morning now that she had put herself up for adoption. I just hoped they weren’t lying when they said that it was a better process when you gave yourself up.

I held her for a long moment before the woman came and said, “Time’s up, we need to get going!”

She squeezed me one last time, “I love you Cameron.”

It was whispered so only I could hear it, but the woman grabbed her into her arms and carried her away so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to reply.

Her long legs whisked her away from me.

It wasn’t fair!!! It was only two damn inches!!!

As I said in the intro, I know many of you will have read this elsewhere. If you haven’t read it before, or are re-reading it, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


Chapter 3: Chemistry

I WAS STILL distracted two days later by Beth’s abrupt demotion from college. I had been able to study and do my homework, but couldn’t help but worry about Beth every other moment of the day. Her parents had called me that night and asked if I had seen her… My response was as clear as I could make it while having my roommate in the room. Fortunately he left soon, so that after I finished talking to them, I was able to hide my face for a couple hours as I cried over her loss.

Having no other choice, I forced myself to focus on my new school work as much as possible. I had no desire to end up in the same situation as she had found herself in, even though just a few months earlier it could have easily been me in that boat! I was still distracted as I viewed the tall giant girl again entering the lab we had been assigned to. To my ultimate luck, on Wednesday, I’d been paired with her at a lab station! Of course, I’d been too tongue tied on the day we had been tested on lab safety to talk to her. Especially after I realized there were no accommodations for height available in the lab! I ended up using the stool bigs sat on, to stand on to reach things on the countertop.

I blushed as she looked at me then and couldn’t find the words to speak. I just smiled with what I hoped was a friendly smile, and turned back to the instructions for the lab.

Today though we were doing a titration assignment and I was in the zone! I loved working with procedures, following the detailed steps, being precise with measurements and masses, heat… well, I was a nerd, and I was proud of it! Experiments like this always made me feel like I was a mad scientist preparing to take over the world or something… I was at a point of having to just sit and wait for the process to go when I saw her struggling next to me.

I debated, but decided ‘what the hell?’

“I’m Cameron,” I said, holding out my hand to her.

She looked at me skeptically, “Addison,” she said back to me tersely.

I watched as she turned back to the experiment and sighed with exasperation.

“Would you like some help?” I asked her politely.

She looked down at me again, and looked confused, “Why would I want your help?”

I shrugged, “I can tell you’re struggling and I understand this stuff pretty well?”

Right then one of the T.A.s came by, “Cameron, right?” he asked.


“Nice work here! Make sure you record everything! Just glancing at things it looks like you may have had the most success out of your group here.”

“Thanks,” I told him as he walked over to Addison.

“Oh dear… You probably should start over here… Addison?”

I felt like she was about to slap him like the other guy, but she sighed, “I guess you’re probably right.”

I watched her clean up her work to start again off and on as I confirmed and documented my results. I was just about to clean up my station when I saw her staring at me. “Sure, you don’t want my help?”

She sighed, “I should say no… what will my friends think of me letting a Little tutor me?”

“Well… tell them I’m not a Little?”

She laughed, “Barely?”

I shrugged, “Trust me, that inch counted more than you can know!”

“I bet it did,” she said as we looked over at the two Littles that were in our group getting their training pants checked.

“Well little girl, looks like you’re clean still, but you may want to think about some diapees with as much as you like to go pee-pee in your panties! You’re almost leaking!” I saw the tall girl TA we had pat her and say, “Off you go!”

I saw the boy who was my age, and only about six inches shorter than me, try and follow her.

“Not so fast little man,” she told him and pulled back the ridiculous elastic pants the boys had to wear. The waistband of a pull-up was pulled back too, and she clucked, “This is what I was smelling… Guess we need to get you to Dean Sanders. Poopy pants in class are worth eight demerits, but in a lab it’s worth all ten.”

I watched the poor guy scream and struggle for a few minutes before she pulled his pants down and spanked him over the Pull-Up. She eventually pulled him out by the arm to walk across campus in only the shit filled Pull-Up, his pants lost during the spanking.

“Poor guy,” I found myself saying – surprised when Addison’s voice was in stereo with me.

I looked up at her in surprise, “What, you think that all of us are heartless? He probably does need to be in diapers, but that lab rule seems extreme to me…”

“Yeah,” I told her. “So, are you ready to start again?”

“What about you?”

“I’m already done, and we have another hour and a half until history?”

“You know history is my next class?”

“Yeah… I noticed you the other day,” I was honest with her.

“Noticed me?” She frowned a bit and I wondered if I had screwed up.

“Well, you were the most beautiful girl in the room.” I smiled, “And definitely the scariest when you gave the one jerk what was coming to him.”

She smiled, “I couldn’t believe that… What you probably didn’t see was that he put his damn hand on my butt!”

“Jerk,” I agreed. “Come on, let’s get this going. First of all, Tare out the scale…”

I helped her redo the experiment, catching her a couple times when she was about to say something was ‘good enough,’ or adding things in improper order… When we finished, she had a result that wasn’t quite as good as mine, but pretty close!

“Thanks Cameron,” she told me as I jumped off of the stool and gathered my bag.

“You’re welcome,” I told her with a smile.

We walked out together and it was obvious our sizes were dramatically different. That didn’t come up in our conversation though however until we arrived at our history class. “Sit with me?” She asked.

“Sure,” I shrugged, and internally wondered if I was playing with fire. I could just hear Beth saying, ‘What are you thinking Cameron? Are you a complete idiot!?!?’ I knew my dad would probably be saying, ‘Go for it, son!’ though while ogling her inappropriately.

He’d married up himself, being a couple feet shorter than my mother. I forced emotion back as I almost thought about what she would say, but I’d barely been out of diapers when she died. Thoughts of Beth didn’t help with my mood much either unfortunately.

I watched Addison duck her head as we came into the hall again. She looked at me a bit bemused with the cushion I put on top of the chair to give me a little bit more height. “Are you sure you’re not a Little?”

I shook my head, “Very sure, trust me when I say there was nothing more exciting than getting the nurse to mark my height down as seventy-three inches last spring!”

“You weren’t kidding about only an inch, were you?”

I shook my head. “So… I noticed you had to duck your head to get in, if you don’t mind me asking, just how tall are you?”

I watched her look a bit shocked that I would even ask. It was kind of like asking a lady how old she was… you generally didn’t ask if you were a short person, how tall a tall person was… just not done really in ‘polite’ society. Just before I thought she was going to be offended though, she answered, “Not quite thirteen feet. Twelve-foot-eight-inches… You would think this place would at least have thirteen-foot doorways like are required in code, but I guess this building was grandfathered in.”

“Wow, that’s really tall,” I said. I meant it… The average size of a big was usually ten to eleven feet. Getting to twelve feet was pretty tall, but to be nearly thirteen feet tall… “You’re over twice my height,” I noted.

“Thus, why you might as well be a Little compared to me,” she smirked at me.

“Can’t help my height,” I told her.

“Neither can I,” she agreed with a laugh. “How tall are your parents?”

“My dad is about eight-feet tall,” I told her.

“Your mom?”

I sighed, “She was ten-feet tall…”

“Was?” she asked gently.

It was an old story, but even still it did make me sad at times. “She died when I was four, giving birth to my baby sister…”

“She didn’t?”

“Neither of them did sadly. It was really hard for my dad and I,” I told her. I sighed though and shrugged, “Life sucks sometimes, you just have to keep pushing on though.”

She nodded. I was about to ask her questions about her own parents when the professor began the class. Afterwards Addison asked me, “What’s your number? In case I have any more chem questions?” She added the last part nervously.

I bit my tongue for a moment, wondering if it was a good idea to give it to her. I wasn’t that far away from being like the littles in the room… and I knew that one betweener had already been demoted to Wenig… “Sure, it’s…” I gave it to her and she gave me her own. Once we exchanged numbers, she parted ways from me and I ran into Taylor Esther, one of my friends in my dorm.

“Cameron, how the hell did you get her to talk to you?!?”

I looked at my friend with a smirk, “It’s just chemistry,” I told him.

He laughed when I explained.

We were on the elevator upstairs to our floor when I finished the tale, “Dude, you know she’s like the richest girl at this school, right?”

I looked at him, “Really?”

“Really! Her mom is like this really bigtime CEO!”

“Huh…” I said, “I didn’t know anything besides she’s beautiful?”

“What are you thinking though?” He asked me, with my eyes glancing up to his taller form. He was a pretty average ten-foot-tall guy, no danger in being a mid, but still four feet taller than me.


“She’s tall enough she might just mistake you for a Little! You don’t want to be one of those Littles in a shitty diaper the rest of your life, right?”

I shrugged, “The downside being I would get to stare at her breasts the rest of my life?”

He laughed at that, “Dude, you might have a point there!”

Even as we both laughed about it, I couldn’t help but feel nervous that such a thing could in fact happen.

Adoptions of ‘Mids,’ as we were more frequently called in the legal world, were far rarer than Littles, but it did happen. Usually, it would happen due to a Mid committing a crime, and getting sentenced to being ‘re-raised.’ Because Mids ranged up to eight-and-a-half-feet technically in legal definition depending on your parents, it meant that you could be the same size as an average eleven- to twelve-year-old Big, and still be put back in diapers! Myself being only an inch above six-feet, meant that I was closer to being an average four-year-old Big. Something that bullies in high school had of course been sure to rub in my face many times!

The worst of course had been graduation day when we took our traditional walk through the elementary schools and junior high schools to show off our gowns. The goal was letting kids see ‘they could graduate one day too!’ Of course, the Littles had to be in all of the same padding and uniforms as they wore at graduation, so I had felt bad for Beth on that day. I was taller than most of the preschoolers we passed, but quite a few kindergartners, and nearly all of the first graders were taller than me. Unfortunately, our district had recently segregated Littles in the lower grades for extra care to another campus, so we never saw the Littles that were under third grade that day.

I nearly forgot to go to dinner that night because I was so deep in thought about everything as I unpacked my lab journal to start my required report. I heard a few voices talking about food outside though, and decided to get a bite to eat before coming back for homework. Downstairs I ran into my new friend Grant from down the hall.

“Heading to the dining hall?” He asked looking down at me.

“Yeah… almost forgot to go tonight!”

“Too busy playing video games?”

I shook my head, “Thinking about a girl,” I told him honestly.

“That short one you’ve eaten with a few times?” He asked me.

I shook my head, “No, though I am worried about her. She… she ended up going to student services the other day.”

“Shit man, I’m sorry… That sucks…”

“Yeah, it does. Two inches man, that’s all she needed to be in a regular dorm with us!”

“I’m glad I’ve got a bit more distance over the line than you do, but even still I’ve dealt with people who insist on me still sitting in a damn booster seat like a little kid.”

I laughed to avoid crying about Beth again, “Try the rear facing car seats…”


“I’ve been with Bigs before that insisted on it. I swear my grandmother didn’t even care that my dad says a booster was fine, she forced us to wait while she dug up a car seat from her car and strapped me in last Christmas… My legs got cramped, but I’ve seen the damn box labels – I am still barely within the weight limits. Hell, you are still in the weight limit for a forward-facing toddler seat if someone cared to force it.”

We both kind of sullenly walked for a few minutes before he asked, “So if it’s not just your friend you were thinking about, who was it?” He paused, “Not the tall goddess you were sitting next to in history…?”

I blushed, “Yeah, actually…”

“I have two thoughts there; what the hell is wrong with you? And, how in the hell did you pull that off?!?”

“I just talked to her. Why does everyone seem to be scared of her? Taylor seemed intimidated too?”

He shrugged, “I know a lot of Littles talk about the features of the ‘Little Foods’ that are on the market. I know that her parents’ company is in charge of testing those foods out, but not much more. I do know there have been some rumors about how they test some of it on littles though.”

“Any proof in court or anything?”

“Not that I know of.”

“So, it could just be rumors?”

“Could be, but you know in business you cover up bad publicity. When you hear stories like that becoming more common it’s hard to doubt at least some of it is true.”

We walked into the cafeteria towards the end of the main dining time and I saw no sign of Beth, but assumed she was probably past curfew if she’d still been there.

A few other of our new friends joined us for a late dinner and hang-out session before heading back to our dorms to study. I was just finishing my titration report when my phone dinged.

I felt my heart leap, and my stomach plummet, as I saw it was from Addison.

‘Cameron I just want to thank you again so much for your help earlier!’ she added a heart emoji too.

‘Happy to help,’ I replied to her. ‘Did you get the report done okay?’

I wondered if this was a good idea to keep talking to her, but so far, I hadn’t gotten ‘desperate mommy’ vibes from her.

‘Honestly, it’s not due until Monday. I haven’t even started it yet.’

I laughed, ‘I see you’re a procrastinator.’ I texted her a winking face with that.

She sent back a laughing and crying emoji, ‘You already know me…’

I texted back and forth with her for another hour. During that time, I learned she had chosen the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Chem Class that was the same thing, just taught over more days. I’d been good with chemistry in high school and went with the one less day class. Eventually that night she sent, ‘Honestly I’m already having trouble in my regular Chem class too, any chance you would be willing to meet and study somewhere?’

I thought for a second and responded, ‘Sure, the library or the dining hall?’

‘How about lunch together, and we’ll study in the cafeteria? Or move over to one of the lounges at our dorms?’

I refrained from squealing with a bit of excitement then. ‘Sounds great!’

While it was Friday afternoon and plenty of my friends seemed to want to do ‘fun’ things, I chose to stay in my room and work on the paper that was due for my writing class. I just couldn’t bring myself to go out and have fun that night while thinking about Beth lying in a crib in some nursery on campus… or maybe already being in her adopted mommy’s dream nursery.

Chapter 4

SATURDAY MORNING, I found myself still intensely studying trying to avoid thinking of Beth. An hour before lunch, my dad called, “Cameron!”

“Hi Dad,” I told him.

“How are you doing? Things still going well?”

“I guess… Classes are at least.”

“What’s wrong?”

I sighed, “It’s Beth…”

“Oh… I ran into her dad at the store yesterday…” He said sadly.

“What did he say?” I asked, hopeful something good would have been said.

“Well… after they got her text that she was giving up, they got their lawyer involved. He dad is at least a Big… so that helps of course, but he’s also a donor to Emerson. He’s trying to see if he can re-adopt her, or at least get visitation rights…”

“If they can re-adopt her?” I paused, “That would be great!”

“Well… obviously the courts would insist on her being treated appropriately for her Maturosis… it wouldn’t be just going home, right?”

I felt myself shaking then, “No…”

“I don’t know… she might be better off just with the visitation rights Cam,” he told me.

I just sat in silence for a moment before saying, “I might at least be able to see her if she was back home…”

“If she wanted you to?”

“She insisted on saying goodbye to me after she turned herself over,” I told him. “She made the lady bring her to see me… She was… well, she was already in her new clothes.”

“At least you got to say goodbye?”

I sighed, “Yeah, I guess that’s more than her parents got. I hope something works out for them… but more importantly I hope Beth doesn’t end up with one of them.”

I could feel his nod, “Yeah, there’s definitely plenty of that around here. Look, you have to keep going Cameron, you can’t mope for her. I promise things have a way of working out – she was smart enough not to fight things, so she should be okay.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“What else are you up to?”

“Well… I’m going to meet this girl for lunch and to study…”

“Alright! Who is she?”

“Her name is Addison,” I told him. “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met honestly…”

“What’s so special about her?”

“Well, she’s like a giant… I mean seriously she’s the tallest girl I’ve ever met in person.”

“How tall?”

“Twelve-foot, eight,” I told him.

“That is tall!” he said. “Is that wise? Beth just…”

I sighed, “I don’t honestly know Dad. I’m pretty protected here at Emerson as long as I have Mid status.”

“Maybe it would be better…” he sighed, “What the hell? What can I say? I did the same thing with your mom…”

“Look I’ll be careful, but she also seemed to feel bad for a little the other day that we both watched get in trouble in our lab.” I paused, “I don’t know, I get the feeling that maybe she’s different?”

“I hope you’re right,” he told me.

We talked for another half-hour before I made an excuse to get off the phone and gathered my stuff.

I had a hard copy of the textbook for Chemistry I had bought at Dad’s insistence. While I really preferred an eBook version on my tablet, he asserted it was easier to get away from a device and really study with a real book. Since he was the one who really paid for my books… Well, I went along with it since it was the one thing not covered by my scholarships! I threw the heavy monstrosity into my backpack, along with my lab notebook from our Chem Lab, and some other notes I had taken on another old-fashioned notebook.

I locked the door and wondered briefly where my roommate had ended up the night before. ‘Maybe he went home for the weekend?’ I thought. I hadn’t seen Jason a whole lot the past week since he’d made friends with someone in another dorm. It was weird he hadn’t been back at all last night though.

I reached the cafeteria pretty quickly and walked around to see if Addison was already there. Not seeing her, I decided to just go ahead and get a tray of food, and a table meant for mixed sizes that was open. I used the tall stool’s steps to climb up, and hoped no one would think I was a little sitting there. The truth was I had no desire to sit at a Big table and struggle to reach, or use a booster seat like I saw several doing around the large room. I was just noticing that one of the nest mothers had one of her charges sitting next to her in a booster seat. I stared as she was velcroing a bib around her neck when Addison suddenly appeared.

“Hi Cameron, good pick of a table!” she told me with a smile and took a seat on the opposite side meant for Bigs.

“Hi Addison,” I told her.

“Call me Addy,” she told me, “If we’re going to be friends Addison is way too uptight.”

I smiled, “Okay, hi Addy.”

She smiled that gorgeous giant smile at me and I felt like I would probably do just about anything for her right then!

“So, first week of classes down. What did you do to celebrate last night?”

I grimaced, “Not much, stayed in and studied. Didn’t feel much like going out honestly,” I told her.

“Something wrong?”

I grimaced, “Yeah, but don’t worry about it. Just something a friend of mine is going through,” I added.

“Oh…” She looked at me and asked, “Anything I can do?”

“Nope, what’s done is done,” I told her and forced a smile. “What did you do last night?”

“Oh, I just went out with my parents for dinner. They hadn’t seen me since they dropped me off and wanted to see me.”

“Free food from the ‘rents is never a bad thing, huh?” I smiled at her. “You enjoy it?”

She shrugged, “On one hand I do miss them – even though it’s not like this campus is that far from my house.”

“How far away did you grow up?”

“Oh, just about twenty minutes or so - out in the suburbs. I could commute here every day, but my parents insisted I stay on campus so I could get the ‘full college experience.’ I don’t mind that though, because last night was tough enough with my mom still thinking I was her baby… Geeze, you think you grow up, but when she’s even taller than you still it doesn’t help.” She shook her head and took a bite of food.

“She’s taller than you?” I asked in surprise before taking another bite of some pasta.

She swallowed and laughed, “Yeah, she’s got three inches on me - and will never let me forget it.” She smiled, “But at least I have two inches on my dad!”

“I can’t imagine being that tall,” I told her honestly. “It would have been nice to at least get to my dad’s height though.”

“You’re only eighteen, right?”

I nodded.

“You could actually still grow in the next year or two. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a few more inches still?”

I laughed, “Inches versus your feet!”

She told me about her little sister who was three years younger than her too, Danica. It sounded like they fought a lot when she was still at home, and apparently, she’d skipped the family dinner to do something at school. We talked about our backgrounds and what we liked to do for the next hour even after we finished eating. “Well, where do you want to study?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “How about one of the lounges in this building? I haven’t really been in them much yet, but they had some couches and chairs that looked fairly comfortable?”

“Sounds good!” She said to me. I climbed down the stool and grabbed my backpack. She had her own and we walked to the lounge nearby that was occupied only by one other person studying. We picked a set of individual chairs across the room from him to setup at.

“So where are you struggling?” I asked her, and we got to work on studying.

It turned out that she was bright, but for whatever reason hadn’t had a good chemistry education in high school. It didn’t help that she wasn’t a fan of math either… With that knowledge I took a few steps back to re-explain something that Professor Casio talked through really quickly in our class. After two hours of helping her she said, “You taught me more in the last two hours than I learned in an entire year of chemistry in high school… or any of the tutors my parents hired…”

I smiled, “Glad to hear it.”

“I need to go get ready for an event my mom’s old sorority is hosting, but how about I take you out to dinner on Friday as a thank you?”

My stomach did a few flip-flops right then. “Umm… sure, where?”

She smiled, “I know of a few good places. I’ll make reservations. Do you have a sports coat?”

I nodded, “Yes, though I don’t wear it often.”

“Why not?”

I sighed, “I’m legally past the point of being a Little, but I’m always worried about the same things that Littles are about appearances. Looking like you’re dressing up too much can look bad…”

“That was honest of you,” she told me. “I promise with you as my date though no one will dare say anything.”

“Date?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Date. I like you, and you’re the first guy… or really person, I’ve ever met that hasn’t been obviously wanting to befriend me for my money.”

I laughed, “You’re beautiful enough you don’t need that as a reason.”

“And you, what you don’t have in height you make up for in brains and personality. It’ll piss my parents off to see us dating – and I’m also okay with that!”

“Is that a good idea…?”

She laughed, “You’re a Mid, you’re safe. If you were really a little, or diagnosed with a case of Maturosis as a Mid, then we might have a problem. I don’t think we’re in danger of that though.”

I smiled, feeling a bit better about our new relationship. “Okay, date it is.”

I arrived back at our room to find the door open. “Made it back Jason?” I asked as I walked in the door.

It was then that I realized Jason had made it back… and… he had the Littles Dean with him. “Oh, good afternoon ma’am,” I said politely. “I’m Cameron,” I said politely while looking up at her imposing form.

“Hmm… I’m Dean Sanders,” she said looking at me like she was deciding to see if she was going to scrape a bug off of her shoe. “This one should have taken your lead on learning how to be mature and behave.”

It was then that I took in Jason’s appearance and tried not to run out of the room screaming. He was a foot taller than me, but clearly dressed in a Little’s uniform, complete with a thickly padded rear end!

I had no response to that, and she took that to mean an affirmation, “How did you spend your Friday evening?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “I worked on some homework and a paper that’s coming up for my technical writing class.”

“Did you now?” She asked. “You’re not just lying?”

“I can show you the timestamps on the files if you’d like,” I told her with a smile, “I had probably the lamest Friday night of anyone on campus,” I told her. ‘Excepting the poor Littles,’ I allowed.

“And just now, where are you coming from?”

“I was having a study session to help a friend out with Chemistry.”

“Indeed?” She asked.


“Addison Harris?”

She looked at me like I had grown horns then. “Why?”

“We’re lab partners and I helped her out this week. I’m good at Chemistry,” I told her. “I know I’m just barely a Mid, but we get along quite well.”

“Do you?” She asked. I was pretty sure in her mind she was appraising how I would look dressed like Jason right then, but decided that wouldn’t be her move then.

“We seem to, at least? We have a date for dinner scheduled for Friday again,” I told her.

“Hmm… Well, I hate to have to inform you of this, but young Jason here has unfortunately not followed your mature lead. He was caught partying and drinking alcohol last night. The fact that he’s underage is bad enough, but he also can’t hold his liquor apparently! He had a big accident in his whittle pants when security picked him up. We’ve decided he’s going to be better off over in Wenig where we have a more appropriate and caring environment all setup for him. We know the staff will be able to properly look out for him the way he needs. Luckily, we have plenty of newly open beds that we can put him into. I think we have just about all of his things out of here. If you find anything else, would you please just drop it off at my office?”

“Umm… sure ma’am, be happy to.” I told her.

I gave a long look at Jason, and couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy. He was still crying from the humiliation that was likely only just beginning. I knew, like me, that he would probably blend into a preschool or kindergarten setting quite well. There were too many parents that liked to also have littles who were continually failing at their potty training when they were too old for diapers… I had a feeling Jason may have unfortunately just found his way on the road to becoming one of them. The uniform he wore, along with the ID badge around his neck, now denoted him as legally nothing more than a Little.

“Umm… Good luck Jason,” I told him as a large Amazon guy came back with a cart that they loaded with his last possessions to take to his new dorm.

As they walked away with her holding his hand, I sighed in relief that I was still dodging bullets.

I was still staring at the empty side of the room a few minutes later with the door open when Grant came by. “Dude, where’s your roommate’s stuff?”

“On its way over to Wenig with him,” I told him.

“Dude! He was nearly my height!”

“Yeah… I think the lesson of the week is that no one is safe…”

“You okay?”

“Yeah… Thank God I was a boring nerd last night, and stayed in to study. I swear she was looking at me as needing to be given a Maturosis diagnosis too…”

“Fucking Amazons are nuts…” he said to me.

I just nodded.

“Well, at least you can have all sorts of wild and crazy sex in your room now and won’t have a roommate to care?”

I raised my eyebrows, “Not sure that drawing attention to myself is a good idea at all right now.”

“Yeah man… I get that. We’re going to set up a gaming session tonight in the lounge, you want to join us?”

I thought for a second and shrugged, “Sure…”

I enjoyed the time of playing some role-playing games with him and a few others from our dorm that night. It was something that took my mind off of height and forced babyhood for a while at least.

By the middle of the week, I noticed that there seemed to be a significant number of Littles gone from my classes. Meg and another girl, Laura, were some of the few that I still had to talk to at lunches. I tended to eat dinner later with my Mid friends, and Addison in the evening, when the littles were supposed to be in bed. On Thursday I was sitting in Chemistry class and heard one of the loudest farts I’d ever heard outside of a bathroom! It actually stopped Professor Casio from speaking for a moment, and everyone scanned the room to look to see who might have done it.

Suddenly my eyes landed on my former roommate, who I hadn’t even realized was in that class before because he had been skipping all of his classes. He was acting… Well… suspicious. I wasn’t the only one who noticed his behavior, and when we all heard another fart, all of his body turned red. One of the girl T.A.s walked over to him and, “Stand up please…”

She turned him to where his back was to her and we all watched the horror show as she pulled the back of his elasticized pants and diaper open. “Whoopsies! We have a wittle boy who made a big pwesent in his diapees! Guess we better take you to Dean Sanders…”

He walked by and I could see tears in his eyes as his face was bright red. Only a student Little on campus for less than a week… Unfortunately for him, Dean Sanders must have decided he had his demerits, because I never saw him again.

With all of the beds that were probably now available in Wenig, I made sure that I went to classes, did my homework, and otherwise stayed out of the Bigs’ way.

One thing I did start doing the day after Jason was demoted to Wenig, was to begin growing out my beard. Dad had always insisted it was one of his best tricks to seeming like an adult amongst the taller people. While he had a couple feet on me, I hoped it would help out the same for me if I didn’t look cute and baby faced.

Chapter 5: Fast Rides

I HAD LOOKED forward to my date on Friday with Addison with hope; and also, a little bit of dread. Everything I had seen of her seemed to imply she wasn’t one of the baby crazed Amazons, but having researched more about her family’s company… Well, I worried that the apple often doesn’t fall far from the tree!

SafeFoods was a legitimate corporation that was quite wealthy! I saw that their last reports from the previous quarter to shareholders valued their company at 190 Billion Dollars, and it was clear that every major company that manufactured food and formula for Littles, used SafeFoods to get through the government regulatory process. Feeling like there was probably more to the story, I used the internet off of my phone to VPN to a couple of sites that Littles used to warn others about nefarious schemes. Almost right away I found references to SafeFoods.

StayedDryforYears: I am so stupid! I needed some cash and responded to a study ad that I received via email from SafeFoods. It didn’t require you to report to a site or anything where they could grab you, so I thought it would be safe. Just simple testing of meal prep kits they claimed, and I was able to have them shipped to a postal box so they didn’t even know my physical address! I signed up, and sure enough, I received a box of ingredients with recipes four weeks ago. Looked like good quality stuff actually! I was happy to follow the directions and make the meals. Some of them were quite elaborate, and all of them tasted amazing when I was done!

The next week I started waking up wet. A week later I began having daytime accidents – something I haven’t had since I was a baby! I immediately guessed it was the meal prep kits and stopped using it the next week. I was able to regain control this week, so I’m sure there was something going on in their kits. I’m worried that through my post office box they can find my address now, and I’m going to have to move away. Trying to arrange to stay with a buddy until I can get a new place.

OldandCranky13842: Could have told you that one. SafeFoods only tests foods meant for BABIED littles! There are not many companies out there I would trust less! Get yourself out of there tonight if you haven’t, I guarantee they’ve informed your apartment manager about you by now if they have your address.

I felt my blood turn cold as I read more and more accounts of free Littles being tricked by them. There weren’t any cases of Mids being hoodwinked, but that could just have been hidden more. A glance over to my roommates’ bed was more than enough proof that the line between us wasn’t so vast to save me.

As bad as that account was, the ones that bothered me more were the ones from Littles who supposedly managed to sneak access to their ‘parents’ computers and write about the products that were being tested on them. Some of it was… ‘innocent’ enough; formula and baby food being tested to see if it tasted good and would be eaten. ‘Someone has to do that…’ I had thought to myself while wrinkling my nose about some of their descriptions of it tasting like vomit… Others were being tested though to see what kind of effects they could have on the Littles.

For some Amazons it was known that they just liked the fight that a Little would give them. A Little that constantly screamed how they weren’t a baby, but kept on having forced accidents gave them some sort of sick pleasure… I didn’t claim to understand what it did for them, but they liked battling them until they broke them. Those Bigs tended to be the ones that snatched Littles from off the streets. Others preferred to ease them into their forced babyhood with more chemical or hypnotic influences to ‘calm’ them. Some of the foods seemed to work like that, inhibiting their cognitive abilities. One of the accounts was from a twenty-four-year-old woman. She and her twin sister had recently been forcibly adopted while they were out shopping together. LittleFoods was using her as a control versus her sister as a ‘twins’ study. Her poor sisters’ teeth had just plain fallen out of her mouth one day without warning, and now she couldn’t even say ‘mama’ now after just eating the testing foods for two weeks.

She claimed her adopted ‘parents’ were calling her the big sister now, and were actually unhappy with how far LittleFoods products had pushed her sister. ‘They probably wanted to take her teeth out the old-fashioned way…’ I groaned.

It was with the full knowledge I was about to go on a date with the daughter of Satan that I dressed in my sports coat. I didn’t wear a tie, since she didn’t say it was needed, in the hopes of looking a little less like I was a Little playing dress up. My scruffy beard wasn’t doing too bad for having been growing for not quite a week. My dad could grow one fully in a week, and I was pretty close already myself. I shaved the spots that I wasn’t growing out carefully before getting dressed, combed my hair, and hoped Addison would like me in the right way that night!

After a quick last trip to the restroom, I soon found myself walking towards her dorm. I noted that it was much nearer Wenig than mine. My look was definitely drawing some unwanted attention from the Bigs around me. Giggles, stares, and… well, I walked with a purpose up to her dorm and messaged her I was there.

“You here to see someone, sweetie?” A surprised sound from a tall girl who seemed to be a bit older.

“Umm… yes, I’m supposed to meet my friend here.”

My phone dinged, ‘Need a few minutes more, I’m in room three-fifteen if you can get someone to let you in you can come up to my room.’

“Who is it?”

“Addison, she’s in room three-fifteen, any chance you could please swipe me in?” I asked her.

“Really, Addy?”

“Yes, I can wait down here still, but she just said she needs a bit more time.”

“Tell you what, let me help you find her room,” she said with a bit of glee in her voice that made no bones about her seeing a Mid just as easy to tame as a little.

“Umm… Thanks,” I told her with a forced smile.

“What are you all dressed up for?” She asked me, in the short elevator ride.

“We’re going out to dinner somewhere tonight since I’ve been helping her with her Chemistry class.”

“Oh… really?” She asked kind of surprised.

I followed the unwanted guide out of the elevator and down the hallway to the suite that her room was in. As soon as the door opened, I could tell this was an upgraded room from my own. These rooms had just been built in the last year, and you could tell! There was a small lounge with a large TV hanging over a gas fireplace to my right, while a full kitchen and breakfast bar with stools sat to my left. They even had a small dining room table that could probably sit six people comfortably all to themselves there!

A door was open that I could see labeled three-fifteen. “Addison, I brought you a guest?” She said skeptically.

“Thanks Danae, I appreciate you letting him in! Come on in Cameron, you look good!”

I turned to the giant who had led me in, “Thanks,” and stepped into a nice large single room. Ironically now that I was roommate-less, my double now meant that I had a bigger room to myself - but this one was still more than big enough for one person. As she closed the door behind her I got a look at what she was wearing and nearly had my eyes fall out. “You look even prettier than normal Addy,” I told her.

She was wearing a black, short mini-dress, with the bodice squared off and held up with two thin spaghetti straps. It was a sheath style and hugged her very beautiful and proportional curves! Her breasts were featured, but the fact that she didn’t have gigantically out of proportion breasts was something I liked! While she was a phenomenally tall Big, she was really very skinny in build.

“Thanks Cameron,” She told me with a smile. “I just need to go to the bathroom really quick one last time, then we can be off?”

She looked at me and I half expected her to ask if I needed to go too, but shook her head and walked out.

“Okay,” I told her.

I blanched when I looked above her desk and saw a printed picture of her holding a baby boy sitting on a small end table by her bed… it wasn’t a baby boy though. Very clearly a well-muscled little without his shirt on, being bottle fed by her.

I was going to play it off when she arrived a moment later, but she said, “Oh, that’s my new baby brother I guess…” she told me.

“You guess?”

“Mom apparently lasted two weeks with one daughter out of the house, and last Sunday decided to adopt a little who spilled a coke in the food court of the mall she was at.”

“That’s all he did to get adopted…?” I asked.

“Yeah… I mean he’s actually sort of sweet when he’s drinking a bottle of Mom’s milk, but I don’t really think he deserved to lose his life over one silly accident. Hell, I drop stuff all of the time…”

I looked up at her and said, “You’re one of the rare ones then Addy.” I sighed, “I hope you’ll never think of me needing that…”

She smiled, “You’re way too mature to be in that boat. Not to mention an inch taller than allowable normally.”

“Normally,” I nodded in agreement, “Shall we go to dinner?” I asked.

“Let’s!” She said and led me out.

I couldn’t help but feel like a toddler when I walked beside her. The two of us drew more than a few stares as we walked out of the dorm and out to her car in the parking garage. Even though she was already way too tall, she was wearing a pair of heels that raised her height even further.

Knowing her family was well off, I wasn’t all that surprised when we walked up to a very nice car… but this was something else. “That’s almost as beautiful as you,” I found myself saying as I looked at a two-passenger sports car. The lines on it were amazing, and while I didn’t pay much attention to cars, I knew this was a top-of-the-line, barely street legal, performance race car.

She opened the passenger door for me, “I know you technically are past having to sit in a car seat because you’re tall enough, but for my piece of mind would you mind riding on that booster seat?”

A simple booster seat with no back sat ready on the passenger seat. I was annoyed because I would have to sit on it without looking like a jerk, but I was kind of excited because I had never ridden in the front of a car before. Being as short as I was, I had even been relegated to the back when I had finally passed the legal requirement of the safety seat in the spring.

I noticed then though that even the booster seat was covered in leather. I just nodded, “I hate it, but I’ll do it.”

She smiled, “Well at least you’re honest with me.”

I clambered up onto the seat and found it was easier to get into with the low height of the car. I climbed onto the seat and took the seatbelt she’d grabbed to offer me. I buckled it myself and she closed the door.

She buckled herself in and backed out. When she was clear of the garage, I found out that the race car look wasn’t just for show! I was pushed back into the seat as she accelerated at a completely irresponsible speed, and I couldn’t help but saying, “All right!”

Addison laughed at that, “Sorry, I probably should slow down a bit with you in the car.”

“Don’t slow down on my account, I think it’s awesome!”

“Maybe one of these weekends we can go out to the track together,” she told me with a smile.

“That would be fun!” I told her. “Why’d you pick this car? I mean besides it’s awesome?”

“I told Daddy I wanted a sports car for my eighteenth birthday. We had to search though for one that worked for my height. Most of them, I hit my head when I try to sit down in them,” she explained. “Henry here has just enough head room for my Dad and I. Mom can’t drive him though,” she said with a laugh. “First time Dad and I have ever appreciated our difference in height from my mom!”

She eventually got snarled in some traffic and had to drive like a responsible young lady. It was just in time to avoid getting caught by a cop too, so it worked out in the end!

About ten minutes later she pulled up to the stand of a valet at a restaurant. I unbuckled my seat and hopped out as a man opened the door for me. I straightened my shirt and coat and smiled up at her as she came around. “Please take care with him,” she told the valet.

“Yes Ms. Harris, we’ll baby him like always,” the man told her. The voice was a little bit intimidated by her.

She came around and said to me, “Shall we?”

I walked into a restaurant that I’d heard about from some friends who had spent way too much money on their meal for prom the year before. I knew it was supposed to be not just locally renowned, but that they’d received some serious global awards as well. A starter at this restaurant cost four meals at a normal restaurant! I was more than a bit uncomfortable as she led me inside, “Ah, Ms. Harris, it’s good to see you again. I have your reservation here for two, but didn’t realize a Little was your… umm… guest?”

“He’s actually a Mid, but that doesn’t matter for you, does it?”

“Umm… no ma’am… but we will need a couple minutes to find a high chair…”

“A booster seat would be more appropriate, don’t you think?” she suggested.

“Umm… yes Miss… One moment…”

I blushed at the blatant discrimination I was almost sure would have happened if I had been with anyone else. Soon we were led to a table top for two covered in a beautiful white linen table cloth, lit candle in the center, and a chair with a booster opposite a normal chair. I was going to begin to pull her chair out for her, but one of the wait staff was already there. Another held my chair and unexpectedly picked me up and sat me down. When they started to do the belt I said, “Excuse me sir, I don’t need that.”

“Miss?” They asked.

“He doesn’t,” she told him. They handed her a menu and looked uncertain with mine, “For Pete’s sake, please give him the regular menu. He’s not a Little.”

“Yes Miss…” the man said and handed me a huge oversized menu board to look over. It was only one page long and seemed to be set up where you chose one of a few options for multiple courses. A sign of just how exclusive the place was, there were no prices on the menu!

“Order whatever you want,” Addison told me, “Trust me it’s all fantastic!”

“Okay,” I said tentatively. I looked and chose my way through lobster, filet mignon, and scallops as the centerpieces of three of the courses. A soup and a dessert were also selected in my mind before the waiter returned.

“Have you decided Miss?” The waiter asked her.

She gave me a look that I nodded to, “Yes, I’ll have…” she listed off her order.

“Is your little boy going to just share?”

“He’s not a Little, and he’s going to order himself. Ask him,” she seethed. “If you or your staff forgets that one more time I will never return, and I’ll make sure my friends don’t either…”

“Sorry Miss, I’ll make sure everyone knows…”

“Sir?” He asked me nervously.

I went down the board and gave him each of my choices before he said, “We’ll have the first course out here shortly.”

“Thanks,” I said along with Addison.

She looked at me, “Does that happen all of the time?”

I shrugged, “It helps when I’m on campus because the littles wearing the uniforms set them apart from me a bit more.”

When the food did finally start coming out, I felt it was more than worth a little bit of embarrassment. Courses were small for an Amazon size, which of course meant pretty large for me. I still managed to devour each course and dessert, but I felt like I was bloated out of proportion at the end. “That was amazing!” I told her with a smile. “Thank you for dinner.”

“You’re very welcome,” she told me. “I need to slip off to the lady’s room before we go.”

“I’ll hit the gents then too,” I told her with a smile.

I slid off the booster seat and walked beside her to the restroom. There was a short urinal that I was able to just make work for me. I zipped my pants and managed to just barely reach up to the sink. An air dryer for my hands was just out of reach, but I was able to hop up and get it to register my hands and dried them as best as I could. I was just about to struggle and open the door, when it suddenly slammed open, and just missed me, “Sorry about that little guy,” the man said.

I shrugged and waited in the hallway for Addison. “Waiting for your mommy?” a girl asked me as she came out.

“Friend,” I told her assertively.

She looked like she was about to argue, but when Addison stepped out and said, “Ready to go Cameron?” the shorter girl backed off.

“Sure Addy,” I told her with a smile.

“Where to next?” she asked me.

“I don’t know, you’d only mentioned dinner?”

“We could go catch a movie? Or maybe just head back and hang out at my place?” She suggested.

“Your place?”

“My dorm suite,” she said with a smile and reminded me, “I have a single.”

“So, do I,” I told her.


“Well… my roommate was moved to Wenig last weekend.”

“Was he a little?”

“No,” I told her. “He was actually taller than me,” I said as we came to a stop light and she looked over at me.

“Why’d he get moved then?”

“Apparently Jason had an accident when he was involved in underage drinking?”

“You seen him since?”

“Briefly in Chem class the other day… he had a rather epic accident. I don’t think I’ll see him again,” I told her.

“Sorry,” she said.

I shrugged, “It is what it is, he made the choice to get drunk…” I told her.

“True,” she said. “So where are we heading?”

It was a sign of the fact I wasn’t a little that I could make a choice at all. “Seems a shame we got dressed up for one thing, how about that movie?” I suggested.

“Sounds good!” She smiled.

I was carded in order to see the action film she chose, but with a more upscale theater I didn’t even need to have a booster seat to have an unobstructed view of the screen. Midway through the film she pushed up the arm rest I had been awkwardly trying not to lean on for her to have. A large arm swept me closer to her, and I found myself cuddled up next to her for the rest of the film.

On one hand I was nervous about going into a position with her that might be fitting for a Little, but her body was soft, warm, and I grew comfortable next to her quite quickly. ‘She stood up for me all evening,’ I thought to myself with a smile as she squeezed me tighter during a tense moment in the film. We both smiled as we walked out the door to her car that night.

Back at school she insisted on walking me to my dorm to say goodnight. She knelt down at the door and said, “I had a really great time Cameron.”

“Me too Addy,” I replied as I looked into her big beautiful eyes.

It was then that she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a chaste kiss, but it wasn’t a full on make out session… it was somewhere between. I found myself saying, “Wow,” as she pulled away, “Thanks for going out with me tonight.”

“No problem, I’ll call you tomorrow Cam,” she told me.

I practically buzzed my way to the room that night, so energized from what was in fact a DATE with a dream girl! It was a bit awkward with our height difference being so extreme, but my dad had always told me it was the love in the relationship that counted more than any physical differences.

That night I finally saw that maybe he was right!

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Chapter 6: Pranks

OVER THE NEXT few months my life revolved around classes, hanging around with Addison in the evenings, and generally having lunch with Meg, her friend Laura, and another friend of theirs, Stacy. Stacy was like a Little’s Little! She was half of my height, and I couldn’t help but look down at her and realize the proportion was the same between her and I, as Addy and I! Stacy was also a bit of a conundrum in that she didn’t even have to bother to pretend to be potty trained like Meg and Laura. Her only concern was not pooping in class, but otherwise was a completely diaper dependent Little. I’d even seen her sucking on a pacifier one time while her mommy was carrying her from her office, and learned that her ‘mommy’ actually breastfed her. Oddly, she claimed to actually enjoy it too! The cool thing though was her adopted parents let her still go to college.

It was weird!

Meanwhile the Little population in the university seemed to decrease every single day in our freshman classes. There had been nearly two-hundred littles I guessed from the copy of the freshman class photo we had taken during orientation, now if there were still sixty in our class, I would have been shocked. For my part I chose to avoid that topic as much as possible to avoid people linking me with them!

My classes were going great, and going into finals I had nearly perfect hundreds in every class! My studying with Addison was paying off for her too, because apparently even as privileged as she was, she’d never been more than a B student before. We were coming up on Finals and were being given a two-day break at the end of the last week of classes to study. Free time meant that in addition to studying, I was involved in one of my new favorite activities – playing pranks!

It had started with one of our floormates duct taping a complete layer of tape across my door, making a solid wall that I ran into half-asleep on my way to the shower in the morning. If I didn’t have a good kitchen knife that I’d brought with me, I might have been stuck inside there and late to class! After I cleaned it up, I figured the guy who laughed loudest was most likely the prankster. Some investigating let me prove it, so I decided to show him how that prank should be done. I had to get an accomplice, Addy, in to help me, but we stacked solo cups, some of them filled with fine pink and purple glitter, all the way up his door when his roommate left one morning. Then he got the tape on the outside. Just ensure it would topple over, I created a string of tape that would pull it all down inside towards them as they opened the door.

Addy had to go to class, but the look on his face was epic when he opened the door up and was covered in fine glitter! He was about ten-feet tall, so the look of death he gave me had me nervous for my safety, but when he began laughing, I knew we were good. “Good retaliation,” Chris had told me.

That had been in October, and now that we were getting closer to December, I noticed that all of the pranks in our dorms were getting more and more outlandish. I had slept in a bit and headed to the bathroom, and looked briefly at my shower caddy and realized I had left my bodywash and beard wash in the bathroom that five of us shared. I hated doing that, and really, I considered it kind of a jerk move to make everyone move my stuff. I personally couldn’t stand when someone left a bar of soap in the shower and I had to move it… It disgusted me a lot for some reason! Realizing I had made the mistake I mentally noted I’d need to not miss that again…

I showered, washed my hair with my shampoo that I had kept in my room, and took care to really scrub myself clean since I’d be seeing Addy later that afternoon for a study session we were going to go to for Chemistry. My hair was taking a while these days since Addy had convinced me to let it grow out. Something about a thing she had for long-haired guys… I had shrugged and gone along with it – frankly I would probably do just about anything for her!

Since we’d been dating for a few months we’d gotten a little further along with our relationship, and we’d spent a lot more time learning what could work with our height differences. I always worried she would decide dating me was like dating a little kid, but she didn’t seem to feel that way! We hadn’t made it any further than second base together, but that was mainly because she had some very clear boundaries that she said she didn’t want to cross before marriage. When I heard that of course, I had two reactions – where can I find an engagement ring, and… that’s awkward!

Until my growth spurt, most of my friends in high school had obviously been Littles. Amongst our friends I was probably the only one who was still a virgin, since it was well known if you didn’t do it before you graduated, you probably wouldn’t get to in some crazy Bigs nursery! I knew Beth had several partners over the years, and only the fear of getting pregnant kept her on the pill. She’d so wanted to have her own babies though!

‘Beth, I wonder what happened to you…’ I couldn’t help but worry about her still. Dad hadn’t given me any updates in a while, other than her dad was still trying to re-adopt her.

I finished with the shampoo and moved on to the special beard wash my dad had recommended. His beard was like Santa Claus’s, long, but not completely gray yet. He claimed the wash helped keep things from getting ratty, and that was Addy’s biggest stipulation for me keeping it. She wasn’t a hug fan of kissing me with the facial hair, but she understood why I was growing it.

It always made my face feel a lot cleaner in spite of the hair, and let me get it to comb straight. By this point I’d managed to get my beard to grow in quite full, and it was long enough I had to be careful of food and drink dropping in it. A couple times in the past week Addy had slyly grabbed a napkin and plucked something out of it before teasing me about it.

I sighed as I dried off and walked out to the sink. I brushed my teeth and popped a few pimples before going back to my room with a towel around my waist. I closed the door and dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweater before sitting down at the computer. I grabbed a drink from my water bottle and realized I had some hairs on it for some reason.

I brushed my face with my hand.

More hair.

I moved quickly to look at myself in the long mirror on the closet. A patch was completely gone out of my beard. I put my hand on my face in disbelief and watched as the slightest touch knocked my beard from my face.

In disbelief I ran back to the bathroom and washed my face, hoping whatever it was would come off and keep from causing any more hair to fall out! I pulled up the sleeves to my sweater and splashed water on my face over and over again, After I wiped my eyes clear of the water, I looked down in horror. The drain was completely clogged with a hairball.

Looking up in the mirror I was horrified that my face was the cleanest shaven face ever… you might even call it a… baby face. I couldn’t even see the little black hair follicle spots on my face, and was worried whatever happened was completely permanent! I grimaced and looked at my arm, only to notice that there were patches of no hair there too!

Chris peeked his head in right then, took one look at me, and laughed.

“What did you put in my stuff?” I asked nervously. Hoping beyond hope it was a temporary loss.

He tossed me a mostly empty bottle.

‘Little Hair-No-More!’ was the label. Looking at the directions it was the worst-case scenario.

‘To permanently remove Little’s body hair wash on like a soap and wash off. Takes fifteen second application, and fifteen to twenty minutes to take effect and permanently remove all hair follicles from the applied area. 'Warning! Do Not Apply To Any Area You Do Not Wish To Remove Hair!!!’

I nervously looked up at my hair, but remembered my shampoo had been safe in my room. My longish collar length hair was intact still.

“Jack-ass! We said nothing permanent!” I told him.

“It’s only permanent on Littles. My sister tried it on her legs and still has to reapply it every few months. Don’t worry Bro, you’re not a Little, right? It’ll grow back in a few months!”

I gave him the double bird salute before going back to my room. I switched clothes before I left to meet Addy for our study session. When I did so, I discovered every bit of my body hair on my front where I could reach, my arms, feet, legs… and groin was completely bare. My back I didn’t scrub as well, so the upper part was still hairy.

My reflection in the mirror before I got dressed scared me. It was the reflection of a baby-faced Little boy, who could easily be adopted and taken somewhere before height even came up…

I didn’t have much time before the study session, so I grabbed my backpack and computer, and headed to meet Addy. She was looking at me with a shocked look as I came up towards her, you could see ‘Wha??’ coming out of her lips, but I didn’t see it long because a Nest Mother appeared out of nowhere.

“And where are you going young man? All of the boy’s nests are to be in their rooms studying!”

I looked up at a tall, and rather plump Nest Mother that I vaguely remembered being in charge of a boy’s room since there weren’t many ‘daddies’ interested in the job.

“Pardon me, but I’m not a little, I don’t live in Wenig,” I told her.

“You’re going to lie to me? I’ve seen you there every day!” She was about to grab me when Addy came up.

“What do you think you’re doing with my boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” She looked at Addy in shock, “Eew… he’s a Little!”

“He’s actually a Mid, as he was telling you. Both of his parents were taller but he got the short end of the straw. And yes, I said boyfriend. I’m also more than willing to call the President of the University and complain on Cameron’s behalf about the abuse he was about to suffer.”

“Well… he looks… I…”

“Was just leaving?” Addy suggested.

She turned on her heels and I looked up gratefully at Addy. She bent down and gave me a hug, and a kiss that drew some looks. “What happened to your face?” She smiled, “Not that I’m complaining I prefer kissing you like this!”

I sighed, “Chris spiked my body wash and beard wash with some sort of permanent hair removal product…”

I watched her stifle a giggle, “I’m sorry, it’s not funny… but I think in a few months you’ll appreciate the prank? That’s pretty epic?”

“Nothing permanent… those are the implicit rules in our prank war…” I told her.

We sat down and took part in the study session for Chemistry. It was definitely more for her than me, but if I could avoid losing a point or two on a test, I would appreciate it!

The only plus to the prank was that Addy preferring to kiss me without the beard. She did at least console and reward me with a make out session that night after our study session was done.

Of course, apparently, I wasn’t Chris’s only victim… He’d gotten two other people, including our RA, and found himself in hot water with the university. They were on the verge of kicking him out, but his parents managed to negotiate it down to promising he would be on his best behavior. I very nearly pulled a prank to frame him - just to retaliate, but hadn’t felt like I had the best opportunity to do so and get away with it cleanly.

I was complaining about it to Stacy and Meg on the third day of finals. “Look at my face,” I whined a bit.

Meg nodded, “Buy some bigger lifts and be careful what you wear?”

Stacy looked confused, “So what’s so bad? He’s tall enough, right?”

I shook my head, I would forget sometimes that she wasn’t from the dimension, but comments like that would remind me. “They mostly leave us Mids alone, but if you look cute enough it can still be a trip to a daycare or preschool… I think I’ve grown another couple of inches this semester, but even if I miraculously reach seven feet before I stop growing, I could easily be smaller than a four-year-old Big.”

Meg nodded her agreement, “I’ve seen it… it’s not as common since it’s not like the newborn size you are Stace, but it’s close enough for some crazy Amazon mothers.”

Two days later, on the day of my last final, I walked out to the main part of campus and saw that all six of the big fountains between my dorm and my class that had been turned off for the winter, had somehow turned back on. It was a warm day so they weren’t freezing, but all of them were each a big puff of bubbles!

This was another one of those pranks I felt like was pretty much too far with as much clean-up and potential damage I knew it could do. After the other day, I couldn’t help but wonder if Chris wasn’t involved in it.

Sure enough, when I made it out of my last final that day, I passed him speaking with university police officers. Twenty-four hours later his roommate found out he too would have a single for the next semester as he was being booted from the university. It was one prank too many when they found him on the security cameras leaving the dorm with a large backpack and followed him to each of the fountains.

A part of me was just disappointed that I wasn’t able to return the prank on him.

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Chapter 7: Pyrrhic Victories

MY FINALS ENDED and I went home to wait for my test scores to be posted online. Addy had driven away a couple hours before Dad had picked me up. Addy and I had made sure that we had a good sendoff for each other before we said goodbye. Fortunately for us it was only goodbye until two days before Christmas, when she was going to come pick me up to go to a company party her parents were hosting. Given my stature, and lack of facial hair now, I had gotten her promise that she’d stay with me the whole time except in bathrooms! I was quite nervous about finally meeting her parents!

I had just finished setting my stuff down in my old bedroom, which hadn’t changed at all in my absence, and walked down to find Dad sitting at the table drinking some coffee. “It’s good to have you home Cameron,” he told me.

“Thanks Dad,” I told him. “It’s good to be here… It’s kind of weird now.”

“Yeah, I remember coming back from college and feeling the same. I don’t mind you going out and doing things if you want, but make sure you let me know where you’re at?”

“Sure,” I told him.

“There’s one…” he sighed, “There’s one place you might want to go, and you might not.”


“Beth’s at her parent’s house.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” I asked. “I have to go see her!”

“I figured, but… Cameron…” he couldn’t finish the story before I was already out the door and walking the few doors down to where she lived.

I rang the doorbell and Beth’s tall dad answered.

“Umm… Hi Mr. Fehler, umm…”

“Cameron, it’s good to see you,” he told me somewhat sadly, “Come in.”

I walked in and immediately knew that things were not good for Beth.

Their kitchen now featured a Little’s high chair - complete with all of the restraining straps that were never on a baby’s. I felt my stomach drop at the thought of her being strapped in, unable to move her hands or feet… or head if he used that one… To my right I looked in the living room and saw all of the signs of a baby living there. A playpen, a swing, a walker, soft toys, and… well, it really looked like a baby, at most a year old, lived there now.

Unfortunately, I knew it wasn’t a real baby, it was instead one of my best friends.

I looked up at him, “I’ll let you see her… we should talk first Cameron,” he told me. “But I know she would want to see you.”

I followed him to a pair of armchairs in his living room. I climbed up onto the tall chair and noticed a rattle sitting wedged in the cushion. I ignored it and looked at him.

“Cameron, I want you to first of all know that Beth considered you her best friend… and maybe more than that growing up. I think her mother and I always hoped the two of you would get together and get married someday… you were good for each other,” the tall man told me.

“I know,” I told him. “I don’t know that I realized it though until she came to say goodbye to me…”

“I think she figured it was probably a true goodbye Cameron. And, in a way, it probably was…”

There was a sadness in his voice that spoke of him being broken-hearted about whatever had happened next. “My dad said you were trying to re-adopt her… obviously that worked?”

“I knew when Beth went to college that there was a good chance that she would end up demeriting out and getting adopted. Honestly, when you have a Little as a child… well, you have to accept that’s probably their future. It’s not fair, it’s not right… but it’s the way the world tends to work. Most Littles tend to come from parents that are the same, so there’s really no chance they can interfere. When she let me know she was going to student services, I immediately started to fight for her to come back home. The problem though is the iron clad student contract that a Little signs when they go to school at Emerson. As soon as you go to Emerson, if you’re under seventy-two inches tall, you have to sign a power of attorney and consent form that makes the university your legal guardian. It supersedes any blood relationship… even for the child of a Big.”

My gut twisted in knots over it, “But you got her back… how?”

He sighed, “I fought with my lawyers at my side for two months Cameron. She stayed in a special ward at the university during that time, while they were also seeking out other options for her adoption. In the end it was a woman who was about thirty, and an alumnus of Emerson, that had… paid the ‘application fees’ for her adoption with a ‘donation.’ I managed to tie things up though to where we were brought in before a judge for mediation. It was… it was the first time I’d seen Beth…”

He honestly seemed heartbroken and I knew things had to be bad.

“She ran to me and gave me a hug before they ripped her away and sat her down in a high chair, and stuffed a locking pacifier into her mouth. We both made our cases for a long while, and the Judge finally said, ‘The university agreed that she would have a choice when she committed herself to the student placement services, correct?’ The university’s lawyer answered in the affirmative, even as the woman was told to be quiet because she was sure she should be hers!”

I sat there, wondering had come next, I suspected it was probably the worst.

“The Judge considered some documents and said, ‘take that gag out of the girls’ mouth.’ Young Lady, make sure you understand if you can’t be at least be a little bit mature and quiet right now, I’ll make this decision completely for you. The way I see it I think you should have a choice, but we also have to acknowledge that you recognized you have a growing case of Maturosis, and going back and becoming your father’s big girl again isn’t in the cards now, is it?’

“‘She meekly said ‘no ma’am,’ and asked, ‘What is my choice?’”

“‘Hmm, well, if you go with the nice lady over there, she’ll do a nice job of re-raising and supporting you the way you need, and she can start off with you exactly the way you are. She’ll be in charge and you’re her baby forever.’”

I watched her dad wipe a tear away, “She continued though, and said, ‘I’m willing to consider though that your daddy loves you very much – so much so that he’s gone through a lot of time and effort over this case to prove that he is by far the best person to care for you. But, again, with your case of Maturosis, you can’t be a big girl, can you?’”

I couldn’t help but think that was the second time she’d said that phrase, and felt my gut twist as I could just see a diaper sticking out of a package to the side of the playpen that was probably tall enough to contain me.

“My little girl answered her respectfully though, ‘No, Your Honor?’ ‘Right then,’ she’d said, and she lined out that she could come home with me, but only if she agreed to be regressed to having no potty training, only able to crawl, and have her teeth replaced with a gum implant so she could only have a liquid and pureed diet, and have a tongue procedure to reduce her diction. She insisted it was so neither of us would be tempted to just pretend she was a big girl… At that moment I wanted her with all of my might to choose the woman – since she might not have all of those things done to her!”

I looked at him, “She chose her daddy though,” I said softly.

“She chose me,” he nodded.

“She can still think and talk though?” I asked.

He shrugged, “When she chooses to? Honestly Cameron, it hit her hard… Her mom wasn’t here when she came home either, which didn’t help.”

“Where is she?”

He sighed, “We got a divorce in the hopes it would help me regain custody without her. Many would consider her ‘tweener mother to be a negative influence that led to her Maturosis… It’s amicable, but she can’t be here and has no visitation rights allowed per the agreement with the judge.”

I sat there in stunned silence before finally asking, “May I please see her now?”

“Sure, she should just be waking up from her nap. Why don’t I go up and change her, then I’ll bring her down so you can talk…?”

I watched him walk up the stairs and felt my gut twist and waited for him to bring her down. I heard an odd sound as there was a high-pitched laughing and giggling baby upstairs… I was glad that she was at least smiling as he brought her down and said, “Why don’t you sit with Lizzie on her blankie? I’ll give you two some privacy,” he told me as he sat her down.

I climbed off of the chair and walked over to join her. Beth was dressed in a short dress with a snapped onesie attachment. A pacifier was bobbing in her mouth. “Am…Am!” she said to me. She tried rocking forward to her hands to push herself to a standing position, but fell forward. I caught her and helped her sit back as she grabbed onto me and hugged me.

We were both crying then. “Oh Beth…” I said sadly. “I’m so sorry.”

She squeezed me though and pushed away, letting her pacifier drop from her mouth, “Is okay,” she told me. “Daddy bes home.”

She couldn’t get her ‘t’s’ out anymore unfortunately without her teeth, but I was glad she could at least communicate still.

“You’re really okay?” I asked her.

“Yeth,” she smiled. “No wi mean wady, wi Daddy. Would be way worse…”

I nodded. “He’s being nice about it?”

“Hurs him more an me,” she told me. “Diapees no all ba…”

“Daycare?” I asked, knowing he worked.

She blushed, “I jus pren complee baby.”

I nodded, “That’s probably smart.”

I had been terrified that Beth was a mindless shell of herself, but clearly her dad had refused to force her to regress any more than the judge had already done. ‘She was probably right in some ways…’ I grimaced at the thought, ‘her dad would have let her earn her panties back and freed her within a year.’

It was possible to free a little you had adopted, but the steps and paperwork were vast. There was a complete legal definition of the steps you needed to prove a Little could handle in order to grant them an emancipation. Among those steps was that you had to demonstrate the Little could care for themselves and function on their own. With Beth unable to walk, use the potty, or even eat real food… well she was stuck.

We talked for a little bit more before I gave her a hug and left to go back home to have dinner with my dad. On my way out I held my hand out to Mr. Fehler, “Thank you for saving her… I hate what the judge did to her, but at least I know you love her and will always take good care of her. You did everything you could,” I told him sincerely.

“Thank you, Cameron. She talked more to you than she has to me in the entire time she’s been home…” he told me. He looked to be nervously wrestling with something, “Look, I don’t have a problem if you come by and drop a present appropriate for under a year-old baby off at Christmas, and maybe come say bye to her before school, but it would be a bad idea for her, and you, to come here on a regular basis…” He nodded up to where I suddenly realized an industrial security camera sat watching the living room.

I grimaced, hoping our conversation didn’t get them in trouble, but just said, “Yes, sir, I’ll respect your wishes…” I sighed, feeling vomit as I said it, “I know she’s not my adult friend anymore…”

He squeezed my hand again and I headed back home to my house deep in thought. ‘The damn judge ordered them monitored too?’

I walked through the door and could see dad was putting something back in the oven. “Cam?” He asked.

“Yeah Dad, I’m back.”

“You… okay?” he turned towards me.

I sighed, “I guess. What the judge did to her…”

“Sucks,” he said.

“Yeah… I mean at least she’s with her dad who’s not going to treat her like some doll to find new ways to torment. But it’s all bullshit!”

He nodded, “I can’t tell you how grateful I was when you grew that bit before you graduated. By now that probably would have been your fate too…”

I nodded. “Yeah, two stupid inches is all that separates us.”

“Well… more than that now…”

I looked up at him, “Huh?”

“Have you actually measured yourself this semester? They say guys may not finish growing until they’re twenty. Clearly that’s true with you.”


“Look dinner needs a few more minutes in the oven, why don’t we go put another mark on the wall?”

I curiously followed him up to the wall we had started when I was a baby and we moved into the house. The first mark was ‘14 months’, and we’d marked at least a few times each year where I was. There were a lot of shorter marks! I took off my shoes and stood against the wall and let him lean down and mark where my head reached. I couldn’t help but notice that distance wasn’t the same as in the spring. He had a tape measure in his hand and ran it from the bottom up.

“Seventy-seven inches,” he said, You’re almost six-and-a-half-feet tall!”

“I hadn’t even noticed I’d grown…”

“I did, can’t you see your pants are shorter?”

“Well, we bought them long… but no… I hadn’t paid attention.”

“How about tomorrow we go buy some new pants for you? And didn’t you say this Addy was picking you up to go to a party in a week or so? Probably need a new suit too?”

I nodded, “Sounds great Dad,” I told him.

I was genuinely smiling about the fact I was now further over the line of safety in height. No one would be able to just ‘adopt’ me off of the street now. Everything for someone like me had to go through the courts, unless something like ending up in Wenig Hall with the university forced me to sign away my rights.

Dad walked off to go pull dinner out and I examined the wall one more time. After age seven another set of initials had an occasional mark. I couldn’t help but run my fingers over the B.F. initials from last year. Beth had been at my house and seen it was still there, insisting on another set of marks for both of us… Thanks to the bitch of a judge, she would never again stand tall like that on her own.

“This sucks!”

Chapter 8: Plus One

I HAD A total of six weeks off for my holiday break, and began my first full day at home by just enjoying sleeping in! Dad knocked on my door just before lunch and got me out to go shopping with him at the local mall. I found several pairs of new jeans and some shirts at a large chain store, before heading to a shop that specialized in Mid and Little dress apparel. Since I was probably really about done growing, Dad paid for a nicer suit and had it altered to fit me perfectly. The tailor pointed out there were three inches of extra material in the legs he could let out down the road if I needed it though.

We’d also found a couple of new dress shirts and ties to go with it for when I needed to dress up around Addy. As much as I knew it set Dad back a bit, he was encouraging my relationship with her and knew that I would need some nicer clothes to date her. We found some cool new shoes while we were out as well.

I hated being in my hometown at that point though! Since I had been short of the mark until the last month of school, almost all of my friends growing up had been Littles. It seemed like every time we went inside a store, I would see another friend being pushed in a stroller, pulled along with some cutesy monkey backpack leash, or held in an infant carrier on some Big woman’s chest.

Most of them looked miserable and embarrassed to see me. The worst was when a Big from my grade, Kristin, saw me and said, “Cameron! Wow, what a big boy you’ve become!”

She was a bitch in high school, and I would have just ignored her, but she deliberately came over to us pushing a stroller that I figured out contained another good friend of mine, Tyler. He wasn’t dressed as a ‘he’ though, instead it took me way too long to recognize him with the pigtails and short dress proudly displaying a yellowed diaper. One of those stupid locking pacifiers was stuffed in his mouth with drool dripping on one side down his face onto a waiting bandana bib, and I could see scars on his legs that told me he was at least as bad off as Beth.

“Hi Kristin…” I said politely and looked down at Tyler, “Hi Ty.”

“Oh, it’s not Tyler anymore, it’s Trinity! When I adopted him, Tyler just didn’t work anymore with her new apparel. We just had everything fixed up for her to be a good girl last week!”

He looked miserable, “Oh… well…” I stammered, and then something snapped, “I’m sorry Tyler that you got stuck with this bitch. I can’t do anything for you right now,” I looked up at her, “but I hope she gets her due in time somehow.”

She went to grab my arm, but my dad was beside me and said, “Miss, we’re not littles, and if you don’t behave yourself and walk away, we’ll have to call the police.”

“Watch yourself brat,” she said to me.

Dad and I walked the opposite direction from her, “Cam, you can’t go off like that…”

“Sorry, I…”

“I know… stupid Amazons…” he said for me.

“Yeah,” I said.

I spent the next week pretty much only hanging out at home, playing video games, since I had no desire to run into more former classmates. During that time, I received my final grades for the semester, and was quite proud to have ended up with nothing less than a ninety-eight in any of my classes! I began my college years with an email congratulating me on my Dean’s High Honors List award for the semester.

I also spent time texting Meg, Laura, and Stacy about what they were up to. Stacy obviously wasn’t going home for the holidays, but mentioned she was working on some sort of big project. Ever since she had saved her ‘sister’ and herself from that insanity with being kidnapped, she’d been pretty driven to work on something. She had asked me some random technical chemistry questions a few times because she knew I was good at it.

Meg and Laura both ended up at home with their parents, and Meg mentioned it was a relief to get away from the diapers and their horrible Nest Mothers. Meg had been having more and more problems with making it to the bathroom, so she said she was doing her own potty-training boot camp while she was at home. Laura didn’t mention anything about it, so I figured she was probably still going through training pants fairly regularly…

A week before Christmas I was dressed up in my new suit, pressed red shirt, matching tie, and dress shoes that gave me a three-inch lift that was concealed cleverly by the polished black shoes. When Dad and I had seen the quality and cleverness in how well concealed the lifts were, we both got a pair!

When Addy arrived in her awesome car, I could see a couple neighbors staring as I greeted her. I noticed she hadn’t worn heels – I guessed it was an attempt to not be any taller than me than she already was. She was dressed in a stunning red dress that matched my shirt pretty closely. She gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips, before I said, “Come in and meet my dad really quick?”

“I’d love to!” She said to me.

I led her to the front door and held it open while she ducked and walked inside. Our house was sized for Bigs for my mom, but it was older and the door frames were shorter than the newer standards. The ceiling in the living room was thankfully tall enough for her to stand comfortably, and I introduced her to my dad.

“Dad, this is Addison Harris,” I smiled, “Addison, this is my dad, Roger Sylvester.”

My dad held his hand up to her, “Please call me Roger, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you!”

She smiled down at him, “Same for me!”

We made some small talk for a couple minutes before Dad embarrassed me, “Any chance I can get a picture of the two you?”

“Dad…” I hissed.

Addy just laughed, “Sure Mr. Sylvester.”

We sat down on the couch where I sat next to her and she put her arm around me. I managed to turn the glare into a smile before pulling Addy’s hand, “Let’s go before my dad decides to do anything else…”

She laughed, “I’ll have him back before midnight.”

“Have fun,” Dad said.

“Ugh…” I complained when she began backing out.

She laughed, “I thought it was cute. Your dad just wanted to have a memory of us together. Nothing wrong with that.”

I rolled my eyes but said, “I guess.”

As we passed Beth’s house, I saw her being carried in just a onesie and a diaper back inside from their car by her dad. It looked like she was asleep as she sucked on a pacifier. I’d caught a couple other glances of her, but per her dad’s wishes avoided going to their house. I’d ordered a more advanced shape sorting toy for her that was made for Littles… and listed as being appropriate twelve-months plus. I was hoping that he’d be okay with her having something that was more complex. Of course, the pieces would still be too big to fit in her mouth per safety guidelines…”

“Who was that?” Addy asked, being way too perceptive.

“You remember my friend Beth?”

She nodded, “She was the one you were really close to, right?”

“Yeah… she was close to demeriting out and gave herself up to Student Services instead. Her dad fought to be able to readopt him himself.”

“Well, at least she’s with her own daddy?”

I shook my head, “Yeah, but in order for her to go home with her dad, the court ordered a bunch of things done to her to prevent him from letting her grow up ever again…”


“I went and saw her the day I got back. She’s still in there… but…”

“But I can see why that would be hard,” she said and reached a hand over to squeeze my shoulder.

We drove a bit in silence before she said, “Look, I need to warn you a bit about my parents’ company…”

“That they cater to studying products to be used on adopted Littles?” I said looking at her.

“Well, I’m not surprised you know that… Yeah, our company tests products for everyone to be used with Littles. I’m… I’m personally not proud of it - I definitely hate some of the things that are done to Littles. And… I know you are short enough that you’ve been through some of it I’d guess growing up. I didn’t want you walking in there without at least a warning. My parents will not approve of us dating, and I’m sure my mom will especially try and get you riled up a bit.”

I looked up at her, “Then why’d you invite me?”

“Because I’m dating you, I love you, and I couldn’t give a damn about them.” She smiled as she said that.

“Thanks,” I told her. “I don’t understand why, but thank you.”

We drove for a while before coming to the nicest hotel in the city. It cost a fortune to stay there a single night, and I knew that they had a large ballroom that most of the city’s biggest formal events were held inside. She pulled up to a red carpeted entrance and both of our doors were opened by valet attendants. The man who opened my door gave me a shocked look, before saying, “Welcome,” to me.

Addy came around to my side of the car and said, “Well, shall we?”

“Sure,” I told her.

I was glad that she wasn’t wanting me to hold her hand since that would mean reaching up. Walking beside her I was going to have the best chance of appearing to be a partner… rather than… yeah.

We walked through the entrance way and down the hallway to the ballroom where someone stood checking invitations. “Oh, good evening Ms. Harris! It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s nice to see you too,” she greeted the young woman at the door. “My father’s treating you well?”

“It’s great being his assistant,” she told her with what I felt was genuine enthusiasm. She looked back down, “This said there’s a plus one?”

“Hi,” I told her.

She looked down at me in surprise and instantly knelt down. “Addy, why didn’t you tell me you adopted!!! He’s adorable!”

Addy to my annoyance laughed, but swatted her hands away. “He’s not my Little, he’s my boyfriend.”

“Whaa???” She did this weird fish staring thing going back and forth between us. “Does your father know…?”

I looked up at Addy, kind of curious for that answer, “He will soon, won’t he…” She smiled.

“Umm… well… good luck?” she told her.

“Come on Cameron, let’s get meeting my parents out of the way.”

We walked together into the room and I could see a very tall woman and man standing near the entrance greeting guests. It was quite the resemblance from Addy to her mom, but I had already memorized their pictures from online articles. Mrs. Harris was by far the tallest of the giants in the room! It was like she had been born to be a CEO with the very presence her confident body language gave off in a stunning sparkly silver dress. Her hair was a vivid red that Addy had already said was from a salon treatment. Her eyes fell on Addy, and she began making her way over to us, pulling along her husband.

Mr. Harris was a little shorter than Addy, so again pretty much one of the tallest giants in the room! He was balding from what I could see, while the sides of his hair had turned a very respectable gray. As they approached, I saw her mom looking for her plus one, before settling her eyes on me.

“Plus one? Addison you know Littles have to be dropped off at the daycare…”

Addy put her hand on my shoulder to reassure me. “He’s not a Little, Mom, this is Cameron, my boyfriend.”

“You’re wha?!?” her mom turned a vicious shade of red in her face, and it was clear she was not a happy person.

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Ryan Harris, Addy’s dad,” he spoke over and leaned over to shake my hand. “Normally it’s good practice to meet the boyfriend before you declare him as such?” Her dad said to Addy with a smirk in his voice. He apparently wasn’t too bothered by it.

Her mom on the other hand, “Addison, this is not acceptable,” she told her in that whispered voice every mother has that lets you know you’re about to get your butt blistered as a child.

“Mom, he’s not a Little. He is in fact a Mid, and the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. You liked my grades, right?” Her mom continued glaring, “He’s the reason I did so well this semester. He’s brilliant!”

“Aubry, please, we can talk about this later. Your outrage is going to bring more stares than they’re being a couple…?”

She looked around and it brought my eyes around to see he was correct. “You’re right dear,” she told him. “Addison Elizabeth Harris, we will be discussing this at home tonight!” she told her in a low voice and then turned to walk to the other side of the room dragging her husband in tow.

“Well, that went well sis!” I looked up and saw a much shorter copy of Addy, but with blonde hair. “Hi, I’m Danica,” she told me with a smile bending down to shake my hand. She then touched my nose lightly, “He’s a cutie Addy,” she told her.

“Thanks…” I found myself saying, along with Addy, while rolling my eyes.

“So why don’t we go find a quiet corner so that you two can tell your baby sis all about you dating? This sounds juicy enough to make mom forget about the detention I got last week!”

“What did you do?” Addy asked as we followed her sister across the room.

“Carly, I think I’ve told you about her… she was being a total witch to that Little girl Jilly who’s in our grade about an accident she had. I know I saw Carly drop something in her drink when she wasn’t looking…”

“So, what did you do?”

“I might have borrowed some of the experimental potty-b-gone powder from the lab…”

“You didn’t?” Addy said, with a smile.

“Of course, I didn’t… I would never do anything like that. I’m Mommy’s little angel…” she smiled but it faltered, “well I was until Matty came along.”

“Trust me, you’re still the angel,” she told her. “So, what happened to Carly?”

“Well let’s just say that she went to see the principal and received a new uniform for school.”

“How’d you get busted?” I found myself asking. I could appreciate a giant who wanted to help instead of joining in on the fun.

“I didn’t technically, but they think I did it. Since they can’t prove I did it, I’ve just got detention for a month.” She squirmed a bit, “If they could have proved it the principal said they would have enforced the same uniform on me.”

“Worth the consequences?” Addy asked.

“For her, yes! She had it coming!” We had come to a tall table with three chairs away from everyone at the edge of the ballroom. “Why don’t we all sit down though, my big sis hasn’t told me you’re a Mid. All she told me was just that she fell in love with the most gorgeous guy who’s really smart…?”

We were there for about a half-hour talking with her sister. Addy explained to both of us she figured if the explosion was going to happen it was better to just get it out of the way in public rather than her mom trying to cover it up. I was a little annoyed, but at the same time could completely understand. I was half her size… I knew it would look awkward to the Bigs… and I knew it looked awkward to the Littles, some of whom like Beth were not that much smaller than me.

Eventually an announcement was made that dinner would be served, and we went to go sit down with her parents. Another couple was introduced as Desiree Fields and her husband Trent Fields. Both were Bigs, but Desiree was only about ten feet tall, and her husband Trent was just nine-feet tall. I was more than slightly surprised that there would be someone else so short at the family table, but it turned out Desiree was Mrs. Harris personal assistant and it was obvious she felt an obligation to her at this party to be a good host and thank her.

We were seated at a circular table with Mr. and Mrs. Harris sitting together, with Desiree to Mrs. Harris side, then her husband, then me, Addy, and Danica wrapped it back around. A small discrete cushion had been found by the wait staff and helped prop me up to where I could put my hands comfortably on the table with my seat scooted in by one of them. The seating arrangements guaranteed that Addy’s mom was looking straight at Addy and I the whole time!

“Well… Cameron, is it?” she asked, when I nodded, she continued, “What is it you hope to do with your life for a career? Your short stature will surely limit your possibilities?”

I shrugged, “I’m currently a chemistry major Ma’am. My plan is to apply to law school though once I complete my degree.”

“My, that’s ambitious. Why not poly sci, or economics for your major if you want to be pre-law though?”

It took a great deal of effort, but I smiled in spite of her withering look, “Those are the traditional routes, but I don’t want to just be any attorney – I want to focus on patent law or industrial trade law, I think. Having a degree in chemistry means I can understand all of the science behind the lawsuits without having to call a separate expert all of the time. My grandfather suggested it would also stand out more when I apply to law school.”

“Interesting,” she said. “How do you think your short stature will affect you in court?”

“I’m not a Little, so it shouldn’t affect me at all. Even then, there are Little attorneys. Emerson has Professor Marshall for instance.”

“Doesn’t he wear diapers though?”

I shrugged, “From what I understand he was kidnapped years ago and due to his mistreatment never was able to fully potty train again.”

“And just when was the last time you wore a diaper young man?” she asked pointedly.

“Mother!” Addy and Danica hissed in stereo. I watched her husband put his hand on her arm, but she swiped it away.

“Honestly ma’am, it was when I was thirteen and every kid under seventy-two inches in the school got stuck in diapers for six-weeks because a Big decided to spike the food for our lunch with something that made us all lose control – even some larger Bigs ended up diapered though after that. I was lucky that I must have gotten a small dose, because I was fine within a couple weeks. Another friend of mine…” I couldn’t help but picture Tyler, “had about six-months of hard work to get over it. Most of our classmates did, but a few never regained their control,” I told her honestly.

I paused and debated, but decided ‘what the hell?’ “Look Mrs. Harris, I know that Addy and my relationship isn’t one you would traditionally see. My own mother was ten-feet-tall though, and my dad is only eight-feet, so I grew up without that difference seeming like a huge deal. I know Addison is twice my height, and I know I look a lot like I could be a Little at first glance. I am legally five inches past that designation though, and I love your daughter. She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s beautiful, and she’s… she’s crazy enough to like me for who I am. I don’t know what I can do to bring you around, but I promise I love your daughter. As long as we are together, we will be partners in helping each other out.”

She glared at me enough that I feared she would give into her Big instincts, stand up, pick me up, pull my pants down, spank me until I had an accident, and then be off to diapers for the rest of my life. Something in her façade cracked though, and I soon saw something of a grin or a grimace. “Well, I don’t approve, but I do admire your chutzpah. Don’t hurt my daughter,” she warned me. Then added, “And keep in mind if you do ever make it far enough that a marriage is in the cards, there will be a prenup!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way ma’am,” I told her with a smile.

She gave me another withering glare, but food began arriving and everyone became distracted. It was a really good meal in all honesty! At one point her mother walked to a podium to speak, and Addy leaned over, “I’m both sure that you’re insane, and proud of you for standing up to my mother like that.”

I smiled and enjoyed the short kiss she leaned over and gave me. Her mother thankfully didn’t see that, but her dad did and clearly wasn’t sure how he felt about it. The evening never really got away from… awkward. There was some dancing after dinner, but it felt like I was a little kid dancing with an adult during slow songs, so we only danced to fast ones. I hated being considered ‘cute,’ and had too many of those comments throughout the night. I decided in the end her dad was okay, her baby sister was pretty cool, and her mom… well she was the CEO of a huge company that made it their business helping to exploit Littles… and it showed!

When she dropped me off at my house later that night she said, “You know Cameron, it is unusual us being together, but I love you for you so much I don’t care about your size.”

“As I love you,” I told her.

We kissed on my front porch for a long while before she said, “I’d invite you to our New Year’s party at my house, but I think we should let my mom slowly get used to the idea of us dating rather than immediately antagonizing her again.”

I laughed, “That’s fine, I think I need to find some stilts to dance better with you!”

She smirked, “I could just hold you while we’re dancing slow songs.”

“I don’t mind the idea of being held by you,” I told her honestly, “but I think that would be a sign of weakness around your mom.”

She sighed, “Yes, you’re right.”

“I’ll see you in a few weeks,” I told her with a smile and a hug.

“See you then,” she told me.

I watched her drive off like the crazy girl she was in her sports car before I walked back inside my house. Dad had stayed up and wanted a recap. We drained a pot of coffee talking together that night before finally heading to bed.

Chapter 9: Bells

ON CHRISTMAS EVE my mom’s parents were supposed to arrive to stay with us for the holiday. Mom had been the second youngest of their four kids. When she died, it became a tradition for them to come and stay with us at Christmas, and celebrate while looking after us on that tough holiday. At times it had been with my aunt and uncles coming with my cousins too, but this year they were all away on opposite sides of the country with new grandkids for the older two, and a job my youngest uncle couldn’t leave that year.

I always had mixed feelings when they arrived! I loved them both, but Grandma Suzy had never seen me as amounting to anything other than her adorable baby grandson who would never grow up. Only last year we’d gone out as a family for dinner and they’d insisted on driving. She had opened up the back door and insisted that I ride in a rear-facing car seat she installed! Presents of babyish clothes, stuffed animals, and even a stroller one year, made me dread her visits. Grandma was even taller than mom had been, being about eleven-and-a-half feet tall, and she was what I would call a ‘typical Amazon.’ If it weren’t for Dad doing well in his career, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her having adopted both of us after Mom died. Any time she visited, which fortunately was mainly only at Christmas, I could depend on being picked up as soon as she walked in the door, and carried around like a doll for most of her visit.

Grandpa Frank was a few inches over ten-feet tall, but a lot more reasonable about my size. He would always try and run interference for me, and I did my best to stay closer to him so she wouldn’t feel the need to constantly hold me. He was pretty good about saying, “Now Suzy, Cameron isn’t a baby or a Little…”

Last year she’d argued back that I still hadn’t passed the six-foot mark, so I was a Little. That afternoon we’d been shopping and Dad had to talk her down from buying me at least some Pull-Ups to protect the rental car…

Strangely, in spite of that I couldn’t help but love them though, so that was why I didn’t tell Grandma to just get lost. There had always been something about when she held me that made me feel safe… and honestly really reminded me of my mom who I still missed! I had seen pictures of Mom when she was younger, and compared them with Grandma; other than her darker hair, Mom had been like a miniature version of Grandma. She even had the same eyes that I remembered my mom had.

Dad had always insisted on the house being absolutely spotless before they came, so we’d spent a week deep cleaning every room in the house. I’d tossed a bunch of old clothes and childhood toys from my room on our run to the dump this past week. It had driven me crazy as a young kid when Dad went psycho for the pre-visit cleaning! As I got older though, I realized that as a Mid himself, he was worried Grandma would make a case that he wasn’t mature enough to take care of me – or himself – and force me… or both of us to go with her so she could properly ‘take care of us.’

Fortunately for both of us that had never happened, but I understood his caution more in the last couple years!

It was afternoon and they had called to say they were just boarding the plane to come. “Dad, I’m going to run Beth’s present over to her house…”

He looked up from the plate he was washing in the sink. “You sure that’s a good idea? I mean I know you bought something that should be considered appropriate…”

I looked at him and said, “I have to at least tell her Merry Christmas, Dad…”

“You sure it’s Addison that you’re in love with?”

“Dad…” I sighed, “If Beth had crossed the finish line… Yeah, I probably would have wanted to go out with her at some point. But she’s always been my best friend more than anything else. It really hurt when she disappeared. I understand her dad is worried about being watched, but I’m just being a good friend and bringing a present for the baby…”

He turned and gave me a hug, “I’m sorry Cam, I hate that this world is like this. Go take care of that, but don’t overstay your welcome. I need you back in an hour at the most.”

“Sure,” I told him and grabbed my coat to walk over to her house. A couple of inches of snow had fallen a couple days ago, but mostly melted. You could see little piles in the shadows though, and the icicles dripping water from Beth’s house were probably as doomed as she had been in life. I rang the doorbell, and waited a minute.

Beth’s dad was holding her on his hip, “Oh, hi Cameron.”

“Hi Mr. Fehler. You had mentioned it would be okay to give a gift to Beth for Christmas?”

He bounced her up and down, and it was then that I noticed she was wearing only a pink sweatshirt with a unicorn on it, and a spotless diaper that must have just been changed. The sweatshirt looked like it had gone ten-rounds with a couple of different colored jars of baby food though.

“Come on in Cameron. Beth, can you say ‘Hi’ to Cameron?”

She blushed and leaned into her dad in an odd, almost uncoordinated way. “Hi Am” she still couldn’t seem to get a ‘C’ sound out of her mouth. I suspected they had done something else to her tongue while they’d been working on her teeth…

“Hi Beth,” I told her, “Merry Christmas!” I said as Mr. Fehler sat her down on the ground sitting up. She plopped forward and managed to crawl over to me. I reached down and gave her a hug, sat down, and pulled her onto my lap. With my growth spurt I had a head’s height on her and put my chin on her head.

“Erry Ismas,” she said to me.

“How has your break been?” Her dad asked me as he gave me a head nod towards the camera that I took that as meaning I needed to be careful.

“It’s been good, my grandparents are coming in here shortly, so I thought I would just drop off Beth’s present.”

“You had a good sense of timing, I just finished feeding Lizzie her nummy lunch.” He sighed, “Of course she didn’t seem to appreciate it,” he motioned to her front.

I looked at the kitchen table and could see a jar of peas, another of carrots, and some mac and cheese concoction sitting with their lids on, but a little still in each. I felt my stomach tie itself in knots as I considered being forced to eat baby food for the rest of my life like she was.

“I can see that,” I told him. “Beth has always been a bit of a messy eater though, hasn’t she?” I tickled her side for the cameras and was rewarded with giggling. I hugged her again.

“Well, she needs to get her nap in now,” he said.

“No Ap!” She told her dad with a whine.

“How about Cameron feeds you your bottle?” he suggested diplomatically.

She looked up at me with eyes that clearly didn’t know what she wanted to do. I could see the embarrassment by the red of her cheeks, but there was a look of longing too that I felt was asking me to. “Pease?” she asked me quietly.

“Sure,” I told him.

A few moments later he handed me the bottle and picked her up and I followed them upstairs to her room… ‘Not room…’ I admitted, ‘Nursery…’

I looked down at the baby bottle in my hands and felt like I was holding a grenade. It wasn’t one like we had when we were babies, this was one for a Bigs’ toddler. It was like a liter bottle of coke. The nipple was large and would certainly even fill my own mouth quite easily. I blushed at holding it, but knew I had to be a ‘Big’ in my behavior and not think of it as a big deal.

The door had her babyish name of ‘Lizzie’ that she hated as a teenager on it in carved baby blocks. The nursery was covered in unicorns, which was actually not that different from when she’d been a teenager. She’d always been obsessed with collecting glass unicorns, but there were only plushy ones now.

“Why don’t you sit down in the rocking chair and I’ll hand her to you?”

I climbed up. She wasn’t that much smaller than me, but she was skinnier. He draped her over my lap and I was able to use the arms of the chair to help support her. I looked at her beautiful face that opened and showed me the smile with no teeth remaining. It was like a horror movie knowing the depression and everything she must be going through. I hesitated as I brought the bottle to her mouth, but pushed the nipple inside and held it for her. She placed her hands on-top of mine, and sucked what I assumed was formula from the bottle. We looked into each other’s eyes while she nursed it and I watched liquid and bubbles travel through the bottle. Mr. Fehler disappeared for a few minutes and she pushed the bottle away.

“Am you no ome ba, dan” she struggled, “danjuh.”

“Beth…” I complained.

“No, no mo,” She said and pulled the bottle back into her mouth. Tears were running down her face as she drank and I felt her diaper warm on my leg.

When the bottle was empty her dad had reappeared, picked her up, burped her gently, and then placed her sleepily into the crib after checking her diaper. He nodded for me to follow him. He walked with me outside, “Cameron, you really can’t come back here… She’s got a case worker that reviews the video. She saw you in the film the other day, and I have a feeling if you reappear too many more times, she’s going to declare you…”

I sighed, “I guess that doesn’t surprise me sir. Look, take care of her please… but if you ever get a chance to undo…”

“Believe me, I know Cameron… I never wanted anything but her to grow up and have a happy life.”

I sighed, “Thank you… as bad as everything is for her, at least she’s loved. If you’re still living here next year maybe I can swing by for Christmas again?”

He nodded, “The heat might be off by then,” he told me as he held out his hand.

I shook it and walked back home in a fouler mood than I had hoped I’d be in. I barely acknowledged Dad’s greeting as I walked back upstairs to my room and sat down at my computer. My phone dinged and I saw a message from Addy. I ended up chatting with her via video for a half-hour before Dad said, “Cam, your grandparents are leaving the airport now.”

“Thanks,” I told him and looked back at Addy on the screen.

“Cam?” she asked with a smile.

I blushed, “It was his nickname for me growing up.”

“Hmm… Okay Cam, sounds like you need to go,” she smiled.

I groaned and stuck my tongue out at her, “You’re right. Love you, I’ll talk to you tomorrow sometime.”

“See you then,” she told me with a smile. “Love you too!”

I cut the connection and walked downstairs to the living room. Dad and I sat for fifteen minutes before a large SUV pulled in behind his car. I took a deep breath before stepping outside to greet my grandparents. Grandma was the first out of the car and greeted Dad first since he was in front. “Roger, it’s good to see you!” She wrapped him in a tight hug straight into her breasts.

“You too Suzy,” he said awkwardly.

I looked up at her as she walked towards me, “And who are you? You can’t be my little Cameron? Your dad said you had shot up a few inches and he wasn’t kidding!” She picked me up like I still a toddler and hugged me tight before kissing me on my forehead. “It’s so good to see you Cameron,” she told me.

“You too Grandma,” I told her. I hoped I was getting heavy enough she wouldn’t carry me inside, but a few inches just weren’t enough for that. My head still only came up to the belt that held her slacks up, and she was able to easily carry me just like I was a little kid.

After everything that day I wasn’t overly fond of this arrangement, “Grandma why don’t you put me down so I can help Grandpa with your luggage?”

“Hmm… I guess you are getting to be a big boy after all, aren’t you?” She kissed me on my nose and did place me down on my feet.

I walked back to where he was unloading the suitcases and was enveloped in a hug from him. “It’s good to see you Grandpa,” I told him with a smile.

“You too Cameron,” he said and squeezed me tight. “You really have done some growing up this year, haven’t you?”

I shrugged, “Almost six-and-half-feet tall now, not that big compared to you and Grandma.”

“No, but I was worried you’d never cross the Little line,” he told me with a smile.

I grimaced, “I was too…” They had three large suitcases that were at my chin height standing on their wheels. There were also a couple more carry-on bags that were more reasonable that he said, “Why don’t you grab those, I’ll grab these two, your dad can grab that one, and your Grandma can grab her makeup bag there…”

I nodded and pulled the two smaller suitcases up the porch, and into the house. It was a bit more daunting to carry them up the stairs to our guest bedroom, but I managed to just do it, even though I was nearly sweating and dropping them by the time I reached the top. Meanwhile Grandpa and Dad carried the other ones like they were nothing!

I let them begin unpacking and walked down to my room to grab my tablet. I looked around my room for a moment before going downstairs to sit down on the couch in the living room. I had a novel I’d started reading the day before and figured I’d wait for them to finish unpacking before we had the dinner that Dad had started working on earlier.

It wasn’t too long before Grandma was back down and sat on the couch next to me. Given it was a couch meant for a Big she had no problems sitting down on it. I was just getting ready to finish a chapter, so I was a bit annoyed when she reached over and picked me up to put me on her lap sideways so she could see me.

“So, how’s my big college boy been? Have you been good or been partying all the time?”

I sighed, “Grandma I’ve always been a good kid. I haven’t been to one party this year… well unless you count my girlfriend’s parents’ company’s Christmas party last week.”

“Girlfriend? That Beth girl you always hung around? She lives just down the street, doesn’t she?”

I grimaced, “No… Beth’s always been just a friend. My girlfriend’s name is Addison.”

Grandpa came in right then, “Go you! Do we get to meet her?”

I shrugged, “She said she might run over here tomorrow if she can get away from her parents. From what she said her mom pretty much only cares about the new Little they adopted.”

“Little? Her parents are big?”

I laughed, “Grandma, her parents make you look short.”

“And just how tall is this girlfriend?” Grandpa asked.

“Here, I have a picture of the two of them,” Dad said coming in with his larger tablet. He showed them the pictures from the other night.

“She’s beautiful!” Grandma said, “But isn’t she too tall for you Cameron? Is that a good idea? Or… are you looking for a mommy?”

I looked up at her, “She is my girlfriend, not my mommy. I admit it’s unusual, but it worked for Mom and Dad, and we both love each other enough that size doesn’t matter.”

“Well, she is gorgeous,” Grandma admitted, “and she did have a very handsome date,” she said squeezing me tight.

“How are your grades?” Grandpa asked me, I could tell he was changing the subject.

“My lowest grade was a ninety-eight,” I told him. “I made the Dean’s High Honor List.”

“Good job!” He said, “So the dating isn’t dragging down your grades?”

I laughed, “The grades are what led to the dating.”

Before I could get dragged into anything more conversation wise a timer went off in the kitchen and we were all soon eating dinner. Dad and I both had to deal with a way too helpful Grandma at times, but she mostly behaved herself until it was time to go to bed.

She was someone who would never break with tradition, and so she gave me a present to open on Christmas Eve. It was something my mom had done before she passed away, and Grandma had taken up the torch when she was gone. I knew it would be something with pajamas in it that would make me feel embarrassed, but even then, I felt obligated to open it for my mom’s sake. I tore the red wrapping paper with green cartoon Christmas trees all over it off. Inside I saw there was a plaid-colored bundle of cloth. It was in a surprisingly boring shade of red and black pattern. I pulled it out and opened it, seeing that it was a one-piece footed pajama set. Until you made it to the feet, they were actually something I could see a college kid wearing around the dorm.

The reindeer feet though kind of took that away. They had red noses and little antler pieces that stuck out above each foot. I noticed too that there were bells on them that made a little bit of noise even as I held them. They were sure to jingle every time I took a step!

“Umm… thanks Grandma,” I told her.

“Keep looking in there,” she told me.

I looked over to the side and saw there was a container of some hot chocolate meant for Littles, and a copy of an old Christmas cartoon that aired every year on an old disc. We had a player, but Dad and I almost never used it since everything could be downloaded or streamed.

I sighed in my head, but said, “Thank you Grandma, I appreciate it.”

She picked me up and gave me a hug before setting me down and jokingly giving me a swat on my butt. “Go put them on, I want to see you wearing them. Then we can have some of that hot chocolate and go to bed.”

I looked suspiciously at the hot chocolate and noticed that it was endorsed by SafeFoods, Inc. Having a bad feeling about it I said, “Umm… Actually, not to be rude Grandma, but Dad and I picked up some hot chocolate the other day that I think we all might enjoy more. The Little stuff is too sweet honestly.”

“Oh…” she said, taken aback, “Well, I don’t disagree about Littles liking their sweets more… Let’s try this other stuff you have then Roger.”

I gave him a pointed look and he said, “Sure, give me a little bit. I think it’s got to be made with milk. Takes a bit to get put together. Cameron, go put on your Christmas jammies and I’ll have it done shortly.”

I hoped he read the ‘thank you’ in my eyes, as well as the swearing about the pajamas. Even as I carried them up to my room they jangled! I managed to bring myself to put them on and felt like I was suddenly more like Beth than myself… ‘At least there are no diapers involved…’ I thought grimly.

I walked down the stairs for the walk of shame to show my grandmother the pajamas. Just as I expected every damn step you could hear me walking. “Well, no worries about you sneaking down to peek at what Santa left you, huh?” Dad joked.

I would have strongly considered flipping him off if he was a friend. Instead, I said, “Haha… funny Dad.”

At least Dad came through with the hot chocolate, and Grandma kept trying to figure out the secret ingredients of the new mix. He later told me it was vodka… Grandpa had quietly suggested it!

I very carefully dumped the Little stuff out later that night. When I went to bed that night, I sat in bed on my phone and researched it. It was sweeter, so I wasn’t lying about that. I was also right to avoid drinking it because it seemed to have something inside of it that caused bedwetting in most Littles…

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Chapter 10: Christmas

THE NEXT MORNING, I couldn’t help but smile as I smelled breakfast cooking downstairs. My first instinct would be to go eat breakfast, but I decided I wanted to put on some less embarrassing clothes first! I dug through my drawers and pulled out a pair of track pants and an Emerson sweatshirt. My bedroom had a bathroom attached, so I quickly hopped in for a shower and got dressed. I couldn’t help but note that there was still no sign that the hair removal cream was losing effect. I was still completely hairless everywhere except my head and the top of my back…

I brushed out my hair as quick as I could, and then stared in the mirror for a moment at my reflection. I had talked about cutting it before break, but Addy had made me promise to leave it long. She insisted she’d go with me somewhere to get it properly trimmed, but she liked guys with long hair.

I sighed. Truthfully if it made Addy happy, I’d never cut it again!

When I made it downstairs, I discovered everyone was already seated with half-eaten breakfasts on their plates. Grandma looked at me, “I was hoping you’d stay in your PJs for presents…”

I smiled, “Sorry Grandma, I just needed a shower to wake up.” I walked over to the cabinets and grabbed one of the coffee cups Dad kept lower for me to grab easier. I reached up and carefully poured a cup, feeling Grandma’s eyes on me.

“You know you shouldn’t be drinking that… it stunts your growth…” she complained.

I laughed, “I’ve probably grown as much as I’m ever going to Grandma. Besides that’s an old wife’s tale.” I took a sip of the black goodness and sat it down at my chair. I grabbed some of the food that was set out as a buffet and joined them at the table.

I enjoyed the breakfast that I knew based on tradition Grandma had cooked. The pancakes were fluffier than anywhere else I ever had them, the bacon perfectly cooked, and the sausage and eggs made for a very filling meal. After I rinsed my plate off and set it in the sink, Dad said, “Shall we open presents now?”

“Sure!” I replied.

I wasn’t a little kid anymore, but I think everyone enjoys presents! As the only ‘kid’ around, I got designated the person to pass out everyone’s gifts from underneath the tree. My pile had been quite a bit smaller this year until Grandma and Grandpa arrived. Their gifts weren’t gigantic, but there were quite a few smaller gifts added after their arrival.

When everyone had their pile of gifts, Grandma added our stockings to our piles, and I began opening the stuff inside of there. It was mostly candy inside, but there were a few restaurant’ gift cards and a deck of playing cards as well. Up until three years ago, Grandma had included several pacifiers every year, so I was glad to see she’d finally let that one go… There was also a noticeable absence of small bouncy toys inside of it too, which had even been in last years!

“Thanks Grandma,” I told her after I was done with the stocking. I moved on to the proper gifts, beginning with the one Addy had given me.

I had searched long and hard for her gift, knowing with her family’s vast weather, she already had everything. I ended up thinking back to what had brought us together, Chemistry, and found a necklace that was a depiction of the molecule chain of dopamine. It was a simple looking necklace made of silver, but I gave it to her with a card telling her how happy she made me. It was sappy, but I hoped she would appreciate it! We had chosen to wait to open our gifts until Christmas Day, so I hoped she’d call me or stop by later wearing it.

I opened the wrapping paper of her gift and found a jewelry box inside of it too. I felt weird as I opened it up and discovered a necklace that was marked ‘18k White Gold’ on a tag in the box. I never thought of myself as a necklace person, so it was kind of an odd gift, but it was really nice. It featured a pattern of three smaller circular chain loops, then a long ovular loop, then repeated the smaller ones over and over again.

“That’s pretty!” Grandma said. “Who’s that from?”

“Addy,” I told her. I put it back in the box and handed it to her outstretched hand to look at it.

“Who is this girl?” Grandma asked, “She must have spent a couple thousand dollars on this.”

“A couple thousand?!?” I squeaked.

“Sweetie this isn’t a cheap necklace. You can’t accept this, can you?” Grandma said as she showed her husband and then handed it back.

“The thing is to her it probably is cheap,” I sighed knowing I would never keep up with her.


“Let’s just say she’s really well-off Grandma,” I told her. I pulled the necklace out of the box, “She’s supposed to come by or call later, I guess I should wear it for her.”

“Well-off?” Grandma asked.

“Her family is worth billions,” I told her.

“What’s her last name?” Grandpa asked.

“Harris,” I replied.

“SafeFoods Harris?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Whoa…” he replied, “yeah, she could afford that.”

I managed to get it clasped around my neck and let it fall down around my neck. Most guys necklaces fell lower on their chests, but this one was definitely not as long - making just a slight circle right at my collar line. It was a little bit more feminine actually that way, but if it made Addy happy, I’d wear it!

I went back to the other presents and found a variety of mainly useful gifts. Grandma had given me some sort of microwave pasta dish, “You can make mac and cheese in it without using a pot,” she told me. “I figure you don’t have an easy to reach stove there, or a dishwasher.”

“Just a big sized one, and the manual kind,” I agreed.

There were a pair of shower shoes and things like that too. Eventually I came to a larger one from Grandma and Grandpa that I ordered. Inside was a light gray blanket that felt like it had something inside of it. I pulled it out and looked at it with some confusion since it was heavier than cloth should be.

“It’s a weighted blanket, I’ve heard it can help with stress and figured it might help you be more comfortable in your dorm,” Grandma told me.

“That’s thoughtful, thanks Grandma,” I told her.

“You’re very welcome sweetheart.”

I moved down the pile, having received some Emerson University clothing from Dad and my grandparents, and came to one gift that I hoped might be something really good from Dad. Opening it up, I was excited to see a new laptop from Melon Corp! It boasted its specs on the box, and my favorite thing was the battery that was supposed to be able to go six months on a single charge! It was thinner than one of my lab notebooks, and only weighed a single pound! “Thanks Dad!” I told him and stood up to give him a hug.

“You’re very welcome Cameron!” He gave me a squeeze.

“One more gift,” he said after I looked around at my empty pile of presents.


He threw a small box at me that I quickly unwrapped. I was confused at the black fob inside of it for a second, before realizing it was a key fob! Knowing what that meant I ran outside, and sure enough there was a small car! “It’s one of the new self-driving cars based on the Bremmer technology.” He told me as he stood behind me.

I ran up to it and realized it was sized for smaller Bigs and Mids - so it just seemed big for me, instead of huge! It was a two-door boxy looking vehicle that was short enough that I could almost reach up and touch the roof from the outside. It was a silver color that I hoped wouldn’t draw too much attention, but still looked quite classy. I opened the driver’s side and noted that there were manual controls on the steering wheel. “You’ll have to go take your test tomorrow,” he told me, “but I have no doubt you’ll pass. Because it’s self-driving you can get your modified license, and drive on your own as long as it’s on the self-driving mode.”

I turned around and hugged him again, “Thank you Dad!”

“Well just remember to come see your old man every now and then,” he told me with a smile. “Your grades have to stay above a B average while you’re in school, and I’ll sign it over to you at graduation.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I told him.

“You’re very welcome Cameron. I’m glad you’re tall enough that we can legally get you your license for a self-driving car!”

I nodded at that. It shouldn’t have been impossible for Littles to drive with all of the technology available, but the discrimination against them resulted in a law that said anyone under seventy-four inches could not get a license of any kind. Between seventy-four inches and ninety-five inches of height there was a provision that you could operate a self-driving vehicle if you were properly restrained. You had to know how to use the steering wheel and hand controls to slow the vehicle to a stop in an emergency, but the test was making sure you could program the car to go from one place to the other. Not many Mids could afford one, so most people my height still used public transportation. This car was going to open a whole world of possibilities for me!

I climbed into the driver’s seat and dad got in the passenger seat. We went for a quick illegal drive around the block in it. The acceleration was designed to be very smooth and cautious, so I wouldn’t be racing Addy anytime soon, but it was comfortable and could get me from Point A to Point B. ‘I just wish it didn’t have that stupid harness seat,’ I thought as I locked it and walked back inside the house when we got back. There were child seat like five-point harnesses on all five of the seats in the car.

Everyone was in good spirits through the Christmas Dinner we had at lunch, and after cleaning up from the meal, my grandparents and Dad went to go take naps. I found myself sitting in my room playing with my new computer when my phone dinged.

‘Merry Christmas, come outside!’ I saw the message from Addy and hurried downstairs. She was standing at the door and I let her in. She scooped me up for a hug and sat down on the couch next to where she sat me down.

“Thank you for the necklace,” I told her.

“Thanks for mine!” She said as she showed that she was wearing hers too.

“Sorry it’s not the most expensive…” I started to apologize before she kissed me.

When she was done, she said, “Cameron I’m not dating you for your height, or money, I’m dating you for you. I thought it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. And I will always cherish it.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I told her.

“Looks like I got the right size on the chain too,” she said to me.

I smiled, “I think so? I’ve never worn a necklace before?”

“It looks perfect on you,” she said to me. “So, what else did you get for Christmas?”

We sat talking quietly for an hour before Grandma appeared. “Who’s this?” she asked, startling me.

“Oh, Grandma, this is Addison Harris, my girlfriend. Addy, this is my grandmother Suzy Harrington.”

Addison stood and held her hand out, “Pleased to meet you ma’am.”

“You as well, Cameron here seems to think you two are dating?”

“Yes, Ma’am, we are.”

“Isn’t that a bit weird dating someone who could be a Little compared to you?”

Addy put her hand on the back of my hair and stroked it lightly. “If I only focused on height, yes. But Cameron is way more than his height. I love how smart he is, his personality, and we have a lot of fun together.”

“Hmm…” Grandma said, obviously disapproving. “Well, don’t hurt him please.”

“Of course not, Ma’am,” she told her.

Somehow, I managed to get the conversation to a friendly point over the next couple of hours. Addy ended up staying for dinner, and then I walked her out to her car. “Your dad and grandpa are really sweet,” she told me.

I smiled, “Yeah, they really are. I think they both like you.”

“Not so much your grandmother?” she said when we were standing beside her car.

I sighed, “She’s never really accepted that I’m not a Little. I’ve always been worried she would decide to ‘adopt’ both Dad and I at some point. She’s very much your typical Little obsessed mommy…”

She nodded, “She and my mom would probably get along well.”

I nodded. “Like my car?” I said pointing to it a moment later to break the tension.

“That’s a car? I thought it was a golf cart,” she teased me.

I blushed, “At least it has wheels and can go places.”

“Self-driving only, right?”

I nodded, “Unless I have a sudden growth spurt yeah.”

She walked over, “Good, it has the proper harness seats.”

“I’m not as much of a fan, it’s like sitting in a car seat…”

She laughed, “Well, you need one!” She kissed me to soften that blow. “We’re going on a trip out of town next week and so it’ll be when we get back to campus before I can see you again. Call me later!”

“Will do,” I told her and we kissed again before she climbed into her gigantic sportscar and took off down the road.

Over the next few days that Grandma and Grandpa were staying with us I heard lots of sniping about my relationship with Addy. “We can just go get the diapers ourselves if that’s what you want,” Grandma had said in frustration, “You have to know all she wants is for you to be in her nursery.”

I had finally had it with that and left to my room. It was a frustrating visit from them that overshadowed my joy of being given my license for my car. It allowed all of the automated driving to be legal, and I took advantage of my newfound freedom to drive myself to school a couple weeks later at the end of the break. I had to deal with getting a permit through the university, but I soon had a parking space towards the top of the parking garage that Addy also kept her car in.

My friends were all jealous over my presents when they started returning to the dorm as well!

Chapter 11: New Semester

I CHOSE TO go back to the dorm a few days before school started up. It was a bit odd with the campus being so quiet, but I enjoyed being on campus without the pressure of classes pressing down on me. A couple other friends came back early too and we hung out for a couple of movie nights. Sunday before classes were to resume, I found myself having lunch with Meg and Laura.

“What did you get for Christmas?” Meg asked me.

“Umm… a computer and a car?”

“A car?!?” Laura asked in surprise. “How?”

“I’m able to drive if it’s self-driving,” I told her.

“Oh… I forgot that clause was out there,” Meg said. “I guess you’re the only friend I have that’s in that height range.”

I nodded. Laura reached up and touched my new necklace necklace that was hanging out on top of my collar. “This is pretty, it’s new, right?”

“Yeah, Addy gave it to me for Christmas.”

“Claiming her property,” Meg said darkly.

I shrugged and smiled, “I’m honestly okay with that. I gave her one too,” I said with a smile. “How about you? How was your Christmas?”

Meg answered first, “Well… honestly the best thing was getting to wear panties again over break! Without all of these rules I made sure I worked on making it to the potty every time! You know it’s weird, but after two nights back home I didn’t even wet the bed like I do here…” She blushed at that. “I shouldn’t have said that, it’s embarrassing…”

I patted her hand, “It’s okay, I’m not so removed from being with you to not understand…”

“You?” I asked Laura.

She sighed and shook her head, “No such luck for me… My mom actually went and bought me diapers the first day back because I went through four Pull-Ups before dinner. She said it probably wasn’t my fault, the Nest Mother probably put some sort of hypnotic tape on or something at night, but she couldn’t deal with stains on the furniture.” She blushed, “At least she let me change myself,” she added, “If Mom had insisted on changing me I think I would have died…” I noticed Meg shuddered a bit at that too. “They did get me a new computer for school though. I was excited about that!”

We spoke for a while before Meg asked Laura, “So what are you going to do this semester? You still have all of those demerits? Aren’t you the only one left in your nest?”

I remembered back to the last semester and her group getting blamed for her Nest Mother getting a case of explosive diarrhea. “Tasha is still there too… and I guess Stacy technically is in our nest.”

“Still, all it takes is one?” Meg asked her nervously.

“I’m a good girl, I wouldn’t have any if it wasn’t for your Nest Mother pranking mine… I just have to be careful. I’m always wearing Pull-Ups or a diaper, so they can’t get me on a wetting violation. I should never have gotten those other demerits either!”

“Pooping though?” Meg asked nervously. I was sure she was remembering back to her own close call at the beginning of the year that she’d told me about.

“I make sure I go before breakfast, again at lunch, and… it’s embarrassing, but doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not in class,” she said.

“Sure…” Meg said. “I’m just saying, if I get within a demerit, I’m looking for my own mommy. I don’t want some random orphanage experience…”

It was awkward sitting there while they talked about this topic, all while knowing I had made it past the finish line. There was definitely a fair amount of survivor’s guilt I was feeling, and all I could think about was Beth. “Hey Cameron, did you find out anything about Beth while you were home?”

I nodded, “Her dad was able to adopt her…”

“That’s great! So, she’s at home living the high life without school or a job, and with someone who actually loves her!” Laura said.

“Sort of,” I told them.

“Sort of?” Meg asked nervously.

“Look… I don’t want to talk about all of it, but basically the judge decided since she had given herself up willingly the university had promised her the ability to choose. The judge though decided that she couldn’t just go home if she went with him… She had to…” I felt my voice crack, “They made modifications…”

I watched both of their eyes open in terror. “Which ones?” Meg asked quietly.

“Teeth, walking, potty,” I told her simply.

“Those barbarians…” Laura said.

I nodded, “I would do anything to see her able to be herself again! They’re watching her too closely for her dad to even think about doing something for her though. As soon as Dad told me she was there, I ran down the street to see her at her house. Seeing her like that was terrible,” I said as I did wipe a tear from my eyes. “I went back again on Christmas Eve. Both she and her dad told me not to come back that day. Apparently a LPS case worker was reviewing the footage from their house, and seemed to think I needed my own care if I came around to see her too much.

That really spooked both of them, “You didn’t go back, right?”

I shook my head, “I have no desire to end up in diapers and a nursery. I’m big enough that I would be the ultimate potty-training dunce for the wrong mother.”

They nodded at that. With their sizes, diapers were just expected when they were adopted. When you were the size of a preschooler who should be potty-trained, they liked to use you as an example to their late training real children on why they should grow up and not be a stupid Little in diapers. It was something that had kept me up at night many nights over the years after seeing people my size being openly spanked and berated for their failures in stores and malls!

“Has anyone heard from Stacy this week?” Laura asked us.

Both Meg and I nodded, she responded first though. “Yeah, she had a great Christmas. Apparently, they found a cure for Bella over the break, and she’s recovering and talking again!”

“That’s awesome!” Laura said.

“Yeah, it is,” I agreed. “Just in time for that jerk’s trial too.”

“That started last week, right?” Meg asked me.

I nodded, “I guess Stacy has to testify soon, but she’s one of the prosecution’s last witnesses.”

“That whole thing was crazy,” Laura said.

“Yes, it was,” I told her. “I can’t imagine making it out of that Little mill being even partially aware. Not sure how Stacy managed it honestly.”

“I would have been a goner,” Meg agreed.

Tuesday morning, I had a class with Addison, Stacy, Laura, and Meg. I would probably have considered sitting next to them, but due to the way they arrived I ended up sitting a few rows back from the front with Addison beside me instead. She had come back to campus the night classes began, and we’d had a very good evening of reacquainting ourselves with each other! She’d even taken her shirt off that night to make it easy for me to give her breasts some attention that she clearly enjoyed. We were down to our underwear for most of a steamy make out session in her room, but nothing went further than that still per her wishes.

The professor had been about to start class when I noticed Laura’s head seemed to be shifting back and forth more than normal in the first row. It was like she was bouncing up and down or something… A few minutes later I smelled a fart as our professor was talking about some more advanced concepts. He looked around suspiciously for a moment, but kept lecturing. I noticed his teaching assistants were now watching every one of the few Littles that remained in classes. All told there were only twenty in this class, and they were all sitting towards the front of the class.

I heard another fart that sounded a lot longer… and messier. I looked at Laura and could see the back of her neck, since her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. The color of it was burning red with embarrassment. ‘No…’ I thought to myself, trying to think of a way out for her when one of the T.A.’s reached her and pulled her to stand on the cushion of the seat. Her uniform’s skirt was pulled up to her armpits and I watched in horror as she pulled back the diaper and made a face.

“Uh-oh, someone’s made a big pwesent in her diapee for Dean Sanders!”

“Please take her there?” The professor asked, “She’s disrupted this class enough.”

Reality hit for Laura, and she began sobbing, “NO!!! YOU CAN’T TAKE ME THERE!!!” Laura suddenly began screaming and wriggling, trying to get free. She desperately hit the girl across the nose. The girl screamed in pain, and dropped Laura to the ground while holding her bleeding nose. Laura didn’t wait around and began running as quickly as she could out of a side door. She made it nearly out of the room when another freshman girl, a tall Big who was a bit shorter than Addy, reached out and scooped her up like a toddler. I watched in horror as she held her tightly and sat down in a nearby seat, flipping Laura onto her stomach across her knee.

She began landing a series of loud swats on the girl’s bottom. “You DO NOT HIT PEOPLE!” she told her over and over again punctuating the words with a swat. By the time she was finished there was poop smeared down Laura’s legs and onto the other girls arms. I shuddered, because I knew without a doubt that as bad as it was going to have been for Laura, she just made it a thousand times worse…

The TA collected Laura’s sobbing form from the girl and began walking out. Laura was wailing in pain and fury still as the girl said, “Aww… we just had a big blowout, huh? Dean Sanders will know just how to take care of a wittle baby girl like you!”

My stomach clenched at that point, and it took a lot for me not to want to follow her out and try to save her. I felt guilty that I was grateful in a way when her cries faded, and our professor soon concluded the lecture as if nothing had happened. Addy and I ended up following Meg and Stacy out the door. We were stuck standing there for a moment while their skirts were pulled up and the back of their diapers pulled open. “Just two wet little girls here, make sure you go see someone to get those changed! Wouldn’t want to have a diaper rash, would we?” The fact that the TA was taunting them was nothing new, but that day I really didn’t want to see more of that!

I sighed as Stacy caught sight of me and waved sadly. Addy and I walked over to her, “Poor Laura,” she said to me.

I nodded, “Meg and I tried to warn her yesterday…” I told her.

She nodded, “Sometimes I really hate this dimension.”

I agreed with her on that. “Umm… I don’t think we’ve actually been introduced before, I’m Stacy,” she said looking up at my gigantic girlfriend.”

“I know, between Cameron telling me about you, and hearing about your exploits this year you are probably the most famous Little on campus.”

Stacy blushed at that, “Umm… thanks. Anyway, I have to go to my mommy’s office, I’m not sure what other classes I have with you this semester, but I’ll see you around?”

“Sure,” I told her.

After we had walked far enough away from her, Addy said, “She is the most adorable Little in the world. I could understand wanting to baby her…”

I laughed, “Luckily she was smart enough to know that was a likely possibility. She’s the only Little on campus that’s safe from the crazy nest mothers and university staff.”

“Except for when she gets kidnapped…” she reminded me.

I nodded, “Yeah… that certainly wasn’t too good! I guess she’s supposed to be testifying this week. They somehow managed to help her sister recover though.”

“Really? I thought they had done some significant modifications to her?”

“They hadn’t done too many physical ones, mostly neuro Stacy said. I guess they figured out a procedure with nanites to rewire things…?” I shook my head, “Stacy sort of explained it to me a couple weeks ago when she was asking me about some proteins they suspected were at fault. I understood the chemistry that she was looking for clarification on, but not the neurological or nanite side of things.”

She nodded, but looked more curious than I expected her to. “I wonder if she would explain it to me?”

I shrugged, “She might? She’s not overly trusting of Bigs she doesn’t know though.”

She sighed, “For good reason, most of us are better off not trusted.”

I looked up at her curiously, “What do you mean?”

She shook her head, “Don’t worry about it, just had a lot of fights at home over the break.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her.

“Didn’t want to bother you with it. I honestly expected it when my mother met you, so it wasn’t a surprise at least.”

I nodded and didn’t press it. After Grandma and my brief encounters with her mom, I knew very well that things were not going to be easy dating her with her parents being potential in-laws.

Thursday, I sat down with Stacy on one side of me, and Addy on the other. It was then that I heard the unfortunate news that she had seen Laura the day before when she’d had a near miss at the daycare. Learning our friend had her teeth removed, and seemed to be at least marginally impeded by hypnosis, had just made me all the more depressed.

Chapter 12: Weekend Get Away

DURING THE FIRST week back, I could tell that Addy was getting more stressed about her classes and her family. She refused to talk about the details, but suffice it to say I guessed that her mom was probably pissed off at her dating me still. I worried about her, and decided I wanted to do something nice for her. I carefully planned out a date night with dinner, followed by a show in a nearby city. I made reservations for a hotel room that even had a built-in jacuzzi for the bathroom, and did everything I could to ensure we could have a great time. I had convinced her to keep her Friday afternoon until Saturday evening open for a surprise.

Friday, we headed to one last class that we both shared, intro to computer programming, and she kept trying to badger me for information. “So, what is my mysterious boyfriend planning this weekend?” she smiled.

“Well, it’s still a surprise, but you’ll need to drive if you don’t mind? I would drive but we’d need a shoehorn to get you into my car!”

She laughed, “I figured. What do I need to wear?”

“Bring a nice dress for tonight, maybe a bathing suit, pajamas, and something casual for tomorrow?”

She gave me a questioning look, “So this is an overnight trip you’re kidnapping me on?”

I smirked, “Assuming that you’re game for it?”

She smiled, “I have to now! I’ve got to see what romantic weekend my boyfriend came up with here!”

After our class she said, “How are you with this? Does it make sense?”

I shrugged, “I think so… but if it doesn’t, I know who I’m calling for help!”


“My friend Stacy?”

“She’s good with computers?”

“She’s like a genius from what I understand. She skipped out of all of the lower-level programming classes.”

“Hmm…” she looked thoughtful. “I can be packed in about twenty minutes to leave?”

“Sounds good, I’m already packed. Why don’t I just come over to your dorm once I grab my things?”

“That works,” she said, “I’ll have time to change wherever we’re going?”

I nodded, “Especially with the way you drive!”

She stuck her tongue out at me, “I’ll see you soon Cam.”

As I went upstairs to my dorm room, I couldn’t help but think about the fact she was beginning to call me that more and more. Most people calling me that would bother me, but I called her Addy… so I guess it was okay to have a shortened name for me too.

I was already packed and able to grab my rolling garment bag with my suit inside of it, pajamas, next day of clothes, toiletries, and my bag with my computer just in case I needed it. I took one last look around to make sure that I had my wallet and my credit cards, just in case they couldn’t take the payment off of my phone. I double checked that I locked the door, then headed off to Addy’s dorm.

One of her friends saw me downstairs and said, “Ooh… Addy told me you were going on a mystery trip… I wish my boyfriend did romantic things like that!”

I smiled, “Thanks,” I told her and kept going upstairs. I’d hung around her dorm quite a bit towards the end of the semester, so I was considered normal. I reached her open door just as she zipped up her suitcase.

“There you are!” She said with a smile. “I take it you’re ready?”

“Yep, you?”

“Just want to hit the potty one last time.”

I nodded, “Actually that’s a good idea, I’ll run down the hall and be back.”

I went down the hall to one of the boy’s suites and used their bathroom quickly. The toilets in this dorm were all Big sized, so it was a bit of a pain to use them, but I managed okay by standing. When I had to go more than pee though it was a bit of a struggle to get on top - even as a Mid!

Both of us having taken care of the necessities, we walked to her car and loaded our bags in the tiny trunk in the front of her car under the hood. “That’s so weird,” I commented.

She laughed, “Normal for this type of car though. So where am I driving?”

“Oak City,” I told her. “I’ll program your GPS for the destination – it’s the hotel we’re going to stay in.”

“Alright,” she said with a smile. “I haven’t been there in a while.”

I sat in the seat and watched her get on the highway and gun it. She really didn’t care about the speed limit, and a ninety-minute drive was over in just under an hour! She pulled into the fancy hotel I’d booked us a room in and asked, “Can you afford this sweetie? I don’t want you to feel like you have to impress me?”

I looked over at her, “I’ve been saving up for something like this weekend. I can tell that you’ve been really stressed. I can afford it, and even though I know you could do so too, I’d like to do this for you as a thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

She kissed me on the lips and we stepped out of the car. Addy took care of our luggage and valeting her car while I walked into the reception area. There was a Betweener just a bit taller than me working the counter.

“May I help you sir?”

“Reservation for Cameron Sylvester?”

He looked at me a bit suspiciously, but proceeded to check me into the system. His manager came over then, “Sir, I’m going to need to see your identification in order for us to secure a hotel room for the evening.”

I shrugged and handed him the license out of my wallet. He stared at it for several moments. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Addy coming over. “Sir, we’re going to need a guardian to secure this room for you.”

“Excuse me? Your policies state that anyone eighteen and older can rent a room with a valid credit card and ID. I’ve presented both of those to you.”

“Sir, if you were taller that would be the case…”

“Wait a second, I’m not a Little. If you look at my license, you’ll clearly see my height is above seventy-two inches. Even if I was shorter than that it’s not legal to discriminate any form of contracts based on height. If you really want to go there please let me know, I’ll be calling your corporate headquarters and filing a suit with the courts.

“And I’ll be happy to have my family lawyers help out,” Addy said suddenly beside me.

“Ms. Harris?!?” he seemed surprised, “You know this… umm… gentleman?”

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend.” She told him.

“But… you… he…”

“Back to the matter at hand I said to him, are you going to choose to discriminate here or not?”

“Ms. Harris I’d be willing to rent the room to you…”

“Either you rent it to Mister Sylvester, or we’re walking away. I’ll make sure we don’t use your hotel anymore…”

He looked genuinely upset and torn, “Okay, finish the room for him,” he told the clerk. “Do you need a crib brought up?” he had the nerve to ask Addison.

“Cameron, I think we should go find a better hotel.”

“Sounds like you’re correct.” I looked at the manager, “You will cancel this without charging me a dime.”

“Well, we say that you have to cancel outside of twenty-four hours…”

“I’m here, and tried to rent a room, you’re cancelling it now.”

We had a staring match before he took a quick glance at Addy, and began working a keyboard for a computer himself. I was soon presented with a receipt for zero dollars. “Great, I’ll make sure the word gets out about your terrible service,” I told him. I walked out with Addy, “I’m sorry…”

She laughed, “That was actually kind of fun honestly. I know of another hotel not far from here.”

We got checked into it and I found the hotel was as nice, but slightly more painful to my wallet initially until we explained what happened. Apparently, they were part of the same ownership group and our room ended up being comped while their manager tried to undo the damage of the other hotel. I was just grateful when we finally had a key and made it upstairs to our room.

It was a large suite with a kitchenette and living room, a separate bedroom and bathroom, and a balcony that had a jacuzzi sunken in. After we set our stuff down in the bedroom she reached down and picked me up to plop me on the bed where she laid down, with me on top of her. “Sorry your plans got a little delayed here…” she told me as she kissed me quickly.

I smiled, “I’m still here with you, it’s worked out. Besides you drive so fast we still have plenty of time for our dinner reservations, and will make the show just fine?”


I smiled at her and told her the name of the show we had tickets for, “I’ve wanted to see that! I just didn’t have time to go on a trip out to see it during its main run!”

I smiled, “I remember you talking about it.”

“So how long until we need to leave for dinner?”

“About an hour?”

“Not much time then,” she said and rolled over pinning me underneath her. She kissed me again, but this time it was a long and sensual kiss. “Thank you for thinking of me and doing this,” she told me.

“Anything for you,” I told her with a smile.

She kissed me quickly again and got up from the bed and sprinted to the bathroom to get ready. I sighed contentedly for a moment before rolling over and finding my own bag and starting to dress in my suit. I had just undressed to my boxers when she came back out quickly, wrapped in a towel, to grab her makeup bag. I blushed a little for some reason, but kept getting dressed and waited for her to finish. She came out dressed in a stunning sparkly blue dress, and I was glad I had on a nice three-piece suit!

“You look amazing Addy,” I told her.

She smiled down at me, “You’re not too bad yourself!”

I smiled, “I have no doubts I pale to you. If you’ll let me hit the restroom really quick, I’ll be ready too,” I told her.

Our dinner reservations were at a nice restaurant that I had already made a reservation for. To my relief the restaurant seated us with no issues at all, not even a kid’s menu in sight! We had a great meal, enjoying each other’s company, before heading to the show that I knew she wanted to see.

I had purchased seats on the floor level, though not the most expensive, and we both had a good view of the musical. I was a little surprised when they actually had a Little as an actor. He was diapered, but clearly, he could still speak, walk, dance, and sing at a level at least equal to his fellow cast members. At the end of the show, he received the biggest ovation from the audience, and it seemed like the audience respected him as more than a stupid baby. I smiled at that!

A more sobering thought was maybe the fact he was a ‘freak’ was why they liked him…

After the performance we returned to the hotel room and after a dip in the jacuzzi, we ended up in bed together kissing passionately in our pajamas to continue a make out session we began in the water. I found the buttons on the front of her blouse and gradually unbuttoned all of them before she removed it and revealed her bare chest. My eyes looked lustfully at her beautiful breasts, and soon I was fondling them. My own shirt was lost soon after that, along with my pajama bottoms, leaving her only in her panties, and me only in my boxers.

We were passionately making love when my mouth kissed her nipples, and lovingly gave a suckle upon one.

I was shocked when milk squirted into my mouth!

I found myself both repulsed, and longing for more right then as it tasted amazing!

I blushed and moved away, “Umm…”

She looked just as shocked, “Damn, they haven’t done that for a while…”


She sighed and shook her head, “I’m sorry too, that felt amazing!” She kissed me on the mouth again then, and a moment later said, “I wish I could get you to go ahead and empty them…”

I sighed, “Addy I would love to, but we both know it’s…”

“Addictive and will probably mess with your control …”

I sighed, “Yeah…”

She hugged me tight as I felt like cold water had been flung on both of us. “Sorry if I ruined your mood,” she told me, “I know how much you fear being seen as a Little.”

I nodded, “Sorry…”

She didn’t respond though, instead pulling my boxers away, and beginning to pay attention to the beast below. “Did you bring any condoms?” She asked me.

I looked at her in shock… “My wallet…?”

“Get one over here…” she told me, “Time to see if this can really work for us.”

A half-hour later I think we both decided that the pieces still assembled properly. After a trip to the bathroom for both of us to clean up, we cuddled up together and slept together for the first time.

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Chapter 13: Tutored

ADDY AND I woke up the next morning and found ourselves repeating the previous night’s gymnastics. We took a shower together, and as she got dressed, she said, “I’m going to have to go straight back to school… I need… I need a pump…”

I looked up at her breasts that were clad in bra that she’d stuffed some Kleenex into soak leakage, and said, “Sorry…”

She shook her head, “Not your fault… I mean it sort of is… but it’s just my body. I saw a Little at the show last night that started crying in the line for the women’s room. She was really cute - that probably started it…”

“Do…” I started to ask but stopped myself, “Never mind.”

“What?” She asked curiously.

“I shouldn’t ask…”

She laughed, “Go ahead, now I’m curious!”

“Do you really produce milk that easily? I always thought maybe that was a little bit of a Little’s myth.”

She nodded, “I’d prefer if it was, but yeah… Unless you have your own genetic kids, most of us find ourselves producing milk at the drop of a hat.”

“It’s painful?” I asked.

She shrugged, “Not if it comes out… I’m usually good for a day before it gets that bad. I need to get home though and get it cleared out. I’ll have to pump a few more times this weekend, hopefully it’ll dry up by next weekend.”

I nodded, “Useful genetic trait I guess for you all.”

She shrugged, “Not every Little needs babied… and a Mid like you, certainly doesn’t! Although I did enjoy you sucking on my breasts,” she said. “But I also don’t want to see you shipped off to Wenig, so we’ll have to avoid that bedroom play,” she told me with a smile.

On the way back to school I reflected on how reasonable of a Big that Addy was! I couldn’t help but feel guilty, and more than a little bit curious, about what it would have been like to continue to nurse from her. The one mouthful I had was really sweet and tasty! I had often heard of Littles who fought latching tooth and nail, but got hooked as soon as their ‘mommy’ got a drop in their mouth. I had always known that some Littles took one hit and they couldn’t stop craving it even if they escaped from the forced babyhood. It scared me to think that I might have been more like them…

We shared a passionate kiss outside her dorm, thanking me for the trip, and then both of us went to get some homework done. By mid-afternoon I had completed most of my homework, but I was struggling with my programming assignment. I just could not get the damn thing to compile! I decided it was time to seek the cavalry and texted Stacy.

‘Hi Stacy, how are you doing?’

We exchanged pleasantries for a bit before I said, ‘I’m having a hard time with my programming assignment. Any chance you could look over my code?’

I watched some dots telling me she was typing for a couple minutes before she said, ‘Why don’t you come to my house? Amanda could come pick you up?’

‘I have a car actually… that would work. What’s your address?’ I asked.

She sent it to me, ‘Okay if I’m there in about twenty minutes?’

‘Sounds good, Mommy said you’re welcome to stay for dinner too.’

I squirmed a bit, even knowing that Stacy was living with someone that had adopted her and another Little made me nervous to be around them. Everything Meg had told me though, was that things should be safe with her parents. ‘Besides, you’re not a Little,’ I had to remind myself as I drove out to her place.

I was actually surprised that they lived as far from the university as they did, but remembered Stacy saying they’d had to move after their house had been attacked. I felt my stomach clench a bit about ever getting mixed up with any of the people that had gone after them!

When I pulled up to a tall gate, I had to get out of the car and stand on my tip-toes to press the call button. I got back inside my car and waited for someone, “Can I help you?” I heard a female voice.

“Yes, my name is Cameron, I’m here to get some help on my homework from Stacy?”

“Of course!” the voice said cheerfully, “Come on through, just park in front of the house.”

I drove through the gate down a long driveway and noted the tall walls around the property. ‘They’re serious about security…’ I thought to myself. As soon as I was parked, the door opened and Stacy came out in the most mature outfit I’d ever seen her dressed in. A simple tucked in t-shirt, and skinny jeggings - that would have looked much better without the bulge of the diaper she wore underneath - really was a good look for her!

“Hi Cameron!” she said to me with a smile.

“Hi Stacy, thanks for letting me come over to get some help!”

“Any time!” She looked inquisitively at my car, “How do you have a license?”

I smiled, “I’m over seventy-six inches, so I can operate a self-driving car.”

“Can I see?” She asked curiously.

I laughed, “Sure,” and opened the driver’s side for her to look.

“It looks like my car seat,” she said pointing towards the harness. “And hand controls?”

“For an emergency,” I told her. “And yes, the stupid laws insist on the harness.”

“But at least you can get to places by yourself?” She said with a smile, “That’s so cool!”

I smiled, “It is… unfortunately I don’t think it’s in your future…”

She laughed, “No… When I came through and shrank this time it didn’t give me any chance… I just hope I grow back to my normal height when I go back home.”

I gave her a skeptical look as she led me inside the door. I looked up and saw her tall mommy, Dr. Westerfield, standing by the dining room table. Two high chairs and a few regular chairs surrounded the table. “Hi Cameron, nice to see you again,” Amanda said to me. Stacy had introduced me one time during the fall when we were having lunch together.

“Nice to see you too,” I told her politely. “Thanks for letting me come over.”

She smiled, “Happy to see Stacy making more friends. Sometimes all she wants to see is the computer screen!”

“Mommy…” Stacy whined.

“Oh hush, you’re at home. Now why don’t you two go upstairs and work in your room. Please keep quiet since Bella is taking a nap.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said politely.

I followed Stacy as she did an awkward climb up the tall stairs. Really, they seemed like they had been built tall even to me, but I could still walk up them normally like I did at my own home. Stacy looked like she was practically climbing a mountain on every step! Somehow, she wasn’t out of breath at the top, and I watched her do something with a baby gate that blocked the top of the stairs. I wondered for a moment if we needed ‘an adult,’ but the gate opened for her, and I followed her down the hall. I could see a door that said, ‘Princess Stacy’ on the outside of it in cutesy letters and girly pink and purple colors. Inside her room I expected an extravagant baby girl styled nursery, but was surprised to see a regular bed… well at least a toddler bed, instead of a crib. A rocking chair and changing table were still there, but she also had a desk sized for her with a computer sitting on it. Alongside it were several other electronic gadgets that didn’t look appropriate for a baby.

She noticed me looking, “Juvenile I know…”

“More mature than what I expected actually…”

“Expected a crib?”

I nodded, “I’m surprised you don’t have to sleep in one.”

“When I first got here Mo… Amanda made me sleep in one, but my crib went to Bella when she adopted her. Since I’m going to college, they try and give me a bit more freedom as a big girl.”

I nodded.

“Why don’t you set up your laptop over there?” She pointed to a slightly higher workbench desk that I could stand at, and she could comfortably sit in a tall chair that was next to it.

“Okay,” I told her.

For the next twenty minutes she looked at what I had done so far, looked at the assignment, and then walked me through what I knew about coding. “I would honestly never do it this way… but I think your professor is looking for something ‘conventional’ here…”

She showed me the concepts and helped guide me to code the assignment correctly over the next hour. I learned more from her in that hour than I had in class for the previous couple of weeks! When I finally finished and pressed ‘compile,’ I was pleased to see everything on the simple program worked well!

“Thank you so much Stacy!”

“Anytime… this is kind of my thing,” she said with a smile.

I nodded.

“So how did your big date with Addy go last night?”

“After we went to the second hotel, it went really well!” I told her.

“Second hotel?”

I sighed, “I may not be a Little, but I’m not tall enough to get away from everything without the sizeism either.”

I told her about it, and then before I knew it was talking about the rest of the night. Somehow the breast milk came up, “I was just you know…” I felt kind of awkward talking about this with someone so little, “and milk came out…”

She gasped, “You didn’t actually nurse, did you?”

I shook my head, “No, I know how much damage it can do unfortunately.”

“Just the damage you’re worried about?”

I blushed, “I’ll be honest, the little bit I had in my mouth tasted really good.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” She smiled.

“Wait, aren’t you planning on going back? And how do you not have bowel problems?”

She blushed now herself and quickly pressed something on her computer. I watched her for a moment before she said, “Sorry, I don’t want to be overheard, so I changed what the baby monitor is hearing,” she pointed towards it.

“She heard all of what I said?!?” I nervously asked.

She laughed, “Probably not? She doesn’t monitor me all of the time when I have friends here.”


“When I came here…” she blushed, “Keep this a secret please… When I came here there was a misunderstanding about my name.”


“In my dimension Stacy can be a boy’s name.”

The cogs clicked, “You’re a boy?”

She sighed, “I was when I came.”

I felt my stomach twist, “Amanda made you get a gender adjustment?”

She shook her head, “No, they would have let me be the boy version, but the problem was that Emerson had me enrolled as a girl. We were worried they would use the wrong gender issue to be a reason to give me demerits…”

“They probably would…” I responded.

“Yeah… honestly I wasn’t that married to being a man… so I went along with it. Anyway, the nanites that were used still reside in my body. I figured out a way to alter them to filter out the chemical that builds up in the brain and blocks the ability to know you need to go.”

I looked at Stacy like she was some sort of alien. “What?!? How?!? Can you fix anything?”

She sighed, “I have to be really careful with it… There are side effects…” She squirmed a bit at that, “It’s how I was able to help Bella though.”

I nodded, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything…”

“Thanks…” she said.

“I wish…”

“You wish?”

“I wish I could not worry about it… I would totally help Addy out more…”

She smiled, “You better be careful – she won’t be a girlfriend, she’ll be a mommy!”

I blushed, “I know… Honestly, I wouldn’t want that from anyone else…”

“From her?”

“I much prefer our current relationship,” I said, turning a little bit more red.

“Have a good time in bed?” She asked with a smirk.

“After the shock… yeah… Let’s just say that the mechanics do work.”

She laughed, “Probably easier for the guy to move up. I don’t think it would work the other way.”

I shuddered, “No, probably not. My dad moved up though too… just not quite as far.”

Our conversation moved on thankfully to some other things. She told me a bit about the sorority she had joined, Lambda Delta Pi, and some of the events they did. “That’s cool that you help each other out,” I told her. “Why doesn’t Meg join?”

“Good question,” she told me. “I keep trying to get her to join so she can have some extra help. I think she’s convinced that her last year she’s probably going to be stuck getting adopted no matter what…”

“I know,” I told her. “She said something like that to me once. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“You really think you’ll be able to go home?”

She nodded, “Amanda and Fred promised. And, even though they don’t need the money, they get another payment when I return through the portal to get home.”

“You can’t go home until then? Not even for Christmas and Summer?”

She laughed, “I can’t afford to shrink again! The first time I came I was almost a normal height still…”

Right then Amanda came in, “Why don’t you two wash up and come down for dinner?”

“Where’s your restroom?” I asked.

“I’ll show you,” Stacy told me. She walked down the hall and showed me the door. “I’ll let you go first, then I’ll wash my hands,” she told me.

“Thanks,” I said, actually feeling a need to go becoming more urgent.

I noticed that there was the smallest child’s potty I’d ever seen sitting there, as well as a step stool for the sink beside a large Bigs’ toilet. Deciding it was already there, I shifted the stepstool to the toilet and used it to sit down and go. I was a little concerned by the sudden urgency. ‘We were working for a while…’ I thought to myself. I was more than a little concerned though, that even in that one mouthful of Addy’s milk I had, that maybe I had received a high dose of the protein that Stacy had explained. Before Christmas she’d asked me what I thought about the chemical bonding of that protein chain and another, but I didn’t realize what she was doing with it at the time!

I was soon downstairs and used a booster seat at the table, while noting that Stacy and Bella both sat in regular baby highchairs. It was a little difference that many might not have noticed, but having feared a life like theirs my whole life, I certainly did! Bella seemed to still have some coordination issues from her ordeal, but mostly seemed to manage the chopped-up roast beef, mashed potatoes, and carrots that were served on her own.

Amanda and Fred made small talk with Stacy and I through most of dinner. “So, your parents are both taller?” Fred asked me.

“My mom was about ten feet tall; my dad is just a bit over eight feet,” I told him.

“No Littles in your family?” He asked curiously.

I shook my head, “Not sure why I’m the runt of the family, all of my cousins are nine feet tall or taller!”

“My sister is shorter too,” Amanda said. “You’ve met Megan, right?”

I looked at her, and then Stacy, “Meg?”

Stacy giggled, “No, MeGAN, Meg isn’t related. They just happen to have the same name,” Stacy laughed. “I refer to her as Auntie Megan a lot now that I’m hanging out more with Meg,” she said. “Well, when I’m not with the sorority or you.”

Amanda and Fred asked about my life in my dorm, and I filled them in on my roommate’s epic exit, as well as the prankster from the fall. Amanda and Fred both seemed to scowl at their treatment.

“You don’t approve?” I asked curiously.

Amanda sighed, “I never wanted a… traditional… adoption. Stacy here was just insane enough with her plan to interest me honestly. Bella here was a total accident, but we couldn’t let her get taken by the group that wanted her… well, we tried at least.”

“You did your best Mommy,” Bella spoke for one of the first times I’d heard her speak.

“I really don’t think a lot of the Littles that end up in care need it,” Amanda said. “Maybe some do… But if they do, their treatment should be a lot kinder. My sisters are terrible to theirs.”

I nodded.

“Sounds kind of like Beth may have made the right choice,” I said.

Stacy looked at me, “Heard anything more since the break?”

I shook my head, “Dad said he’d try and check in with her dad every now and then, but he mentioned seeing an LPS van there a couple times in the last few weeks. I’m hoping they’re not making things worse for them.”

Dinner got quieter there for a bit before Stacy and Amanda started talking about some new computer gadget that went above my head completely. Fred looked at me with a smile, “You’ve kept up with more of their computer talk than most people, but I recognize that look.”

I laughed, “Yeah, Stacy’s awesome, but she will always be one of the nerdiest people I know!”

She stuck her tongue out at me, “Which is why you asked for my help on homework?”

“Well duh?!?” I smiled. “You don’t ask some dumb jock for tutoring – the nerd is the best bet!”

I hung out with them for a little bit long before deciding I needed to get back to campus. As I was leaving Amanda came up to me holding Stacy on her right hip. “Umm… Cameron, can you please not mention to anyone that Stacy is still awake right now?”

I looked at my watch and realized it was 8pm. “No problem, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble with Emerson. I’ll probably try and run by a grocery store on my way back so I can say that’s why I’m later too.”

“Thanks Cameron,” Amanda said. “Please feel free to come over anytime! There aren’t many friends that Stacy has felt comfortable with seeing things here.”

Stacy blushed in her arms. “Honestly Stacy, I hope you realize how great you have it here. I worried this was my fate for years until my growth spurt last year… and honestly, I still worry it could happen… I never dreamed there was a big out there who would let their Littles do as much as they let you and Bella. I think you got a fair trade here.”

She nodded, “I’ll see you Monday at lunch?”

“Sounds good. I may have Addy with me, if you and Meg don’t feel comfortable eating with her though I’ll understand.”

“I’m actually curious to talk to her more… See what you see in her?”

I smiled at that, “See you later,” I told them and got inside my car. I programmed it to drive to a grocery store on the way home and monitored things just in case of an emergency. I couldn’t help but wonder about the way Stacy had avoided the breastmilk causing issues. ‘If I had that ability, would I go ahead and keep nursing from her breasts…?’

When I made it back to the dorm, I needed to go to the bathroom urgently again and hoped it wasn’t a sign of possible problems.

Monday Meg and Stacy, joined Addy and I, at one of the mixed-size tables for lunch. There seemed to be some great conversations going on about classes, the differences in the dimensions, and general nerd ideas throughout the meal as Addy seemed to get a vote of approval from Stacy and Meg.

“I really think she is a good one,” Stacy told me as I helped her get down.

“Me too,” I told her.

I handed her the backpack she had sat on the table that was just out of her reach. As I passed it to her I touched her skin for just a bare moment. Suddenly I felt a serious spark of static electricity! “Ow…” I griped. “I hate that winter always causes static electricity to build up.”

She nodded, “Really annoying, isn’t it?”

I shook my head and said, “Yeah… anyway, we all better get to class. See you later!”

I walked to my next class and couldn’t help but smirk at the idea of what other people probably thought of Addy sitting at the table with all of us.

‘Well… they probably think she wants to adopt a full family…’

Part II: Forward

Chapter 14: Awkward Questions

THE PAST FEW years had flown by for me. I was now in my fourth year in college, and the end was in sight of my undergraduate years! I had spent a very focused summer preparing and taking the national standardized test for my law school applications. When I received my scores last month, I had been very proud of earning a score that put me into the top two percent of test takers! It wasn’t even late September yet, and I already had a number of schools trying to convince me to come to them. I knew no matter which I chose, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for it; not with the scholarships and fellowships they were already offering!

Addy and I had continued to date the past few years. She was amazing, and the two of us complimented each other very well in our strengths and weaknesses. Going into this final year we nearly moved into an apartment together for our senior year, but her mom had a fit and shut the plan down! My own dad thought it was a better idea to live in the dorms one more year just to be safe… It was almost pointless though, because I spent more nights at her apartment than I did in my single dorm room!

Each night we usually had dinner together, worked on homework, and then found something fun to do together. I’d learned over the years that Addy gave an amazing massage when she had time for it! I tried to help her out with homework and housework as a tradeoff for all of the things she did for me!

Today though I wasn’t in either place, instead I was over at Stacy’s for a bit of a barbeque and a pool party. Meg had needed a ride out to their place, so I’d taken her myself over like I had many times the last couple years. Since our sophomore year I’d had to install two rear-facing car seats for when I drove Meg and Stacy around. At that moment Meg and I were floating in the pool talking and using pool noodles to lazily float, while Stacy was doing her crazy laps, and Bella was sitting in a swing being pushed by Fred.

“So how are things going for you?” I asked Meg.

She shrugged, “I’m glad I switched my major to management… But I don’t know what I’m going to do after this year though. What business wants a Little manager?”

I shrugged, “Start your own?”

She nodded, “That’s one thought…”

“You have some others…?”

She sighed and pointedly looked at Bella, “Her life isn’t so terrible, is it?”

I noticed the large smile on Bella’s face as Fred pushed her higher.

I shook my head, “Hers isn’t, but you know Amanda and Fred aren’t normal, right?”

She nodded, “I know…”

Stacy swam up quickly right then, pulling up quickly with her fish level ability to swim that she must have been born with. “Why do you two look so serious?”

I looked at her swimming so easily in the water. I was able to stand in the spot we were at if I chose to, but was far too deep for her or Meg to do the same. “Figuring out Meg’s life,” Meg said.

“Oh…” she said. “You know I could still get you a bid for Lambda.”

She shook her head, “No, I’m nearly finished anyway,” she told her. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do once I graduate.”

“What, are you wanting to be adopted?” I asked as kindly as I could.

She started to shake her head, but then slowly nodded, “I’m thinking about it. If I could find the right mommy… I have a feeling it would be better than waiting for whatever witch sees me at a store or work and decides I need them to be my mommy by force.”

“Doesn’t Emerson keep you from being able to choose?” I asked.

“There’s a loophole I found, and triple checked with Professor Marshall. If I were to find a mommy off-campus I could be adopted just by saying I lost my ID and not fighting the adoption in court, or with the registration clerk.”

“Oh,” I said.

“So, who are you looking at?”

“Addy interested at all?” She asked me.

I laughed, “I doubt it. Her family and her are constantly arguing about me and her adopted ‘brother’s’ treatment. Addy may consider it way down the road, but for now she just wants to get her degrees and decide if she wants anything to do with her family’s business.”

“She’s thinking of not?” Stacy asked in surprise.

I nodded, “It depends… She loves me… and her mom doesn’t like that. She says she would choose me over that any day of the week.”

“Aww…” Meg said in stereo with Stacy. Meg sighed, “Doesn’t get me any closer though. Any other ideas?”

Right then Megan, Amanda’s baby sister, walked through the door. She was really more my dad’s height than fitting in with their Big family, but technically, due to her parents both being Bigs, she got to consider herself as a petite Big within the laws instead of a Mid. “What about Megan?” I said half-jokingly.

“She would be a good choice,” Stacy said, surprising me by agreeing.

“What?!?” Meg said, “We’d have the same name… and she’s not that much taller than Cameron… Can she even legally adopt me?”

I nodded, “It would be weird, but it’s legal. She’s got a good steady job now that she’s out of school, and since she works from home, you wouldn’t even have to worry about avoiding daycare.”

“I don’t know…” Meg said.

A moment later Megan was jumping into the pool and came to catch Stacy to give her a hug. She held her for a second before sitting her back in the water to resume swimming. “How are you doing Meg, Cameron?”

“Great,” I said while watching Meg turn bright red.

“Good,” Meg squeaked out.

“How are things going this semester at school?” She asked.

After a few awkward moments Meg calmed back down and we were soon chatting with the four of us quite normally. When Amanda called us over for lunch, we all sat down on a picnic bench style table. I conversed with Fred a good amount, with him giving me some advice on a few things he’d encountered when he went to med school, that probably also applied to my Law School applications. We had a few more nerdy conversations about some science studies coming out about chemically creating new biological pathways. I’d gotten interested in that after Stacy had told me about how she healed Bella.

Every now and then I looked to where Bella was sitting in Amanda’s lap, but feeding herself the pieces of the hotdog on her plate. Stacy had a smaller hamburger that was in its whole form that she was allowed to eat on her own. When Bella finished, she said, “Nummies?” to her and tugged at her blouse. I blushed as Amanda pulled away the blouse and began breastfeeding her in front of us.

I knew that Stacy was still nursing too, but I’d only seen that once in the years I’d been her friend. I figured Amanda did her best to not embarrass her in front of me.

After a while Amanda took Bella in for a nap in her crib, while I helped Megan and Fred clean up the dishes. “You don’t have to do that,” Fred told me as I carried stuff inside.

I shrugged, “Happy to help,” I told him. “I appreciate you all having me over and feeding me! As a college kid this seems like the least that I can do!”

He nodded, “I get that. When I finally managed to start getting a real paycheck it was amazing!”

I laughed, “I figure I’ve got about three more years with law school, and then hopefully I’ll know that feeling too!”

After helping clean up everything I found myself in the jacuzzi with Megan, Meg, and Stacy. Stacy was giving me a weird look, and I wondered if she wanted me to help out with something.

I saw her eyeing Meg, and then Megan, and got the point. ‘How do I do this…?’ I thought to myself.

“So, Megan, now that you have your job and everything going well… you found anyone to date?”

She shook her head, “Honestly, I’m not that interested… At least right now. Also, I’m like Amanda in that I can’t have kids naturally – so I’m not sure I can even find anyone who wants me.”

“Thought about adopting?” I asked her.

“A real baby?” She sighed, “Of course, but you know as well as I do that there aren’t that many ever out there. No one wants to give up their real baby.”

I nodded, “What about a Little”

She scoffed, “Hell no! I have no desire to be like Cassie or Chloe!”

“What about being more like Amanda?” I suggested. “Stacy and Bella are well taken care of?”

She laughed, “Well, yeah they are… and I guess I could see something like that. But I don’t have a desire to make someone feel like a baby all of the time.”

“So never interested?” Stacy asked.

She shrugged, “I guess ‘never’ is a long time… but I don’t think so. I’m happy being at home with my fur baby.” I knew she had a massive cuddly cat at her apartment that she posted pictures of as often as mom’s did with their kids!

“What about adopting to save someone?” I asked curiously. “Like Amanda did with Bella?”

She shook her head, “I don’t ever want to live through what they lived through… not worth making people angry. They could easily decide I need to go back to middle school or something even…”

I nodded at that, “Yeah… I get that.”

She laughed, “It would be preschool or daycare for you I’m guessing Cameron.”

“Probably,” I told her. “I think my worst fear is someone deciding to declare that I have a case of Maturosis and turning me into a potty-training failure to make their real kids feel better.”

Stacy nodded, “That would be bad…”

“I’ve always thought if I get adopted, I’d rather just use the diapers and get over with it,” I heard Meg suddenly say.

“Would you really want that?” Megan asked in surprise.

She shrugged, “It’s probably not going to matter what I want… I’m small enough I know I’m going to get adopted. Probably this year something will be made to happen before graduation.”

“That sucks,” Megan said sadly.

“Yeah, it does. I keep thinking I’d be better off just picking someone to…” she coughed, “to be my mommy instead of a random weirdo.”

Megan looked at her and said, “You know, that might be one of your better options. You’re in school at Emerson though, aren’t you locked into either graduating, demeriting out, or giving yourself up to Student Services?”

“If I was somewhere and ‘lost’ my ID with the right person, I could just allow them to adopt me without telling the clerk I was a student.”

“That would be risky,” Megan said. “You really need to be able to trust the person…”

“Not many Bigs that you can do that with, huh?” I prodded Megan.

“No… Too many are like my sisters.” She paused, “They’d say they’d be kind, then the next thing you’d know they’d be removing teeth or something…”

I debated about pushing any further, when Stacy made up her own mind. “What about it Megan? Would you be willing to help Meg out?”

Megan’s face visibly drained of color. “Me… adopt Meg? Absolutely not!” she said. “I’m not wanting to be some mommy!”

She said it with such conviction I felt bad for her.

“It was just an idea,” I said, trying to help Stacy get her whole leg out of her mouth.

“A terrible idea… I respect Littles way too much to become part of the problem.”

“Even if it would mean you really were being part of the solution for her?” Stacy suggested.

“Stacy, I love you to death, but keep in mind you know that you’re going home to your dimension at the end of this year. What you’re talking about is a lifetime of being enslaved…”

“With you it wouldn’t be horrible though?” Meg said quietly.

She looked at her, and her look softened, “Meg, I appreciate that you even think of me highly enough to think of that. But I…” she paused, “I like you way too much to do that to you.”

Meg looked a bit heartbroken at that, but said, “Thanks I guess…”

I managed to steer the conversation to other topics after a bit and Megan calmed down. Pretty soon it was about two hours before Meg’s slightly later senior Little’s curfew, so I packed her back up in the car seat in back and began the drive back to campus.

I walked her back to Wenig to make sure she made it safely with a half-hour to spare on her curfew. “Thanks for taking me over there,” she told me.

“Sorry Megan’s not interested,” I told her.

She sighed, “I know… you have to know that she’s the best possible one out there, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah, the very fact that she doesn’t want you makes her even better in my book.”

“Let me know if you think of any better options?”

I nodded, “I’ll do what I can. I’d suggest Addy’s little sister, but she’s just starting her freshman year here now too.”

“I liked her that time I sat with you all at lunch.”

“Yeah, but she wouldn’t qualify for that loophole since she’s bound by the student code of conduct,” I reminded her.

She sighed, “I know… At least I still have all ten demerits remaining this year. Last year I’d already lost three by now.”

“Well, so you make sure you don’t get any more, you better get moving inside.”

She nodded, “See you later Cameron, thanks!”

I turned and walked back from her dorm heading towards my own. ‘Poor Meg…’ I thought. I didn’t want to see her turn into another Beth. ‘Beth…’ I thought sadly. I’d seen her at Christmas the past couple of years, and even a couple of times this past summer since the monitoring from LPS had finally ended. Her dad had gone and gotten a clandestine treatment done in a nearby state to reverse the mobility impediment that very next week the monitoring was ended! They’d been careful though to make it seem like she could still only crawl when she was at daycare, or while they were out shopping. Only inside their house was Beth able to start at least living a little more normally. She now had the coordination to feed herself again… even if it was only soft pureed foods or formula with her missing teeth. He wanted to get dental implants for her, but she was clear with him that she worried there would be a random LPS visit. She didn’t want to know what would happen if they saw her with teeth?

She was still dependent on diapers, and daycare was pretty mind numbing she told me, but in the end, it beat the treatment I knew she would have had elsewhere. The same treatment that I feared Meg was going to end up stuck in as well.

Just as I made it back to my room my phone rang, and I ended up chatting with Addy for a few minutes. Her parents had dragged her and her sister home for a weekend event with their company. Addy had floated the idea of my attendance, but been shot down ‘unless you’re going to do the right thing and put his butt in the diapers that are more appropriate…’

I felt terrible that she was dealing with her parents like that just to keep dating me. Many times, I considered telling her it was time to break it off for her sake.

The problem was that we were deeply in love with each other!

After I hung up with her, I started on a case study I was doing for a management class I had decided to take. It involved industry research, and I’d chosen her parents company for my topic. The more I found out about them, the more I hated her parents. It was unbelievable to me how unsafe the products they tested were. The fact that they presented reports to the government that claimed they were safe and effective in almost every case made me furious.

Due to their influence though, even in this paper, I had to make sure I kept my opinions out of the project. The last thing I wanted to deal with was a slander suit from her parents!

Chapter 15: Christmas Shopping

OUR FALL SEMESTER of college was swiftly drawing to a close this year. With it came the pain of never-ending applications to the law schools that still seemed intent on recruiting me, and a couple of visits across the country. There were a couple in the east that I was really focused on, including the highest ranked school out there, The Harlan Law School. I didn’t want to move so far from home, but it seemed like it was inevitable because all of the most respected law schools in the country were far away! In total I had already finished up ten applications, and had two more that I was finishing for some back-up schools that had later admission deadlines.

Ding! I saw a text from Meg. ‘Could you take Stacy and I to go Christmas shopping?’

I looked at the clock and saw it was just before noon. We had two days to study before our exams began the following week, so I didn’t have anything pressing I needed to do. Addy had been dragged to some event on the other side of the country again by her parents, so I was completely free of worrying about doing something with her. I was taking five classes this semester, and had qualified to exempt all but two of the exams… so I even had an extra two days before I would even have my exams.

‘Umm… sure… I’m guessing I need to pick you up from Wenig, and her from her house?’

‘We’re both at her house actually.’

‘Give me a half-hour and I’ll be there, I told her.’

We didn’t do it often, but we had gone shopping a few times as a trio. They both wore their uniforms and IDs while we were out to avoid anyone doing anything, but I was also tall enough to act as a legal babysitter for anyone who questioned things.

I changed out of the pajamas I was still wearing, and into a pair of jeans and an Emerson sweatshirt that I liked. I took a couple quick minutes to pull the hair band off the back of my ponytail and ran a brush through my hair. Addy had convinced me to let it keep growing ever since I began dating her. It fell down to the middle of my back now, and generally made a nuisance of itself. Every time I threatened to cut it, she would take me to a place and give them specific instructions to only trim it… It was annoying, but she definitely blackmailed me to keep the hair with more time in the bedroom on the line. I looked in the mirror and knew that it looked more like I was a skinny girl than a twenty-one-year-old man…

‘For some reason that turns Addy on though…’ I smiled.

Sighing, I finished grabbing my keys and headed out to my car.

As soon as I pulled up to Stacy’s house the gate opened, and Amanda came out with Stacy in her arms dressed in her uniform, and Meg matching her walking behind them. “You don’t mind doing this?” She asked as she buckled Stacy into the car seat in the back.

I shrugged, “I wasn’t doing anything else,” I told her. “I only have two finals I have to take, and they don’t start until next Wednesday.”

“Stacy’s nearly the same,” she told me. “Meg still has five though, so I wouldn’t recommend staying out all day.”

“We won’t,” Stacy said.

“Be good for Cameron,” she warned Stacy.

I laughed, “We’ll be back by dinner.”

As soon as I started the car moving, Meg and Stacy began talking with me about what they were looking for. “I want to find a good present for Amanda since this is my last Christmas with her,” Stacy told me.

“Why not go shopping with Megan?”

“She’s terrible at keeping secrets!” Stacy laughed. “Plus, I think she’s supposed to be working today?”

“Oh, yeah… easy to forget sometimes that she’s like a for-real adult,” I laughed.

They laughed too. Meg had a few ideas of some presents she wanted to get for her mom and dad too, but like normal, neither of them wanted to go someplace like a mall by themselves. We made it to the mall and made a few stops at stores that they were interested in. Stacy found a really pretty set of earrings at the jewelry store that she wanted to buy. The salesman was really skeptical, “Little girl, these aren’t pieces of play jewelry. They’re seven-hundred dollars for the pair! Why don’t you run along to the store down the way and you’ll find something…”

I spoke up then, “Her money isn’t good enough? Seems like you’d appreciate the commission off of the earrings?”

“We’re not paid on commission,” he tried to say.

Another man came right then and said, “You’re right, you’re not paid by commission. Go clock out, I’ll send your last paycheck this week.”

I watched an embarrassing argument then between the manager who was about eleven feet tall, with the salesman who was just over ten-feet tall. Eventually the manager said, “My apologies young lady, are you still interested?”

“Maybe… any chance of some consideration for the boorish behavior we just had to witness?” Stacy asked.

I felt a trickle of nerves for her, but he laughed, “How about five-hundred?”

“Four-fifty?” Stacy suggested. “I suspect you still make a hundred dollars at that price?”

His eyes narrowed, “Good guess… Okay, I can do that.”

I noticed an item right then that caught my eye. “May I see that please?”

“Umm… certainly… that’s for a big…”

I smiled, “I know…” I took a close look at the piece of jewelry and ended up talking him down twenty-percent below the sale price. It knocked out all of the money I had set aside, but was worth it.

“I hope she likes it!” Meg said to me as I carefully placed the box in my pants pocket to ensure its safety.

“Me too!” I told her. I looked at Stacy though and said, “You are crazy…”

She laughed, “Yep! I came to this dimension willingly, right?”

Meg found some gifts for her mom and dad too before we decided lunch was in order. Stacy and I both chose a stir-fry place, while Meg decided on a place that had gyro sandwiches. We all met up at a table meant for Betweeners and sat down to eat. I watched a number of Bigs stare hungrily at our table. I tried to put their stares in the background though as we ate.

“So, what else are you looking for?” I asked Stacy.

“Not sure, I’d like to find something I can take back home next spring.”

“Isn’t that against the law?” I asked her.

She shrugged, “There’s some leeway if it seems like it would be somewhat normal. Medical items like diapers seem to be allowed to take back too.”

“You really think they’ll just let you go back?” I asked her curiously.

She shook her head, “Nope! But I have a plan…”

She didn’t have any time to elaborate as Meg said, “Something wasn’t right with that…”

I looked down to the last few bytes of her gyro and noticed that the tzatziki didn’t look quite the right color.

I watched as Stacy looked at her wrist and tried to pull off a charm from her bracelet for some reason. “Here… swallow…” she was only able to get out two words before Meg curled in towards her stomach and I smelled something that no free little should be doing in a mall like this.

“Let’s get her to a bathroom,” I told Stacy, “walk calmly and we’ll pretend I’m your babysitter… maybe we can get her out of this…”

Meg meanwhile had some tears rolling down her face as we gathered her stuff and began walking to the other end of the food court where I knew there was a single-family restroom we could use safely. ‘If we can just make it there…’

The hungry looking Bigs did look a bit curiously at me as I held her hand like she was a child in my care. I was enough taller than her that would be a reasonable assumption.

We were in the final hallway to the bathrooms when I felt her violently yanked from my grasp, and her shopping bags clattered to the ground!

“What do we have here?” A tall woman who seemed to be trying to be as wide as she was tall picked Meg up. She pulled up the skirt of her uniform and said, “Uh-oh, seems like someone made an oopsie in her big girl pants. Guess she’s not ready for them.”

“Put her down please, Ma’am,” I told her.

She looked at me and laughed, “Why?”

“Because I’m watching her for a friend.”

“She’s got a university uniform on, but where’s her ID?” She asked with a smirk as she ripped it from her neck. Meg screamed in pain as the chain broke, and I watched it fly to a trashcan on the other side of the hallway like a perfect 3-pointer shot. “Guess I’m going to have to take care of her since she’s not ready to do so herself!”

“Ma’am, put her down,” I said again.

“And what are you going to do about it?” she said.

“Tell the girl’s actual mommy about the witch trying to take her little girl?” I gasped as I saw Stacy wrap herself behind Megan who had suddenly appeared.

“Mommy!!!” Meg screamed and tried to get loose to go to Megan.

“Haha, good one, she’s not adopted yet. She doesn’t have her ID; I got her first!”

A security guard came up right then and said, “What’s going on here?”

“This woman is kidnapping the little girl I was watching for her new mommy,” I told him while pointing at Megan.

“Do you have any proof of this?” He asked.

“Ask her yourself,” I said pointing to Meg.

“She’s my mommy, not this mean lady!”

“Hmm… let’s go to the security office. I’ll get a police officer down to sort this out.”

“Fine, I’ll be leaving with my new baby girl when the visit is done!” She said to Megan.

“For now, how about I hold her?” The security guard said as Meg continued to cry and squirm violently for her ‘mommy’ to try and put a good show on.

He grabbed her and said, “We’ll get you with your right mommy here in a few minutes… Pee-ew, you are one stinky baby girl though!”

Meg continued bawling and I just hoped we could make the case to the police officer that arrived. We were led to a back office and to my surprise a police officer was already there. “What’s going on here?” He asked the security guard.

“Looks like this little girl has a newly developed case of Maturosis? She’s not adopted yet I don’t think, and is wearing an Emerson University uniform.”

“I can see that, besides the poopie pants, what’s the problem?”

“Officer, if I may?” I got his attention.

“You are?”

“Cameron Sylvester sir, I was babysitting her while her new mommy went to go find her purse and a diaper in her car.”

“And she trusts you to watch her new Little?” He asked skeptically.

I nodded, “So does her sister with her Little,” I nodded to Stacy who was doing her best to blend into Megan’s leg. “I’m twenty-one and a college student.”

“And I guess you’re just tall enough to legally be allowed to be a babysitter…” He looked at the woman who was surprisingly quiet, “And just what’s your part in this?”

“I saw this one leading her to hide her poopie pull-up so she wouldn’t be in trouble…’’ She tried lying. “Clearly they’re just all working together…”

Meg was sitting more quietly in the security guards’ arms then. The cop turned his attention to Meg, “What’s your name?”

“Meg…” she said shyly.

“Well Meg, I’m sure you can see we have a bit of a disagreement here on what happened. I think we can solve this pretty easily though. Which of these ladies is your mommy?”

Meg didn’t hesitate in pointing at Megan, “That’s my mommy.”

“Seems clear enough to me,” he said to the woman.

“Now you listen here!”

“No, you need to calm down. I’ve already reviewed the footage and they found her ID that you ripped off. Obviously, she’s going to need a mommy now, but it’s not going to be you. Get out of here before I arrest you for kidnapping!” He told her.

The woman backed away then and got out of there.

“Well miss, let’s get you to your mommy so she can change your stinky pants,” he said as he passed her from the security guard to Megan. “You can change her here, but then I’m going to insist on following you to the adoption center.”

“But… you just said you saw her ID was stolen,” Stacy said.

“You’re right, but she doesn’t have it on her now, does she? And she also told me that’s her mommy, so unless you want to send her to the city orphanage, I would recommend finishing what you started,” he told Megan.

She sighed, “Guess my plans for this afternoon are completely shot. She pulled her purse off her shoulder and asked, “Can I use this desk?”

“Certainly!” he told her and said, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Well, this went wrong…” Stacy said to me…

“Or right…” I said quietly thinking about our conversation months ago.

Megan pulled a disposable changing mat out of her purse, and a diaper that I assumed was for Bella, since it was way too big for Stacy. “Let’s get you out of those poopy big girl panties!” She cooed. A couple of security officers were still in the room, so I assumed she was putting a show on for them. “Here, you can have a paci too while I do this,” she pushed a pacifier into her mouth from somewhere.

I watched her toss the pull-up into the trash can after she taped the new diaper onto Meg. She gathered her on her side, and said, “Okay you two, I guess it’s time to go to the adoption center with this one… Stacy, do you want to go with me?”

I grimaced, and she did as well. Stacy nodded, “Are you coming too Cameron?”

I shrugged and looked at Meg when we were out in the hallway, the officer was standing there.

“Where are you parked?” he asked.

“By the food court entrance,” she said, “on the south side.”

“I’ll get my car and meet you over there. Please don’t leave until I’m with you. Do you already have a car seat for her?”

“Yes, I have two in the back,” she told him.

“Okay then, I’ll see you again in a second.”

“You want me going with you?” I asked Meg.

Meg shook her head, her face red, but at least the tears were drying, “No… I can do this with Megan.”

Megan added, “You’re just close enough in height I’d be worried taking you in there. Stacy, you sure you don’t want to go with Cameron? I’m not looking forward to this, and I can’t imagine it’s going to be pleasant…”

Stacy shook her head, “I’m not leaving her alone… I’ll go for moral support.”

“I guess like you said I’m close to her height… Should I go back to Stacy’s and wait for you?”

“Actually, why don’t you just go ahead and go back to school. I’ll get Stacy home, and she can call you when we’re done. You can come over and check on Meg at my place tomorrow if you want?” she paused, “I guess I should say our place.” She looked down at Meg, “I really didn’t want to have a Little… but there was no way I would let anyone go to that witch…”

Unfortunately for us, ‘that witch’ was standing at the entrance as we walked out. She pushed me away from Stacy, and tried to run off with her then. ‘Try’ being the correct word because somehow Stacy hit the woman hard enough that she dropped her and stumbled. I watched in disbelief as Stacy then somehow somersaulted directly to her feet. She kicked the lady’s ankle out and then did something to her knee. Just from the angles, I could tell that the ankle was definitely broken, the knee dislocated, and I could see now that the nose was bloody.

I was afraid things would continue to escalate, but the same police officer drove up with a partner then, “What’s going on?”

“She tried assaulting and kidnapping her,” I said pointing to Stacy.

“What happened to her though?”

“She tripped when she tried running with me,” Stacy said.

“Jim, get her cuffed and in the back. We’ll follow these four over to the adoption clinic and then take her to the hospital that’s next door to get looked at before we book her.”

“I’m actually going back to my car right now,” I told him.

“Your car?”

“I have a self-driving car license,” I told him.

“Oh, well… why don’t you get inside her car and she’ll drive you to your car, you can drive off once we see you in it. I don’t want any more excitement happening today…”

I nodded at that. At Megan’s car she placed Meg and Stacy in the rear-facing car seats she had for Stacy and Bella to use. I hopped in the front passenger seat for the quick ride to the other side of the mall where I parked.

“Call me later?” I told them as I got out.

“We will as soon as we get done with the clinic,” Stacy told me.

“Good luck,” I said to Meg.

She smiled weakly at me, tears still going down her face as she seemed to have grown quickly accustomed to sucking on that pacifier. I got into my car and set it to drive to campus before calling Amanda and filling her in. “At least you all got out safely… Not sure how Megan’s going to cope with being a mommy though… not to mention names are going to get even more confusing around here!” She paused, “I guess Mom and I will have to put together a Little shower for them too…”

I soon pulled into my spot in the parking garage on campus and made my way to my dorm and began studying some more. All I could do was sigh, and hope that everything would work out in the end for them.

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Chapter 16: Devices

THE NEXT DAY I got a message from Meg on her phone that she’d be changing her number, but Megan was letting her still have a phone to talk to her friends. I wanted to go see her, but Megan insisted on waiting a week while she was busy trying to make her apartment appropriately Little Proofed in case LPS decided to come check on the new adoption. The woman’s assault had actually made it onto the local news that night, and it turned out she was a pretty prominent figure on the local school board. I decided she might unfortunately have had a reason to be concerned there!

I spent the next few days worrying a little, but I honestly figured that was the best thing that could have happened for Meg… And when it came down to it, that’s what she had wanted to have happen. Late Sunday night Addy made it back to town, and we went for dinner before going to her place for the night.

“How was your trip?” I asked her.

She shrugged but looked really upset, “If I wanted to be in my family’s business, I guess it was good… I just really don’t want to join in on any of it.”

“What do they want you to do?”

“Well since I’ve had my awesome tutor that got me through all of my advanced chem and bio classes, Mom wants me to run their actual lab division.”

“Like all of the experiments?” I asked nervously.

She nodded.

“So, like you’d be involved in all of the trials…?”

She sighed, but nodded, “Yeah, unfortunately.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Stall… Grad school and getting my doctorate should let me push it off four to five more years…”

“What then?”

“Good question,” she told me with a sigh. “It’s too bad that they don’t actually protect Littles.”

“Could you make that change?” I asked curiously.

“If my Mom and Dad died… well I’d have thirty percent of the shares since Danica gets the other thirty percent. I guess if she voted along with me, we could make those changes, but otherwise the forty-percent owned by shareholders would have a bigger influence.”

“And for profit’s sake…”

“Profit’s sake means continuing as they do now…” She sighed, “It sucks! How was your weekend? Do anything with Meg and Stacy?”

Luckily, she didn’t consider either of them to be competition to be jealous of, and in fact seemed more than okay with our friendships. “I did… I went to the mall with Stacy and Meg to do some Christmas shopping.”

“Find anything good?”

“A few things,” I said with a smile that turned dark, “Need to go back though, our trip was interrupted when someone spiked Meg’s food…”

“What happened?”

I told her the story from beginning to end. “She is probably better off with her than anyone else. I didn’t think she’d last long past graduation.”

I nodded at that, and we soon found ourselves occupying our time in the bedroom making up for the lost time of the weekend!

MY FINALS WERE done on Friday, but I wasn’t driving home until Sunday since no one would be home there anyway. My dad had gone out of town for a company trip, and wouldn’t be back until then. Addy still had a final that day, so I decided to see if Megan minded if I came to check on Meg. “Hey Megan, this is Cameron.” I said when she picked up the phone.

“Hi Cameron, how’d your finals go?”

“Should be good, I’ll have to wait until probably tomorrow or Monday before grades are posted,” I told her. “I’m staying in town an extra couple days still and wondered if maybe I could come see Meg?”

“I’m sure she would love to see you,” she told me. “If you want to come over now, you can join us for lunch before you go back?”

“Sounds great!” I told her.

With that I headed for my car and input Megan’s address. I wasn’t as worried for Meg as I was Beth, but I did want to make sure Megan hadn’t gone off the deep end. Her apartment complex was on the other side of town from the university, but I still made it pretty quickly - even with my vehicle that insisted on always going the exact speed limit!

I pulled into a parking space by the building that was hers, and made my way up the stairs to her second-floor apartment. I knocked and waited.

A moment later I heard the deadbolt turn, and watched the handle open. “Hey Cameron!” Megan said, “Come on in!”

It wasn’t a huge apartment, but looked cozy enough. A baby swing sat in one corner, a walker behind the kitchen table, and a playpen sat as far out of the way on one side as they could get it in the combined living room.

“Hey Cameron!” Meg said to me as she came up and gave me a hug.

Breaking apart from her, I took in her appearance. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants that didn’t look much different than she wore before – might have even been one of her old pairs – with a shirt tucked inside of them. There was obviously the bulge of a slightly wet diaper, and her hair was tied into two cute pigtails with large bows, but other than that she didn’t look any different than she did the last time I saw her. “You doing okay?” I asked her.

She nodded, “My mommy is the greatest one of all time!”

Megan smacked her head, “I don’t know what I was thinking! My sisters are the ones who are supposed to be called Mommy!”

I laughed, “Sorry, but thank you for saving her.”

She smiled, “Well… honestly in the moment when I saw that woman rip her from your hand, I didn’t see any choice at all! I guess I just have to get used to having a little rugrat running around here.”

“Everything went okay with the actual adoption?” I asked looking back and forth between both of them.

“Mostly… Thank God that Stacy was able to warn me about what they would do to me back there…”

“It was bad?”

“Not for me, because I kept my mouth shut and made sure I didn’t cry…”

“You saw someone who didn’t?”

She nodded, “Lots of them… But I made it through and now I have a chip in my arm that says I belong to Megan now.”

“And she’s not even given me any trouble!” Megan laughed, “Other than our names being too similar! I’m not letting her steal my name after all, so she’s going to be known as Meggy now among our family.”

I smirked at that, “Well it’s better than getting some sort of dog’s name…”

“I know… I’ve seen some of my friends do that…” Megan said.

I spent the next couple of hours learning about the forced shopping trip with Amanda and their mom, who was now ‘Grandma’ to Meg. She’d also filled me in on a visit they’d had with her real parents, who seemed relieved that she at least had a good ‘mommy’ compared to all of the rest. From what I learned she was basically just wearing diapers all the time, sitting in high chairs and strollers, and sleeping in a crib… Other than that Megan was treating her like she was still the college friend that she was.

Unfortunately, Emerson considered losing her ID to have been a violation of the student Code of Conduct, so her adoption had resulted in her dismissal from the university. Meg theoretically could transfer credits somewhere if she and Megan wanted to, but I think she’d just decided it was game over for her education at that point. “I was about to fail at least two of my classes anyway…” she admitted.

They’d apparently managed to beat an epic video game the previous week together on team mode, since Megan was now on mandatory maternity leave for six weeks from her company.

“So, you’re just getting to laze around here and make Megan take care of you, huh?” I laughed while Megan was making lunch for us all.

“Well… it also comes with the mandatory requirements too…” she told me.


“I have to use my diapers for everything…”

“No potty for number two like Stacy, huh?”

She shook her head, “No, just in case someone comes around… That part hasn’t been fun honestly. I mean I’ve had a number of poopy pull-ups and diapers since I came to Emerson, but…”

I nodded, “Not a pleasant feeling…”

“How do you know?” Megan asked, reappearing.

“Remember I just managed to get past the line. I was a Little to the school district all the way until the last few weeks of school my senior year. Thanks to some poisoning at my school, all of us – including some Bigs actually - ended up in diapers when I was thirteen… Dad wasn’t a fan, and did his best to get me cleared out of whatever chemical someone had given us all as quickly as we could. There were quite a few poopy diapers until we got it under control,” I blushed.

“That sucks,” Meg said.

“None of that now,” Megan said. “No potty-mouth babies here!” She giggled but I suspected she kind of meant it.

“Sorry,” Meg said.

“What other requirements?” I asked a moment later when Megan went to check on the stove.

“Well… I have to drink out of bottles – no sippy cups, and take a nap each day… and sleep in the crib.”

“Other than that?”

“Other than that Mommy is even letting her still use her computer, her phone, watch TV, and see her friends and family!” Megan said as she came and picked her up. She tickled her side a bit as she plopped her into the highchair. I noticed that her diaper definitely squished as she did so. “Guess we need to change you as soon as we finish lunch, huh?” Megan told her.

She nodded.

Lunch was grilled cheese and soup, something I could easily be okay with. She let Meg feed herself with a spoon and the sandwich cut up an extra time beyond ours was. At the end she said, “Guess I should have put a bib on you?”

I looked at Meg and sure enough there were a lot of stains from the soup, along with crumbs from the sandwich. “Oopsie,” she smiled.

“Well, I need to get this one changed and put in something clean for her nap.” Megan said to me in what was a clear dismissal after we had finished eating.

“Yeah, I need to get back to campus, I’m working on a gift for Addy…”

She smiled, “Meggy mentioned what you bought her the other day.”

“I’d almost forgotten about it with everything else by the time I made it home!”

“Good luck!” She told me.

“Thanks!” I told her.

I’d been going back and forth for the entire week on whether or not I wanted to do it… but in the face of seeing yet another friend lose their freedom… I’d decided you only live once!

I was working for the chemistry department as a tutor and lab assistant this year, so I had a key to the freshman chemistry lab. That lab fortunately was closed down with no one using it since freshman chemistry lab finals were all paper based. I was able to get in there and began working on setting up some tubing in a large clear tank, and then inserted the chemicals into both parts of the setup. I prepared it to activate with a simple bump of the device, and left to get Addy for dinner.

A couple hours later we went out to a nice restaurant near campus that we could walk to. I chose it because we would have to pass by the chem labs on our way back to my dorm, where she parked her car. She was smiling and happy that she’d finished her final exams that day, and we planned to spend the next day together. On the way back from dinner I said, “I forgot something in the lab yesterday, mind if I stop by really quick?”

She gave me an odd look, but said, “Sure.”

Since she had no need for a job, she didn’t do anything extra for the department like I did. Because of that she didn’t normally go into the buildings outside of her classes and lab times. Fortunately, my key worked twenty-four hours a day - even with it being nine o’clock at night with all exams finished.

The building was truly like a ghost town as we walked the halls and went up the stairs to the freshman chemistry lab where we had first introduced ourselves to each other.

“Hard to believe this is where it began,” she said as I opened the door.

“Let me get the light… it’s on the other side of here for some reason,” I said and intentionally bumped my device.

All of the sudden the inside of the tank lit up with the glow of a chemical reaction from inside the tubing I had carefully formed into words. I heard her gasp as she saw it, and turned around to open up the box in my hand.

“Addison Elizabeth Harris, you are the love of my life. I knew from the day I met you four years ago I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you… Will you marry me?”

My whole body and soul looked into her eyes and waited for her response.


Chapter 17: Midtown

I WALKED INTO my childhood home knowing that no one would be there. It was lonely and silent as I turned the entryway switch to turn on the lights to the living room. Looking ahead I saw an old picture of my mom holding me on her lap in a field of wildflowers before she died. You could just see the bump in her stomach that should have been my little sister… That one always made me sad. I couldn’t help but miss her, even all these years later - and I would have given anything for a hug from her right then.

I walked upstairs to my room carrying the suitcase I had brought with things to get me through the break, sitting it down inside the bedroom I’d slept in since I was a baby. I sighed as I dug out a pair of pajamas and began emptying out my pockets. Emerson ID/Wallet, car key fob, house key, cell phone, and a jewelry box that I sat down gently and tapped before wiping tears from my eyes.

I pulled my shirt off, followed by the slacks I was wearing. Two AM clicked over on the digital clock, and I knew I probably should have just stayed in my dorm for the night. I couldn’t stand the thought of being there though since all of my friends had either left already, or been adopted now…

I pulled on a soft pajama shirt, pulled on my pajama bottoms, and retied my hair behind my head.

I nearly went for the scissors right then, but decided it was too late that night.

I could tell that Dad had washed my bedding before he left on his trip, since I could still smell the scent of a dryer sheet on them. Pulling the covers over my body, I felt myself cry even more at the hurt.

“I’m sorry Cameron,” she said. “I didn’t want… I don’t want…” Tears streamed down her face as she took a breath and said, “Look, I do love you more than you can know, but…” She practically screamed, “I… I can’t marry you. My family will disown me! And my mom… This week Mom… Mom made me promise to break it off with you before I came home for Christmas…”

“You mean…”

She pushed the box gently back into my hands, kissed me on the top of my head, and said, “I can’t, Cameron. I don’t think that there will ever be another man in my life because I love you so dearly. But clearly, I can’t keep leading you on with false promises of a future together… I’ll always love you Cameron, but… but we can’t do this anymore.”

She had turned and left me standing there with the box still in my hand and tears running down my face. Wordlessly I cleaned up the mess of my attempt to be romantic, walked back to my dorm, packed my suitcase, and set the car to begin driving back home on the dark roads.

‘This sucks…’ I thought through the broken heart that I felt.

I tossed and turned for a while before giving up and going downstairs to turn on the TV. I tried reading a book, found a snack, and then tried again. I finally must have fallen asleep about eight that morning, and the next thing I knew it was close to six in the evening.

Dad wasn’t due home until the next afternoon from his business trip. I decided to take a shower before dressing in some fresh comfortable pajamas and checking my phone.

Cameron, I really am so very sorry about everything… I will always love you, but I think you’ll understand when I say that I don’t think I can even see you to send home your things you had at my apartment. I placed everything in some boxes and sent them this morning to your dad’s house… you should get them Monday.

Good luck in the future,


She hadn’t even signed her name Addy… that’s how far I had fallen. I felt the tears at my eyes again as my phone rang. Meg’s photo showed, “Hey Cameron! Are you okay? I thought you were coming over to hang out at Stacy’s today?”

I saw Stacy standing there too as the video feature went live. “Oh Cameron, what’s wrong?” Stacy asked.

“She said… She… No.”

“Oh Cameron! I’m so sorry!” Stacy and Meg said in near unison.

Megan suddenly came into view, “Where are you?”

“I packed up my stuff from my dorm last night and just came home…”

“Didn’t you say your dad is out of town?” Meg asked.

I nodded, “He’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”

“Are you okay? You need us to come there and hang out?” Megan asked.

I hesitated for a moment, but shook my head, “No, I’m not okay… but I’m guessing I will be after some time. Honestly, I just want some time to try and process everything. I mean… what do I even do with the ring I bought?”

Megan frowned, “Hang onto it for now. After break maybe Amanda and I can take you to return it? I have a feeling if you try and do it by yourself it won’t end well…”

I nodded at that, thinking that a Mid that had a failed engagement ring wouldn’t be safe returning it…

“Yeah… that’s probably a good idea.”

“Look, if you change your mind and want us to come over let me know! Or if you just need to talk! I hate to see you alone right now, but I can understand you wanting that.”

“Thanks Megan. Thanks Stacy, Meg, sorry about bailing without letting you know…”

“Understandable Cameron!” Meg said.

I sighed as I hung up the phone and decided I needed something to eat. Dad didn’t have much in the kitchen, so I went out to my car and drove to a fast-food place nearby. I placed an order for a hamburger combo and took it back home to eat.

Through the evening I found myself curled up underneath a blanket on the couch in the living room, watching some of my favorite movies. The phone rang when my favorite part was coming on one. I felt guilty and embarrassed again as I saw dad’s face. I paused the movie, and turned on the video feature for the call like we normally did.

“Hi Cameron… are you home already? Weren’t you planning on doing something today with Meg and Stacy?”

I sighed; I hadn’t been able to bring myself to call him. I was so mortified! “Last night I asked Addy to marry me…”

Dad knew me well enough, “I take it she didn’t answer the way you wanted…?”

I shook my head and wiped a tear from my eye, “No, she told me her family had given her an ultimatum to break up with me by yesterday… It’s not fair! I love her, Dad!”

We talked for a while, with tears shed on his side too it looked like, before he said, “Look Cameron, I’ll be home in the morning. Maybe we’ll go pick up a six-pack of beer or something and drink it together? Or go out somewhere?”

I looked at him in surprise, “What?”

“You’re twenty-one, right? With your birthday being after school started we never got a chance to go out for the beer a father owes his son?”

I nodded at that, “Okay… that sounds good Dad.”

When he hung up, the living room felt emptier. I looked up at the picture of Mom again and sighed, “I really wish you were here…”

I curled back up under the blanket and found myself on the two social media sites I used. I felt a knife in my gut when I saw that Addy had changed her relationship status and unfriended me in the past half-hour. Friends of mine had already sent me messages asking what happened.

I mostly ignored them, but answered a few, before throwing the phone on the counter and ignoring it the rest of the night.

DAD MADE IT home about three in the afternoon and immediately wrapped me in a hug. “I’m so sorry Cam,” he told me.

I felt some more tears trickle at my face and let them flow for a few minutes before he released me. “I know it seems impossible right now, but I promise you that you’ll find someone even better for you than Addy.”

I shrugged, “Maybe…”

“You will… Now, why don’t you go take a shower, put on some nice clothes, and we’ll go out to dinner and for some drinks.”

“Is that safe?” I asked him nervously.

He laughed, “As long as you’re with me you’re fine. Besides, we’ll go to Midtown – you probably won’t even be the shortest person there!”

I nodded at that. I had never been there, but I had heard that it was a club that catered to Mids and Littles, that had a height limit of nine-feet enforced by bouncers at the door. They also intentionally only installed short nine-foot door frames and low ceilings that were supposed to be a physical deterrent. I hopped into the shower and thought that it was odd that I still hadn’t needed to shave again after all of these years. The hair removal stuff from my freshman year was still in full effect.

I was annoyed with the long hair as I dried it, but even though I’d grown it out for Addy… I kind of liked the way I looked still. ‘Maybe I can dye it gray and look like an old barrister…’ I forced a quiet laugh and sighed.

I dressed in the suit that I normally went out with Addy in. After deciding to go without a tie, I put on my lifted dress shoes. It brought me nearly to seven-feet in height when I wore them. ‘Maybe I’ll find someone who isn’t so tall…’

It hurt though, and twisted in my guts like a knife thinking that the relationship I’d had for over three years was now gone just when I thought it was going to continue forever!

Dad was dressed nicely and had his beard combed straight. With the gray in it, he really could have done the Santa gig if he wanted it! We called a cab to come get us. Walking outside to it, “Excuse me, just give me a minute so I can get a car seat out for your young man,” he insisted.

“I’m tall enough…”

“You might be, but I don’t want to have the death of some kid on my hands because they weren’t properly restrained!” He said tersely.

“It’ll be fine Cameron,” Dad said to me.

The man put a front facing car seat in place that looked like it had seen better days. The faded pink color and unnamable stains on it failed to make it any better. Dad didn’t get off the hook either though as the man installed a backless booster, “I need you to sit on that sir,” he told him.

He just sighed, “Of course…”

The ride to the restaurant wasn’t long, and it was thankfully within walking distance of the club, but I flushed as the door opened at the restaurant and I was picked up out of the seat by a valet. “Welcome young miss…”

“I’m a guy, that’s a cab, and I don’t normally sit in a car seat,” I said a bit tersely to the giant.

They looked like they were going to be offended, but dad grabbed my shoulder and said, “Let’s go get something to eat.”

Over dinner we enjoyed a glass of wine with the meal. He told me about some things with his job, funny stories and such. He worked as one of the chief technicians on a crew that made repairs to some of the independent portals like Diamond Tours and PR, Inc. His understanding of the technical workings of the portals meant he was in high demand - and paid pretty well. It also meant he got stuck dealing with some of the most idiotic Little crazy Bigs out there… He was well practiced with it though, and usually dealt with them quite easily!

By the end of a very good meal of filet mignon, I was feeling the effects of the alcohol, but was certainly not drunk yet.

“Let’s hit the gents and then head over to the club,” Dad said after he paid.

“Good idea,” I said. ‘The last thing I want to do is have a drunken accident like my old roommate…’

We finished up there and walked down the block to the club. As we walked, I watched a number of other couples and people out for a night on the town. Every time I saw that they held hands or kissed, it was like the knife in my gut twisted some more. This seemed to be a popular area that had grown a lot in the past few years since I went off to college. There were a few Bigs around, but it really was mostly Mids and a few Littles wandered from place to place.

“Bigs don’t come down here?” I asked Dad as I could see the sign of the club.

He shook his head, “A bunch of Mids and Littles got together and bought up this block. They built everything smaller than the Bigs like, so it keeps mostly them all away. There’s also a volunteer group of security that wander the streets to help dissuade anyone from adopting shorter folks.”

“Huh…” I said aloud. “Too bad we don’t have a part of town like this near Emerson…”

“It’s been so successful here that they’re talking about putting one in a few miles from the university actually,” he told me.

“Just in time for me to graduate,” I noted.

“That’s the way it works,” he agreed.

“ID?” the bouncer asked me as I came up. I presented my limited license and he motioned for us to go on through without even asking my dad for his.

Dad must have picked up on my thoughts, “Enjoy that they ask for it. You’ll be old like me someday and you’ll wish they did!”

“I guess,” I said.

I had never been inside a bar that was my size, and only once to a Big’s with Addy when I turned twenty-one early in the fall. We walked up to the counter and I was able to get on a bar stool with much less effort! “What can I get you?” she asked.

I looked at Dad, “This is your idea…”

“Let’s have a Jack and Coke, and a shot of tequila apiece,” Dad told the bartender.

“Any preferences?” He asked motioning towards the tequila.

“An Extra Anejo,” he said.

“Just a minute,” he said. I watched as he poured a finger of jack in two glasses and topped it with coke from a fountain nozzle.

Two shot glasses joined them in front of me and dad raised the larger drink to me, “Cheers,” he said.

We talked for a couple hours, and more drinks, about how it might have been better this way. “You were worried about picking a school near her, right? Now you can just worry about taking the best offer!”

That thought didn’t make me feel better, but as the tequila was sipped slowly after the cokes, it didn’t feel so bad. After a short while, I could definitely feel the alcohol affecting my brain chemistry! I was most definitely drunk by the time we hopped into another cab to go home. I was able to stumble upstairs, use the restroom, and made it into bed all on my own though.

The next day I had a hangover the likes of nothing I could have imagined! It meant I hardly registered the four boxes that arrived from Addy’s apartment for me.

Chapter 18: Poetry

THE LAST SEMESTER of my undergrad years both flew, and dragged by, after I returned from break. Without Addy to hang out with, I tended to spend more time at Stacy’s or Megan’s that spring. ‘Meggy’ had managed to adjust to the new normal with Megan, but really was treated as maturely as could be allowed by a Big who adopted you. The one exception was that she had finally convinced Megan to stop throwing away the milk that she was constantly pumping, and allowed her to remove it for herself. It quickly finished off what limited control of her potty-training Meg had remaining, but she didn’t mind because it made it less stressful to not have to force herself to go poop in her diapers. She believed it was easier to just have a genuine accident and go ‘oh, my diaper’s poopy?’

It was a bit awkward, but I’d been over at Stacy’s several times and watched as both of them were nursed by their ‘mommies.’ Stacy in particular seemed to behave more needy than in the past as we got closer and closer to graduation. I suspected it was since she knew that her return to her dimension was imminent, and she would have to say goodbye to Amanda - whom she had grown very close to!

A week before graduation she invited me over to her house, and led me upstairs to her room. She shut the door, pressed some buttons on a tablet, and said, “Cameron, I need to talk to you about some things…”

“Like what?” I asked curiously. This was the most secretive she’d ever behaved – which was saying something!

“I’m going home Saturday after Commencement, and I feel like I need to at least let one person in this dimension know about some things.”

I was really curious, “Like what?”

“Well first, I need to apologize to you… I did something to you a few years ago and didn’t tell you about it.”

My eyes narrowed, “What did you do to me?”

“Remember freshman year when you told me that Addy,” my gut clenched at her name. She clearly grimaced herself then, “You told me that you had been making out, and accidentally got a mouthful of her milk?”

I nodded, “I never went near there again… I was too nervous of becoming another incontinent Little.”

She smiled, “You could have multiple times a day, and it never would have been a problem.”


“I doubt you remember, but the next week you helped me with getting my bag down from a table. While you handed it to me, you were shocked by something that felt like a static charge?”

I thought for a second, “I kind of remember that…”

“Well, you’d mentioned wishing you didn’t have to worry about it… and I didn’t want to have to worry about seeing another friend joining the permanent diaper train. So… I transferred some nanites to you.”

“What…?” I gasped. “Is that why I don’t have any body hair still?”

She shook her head, “No, that’s still down to that awful prank. The main thing I programmed them to do was clear the protein that’s in Amazon’s milk from your nervous system. That protein binds to receptors and it’s what would have rendered you incontinent.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, but I was still a bit annoyed, “You could have asked…?”

“I couldn’t let anyone know I had that ability Cam.”

I nodded my head a little at that, “Did it do anything else?”

“Not yet, but I would like to add something for you.”


“You’re still susceptible to some of the hypnotic suggestions that are out there, right?”

I blushed! She knew that just a few months ago I had fought for a month to avoid a sudden night time thumbsucking issue after watching a movie at Megan’s. “I guess I am…”

“I’d like to add a routine to the nanites that are inside of you to filter that out.”

“You can do that?”

“That’s how I escaped those Venture people freshman year,” she told me.

“Any risks?”

“I don’t think so with this.”

“With other things?”

“Well, when I did the more significant things with Bella, she unfortunately shrunk.”

I felt my eyes open, “That won’t happen, right?”

“It shouldn’t.”

I thought for a moment. Stacy was one of the smartest people I had ever met… and she was pretty sure of herself, so I decided, “Yeah, go ahead.”

She pressed some buttons on her tablet, and I suddenly felt a jolt over my body, but it was over in an instant. I looked at my clothes and was grateful to see no change in my height!

“You said there were other things?” I asked her.

“I have a prototype of something I want to release in the wild. I want to leave information with someone just in case the information is needed though…”

“What’s it do?”

“Hopefully helps get rid of some of the cruelty towards Littles?” She stopped, “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve used it on my aunts and uncles. It should activate in two weeks once I’m gone. Another with my cousins will activate in a month. If all of those work… then maybe it could be released elsewhere…?”

“Tell me more…”

THE WEEK OF Commencement both sets of my grandparents came into town to see me graduate. That night after I walked the stage, we had a big party at my house to celebrate my degree, and my acceptance into the Harlan School of Law. It was easily the most prestigious law school in the country, and I was going to end up being paid to go!

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Wendy came to see us very few times when I was growing up. Most of the time we saw them involved us driving the ten-hour drive to their home once a year in the summers. They hadn’t seen me in person since my high school graduating year, so I definitely matured a lot since then! Fortunately for Dad and I, they got along with my Mom’s parents quite well.

“What happened with that girlfriend of yours?” Grandpa Frank asked.

“Girlfriend?” Grandma Wendy asked.

I sighed, “It didn’t work out unfortunately,” I tried to leave it at that.

“No wonder, she was like the total opposite of you dear,” Grandma Suzy said.

“That wasn’t the problem,” I tried to reign in my temper and emotions. Even five months later the wound was an open sore for me.

“What was the problem then?” Grandma Wendy asked.

“Her parents didn’t approve of her going out with a Mid. Marrying me was completely out of the question… they told her she had to break it off with me or they would cut her out of her inheritance.”

“Was it a big one?”

“You could say that,” I said sadly. “I really don’t want to talk about her though.”

“Fair enough,” Grandpa Frank said, trying to put the genie back into the bottle. “You excited to move to your new school?”

I nodded, “I’m looking forward to seeing another part of the country. And I’m looking forward to being at the best of the best,” I told him.

“I’m jealous that you’re getting this experience,” he told me.

I smiled at that, “I just hope it all works out!”

“I’m sure it will! Just don’t forget about us when you’re the big shot lawyer!” Grandpa Jack said.

I smiled at that. After we enjoyed a great dinner, I opened a stack of presents everyone had given me. The first one was a bit larger than the others when I opened it. I was excited to see a really nice leather satchel briefcase from Grandpa Frank and Grandma Suzy that looked really classy. It was sized to look perfect for my height!

“Thanks!” I said as I gave them a hug, “I’ll use this all of the time I’m sure!”

I also received a leather portfolio notebook from them that matched the brown leather too. My other grandparents gave me a really nice pen set with my initials on it. Dad had bought a new computer for me to use - something that surprised me since my current one worked just fine! I thanked him though, and soon enough the party was over. They had all left the next day to return home, leaving Dad and I alone, when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” I said to him since he was working on a load of laundry. I opened the door and was surprised to see Mr. Fehler holding Beth on his hip.

She sucked on a pacifier, wearing a very short dress that displayed an attached onesie snapped together to cover most of her diaper. “Hi Cameron, we heard you had graduated, may we come in?”

“Sure…” I said as I motioned for them to come inside. I shut the door and made sure the blinds were shut. As if he was waiting for that he set Beth down and she ran over to me and bearhugged me!

“I’m so happy for you Cameron!”

“Beth… you’re running, and talking normally?!?” I looked over at Mr. Fehler, “You’re letting her grow up?”

He shook his head, “No, I’m certain if anyone found out about her recovering her locomotion or the teeth I had implanted, and fixing her tongue, we’d have a problem. As it is, we’re hiding the teeth under a prosthetic,” he said as Beth opened her mouth and pulled out a piece of silicone that reminded me of a mouthguard from sports, just a lot thinner and flesh colored.

“I still have to wear and use diapers everywhere but home… and go to daycare,” she squirmed a bit at that, “Anywhere we’re out I pretend nothing has changed… But at least when I’m at home Daddy is letting me be more of a big girl!”

“I’d ask you not to tell anyone…” He said to me and my father who had come in.

“You won’t hear it from us!” Dad said. “I’m glad to see Beth happier!”

“Me too!” I said with a smile and put my arms around Beth for another hug.

“Here, open it!” She told me and handed me a wrapped package.

“It’s all her,” her dad told me as we all sat down on the living room furniture, with Beth sitting right beside me.

I looked at the package and opened it up, finding a piece of black slate mounted vertically to a wooden base. It had a poem inscribed on it.


Growing up we found ourselves to be like,
two peas in a pod. Together we grew
to find that life was not to be alike.
Inches, mere inches kept us from a view.

A dream to grow, a dream to be together.
Inches, just inches, sent our paths askew.
May this be a token and a tether,
For our memories of love, in inches.

I felt the tears in my eyes just then and hugged her, “I’m sorry I never realized…”

She laughed, “I never pushed… It never seemed like there could be a future for us… well for me once you finally grew.”

“Why don’t you two go up to your room Cam?” her dad suggested.

I gave him a questioning look, and he gave me a nod.

I grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to my room; grateful I had just made my bed that morning since my grandparents were still around.

“Nothing has changed here?” She said as she sat down on the bed.

I shook my head, “No, it’s like a time capsule every time I come home… well, I brought everything home this time I guess.”

“So other than graduating, how have things been? You and Addy…?”

I sighed, “She broke up with me just before Christmas when I proposed to her.”

“That’s awful Cam!” she told me.

“Yeah… I’ve had a hard time getting over her this semester. It gave me a lot of time to think though,” I said to her.


“About the one who got away, because she was mere inches from me,” I told her.

I stared into her eyes and wondered if it would be okay to kiss her now that she was mostly back to normal. I didn’t have any time to decide that for myself, as she launched herself at me and kissed me with more passion than Addy had ever done. I kissed her back, and found myself being practically attacked with her passion.

“What will your father say…?” I asked taking a quick break.

“I told him what I wanted to do with you.”

“Oh, what is that?”

“Make up for lost time…”

Her diaper and my underwear were the only things that stayed on over the next hour. I didn’t have a condom or I might have considered letting her convince me to go ahead the rest of the way.

“Please?” she had asked me.

“I can’t risk getting you pregnant… I’m already risking my possible legal career right now…” I told her.


I sighed, “Because even though you are an adult, the court considers you to be a minor…”

“You don’t really love me,” she started to say, but I kissed her firmly on the lips.

“That’s not the case at all! I just need us to be cautious here Beth. I have three years of Law School to go. I’ll come back at breaks, and if your dad is a willing accomplice to bring you over here… well, we can see what will happen. But maybe, just maybe, by the end of those three years we can get you an emancipation hearing?”

“That’s not possible… is it?”

“Not in this state… but maybe if your dad moves you over to another state with better laws you all can work on that while I go to school.”

“But if I came back here?”

“Who says you have to come back here?” I smiled, “It’s not like there’s much keeping either of us in this crappy town?”

She smiled, “Okay, I work on getting certified as a grown-up again, and you work on becoming a big-shot lawyer. I can live with that.”

“Great,” I told her and gave her another kiss. “You get that certificate and I’ll show you what we can do as adults…”

I helped her put back on the dress and snapped the crotch shut for her. Her diaper was getting pretty soggy, so she needed to go home and get a change.

Over the next three months I was at home Mr. Fehler brought her over at least once a week. We would videochat every day for hours at a time otherwise. Each time he came I gave him information about some places they could move and overturn the Maturosis diagnosis. They had already managed to get past the hardest part of things, the re-potty-training, by the end of the summer.

She had an occasional setback since she was only able to use the potty at my house and her own… It bothered her that at daycare she had to make sure she continued to act like a drooling infant. There she still had to crawl around, eat meals of only baby food and formula, and still pretend that pooping and peeing her diapers was normal for her.

The night before I left for law school, Mr. Fehler brought her over and handed me a package inside of a bag. I blushed when I realized what was in it. “Is that a good…? You are okay…?”

“You both need it,” he told me. “Just make sure you use that. You might want to have her use the potty first…”

It was probably the stupidest and riskiest idea of all time! But, I took him up on the offer when she made all of the moves towards me. Taking her diaper off was among the weirdest things I’d ever done, but when it was off I discovered that things definitely fit together much better than they had with Addy!

I was still smiling from the experiences the next day as my plane touched down on the ground in the city that held my law school.

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Part 3: Law

Chapter 19: New Haven

DAD HAD FLOWN with me to New Haven to help me move in. We were definitely on the shorter side of passengers walking around without ‘guardians.’ We had both dressed up for the flights in the hope that it would help keep people from dismissing us because of our shorter heights. Fortunately, it seemed to work as we left our home airport with reasonably decent treatment. Arriving in my new city I was greeted with the sights of a decidedly more liberal society. Littles could be adopted here, but the rules were significantly more stringent. There was a mandate that a Little had to be willing to be adopted. Forced adoptions only occurred in the case of court rulings. In those cases, the lawyers and mental health professionals had to agree on a diagnosis of Maturosis for an adoption to be ordered. It meant most of the babied Littles were perpetrators of some criminal offense, and needed re-raised as a criminal consequence, or they genuinely preferred living like that.

There were still plenty of diapered and babied littles in view as we exited the airport, but at last nearly all of the ones I saw seemed happy. As we passed them, I didn’t see any signs of the scarring so many had back home from mobility impairment surgeries, and all of the ones smiling seemed to still have their teeth! New Haven was named long before Littles were even thought of, but the name definitely seemed to fit. The Harlan School of Law often took a leading role in Little rights cases, and it was clear that at least here, things seemed to be better for Littles.

I would have suggested Mr. Fehler bring Beth here, but unfortunately while the adoptions were more difficult to legally occur, they also had rules that made it equally more difficult to emancipate an adopted Little. That was because they assumed that they had been willing to enter into the agreement… or had a valid reason to be forced into it by the courts.

Fortunately for Littles, wet or messy pants weren’t enough of a reason here to lose your freedom!

I sighed as we walked out to the line of cabs and a tall big waved one down for us. “Thank you, sir,” Dad told him.

“You’re welcome!” he said.

The cab driver got out and helped load our luggage in the back. We had both brought our maximum luggage allowance, using Big sized luggage that was a challenge for me to push around. Dad’s was mostly filled with my stuff too, as we decided not to drive my car out to school. We made that decision just because everything was in walking distance from the student residential village I was assigned. The school actually maintained a series of apartments, that my fellowship covered, that were right near a grocery store and retail area. Unless I was trying to really explore, I wouldn’t even need to leave the area I was in. If I did need to travel, the mass transit system there was very well thought out and worked just fine.

It was saving me quite a bit of money for parking permits that just weren’t necessary from what I could see on my visit. If I changed my mind, I would drive it back at Christmas. For now, my focus was on getting moved in and worrying about getting ready for orientation and classes to start later that week!

“Where you heading?” The cab driver asked as Dad and I sat down without a booster seat in sight.

“The residential village at the Harlan Law School?” I replied.

“You have an address?” He asked, “I know where the school is, but not the village?”

“Sure…” I gave him the address and watched him enter it into his system.

He made small talk as he drove and seemed surprised where we were from. “What brought you out here?”

“Law school,” I told him, “I wanted to go to the best school! The fact they also made a huge package financially to get me out here helped too.”

I smiled at that thought. The terms of my schooling were that I had all tuition and books paid, my apartment was free, I received a stipend for a class for undergrads, and another for being a gopher on a legal team. I would still have some expenses obviously, but I was basically getting paid to go to school! My test scores, grades, and interviews had been enough to land me the best package that they offered to grad students.

Coming closer to the campus of the university I saw the buildings of Hamilton University that hosted the Law School as part of its institution. The buildings were old! Several of them were actually over two centuries in age, and all of the architecture was beautiful throughout the campus. There were a trio of buildings that housed the Law School that were among the oldest buildings. I had loved the old brick facades, the wooden floors, and their old library, which leant itself to an amazing gravitas when I walked in during my spring visit.

Down a block we came to the newer building that housed the graduate student housing. A sign said ‘Welcome New Students!’ and directed us inside a building for registration.

Dad paid the bill for the taxi and we walked towards the signs. “How about I watch your suitcases here,” he suggested to a bench that was in the shade of a tree, “And you can go get everything setup?”

“Sounds good,” I told him. “Thanks Dad!”

I joined a line that thankfully wasn’t too long. I saw that there were probably ten Bigs, three other Mids, as well as surprisingly two Littles! The Littles did look a bit nervous of the Bigs that were around, but seemingly less so than any back home. One of them caught my eye, a brown-haired man who was probably only five feet in height. There was no sign of any padding of even a Pull-Up or thicker underwear on him. “What are you staring at?” He asked me with some hostility.

I shook my head, “It’s so much different from back home. I’m glad to see that you have the opportunity to go to school here.”

“Where are you from?” He asked me, “I’m Brad Grant,” he told me.

“Greenville… it’s in Ames,” I told him and added, “I’m Cameron Sylvester.”

“So, is it as bad there for Littles as I’ve heard?”

I looked in surprise, “I’m going to guess maybe…? I’ve… I’ve never seen a place that wasn’t like it?”

He nodded, “You’ll probably get a bit of a culture shock here then.”

I nodded, “I figure, but that’s part of why I wanted to come here.” We talked for a few minutes and I learned he was aa doctoral student working on dimensional physics for portals as his focus for his thesis. ‘He and Dad could probably nerd out for hours…’ I thought. I had just finished explaining I was there for Law School when he was called to the table. He grabbed his key and I took his place at the table and soon had signed my life away for the key that I held in my hand.

“See you around,” he said as we crossed paths.

“Yeah,” I told him with a smile. It was nice to see Littles free!

Dad and I got into my furnished apartment and set to work messing with unpacking what I had. He was taking the bed for the three nights he was staying, while I volunteered to sleep on the large couch until he left. This apartment was actually sized for a tall Mid, so I didn’t need a lot of step stools to get to things – even though there was one provided by the university.

We cleaned and made trips to the grocery store, unpacked the boxes of dishes, pans, and other things the next day that I had shipped to myself, and generally did some sight-seeing before he had to head home on the night before our orientation for grad students began.

“Stay safe,” Dad told me as he opened the door to the taxi and then hugged me.

“You too Dad! I love you!”

“Love you too, Cam,” he told me with a smile.

I watched the cab drive away with him that night and walked back into my apartment. I turned on the TV and watched a few shows when my phone rang. It was pretty late by then, but the phone showed a number Mr. Fehler had me memorize before I left. I was pretty sure it was a burner phone to avoid being traced.


“Hi Cameron, I just wanted to let you know that we made it safely to where we’re settling in to get Beth a better chance.”

“Since you’re there, can you tell me where you’re at now?”

“If you don’t mind, I’ll wait until we get moved into our new house in a few weeks. I want to make sure we’re established here first, just in case someone tries to trace us from back home.”

“That makes sense… may I talk to Beth?”

“I’m sorry Cam, it’s way past her normal bedtime so she’s already out like a light. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t worried about us getting out.”

“Thanks, I was! Can you maybe call me with her tomorrow night?”

“Sure Cameron,” he told me. “But I don’t want you pining over her while you’re apart. I’m sure this will work out and you two can make a life together here in a couple years. Focus on your schooling so you can provide a good life for you both.”

I smiled, “Yes sir, I plan to!”

“Good, I’ll worry about getting her ready for that life. We’re in a good place with pretty liberal emancipation laws. I’m hoping we can get her emancipated by next year, and then figure out what’s next for her.”

“That’ll be great sir, thank you for being a good father to her!”

“I’ll always love my baby girl – but I don’t always want to be changing her stinky diapers!”

I laughed, “Thank you for that too.”

That night I went to sleep and felt hopeful for Beth for the first time ever. I didn’t hardly even think about my nerves about starting law school the next day!

BEGINNING THE NEXT day, I learned that I wouldn’t have any time to be pining over Beth! Orientation presentations weren’t all that different than they had been at Emerson. The pride in the Harlan Law School was apparent with the introduction and the guest speakers present. Soon we received a tour of the buildings, course schedules, and supply lists pretty much needed to get picked up all in that day. I soon found myself completely immersed in my new studies.

The first day of classes I carried my new gifts of the briefcase and computer to class, dressed in the required business attire. In our first class I had sixty-five students and we were quickly split up into small groups to work on a group project. My group been assigned to research facts surrounding a case that HLS was assisting with. We met in a small conference room right after getting our assignments.

“Hi, I’m Wendy Spencer,” a girl who was only about nine-feet tall said to us as we sat down. She was a bit heavy in build, but had a really friendly smile that was framed by her chin length brown hair.

“I’m Cameron Sylvester,” I said.

“I’m Edgar Freeman,” a tall eleven-foot-tall man about my age said. He looked like he was wearing quality clothes based on my memories of being around Addy for all of my time at Emerson. His suit alone probably cost a couple grand I guessed. The watch on his wrist was probably at least ten-grand with all of the bling it had. He wore a friendly smile though.

“I’m Kyle,” an older gentleman with graying hair who was only a foot taller than me said. His face and demeanor looked like someone who had been through a lot in life. “I’m the old man I guess… Decided to come to law school after serving my time out with the service.”

A girl who was almost exactly my height, with shoulder length blonde hair said, “We’ll be relying on that experience!” Her smile was genuine, but I would wager her boobs were not! She might have needed a larger cup size than Addy… “I’m Penelope Madden,” she added.

The last member of our group spoke up, “I’m Samantha Rutgers, but please call me Sam.” I was surprised to see so short of a little joining our group. She was only about five feet tall with her black hair pinned into a bun on her head. Her skirt suit fit her well, but back home I knew she would have just been accused of playing dress-up.

“Nice to meet you all,” I said again. “Shall we get started? How do we want to do this?”

For a group that was incredibly diverse in height, wealth, and age, we made a really good team! Harlan had decided to help represent a small company who was being sued for providing a service to repair computer systems, even though they weren’t authorized by the manufacturer. The manufacturer was suing the business for ‘illegally repairing’ their systems for much less than they would have charged for the same repairs. There seemed to be a lot of case law on the manufacturer’s side. The school was helping the defendant’s side, due to a clear indication that there was an unfair competitive environment going on. They were leading in the defense of the lawsuit, and leading a countersuit effort as well to try and effectively change the unfair practices going on. The six of us split off some different research areas, and I’d been assigned the owner’s bio to try and determine if there was anything else at work.

The business owner had used an alumnus member’s law firm only for speaking with the manufacturer and the Law School. No one had ever seen them in person, and I was kind of curious if there was a reason why…

Stacy had taught me a bunch of tricks over the years before she left after graduation, and I soon found myself using most of them. I finally located the owner, ‘Trinity Snyder’ and figured out there was a reason why she was hiding her actual appearance.

“She’s a Little…” I said out loud.

“Umm… duh, I know I’m a Little, problem with that?” Sam said to me.

“No, not you… the client.”

“No way? How can that be?” Penelope said, “Isn’t her business in Ames?”

“Yeah… if anyone finds out she’s a Little the case will be over too,” I said aloud.

“How do you know that?” Edgar said.

“That it’ll be over?” I asked.

He nodded, “I’m from Greenville there… Trust me, we don’t have many Littles that make it out of college, let alone own businesses.”

“If they were here, we could make a discrimination argument,” Wendy said.

Edgar sighed, “I’m so sick of seeing everything skewed against Littles.”

I think all of our eyes looked over at him above his computer. “But…” Kyle said, “You’re one of the Freeman family members, aren’t you happier with Littles being ‘put in their place?’” He said the last part with obvious scorn.

“I’m the black sheep of the family,” he said to us. “I came here to Harlan in the hopes of gaining some tools to fight that blatant sizeism.”

My opinion of him went way up, “Well… So, we know that this is going to be an issue for the client. Anyone else have anything? Maybe ideas to help?”

We worked on the initial research several times in the next few days before going back to our full class and presenting our findings. “Who discovered that the client is a Little?” our professor asked.

I raised my hand, “That was me sir.”

“How did you do that?”

My methods became its own class discussion and a point was made that sometimes research is the most important thing to do in a case.

A week later Trinity Snider was safely relocated to New Haven, and the case was able to move forward over the next eighteen months, with us being asked to do legwork for them a few more times. She eventually won the case, with some significant damages awarded to her. That award included all of her legal expenses being covered, which benefited the law school!

Chapter 20: Sizeism

OUR GROUP HAD become a close group of friends over our first two years at school, and we found that we all worked together very well. Only Sam and I lived in the village, so we tended to get together a lot at my place to study since Sam was a little skittish about letting Big people inside her place. On those occasions Edgar had to duck a little to come inside my apartment, and tended to bring his own folding chair, but it became normal for us all to hang out a few nights of the week.

One of the few times that I had inside Sam’s apartment; I had caught sight of a package of night-time protection that I guessed was why she didn’t want anyone over. She’d even been leery of me at first, but as we got to know each other, I told her more about my own past and Beth. As a consequence, we became good friends and I helped her out in situations where even in this city it wouldn’t be a good idea to go unescorted as a Little!

My time in law school was flying by unbelievably quickly! During my second year I had worked really hard to earn the recommendation of one of my professors to get an internship to clerk with the Chief Justice on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Justice Ruth Jones was highly respected, and had a reputation for being a no-nonsense juror, but understood applying the law accurately and fairly as well.

After my finals ended in May, I’d made a quick trip home to grab my car - driving it first to New Haven. I’d taken a hurried day at Harlan to move much of my stuff out into storage, and the needed things into the car to take with me. I had been on the road for two hours to get to Crescent City, Capital of The State of Hartford, on the Saturday before I was set to begin interning. I was glad it was a city in the same state as Harlan, just so I could feel safer about this move. Unfortunately, the move was pretty much sight unseen for me with the apartment. I had interviewed with Judge Jones via a video conference instead of being in person due to my classes. She’d been completely understanding of my need for that, and had even complimented me on taking my coursework seriously. After she offered me the position, she was kind enough to send along a couple of recommendations of places to live that she knew were nice places close to the courthouse.

This apartment was in a high-rise building downtown only two blocks from the courthouse. Luckily it also had access to a parking garage for my car, even though it looked to me on the surface to be possible to never have to leave the area for anything other than maybe groceries. I pulled into the garage as I’d been instructed by the manager, grabbed my briefcase, and walked down the tall stairs to exit the garage. At the bottom I found a door that led to the apartments themselves. Opening a large door, I followed the arrows to the management’s office.

To my surprise it appeared to be a bigger office than I expected. A tall secretary looked up from her computer and said, “Well hello there! Can I help you?” The problem wasn’t the words… the problem was the pitch was high like you would use with a preschooler… or a baby. I hadn’t dealt with that much since I’d begun studying at Harlan.

I braced myself for more of that, but forced the smile I knew I needed in the courtroom, “Yes, I’m Cameron Sylvester. I’m supposed to move into my apartment today?”

Her face looked inquisitive for a moment, typed something in her computer, and then looked back at me. “Umm… No one told us you were a Little?”

I bit my tongue, “I’m not a Little, I’m legally a Mid, but my size isn’t going to be a problem in renting? That would be discrimination of course…?”

“Let me get my manager…” she stood up and walked away.

I pulled my phone out and placed it in a panic mode that could call Dad without being seen. I hadn’t felt the need to have a panic button ready to go in years now, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was going to be treated as a Little by her. I also started a recording on the phone just in case I needed evidence of what I feared was coming.

Another tall woman made her way to where I was standing. “Mr. Sylvester?” she said.

“Yes, ma’am?” I said as I held my hand up to her.

“I’m Ryleigh Edger, I’m sorry about the confusion here. You were given a reference by Judge Jones, but no one said you weren’t a Big.”

“I don’t see the relevance?”

“Well, we have an apartment furnished and ready to go for you, but it is unfortunately Big sized.”

I shrugged, “I grew up in a full-sized house, it won’t be an issue.”

“Well, maybe it wouldn’t for you… but we have an insurance company that doesn’t approve larger sized rentals for lessee’s due to the safety risks. Concerns of people falling out of too tall beds… not being able to reach safety equipment.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that you will not rent to me? Based upon my size alone?”


“You realize I will be reporting your discrimination? I will probably seek out a small claim’s suit against you all as well. Where am I supposed to rent an apartment on this short of notice?”


“Sir, what? You’ll rent to me?”

“No sir, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“Then I will do so.” I told her.

I turned and walked back to my car, getting inside, locking it, and shaking with nerves then. If she HAD called the cops that would have been a way to manipulate an arrest and get me into the courts. I set my car to drive a safe distance away to a shopping center parking lot where I could try and figure out a plan. I had just left the parking garage when my phone rang.


“Mr. Sylvester?” I heard the voice of Judge Jones.

“Oh, hello Judge Jones.”

“I wanted to see how you were doing? If you had made it to the city yet?”

I sighed, “Well… I made it to the city, but unfortunately the apartment I had arranged to rent was in a building that apparently believes in discriminating against anyone who’s not a Big.”

“What?!?” She sounded genuinely unhappy. “They can’t do that! You told them that?”

“I have a recording too. She was trying to claim it was due to their insurance not being willing to insure the apartments against an injury if I fell…”

“Really?” She acted surprised, “I haven’t seen one of these cases in a couple of years here. When we hang up, I want you to send me the audio recording. I think I’ll get it to our local DA and let him go deal with them… I guess that means your place to stay has fallen through?”

I sighed, “Yeah, I was just getting ready to find a place to park and start calling around for other places.”

“Well…you know what… don’t bother.”

“Ma’am?” I said, nervous she was about to fire me.

“I mean don’t bother. I have a room you can stay in at my house. I have had interns come before, but didn’t want to make you uncomfortable by suggesting it first.”

My stomach did flip-flops. For the second time in twenty minutes, I worried my maturity card could be in jeopardy! ‘She’s not one of those…’ I thought. I thought back to everything I’d researched about her. She had four kids – natural ones – who were all grown. The youngest son had just graduated college this spring, and as far as I knew they had never had a Little, and her kids hadn’t either. Her record spoke pretty positively on the Little front actually, having decided against many Bigs trying to cruelly bypass the stringent adoption rules that the State of Hartford had in place.

“I’d expect to pay rent,” I found myself saying.

“Nonsense! You’re a student! You and I both know what it’s like to eat ramen and get by with the bare minimum on things. Save your money.”

“Well… I have to do something to make it up to you?”

“Nonsense, now, I’m going to text you our address and I’ll be expecting to see you soon!”

“Yes Ma’am,” I found myself saying.

I got off the phone with her and messaged her a copy of the audio file from the apartment. I uploaded it somewhere safe too, before programming in her address and sending my car off to its new destination.

I called Dad then, “Cameron? Did you make it into your apartment already?”

“Hi Dad… No. Things didn’t go as expected…” I filled him in. He seemed to have his own worries along my lines, but neither of us saw another solution. “I’ll be careful Dad, I love you,” I told him.

“Love you too Cameron,” he said to me.

I saw that she must live a fair way out of town, because it was still another twenty minutes to get to her house. Right then my phone lit up with Meg’s number. I pressed accept and said, “Hi Meg, how are you doing?”

“Hi Cameron, you moved into your new place yet?” She asked.

“Not exactly,” I told her.

“What’s wrong?”

I explained everything, “Cameron that’s kind of scary. Are you sure it’s safe to go stay with her?”

“I hope so… all of my research tells me I should be safe…”

“Be careful!”

“I will… How’s everything going there?”


“Odd?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah… You know, when Stacy left there were some weird things that happened.”


“Well… I don’t think I ever told you about my cousins, did I?”

I thought back to what Stacy had told me about them, “You didn’t, but Stacy told me they were all in the worst shape, no teeth, can’t walk, etcetera?”

“Yeah… they were.”


“A month after Stacy left, they healed suddenly. Grew teeth, started to struggle walk again, and could talk like normal.”

“Uh-oh, what did your aunts do?”

“Nothing… Well… sort of nothing. They like turned up the affection levels… I haven’t seen them hit one of them since about a month after that. They’re even letting them eat regular food, and changing their diapers when needed - like a normal parent would. Before they were really abusive, but now both of them treat their Littles like cuddly dolls that they actually love. Well enough, that Neville told me decided to not run away when he suddenly could again.”

“That is weird… You think Stacy?”

“Yeah… I do.”

“Well, at least it’s just them?”

“No… that’s the thing. In the last six-months I’ve noticed less and less of the abusive behavior when Megan has taken me out. Then this week a judge made a ruling that Littles have the same rights to safe homes as normal minor children.”

“You think she somehow hypnotized everyone?” I had to keep from her that I knew full well what had happened.

“No idea… but I’m guessing she had something to do with it.”

“Does that mean Littles aren’t being adopted now?”

“No… unfortunately that hasn’t changed. If anything, I think I’m seeing more adoptions among Megan’s friends. There’s still plenty of ‘adjustments’ happening too, but at least the beatings and such seem to be not as frequent…”

“Things still the same there with you?” I changed the subject.

“Pretty much. Megan’s thinking about switching jobs though, so I may have to start going to a daycare during the daytime…”

“Ouch… I hope not?”

“She’s promised she’ll make sure it’s a nice one if she does.”

I saw the car was three minutes from my destination, “Hey Meg, I want to talk to you some more, but I’m almost to her house. I need to let you go so I can keep track of which of these mansions is hers…”

“Big houses?”

“I have a feeling her house is going to be bigger than Amanda and Fred’s.”

“Ooh… Good luck Cameron!”

“Talk to you later Meg,” I told her and hung up.

The car brought me to a gated entrance and I pressed the button at the gate, “Hello?” A voice asked.

“I’m here to see Judge Jones?”

“Is that you Cameron?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” remembering my better manners now that I wasn’t so frustrated.

“I’m opening the gate up and the garage, just park your car in the empty spot on the end.”

“Okay,” I found myself saying. The large gate was twice the height of my dad’s car, and looked like it probably would stop a very large vehicle from ramming through it. I saw it close behind me as I guided my car up the driveway to the house. I discovered they had five double garage doors lined up along the side of a large house finished with a stone façade. It looked to be three stories tall, and probably had a basement I guessed too. As I parked in the empty spot, I noted there was a large truck, two SUVs, a luxury sedan, and a small modest classic sportscar in the other bays. It looked like there was a pretty good-sized shop setup in one of the other bays to work on cars too.

I opened my door and looked at the tall figure of Judge Jones walking towards me with a man that I guessed was her husband. Her hair was short and gray, while he lacked anything on top of his head, and the hair on his sides was white. “Hi Judge Jones,” I said. “Thank you so much for helping me out here.”

“I’m Cameron,” I said to the tall man beside her. She was probably a little under eleven feet in height, while he was probably four inches taller than her.

“Nice to meet you Cameron, I’m Doug,” he told me.

“So, you made it alright?” Judge Jones asked me.

“Yes, Your Honor,” I said.

“Oh, stop it with that. If you’re going to be working and living with us, I can’t have you ‘Your Honoring’ me every two seconds. Call me Ruth, or if you really feel a need to be formal Mrs. Jones will be just fine.”

“Umm… Thanks.”

“What all did you bring with you?” She looked inside the car as I opened the back.

“Well, I had thought I was moving into an apartment today, so I brought most of the things I needed from my on-campus apartment…”

“You won’t need a lot of that. Why don’t you bring in your clothes, computer, and anything like that and leave the rest of your things in your car for now? We can store the rest of the boxes next to your car in the garage, or just leave it all in the car. I figure if you’re living with me, we’ll commute into town together.”

“That’s very generous,” I said with a smile.

“Why don’t we go show you your room,” she said after I had grabbed a couple suitcases, my computer, and her husband had grabbed another suitcase. They led me up the steps of a large porch that wrapped around the house, and inside the entry way of the huge house I had to gasp. I’d been inside Addy’s house twice while we had dated, and while probably more expensive, this seemed more elegant.

“You have a beautiful home,” I told them.

“Thank you,” she said. She led me up tall steps that were definitely sized for Bigs. It was a big step up for each, but I managed to balance everything and make to the second floor, and then the third floor where she opened up a door, “I figured you’d probably appreciate the privacy the third floor will give you. This was my youngest daughters… so sorry about the colors in here. You can at least switch the sheets if you’ve got the right size with you.”

I looked in at a room that I was surprised was suited for a shorter person. “She’s shorter?” I asked while looking at a bed that was sized for a Mid or a small Big child.

“Yes, she somehow ended up with a recessive gene. She’s only eight feet tall,” she told me. “Not that much taller than you really.”

“No, that’s the height my dad is,” I said.

“Anyway, when we figured out that she was going to be shorter, we found appropriate sized furniture. We also had the bathroom altered to make it a bit more manageable too.”

“Great!” I said with a smile. “I really do appreciate this!”

“Well, why don’t I let you get situated in here. I’ll have dinner ready in an hour – please come down and join us.”

“Are you sure I can’t pay you anything?”

“Help me with dishes after dinner each day, we’ll call that even,” she told me.

She gave me a look as I was about to argue more, so I smiled, “I’d be happy to do that.”

They left and I took a look around the room. It was decorated for a teen girl with a definitely girlish scheme. Two walls, including one with a huge window seat, were painted white, while the opposite walls were painted a light purple. A bed that looked to be my size was covered in a very feminine white comforter, with the headboard backed up against one of the purple walls. On the wall above the bed were hundreds of stuck on mirrored star shapes that were actually kind of cool. The opposite side of the room held a white vanity with a mirror on it that I assumed her daughter used to do her makeup with from the small dusty remnants that still remained. A fairly sturdy white desk sat beside it with a nice computer chair.

I opened up the closet and discovered it would have been a dream closet for most girls with all of the bars available to hang things. As I unpacked my clothing I thought, “I sure hope she isn’t wanting me to be a new daughter in here…”

As I said that quietly aloud, I noticed my long hair in the reflection of the vanity would certainly suit that look. ‘Why does Beth have to like it long too…?’ I shook my head and made sure I made it downstairs promptly for dinner after putting all of my things away.

Chapter 21: Introductions

MONDAY MORNING, I sat nervously as I rode in a worn booster seat in the back of Judge Jones car as she drove us towards the courthouse. I reflected on how lucky I seemed to have gotten! That weekend I had learned that she and her husband were truly a sweet couple. He had retired as a chief engineer from an aerospace company just last year, and now spent his time tinkering in the garage, and tending to the large yard around their house. She was a total legal nerd, and I had literally gasped aloud when she had shown me her library Saturday evening - it was the equal of most law schools!

That had led to some interesting legal debates that I had absolutely loved to hear her opinion on. Truthfully this short pseudo-clerkship was a dream come true for me as a law student!

“When we get to the courthouse, I’ll take you to get your credentials. This morning I’ll introduce you to my staff and a few other people around here, then there are those three hearings that I told you about yesterday in the afternoon. I’d like for you to sit in next to the court reporter and make your own notes on the proceedings. I’ll have you work on a number of things through your internship, but I think it’s invaluable that you get a good grasp of how the appellate level really works. Things never go exactly according to your classes,” she laughed.

I nodded at that, “I’m really looking forward to it!”

We pulled up to a security gate where a guard looked at Judge Jones and was about to motion her through before seeing me. “Take your kid to work day, Judge Jones?”

“No, this is my intern this summer. I’ll be taking him to the security desk to get his credentials.”

“Fair enough, go on in.”

She drove through a couple turns and parked in a parking space that had her name on a sign. ‘Judge Ruth Jones, Chief Justice 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.’

‘Must be nice to have your own parking space…’ I couldn’t help but think in my head.

She noticed my look, “It was not easy getting to this job, the little perks are really nice though!” She laughed, and I joined in.

I fell in beside her as she walked to an elevator and soon found myself in a ground level hallway where we stepped through a metal detector with a guard, and then continued to navigate through a maze of corridors that led to a security office. “Good morning Judge Jones, what can we do for you today?” A polite older man with a darker skin complexion spoke to her.

“Good morning to you too Officer Branch! I need to get my intern, Mr. Sylvester, all credentialed for the courthouse.”

He looked down at me and I was relieved to see a genuine smile, rather than another Big like the apartment manager. “Certainly, Judge Jones! May I please see your ID sir?”

“Hi,” I said politely, “Thanks for helping me out with this.” I pulled out my wallet and handed him my driver’s license. He sat there for a moment typing on a screen before saying, “You’re from Ames, huh? Don’t see many people from that way here.”

“I have one more year left in law school at Harlan. It’s home back there, but I like New Haven a lot better.”

“The State of Hartford is definitely a nicer place for shorter people,” he nodded. I figured he’d never had to deal with that since he looked to be eleven feet tall. As if he could read my mind he said, “I’m tall, but my older sister wasn’t – she’s a bit shorter than you. She ended up moving out that way with her husband… a year later she was the baby, complete with a new mommy. Took us years to find a way to get her back safely to here.”

My eyes shot up at that, “Is…”

“She’s fine, not a piece of padding in sight, except on the genuine grandbabies!”

I smiled, “That’s good!”

“The system shows we’ve already completed the background check on you, so if you can just stand over here, I’ll get your picture for your ID.”

I stood in front of a blue backdrop and smiled as best I could as he took the photo. “That’ll be a nice photo actually…” he said with a smile. I stood there before he handed me a tablet, “Please sign where it tells you to.”

I signed my life away effectively with federal laws if I violated rules. It was a number of signatures and initials before I finished and handed it back to him over the counter. He traded me for an ID badge with a clip on it. “Here you go Mr. Sylvester. Work hard for Judge Jones, and she’ll do good for you. She’s the best we have here!”

I smiled at him, “I plan to, thanks for your help!”

As we walked away, she said, “You’ll do well with me.”


“I’d already had a good chance to judge your character this weekend, but I always find the true nature of people who work with me by how they treat people like Officer Branch there.”

“What do you mean?”

“You treated him with respect, and were pleasant to him as he did his job. Many interns and clerks I’ve brought in to him have disdainfully acted as if he was beneath them when he took care of the formalities.”

She stopped at the elevators and looked down at me, “The best lawyers and judges I know treat everyone like they’re the same as themselves. It’s easy in the law profession to feel like you are better than everyone else in the world. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are no different than that officer, and you will go far.”

The elevator arrived, and we rode upstairs to her office on the sixth floor while I pondered what she said.

JUDGE JONES INTRODUCED me to her staff, some of the court staff, some bailiffs that worked around her courtroom, and showed me around to the important places on her office floor like the break room, copy room, and bathrooms. She set me up at a large desk in the anteroom to her chambers and handed me three stacks of files that pertained to the three cases she was going to hear arguments about today.

“I know you don’t have nearly enough time to fully brief yourself, but see what you can get through in the next two hours. We’ll get a bite to eat, and then it’ll be time for the first hearing.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I said with a smile.

I opened the first case and saw it was Robertson vs. United States of Acirema. A man had killed another man and had argued it was self-defense, but the jury had ruled otherwise. The attorneys for the case were making a technicality argument that some of the evidence that shouldn’t have been presented. Reading through the Appellant’s briefs, and the State’s briefs, I honestly didn’t think there was anything of value to the argument, other than maybe making the man feel better with an appeal being made on his behalf.

I saw the second case was Kounze vs. United States of Acirema. Their appeal alleged prosecutorial misconduct was at work during the trial of a man convicted of burning down a building and killing three people inside. At question was a video recording of the man doing what he was accused of that was presented, but not shared with the defense in advance of its presentation at the trial as part of the discovery phase. That one was probably bound to be retried I figured from looking at it since that was a pretty big oversight. There was no doubt in my mind though that the man was guilty…

The final case of the afternoon was Reinhardt and Dane vs. Tully (Dane). My eyes went wide as I read the briefs. Somehow a Little had managed to escape out of Ames and made it to New Haven. Her ‘mommy’ had gotten desperate for her baby’s return, and hired a bounty hunter to find her. The woman had managed to live on her own for three years, was now married, and had two kids of her own, when the bounty hunter caught up to her. When he attempted to reclaim her to take her back to her mommy, the police officers of New Haven had stopped him, and allowed her to go home since it was clear she was a free Little right then. They took him into custody and charged him initially with attempted kidnapping. After a few days they established that Tully was a runaway Little, and she had been collected by Little Protective Services to be cared for until her status could be determined. At question was whether they could legally deny Reinhardt the right to take Mrs. Tully back to Ames and interfere in her return.

I squirmed at that, knowing that technically the Constitution said that she had to be returned to her rightful guardian of Mrs. Dane. From what I could see, her only hope was that it was just Judge Jones hearing this case, and not the full Appellate Court. Maybe there was some loophole I didn’t know about, but I certainly couldn’t think of one right then. Because of the nature of the case, it was automatically being kicked up to the 3rd Circuit Court to decide since it involved a question of multiple state jurisdictions of Hartford and Ames.

I read both briefs as quickly as I could in all of the cases, and tried to memorize as many of the facts and arguments being presented in writing as I could. When Judge Jones reappeared, she said, “Ready to get a bite to eat?”

“Sounds good!” I said with a smile and organized my piles again quickly before following her down the elevator. We walked across the street and down the block to a small deli where she insisted on paying for my meal.

“So, what do you think so far of the briefs?” She asked me after making sure no one was nearby to listen.

“Well, the first case seems like a non-starter to me. They’re not really presenting any real procedural arguments in writing at least? Seems more like an attempt to make a client pay more legal fees honestly.”

“I’m curious to see if the attorney has anything more that he didn’t have in the briefs, but I would agree with your estimation of the case in writing that the arguments are slim.”

“The second case honestly looks like a valid concern on the face of things. The defendant was clearly guilty from that evidence, but discovery means the defense should have had access to all of the evidence, including that video. Procedurally I think the prosecution has a lot to explain.”

She didn’t give me a clear answer, “That one will be interesting to hear the arguments. I think the guilt of the defendant is clear, but the rights of the defendant are important to the foundation of our judicial system. Would he have been convicted without that evidence? Should be interesting to hear both sides.” She smiled, “And the last case.”

I felt my stomach churn, “The law is neither moral, or immoral… it’s the law.” I sighed, quoting a professor while debating about saying what I thought, “I think it’s abhorrent that Mrs. Tully would be forced to leave her children and go back to Ames to be babied by her fake mommy for the rest of her life. Her two kids would get to stay with the father according to the briefs, but never have their mother around as they grow up. I personally think the fact that she’s made a life for herself, and has a family of her own, shows that Maturosis is a lie of culture designed to enslave Littles like her.” I sighed, “That being said the case law is clear that legally she should have to be returned to Ames. She could theoretically appeal there for a change in standing, but that won’t go anywhere within their courts. The 6th Circuit and all of the District Courts will agree that she had been adopted, and without a declaration of emancipation, she’s still her ‘baby.’”

I blushed, knowing I had spoken a bit more passionately about this matter than may have been healthy.

She smiled at me though, “You understand the law quite well Cameron. One of the worst things about being a judge is that sometimes there are immoral laws you must uphold. You missed that the laws of New Haven are also quite strict on the procedures for being emancipated – Mrs. Tully seemingly has met all of those criteria it would seem. Not having a willing mother to release her though means that’s an uphill battle.”

“I hate the system on that one,” I told her honestly.

She looked at the time and said, “I too hate the system sometimes, let’s go get to court.”

I walked with her back to the courthouse and we found one of her long-term clerks, Kathy Stanford, waiting at her office. After introductions and some small talk, Judge Jones said, “Kathy, can you go ahead and head to the courtroom and show Cameron where he can set up next to you and the reporter?”

“Yes, Your Honor.” To her before smiling down at me, “Ready for the first day?”

I smiled up at the tall eleven foot tall Big, “Absolutely!”

She showed me to a large table with chairs set next to the court reporter. Someone had thoughtfully placed a thick pillow on one of the chairs for me. I clambered up and watched people move about the room for a few minutes before I heard, “All Rise!” as Judge Jones walked into the room, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit Court is now open according to law.”

As I stood, I reflected on how I was always a bit bemused by how far our traditions went back with courts like this. Being present here was like a dream come true to me! “Thank you, you may be seated,” Judge Jones said to everyone once she sat down.

The bailiff stated, “The first case on today’s docket is Case number 5348203 Robertson vs. United States of Acirema. Mr. Tyrone Ashton.”

I watched as the man stepped to the large lectern. Atop the lectern I knew full well about the three lights that represented his time and ability to make his case. A preset guideline of fifteen minutes had been set for both sides of arguments. When he was allowed to speak a green light would be lit. There was a two-minute warning that the amber in the middle represented, and when the red light showed at the end he would be done unless Judge Jones asked him questions or gave him additional time to speak.

“Thank you and may it please the court, I am Tyrone Slade representing Chris Robertson…” He presented an argument that I was almost surprised to even see him keep a straight face for.

I was still getting to know Judge Jones, so I watched her carefully, while also making notes about his case for appeal. Her face was set in a completely emotionless stare as she watched the attorney speak. The intensity of her eyes really was very intimidating, and I’m certain the counsel had to be feeling that stare burning into him. At the end of his time, she didn’t ask any questions of him, and the DA for the case came and had his own fifteen minutes.

I was curious to see how she would make her ruling known. From what I had studied there was a lot of wiggle room for those decisions to be announced. Normally this was something that would be published on a website after the judge could render a written decision. In some cases, they might go ahead and state their opinion from the bench.

“Thank you both for your arguments. Normally I would tell you an opinion will be written and published by my office in about seven days, but I do not wish to waste additional time with this case. Mr. Ashton, I see no merit at all in the Appeal you have filed before this court. The motion is denied with prejudice, and I would highly suggest that if you come before this bench in the future, you have a more meaningful and substantial reason within the law to do so.”

With a strike of her gavel the case was at a close. Next to me Kathy said, “She was really annoyed at that one…”

“I kind of guessed. When I read the briefs it sounded like a waste of time.”

During the next case she asked a lot more questions of both the defense attorney and the prosecutor. It was clear to me that there was a real concern that the discovery of evidence wasn’t shared with the defendant. Some questions about if the evidence wasn’t there, would they still have convicted him? In the end she stated that her opinion in the case would be rendered in seven to ten days. “Court is in recess for thirty minutes before the next case.”

“Good time to hit the restroom,” Kathy said to me, “I have a feeling this next case is going to go on longer.”


“Because… well, did you read the briefs?” She asked as she motioned with her head to move towards a hallway behind the courtroom. She led me towards one of the bathrooms that was meant for court staff, not the lawyers or general public.

“I did… Unfortunately, isn’t the law very clear?”

“It is, which is why I think Judge Jones is going to figure out where she does have some wiggle room. I’ve been clerking for her now for nine months, and her biggest pet peeve is when families are separated for no good reason.”

I nodded at that, “I agree with her there…”

I went inside the men’s, while she went in the women’s. I was back out pretty quickly, but decided to be polite and wait for her. I noticed a few looks from some Bigs that were walking around, but thanks to New Haven’s laws I knew I was pretty much as safe as anyone could be as a Betweener. Littles might need to still take more precautions with some of those looks though!

When she reappeared, we walked back to the courtroom and I talked with her about her schooling and past. She was doing a typical clerkship after finishing law school that was scheduled to last two years. When she finished, she planned on finding a firm somewhere to join up with, but for now she felt like learning everything she could about the Appellate Court was in her future client’s best interests.

I nodded, as that was kind of where I was leaning. The idea of finishing school and coming back for a longer, more proper, clerkship did seem appealing.

By the end of the recess, a new set of lawyers were set up at the two opposing counsel tables. I felt bile in my throat as another woman with an LPS badge was holding a tightly swaddled woman on her lap. A large locking pacifier was clearly hurting her from the winces of pain I could see, and through the blanket I thought I could see signs of her having further restraints on her ankles and hands. Her face looked to be covered in sweat from being overheated from the tight blanket. ‘And she’s supposed to be the one protecting Littles…’

The cry of All-Rise was repeated, and Judge Jones reappeared.

“The final case on today’s docket is Case number 534359342 Reinhardt and Dane vs. Tully(Dane).”

Before the bounty hunters’ lawyer could even begin to make his case, Judge Jones stated, “Ma’am, who are you, and why is Mrs. Tully being so aggressively restrained?”

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Chapter 22: Fugitive Little Act

“I’M JULIA FAIRBANKS Your Honor, from Little Protective Services. Lilibeth is a fugitive Little, and so it’s standard procedure to restrain her to prevent further escape attempts, Your Honor.”

“It may be standard procedure elsewhere, but in my courtroom it will not be. Mrs. Tully, can you be respectful of court decorum if I order Mrs. Fairbanks to remove that gag?”

I watched as the woman nodded quickly.

“Mrs. Fairbanks remove that inhumane torture device that you all try and say is a pacifier, along with the swaddle blanket, and those leg cuffs and any other restraints that I can’t see. You will then place her in a booster seat over by her attorney.”

“Your Honor…” Reinhardt’s attorney wanted to argue.

“This is my courtroom. Choose your next words wisely,” she told him.

He shut up, and I watched as the poor woman was placed into the seat wearing nothing but a pink onesie that barely covered the diaper that at least appeared to be dry and clean. “Thank you, Your Honor,” she said to her when she was seated.

“You’re welcome Mrs. Tully.”

The bailiff was about to introduce the attorney again when Judge Jones spoke up, “From here on out I expect a level of respect to be granted for Mrs. Tully. Notice I said Tully, and not Dane. We are not in the State of Ames right now, and really this isn’t about being in the State of New Haven. This is the 3rd District Court, and that will be my ruling throughout this case.”

“Mr. Ingleton, presenting on the case,” was finally called once a moment of silence settled over the room.

“Thank you and may it please the court, I am James Ingleton representing Henry Reinhardt and Elizabeth Dane in the recovery of the woman referred to in this court as Lilibeth Tully, but previously Lilibeth Dane as adopted by my client ten years ago. At that time the municipal court of Oak City made a determination that Lilibeth Dane had demonstrated she was presenting a clear case of Maturosis after she pooped her panties in the grocery store that she worked.,Ms. Dane happened to be shopping in the store and found her panties a hygienic mess of fresh poop stains, so she took care of cleaning her up, and adopted her to re-raise her as is the normal guidance by health professionals.”

He paused, “After four years of care, Lilibeth was abducted from a park she was playing at by a man who is unfortunately still at large today. Ms. Dane went to the police, federal authorities, and others to locate her, but every attempt failed. When Mr. Reinhardt’s respected services became available, she made use of them. Within six-months, he believed he had found her in New Haven. Once he had positively identified her via fingerprints and facial recognition software, he then attempted to make the rescue of the girl to take her back home to her mother. The authorities unlawfully stepped into this custody dispute, and placed her with LPS pending this hearing. Per the Fugitive Little Act of the Constitution, she should be remanded to Ms. Dane’s custody immediately following this hearing. Ms. Dane is however not requiring her babies to come back to Ames, they may stay with their daddy here in New Haven.”

It was only then that I noticed the woman in a tasteful business suit immediately behind their counsel’s table. I could see tear marks on her face, and guessed that must have been the bitch of an Amazon. On the other side I noticed that Mrs. Tully had her husband, who looked to be just an inch or so shorter than I was. He was sitting there looking aghast at the whole affair.

“The F.L.A. promotes the well-being of all adopted Littles, regardless of the state that they are in when they are found. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled over the past century that nothing impacts the rights of a parent from reclaiming their Little who has been kidnapped, or escaped, and that any bounty hunters that seek them out must not be impeded in any manner.”

I felt my stomach turn at his arguments, laws that were quoted absolutely correctly. Each state had adopted its own laws pertaining to Littles… Ames I had discovered, along with Calisota where Selegnasol was located, were pretty much the worst. New Haven was probably the best for avoiding adoptions, but once you were adopted it was one of the strictest to get out of them besides those two. Both of the other two were under the jurisdiction of other courts, but the law nationally was that a ‘found’ Little had to be returned.

I was grateful when the bastard attorney’s red light turned on, and looked up to see Judge Jones looking decidedly grim. Mrs. Tully’s attorney was called up then.

“Thank you and may it please the court, I am Douglas Adams, and I represent Mr. Brian Tully, and his wife Lilibeth. This case represents more than a simple rule of law, Your Honor, it represents a situation where following the letter of the law will lead to immoral consequences. Mrs. Tully was abused badly when she was in the custody of her tormentor, Ms. Dane. Regularly left alone to stew in diapers that weren’t changed for days at a time, repeatedly beaten with paddles and canes, and fed only pureed meals of food that truly didn’t meet her minimum caloric needs. During her time with Ms. Dane, she went from being one-hundred pounds, a healthy weight for her size, to losing forty percent of her body mass and only being a malnourished sixty-one-pounds when she was treated at a hospital here in New Haven after her escape. She received beatings so severe that X-Rays show the healed fractures from no less than seven broken arms and legs over the four years she was held captive.”

The other attorney squirmed a bit, but bit his tongue. Ms. Dane didn’t though, “That’s not true! I only kept her in a poopy diaper when she was really bad! And as a time out because she kept hitting me!”

Judge Jones brought her gavel down, “Order! If you can’t keep quiet ma’am, I will have you removed from the courtroom.”

“Please resume Mr. Adams,” she told him.

“Fortunately, she made contact with an operative who specializes in helping abused Littles get away from bad situations. It is our belief that should Mrs. Tully be forced to return with Ms. Dane, she will enact severe beatings, mutilations, and consequences upon Mrs. Tully as revenge for her escape. Furthermore, beyond Mrs. Tully, there is her family to consider. She is raising two beautiful baby girls with her husband, whom she legally married here in Hartford…”

For the next bit of time, I watched as her attorney didn’t dispute the law, but attempted to humanize Mrs. Tully to maybe make it possible for Judge Jones to find a way to rule in her favor. To her credit, by her questions, it appeared that she was trying to find an out through the law in any way she could. Finally, after she finished questioning both sides, she spoke. “Due to the circumstances of this case, I will render a ruling after a thirty-minute recess.”

I noticed that the attorney for Ms. Dane seemed surprised by that. Judge Jones waved at Kathy and I, “I’d like to see you in my chambers,” she mouthed.

The two of us jumped up and followed her quickly to her office and sat down in the chairs she pointed to. “I think it would be completely unjust to give that poor woman back to Ms. Dane, but the law is the law… Any ideas?”

I’d had an idea bubbling in my head after something Ms. Dane’s attorney had said, “The statute doesn’t give a specific time-frame, does it?”

She looked at me with wide eyes, and pulled the statute up on a screen we could all read at the side of her desk.

Fugitive Little Act:

SEC. 3. And be it also enacted, That when a person held to a diagnosis of Maturosis in any of the United States, under the laws thereof, shall escape into any other part of the said States or Territory, the person to whom such adoption has been made, their agent or attorney, is hereby empowered to seize or arrest such fugitive from care, and to take him or her before any Judge of the Circuit or District Courts of the United States, residing or being within the State, and upon proof to the satisfaction of such Judge or magistrate, either by oral testimony or affidavit taken before and certified by a magistrate of any such State or Territory, that the person so seized or arrested, doth, under the laws of the State or Territory from which he or she fled, owe their caregiving to the person claiming him or her, it shall be the duty of such Judge or magistrate to give a certificate thereof to such claimant, his agent, or attorney, which shall be sufficient warrant for removing the said fugitive from adoption to the State or Territory from which he or she fled.

“It certainly implies it’s immediate,” Kathy said.

“True, but it doesn’t say it in black and white,” I replied.

“What are you thinking?” Judge Jones asked me.

“Well… What if you said that you will issue the proper warrant to return her, but only when she no longer has any children below the age of their majority.”

“Buy her seventeen years?” Kathy said. “That doesn’t seem like a true solution… And I don’t know that it would be upheld on another appeal?”

“Interesting… Could actually be longer though … if she has more children,” Judge Jones said. “Ms. Dane is already fifty-five… she might be able to outlast her.”

I nodded, “That’s possible.”

“Any other ideas?” she asked me.

“What about you choosing to rule Mrs. Tully as emancipated?”

“You can’t do that, can you?” Kathy said to her.

“Does she meet the criteria?” Judge Jones asked… “She’s clearly supporting herself financially… Lives apart from Ms. Dane just fine, has her high school diploma, and I would say from the reports from her lawyer can make decisions just fine…”

“Problem is her potty training?” Kathy said as she flipped through a folder.

“What?” I asked.

“It says here while she’s been in LPS care she’s only been using her diapers; she hasn’t even tried to use the potty once.”

“How much of that is really her fault though?” I found myself asking in stereo with Judge Jones. We both looked at each other.

“I think I know what I’m going to do… for now… Let’s get back to the courtroom.”

We both entered just before her and were still standing when the bailiff called for everyone to rise. She sat down and got straight to the point as she gaveled the case back in session. “This case is a difficult one that pulls at a great deal of controversies within our society. On one hand we have a girl who was determined nearly a decade ago to be incapable of caring for herself after she had poopy panties in the grocery store she worked. She clearly was ‘cared’ for by an abusive adopted mother the next four years, and that abuse is something I believe should carry some weight in this decision. Mrs. Tully clearly is a good mother by all reports I have in front of me, and loves and cares for her one- and two-year-old babies very well. Her husband has a good job, they have a home, and she clearly is capable of making good decisions.”

She shuffled through some papers, “According to the relevant code I have received proof that Mrs. Tully is the Little that Ms. Dane adopted. Per the code I am supposed to grant a warrant to Ms. Dane or her agents to carry out a return of her to Ames where she lives. Per this code I am issuing said warrant,” my heart fell, and tears fell immediately upon Mrs. Tully’s face, “that shall be enforceable only after Mrs. Tully no longer has any children below the age of their majority.”

“What?” Ms. Dane’s attorney shouted.

“Order!” She gaveled. “Per that order, Mrs. Ames is to be released on her own recognizance, and Ms. Dane and her agents, and Little Protective Services are ordered not to approach within five-hundred yards of her or her family until the warrant becomes enforceable. Court is adjourned!” The strike of her gavel resulted in a lot of confused chatter around the courtroom.

She stood and paused, “Mr. Adams I would like to see you and your clients in my chambers in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” he shouted over the top of a loud roar of conversation happening.

There seemed to be a total uproar in the room over her decision. “That’s not going to make her very popular,” Kathy said as we followed Judge Jones to her chambers.

“It was a just decision though,” I told her.

She sighed, “Yeah, I just doubt it holds up to the Appeals process.”

“Somehow I suspect that is part of why she wants to meet them in chambers,” I told her.

“What do you think her plan is?”

“I’m not sure she has one more than letting a mother be with her babies as long as she can,” I told her.

Judge Jones had Kathy wait outside, but invited me into her chambers and pointed to a chair beside a small couch she had in the office for me to sit on. When the attorney and the two Littles came in, they climbed up on the couch beside the lawyer. Mrs. Tully was still dressed in the awful onesie and diaper that now looked to be sagging.

“Your Honor,” he said and shook her hand. “I don’t understand where this ruling came from, but we’re grateful for your mercy here.”

“I can’t lie to you and say it’s not going to cause problems, but the medical reports alone tell me that you should never have been with that woman,” she told Mrs. Tully. “As far as where it came from, it was an elegant solution from my intern who’s in his first day here.” She nodded to me.

“You are?”

“Cameron Sylvester, sir,” I told him.

“You’ve graduated school already?”

“I’m getting ready for my third year at Harlan,” I told him.

“Impressive… Not many lawyers your size out there, but if you have a brain like this, I have a feeling you’ll do quite well for yourself. Your Honor we’d like to get the Tully’s home to their kids, what did you wish to see us about?”

“Well, I can guarantee that within twenty-four hours there is going to be an appeal to the Supreme Court on this ruling.” She told him, “And, if I had to guess they will probably wish to take this case up on their docket. I would wager it’s an eighty-percent chance that they strike down my ruling and demand that the warrant be executed immediately. The only way that I see forward is for your client to be emancipated.”

He nodded, “That would solve the problem in theory…”

“But as soon as I was taken by LPS they did something to my bladder and bowels… I’m worse off than I was before I escaped,” Mrs. Tully looked terrified.

“A fact you will have a medical diagnosis behind within a day, won’t you Mr. Adams?”

“Your Honor?”

“I’m giving you a letter that will state that in my opinion Mrs. Tully is not suffering from Maturosis and has demonstrated she can take care of herself and meet all requirements of an emancipation ruling. You need to get a doctor to sign off on the incontinence being caused by abuse and a medical issue. From there you should be able to apply for an emancipation ruling with the support of my document. I recommend placing a request in Judge Mercer’s docket before you leave today. Find that doctor and you should be able to get everything squared away before the appeal is filed. It’ll still be heard, but I believe the emancipation will make it a moot question.”

“Thank you, Your Honor,” Mr. Tully said, “I didn’t know how I was going to go on without her.”

“My hope is that you don’t have to figure that out for many more years! If an appeal isn’t accepted by the higher court, it might not be a bad idea for you two to have a few additional kids though. If you can have kids that are under eighteen until your former mother passes away you should be completely free.”

At that statement Mrs. Tully broke down in tears in her husband’s arms. I watched them leave and after the door was closed asked, “Will it really work?”

She shrugged, “It might, it might not, but in the end, it was the most just decision to make in a case that was full of immoral options.”

Chapter 23: Why?

WHEN WE WALKED downstairs an hour later to her car, I couldn’t help but wonder what she had been thinking. She opened the door in the back for me and I climbed onto the booster seat. It was a faded purple backless booster, and that morning she’d apologized that it was the only one she had still from her daughter. I had just shrugged, but noted in my mind that the padding was quite worn! She’d told me that until the end of Jenny’s eighth-grade year of middle school, she had forced her daughter to sit in it. It was only then that she had a final growth spurt that got her over the line further to eight-feet and fully legal to not use it.

I sighed.

“What’s that sigh about?” she asked me.

“Honestly, trying to process today? I really expected just to be watching some cases today and maybe getting to read briefs like this morning… Why…?”

She was at a stoplight and looked up at me in the rearview mirror, “Why what?”

“I guess there’s multiple… Why do we even have these slave laws as a part of our constitution? Why does someone like that have to live in fear of being kidnapped, and taken from her children as some sort of fake baby?” I grimaced, hoping I wasn’t offending her, “And… I guess I’m wondering, why did you help her?”

She nodded as she pressed the gas pedal. “Well, the constitutional amendment about slavery, as you refer to it, was a direct consequence of our country discovering the new race not long after the last century began… I don’t disagree with you in the slightest that it should be gone. The problem is there’s no way to make that happen without another constitutional amendment. I am doubtful that enough of the states would ever consider ratifying that amendment, even if it did manage to pass through congress…”

I sighed, “I’m definitely aware of that. I’m also aware of the Maturosis decisions that have come down about Littles, and even Mids, but that doesn’t make it right?”

She shook her head, “It’s not. You asked why did I help her?”

“Yes ma’am?”

She laughed, “You’re going to have to stop the ma’am stuff when we get in the car to go home Cameron. You’re too polite for your own good!” She laughed lightly.

We were heading out of the city proper and she engaged the autopilot in the car, before turning her seat around. A holographic display hovered in front of her so she could still monitor the vehicle, but it was a given like my car that it would drive itself just fine. “When I was about two years old my mom adopted a Little, Charlotte she renamed her, and proceeded to diaper her and dress her exactly like I was dressed. At the time we were exactly the same sizes, so mom just bought two of everything and dressed us like we were twins.

That went on for some time before Mom declared it was time for ‘us’ to be potty trained!” She sighed, “I was young, but I very much remember Mom making fun of Charlotte for having an accident while I sat on my potty and went like a good girl! Meanwhile Charlotte’s training pants would be soaked or messy, and Mom would spank her and berate her about being more of a baby than me.”

She wiped a tear from her eye, “I was potty trained in about a month from what Mom told me, Charlotte was given one last set of training panties the day I was given my big girl panties. She was told if she could keep them clean and dry until bedtime, she would get to keep wearing training panties and using the potty like her big sis. If she didn’t, she’d go on a vacation from worrying about the potty.”

She sighed, “During dinner she begged to get out of her highchair and use the potty, but Mom told her ‘big girls can hold it…’” I watched as she shook her head, “She didn’t really stand a chance, my mom really just wanted a baby that never grew up – since she felt I had to. I felt so bad for her as she cried and was dressed in a diaper after dinner. The messy Pull-Up had doomed her…”

I watched her face fall into a grimace, and she wiped her eyes. “Ten years later, on my thirteenth birthday, we found her hung by the sheets in her crib having finally had enough and committed suicide.”

“That’s awful,” I told her, “I’m sorry…”

She said, “Thanks… I think the fact that I was officially a teenager, and really no longer a kid, finally pushed her over the edge. To this day my birthday is a day I mourn… I don’t celebrate it.”

“How did your mom take it?”

She laughed, clearly not thinking whatever it was funny for real, “She found herself another Little. Immediately removed her ability to walk, talk, use the potty… It was awful! She didn’t want to have to worry about Kelly following in Charlotte’s footsteps.”

“I’m guessing you don’t approve… That’s why you helped her?”

She nodded, “I’m okay with the Littles who genuinely give themselves up for adoption… I’m even somewhat okay with the Littles who are adopted out rather than spending the rest of their lives in prison… but some poor Little who managed to escape a life of Hell, after being sentenced to that life for no more than a skid mark in her panties?” She shook her head, “I can’t usually do much, but you gave me a path forward. Thank you for that!”

“You’re welcome… I hope it at least buys that family some time.”

We pulled up to her house about ten minutes later, parked her car in the garage, and both carried our briefcases inside the house. I smiled as I watched her receive a kiss from her husband to welcome her home. “How was your day?” He asked her.

“You know, with the help of Cameron here it was pretty good!”


“Tell you over dinner sweetheart, just let us both go change into something more comfortable and we’ll join you down here. What’s for dinner anyway?”

“Stuffed salmon,” he told her with a smile. He looked down at me, “Hope you like fish?”

I nodded, “I eat just about everything.”

He laughed, “As a student I figured that would be the case!”

Judge Jones and I went upstairs and I came back down dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I’d debated about putting on something more comfortable than that, but as much as I figured now that I could really trust her, I didn’t want to risk maturity signs!

When I walked over to the table, I discovered they’d dug up an old booster seat from somewhere that day. It looked like straps had long since been removed from it, so I deemed it fairly harmless in the big picture. The color was a pretty hideous faded purple, but given I knew it had to have been Jenny’s as well, I wasn’t surprised by that! With a sigh I climbed up onto it, blushing, but was kind grateful since their table had been kind of difficult to reach the past couple of days! A plate was put down in front of me that could have come from a restaurant. “Wow! I thought you were an engineer…” I said with a smile, “not a professional chef.”

He and Judge Jones both laughed, “I joke that his retirement job is cooking for me and being my personal chef. It’s been a hobby of his all his life.”

“My mom insisted I be able to cook when I grew up so I could impress the ladies,” he joked.

“I may have to get some lessons, this looks amazing!”

I began eating the piece of fish, which I noted was smaller than theirs by a little bit, and took an amazing bite of stuffing that must have had crab, mushrooms, and some sort of cheese! It was to die for! The diner conversation was quiet to begin, but they started asking me about my own background some more.

“So, anyone special in your life?” Judge Jones asked. “You’re not married yet, right?”

I shook my head, “I have had some bad luck on the love front. I had a girlfriend from freshman year until the end of my last fall semester at Emerson, that I ended up proposing to… She turned me down though because her parents had actually insisted that she break up with me before she came home for Christmas that year.”

“That’s awful! Why would they do that?” she asked me.

I sighed, “She was much taller than me, and with the family being rich, didn’t want me marrying her.”

“How rich?” He asked me.


“Whoa, what family?” He followed up.

“The Harris family?”

SafeFoods?” Judge Jones asked, some scorn present in her voice.

“Yeah… Though Addy wasn’t like the rest of them.”

“I can see her family not approving of a Mid though,” Judge Jones said. “You may have been better off though…”

I shrugged, “I really did love her… and I think she probably really loved me. It was just tragic that her family was her family.”

She nodded, “So anyone since then?”

I blushed, “Well… yeah.”

“Who is she?”

“Complicated…” I said with a sigh. I debated about telling her, but after that day she’d earned some trust. “Her name is Beth… and I grew up down the street from her.”

“Ooh… high school sweetheart?”

“Could have been, but I never made a move back then. I guess I didn’t even really know I loved her until…”

“Until?” She asked.

“She was nearly demerited out, and chose to go the student services route and give herself up for adoption.”

“Demerited out?” Her husband asked.

I gave him a strange look, “I thought this was everywhere… Littles at Emerson are allowed a total of ten demerits a year for discipline infractions. If they run through them, then they are automatically demoted to the daycare until they are adopted…”

Judge Jones gave a grimace and a nod, “It’s not something that you see in Hartford, but Ames isn’t the only state with schools like that. So, she was close… and decided she was better off allowing herself to be adopted?”

I nodded, “When I saw her next, she’d talked the woman who ran the program into letting her say goodbye to me. I don’t think I really knew I loved her until then.”

“Works that way sometimes,” she nodded, “So what happened to her?”

I explained how her dad had re-adopted her and dealt with the courts. I was a little leery of telling her how he had let her grow up, but since he was in a different state with her then, I felt a bit safer. “So, her dad moved her to somewhere in New Albany where he’s been helping her get her life back together so she can try for being emancipated.”

“You talk often?”

“Usually at least once a day if we can,” I told her.

“If she gets emancipated?”

“I want to ask her to marry me,” I told her.

“You know New Albany is right next to this state. Do you know which city she lives in?”

I shook my head, “Her dad is really paranoid about someone investigating them, so he hasn’t told me where they are to be safe more than the state.”

“You should invite him to bring her here over a weekend or something!”

I gave her a weird look, “You’re okay with this? Me having a relationship with her?”

“She’s what, an inch from being a Mid?”

I nodded.

“As far as I’m concerned if she’s emancipated again it’s perfectly legal. I’d love to meet this girl who managed to capture your heart though.”

I blushed, “I’ll mention it…”

“Do it!” she said with a smile.

We talked for a bit longer and then I helped with the dishes. While the meal was amazing, I was also amazed at how many dishes he managed to use to make the meal! When I finally had the dishwasher running most of it, and the rest drying in a rack, I went and joined them in the living room where they had a news channel on. His face looked nervous, and her face just looked angry.

“I’m here in Crescent City where protestors have gathered in front of the Courthouse to protest a decision that Judge Ruth Jones issued from the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal today…” I watched them talk about the decision, but from a decidedly more unhappy approach. An interview was played of a woman, Jennifer Bennett, “I’m here with Jennifer Bennett, the head of ELNAP. Mrs. Bennett, what are you all saying about this unusual decision to issue the warrant for a Fugitive Little’s return, but to put a time stamp on it for years in the future?”

“It’s unconscionable! How in the world would a judge in their right mind even consider that an adopted Little can safely raise two babies?!? All four of their ‘family’ should be getting on a plane in matching diapers and be headed back to Oak City to be with her mommy.”

Another picture pulled up, and I understood this was going to be a cluster of a panel. A tall Amazon, and a little dressed in a business suit joined on that screen. “With us now, I have Rebecca Washington and Nadine Key, both of the movement CAMOL. We’ve heard what Mrs. Bennett has to say, what do you think about this decision? I assume that you approve?”

“Well, I don’t approve that she would even theoretically have to go back to her mommy when her kids reach their majority,” the shorter Little, Nadine, stated. “I do however admire Judge Jones attempting to thread morality with the immorality of the constitution of this country that encourages this slavery of Littles.”

“Additionally, I believe it’s unconscionable to even consider sending a Little back to a mommy that has so obviously physically abused and neglected the Little when she was under her care,” Rebecca, the big said.

“Those allegations, do we have any proof of them?” The reporter asked.

Rebecca nodded, “Medical exams and signed affidavits were submitted as evidence in today’s hearing…”

The TV turned off then, and I looked at Mr. Jones who was sitting in an armchair next to the couch I saw on with Judge Jones, “Well, you two upset the applecart today, huh?”

I nodded at that, but was happy when he told her he was proud of her! Before I went to sleep that night, I looked up more of the stories going on about the case. ELNAP was an extremist group in my mind, who believed Every Little Needs a Parent… In their view every single Little, and a majority of Mids like myself, needed to be safely dressed in diapers and cared for in a nursery according to their manifesto. They specifically believed that Littles should have teeth removed and mobility impairments to help care for them the best… Their site even referred to it as being as routine as spaying and neutering pets… I had just about vomited at that.

CAMOL, or Citizens Against Mistreatment Of Littles, on the other hand was decidedly against those procedures. They seemed to support total emancipation of Littles everywhere, but were more realistic on their efforts, and were currently focused on getting Little Rights Bills passed like were present in New Haven and Hartford. Both of those jurisdictions of course were part of the 3rd Circuit.

As I went to bed that night, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for whatever part I played in trying to help that family!

Chapter 24: Guests

THE NEXT WEEK was an intense time around the courthouse. Protestors gathered on the steps and the large grassy area in front of it to protest and counterprotest all week! I watched several reports on the news where the ELNAP protestors tried to adopt some of the Littles protesting with CAMOL. Fortunately for the Littles, they were in Hartford, which kept them from being just adopted right there. Most of them managed to get released over the course of a day or two when their ‘parent’ tried to take them to the adoption clinics. The ones that didn’t, unfortunately were dragged over state lines to a nearby state to our west that was more like Ames.

I soon discovered most of Judge Jones’ days were not as momentous as my first! Most of them dealt strictly with evaluating if a technicality of a law was broken, and what that effect might have on the verdicts in the lower courts. That being said, I felt like I learned more from Judge Jones, and sitting in her office and car talking to her, than I had my entire time in law school so far!

I had waited a few weeks for the protests to die down before asking Mr. Fehler and Beth about her idea, “Hi Mr. Fehler!”

“Hi Cameron, it’s good to hear from you! I know Beth was wondering if you would call today!”

“I wanted to call her all week, but it’s been crazy around here. Speaking of that… Judge Jones, the woman who I’m staying with and interning, suggested since you’re not far from here you could come and stay the weekend sometime before I leave to go back to New Haven in August?”

He looked thoughtful, “Where would we stay?”

“She has a huge house! She has several guest bedrooms…”

“I’m guessing we’d only need one, I know where Beth would want to stay.”


He nodded, “Beth mentioned your concerns. How about next weekend?”

“Let me check with Judge Jones really quick, I’ll call you back in ten minutes?”

“Sounds good!”

After confirming with her, I’d confirmed with him, and that led to an excited conversation with Beth! We hadn’t seen each other in person now for nearly two full years!

The next week was the slowest moving week of all time! Each day the minutes seemed to take forever to pass, and the days themselves were just serving as obstacles to the weekend! I had spoken to Dad, and he had reminded me as long as Beth was still adopted, I had to be careful around Judge Jones since she was legally bound to deal with indiscretions. Having already been forever paranoid that anyone would ever find out about our last time together, I had agreed.

The day finally arrived and Mr. Fehler pulled in driving a midsize sedan. It was just before dinner time, after we had come home a little early to meet them. Judge Jones and her husband joined me outside to greet them. I watched as Mr. Fehler opened the door, waved at me friendlily, and turned around to open the back where he pulled Beth out of a car seat.

The first thing I noticed though was her clothes.

They looked like a normal woman in her twenties should be dressed!

My eyes stared at her wide smile as I took in slow motion her being sat down on the ground and bounding towards me. She wore a conservative short sleeved striped top, that emphasized the small curves she had. Her shorts looked like they were an appropriate length, but there was something missing underneath them!

She reached me and pounced on me, “Cameron!!!”

I hugged her back as she clung to me and I felt tears come out of my eyes at being reunited finally.

“Here Cameron,” she said to me a moment later as she handed me a piece of paper she’d been carrying.

I began shaking and crying as I read the emancipation order, and hugged her again. “I’m so glad you’re free!!!”

I felt a little embarrassed as I realized everyone had all watched that display, but didn’t care as I finally regained my composure and remembered my manners.

“Sorry about my manners here Judge Jones, I’d like to introduce you to Beth Fehler, and her father Jerome Fehler.” Just then I realized there was someone else there, “And Mrs. Fehler?” I said in surprise as I saw her standing there.

“Hi Cameron. Surprise!” She said with a smile. Her mom was a hair under eight feet tall, so while she was taller than me, she was still pretty short.

“I thought…” I stammered.

“We’ll explain in a moment,” her dad said, “This is my wife Ashley. Why don’t we get everything unloaded first and then maybe we can all sit down and discuss things?” He looked at Judge Jones, “I hope you don’t mind that we brought one more person than Cameron expected?”

She laughed, “Not at all, Cameron told me about everything that happened with Beth at Emerson and afterwards… so I’m curious to hear this story too!”

Beth squeezed my hand and said, “Where am I staying?”

“In his room,” Judge Jones said. At Beth’s open eyes she said, “You’re emancipated, and as an emancipated adult now, I don’t care. You can sleep there or I do have another room with a bed for you too.”

She blushed, “With Cameron, would be fine.”

I helped Mr. Fehler and Mr. Jones grab luggage for the family and carried Mr. and Mrs. Fehler’s upstairs to the second floor, before continuing up with Beth’s stuff to my room.

She smirked when she got there, “I bet you were worried she was matching your hair to the room when you moved in here?”

I blushed, not thinking about the color much anymore, “It did occur to me. I don’t know why you, and Addy before you, all love me having long hair…”

She leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed me before running her hands through my hair. “For me at least I love having your long hair to run my hands through…”

She pulled my head down to her level and then really kissed me, with absolute unbridled passion! Our tongues played in each other’s mouths for a moment before I pushed her back and said, “We should probably get downstairs so everyone can hear this story.”

She smiled, “I think you’ll be proud of me!”

I hugged her again, “I already am!”

She ducked into the bathroom for a moment, and then I held her hand to walk downstairs together. We came down the main stairwell and saw that her parents and the Jones were already sitting down at the dining room table. All of them were staring up at us. “Now that is an adorable sight!” her mom said.

We both groaned, but joined them at the table. I smiled as I saw Beth sitting on a simple portable booster cushion on her chair beside me. We sat with her mom on her right, her dad across from her, Mr. Jones at the head, and Judge Jones beside him opposite me. Before us we each had a beautiful steak dinner that I knew he had cooked. “Thanks,” I told him after tasting it, “it’s exceptional as always!”

He smiled, “I’m going to miss you when you go back to school! Compliments every time I cook?”

Judge Jones punched him on the arm, “I give you compliments too you dolt!”

Once we had mostly all finished our food, we sat with empty plates and I asked Mrs. Fehler, “So what happened?”

She smiled, “Well… We knew that if Beth was to have a chance we would have to separate. Together we were pretty sure the court would rule that I was too immature of an influence and might corrupt Beth further. In the past some of the courts in Ames have ruled that the Betweener mother suddenly needed to be considered a Little too…” She wiped some tears from her eyes, “I didn’t want to leave Beth and her father, but it was her best chance. Long term we figured that New Albany would be the safest place to try and get her to and grow her back up so to speak… So, I moved there and found a house out in the country with our divorce settlement money. I worked remotely anyway, so nothing had to change with my job.”

“When we decided it was finally time to leave at the same time you did,” her dad said, “I left without calling her from Ames. We just showed up a couple days after I called you to let you know we made it to safety.”

“I was so excited to see Mom! Dad had never even told me where we were going!” Beth said, grabbing her hand.

“So at least I know where you’ve been… What have you been doing? You’ve always been kind of cagey about it,” I told her.

“Well… for safety sake when we moved in for the first year, we had her continue to act like a baby outside the house. We had a nursery for her to be safe in case any inspectors happened to come by. When we were pretty sure that no one was following us to check up on her we started really focusing on the potty training even more. We were able to enroll her in a community college to earn an associate’s degree - she just finished in May, and prepared her for the testing center.”

“Testing center?” I asked curiously.

“It’s easier in New Albany to earn your freedom,” she told me, “But the test is pretty intense.”

“What do they do?” Judge Jones asked, just as curious and making herself still known.

“Well, it’s a three-hour test. Part of the requirements of passing it is to show you won’t wet or mess your panties during that time. They give you a test that is something like a high school exam, and then also you have an interview with someone who asks you really personal and embarrassing questions.” She squirmed a bit, “At the end of it they check your panties in front of the room of test takers… Then you have to use the potty in front of them to do both things…”

“That’s got to be horribly embarrassing,” I said.

“You have no idea Cam!” She smiled though. “But when I was done pooping in the potty, wiped myself, and had one last panty check, they gave me the certificate that let us go to the court. Dad had to testify, I had to testify, and then it became official!”

“I’m so proud of you for getting through all of that,” I told her with a smile.

“Me too! I didn’t think I would ever be an adult again…” She said morosely. “Now what’s new here…?”

The next hour we had dessert, I did the dishes with Beth’s help, and her parents and the Joneses ended up having a very cordial conversation. I had been watching Beth for any sign that the early bedtimes were still a thing, but she was wide awake as it approached the time that I normally called it a night. Everyone excused themselves about that same time and went upstairs to their rooms.

When Beth and I reached my room I said, “You don’t have to sleep with me if you don’t…”

She launched herself at me and kissed me.

Really kissed me! I could feel my insides curling with passion right then as she broke it off and pushed me gently away.

“Shut up Cam… Let me get dressed for bed, and then I’ll make sure you know exactly what I do want out of you!”

I felt my arousal at that statement making my pants uncomfortable, and decided to get dressed in the pair of soft pajamas I had bought in the hopes of such a reaction from her. They were just a pair of plaid pajama pants and shirt, but they were the softest fabric I’d ever felt. I thought she might enjoy feeling me through them.

When she exited the bathroom, I wondered why I had bothered getting dressed!

She wore a sheer nightgown that showed through to her lacy bra and panties underneath. ‘Real panties,’ I noted! “I hope you have some condoms?”

I nervously nodded, “Yes…?”

“Well then, let me show you what I want after being locked in diapers for most of the last seven years…”

That night we definitely did what she wanted! We made up for the lost years multiple times that night before finally falling asleep.

We spent Saturday hanging out, went for a walk around their property together, and eventually had a great meal outside with everyone. I spent some time talking with her parents too, and things seemed pretty much perfect. After dinner I nervously looked at Beth, and got down on one knee with her parents and the Joneses watching.

“Beth Fehler, years ago I never knew what I had with you… I was too caught up in trying to get to college and avoid being seen as a Little. The day you gave yourself up was one of the worst days of both of our lives. After everything that’s happened, I know for a fact there’s only one thing I want in this world. I don’t want mere inches to come between us ever again. Beth, would you make me the happiest person in the world and be my wife?”

The world stopped then, as I waited to see if things would end the same way as with Addy.

The ring wasn’t the same as Addy’s, I had taken that back with Amanda’s help all those years ago, but it was just as valuable. It was a solid platinum band, with a separate wedding band that would eventually intertwine with the beautiful blue sapphire in the center, with two high grade diamonds set beside it. The band itself had more diamonds and sapphires alternating inset around it. I looked into her eyes, afraid of what she would say.

Instead, she looked at the ring in my hands, placed her hand out, and let me slide it onto her perfect finger. “Yes!” she said to me before wrapping me in the tightest hug I’d ever felt!

We kissed tenderly then and I heard clapping from the onlookers, before we were both mobbed with hugs.

That moment as I looked at her beautiful face, and held the hand with a ring on it, I was the happiest I had ever been in my life! I called Dad and shared the news with him right away. He had been as ecstatic as her parents had been too, and insisted on talking with his future daughter-in-law himself to welcome her to our family.

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Hey !

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Adding to the usual qualities of your writting I particularly enjoy the insight to your other stories. The fact that it’s a more “mature” story for the main character is quite nice too.

I can’t wait to see what appen next.

Thank you for your work.


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Thanks for the comment! (Many may have read it elsewhere, it’s late to coming to ABDLSF)

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Chapter 25: Precedent

THAT NEXT DAY when I said goodbye to Beth, it was the first time that I’d not felt a sense of foreboding like I would never see her again! Before she left, we began planning the early stages of dates for our wedding, aiming for June after I graduated law school in May. By then I would have taken the Bar Exam, and hopefully passed on my first attempt! I knew if I didn’t, I would be the first person from my school to fail it in decades – no pressure!

I hoped to get a job in New Haven or Hartford before I graduated. I was pretty sure that Judge Jones was going to be a strong reference! In fact, my time with her seemed to work amazingly well for both of us. The week before I was set to return to Harlan, I helped her decipher a chemical mess that lawyers for both sides of a lawsuit kept going back and forth with experts. The whole case rested on a chemical that seemingly caused forty Big children to suddenly stop growing, and then begin regressing in their potty training to the point all of them were now diapered and being treated as if they were Littles in their education.

“So, was this intentional?” she was trying to decipher. Really the case was about whether or not the company was knowingly responsible when someone used the chemical in the snack food being given out as samples. A lower court had said no, but the plaintiffs had appealed saying the judge had improperly thrown out evidence of a chemical chain that was present.

I had recognized that chemical chain when we were sitting in her chambers going over decisions she was publishing. “Umm… Judge Jones?”

“Yes Cam?” she said. “Remember we’re in my chambers, enough of the Judge crap.”

“Sorry Aunt Ruth,” I said rolling my eyes. Over the course of the summer, she’d rendered a verdict that if we were at home, or alone in her chambers or her car, there was to be none of the Judge Jones ‘nonsense.’

“We’ll get you past this one of these days,” she said with a smile, “But seriously, what?”

“I recognize one of these protein chains that are in this document…”

“What do you mean?”

“They claim that the children lost all of their potty training, right?”

She nodded, “Every last one of them.”

“Well, it’s because of this chemical chain. It’s in Bigs’ breast milk, and it’s what causes Littles to become incontinent.”

“So, did they know this?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know if there’s any way to prove it, but I would guess yes. It’s a pretty specific molecule that I only know of because of a friend of mine from college.”

We discussed things quite in-depth, and she ended up ordering a new trial to be held with a specific ruling that the evidence had to be shown to the jury! I followed the case a few months later and discovered that SafeFoods was now a party to the suit. I felt it was definitely justice deserved when they lost their case a year later and were ordered to pay the victims’ families one-hundred-and-eighty-million dollars!

The day I packed my car back up and headed back to Harlan, was a bit of a melancholy day. It was raining as I hugged Aunt Ruth goodbye underneath the garage roof.

“You be safe going back, and good luck this semester! If you don’t find something with a firm this spring, let me know and we can get you on for a full-time clerkship. I would love to have you around for a couple years, and it’d be a good way to get your feet wet.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thank you so much for everything!”

I had a long drive back to school, and passed much of it on the phone with Beth. She and her mom had picked out a beautiful private ranch for the wedding that was Little friendly for our small ceremony. They’d made some friends in that community that they invited, along with both sets of my grandparents, and both sets of her grandparents. Some aunts and uncles on both sides would be coming with cousins too. I couldn’t help but smile with how excited she was to be able to plan our future! Aunt Ruth was even going to preside over the ceremony for us!

By the time I reached my first class back that semester, we were pretty much planned I thought… Of course, she had set me straight about that when I mistakenly said that!

I was happy to leave her to it though, and focused on getting back in the swing of things for the semester. Walking into my first class back I saw Wendy already sitting waiting in a seat, and chose one next to her. “Hey Cameron, how was your summer?”

“Great! I spent the time clerking with Judge Jones in the 3rd Circuit,” I had just said that as Edgar walked in.

“You were working with her?” Edgar said. “She’s definitely got balls! That Dane vs. Tully case is going to be one of the biggest cases in thirty years as people study it.”

Right then the professor came up, “You’re right Edgar, it definitely is. Cameron, you were interning for her, any idea where she came up with that unique view on the law?”

I choked for a second and debated what to say, “I’m not sure that I should say sir, I was involved in some pretty privileged conversations there, and it’s still up in litigation to see if the Supreme Court is going to take it on appeal?”

He looked at me and nodded, “Probably a pretty good plan… You know you might make a good lawyer someday,” he joked. I felt like groaning, the number of jokes like that I heard on a regular basis were painful!

“I hope so sir,” I told him with a smile.

When he walked away further Edgar was sitting on the other side of me from Wendy. “Was that your idea?”


“The solution?”

“Like I said, I can’t really discuss that case… but I will say Judge Jones is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s very clever!”

Class began shortly thereafter with the traditional syllabus being handed out and loads of cases assigned for us to study. To my shock Dane vs. Tully was listed on the syllabus. “You sure you can’t talk about it?” Wendy said.

I shrugged, “I guess before I say yes or no, let me talk to Judge Jones for her permission?”

“Please!” The professor said, having overheard me. “You are young enough that I don’t know that you understand the gravity of that decision. If the Supreme Court chooses not to take the case, then that will be a new precedent. If they take it up and uphold or strike it down those will also be new precedents… It is probably the biggest case in Little Rights in the past half-century.”

“Huh?” I said, “It wasn’t that big of a case? Just involved one woman?”

“And figuring a way around that Little Fugitive Statute of the Constitution. Honestly it was brilliant work, I expect it to have a decent chance of being upheld if it’s heard.”

“I’ll ask…” I said, suddenly wondering what my idea had set into motion.

After classes were over that day Samantha walked back with me to the residential village. “It was your idea, wasn’t it?” She asked.


“To deal in the fact there was no specific time listed on the statute?”

“I really shouldn’t say…”

“It’s okay, I know it was. I can see your fingerprints all over it, Cameron. I’m grateful for it too!”

“Umm… Thanks,” I told her.

“So, what did you do there, besides help make legal history?”

“Well… Beth got emancipated in June!”

“Wait, that’s that Little you knew from back home, right?”

I nodded, “Her parents drove her down to see me and she gave me the good news… I asked her to marry me!”

She gave me a big grin, “Good for you!” She stiffened though, “Is that okay legally?”

“Now that she’s emancipated, she’s an adult again, so yes, it is!”

“That’s exciting! When’s the big day?”

I talked with her for a while longer before finally making it into my apartment. I sent Judge Jones a text message, ‘Aunt Ruth, would you please call me when you get a chance, I got asked a lot of questions today and need to know what I can and can’t say. Thanks!’

Looking at the time I was pretty sure she was probably still in court, so I called Beth, “Hi Beth!” I said to her.

We spoke for a good thirty minutes before Judge Jones called, “I need to take this, I’ll talk to you later Beth!”

“Love you Cam,” she said to me and made an air kiss at me over the video.

“Love you too Beth,” I smiled.

I answered the phone, “Hello?”


“Hi Aunt Ruth,” I said.

“How was your first day back?”

“Umm… Good, I guess… I failed to realize how much my internship with you was going to result in questions from students and professors.”

She sighed, “Yeah, that happens sometimes when you’re around the big ones. Which case?”

“Dane vs. Tully,” I said.

“Oh… Yeah, that one does seem to be picking up a fan base, doesn’t it?”

“It’s on my syllabus this semester along with every other major civil rights case involving Littles. They were asking me questions about it, but I deferred until I could talk to you. What can I say?”

She made a ‘hmm…’ sound that I knew meant she was thinking heavily. “Anything that’s in the decision that was published is fair game. I wouldn’t say that you gave me the idea, but you can explain the rationale behind the no time statute there… Honestly you shouldn’t talk too much beyond that though until it works itself through the appeals.”

“That’s more than what I thought I could say honestly,” I told her.

We talked for a bit longer before I hung up and printed off the decision. I made a few notes and texted her a couple of questions on some things that I thought might be okay to say. In class later that week the professor mentioned that the Supreme Court had declined to take up the case, after a brief was filed that Mrs. Tully was now legally emancipated. It effectively side-stepped a decision from them. It did leave the judgement of Judge Jones standing, and made it a precedent at least within the 3rd Circuit, but likely it could be applied elsewhere and stand until it made it back to the Supreme Court.

“So, what can you tell us now?” the professor had asked me.

“Well, I spoke with Judge Jones, and she suggested I stay within the opinion while we were waiting to see what the Supreme Court would do.”

“Since they just dodged it?”

“I might be able to answer a few more things next week? Again, we had some privileged conversations over the past few months.”

“You got to know her pretty well?” My professor asked.

“Well, yeah, I ended up taking a room at her house, so I spent a lot of time with her.”

“You stayed with her?”

“Well, her and her husband… and I met a couple of her children and grandchildren later in the summer,” I said.

“So, you know a lot more about her docket?”

I shrugged, “Probably more than an outsider?”

In the end I broke it down to the fact that Mrs. Tully had been living on her own for four years after recovering from horrible abuse. The decision was an elegant one hoping to help her buy time with her kids at least, because Judge Jones despised breaking up families. That day when I left class the professor, Doctor Warner, motioned for me to stop. “You realize you have one of the best chances to get a career skyrocketing after graduation now?”


“You’re party to one of the most monumental decisions in decades. You clerked with Judge Jones, who I’ve heard quietly is being vetted to take over the Supreme Court spot that Judge Mansfield just stepped down from.”

“She is?”

“She is,” he said.

“Cool! She deserves it. She’s brilliant!”

He laughed, “Yes, she is. But if you end up being able to say you clerked with a Supreme Court Justice…”

“Oh… That’s good for me too, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. I think the key isn’t whether you get a job this year, it’s what you want to specialize in. From what I’ve seen Corporate Malfeasance or Civil Rights seem to be up your alley.

“Those do both interest me Professor.”

“Well, I’ll keep my ears open for the right firm and start pushing your name out.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said with a smile that stayed on my face all the way to my apartment. I gathered my mail from my mailbox and walked inside to look through everything. It was mostly junk, but I noted a flyer that said, Need Extra Cash? I was morbidly curious, so I looked up the information and felt sick to my stomach.

Are you a Mid looking for some extra $$$? College student? Grad Student? We at Serendipity Industries are looking for people like you to answer surveys and try a variety of products…

‘This sounds like something Addy’s parents’ company would be sending out…’ I couldn’t help but thinking.

I was about to do a little research on the company when my phone lit up and showed Beth’s face.

“Hey Cameron!” She said to me, “How did today go?”

“Oh… well I guess I might be having to choose between amazing job offers according to Professor Warner.”


“I guess Judge Jones…”

“You mean Aunt Ruth!” She corrected with a smile.

I sighed, “Aunt Ruth is being vetted for that open Supreme Court seat.”

“Does she stand a chance of being confirmed?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, the Tully case seriously has a lot of people angry at her, but it also got a lot of progressive attention.”

“That’s cool!” She told me. “So, where are we looking at living?”

I smiled, “I really want to stay in New Haven honestly, but I’m okay with up there in New Albany, or anywhere here in the State of Hartford.”

“What about going straight to the Capital?”

“Live there?” I shook my head, “It would be one of the worst places we could live with you…” I cringed, “Honestly beside Ames I can’t think of a more dangerous place for us to live for your safety?”

She shrugged, “It may be unavoidable someday Cam if you become as big as I think you might!”

I laughed, “Trust me, no Mid is going to be sitting on a major judicial seat anytime soon!”

We talked for a while. Towards the end of the call she said, “I’m working on trying to find my own job here too… just so I can save up some money for when we’re married.”

“Doing what?”

“Not sure yet, I have a few leads. Mom is actually looking at one with me.”

“What happened to her job?”

“She officially retired last week… but she just wants to find something to occupy her time now.”

“That’s cool, tell her congratulations for me!”

She smiled, “I will Cameron. I love you!”

“Love you too!”

Chapter 26: Disconnected

THE NEXT FEW months were busy with classes, studying cases, memorizing facts, creating legal briefs for assignments, writing, writing, reading, and more writing!

All while I was doing this, I was making plans to go up to the Fehlers’ place in New Albany for Christmas this year. I was so excited to see her in-person, and not on a video screen! We made the most of our daily calls, but it wasn’t the same! The trip was also going to be my one real chance to see everything Beth had planned for our wedding too. I was really looking forward to it with as happy as the preparations were making her!

I had to get through Thanksgiving first though, and ended up going up to Aunt Ruth’s for the holiday since she insisted I wasn’t allowed to be alone! They were in the midst of moving out of their large house, with their kids picking through long stored possessions of theirs too. Judge Ruth Jones would be taking her place on the Supreme Court after the holiday for her lifetime appointment! Because of that they had sold their house and were moving to one just outside the capital.

We had just finished dinner on Thanksgiving and I tried calling Beth. She didn’t answer, but I figured she was probably just busy. I soon found myself helping out with sorting and packing Judge Jones law library, and became quite distracted when she gave me two two-hundred-year-old law books to keep! They were in as perfect of condition as any book that age could be, and I thanked her profusely. Her youngest daughter Jenny was the closest to my height, only a bit over a foot taller than me, which made her kind of my go to friend those couple of days that I stayed in the full house. It was a chaotic place with Judge Jones’ large family, and I felt overwhelmed through most of my stay there, as her four kids and four grandkids made their previously quiet house – very not quiet!

I had a good time though, and I was kept quite busy until I left to drive home to my apartment at Harlan Saturday morning. It was only then that I realized Beth hadn’t ever called me back. Thinking it was quite odd, I tried calling her again.

“We’re sorry, but the phone number you have dialed has been disconnected…”

“What?!?” I shouted.

I dialed it again, manually, to see if I just had some weird bug. The same message played.

I tried her dad’s number.

“We’re sorry…”

I had her mom’s number and tried it too.


“What’s going on?” I said aloud.

I called Dad, “Dad, do you have any idea why Beth and her family’s numbers are all ringing as disconnected?”

“No…? Let me try from here, maybe you have a bad line.”

We hung up and I watched the highway pass by for a few minutes before he called me, “I have no idea Cameron… Maybe their phone bill got messed up?”

“I’m worried Dad,” I told him.

“Give it a day… if it’s still that way we’ll see what else we can find out.”

When I made it back to my apartment I called again.

And again.

I used my computer to try and contact her via messaging apps.


I had some access to state and national records requests through the law school that I immediately got to work diving into the next week since I still hadn’t heard from her! I found information on their house in New Albany in a records database under her mother’s maiden name. I was excited to have picked up the trail since I still hadn’t been given their address yet for safety reasons. My relief immediately turned to disbelief, and dismay, as I discovered it had been sold for cash… cheap and quick, the day after Thanksgiving!

I tried searching for any other sign of records for Mr. and Mrs. Fehler, but came up empty.

I almost drove up right then to check on them, but I received some follow-up from the new property owner the day I was considering it. They confirmed the Fehlers had left even before the house was rapidly sold with all of the contents in it.

Over the next weeks, no matter how I searched, no matter who I enlisted to help me, the Fehlers seemed to have fallen off the face of the planet!

I had half-hoped I would see a filing in Ames by a judge about a case against Mr. Fehler for failing to raise his daughter according to the stipulations. A case that maybe showed contempt of court, or anything!


The morning I flew home for Christmas I held the desk piece she had made for me of her poem, Inches, and couldn’t help but fear I had been thwarted by mere inches yet again.

CHRISTMAS PASSED BY, and Dad and I took a trip to see if we could pick up any piece of the trail on the Fehlers. The property owner mentioned he had found a bunch of receipts that seemed like they probably were needed by them for some tax write-offs, so he’d not thrown them away. When he handed them to me, I couldn’t help but blanch at the sight of diapers in both the right size for Beth… and also a bigger size that would probably have fit her mother.

“What the Hell happened to them, Dad?” I asked him.

“No idea Cameron… Do you have any idea what the job was that they were looking at? That’s the only other lead I can think of?”

I shook my head. He was right, that was our best lead, so we focused on asking questions about that. Unfortunately that led to its own dead end as we asked around town about them. After a few days of finding nothing, Dad flew home, and I drove home to my lonely apartment. The clutter that had built up got to me, and I began binge cleaning almost immediately to cope with my stress about Beth. One of the worst parts of my apartment was a tall pile of junk mail sitting on a counter by the door. I began tackling it with a large trash bag, shredding as needed, and tossing the mail that was truly worthless.

I hadn’t tackled it since before Thanksgiving, so it was quite a pile! I noticed the ad I had saved from Serendipity Industries. I was about to just throw it away, but instead sat down at my desk and opened up my browser on my computer. I searched the company and found it was just a front company being held by another major corporation, SafeFoods.

“Well, I thought it sounded kind of like something Addy’s parents would be involved in,” I shook my head as I threw it away. “I wonder how many people get caught by those free money ads for being a guinea pig?”

Before I could think much more about it though my phone rang. Like every time it rang, I looked at it hoping it would be Beth, but instead saw that it was Aunt Ruth.

“Hi, Aunt Ruth,” I said to her over the video screen.

“Any word about Beth?”

I shook my head, “Dad and I ran into a complete dead end up in New Albany. I don’t know what happened… There was a receipt for diapers in both her and her mom’s sizes that got left behind. I’m worried something bad happened to them and either her dad had to run away with them… or they were adopted and something happened to him.”

“I’m sure he’ll make contact with you eventually Cam,” she told me.

“I hope so… We’re supposed to be married in June… How can things like this keep happening to me?” I couldn’t completely hold back the tears.

She had a tear on her face too, “I don’t know Cameron, but I’m sure things will work out in the end. Be patient!” She sighed, “I needed to call and tell you that I think David Benson from Benson and Stein is going to be giving you a call.”

“About?” I asked while thinking, ‘They’re one of the biggest firms out there for Little Rights and Malfeasance cases!’

“About a job.”

“Really? Why me?”

“Well, I might have had a conversation with him and Kendra Stein at a reception the other night at a conference. I told them about this brilliant law student who I thought would fit their firm really well.”

“Thanks for that.”

“Well, you deserve it! You have a brilliant legal mind and I know you’ll do well. At some point I hope you end up sitting on the bench yourself.”

“Not likely with my size,” I told her.

“Not impossible though – there are no laws against it you know!”

I laughed lightly, “I do know… Thanks for letting me know they might be calling.”

“Cameron, take advantage of this if they call. It’s the right move for you to get a good start. Even if you don’t stay with them for more than a few years, you’ll have time to get your feet wet, and some cases under your belt.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said.

“And Cameron, let me know if you hear anything about Beth. I’ll do all I can to help out if I need to…”

I smiled, “I know you will, thanks, Aunt Ruth.”

We hung up and it was only then that I realized in the short time I had known her she had kind of taken on the role of a surrogate mom. Not like a mommy, mind you, but a caring mom who wanted to see me succeed.

After I got off the phone with her, I began doing some research on Benson and Stein. It was pretty remarkable actually, as it was a team of a Mid and a Big for the partners of the firm… and the Mid’s name was first! I thought it might have just been alphabetical at first, but reading into some of their cases it seemed more like the Mid, David Benson, was the one that led everything in the courtroom. Kendra Stein, his partner, seemed to be almost there more for literal muscle. Their cases were truly intriguing to me as they tended to run the gamut of abused Littles, improperly adopted Littles, Mids with rights reduced, and other civil rights cases, all the way to cases of things like companies committing ethical violations in their testing. I saw a couple of cases of suits involving illegal uses of chemicals to do things to patients at daycares and hospitals listed too.

In short, I suddenly found myself really hoping they would call!

It wasn’t a right away phone call for them though. Instead, two days later I had a professor mention they’d gotten a call and they were checking up on me. I kept busy while I waited for them to obviously vet me before approaching me. In the meantime, I was busy with preparing a case with my group of friends for the Law School to litigate about a drug patent. I’d gotten dragged into doing it because of my chemistry degree, and I dragged my friends in to help me. The minutia of preparing the briefs and the court filings kept me busy and unable to dwell on Beth as much.

Not that I wasn’t still constantly worried about her, and hopelessly searching everywhere for her and her parents! Staying busy was a way to cope with my loss though.

During the third week of the semester, I received a phone call, “Mr. Sylvester?” I heard on the other side of the line.


“My name is Kendra Stein, with the Benson and Stein Law Firm. We’re looking for a couple of young attorneys to join our staff, and your name has been brought up to us by a few people. I was wondering if you might be willing and able to meet with my partner at our office this Friday.”

“I’d be happy to!” I told her. “I didn’t submit an application or anything, do I need to do so?”

She laughed, “Trust me, your application was submitted for you by your excellent work.”

“Where’s your office located?”

“We’re in downtown Crescent City, not far from the courthouse.”

“Okay, I’ll have to see about finding a place to stay the night. Any chance you know of any hotels that would be Mid friendly? I tried renting an apartment last summer and that resulted in a small claims suit…”

She laughed, “We know, it was a great pleasure to see the court ordered them to pay you for that one! We’ll arrange your hotel and accommodations, as well as pay for a stipend for your gas and meals on your trip up here. Do you think you can be up here by say… two o’clock?”

I looked at my calendar, “I have a class, but I think Professor Roberts will let me out of it for this.”

“Sounds good, looking forward to meeting you!”

I hung up the phone and felt excited that a career I dreamed of was within my grasp.

Then I felt sad that it looked like the love of my life wouldn’t be able to join me.

THE REST OF the week flew by with coursework keeping me busy. I also took time to put together a portfolio of my best work on briefs for the university’s legal team, a copy of my resume, and some of the decisions that I had formally assisted Judge Jones with.

Driving in my car to Crescent City, I couldn’t help but wish this had happened a couple months ago when I could have just stayed with her! She’d bought a house with her husband about thirty minutes outside the Capital where they were able to get a bit of land around them, along with a wall and a security system that was certainly needed for someone in her position. She’d gotten approved by the slimmest of majorities through the senate after her decision this summer almost universally disqualified her in the minority party’s view. Whatever had taken her over the finish line though, she was now a justice until she decided to retire or died – and I knew her personally! It made me smile a little to think about that.

Unfortunately, that just gave me more time to think about Beth’s disappearance while I drove. I really had tried everything I could short of one of those damn bounty hunters like Ms. Dane had used. Nothing seemed to pop up no matter where I searched, and I just hoped that maybe her dad had gotten them out in the nick of time from whatever had gone wrong.

Eventually the city’s tall skyscrapers came into view and the car navigated to a parking garage they told me to use. “Sir?” The attendant at a gate asked.

“Hi, I’m here to meet with Benson and Stein?”


“Cameron Sylvester,” I said and watched the guard type my name in.

He looked up, “You’re expected. If you’ll enable the auto-guide feature of your car we’ll get you parked. You’ll want to take the elevator to the lobby, and then they’ll get you to your floor.”

“Thank you,” I said appreciatively and okayed the prompt my car was showing me.

A lot of times I still had to manually drive the car with the hand controls in the garages and parking lots of places, but this was clearly a place that had invested in an auto-parking system. It soon had me parked in a row of spaces mere feet from the elevators he’d mentioned.

I opened my car door and straightened my tie out. I pulled my suit coat on, and grabbed my briefcase. I found the elevator had two sets of controls, one for Bigs, and one for Littles. Seeing as how the Littles were closer, I almost used them, but the last thing I wanted to do was appear weak if anyone was watching. I leaned up on my tip-toes and pressed the lobby button on the taller panel.

I found myself in a large imposing lobby with a reception desk to one side. I walked over to it and said, “Good afternoon, would you please direct me to Benson and Stein’s office?”

The tall woman looked down at me and gave me a demeaning smile. “Why would you be going to their offices?”

“Just directions please Ma’am,” I told her.

She gave me a look like she wanted to argue, but someone else walked up then and she said, “Take that elevator over there to the forty-second floor. They have a receptionist there that will get you to wherever you need to go.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” I told her with a smile. ‘I sure hope not many Littles try and get up there on their own…’

I walked into an open elevator and was going to use the Bigs panel again, but ‘42’ was way too high up on it. I instead sighed and pushed the ‘42’ that was about my shoulder height on the Littles panel. It looked like there were a total of fifty floors in the building, but even at the forty-second floor I knew it would be a higher office than I had ever been in!

For being so high up in the air, the ride was surprisingly quick! I stepped out into the office and was surprised to see a receptionist that was a Little. “Can I help you sir?”

I smiled at her, “My name is Cameron Sylvester, I have an appointment?”

She looked down at a tablet she had turned on and nodded, “Yes sir, give me just a moment to let them know you’re here. Would you like water or something while you wait?”

I looked at her and realized if there was ever a random secretary, I would trust it would be her, but shook my head, “No thank you. Do you have a restroom though by chance?”

She smiled, “Down the hall and to the left.”


I made a quick pit stop before walking back and sitting down in a chair near her desk.

I wasn’t seated long before a man a smidge taller than me, and probably close to fifty, came to me from a hallway. “Mr. Sylvester?”

I stood, “You must be Mr. Benson?”

“I am, David though please, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you! My partner and I have heard really great things about you from multiple sources. We’re looking forward to speaking with you today,” he said.

“You all have a great reputation here; I’m looking forward to it too!”

I was led to a conference room where a tall woman was already seated. She stood when I entered the room, and Benson said, “Cameron, this is Kendra Stein, my partner here at the firm.”

She held her hand out to me, “Cameron Sylvester, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I told her.

She towered over me, and I guessed her height was a few inches shy of being twelve feet. She was dressed in a tan skirt suit that flattered her figure quite well. “Please, have a seat,” she said and directed me to a desk chair that pneumatically took me to a height I could see over the table without the need for a booster seat. ‘Hmm… I need one of these…’

“Well, let’s just get down to business,” David said. “We’re looking for a couple of new lawyers to join our team as our caseload is increasing recently. Kendra and I would prefer to give a bit of a helping hand to some students from our alma mater at Harlan if we can. I was already going to speak with some professors there, but before I did so Judge Jones mentioned you at a reception…” I soon found out that they’d been looking into me for a while and vetted me with every source they could, “So, we’re sure that you’re a quality person that will probably be a big help to our firm. What we want to know is, would you be interested?”

I nodded, “I appreciate that, and I am interested! Before we start hammering out details though, I would like to know what my role will be?”

Our conversation was a cordial one that went on far longer than I think any of us anticipated, but at the end of it we shook on a deal for me to be hired and making a six-figure salary in my first year, before case bonuses! We also discussed who else might be a match for the firm, and I suggested my friend Edgar who would be a good Big to add to offset my height. That was something they were looking for to create a balanced team.

I left the meeting and called Dad first to tell him the good news. He was just as excited as I was, and told me that when he retired in five years, he would come join me there. My next phone call had to be to my ‘Aunt Ruth’ of course. She was properly congratulatory, but most importantly I thanked her for her part in getting me the job!

Even with a great job in hand before graduation… All I could think about was Beth… What happened to her…?

In June our wedding date came, and instead of waiting for her at the front of the aisle, I found myself surrounded by Dad’s arms crying. Fortunately for me he had thoughtfully come out to visit me in Crescent City that week as I moved into a new apartment.

More than anything, I just wanted to know that she was safe!!!

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Chapter 27: Serendipity

THREE YEARS HAD passed since I joined Benson and Stein. I found myself a much different man than I had been before Beth’s disappearance. On the positive side, joining their firm had been the best possible thing I could have done. Given the successes I had been having with the cases I’d been assigned, they were talking seriously about making me a third partner in the next year. Everything with my career had taken off like a rocket once I joined up with them! I’d led dozens of successful suits against companies, people, and the government on behalf of Littles, Mids, and even a few Bigs because their Littles had been wronged.

My bonuses based on cuts from settlements and jury awards became bigger than my main salary, and I had invested in a house not far from where Judge Jones had used to live. I had paid it off in one year, and appreciated having a place away from the city where I could go and think in quiet.

Though I sort of avoided that ability to think at the same time, because Beth’s disappearance had merely been the start of the worst year of my life! It was a year that had very nearly broken me completely…

By Thanksgiving of the year I should have been married, all four of my grandparents passed away! From cancer, a stroke, and then finally a car accident caused when Grandpa Frank had a sudden massive heart attack while manually driving his classic sports car. Their vehicle rolled out of control and off a Cliff, killing Grandma Suzy who was in the passenger seat.

Dad and I had been devastated by all of the loss, but at least we had each other!

Then Dad…

Then… that next May Dad passed away.

He was on his way home from work and a dumbass drunk Big overrode his self-driving controls, ran a red light, and smashed head-on into his car.

Leaving me truly an orphan…

I would honestly have taken being hugged by my overbearing Grandma Suzy just one more time!

Fortunately for me, ‘Aunt Ruth’ had followed my news, and regularly invited me down to spend time with her and her husband. Occasionally her kids would join too, and I soon found myself a welcome adopted son more or less in their family.

In the last eighteen months I had coped pretty much by being single-mindedly focused on the cases at hand. I had no life outside of work…

“Hey Cameron, we have a new client coming in a half-hour to discuss taking their case. Any chance you can come join us?” Kendra asked.

I looked up at her smiling form and again appreciated that she was an amazing person to work with. “Sure, I’m just about done here with my pre-trial motions here on the Weber case. Who is it?”

“Honestly, Desiree took the call and David did the follow-up, so I don’t remember.”

“Okay, I’ll see if I can’t grab a look at the notes in the system before I head in there.”

I got back to work, and soon I had typed a few last sentences on my project. After saving it, I looked up at the clock and realized time had gotten away from me. Noticing I now only had a few minutes, I took a quick hop into the restroom, and carried a cup of coffee to the conference room we met most of our clients. David and Kendra had set up a great office here, with our firm controlling all of the forty-second floor of the building. It let us have the conference room on a window side that overlooked the capital building and the nearby courthouse. I was known to sometimes come work there just to have a break and enjoy the view. I knew that was why both of their corner offices overlooked the same view on either end of the building!

I placed my coffee down, and was about to sit down in the chair, when Kendra’s voice became clear and I heard her talking to the man she was with. “We really are the best you can get for something like this…”

I was grateful I had set my coffee down, because I would have dropped it otherwise!

“Mr. Fehler?”

“Ca… Cameron,” he said nervously.

Over the last few years my soul had broken, and it had all started with the day they had disappeared!

“Where is she?!?!?!?” I shouted.

Kendra looked taken aback. “Umm… You know this man?”

“I’m supposed to marry his daughter! Where is Beth?!?” I asked in a hoarse voice as I rounded the table and prepared to confront him.

Mr. Fehler clearly didn’t know how to react, but as the tears reached both of our eyes, he wrapped me in a hug, “I’m sorry Cameron… We had to run… but I had no idea the damage was done… and… well…”

The hug broke, and he said, “I’m sorry, but I guess let me tell the story… it’s a long one.”

“Maybe we can all sit down?” David appeared and joined us, using a hand on my shoulder to steer me to the table.

I nodded and sat back down with my coffee cup in front of me. I took a sip, the black bitterness helping calm me back down. In front of me sat the only link I had to the love of my life, and I needed to know what had happened to her!

I managed to take a second sip and said, “Sorry about that… Umm… Full disclosure before Mr. Fehler speaks. I was engaged to his daughter who has been a lifelong friend of mine growing up when they just disappeared without a trace or a word on what happened.”

“Fair enough Cameron,” Kendra said.

“Mr. Fehler, what brings you here today?” David asked.

He sighed, “I had no idea Cameron was working for you all. I hope that doesn’t make for some sort of conflict of interest?”

“We’re not prosecutors,” David said, “and I have a feeling his passion may make for a better case here. Tell us why you’re here?”

“A little over three years ago life was going really well for my family and I! Our daughter, Beth, was a Little by just two inches, but had managed to end up having to turn herself in at Emerson University to their Student Services, when it became apparent that she was going to be demerited out. She would have been forced into an adoption with no choices otherwise. I used every connection I had to help me get a hearing and the judge allowed for her to return home with me, but put in place some very strict monitoring and restrictions for a few years after her re-adoption to ensure I was properly caring for her case of Maturosis. In the process I had also divorced from my wife, a Mid, in the hopes that it would strengthen my case.”

He sighed, “I cared for Beth as kindly as I could with the requirements as long as the court ordered monitoring was in place. When the monitoring finally came to a close, I waited a few months and then began helping her to regain all that she had lost. In the process she reconnected with Cameron here, and their young love was something they finally admitted to each other.”

Kendra shot me a curious look - I had never mentioned Beth to her or David because I just couldn’t talk about it. “Go on?”

“Well, I decided that it was time to help her go the full route to emancipation, so I moved her to New Albany, a state that I knew had the loosest laws for emancipating an adopted Little. My ex-wife had moved there right after the divorce in the hopes that we would be able to do this at some point… It was nice for all of us to be reunited as a family again, and I even remarried her officially a year later. We worked hard to potty train Beth again, get her an associate’s degree from a community college, and meet all of the emancipation requirements of the law. The June before Cameron’s final year at Harlan, we visited him and she showed him her emancipation papers. That weekend he proposed, and they planned to be married in June after he graduated the next year.”

I took the tissue that Kendra offered me then, as no attempts at trying to be tough were going to work here.

“You all were doing fine, what happened?” I asked hoarsely.

He sighed, “My wife, Ashley, had retired from her job and was looking for something else to occupy her free time. She came across an ad looking for Mids to test products. The descriptions seemed harmless, and she signed both herself and Beth up since her height was just below that level. They’d both already tested things when…”

“Do you have the ad still?” I managed to ask.

He reached into an envelope and passed it over to me. I felt my blood freeze as I recognized the very same ad that had been in my own mailbox around the time they disappeared. Serendipity Industries… “This is a front for SafeFoods,” I found myself saying without hesitation.

“How do you know that from just looking at it?” Kendra asked.

I sighed, “I received this very same ad years ago… about the time they disappeared, and remember looking into it later. It’s one of their shell companies that they use to test items because people have figured out not to trust stuff from SafeFoods.”

Her dad nodded, “If they had said anything to me, I would have done the same research… Well… I did the same research later on.” He wrung his hands and ran them through what remained along the sides of his large head. “They tested things for nearly a month before I found out about it. Apparently, it started innocently enough with some shampoo and body wash. From what I can tell those didn’t do anything directly to them, but acted as catalysts later. Some deodorant, and lip gloss, and then some new tampons were next. Nothing of course gave them any sort of red flags…”

I nodded, ‘I doubt I would have seen any of those as dangerous…’

“What happened next?” I asked.

“Well, the day we disappeared they tried a new body lotion that they had been sent. They thought it smelled pretty good, and put that opinion down on the form they would have to return about it. I figure that I came home two hours after they had tried it, and found Beth laying catatonic having wet and messed herself on the living room floor, and my wife not much better upstairs. She just managed to tell me what she thought had happened before she too… well…” he cried then, “basically became an infant for all intents and purposes. Both of them! All they can do now is crawl with some effort, drool, and cry…”

Hearing this brought to life my worst nightmare for the past few years. Everything I had ever considered in my darkest thoughts had basically been the truth all along. I felt my stomach twist in horror, my heart was wrenched open, and I quickly made a run down the hall to the bathroom and emptied my stomach out in the toilet!

I sobbed for several minutes afterwards. ‘Beth…’

I felt a hand on my shoulder, “You okay?”

I turned and saw David looking at me with concern. I shook my head, “I’m about as not okay as you can get David… but let me rinse my mouth out and hopefully I can get back in there. You’d think after I said goodbye to her once, the second time couldn’t be worse…”

He patted me on the back as we re-entered, and Beth’s dad looked at me sadly. “I’m sorry Cameron…”

I sighed, “I know, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry I freaked out here… To say I’ve been heartbroken and worried for all of these years since I got a ‘We’re sorry, your call cannot be completed’ message on your phones would be an understatement…”

“I know… I’m sorry, I wanted to let you know… but I also didn’t want you to try and hold yourself back for her.”

“So, what happened after you found them?” I asked as calmly as I could. There was a part of me that now wanted to find a way to beat him to death for not telling me, but another part needed to demand to immediately see Beth anyway.

He took a deep breath, “Well… I hit the practical side first. We still had some diapers for Beth that I dressed them both in. It was a squeeze for Ashley since they were the wrong size for her… but at least I knew it would protect a little. I carefully swaddled them on the floor of our bedroom, then ran to the store down the road and picked up some diapers in Ashley’s size. I had just finished changing Ashley into a better fitting diaper, when the doorbell rang. People never visited us out in the country where we lived, so I went down cautiously and was surprised to see a van with a logo of Serendipity Industries. One of the men said, ‘They’re probably drooling by now, just break in and let’s get them out of here…’”

I gasped, understanding more of what happened there. “What did you do?”

“Bluffed,” he told me. “I opened the door and said, ‘Hi, may I help you?’ If not me maybe the sheriff officer who is on their way?” He smiled, “One of them was pretty sure I was bluffing, but they hightailed it out of there anyway. Understanding we were in danger I got them in the car with a few changes of clothes for everyone, the products, a few mementos, all of the diapers, and hightailed it out of there.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” I asked. “I bet I could have helped…”

He shook his head, “Honestly I left our phones and electronics at the house. I had some cash and a bag just in case we needed to get out if someone from Ames was looking for us still. I bought a new car the next town over and then kept driving…”

He looked physically drained at that point. “We kept hopping from place to place for two years before I finally found an apartment and a daycare that I could trust to leave them. I don’t know what to do anymore, but I do know that whoever this company is can’t be allowed to get away with this!”

“Can I see them?” I asked him softly.

“I don’t think Beth would want that Cameron…” he said softly.


“You have no idea how hard she worked to grow up for you! The tears and screams when she missed going to the toilet and had a stinky pair of panties instead, before that the hard work to just be able to bring a spoon back to her face… I can’t let you see her like this… It’s worse than before! A lot worse…”

I shook my head, but said, “I think she would want to see me, but I’ll respect your wishes. What do you want to do?”

“I want justice for her and my wife, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of others who have been abused by this company!” His body visibly shook while he clenched his hands. “I don’t have much money remaining, but I’ll pay you what I can…”

“This will be pro bono,” I found myself saying in unison with Kendra and David.

I gave them both a small smile. “We’re going to need them both examined, and I want to know exactly what it is they’ve done to them so we can prepare the best case.”

“I think we also need to move you all to a more secure housing arrangement if you’re going to be a star witness in this trial… SafeFoods is not a safe company to deal with,” Kendra said.

“I’ll get Desiree on it,” David said as he hopped up.

Soon David took Mr. Fehler to go get his wife and Beth to take them to a remote location that we owned for cases like this. Several security guards were stationed round the clock, and the actual house was one of the most physically secure places I knew of! I wanted to go meet them there and see Beth for myself, but a part of me knew he was telling me the truth…

Kendra put her hand on my shoulder, “I don’t have a problem with you staying on this case, but are you sure you want to?”

I nodded, “If this company intentionally did this, or at the very least knowingly did this, I want their bank accounts emptied. I’d prefer their entire board and owners rot in prison, but I doubt that is possible.”

“Let’s get to work then, huh?”

Chapter 28: Swirling

DAVID, KENDRA, AND I spent the next two months compiling everything we thought we needed to put together a case against Serendipity Industries and their parent company, SafeFoods, Inc. To my surprise we were able to begin gathering several other plaintiffs to quietly join the suit, and presumed we were moving towards a Class Action status for the case.

David and Kendra focused on the clients, the witnesses, and most of the paperwork. I researched the science on what had been inside the products. Unfortunately, many of the cases lacked victims to examine, because similar vans that had come for Beth and Ashley, had come for them too – no one knew what happened to those victims at all! If it hadn’t been for home security footage we wouldn’t have even been able to fully link those cases with the Fehlers.

In other cases, they had left the victims with loved ones at home, but claimed they had to take all of the products back per the legal agreement… Fortunately, Beth’s dad had kept all of the products in a sealed Ziploc bag as one of the few things he took out of their house. I was able to get some help from the university that housed the Harlan School to analyze them. My chemistry background came into full use as I studied what had been given to them, what each unique chemical caused, and agonized over just how much damage had been inflicted with the horrific plot.

Four years to the day that I had asked Beth to marry me, we filed the case in court. A summons was sent to both companies, and almost immediately the media picked up on the case.

Things became a bit of a circus around the firm then as we dealt with national news networks requesting interviews, a countersuit from the company, and the initial late summer court date soon approached.

I had asked Beth’s dad a few times again if I could see her… but he kept refusing, “She wouldn’t want you to see her like this Cameron…”

“I was ready to say until death do us part,” I told him. “Please? So, I can remind myself who and what I’m fighting for!”

He finally agreed a week before the first court date, and I found myself driving carefully out to the safe house. I was let in by the security team and Mr. Fehler met me in the living room. “Cameron, are you sure you want to see her? I’d rather you remember her like she was…”

“I have to… I… I love her!” I told him resolutely.

His shoulders fell, “Very well then, come on upstairs to their nursery…”

‘Nursery’ felt like a stab to the gut, but I couldn’t help but note the ‘their’ in the sentence. His wife was just as wronged in this case as Beth was. He opened a door up to a happy looking nursery with two large cribs, a changing table, a playpen, and a… and a pair of adults wearing baby clothes laying on their backs with toy gym things hanging over the top of them. I watched for a moment as Beth made a very uncoordinated effort to hit a suspended unicorn toy hanging on a string above her. She was distracted a second later by staring at herself in a mirror toy next to it, and then began attempting to kick her feet out. Both she and her mother looked to have put on forty or more pounds since I saw them last, ‘Probably from the lack of exercise,’ I knew.

My blood froze as drool ran out the corner of Beth’s mouth, forming some little bubbles with her spit, and we made eye contact.

I stared into her eyes, and hoped something remained of the woman I loved.


Even a glimmer of recognition…

After she was regressed leaving Emerson, I could always see her as strong as ever inside her eyes. Now instead, all I saw was a blank stare. I started to hope when I saw her mouth began to change into a smile. I thought for just a second maybe it was the sign I needed that something was left! Right then her body tensed and, a second later, I realized she was pooping her diaper, and giggling about the sensation.

I walked over to her and said, “Hi Beth…”

She smiled, but it was the look of a baby looking at someone who looked friendly and was paying them attention. Not the look she gave me the last time we spoke via video chat… or the last time we passionately kissed.

I sighed, “Beth, I don’t know if there’s anything left of you in there, but I want you to know I have always loved you, and will always love you no matter what. I will get you justice, my love, and somehow I’ll find a way to cure you and your mom.” I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead, and stood to walk back out.

“Cameron, I have something for you before you leave…” her father told me. “Let me go get it, and then I’ll change her after I show you out.”

I nodded. It was then that I looked at Beth’s older gray-haired mom in nearly the same state on the other side of the room. She had managed to grab one of the toys hanging above her, and had it in her mouth where she began slobbering and sucking on it, leaving a glistening mess of slobber when she pulled it out a second later. With a sigh I turned from the room and closed the door. Mr. Fehler handed me a white envelope.

It felt oddly heavy in one corner of it. I looked curiously at it, “What’s this?”

“Her engagement ring…”

“But…” I tried to hand it to him.

“No Cameron… The way she is, there’s no way she can get married to you, obviously… I highly doubt we ever cure her and her mom, but… Cameron, if we do somehow manage to cure her… I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to legally stand on her own again.”

“She’s still emancipated, right?” I asked.

He shook his head, “I had to adopt both of them in case someone tried saying they weren’t adopted to take them from me.”

I groaned, “That means even if…”

“They’ll both have to go through that emancipation process. I don’t honestly know that Beth could do it again Cameron. My wife…”

I found myself hugging him, “I’m sorry,” I told him.

“I am too,” he sighed, “Take the ring. If we ever manage to get them out of it, you can ask her to marry you again.”

I nodded. “I’m going to hold you to that, sir,” I told him.

I soon found myself back in my car heading to the city. For the second time in my life, I had an engagement ring returned to me.

I would have normally called Dad to talk about something like this… but he was gone. I pulled up Aunth Ruth’s number… but couldn’t quite bring myself to dial her. I feared bringing her in because I didn’t want her to have to recuse herself if this case made it up to the Supreme Court at some point.

Driving home I had never felt more alone in all of my life…

WHEN WE WENT to the first court date, right away we hit our first road block. We’d filed in the District Court that the injury had taken place in – a standard practice. Their lawyers somehow convinced the judge, I presumed by bribery or blackmail, that it needed to be moved to the District Court in Ames instead. We decided it wasn’t worth fighting the jurisdiction battle for a couple more years’ time, and instead were at least fortunate that I had joined the bar association back there too when I graduated. We fast tracked applications for David and Kendra, but it seemed likely that we were going to be held up on David’s because of him being a Mid. I remembered my application had taken a full six-months, so I wasn’t holding my breath on his making it anytime soon. Kendra’s was fortunately approved the week we began the trial there, otherwise it would have only been me presenting our case.

The three of us found ourselves setting up at a table with all of our resources for the first hearing in Ames. Across from us their attorneys were doing the same. Just about five minutes before the hearing was to begin, Addison’s mother, Aubry Harris, entered the courtroom and sat next to the attorneys for her company. She looked at us and glared. ‘I wonder if she recognizes me?’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘I’m sure she does.’ I watched her lean across the railing and make a comment in her lawyer’s ear.

My hand brushed across the collar of my shirt, and I reassured myself that the necklace Addy had given me hung suspended with Beth’s engagement ring on it. As far as I was concerned Addy’s mom had taken both of the loves of my life away from me, and I was wearing them as a symbol of what I was fighting for! Before long the bailiff cried, “All Rise, District Court Fifty-Two is now in session, the Honorable Justice Lynn Taney presiding!”

I watched as a tall woman with short, and obviously dyed blonde, hair approached the bench in her robe. From my research I knew she was fifty-seven, healthy, and had three Littles sitting at home with their nanny right then.

“You may be seated,” she said.

The bailiff introduced our case, “The first case on today’s docket is Case number 384459322 Fehler and Others vs. Serendipity Industries and SafeFoods, Inc.”

“Mrs. Stein, I believe you are the lead counsel for the plaintiffs?”

“Yes, Your Honor, along with my co-counsel Cameron Sylvester. Also joining us is my law partner David Benson who is waiting for recognition from the Ames Bar Association.”

I heard a hiss from Addy’s mom, and I guessed if she hadn’t recognized me before, she certainly did now.

“Mr. Johnson, you are the lead counsel for the defense?”

“I am, Your Honor,” he told her. I already knew that Henry Johnson was a piece of work. We’d actually faced each other in a couple of cases back in Hartford that I had come out the better on. “On behalf of my client we wish to request a summary dismissal for this farce of a lawsuit, there is no basis in fact for this slander.”

“Objection, Your Honor,” I found myself saying. “We have evidence, witnesses, and hundreds of victims of a so-called ‘Product Testing’ scheme. There is clear criminal intent, or at the very least gross negligence, on the part of Serendipity Industries and SafeFoods.”

The judge gave me a glare that made me remember Aunt Ruth staring people down. I looked straight at her as well, and she said, “The motion is denied, it would be a serious miscarriage of justice to at least not hear the facts of this case Mr. Johnson.”

“Then Your Honor, we would like to request a continuance until we have further prepared?”

I worried the judge would be fully in their pocket, but she shook her head, “No, I don’t think that will be necessary. Let’s begin these pre-trial motions…”

We had debated long and hard about a jury trial or a non-jury trial. We couldn’t help but worry that the judge might be more crooked, but ten jurors might be a stretch out of the twelve. In the end we flipped a coin and went for the jury trial.

The not quite hour-long hearing dealt with a number of details and set the date for choosing our jurors in five days on the following Monday. The class action motion was presented, and she said she would rule on it at the next hearing.

“We’re going to go ahead and fly back home for the weekend Cameron; sure, you don’t want to come back with us?” David asked me.

I shook my head, “No, I never have done anything with selling our house here… I need to spend some time cleaning it out and getting it ready to go on the market. I’m also going to see some friends I haven’t seen since I lost my dad.”

He grasped my shoulder, “Let me know if you need anything else!”

“Will do, and why don’t you both just plan to stay at my house here when you come back? There are two extra bedrooms not being used,” I added.

“We’ll take you up on that,” Kendra said.

Right then all of our attention was dragged over to the defense attorneys who were being accosted by Aubry Harris. “What the Hell are you doing letting that Little get away with objecting to your motion? Why didn’t you fight that objection?!?” I could hear her hiss.

“Mrs. Harris, Mr. Sylvester is a fully credentialed attorney who is recognized by the Ames Bar Association…”

“Watch your back,” Kendra said as we walked out to the front of the courthouse together.

“Same to you guys,” I told her.

I was just about to get inside the car I had rented when I heard, “Cameron!”

I turned to see Addy’s mom walking towards me. “What can I do for you Mrs. Harris?”

“What can you do for me?” She snorted, “Drop this ridiculous lawsuit before I have you put into diapers like your client… Or should I say your fiancé?”

I gritted my teeth, but said, “So you’re threatening me? Just to make sure you know that would be something I would have to bring up in court.”

I stared up at her imposing form, knowing if this got physical there wasn’t much I could do.

“Of course, I’m not threatening you Little Man. Just stating a fact that you are probably in danger of wetting your pants in court. I believe a case of Maturosis on the part of the plaintiff’s counsel would probably not bode well for the suit?”

“It probably wouldn’t help, but that would be part of why I have partners who can take over if something were to happen to me, huh?”

“This isn’t going to end well for you if you keep pursuing this.”

“Kind of like how the three cases I’ve already won against SafeFoods in the last two years went?”

She gritted her teeth then and I knew I really was getting under her skin. “You watch yourself!”

“I would also remind you that the security cameras here are watching too,” I said pointing directly to two that happened to be pointing at us.”

She huffed, “Well, at least my daughter had better sense than to marry a baby like you.”

With that she turned around and left.

I was shaking as I got into my rental car and started the engine. I managed to put the coordinates into the GPS for my home and let the self-drive system navigate the garage and the streets. I took a moment to start uploading the video from the camera I was wearing as I dialed David.

“You okay?” David asked on the video screen on my dash.

I shook my head, “That may have been a close one. I’m uploading the confrontation to you, but you might also subpoena the courthouse parking cameras too if anything happens to me.”

“You think something will?”

“I’ve never had someone look at me like that before… I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t try something.”

“Are you really sure that you don’t want to fly home? We can still get you a seat on our flight?”

I nodded, “I need to be here for a bit to take care of things. I should be safe enough…”

“Watch your back Cameron,” Kendra said over the video from beside him.

“Always do…”

In the time it took to drive out of the city and to my nearby hometown I thought about needing supplies in the empty house, and ended up detouring for some essentials I knew I would need at a grocery store. Soon after that the car was pulling up to the garage of my childhood home. I activated the garage door and pulled it manually inside, looking at all of the tools and miscellaneous items in the dusty garage with a sigh.

When Dad died two years ago, I hadn’t had the heart to clean out things then… We had just done that with both of my grandparents’ houses in the previous year… That had sucked, but doing that with my own childhood home was going to be so much worse! I took the steps to my bedroom and was startled to see a screen lying on the bed. ‘That wasn’t there before?’ I thought back to when I left after Dad’s funeral.

Just as I approached it to check it out the screen turned on and a vivid swirl of colors began swirling on the screen…

Chapter 29: Tails

IN MY HEAD I shouted ‘NO!!!’ as I flipped over the tablet onto its screen. I had seen just enough to realize there was a weird filter color with words that was somehow overlaid above the moving video, but didn’t keep looking long enough to figure out what it was.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, “That was close!”

I found a pair of gloves in the medicine cabinet and placed the tablet inside a manilla envelope before calling the police. I called David and Kendra and let them know about it too, before meeting the police at the door a short while later. They looked kind of suspicious about it when the screen was black, but took it in for evidence anyways. There was absolutely no sign of forced entry in the house, which made me even more nervous! I paid a locksmith to come out and rekey my locks and add some additional physical locks onto each door. They were contracted to come back and put in an alarm system the next week. David and Kendra told me to expense it all when I got back…

It was late that night by the time the dust finally settled and I found myself laying in my childhood bed. ‘They gave it a solid attempt to use hypnosis on me…’ I thought as I tried sleeping. ‘I’m guessing they’re hoping I’ll pee my pants in court on Monday and they can get rid of me and the case with a Maturosis ruling…’

I had no way of knowing how long ago the tablet had been planted though… I hadn’t been inside the house now in about twenty months. My only hope was that there were fingerprints or some sort of digital fingerprint associated with whoever planted it inside my house.

At some point in the evening, I must have finally dozed off, waking to my cell phone going off the next day.

I looked over and saw it was Aunt Ruth, “Hi Aunt Ruth,” I told her sleepily.

“Hi, yourself,” she said.

“Umm… am I in trouble?” I asked sleepily.

“A little… How come you didn’t tell me that you are involved in that big case against SafeFoods on behalf of Beth?”

I sighed and rubbed the sleet out of my eyes, glad this was an audio call only. “It’s been in the news? I figured you already knew?” I paused, “Honestly I didn’t want to create conflicts of interest if the verdict gets appealed to your court?”

“That big, huh?” She asked.

I sighed, “Big enough they tried getting me last night,” I said and instantly wanted to take back those words.

“What do you mean?” She asked like a mother worried about her kid.

“I shouldn’t have said anything…” I sighed, “I came home to my dad’s house last night and narrowly evaded a hypnosis trap that was set for me.”

“You’re okay?!?” She asked, “You’re sure? Hypnosis doesn’t always appear immediately?”

“I’m sure… I’ll tell you why some other time.” I thought, ‘Thanks Stacy.’

“What exactly is this case?”

“I’m not wanting to create a conflict…” I insisted.

“If the case involves you it automatically probably reaches that anyway Cameron.” She paused, “Besides, it’s my call if I have a conflict of interest, no one else’s.”

“Well…” I hedged, “I guess I’ll give you the overview. A few months ago, now Beth’s dad showed up at the office wanting to file a suit against Serendipity Industries. He didn’t realize I worked at the firm… It was a bit rough,” I admitted.

“How rough?”

“Well, I didn’t kick his rear like I wanted to…” I shook my head, “Honestly in the end I would probably have mostly done the same thing he did other than finding a way to at least get in touch with me. Beth and her mom signed up for some sort of product testing service as a part-time job. That Thanksgiving she disappeared; they had just tested something that made them both… Well… they show no signs of cognition,” I told her sadly, “I don’t know if anyone can ever do anything for her or her mom. Her mom was actually the one who signed them both up to test stuff… With her larger body mass, she lasted just long enough to tell her dad what happened before she ended up in an infant state too.” The tears I felt going down my face reminded me this nightmare was far from over, “We’re suing Serendipity and their parent company SafeFoods for them, and one-hundred-and-thirty other clients so far that have also signed on. We turned in a motion to make the case a Class Action suit and will begin jury selection on Monday.”

“You think the attack last night?”

“I’m sure it was them. Mrs. Harris confronted me by my car too. I have a video of the exchange that’s already in David and Kendra’s hands.”

“You have to be careful Cameron…” she told me worriedly.

“I will… as much as I can.” I wiped another tear away, “Honestly, with Beth like she is now, my whole family is gone… I sometimes wonder if there’s anything more I can really lose.”

“I wish I could hug you right now… Hang in there kid!” she told me. “And your whole family is not gone, you know I’m there for you anytime you need something! And, I expect a call at least once a week so I know you’re okay!”

I smiled, “Yes Mom,” I told her.

I heard her suck in a breath. “You know I really do think of you as another one of my kids at this point, right?”

“And honestly, you’re as much of a mother as I’ve had since I was little. Thank you for caring about me,” I told her.

We hung up soon after and I couldn’t help but thinking I wanted to tell her that I loved her as I did so… it was really quite true!

I showered and got to work on our current case and also did some prep for several others. I spent an hour on video conference with David and Kendra about things before beginning to work around the house on making headway on keep vs. give away/throw away. I started in the last place I wanted to start, Dad’s bedroom, so it would be available for David to sleep in. Kendra would get the larger bed in the guest room that my grandparents used to use.

Going through his stuff was an emotional minefield, and I cried for about two hours straight as I’d frequently come across something that reminded me of him. His clothes were boxed up for charity since they were too big for me. I kept his watches, tie clasps, and other jewelry he had. Mom had left some jewelry that should have gone to my baby sister if she had lived… That made me cry again, but I couldn’t throw that out. That all got carefully boxed to fly back with me as I knew there was a lot of value inside of her jewelry boxes. “Maybe someday I can give them to Beth…”

There were some trinkets from my grandparents and their families that were of sentimental value that I also kept. By the end of the day, I’d managed to pack about twenty boxes, filled trash bags, and had emptied his room out of everything but the furniture. I found myself closing the door so I wouldn’t have to look inside on my way to my bathroom to shower. I was meeting Megan and Meg at Amanda and Fred’s for dinner, and didn’t want to smell bad from all of the sweating I’d been doing.

I’d last seen them when they came for Dad’s funeral… Meg and I used to speak a couple times a month, but living on the other side of the country practically made it hard to keep up my friendships as well as I’d like. Losing Beth had only meant I’d closed myself off more too…

Once I was dressed, I checked that everything was locked up tight, and then climbed inside of my rental car. I had sold Dad’s car, since I couldn’t legally drive it, within a month of his passing. I wished my own car was back with me though as the seats in this car were not nearly as comfortable! I set the navigation on the car’s computer and headed towards Amanda and Fred’s house, wondering what might have changed with them in the time I’d been gone.

I was stopped at a stoplight with the car signaling to turn, when I looked back and noticed a blue car with a couple of large men in it. They seemed to be staring intently at my car, but I just assumed it was probably one of the annoyed groups of people who hated the rule-following self-driving vehicle. I knew many Bigs who complained about not being able to speed with more and more of them on the roads blocking them!

The car navigated out to the area where their house was, and I jumped a bit when I realized that blue car was still behind me!

I breathed a sigh of relief when the car went past me as I turned into their driveway, but couldn’t help but think it might not have been a coincidence!

I was soon buzzed in and parked in front of their large house. Meg and Megan were standing out there alongside Bella, who was dressed more like an adult than I’d ever seen her! As if their roles had been reversed, Meg was dressed in a puffy blue gingham romper that had a large butterfly embroidered on it. It was appropriate apparel for a year-old baby… not really for a twenty-eight-year-old. ‘Did Megan go off the deep end?’ I wondered.

Meg ran up to me and squeezed me in a hug, “Cameron!!!”

I squeezed her tightly, enjoying the physical contact with another human being. I pushed her back and asked, “So what’s with the attire?”

She blushed, “I came from daycare… Mo… Megan got a new job and I have to go there during the days.”

I looked at her, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, “It was embarrassing at first… I got picked on a lot because I went dressed how I normally dress. I took some advice from a new friend there though and started dressing babyish and adorable… All of the sudden I was treated a lot better by the staff and other kids!”

“Well, you do look adorable,” I told her with a smirk. “Glad to know Megan hasn’t lost her mind though…”

She came up to me then and gave me her own hug, “It’s good to see you Cameron! I promise I wouldn’t be sending her there if I had another option… As it is, I have Mom watch her one of the days, so she’s usually only at daycare four days.”

“Today just happened to be one of those,” Meg said somewhat sourly. “I was running late, so we didn’t have time to go get some other clothes.”

“How are you doing Bella?” I asked as she stood by. We’d never really grown to be close friends… she was so much older than I was, and I’d been there to see Stacy more.

“Good,” she said and also hugged me to my surprise.

“It’s good to have you back Cam,” Meg told me.

“Thanks,” I said. “I should say ‘hi’ to Amanda and Fred.”

“Amanda’s inside, Fred is out at the grill,” Meg told me.

“Let’s go see them,” I said and followed them inside.

Amanda also enveloped me in a tight hug, “It’s good to see you Cameron!”

“You all as well… it’s been a while!”

We walked outside and the four of us sat down on one of their picnic benches after I greeted Fred with a handshake, and a brief conversation. “So how are you doing?” Meg asked me, “Really doing?”

I sighed, “I saw Beth last week finally…”

“How… how is she?” Meg asked.

I shook my head, “Not good…” I found myself looking at Bella, “I think… she might be further gone than Bella was.”

Bella started a bit at that, but nodded, “I’m so lucky that I had Stacy on my side. It was horrible…”

I nodded, “Yes you were… We all were…”

“We were?” Meg asked.

I looked for Fred and Amanda, but not seeing them I said quietly, “She injected me with nanites freshman year but never told me. She tweaked them before she left… If she hadn’t, I would probably be in a world of hurt right now.”

“What happened?” Bella asked.

“When I made it to my dad’s house last night, I found a tablet sitting on my bed. It activated when it detected me… Nothing happened to me, probably in part because I flipped it over quickly, but I’m pretty sure it was one of those intensive hypnotic video setups.”

“You’re sure it didn’t get you?” Amanda said behind me, making me jump.

“Yes… I happened to look at a clock just before I looked down, and again after I flipped it. The numbers hadn’t changed over, so it was definitely less than a minute, but I’m sure it was only about three seconds…”

“That should have been more than enough if it was one of the advanced types,” Fred said, overhearing us and joining in with a plate of food he placed down on the table.

“It probably would have been if it wasn’t for some help Stacy gave me.”

Amanda’s eyes widened, “You’re the one she told about what she did before she left!”

I shrugged, “Maybe?”

“What did she tell you?”

“Well… I don’t think we should talk about it outside?”

She nodded, “Inside later, we need to talk.”

Our table conversations moved onto more mundane matters, and Meg ended up being more than slightly embarrassed as she became a topic of conversation. Megan and Amanda seemed to be trying to outdo each other with stories of blowouts of their adopted daughters’ diapers for some reason… We were just getting ready to eat dessert when a loud alarm sounded.

Amanda shouted, “Get inside!”

I followed them all inside as they ran, and noted that Amanda seemed panicked! The second we were all inside the door, I watched the special door turn into a solid piece and heard heavy locks slam closed.

She was looking at a tablet, “Looks like they were just approaching the perimeter, they didn’t make it to the wall even.”

I looked over and saw a video of a man I recognized. “They were following me,” I found myself saying.

“Who did?” Fred asked.

“Those guys, they were in a blue car that tailed me leaving the city. I thought it was suspicious, but they passed me when I turned.

“Well, this seems like a problem,” Amanda said. “Let me call Dad.”

I ended up being at their house until far later that night than I planned as her dad worked with some police officers he trusted. “I don’t see these guys in any of our files,” the officer told him. “I do however think they probably work for some sort of private security group…”

‘Probably for SafeFoods,’ I thought to myself.

When they left Amanda said to me, “Can you come talk to me in my workroom?” Once we were inside I watched her do something that I assumed scanned the room, and she asked, “What exactly did Stacy do with you?”

I sighed, “She injected me with nanites to disable the effect of breastmilk freshman year when I accidentally had some of Addy’s when we were making out.”

“Oh…” she said. “That was nice of her!”

I nodded, “Not sure why she never did it for Meg, but I think since she seemed to be determined to just give up, she didn’t want to be cruel to her if she did get adopted… Stacy seemed to think there was some value in not noticing using diapers.”

“Sounds like her,” she agreed. “Did she do anything else to you?”

I shrugged, “She said she did something that would block any of the hypnotic videos and sounds that were out there. Last night was the first time I’d really encountered one since she did that. I saw some sort of filter color at work, so I think it must have helped…?”

She nodded, “Stacy did something like that to herself before she was kidnapped. What you saw is what she described it as.” She looked thoughtful, “Didn’t she tell you of anything else she did?”

“Did she tell you about anything else she did?”

She shook her head, “We can’t talk privately over the dimensional communications. She did allude last year that someone here knew though. Meg didn’t, Megan didn’t, Bella didn’t, Fred and I didn’t… My dad doesn’t know anything else either. That leaves you?”

I shrugged, “She was trying for something to help with the abusive parents here. Something to increase the desire to be loving, instead of cruel? I’ve seen some reports that may be the case?”

She nodded, “Some of the crueler medical procedures have finally been banned here. A few other things for rights protection to ensure Littles are treated as real babies in their treatment. Something that would be abusive to a baby or a child is now considered abusive towards Littles. Unfortunately, it seems like the adoption rate may have rapidly increased though. Fewer free Littles are going to decline their population in a hurry…”

I nodded, “Sounds like it might have worked, but caused some side effects?”

“Maybe…” she said. “You want to stay here while you’re in town for the trial? You won’t have to be in that empty house alone then?”

I smiled at her, “I appreciate the offer, but I really need to get the house cleared out so I can sell it. Kendra and David should be returning Sunday night too and will stay with me.”

“If you change your mind…?”

“I know where I can come,” I told her with a smile.

I was able to hang out with Meg and Megan for another half-hour before it was the former’s bedtime, and I needed to get back home too. It was almost a familiar feeling as I stopped at a grocery store after being at their house.

Unfortunately, I noted the blue car was back on my tail again!

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Chapter 30: Credibility

THE NEXT DAY I was constantly looking over my shoulder and finding a couple of teams that seemed to alternate in following me. When David and Kendra came back on Sunday, they insisted on paying for some extra security for my house, and to travel around with us when we went to court each day. The teams following me did back off once we had a few brawny security guards traveling everywhere with us. Kendra had also decided it was a good idea for her not to leave me alone to go back to Crescent City, so that left David going back and forth on the weekends to check on the office. None of us were quite sure what the stalkers had planned, but it didn’t seem like it would be good no matter what!

We made it through the pre-trial motions, chose a fairly decent panel of jurors who weren’t all Little babying maniacs, and were in our second day of testimony of the third month I’d been back. The first day we had called a few of the ‘caregivers’ and ‘parents’ as witnesses to testify on their perspective of what had happened.

“Your Honor, we would like to call Doctor Katrina Welsh as our next witness,” I said in my firm voice.

Katrina was a chemist who had studied the contents of each of the items we had remaining in evidence, not only from Beth and her mom, but thirty others as well. I watched as she was sworn in, and stepped up to the plate for the first time in this trial since Kendra had taken yesterday’s witnesses.

“Doctor Welsh, would you please tell us your qualifications?” I began.

“Certainly, I have a PhD in Biochemistry, with an emphasis in proteins and neurotransporters.”

“In lay terms, you study the chemistry of how our bodies make decisions and communicate between the brain and the body parts?”

She nodded, “That’s a good way to break it down.”

“You have in the past studied a specific Casein Protein that is involved in a specific process, correct?”

“Yes, I was the lead researcher in a study we titled ‘Pathway to Control’ that looked at a phenomenon known to most Bigs with the affects our breastmilk has on Littles. Several studies had linked adopted mothers nursing their Littles as causing a severe reduction in signals to a Little’s bladder or bowels to let them know they need to go. Long-term feeding of breastmilk to Littles seemed to even completely eradicate any ability to voluntarily control those functions on their own. Through our study we identified the specific protein that we dubbed Casein Protein E3. Further studies show that it essentially gums up the Pontine Mictruition Center of the brain, along with the spinal cord and nerve receptors of the bladder and anal sphincter.”

“So, you effectively in this study proved what everyone had always known was probably true about breastmilk?”

“Objection Your Honor, Speculation!” The defense counsel said loudly.

The judge looked down at me and said, “Sustained.”

“Your Honor?” I asked.

“Asking her what has always been known is out of order. Continue on with your questions…”

I kept my cool and said, “Now that we know about your focus, you had a chance to examine samples of the body lotions in exhibits thirteen through fort-three, correct?”

“Yes sir,” she said with a smile.

“And what did you find?”

“A true chemical hodgepodge… Standard ingredients based off of a petroleum base, Sodium, Citrus, and some elements for scent that are normal in such products. What wasn’t normal though was a high concentration of the Casein Protein E3, as well as E8, J4, and a neurotoxin that is commonly found in stingrays”

“A neurotoxin?” I asked.

“Yes, I was quite surprised by it actually… The fact I found it in all of the lotion samples was not something I would have expected given I was told they were from dozens of separate sources?”

“Objection Your Honor! The witness is speculating!”

“Your Honor the witness is an expert in biochemistry, she is using her expert knowledge and opinions to render a valid series of scientific observations.”

“Sustained,” the judge said coolly. “Stick with the chemistry.”

I was more annoyed at that point, but moved on, “This neurotoxin you identified, what effect would it have upon entering someone’s bloodstream?”

“Well, it was really a true cocktail of sorts within these samples. The neurotoxin in particular would most likely attack the person’s nervous system, at the very least causing them to have severe coordination and motor control issues. In too high of a dose there is always the potential for a heart attack.”

“So, a person would probably not be able to walk very well?”

“Or talk… or potentially even breathe,” she added.

“What would the other items affect?”

“Well, with a dose in enough quantity I would expect the neuro-receptors to be gummed up by the E3 protein. It would be the equivalent damage as three years of nursing…”

“Objection your honor, again, this is pure speculation. Not to mention breastfeeding has shown no negatives in study after study!”

“Sustained!” the judge looked at me.

“On what grounds? This isn’t speculation, this is hard science being presented by a specialist in the field!” I argued.

“My courtroom Mr. Sylvester, move on!”

“Doctor Welsh if you had to predict the effects based on your knowledge of chemistry, what happened to the individuals who applied this lotion onto their bodies?”

“I believe it likely they would collapse within a relatively short time, be unable to control their bodies, and likely suffer significant permanent motor function losses from the neurotoxin. It is also quite likely that two of the proteins would bind to centers in the brain for motor control, and another would be binding to the emotional area of the cortex. Based on studies with lab animals I believe it would also likely do significant damage to other portions of the brain, such as the hippocampus that controls memory. Those animal subjects were later autopsied and found to have literal holes in the tissue of their brains where healthy synapses should form.”

“In lay terms, this would essentially create a vegetable?”

“Your Honor, Objection, the counsel is attempting to prejudice the jury against our clients!”

“Sustained,” the judge looked at me, “Mr. Sylvester, are you quite through here? If you’re not, I want to warn you that I’m about to strike all of her testimony if you continue to push the bar.”

I debated for a moment about pushing it, but a glance to our table saw David and Kendra waving me off. “No more questions, Your Honor,” I told her.

I watched the defense begin to cross examine Doctor Welsh. Several times we raised our own objections, but we were overruled on all but one of them. “Court is in recess for ninety minutes for lunch!” The judge said.

I groaned as we gathered our things and walked to a nearby deli. “What the hell is her problem?” I asked the two quietly as we sat at a table away from others.

Kendra shook her head, “I’m not sure, but it’s clear there’s something more at play here. Cameron you need to be careful with this judge, I don’t trust her…”

“I agree,” David said. “You sure you want to take the afternoon? She’s way more combative with you than she was with Kendra?”

“I want to at least get through Doctor Nickerson. She’s a Big with a massive reputation that I’m surprised we got to help us out here.”

“You shouldn’t be surprised,” Kendra said. “And you have the wrong Doctor Nickerson.”


“You’re thinking of Doctor Ivy Nickerson, the CEO of the hospitals in town here. Doctor Holly Nickerson is the one who did the examination. She’s actually a Little herself.” Kendra smiled.


“Apparently she got into some sort of a scuffle with terrorists a few years back? She’s from the other dimension?” David filled in.

“She’s adopted?”

David nodded, “Yep, but some loopholes let her run the pediatric ward at University Hospitals General Campus.”

“She was quite the steal to have examined them. Flying her out to check out the patients in New Haven helps out with credibility locally.” Kendra stated.

“Won’t they just dismiss her for being a Little?” I asked, confused.

“I doubt it in this town… or State. She’s made quite the name for herself since they let her start practicing medicine here.”

“Huh,” I said, “I think I maybe remember a little bit of that news… If it’s the attack I’m thinking of, it was completely crazy!”

The steak and cheese sandwich I had was pretty tasty, and I was feeling nice and full going back to the courthouse. A quick trip to the restroom was made before we began the afternoon arguments. Kendra saw that Doctor Holly Nickerson was set to go, while David and I made sure we were organized at our table. Just before we heard ‘All-rise’ that afternoon I noticed a tall figure had joined the bench behind the wall of the defense team.

Her beautiful red hair was as lovely as ever, and the grey scoop-necked dress was both classy, and flattering to her form. We made eye contact for one second, and then my attention went back to the judge who was just being announced.

“Please call your next witness,” she told us.

“We would like to call Doctor Holly Nickerson,” I said aloud. ‘I sure hope that David prepped her…’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘I should have been involved with that with her being a Little!’

The short woman walked confidently up to the witness stand where a booster seat was already being provided. There were titters in the gallery and the jury box, so Judge Taney used her gavel and called, “Order!”

Doctor Nickerson was dressed in a pantsuit with her white doctor’s coat over the top. Once she was sworn in, I began with the typical questions, “Doctor Nickerson, to begin would you please state your qualifications for the court?”

“Certainly!” she said with a smile. “I received my MD from Yale University, a university back in my home dimension. I completed an extended residency afterwards and focused there on general and pediatric procedures. Since arriving in this dimension I have become the head of the Pediatric department at University Hospitals General campus. I now specialize in nanite procedures, as well as trauma care for Pediatrics for Children and Littles who come to the hospital.”

“Objection, Your Honor! There is no way this Little is qualified to testify here!”

To my surprise the gavel came down and she said, “Overruled, Doctor Nickerson here is a very competent doctor, I know this for a fact as she has performed surgery on one of my own Littles last year, saving her life. She’s actually known as the best pediatric surgeon in the region, if not one of the best in the country. I doubt they could have found a more respected doctor.” She said quite confidently.

Holly Nickerson looked just as surprised by the defense, but smiled and said, “Thank you, Your Honor.”

“Continue on Mr. Sylvester,” she told me.

“You had a chance to examine thirteen patients mentioned in this suit so far?”

She nodded, “I did. I was able to perform very thorough physical examinations, as well as scans, and a colleague of mine performed neuro examinations as well.”

“What were your findings?”


I nodded.

“All of them had significant motor deficiencies upon my initial examination. It became apparent that something had been done to them. All thirteen of the patients I examined seeming to be unable to follow conversations, answer questions verbally, or do more than struggle to crawl. Four of the patients were unable to even turn themselves over from their back to their stomach, or their stomach to their back. If I was to put an age on their behavior, I would put them at about the one to two-month level for motor skills.”

Videos of the victims were being shown by David remotely on a screen during her explanation.

“Did they react to any stimuli?”

She shrugged, “Not a lot. Three of the patients would follow a parent with their eyes as they moved about the room, but most of them didn’t even do that. A light pinch did induce crying, so the pain receptors are functioning. I also observed crying for attention to the state of their diapers, and all of them also cried if they were hungry.”

“This isn’t a natural occurrence?” I asked.

She shrugged, “Not normally. Maybe if there had been a severe head trauma incident, or a case of a stroke, or a long loss of oxygen there could be some of these symptoms, but not all of them.”

“What else did you find?”

“Well using some of our scanning technology,” a screen pulled up then and a scan of a brain was shown. ‘Victim A’ was labeled, and I knew it was Beth’s scan even without the smaller name listed. “We looked at scans of their brains and discovered some significant buildup of proteins on these centers of their brains. In this patient’s case, it almost appears to be a hard casing that’s formed blocking the brain from receiving signals.”

“Objection, Your Honor!” The defense suddenly said. “The Doctor is not a neurosurgeon!”

I looked at the judge with curiosity as she seemed to wrestle with a decision. “Sustained!”

“Your Honor?” I questioned. “You’ve already stated this witness is qualified?”

“Not in neurosurgery, you need to call another witness for that.”

“Your Honor, move to strike the witness comment about blocking the brain from receiving signals?”

“Your Honor, that’s a hard fact that she’s seeing on a scan that she is qualified to note!” I argued.

“Sustained,” she said, looking apologetic at Holly for some reason. “Move on Mr. Sylvester!”

I debated arguing more, but ended up pulling back again and getting her observations on the damages that were visible outside of the brain… ‘This is bullshit!’ I couldn’t help but think.

Eventually I ended my questioning and stepped back and watched the defense go to work. They asked question after question and seemed flustered that Doctor Nickerson ably defended her observations. I guessed they were about done with their cross when I heard a fart.

“Excuse me,” Doctor Nickerson said with a blush.

“Your Honor, would you please have the Bailiff check her diaper?” their counsel said.

“What?” I found myself in stereo with my table and the judge.

“I believe the Little Doctor just pooped herself?”

“Umm… Please do so…” She said to the bailiff.

I watched as her coat was pulled out of the way and the suit pants pulled back. By the face the bailiff made I knew the answer, “She is poopy,” he said.

“Any more questions?” The Judge asked the counsel.

“Just a motion that her testimony be stricken from the record, Your Honor. Surely anyone who cannot maturely control their poopy pants has no credibility in this courtroom.”

“I don’t think…” Doctor Nickerson tried to defend herself.

“Your Honor Doctor Nickerson has a medical condition; she’s allowed to ably practice medicine in-spite of this. Surely if she can perform life saving surgeries, her control shouldn’t mean her testimony should be thrown out?” I argued.

I turned and noticed that Aubry Harris was staring the judge down, and she was looking straight back at her.

She turned to their attorney, “Very well, you have a point. The Jury is instructed to disregard the testimony of Doctor Nickerson which is hereby stricken from the record! Give the girl back to her mommy so she can be changed.”

“Your Honor this is outrageous! What are the Harris’s blackmailing you with?!? I motion that you recuse yourself from this trial, it’s clear that it’s not going to be a fair one with you on the bench!”

The eyes that stared at me told me that I’d gone too far. A quick glance at Kendra and David’s faces revealed that they felt it too. In response though I stared down this judge who was the embodiment of everything unjust in this damn state!

“Mr. Sylvester you are in contempt of court! I declare you unfit to be an adult at this time! Bailiff, seize him and diaper him before he has an accident in my courtroom! Have Little Protective Services see to his future care!”

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Chapter 31: Right to Remain Silent

“WAIT!!!” I HEARD a familiar voice shout from across the aisle, just as I was gaining my senses, and thinking that I should run. I turned and viewed the figure of Addison standing next to the railing. “Your Honor, I’m a witness to his Maturosis, I want to adopt him!”

“Your Honor!” Kendra said, “I object to this! There is no reason to issue this contempt charge! My colleague had a valid objection!”

“You’re out of order Ms. Stein!” She looked thoughtful for a moment, “Very well, Ms. Harris, you may adopt your new Little boy, Cameron Sylvester. His care is entrusted to you, but I would have a word with you about requirements before you go with him. Approach the bench – Bailiff, collect her new charge.”

A million things seemed to go off in my head right then. The most lucid one looked at Kendra and David, “Call my Aunt Ruth,” I told them. They knew who she was and nodded. “Please try and get me out of this…”

Right then a locking pacifier was suddenly forced into my lips, and twisted to inflate it, just before strong arms grabbed me. I couldn’t help but think, ‘If I struggle it could be more like Laura…’ It took everything in my being to not fight out of panic! Instead, I forced myself to go completely limp in the strong arms of the massive twelve-foot-tall court officer. I knew that struggling would result in a resisting arrest charge on top of everything else!

I didn’t even make a face at the damn gag… I knew without a doubt that there was no hope of winning the war today. I made one last look at the horrified faces of David and Kendra, before hearing the Bailiff shout, “Anyone in here have a spare diaper for the baby here?”

“I have one!” I looked and saw it was Addison’s mom. Of course, ‘Grandma’ would have one…’ I thought angrily. “It might be a little small, but my daughter can get the right size at the store. You need a hand changing him?”

I looked up at the man and watched his smile grow seeing that he wouldn’t have to deal with the ‘baby.’ “That would be mighty helpful Ma’am, I know this baby boy knows he’s in for more punishment if he acts up?” He gave me a menacing look in the eyes at that statement.

I nodded once, feeling my body begin to shake.

The SafeFoods lawyer cleared the table in front of them, and I watched as a blue disposable changing pad was placed down on top of it to make a makeshift changing table. She took me from him and laid me down, pulling my pants and boxers off; but curiously leaving my shirt, coat, and tie alone.

I blushed, knowing the forty or so people in the courtroom, including the twelve jurors, were all watching this horror show. My naked body was fully exposed in a way not done since I was a young teen. Even then the nurse had changed us in a more private manner!

She used one hand to grab my ankles and said, “Let’s lift up that cute wittle bum bum baby boy! My baby grandchild better get used to this!” She smiled and cooed at me. I couldn’t help but know I was looking into the eyes of a psychotic crazy woman. My butt hanging in the air she took a baby wipe and wiped between my crack.

I took a breath as she dug deep into the crack of my butt and pulled away a small brown amount on the wipe. “Hmm… A little poopy here?” She smirked as she intentionally showed the courtroom what she had dug out.

I felt completely violated, but just lay there though, and watched her annoyance as she didn’t get the reaction that she clearly wanted from me. She flipped open a diaper, and placed it underneath me after saying, “I just love a baby in a fresh diaper!” As she began to tape it shut, I could tell right away that it would be too small for me. She used all of her strength to pull the back of the diaper forward and barely got the tapes to stick to the very edges of the tabs of front cover on both sides. I felt like I was getting cut in half a little as I was sat upright. I worried that the garment might also just pop open at any time.

“Thanks Mom,” I heard as I was suddenly picked up by Addison who had now joined us.

Placing one of her large hands under my diaper she said, “Well baby boy, now you’re all mine thanks to that nice judge. I guess we’d better get you to the store for a better diapee first, huh? Mommy’s got plenty of help getting everything ready back home while we do that though!”

I looked into the eyes of the woman I had loved in absolute shock. Her eyes were narrowed in an intense angry glare, and her face had matured some since I had seen her last from afar at our commencement ceremony from Emerson. Her hair was still kept below her shoulders. It was obvious she had been to a salon recently with the perfect pearlized green nail finish she wore on her fingers. I hoped maybe she would at least take the damn pacifier out, but instead she gathered me and said, “Mom, I’ll call you later. We’re going to go to the store… I called Mindy and Carrie to get everything set at home. I already had a room mostly ready for a baby to come along, they should have everything ready by the time we get there though.”

‘The room ready?’ I felt my stomach plummet. ‘Addison never wanted a Little before… she’d felt it was cruel?’ I choked back a sob, ‘Was every bit of our time together a lie? Or had our nearly seven-year separation changed her that much…?’

I caught one more glance of Kendra and David and found myself blushing in shame at the diaper. “We’ll get you out of this somehow Cameron!” Kendra said as Addison began leaving the courtroom chaos.

I’d wondered about them keeping my suit coat on, but as we walked out the courtroom a series of ELNAP and CAMOL protestors on either side began cheering, or hissing and booing at my treatment. “Is that one of the plaintiff’s attorneys?” I heard a newsman shout.

Fortunately for me, Addison carried me quickly to a far more sedate looking SUV than I would expect her to drive. In the back sat a forward-facing car seat, and a purple booster seat. She wasted no time in buckling me into the car seat, but didn’t say a word as she did so.

I still had the damn pacifier stuck inside my mouth as she pulled out from the parking lot, driving as recklessly as ever. Fortunately, it wasn’t meant for a Mid, so it just was impossible to spit out rather than causing the pain I knew they did in a Little’s mouth. That wasn’t much consolation though as I was stuck in the first damn diaper I’d worn since I was a teenager! Worse yet, while I knew that I could hold out another hour or so, I could feel the urge to pee beginning to make itself known. A look at the dashboard clock revealed that it was already nearly two hours after we had walked into the courtroom and I’d last gone shortly before we started. At a stoplight I noticed Addison looked at me in the mirror… It was a look of absolute hate that I saw there, and I wondered just what mess I had found myself in.

‘We were in love…’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m sure that she loved me too!’

I thought back to the breakup, and the fact that she had put it squarely on what her family demanded. I wasn’t even the one who broke up with her! I should be the angry one here!!! All of the years we dated; she had made it crystal clear that she hated the mistreatment of Littles… Had that changed that much since we last were together? The car accelerated again like a race car with the green light, and I wondered what Kendra and David were doing right then. ‘Hopefully one of them calls Ruth!’

I knew the laws were going to make getting me my freedom incredibly tough at this point!

A judge had the absolute right to declare someone to be in contempt of court. Most of the time you’d end up with a small fine, maybe a night in jail, or as a lawyer possibly disbarment would be pushed. In my case, because I was under eight-and-a-half-feet-tall, she had that other option of deciding I was small enough to be declared a victim of that damn fake mental illness ‘Maturosis’ that every Big seemed to love justifying forced babyhood. Theoretically everything she had just done was legal and within her rights though… and all without a trial!

The only real way to get me out of this, would be for a higher court to issue a ruling that she had violated some sort of procedure in my sudden maturity demotion. Or, they would have to prove my objection about her being bribed was correct. She’d seemed genuinely torn on Doctor Nickerson as a witness and had shut things down at first. The fact that Doctor Nickerson pooped her pants didn’t quite frankly surprise me. She was obviously wearing a diaper for a reason, and didn’t really bat that much of an eye about her poopy diaper. The fact that it was an objection also didn’t surprise me… The fact that she struck the entire testimony without any hesitancy seemed weird and inconsistent after she had stuck up for her!

I was still processing everything and missed the car coming to a stop. Addison put the car into park and unbuckled her seatbelt. At the click of her release button, I looked out the window and saw we were at a grocery store I had just visited the other day…

She came around and opened my door. I saw she had a purse… and another pacifier in her hand.

“If I pull out this locking pacifier, will you be good and suck on this one?”

I strongly debated my reply here, but any escape attempt I might consider would need to be without that in my mouth. I nodded.

To my relief she turned the pacifier knob off, pulled it out, and stuck the new one into my mouth. I debated spitting it out, but I could also see she was watching and waiting to see if I was going to. The other one sat in her hand for a second before she put it inside her purse.

“I know this isn’t what you want Cam, but we’re going to have to get you some diapers that actually fit you. That’s all we’re going in here for actually.” She paused as she unbuckled the harness, “I promise it’ll be a quick trip.”

Something in her eyes looked vaguely like the old Addy, and I wondered what she was really thinking. As she picked me up, she held me in her arms away from her and looked me in the eyes, “Don’t even think about trying to escape. Between the judge’s order, and my mom, you would be caught within an hour.”

I sighed, but refused to respond to her.

She brought me into her side so that I was being carried on her hip like a toddler. Compared to most average sized Bigs I would have at least seemed like a preschooler. I knew that to them I would have been considerably heavy to haul around for a long time, but with her enormous height, I just seemed like a two or three-year old by comparison.

She walked up to the front of the store and pulled a cart out of the row of carts, pushing the baby seat open. I couldn’t help but turn red as she placed me inside, and buckled me in. I noticed that she skipped the Little’s basket, and so did a greeter at the door. “Ma’am, we have those Little’s versions if you want? It looks like you have a new addition. The Littles ones will keep them from getting away?”

I noticed the extra straps on the carts, and that they seemed heavier duty.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. We’re just making a quick trip in and out,” she told the worker. “Thank you though for looking out for me as a new mommy.”

‘Mommy…?’ I felt my stomach twist.

As she pushed the cart forward, she didn’t say anything, but I attracted plenty of stares from people. We were just going into the diaper aisle when the first brave soul approached. “Oh, did you get yourself a big baby boy who had an accident? Did he make a pee pee or poo poo all over his pants?”

Addison shook her head, “No, this little brat decided to go against a judge and my mom… Saving him from an orphanage since I used to hang out with him in college.”

‘Hang out with me?’ I thought morosely.

“Not so big now?”

“Nope, never really was though. Excuse me please, we’re just here to grab a few things and get out of here so I can get my new bundle of joy home to get used to his new status as my baby boy.”

“Of course,” the woman said, kind of taken aback then. I looked up at Addison then and noticed she had a total glare on her face. I’d seen that look on her mother’s face before, but never on hers. I found myself actually nervously biting and sucking on the stupid pacifier as I grimaced at the sight of the diapers around me.

She stopped in front of a stack of boxes that touted their ‘Little Proof Tabs’ and twenty-four-hour protection. An adult Little graced the front of the box with a smiling expression that looked drugged or regressed. I felt my stomach twist as she looked through sizes, but pushed on. ‘What’s she looking for?’ I thought.

I was shocked when she stopped again, this time in front of regular baby diapers. She grabbed a large box of ‘Size 7’s’ that started just under my weight and went up another thirty pounds before hitting the ‘Size 8’s’ range. She placed them in the cart, “These should fit your cute little butt better at least…”

I didn’t comment back to her on that.

She grabbed a large box of baby wipes, and started back down the aisle. To my shock she stopped again, this time at the training pants. She reached down quickly and threw in a box that I swore was purple and pink behind the other box where I couldn’t see it. ‘Did she adopt?’ I wondered. I knew she found out she couldn’t get pregnant…

Addison was as good as her word as she immediately pushed me towards the checkouts. I found myself looking at her chest way too often the way I was sitting being even with her breasts. I blushed at that, even as I feared I would soon be finding myself attached to them without a choice…

‘Was Holly’s pooping on the stand an accident?’ I found myself wondering. Something about that seemed well within the wheelhouse for Mrs. Harris company to have instigated. They had so many possible products they could use just from the items they regularly tested!

‘Would use…’ I thought to myself morosely realizing that I was now fully in the devil’s clutches myself. Apparently, Addison must have worn enough of a ‘don’t mess with us’ look that no one else commented on my new ‘baby status’ other than the checker.

“Which one is for this cutie I wonder?”

Addison laughed, “Guess,” she said with a smirk as I realized that yes, there was a purple and pink box of training pants that were placed back into the cart after being scanned. They clearly said ‘for girls’ on them. Knowing my fate from the judge, the diapers that were laid next to them were definitely mine.

I sighed and wanted to spit out the pacifier. It was getting old sucking on it, but the last thing I wanted was to push things here. From the moment the judge had pronounced my unjust sentence I had done my best to be seen as one-hundred-percent compliant… I knew from some past clients that could come into play in court in the future. I was taking my own advice right then, and going with the flow until a real opportunity to escape legally or illegally presented itself!

Addison finally finished paying and pushed the cart out to the car. As soon as she got there, she put the boxes down in the back of the SUV, and dug out one of the diapers. I was lifted out of the cart and she laid me down next to them on the cargo mat. “Might as well put you in one that will actually hold something before you finally let go here Cameron.”

I debated arguing, but just stayed silent as she ripped the tapes off of the old diaper, and it suddenly occurred to me that I was about to be showing my naked body off to anyone who passed by outside her car. Her windows were tinted at least, but just as she was pulling the front of the old one down a little girl walked by.

“Mommy, why is that man getting his diapee changed like a Little?”

“Maturosis can happen to people other than Littles sweetie…”

“You mean he’s like Lindsey?” I heard the girl who couldn’t have been older than five or six badgering her mom as she walked by.

I blushed and tried not to scream, or cry… or try and hit Addison. She made eye contact with me right then and I couldn’t quite read her expression. It was clear that it was angry still… but hurt also described it. ‘Great, she’s holding a grudge against me?’ I wondered. ‘Damnit! I’m not the one who broke it off!!!’

It had taken me a solid six-months to even think of getting over her after she dumped me. ‘I hope she was hurt too,’ was a very ungracious thought.

The diaper was still dry, so she decided not to wipe me obviously, or add powder or lotion. That meant it really was just a matter of lifting my bottom onto the new one, and taping the new tapes down. It probably took less than half-a-minute I guessed.

“Let’s lose this suit coat,” she told me. “Not sure why I hadn’t already taken it off of you…” she said mostly to herself.

I noted that the diaper I was wearing didn’t have the ultra-strong tapes, and I could probably easily remove it myself if we got to a point I could do so.

“Not going to speak to me at all?” She asked.

I intentionally didn’t make any facial expression at all to that.

She sighed, “Well… I guess I deserve that.” She buckled me into the car seat and closed the door before getting in the driver’s side and pulling out. “I have a house that’s way out of town… It’s about an hour drive from here… I guess feel free to take a nap if you want.”

She started the car and took off like a bat out of Hell, squealing her tires as she pulled out.

Chapter 32: Limited Options

I REFRAINED FROM snorting at the suggestion to take a nap. I looked down at the dinosaur graphic on the diaper for a moment, blushed, and began looking around some more. My gaze fell to my left at the purple booster seat I’d first noticed when I got in. It was a high back booster with a five-point harness still, but definitely years up in maturity from the toddler car seat I was currently buckled into. ‘I’d prefer that…’ I thought over the seat clearly meant for a true toddler. One thing I noticed that was odd, both the seat next to me, and the seat I was in, appeared to be brand-new. ‘Why did Addy have brand new car seats?’

I finally committed a small act of defiance by popping the damn pacifier out from my mouth. As I did so I noticed that it was purple, and had a pink and white cartoon butterfly painted on it. I placed it in the cupholder of the seat since I didn’t want to willingly hold onto that.

“Surprised that took that long,” Addison said to me, noticing it through a screen in front of her. I groaned when I realized she could watch me and the road simultaneously.

I ended up trying some breathing exercises I’d learned at some point in school to try and calm myself down. ‘Something is really not right…’ I thought. ‘Besides the fact I’m now enslaved by my former girlfriend!’ I grimaced, ‘That sounds like some sort of bad porn movie or something…’

‘Just add that to the massively fucked up list, including that my fiancé is pretty much a braindead baby…’ I sighed. I noticed Addison was still watching me, but didn’t say anything more as the car continued down the road. I began to recognize some of the roads and realized we were in the same area as Fred and Amanda’s place. When I watched their driveway pass by, I just wished there was a way I could have jumped out of the car and gone there to get away from this! Surely Amanda would have helped!

My hand found its way up to my neck and the necklace that held Beth’s engagement ring. I did everything I could to not cry then, knowing the criminals responsible for her horrible fate were probably going to get away with it now. ‘Not to mention I’m now literally in their clutches!’

The ride was blissfully silent in the expensive SUV, and twenty minutes further down the road at highway speeds, we finally turned into a driveway. An imposing granite gated entry way blocked the way, but a metal gate automatically split open to let her drive inside. I noticed a large delivery truck was parked next to a black sedan. Addison drove past them and into a large garage that opened. She came around for me and said, “Well, welcome home Cam.” Her voice wasn’t very welcoming though as she unbuckled the harness and picked me up. She placed her hand under my diaper, and straddled my legs on her hip like a toddler. “Let’s get this over with…” she said under her voice a moment before she opened the door to the house.

“Miss Harris! I figured you would be here at least five minutes ago?” a tall woman dressed in a skirt suit said. She appeared to be a couple years younger than us, and probably about ten-and-a-half feet tall. Her brown hair was tied in a very neat bun at the back of her head, and I guessed she was probably some sort of assistant to Addison.

“We made a stop for some diapers that fit better for the trip home,” she told her. “The one my mom had in her purse was two sizes too small.”

“That makes sense, you always drive so fast I figured you’d be here before they finished, but they just walked out to the truck. Everything is set upstairs like you requested…” Something about her expression made me wonder what wasn’t ‘right’ according to her.

“Thanks Carrie,” she told her. “I appreciate you and Mindy helping get the contractors in here. Where is she?”

“She had to take off about ten minutes ago to pick up her grandbabies from school.”

“Oh, it is pretty late I guess…”

The tall woman came closer to me and put her face practically next to mine. “So, this is the wittle troublemaker?” She reached down and grabbed my foot for some reason and squeezed it.

“This is Cameron, my former boyfriend and general pain in the ass to SafeFoods and my mother.”

“Well, look who’s going to be nothing but a good baby now!” she said with a smirk. “Looks like he’s still got a dry diaper though… has he been a good baby and made a stinky diapee for his mommy yet?”

I just laid my head against Addison’s shoulder then and tried to tune out the horrible witch.

“Thanks Carrie, you can take off the rest of the week. I probably won’t be into work again until at least Monday if I can help it. Enjoy some time off.”

“Seriously?” she said. “If we’re both not there, things will fall apart on the Tinker account. I’ll go in and monitor things. I’ll only contact you if I really need to though!”

“Very well Carrie, have a good evening,” Addison said to her. I stayed still as she carried me to the door and watched her leave through a large window beside the door.

She sighed, and then said, “Shall we see what they did with my instructions?”

I looked her in the eyes and shrugged, still not saying a word.

“Cameron you are going to have to talk eventually…” She said, clearly not happy with my silence.

I shrugged again and she grimaced, “Well, you’re going to have to respond to me one way or another in a minute…”

Her house was at least as big as Aunt Ruth’s old house, but much more modern in style. Alongside the walls I noticed several contemporary pieces of art that I was pretty sure I recognized artist signatures on… They didn’t look like prints either!

The flooring featured thick carpeted areas with beautiful wooden floors mixed in as well. Even without the artwork the house screamed that it cost probably ten or twenty of my own large house!

A large staircase was padded with an ornate carpet, led up to a second story. I guessed a third was above us, but she didn’t need to go up there with me quite yet. She turned to the left at the landing and walked down the hallway and motioned to an end door, “That’s my bedroom…” she said. “Yours will be one of these.”

A door was pushed open to one of two doors that were across from each other. My blood turned to ice at the sight before me.

The walls were painted a baby blue, with some little cartoon dinosaurs painted around the walls. On one end near the window was a large dark walnut crib that looked to be an extended size for me as a Betweener. A changing table, an extra-large walker, and baby toys of every type imaginable filled shelves along the sides. The smell of fresh paint made it clear that this had somehow been done that day. ‘Before or after the Maturosis ruling…?’ I couldn’t help but wonder.

“They outdid themselves,” she said. “What do you think?”

I looked at her without comment.

She sighed, “Well, this is Option A for you Cam.”

I looked up at her questioningly.

“I’ll explain more in a second,” she said. I was bounced lightly up and down and then she carried me across the hall to another room.

I felt my blood chill even further, as I wasn’t sure which of these nightmares was the worst!

The walls in this room were painted a pale yellow, with colored butterflies and flowers making up a mural across the bottom portion of the walls. The ceiling was painted to look like a blue sky with white clouds. I noticed a white changing table along one wall, but instead of a crib there was a white toddler bed with a shorter rail that ran just half-way down it.

Toys were just as abundant in this room, but all of them were pink, purple, dolls, and other items that made it the perfect little girls’ room. I glimpsed an open closet with poofy skirts and dresses visible. A rocking chair sat in one corner, and Addison walked towards it and sat down turning me sideways in her lap.

“Cameron, I’m not going to lie… I’m not happy about this at all, but when I went to speak with the judge, she gave me two options for your ‘Maturosis Treatment.’” She practically scowled at those words, and I now wondered what involvement she had in this. “I… I shouldn’t have gotten involved, but she’s giving me two ways here… Neither of them is great Cam…”

For the first time since I’d seen her in the courtroom I wondered if some of the old Addy was present still.

“What are they?” I found myself asking.

She jumped, as if surprised I could still talk. “Talking to me now, huh?”

“For now,” I told her. “The jury’s out on the future.”

She looked sad at that, but nodded, “Fair enough, I’d…” She paused, “I’d probably feel the same way… The judge will let me use either of these rooms with you. In this room I would give you a few days, and if you can prove to me that you’re going to be good, I can let you wear Pull-Ups. The downside for you is the judge feels there had to be some sort of penalty, so you would have to become my little girl instead of being a boy.”

I made a face at that, but couldn’t help but know she had always liked my hair long.

“The other room?” I asked.

“In the other room you can keep on being a boy, with all of your parts, but you will be given a treatment tomorrow that will make it to where you cannot walk anymore, will have your teeth removed, and it’ll be diapers, and breastmilk and baby food for the rest of your life.”

I felt myself begin to hyperventilate a little. This was worse than my worst nightmare! I found myself suddenly shaking, and said, “You can’t do this to me…” I felt tears going down my face, “You said you loved me years ago!”

I felt her arms go around me even as I tried to wriggle free of them. Her mouth was right next to my ear, “I do love you, I never stopped. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have stood up today…” She paused, “You might have had both procedures done already honestly. I know which choice I think is better, but you have to choose.”

I sat in her arms tightly for a long while before getting myself to breathe again. She let up on her grip and I looked around the room. This room would mean relative freedom…

“I just have to dress… like… a… a… a girl?” I asked.

She shook her head, “The judge insists if I choose this treatment for you, you have to be altered to fit that gender tomorrow.”

“I can’t… You can’t… But…” I found myself stammering, for the first time in years I didn’t know what to say in a situation.

“Judge Tanye said that I’m supposed to choose for you Cam, but I’m going to let you choose. You’re going to have to deal with one of these options. At least as Cammie you would be able to do everything still. If we have you treated tomorrow to remain Cameron… well…”

I noticed then that her face was just as wet as mine. I looked around the room, and then down at my diaper. I really needed to go to the bathroom, and my bladder was feeling like it was going to burst. “Can I use the potty,” I asked timidly.

She shook her head, “Sorry, but you’re stuck in diapers for at least a few days. That means you have to use them.”

I cringed, but knew that was probably the answer. She began stroking my hair right then like she used to, and I forced myself to let go into the diaper. It warmed and quickly ballooned as it soaked up the afternoons pee.

The diaper honestly wasn’t the worst part of either of the options. The not being able to walk, losing my teeth, and basically becoming like Beth had been was kind of past the point of even being an option. ‘Not like you can do anything with Beth anyway…’ I thought morosely.



“Can we save some of my sperm before you do it?” I blushed.

She looked thoughtfully at me, “The judge didn’t say we couldn’t, so I guess we can. We’ll find some time for that sample before your procedure.”

“I guess… this is my room…”

She actually did smile, “Good choice Cammie, let’s get you dressed and go find something to eat…”

Addison sat me down on the ground then for the first time since the judge’s ruling, and I realized the wet diaper was definitely going to affect my gait a little bit. It sagged between my legs and I suspected I had peed enough that some was just barely escaping out of one of the legs and a droplet crawled down my leg. I didn’t feel relieved, but I did appreciate that it was a regular baby’s diaper. At least it wasn’t a crawler diaper that would have forced me to crawl… Or worse, one of the newborn ones that kept you on your back or stomach unable to move! She walked over to the closet and dug through it for a second, not asking me anything of my opinion. When she turned around, I saw she held a simple purple dress that had butterflies made out of sequins flying up the skirt and onto the bodice. I guessed it was probably high-end children’s wear, but still seemed practical for a dress.

She sat it down on the changing table and lifted me up onto its padded surface. As she did so I noted that it was a typical ‘Littles’ changing table with a standard chest strap like a baby’s, but also arm, head, and feet straps available as well. I grimaced at memories of seeing those being used on Littles in store and mall bathrooms.

She sat me up with my legs dangling on the edge, and began undoing the buttons on the dress shirt I wore one button at a time. At one point it would have been an arousing act, but today it was like each button was another level of maturity ripped away from me. When she was done, she pulled it off, revealing the necklace she had once given me, and Beth’s ring hanging like a pendant.

I watched her eyes narrow in on it. It was like a switch had been thrown as she just froze, and silently stared at it.

Chapter 33: Too Little

ADDISON LOOKED AT me in shock for a second, before gently twisting the chain. “You’ve kept it all these years?”

I sighed, and didn’t hold back, “I wore this today as a symbol of the two loves I’ve now lost to your mom and her cronies.”

“Cam…mie… I’m sorry,” she said. I saw a tear go down her face, and wondered what the hell she really had to be sad about at this point! She wasn’t the one who received a life sentence to babyhood today! “I can’t let you keep this right now…”

I grabbed her hand and pried it off of my necklace. “It’s the only…” I sobbed, “It’s the only thing I have left of her, you can’t take that too!”

She shook her head, “I promise I’ll keep it safe… but no I can’t let you keep it.”

I considered fighting her then, but pushed her hands away gently. “Fine, let me be the one to remove it…”

I felt tears stream down my face again as I undid the clasp of the necklace, and caressed the ring for a moment before saying, “You have to let me have this back…”

She shrugged, “We’ll see Cammie.” She looked really torn right then before sighing. “Cammie, do you remember you telling me about your visit to see Beth freshman year?”

My eyes narrowed, but I nodded.

“Well… You’re caught in the same situation sweetie… we both are.”

My eyes widened then, as I realized that if she was telling the truth… I looked up and realized that I could see at least one camera in plain sight. ‘Shit!’

“Promise me,” I told her again.

“I can’t do that,” she told me, even as she gave me the slightest of head nods.

I reluctantly let go of it, and she sat it down at the end of the changing table next to some wipes. Her hand pushed my body back down onto the changing table, and turned my legs to be in parallel to the side. A strap was placed across my chest, but to my relief she didn’t use the extra straps that I had seen were available to use.

I felt my body tense up rigidly as I knew what was coming. I hadn’t had a wet diaper changed in over a decade… and at least that horrible incident had meant it was my dad or the school nurse… This was my… ‘Mommy?’ I closed my eyes, as I couldn’t look up at the woman that I had fallen in love with all those years ago right then. I had loved her; we had been a great team…

I felt her hands on both of my hips and heard a ‘scritch’ as she tore the Velcro fasteners loose. I felt her grab my ankles and then she lifted my legs and hips off of the changing pad cushion. I peeked out and saw that since she was still so much larger than me, she still only needed one hand to grab my ankles, just like a woman with a real baby. She reached into a container and pulled out a wipe, flipping it open in her hand, before smiling as she brought it towards my crunched form. I felt the wipe, and was pleasantly surprised to feel that it was at least warm.

She took a couple minutes to rub my bottom down, before flipping open another diaper and placing it underneath me. When she had me down, she used another warm wipe on my crotch, and I couldn’t help but unfortunately feel aroused at the first real touch down there in years! I watched as she tossed that to the side with the used diaper and then grabbed for some lotion.

“Your skin isn’t used to this…” she said with a sigh, and began rubbing lotion all over my diaper area, and then the rest of my body.

I had a moment of panic, wondering if this was some of their company’s ‘special’ lotion that had screwed over Beth. I tensed, finding my arousal instantly gone, and she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“This isn’t…”

She shook her head, “Normal baby lotion, we won’t be using many of my family’s products on you.”

Her hands went back to work on my stomach and shoulders. I hated that her touch and contact felt amazing after the last few years of hell. It twisted my guts, as I felt like it was a betrayal of Beth to feel like that, knowing full well that Addison was now the assistant director in charge of the testing division that led to Beth’s fate.

‘At least she was still in grad school when they hurt Beth,’ was about all I could think to justify keeping her separate from what happened. She wrapped up the short massage by rubbing my toes down with lotion, and then wiped her hand with a wipe. She then returned her attention to fastening the diaper between my legs, probably grateful that I was still fully potty trained and probably wouldn’t intentionally pee in her face… It was actually tempting for a second knowing they were preparing to take that ability from me the next day - but I hoped that maybe there was something of the old Addy still within this monster. Pissing her off, literally, seemed a poor move at that point.

She pulled the front of the diaper tightly to my crotch and I felt her pull my left side tab loose, and then taped it down, before repeating with the right. “Sit up baby,” she told me softly after she undid the strap. As I did so I saw this wasn’t one of the diapers we had just purchased, instead it was a bright pink diaper covered in rainbows, suns, clouds, and star shapes. “She outdid herself, these are cute,” she said to me.

I huffed as I could tell it was also quite a bit thicker than the regular baby diaper I was wearing before.

“Is it not comfy?”

I looked up at her, “Why don’t you put one on and tell me?”

She had the nerve to laugh, “I don’t think they’d fit me sweetie. Sorry that you’re the size of a small preschooler still. If you were forty or fifty pounds heavier, these wouldn’t fit…”

“Shouldn’t have gone on that diet,” I grumbled to myself. Two years ago, I had been packing on the weight with some serious unhealthy habits. Last year I had forced myself to try and gain control of my life, and with a strict diet and cardio regimen, had managed to drop over thirty-five percent of my weight. I was back pretty much in the nominal BMI numbers again – only one-hundred-and-ninety pounds last I checked six-months back. If anything since then I’d probably lost some more since learning of Beth’s fate. I just couldn’t bring up an appetite most of the time anymore, thinking about her messed up situation constantly.

“Arms up Cammie,” she said to me.

I looked at her holding the dress in front of her and again seriously thought about fighting back, but the memories of watching failed Littles do that over and over again reminded me it would be hopeless. I half-heartedly put my arms up and she was soon grabbing on to my wrists to guide them into the sleeves, and pulling down the mass of fabric over my head. I looked down and was at least grateful that the dress covered the damn diaper.

I thought maybe that would end everything, but she turned my body to face the wall and pulled at the rubber band that was holding my still long hair back. “I’m surprised you never cut this after we broke up…” she said almost casually.

“Beth likes it…” I replied. “Or she did at least before your company turned her into a mindless husk.”

Her hands froze for a second, but didn’t respond. A brush appeared and ran through my hair, “You always had nice hair… need to get it trimmed though. It’s a little long now I think.”

I sighed.

I felt her separate the two sides and had seen enough Littles and real girls to know she was making pigtails or something. Fortunately, she didn’t braid them, just used some hair ties to make the high bunches, and then some ribbon was tied into bows around each. I was picked up and sat down on the ground in front of a tall mirror that was hung on one wall.

I felt my stomach turn as I looked at myself. You could definitely see my jaw was wrong, my nose a bit too large, but the dress and the hair made me look way more like a girl than I was comfortable admitting! ‘I should shaved it off…’ I thought to myself. I looked up at her and saw that at least she wasn’t smiling.

“How about some dinner?” She asked me, walking back to the changing table and grabbing my necklace.

I shrugged, “Okay.”

To my surprise she didn’t pick me back up, instead reaching down with her hand. I took the hint and grabbed onto ‘Mommy’s’ hand.

‘I should make her carry me everywhere…’ I thought for a moment as I waddled a little with the diaper. ‘At least she’d be dealing with some physical pain to match the emotional pain I’ve been through.’

The diaper wasn’t one of the thick crawler ones I’d seen Littles forced to wear, but it was thick enough to remind me of its presence with every step. The crinkle it generated from underneath the dress would be sure to tell any Big around me of my underwear demotion.

She led me down the hallway, “This is Mommy’s room,” she told me in a cutesy voice. “You should stay out of here, but I’ll show you where we’ll put your old jewelry for safe keeping…”

I watched as she let go of my hand and pulled opened a picture frame of a painting of a real baby running across a field, on a hidden hinge. She used her fingerprint on a reader there and opened up the safe door. She placed it inside and closed it, “It’ll be safe in there.”

I felt angry right then, but there was nothing I could do at all. She grabbed my hand again and led me to the grand staircase. Downstairs I could see a large living room with a big fireplace to the side of the front doors. She led me back through a large dining room, and into the kitchen where a smaller table was setup. I noted the high chair sat at the table, and was completely unsurprised when she let go of my hand, pulled the tray off, and turned around to me.

I made a face, and she sighed, “Sorry Cammie, but you’re too little now to sit at the table without this.” Without any further explanation she picked me up under my armpits and sat me down in the chair. I noted sourly that there were hand and head restraints on this chair, but was relieved when she only did the harness up and pushed me in towards the table without the tray in place. It did allow me to be at the right height for the table at least, and a taller view to watch as she moved to the counter where she dug through the cabinet and made a face for a moment.

‘What am I going to get stuck eating…?’ I couldn’t help but wonder. ‘I’m the size of a preschooler, I shouldn’t get stuck with baby food at least… It’s why I went with this ridiculous girl route.’

I was distracted for a moment looking down at the weird sequins that made butterflies on the dress. It just felt like a long shirt at the moment, but at least the only person looking at me with it on was the one who forced me into it… ‘Tomorrow…?’ I couldn’t help but squirm. ‘Would she really do it?’ I wondered

‘If I can’t have the love of my life anymore, does it really matter?’ I thought darkly.

I must have been brooding for a few minutes because the additions in front of me on the table made me jump. A tall pink sippy cup that was meant to be drank from any side was set to the right of a weird looking divided plate thing. I watched as she pressed down on it for just a second and tugged on it, “Huh,” she said, “that’s kind of smart…” I turned to her and watched her look down at me, “It’s meant to stay in place so it can’t be thrown.”

I made a face at her, “Trying to give me ideas?”

A smirk tried to go across her face but never made it to her eyes, “Eat up,” she said, patting my back.

A set of plastic utensils was provided in addition to the plate. I was grateful that it looked like the exact same beef dish she was eating, other than she’d pre-cut it. That was annoying, but given the plastic baby utensils I’d been given, probably necessary.

There were four sectioned areas of the plate that she’d doubled up on roast beef in two of them, some mashed potatoes in another, and some carrots that looked to have been stewed with the beef in the last. I looked suspiciously at the food for a moment, “I promise you it’s the exact same thing I’m eating,” she said with a sigh. I noticed she blushed then as she sighed. “I hate Mom…”

Deciding that she still hadn’t earned my trust back in any real way, I just picked up the stupid plastic fork thing and began awkwardly spearing and bringing pieces up to my mouth. Annoyingly through the meal I dropped more than I liked to admit. Looking down at my dress when I was done eating I had a feeling she was going to comment.

“Well, I guess I should get you a bib next time… Of course, with those plastic utensils I’m not surprised…”

“You could just let me use real utensils you know?”

A nod of her head to the corner of the room was made as she said, “Sorry Princess, I can’t do that. You’re just too little now, with your Maturosis you might hurt yourself.”

I followed her gaze a second later and figured out there was yet another damn camera there. It took everything I had not to tell her to ‘go fuck off,’ flip her the bird, or otherwise mouth off. Over the past few years, I’d found some of our cases completely destroyed by video of the Little going off like that. So instead of any of that, I just stared at her with my ‘what the fuck face.’

“Let’s get you cleaned up and then you can watch some TV with Mommy before your bath.”

I really hoped the old Addy was in there, but as she referred to herself as ‘Mommy,’ used a baby wipe to attack my face and the dress, and unceremoniously stuck her fingers under my dress to squeeze my diaper, I was sure she was just another Amazon with a Mommy complex! “Still dry, but no wonder since you haven’t finished your juice,” she said while handing me the sippy cup. “You need to finish that soon.”

I actually hadn’t even taken but two sips from it, recognizing the Plapple juice inside. It tasted good, but I knew usually only young babies and diapered toddlers drank it due to the tendency for it to make you go pee. I had heard it could help on the other end too, but rarely had it growing up unless Grandma Suzy or the school cafeteria workers forced it onto me…

She unbuckled me as I put the cup to my mouth and sipped from it. Truthfully the sweet drink did taste good, and I was doomed to use the damn diapers anyway for now, so it wasn’t worth battling her about it. ‘Somehow, I doubt much soda will be in my future, let alone the alcohol I really need right now…’

I was carried to a large home theater room and unceremoniously sat down on the couch. “If my mom comes over you won’t be sitting on the couch unless you’re on one of our laps…”

I glared at her, “Is she coming?”

“Not tonight,” she said with a sigh that sounded grateful. “I convinced her that I needed time with my baby alone to imprint properly.”

I looked up at her. The expression on her face was one that she had worn many times while we dated when her mom was pushing her buttons. It was the face of exasperation as she tried anything to get around her mother’s machinations… And I honestly took it as a sign that maybe she wasn’t as committed to this screwed up situation as I had initially feared.

‘She’s still going to take you in for a gender change tomorrow…’ I griped. She walked over to a bar along one side of the room and poured herself what looked like a large rum and coke, something she had used to like when we were in college too. She came back over and sat on the opposite side of the couch from me, and turned on the TV.

She looked torn on something, “According to my mom I should be doing something else with you to bond with you tonight Cammie, but I’m not going to. Pick something to watch,” she said reaching her long arm to me with the remote.

“Umm… okay?” I told her. “To be honest I never watch TV anymore…”

“Oh… Why not?”

I shrugged, “I spend all of my time working.”

“All of it?” she asked curiously.

“What else is there to do?”

“Go out? Go clubbing? Hiking? Camping? Shopping?” She looked confused, “You used to do those things?”

“I used to have someone to do those things with,” I told her honestly. “I don’t know how much your mom told you, but my life has been pretty much downhill since you all screwed up Beth and her mom. Both sets of my grandparents died, and then my dad followed within a year of that happening.”

She looked at me with a shocked expression, “All of that in a year?”

“All of it.”

The look in her eyes was the old Addy when she had genuine remorse for something. For seeing a Little being mistreated, or a someone being hurt. She used to be a pretty empathetic person.

“I’m sorry Cam. My dad died last year, but at least I still have my sister and my mom…” she said. She took a deep gulp of her glass and then turned the TV onto some detective drama that I vaguely remembered catching an episode of once. The mechanics of the courtroom scenes were marginal, but it was entertaining.

About twenty minutes into the episode, I felt the need to pee again and decided to just ask. “Umm… may I use the potty?”

She looked at me, “Of…” she stopped herself and glanced at the corner, “At least until we get done tomorrow, that diaper is your potty Cammie. Just go in it like a good baby girl.”

I could see her wince as she said it.


She nodded towards the camera, “Really… and make sure you go number two tonight if you can. They said if you hadn’t had one by tomorrow, that they were going to need to give you an enema to make sure you were clear first.”

I glared at her, and crossed my arms then, leaning against the arm of the sofa opposite of her still. It took me a couple moments to get the pee to release again, but the stream quickly filled the diaper and dried. ‘At least it’s not a cheap diaper…’ I couldn’t help but darkly appreciate. ‘I can probably pee in this for eight hours before it even thinks of leaking. And I doubt I’d get a rash if she left me in it for an entire day…’

My cup was empty as I tried to take a drink, so she said, “Here, hand me your cup. I’ll fill it with water – it’s all they really want you to have from now until after your procedure.”

I just watched her go to the bar, open it up, rinse it out, and filled it with some ice and water. She brought it back over and instead of just handing it to me, picked me up and hugged me. She whispered, “I’m sorry Cameron,” into my ear.

It was then that I officially broke down and cried.

Everything since Dad had died, Beth’s destruction, and my own fate hit me then, and I completely lost it.

I felt her cradle me and run her hands alternately through my hair, or patting my back, until my body had decided enough was enough, and I must have faded off to sleep.

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Chapter 34: Watched

I WOKE UP and bit back a scream when I saw the white bars around my vision. A slightly closer look though revealed they were only by my head, and not tall enough to keep me from jumping over them.

“Where…?” I found myself breathing. “Damn, it wasn’t a dream…”

The Sun was peeking through the edges of some blackout curtains along the windows, keeping the room fairly dark in spite of what must have been strong early morning sunlight. I rubbed my eyes and found they were nearly matted shut from all of the crying last night. ‘I can’t believe I lost it…’ I sighed. I moved my hand again and discovered a pacifier was clipped to whatever I was wearing. Looking down I realized it was a footed pajama set. I could just make out its purple color in the darkness, and the bulge of the diaper beneath it reminded me I needed to do something.

I always needed to go in the morning as soon as I woke up, but not usually quite like this! I stood up and held my arms tightly around my torso, trying to not encourage my bladder’s needs for a moment, before remembering the baby monitors that were in the room. ‘Well, and whoever else is watching Addy…’

Grimacing, I let go of the urine into the diaper. Remembering suddenly what Addy had said last night, and feeling a slight urge, I decided it was probably in my best interest to just get the other out of the way too.

Deciding I had to play the long game though, and doing it, were two completely different things!

I tried just squeezing, but only got a little more urine out. The years of potty training were not so easy to get past, and my body was naturally clinching to keep me from messing my pants! Even when I’d ended up in diapers as a young teen thanks to that prank, it hadn’t been my choice when to go initially. And after that was all through my system, I just waited and used the bathroom at home, or went before school.

I grimaced, but memories of friends from school meant I knew I really didn’t want an enema!

I remembered seeing babies and Littles squatting over the years to poop their diapers, and decided to try that. I bent my knees and tried to visualize sitting down on the potty. Right about then the urge hit me and I managed to push out a long log of poop.

As soon as I finished, I regretted it. I wrinkled my nose, but was at least pleasantly surprised I wasn’t immediately gagging from the smell. Having no desire to sit down and make the mess worse, I walked around the room looking around. The feeling of the disgusting pile in my diaper didn’t make me feel good about that as I could feel it smear between my thighs, but hopefully Addy wouldn’t be too long in coming to find me. Toddling would have been a more apt description as I tried to keep it from smashing any more against my body!

I curiously examined a tall dollhouse that sat in one corner. The house looked identical to what I had seen of this house so far! It wasn’t able to go deeper than one room three dimensionally, but the rooms were eerily accurate. I saw my room even had a little girl doll with pigtails sleeping on the toddler bed inside. I curiously picked her up and saw that yes, she had a diaper on too. I could see an office for Addy was on the first floor that I hadn’t been shown yet. The nursery was also present, with a baby boy fully dressed in a onesie, and a realistic looking disposable diaper on that doll. On the same floor it looked like there was a massive playroom with toys everywhere inside of it.

‘Guessing that’s my ‘playroom’’ I thought to myself. On the first floor there was a swimming pool that I hadn’t seen yet either, along with it looked like a backyard play set?

I was just about to turn and look around at some more of the room when I heard a beep and the door opened inward towards the room. Addy stepped inside, looking like a young mother in comfortable jeans and a stretchy blouse. Her eyes landed on me even as I saw her wrinkle her nose.

“Good morning Princess,” she said way too cheerily to me. “Guess you woke up on your own this morning?”

“Guess so,” I told her.

She knew I wasn’t a morning person, “Well, we have a grouchy princess this morning? Of course, it smells like I know why!” She walked over to me and I held up my arms for her to pick me up.

I hoped she would at least avoid the problem in my diaper, but instead she held me up by the middle of my filled diaper. I could feel the log smush and ooze around inside. I winced and wanted to tell her to stop, but it was too late. She saw my face, “Oh, don’t worry about that poopy little bottom! Mommy knows all about how to take care of opening a present like that!”

She laid me down on the changing table and I cringed as I felt the poop smear even more inside of the diaper. I sat as still as I could as she unzipped the sleeper I was wearing, from the collar down to my right foot. I let her pull it from my body one part at a time and sat it down in a laundry basket beside the table. She used the chest strap to make sure I wouldn’t ‘fall off’ the table then, and got to work on the diaper.

“Woo,” she exclaimed, “what a stinky wittle baby girl!” She pulled one tape free, then the other, and then opened up ‘her present.’ “Mommy can’t wait to be able to potty train her little girl! Such a stinky little thing!”

She lifted my legs off the table with one hand, and used the other to wipe away most of the mess with the old diaper. Too many wipes were then used to clean off the rest of the muck, before she wrapped all of the mess inside the used diaper and dropped it into a disposal. “Going to have to get in the habit of putting a new diaper under you sooner,” she said as much to herself as to me.

‘Why?’ I wondered. ‘I can still control myself…?’

She let my body rest back down on a fresh diaper and quickly rubbed some lotion on me, before taping the diaper shut. She looked down at a watch on her wrist and said, “Let’s get you dressed and we’ll get to your appointments this morning.”


“I made a special one for you with your request,” she told me as she sat me down on my feet and walked towards the closet.

With everything I had gone through yesterday I’d almost forgotten about that one…

I watched as she dug through the closet and came up with a yellow top that flared out like a short dress, and a pair of blue leggings. “Arms up like a pretty ballerina!” She told me as she knelt down and quickly threaded my arms through the shirt holes. It felt weird the way it flared out, but I noted it just reached past the tapes of my diaper. She pushed me gently onto my back and began bunching up the legs of the blue leggings. I grimaced as I noticed the butt of them was covered in rows of ruffled material!

“Awww!” She cooed, “You look so sweet I could eat you up!” She actually started tickling me then and I was forced to giggle for a moment before she leaned down and hefted me back onto her hip while shouldering a diaper bag I hadn’t noticed. “Let’s go do your hair in your chair downstairs, then we’ll get going.”

I had been silent throughout all of this, but was still bright red as she walked into the smaller family dining area and saw another tall woman standing beside the table with a newspaper in her hands. “Well, so this is the princess?” The woman said with a smile.

“Yes Mindy, this is little Cammie!” She said with a coo to her voice as she bounced me up and down. “Cammie, this is Miss Mindy, she’s our housekeeper and cook.”

The tall woman was a couple feet shorter than Addison, so I was actually almost looking down on her from my position on Addison’s hip. “Aww… she’s adorable!”

“Isn’t she though?” Addison said as she bounced me up and down. “Just the cutest wittle princess!” She squeezed me tightly.

“Definitely!” Mindy smiled at us both. “I knew you would make a great mommy someday Miss Harris.” I looked at the woman with her slightly graying brown hair. She was probably only a dozen years older than us both, but she had a very motherly look to her plumper frame. “She’s a shy one, huh?”

“She is, but that’s okay. Cammie is just Mommy’s wittle baby, huh?” Addison bounced me up and down and sat me down on the highchair seat. “She’s also probably more than a bit nervous about today. She’s losing her precious wittle peepee today, huh?”

I glared at her, wondering where the caring Addison had disappeared to from last night!

“She’ll be so much happier being one of us though,” Mindy said with a smile.

“Yep! Just need to brush her hair really quick and then we’ll get going.”

“She need her baba, or something?”

“No, they told me nothing past bedtime at all if we could help it.”

“Oh, well, how about her paci?” She smiled at me.

“There’s one in her bag,” she told her.

“Just one Miss Harris?” She asked as she began rummaging around and began tutting, “This won’t do! You need a good five of these in here. You never know when she’ll be playing and drop it, but need it to soothe her for a skinned knee, or just because she’s hungry.”

My eyes opened at that as she first grabbed the one that was in the bag and placed it into my mouth. Unfortunately, it was a locking one and Mindy had no problems with twisting it once, “Well, I guess she won’t be dropping that one Miss Harris, but I’d better go get you a few more paci’s and babas for her. Trust me when I say you always want to be prepared for your baby girl. You did at least pack enough diapees and spare clothes in here…”

The damn thing wasn’t too inflated, but it still sucked to have it larger than my normal teeth opening.

Addison had just grabbed a brush and did a couple quick strokes until she was out of sight. “Sorry about that,” she whispered in my hair. Her hand reached in front of my mouth and loosened the pacifier. “Keep it in your mouth…”

I nodded in relief and winced every now and then when she found a snag in my hair. I normally took really good care of it, but the last day wasn’t exactly something in my control!

I was zoned out enough that I almost jumped when Mindy reappeared. She used a clear Ziploc bag to add in a handful of more pacifiers, and plunked in two baby bottles of water. “I know you said she can’t have anything yet, but after her surgery I’m sure she’ll want her bottle.”

“Thanks Mindy,” Addison said as she pulled at my hair in the back. At first, I wasn’t sure what she was doing.

“That braid is going to be really pretty Miss Harris.”

“Thanks,” Addison said, “I had lots of practice on my baby sister growing up.”

“You should have her over here sometime!”

Addison nodded, “She’s supposed to be coming to visit her new niece this weekend.”

“I hope to see her then! What do you need from me today?”

“Just the normal Mindy, and if you could have a good dinner for us in the oven? Something not too heavy since I’m sure she’ll be a bit out of it from the anesthesia.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier just to feed her a jar tonight?”

I felt a last tug on my hair as Addison told her, “Mindy, I want to make sure you know that Cammie here is mostly a big girl. In fact, that was her choice – she could be a little baby boy eating out of jars, or be a big girl. She chose to be a big girl instead, so we’re not going to feed her baby food unless she’s a really bad girl that shows me that she needs to go back further.”

“You sure about that Miss Harris?”

“Yes,” Addison said, coming around and undoing the harness on the seat. “I’ve known Cammie here for a long time, and very well, and I don’t believe we’ll be getting to that point, will we?” She pulled up my chin lightly with her finger to look in my eyes.

“No Mommy,” I told her nervously.

She kissed me on the forehead and picked me up out of the highchair, placing me on her hip. She reached down and grabbed the diaper bag, and said, “Thanks for everything Mindy, we’ll see you this afternoon or tomorrow morning depending on when we get back.”

“Good luck Princess,” the woman cooed at me.

I sighed in relief when the heavy garage door shut behind us on the way to her SUV. She opened the door and sat me down in the car seat and buckled me in. As soon as she was in the driver’s door, I pulled the damn pacifier out of my mouth.

“Sorry about her,” Addison said. “My mom hired her last year to help me take care of the house.”

“When is she there?”

“Usually in the mornings until early afternoon – I’m usually at work. You won’t see her but for the mornings probably since you’ll be at daycare…”


“Once I get done with maternity leave, yeah, you’ll have to go to daycare or preschool. I’ll let you pick I guess…”

“Neither?” I said annoyed.

It was silent for the next forty-five minutes while she navigated back to the city and to a stop outside a building that said Jameson and Associates Fertility Clinic. I felt red at the thought of what I was doing there, and why I was doing it…

“Come on, let’s get that sample for you…”

She carried me inside and went to a receptionist desk. “Hi, May I help you?”

“Yes, I have an appointment for Cameron here,” she said with a smile.

I knew it was probably possible to easily tell I was a man underneath the clothes she had me in, but her flat out saying it sucked the air out of my lungs. “Last name?”

“Harris.” She said, “Though I want it stored under both his original name, Cameron Sylvester, and Camille Harris.”

“Certainly,” she said. “We can cross list it, though I will say that doesn’t usually end up mattering once a cute baby girl like her is adopted!”

Addison squeezed my back a bit tighter then to hug me, “Probably not, but we’re going to go get her properly plumbed right after this, so I promised to save her a sample if she didn’t scream her head off all day.”

“That’s mighty nice of you,” she said, finishing entering some data on her computer screen. “You already completed all of the rest of the information online. Someone will be back for you shortly.”

Addison carried me to a seat and I looked around at several couples sitting around, obviously waiting for appointments to help deal with fertilization issues. ‘I’m probably the only one about to become infertile…’ I sighed. Fortunately, we didn’t wait long before a nurse came back and showed us to a room.

“Okay, not much to this, Mommy?” she said to Addison.

“Yes, I just adopted her yesterday. We’re just collecting a sample before we go get her corrected.”

‘Corrected?!?’ I wanted to scream, but sucked on the pacifier that had somehow found its way back into my mouth.

“Okay, there’s two ways to do this with a Little one like Cammie here. You can either go ahead and have her do it into a cup like an adult, or we can use this special milking machine that Bremmer industries has created.”

I looked over at the machine and gasped. It looked like some sort of horror movie torture device had mated with a cow milking rig.

“I think we can manage with just the cup,” she said looking at my face.

“Very good, I’ll leave here, you want to get as much as you can inside. Normally I would say go ahead and come back, but it sounds like that’s not going to be an option. We should get enough from one sample though to be able to make a few attempts.”

“Thanks,” Addison said as she took the small cup from her. There was a table sitting there that she sat me on and pulled the leggings and top off from me on. “Still dry, huh?”

“I haven’t drunk anything,” I reminded her.

“Stay here for a moment,” she told me. “Don’t move.” I watched as she took the diaper bag and sat it outside the door.

She came back in without any jewelry on for some reason, and pushed me down on my back and undid the tapes of the diaper, “I’m really sorry about this Cameron, I didn’t want to do this…”

I looked up at her in surprise, as that really sounded even more like the old Addy than I heard last night.

“Then why…?”

“My mom has everyone, the judge, the police, and half the state government, in her pocket. She’s set it up to where they’re monitoring at home, as well as I’m pretty sure that your diaper bag and my phone are listening devices too. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to get you out of this… she originally was going to make me do this, but then I convinced her to let me back out. But when I saw it was either I take you, or you go to an orphanage… I’m sorry, I couldn’t let you get lost like that,” She told me with tears streaming down her face. “My mom was going to just completely regress you to being an infant boy, complete with shrinking you right away, but I talked her into this girl option… It’s the only way…”

I sighed, “Get this diaper off of me and let me at least save something here… maybe someday you can emancipate me. She’s gotta die someday…”

She looked horrified at me for that, but got to work on the diaper. I couldn’t get myself to do anything for several minutes on my own, so she began helping me out. We left there with a sample stored, but I didn’t want to go to the next destination even as I felt mortified by the first!

Chapter 35: Menus

BETWEEN MY LEGAL cases, my time growing up below the mark, Beth’s, and Meg’s stories; I knew all about the adoption clinics, hospitals, and other options Bigs had to ‘customize’ their enslaved babies. I was a bit surprised really that we were at the University Hospital at Emerson right then.

‘I thought they stopped doing procedures like this…’ I thought to myself. Between the incident with Stacy and that daycare terrorist incident I thought this was over - at least in Greenville…

I’d actually done some background research when we had to change the venue of the case, and as far as I could tell the administration for the University Hospitals was still against forcing unnecessary and unwanted procedures… Doctor Ivy Nickerson had vehemently spoken out about them on multiple occasions on the public record! Apparently that didn’t extend to forceful gender changes?

Addison appeared a moment later with the diaper bag over her shoulder, and unbuckled me from the seat. She held a pacifier in her hands with a clip that she attached to my top, and pushed the nipple into my mouth. “It’s just a regular baby one,” she assured me.

I glared at her and resisted the urge to say something I would regret - especially with where we were.

She placed me on her hip and carried me towards the hospital that was only two blocks from the chemistry lab we had met. ‘Grandma was right…’ I thought a bit sourly.

Even knowing that Addison was in a forced situation here didn’t make things any better. I was still about to have an unwanted surgery to completely change the body I’d been born with! She approached a receptionist desk that was about thirty steps inside the entrance. At the counter she placed me down on my butt, but kept an arm around me as she said, “Hi,” to the receptionist.

“Oh my, those leggings are sooo cute!!!” the receptionist said.

“I know, right? I love the ruffles! They actually call the line RuffleButts!”

The woman and Addison had a good laugh at that while I found myself getting more and more agitated. How could Addison possibly claim to be forced into this if she was having this good of a time?!?

I bit my tongue though as the Addy said, “Miss Cammie has an appointment this morning - Camille Harris.”

I jolted again at the name, “I see her right here… Okay, here’s a tablet. I need you to complete the information about your baby girl here. Just bring it up when you’re done and we’ll get someone to come out to get you.”

“Thanks,” Addison said, picking me back up and grabbing the tablet awkwardly in her other hand. She walked a short distance to an open chair and sat down with me in her lap. It began with the standard request for medical information. Given we had dated for nearly four years, I wasn’t surprised she had most of the information still memorized. She was about to skip past allergies, “I have an allergy,” I told her around the pacifier.

“Oh, what is that?”

I explained the drug we’d tried to help with growing back my body hair caused a massive rash instead. “Just lucky that didn’t work, huh?” She said with a squeeze of my body. “I’d hate to have to have that taken care of today too!”

I glared at her for that, but she kept on going through the screens. She asked me for my family history information, cancer especially sucked to put down as it reminded me of my lost grandparents. ‘At least Dad didn’t live to see this…’ I thought darkly. ‘I’m pretty sure Grandma Suzy would have hopped right on board with these leggings that she’s so proud of…’

Eventually I noticed her come to screens that read ‘Procedure Preferences.’

“Finally, what we’re here for!” she said with way too much glee for my tastes.

I felt my stomach twist as I realized this screen was essentially a menu board of options to have changes made. Obviously, the gender option was one of the first changes she could choose. Incontinence was the very next set of options, and cruelly a Big could select either urinary, bowel, or both for their Little. Teeth removal was another choice that she could go for with the click of a radial button, and I could have no breasts or big breasts apparently. I cringed when I saw that even things like my fingernails could be altered, as the list went on and on and on! I noted that there was a height reduction setting that could also easily reduce me to a more manageable infant height if she wanted to.

“Letting your baby girl see what Mommy has to choose from?” A woman nearby asked with her own tablet.

Addison patted my head, “She already knows what I’m choosing, but I thought I’d let her see how much further we can take things down the road.”

“The greatest thing is that once you have this done you don’t actually have to come back in here to make changes. Your pediatrician should be able to activate any additional changes you want,” she told her.

“Oh?” Addison said, “I didn’t know that. Can just anyone make changes?”

“Only if they have Mommy’s permission with her password.”

“That’s good at least,” she told her.

While she was talking to the woman, I noticed changes could be made to my circadian rhythm, my motor skills, and even my sex drive…

I debated about filling it out for her with her attention diverted, but just sat patiently, and sucked on the damn silicone nipple in my mouth. The annoying thing was that it really felt kind of good to have it there… I’d developed a habit of sucking on pen caps a lot of times, and this was really just the original version of that habit! Dad had told me I wouldn’t stop using mine until first grade. Since I should have been a Big, they hadn’t taken it away from me before I was four, and then Mom dying meant Dad didn’t have the heart to take it from me…

Eventually they tired of talking and Addison got back to work. To my relief she put pretty much everything in states that they would be left alone, with the exception of my gender and my hair color. She selected red for the hair color, and must have heard me sigh. “What? If I have to have a daughter, I want her to look like she’s mine!” she whispered.

I sighed and clung to her as she carried me back up and turned in the tablet. The receptionist scanned through it quickly, “Umm… She hasn’t been officially adopted by you yet?”

“Well, I thought she had since the judge ordered it yesterday? Their offices are the ones who set this appointment up?”

“Oh, but no chip yet?”

“Umm… no, no chip yet.”

“You’ll need to take care of that at the same time then. We’re not allowed to do the nanite treatments on any unadopted Littles.” She paused and smiled, “Or big Littles!”

I turned my head into her neck then and just closed my eyes. I couldn’t take any more of that woman!

“The nurse can take care of the registration paperwork and her chip while she’s out for the procedure, or they can do it before when she’s awake. Which do you prefer?”

“Let’s do it during. I don’t see any reason to make her feel pain she doesn’t need.”

“Wish half of these mom’s felt that way,” the receptionist said, apparently agreeing with her. “More screaming than I care to listen to sometimes! It should just be a few more minutes,” she told her.

Addison carried me back to the chairs and I found myself nervously beginning to shake. With this treatment I would never be my father’s son again… never be the man who asked Beth to marry him… my career was probably already over, but this would be the final straw since all of my degrees and qualifications would be listed under the name of a dead man. That day Camille Harris was going to be born, and Cameron would legally die.

I bit down hard on the nipple of the pacifier in an attempt to center myself in any way.

“What’s wrong?” Addison started to ask. “Dumb question,” she said.

Instead of prodding she squeezed me tighter, placing my head in the crook of her neck and squeezing me tight. She rubbed my back softly and just sat silently with me while I shook like a scared animal.

“Camille Harris?” A loud voice called.

“Here,” Addison said in a softer reply, standing up.

“Mommy?” The voice asked.

“Yes,” she answered tentatively.

“Let’s get her back and set up for her procedure. You’ll be able to stay with her the whole time today.”

“Good, she’s terrified honestly.”

“Aww, it’s okay Sweetie, we do this all of the time and we’ll get you all taken care of and better in no time!” The nurse cooed.

That did not make my anxiety any better!

I could almost feel the drop of her footsteps seemingly increase as she followed whoever came for us to take us back. Eventually I heard, “Go ahead and get her dressed in this gown. You can leave her diaper on her, but everything else needs to come off.”

“Okay,” Addison said.

“There will be someone here shortly to finish taking her vitals before we get started.”

“Thanks…” Addison said.

I had my eyes still closed as she sat me down. “Come on Cam, open those eyes up for me?”

I shook my head, “I can’t…”

She sighed, and I hoped she knew just how unhappy I was with this forced fate of mine. Addison might not be the one ultimately behind all of this, but I considered her a partner in what was about to be done to me!

“Come on Cameron, look at me,” she said.

At the sound of my real name, I looked up at her. “I really am sorry about this. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t be going through with this, but this is happening by Judge Taney’s order.”

I shrugged, “You could have driven me somewhere else you know.”

“Like where?”

“Back to New Haven?”

She shook her head, “I would have been arrested, and my mom would have gotten the court to let her have custody of you. I don’t think you really want to be with Matty, do you?”

I grimaced at that, the last time I’d seen the diapered Little things were not going so well.

I felt tears go down my face, “There has to be another way…”

She shook her head, “This was your best chance Cameron.” She wiped her own eyes, with a little bit of mascara running, “Come on, let’s get you in this hospital gown.”

I was pretty much a limp doll as she pulled the top off over my head, and then my shoes and leggings off of my legs. The gown wasn’t as sterile looking as an adult gown, instead having bright pictures of animals spread about on top of the pink base color. Of course, it didn’t really cover the diaper that well, and I found myself shivering with the cool temperatures of the room we were in. Rather than leave me in the small hospital bed with its low rails, she cradled me in her arms, dug in the diaper bag for a second, and wrapped a light purple blanket with yellow stars around me, before sitting down in a chair by the wall.

In all of the time we had dated I had always felt smaller than Addison, but I’d never felt more babied than that moment. She squeezed me tightly as she held me to her body for several minutes with no one there.

A curtain suddenly being yanked open drew my attention to a nurse standing there.

“Ms. Harris, and Camille?”

“That’s us. This is Cammie,” she told her.

“What’s Cammie’s birthday?”

Addison answered about my birthday in early September eerily quickly.

“We need to go ahead and get her vitals. Can you come with me? You can leave her diaper bag there unless she needs a change.”

I felt Addison’s intrusive hand then, “Nope all dry. We followed directions and haven’t had anything to drink. Poor thing is probably really thirsty.”

‘I am, thank you for reminding me…’ I wanted to say, but just bit down harder on the damn nipple stuck inside of my mouth. I would probably have spit it out by then, but again I knew too many cases of Littles being caught on camera demonstrating their Maturosis with ‘misbehavior’ in situations like this. Meg and Stacy had told me about when they had been taken to the adoption centers, and I had no desire to screw up with anything.

‘I’m still hoping that David and Kendra find a way to come through for me,’ I thought, ‘But it looks like I’m going to have this done before any chance there…’

We were soon in a little alcove that the nurse had her stand me on a scale at. “Let’s see, one-hundred-and-thirty-five pounds… Let’s get your height sweetie, just step back against here…”

I followed her directions in the embarrassing hospital gown, knowing full well that my diaper might as well be fully on display, while thinking, ‘when did I lose so much weight?’

“Seventy-seven-and-a-half inches it looks like… does she need the half inch Mommy?”

“Yes, give her the half-inch.” Addison said.

Inches,’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘We weren’t as far apart as we once thought, were we Beth?’ I thought sadly.

“Looking at her weight, it looks like she really needs to put a few pounds on?”

“She said she was losing some weight in the last couple of years. But you’re right, I think she took it a little too far.”

“She should be about one-eighty-five according to the charts. I would keep a close eye on it, usually once a cute baby girl like this is adopted the weight goes back to healthy numbers with a good mommy keeping track and feeding her better.”

“Well, I’ll definitely be trying,” she told her.

I was picked back up by Addison feeling like a total bystander in my own body. I had no control left over myself now, and after the blood pressure cuff was removed, I knew I was another step closer to my new fate.

“Mommy we need to get her temperature, which way would you prefer?”

“Temporally please?”

“We can do that,” she agreed. “Most of our new mommy’s prefer to be extra sure though with a rectal number?”

I felt my stomach clench, it was probably inevitable that I was going to have a thermometer stuck up my ass. Meg and Stacy had mentioned it happened way too often to them!

“I’m certain you’ll be more than close enough with the temporal reading.”

I kept my eyes shut then as the woman pressed something against my head and took a reading, “Looks normal, and that’s the last thing that we need to do here. You can keep her in your lap until the anesthesiologist gets here. Once he has her all hooked up Doctor Lindquist will perform the procedure. It only takes about a half-hour to complete then.”

“Thanks,” Addison said softly as she left. She had sat back down with me in the chair, rewrapping me with the blanket as soon as my weight had been taken. “We’re going to have to get some weight back on you sweetie. I thought it was odd I could see your rib-bones yesterday, but I didn’t realize how much underweight you had gotten.”

“Neither did I,” I told her softly around the pacifier.

I hadn’t weighed myself probably since Mr. Fehler appeared. ‘I really didn’t eat much then,’ I admitted. Since knowing Beth’s fate, I just worked and worked, skipping a lot of meals… Not really sleeping much either…

“We’ll need to get some pounds back on you no matter what happens,” she told me.

I looked up at her, wondering what that meant…

A few minutes later the curtain opened again and a nurse was bringing in some equipment, and an IV stand. “Hi, I’m Doctor Kestner, I’ll be Cammie’s anesthesiologist,” he said, extending a hand to Addison. “Let’s get her down on this bed and we’ll start getting her hooked up.”

I felt my heartrate race as they pulled up the gown and began sticking heartrate monitor stickers down everywhere it seemed. A few minutes later I was feeling tears going down my face as an IV port was poked into my arm. “Okay Mommy, you want to tell her goodnight? We’ll let her keep her paci in her mouth for now until we start the nanites. Doctor Lindquist will administer them and then we’ll get her brought back awake in no time!”

I looked up at Addison, seeing tears going down her face too. I had to hope if I was stuck with her for the rest of my life as a daughter, she would at least take care of me… I had to believe she really didn’t want this for me, and hope that she would at least be better than someone like her mom.

“Cammie? Do you know your numbers?”

I glared at him, but nodded, “Yes,” I said around the pacifier.

“I figured you were a smart little girl! Do you think you can count backwards out loud for me from one-hundred?”

I sighed, but nodded.

“One-hundred,” I said.

‘Growing up we found ourselves to be like,
two peas in a pod. Together we grew’

“Ninety-Nine,” I said, still lucidly.

‘to find that life was not to be alike.
Inches, mere inches kept us from a view.’

“Ninety-Eight,” I could feel things kicking in.

‘A dream to grow, a dream to be together.
Inches, just inches, sent our paths askew.’

“Ninety-Seven,” I knew it was about over, my fate was sealed.

‘May this be a token and a tether,
For our memories of love, in inches.’


‘I love you Beth!’ I thought wearily.

I just heard a voice screaming, “WAAIII” before it all went dark.

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