Important change coming to this section

To make things a bit easier I’m about to start doing some reorganization. This will include the removal of the Board Member Stories section. Those topics will be moved directly under Stories.

We’ll also be making index threads for some of the larger stories. One very special exception to this is @BabyButt’s stories. Those will be their own section with index threads for each story in that section. He is a special exception because he contributed an insane amount when he was with us to pay for the initial hosting and on more than one occasion to keep the forums online.

Also, there will be a section added for more adult oriented stories. Let me make this very clear however. That section will only be accessible to donors or to anyone who has and maintains trust level 3. That means you have to be an active participant in the community to maintain access. Whether that’s by being a regular donor, an author who wants to actively provide content for the new section, or just actively participating in discussions (including commenting on stories), it is up to you how.

It’s actually not hard to get and maintain trust level 3, or trust level 2. You just need to actually participate instead of just viewing. I will be explaining more about this later when the new section is ready.

Also keep an eye out for another very important update coming in the next week.


I’d be interested to see more about these index threads.

Basically just list of all the parts in order. For example, BabyButt’s Snuggles and Tears is so spread out people have a really hard time finding all the parts, and there’s no reasonable way to merge the threads.


These changes are great ideas!!

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I think this is an absolutely amazing idea it will definitely make it so much easier to navigate stories and the site in general. I am also so grateful for all the work you do for this community alongside your other moderators you are mad talented. Keep up the awesome work

What everyone already said- I think it’s a great idea, and thank you for all you do for the board. And thanks to our new mods for stepping up. :+1: I’ve got at least one entry I can add to the adult content section. Let the fappy timez roll baby. :sunglasses: (I keed I keed)

I was wondering about the spontaneous alerts and moving entries on the board and looked around to find this post. I think this is a great idea. So much of the board was built on previous ones that it is quite the chore to find some of them. Good luck with what I know has to be an enormous task here!

This sounds exciting. I can’t imagine the work that’ll go into making it happen.

I forgot for a bit that every tag I add sends a notification to the author of the thread. Looks like it’s invited back at least one user, so that’s good.

But yeah, Penguin is doing all the heavy lifting, all the back-end work.

I’m trying to go through all the stories and tag them as ‘complete,’ ‘incomplete,’ or ‘abandoned.’
So to all the authors I inevitably ping in doing so, if I end up getting the status of your story wrong, or if you come back and revive something that appeared abandoned, by all means replace the incorrect tag with the correct one.

(Totally hoping to see a lot of ‘abandoned’ and ‘incomplete’ stories get finished, too.)

It not only notifies the author, but anyone following as well. I just hover over the notification and it says that you edited the post, so I know that it isn’t a new comment or chapter.

I like the layout of this board setup, which has taken a little getting used to. I imagine transferring from the old setup has created a bit of a mess.

Well I guess I’m going to have to get off my ass, finish editing one of my stories that are essentially done. And post the damn thing here.

And they are both pretty adult oriented.

Dammit brain! Cooperate! Just let me get something done and posted and I’ll wear a respirator the next time I melt lead.

The index threads are a super idea. Anyway I’d recommend to place them into a separate subforum; otherwise they get lost among posts.

There will absolutely not be a separate section for the index threads. They are intended to make the individual parts easier to find, not the stories themselves.

The indexes are the same as any other story thread and will be treated as such with the exception already noted previously in this thread.

ARG! I just realized that the OP had an error in it that snuck in from an early draft. Completed Stories, like Board Member Stories will be going away eventually. The #incomplete and #complete tags are intended to cover filtering the topics with those status so the category is redundant, and (ideally) eventually all stories will be tagged and properly categorized by content rather than status. One notable exception is that abandoned stories will eventually be moved to an “Attic” section.

And now that I have a bit more time to explain this, a bit more about the index threads.

We are not going to encourage these in general, in fact quite the opposite. If we think one is needed, we will make it and make you the owner later or (as we did with @Gummybear) we will ask you to make it. Except in those cases you should not be making them.

The index threads are mainly for larger stories like @BabyButt’s Snuggles and Tears where there are a huge number of topics, many of which won’t be returned by the search by default. The search tool gives priority to newer topics and to topics with more internal links. The index threads thus increase the visibility of the story in the search by making them more likely to appear early in the results.

So basically the index threads are meant to make it easier to find story parts that might not otherwise be locatable in the search, but as a side-effect they index threads will make such stories slightly more visible in general.

The quirks of the search is also why proper tagging of your stories is really important. The older a topic is, the more the tags influence the chances of them being returned in a relevant search.