Imaginary Friends are for Babies

It was a quiet day at the super-market, midday and the crowd bustled between the food and clothing sections, the murmur of families and occasional high pitched “I want it!” of children filled the store. But amongst the crowd that day was a teen boy, walking about with some shopping of his own under arm, sixteen and an embarrassed look on his face, passing each aisle with a glance down it, brown hair came down and covered most of his head, down to his cheeks, but kept out of his line of sight with a pair of glasses, with brown eyes behind them. His sneakered feet squeaked about the tile floor with the back of his jeans dragging and fraying “Sheesh… where is she, I was supposed to stop loosing her in the store years ago…” he spoke to himself, readjusting his grip on the few things in hand.

“Did the baby loose his mommy?” came a high-pitched voice as he walked past the diaper aisle, it couldn’t have been for him, but something in his head told him to turn and look. Sitting on top of a pile of paper towels was a curious thing a little girl with long aqua hair and rounded horns from her hair, kicking her feet idly and giggled, dressed in little more than a blue shirt, sneakers and a diaper, looking over the boy.

“What…I’m no baby, what are you talking about…better yet…what are you?” he said, pulling the few things in his left hand behind him, nothing more than a package of underwear and some drinks, but he was shy about purchasing underwear. Around him his ears couldn’t quite pick up on the sounds of the store any more, and everything around him seems so much heavier, but his eyes were transfixed on the figure in front of him.

“Ooh! So the baby can hear me!” the small girl giggled and clapped with a childish bounce, leaning to the side with no restriction on her movement that he seemed to have, peeking around his back and saw the package of underwear “Silly baby those aren’t diapers,” she tsked and waggled her finger at him, then pulled her finger up and pointed back, “that’s the aisle you want!”

“I’m not a baby, now tell me who and what you are…and what you are,” the boy demanded, feeling a hot blush come to his face and grip on his package, trying to hide it from her, following her point to the diaper aisle, then he noticed how the store had stopped and he turned back to the girl with a scared look on his face.

“My fussy aren’t we? Do you want your Mommy to 'tange you?” she cooed to him, working her small fingers off to the side as her eyes transfixed on his, starting a little spell over the boy. “Well if it helps, I’m Crystal, I’m Ultimate Cosmic Power…in an adorable widdle package,” she cooed and posed for the human teen, “and if you promise to be good I’ll take you to your Mommy.”

He froze up, his skin going into goose bumps and shivers ran up his spin, something wasn’t right, and it started with the itch at his thigh, keeping his eye on her as he went to scratch it. Following the itch from mid thigh up slowly, his face still held that blush, but now there was a look of urgency in his eyes, the frozen people told him it’d be smarter to cooperate “F…fine, where is she…Crystal.”

“Good, now listen to what I say and we can get the baby to his Mommy,” she said and waggled her finger, “Put down those undies they aren’t for you and follow me” she motioned with her finger and hopped from the paper towels onto the floor with a graceful pose and even stuck the landing before she started waddling down the aisle, taking his hand as she went.

“I’m…not baby, my name is Jonas” he said, looking down to her much smaller form as he followed, slowly developing a waddle as he went. Looking up from her bouncing pony tail and crinkly pink rear he’d see a seemingly endless diaper aisle, it was kind of intimidating he thought with a gulp, looking back to see the package of underwear left at the entrance of the aisle along with his case of soda.

“Okay then, Baby Jonas, or maybe BJ for short” she teased much to his humiliation, her fingers dancing as she glanced back to his black shirt with a row of Polyhedrons in white, and that plaid green over shirt he wore, unbuttoned and the long sleeves rolled half way up his lower arms. “Now get what’s appropriate for you and we can continue on” she said with a stop in what seemed the middle of the aisle, letting go of his hand and gave his butt a swat.

Jonas jumped, holding his butt, feeling a growing thickness, then a widened stance and looked at Crystal who only smiled at him, her hand pointing to the taller than ever shelves of diapers, reaching forward and grabbing the first package he could, ‘Extra Absorbent Squeezies for Teens’, once grabbed his hand was taken back and he looked down to her, something was going on, and he was to scared to do anything about it.

Her had took his again and they started to waddle together, her fingers still weaving magic as she lead him towards the end of the aisle, changes slowly happening all about him as she’d pull something from a shelf and to her hand in a blink of an eye as they went. “Hee, Almost there BJ” she said and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

Jonas blushed and nodded, looking down to himself, walking in the waddle he could feel the bulk between his legs, there was no doubt what was there, but with his shirt tucked into his now mended jeans there was something different, it was being tugged on too much for it to be just tucked in normally “I…it’s just Jonas…” he mumbled out softly, waddling behind the small girl, in his mind a mix between savior and devil.

“Sure it is, now then, take these…” she handed him another thing to go with that large package of diapers he carried under his arm, a case of apple juice in juice boxes and some wipes, skipping along as she led the boy to the end of the aisle, peaking around the corner, where she let go of his hand and stepped back, motioning for him to lean down.

“W…what” he said, holding all the items in his two arms, leaning down and looked at
Her, a scared look in his eyes as she stood on her tippy toes, kissing his nose “Remember this BJ, be a good baby, and I’ll come and visit you sometime. But for now, you’re Mommy is waiting let her know you got your diapers” Crystal said and stepped back snapping her fingers and disappeared from the boy.
Jonas stood there dumb founded for a moment as things in his brain started to rework themselves, keeping the bulk of items close to his chest as he stood up slowly and turned to the main aisle, smiling some.

“Jonas! There you are where did you go! I told you to stay close,” his mother said as she pushed back some black hair out of her and tapped her foot and went and grabbed the things from him and put them in the cart, waiting for some explanation.

“I…I’m sorry Mom, but I was with…umm never mind, I got diapers though,” he said meekly and looked down with a crinkle from his hips, “I thought I’d save you the trip” he said and stepped close as she placed his hand cart’s side for him to stay close.

“With who?” she asked then blinked, giggling some and kissed her teen son on the cheek “alright, thanks for saving me the trip, but you’re supposed to be a big boy now, talking to imaginary friends is only for babies” she laughed and pushed the full cart along as he waddled along side her.

In the back of his head as he followed he heard ringing in “yeah, only babies talk to imaginary friends” said with impish giggle as his life was changed for the ‘better.’

Imaginary Friends are for Babies

It’s cute. Kinda open-ended. I like it.

Imaginary Friends are for Babies

On the basis of these positive reviews, I shall now read your story =D

Imaginary Friends are for Babies

It’s not bad. On the one hand, it’s coherent and it shows imagination. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of the style (varied sentence length would improve the flow) and the ending doesn’t make sense.

Imaginary Friends are for Babies

It was definitly cute, almost want to see it expanded but its really great the way it is

Imaginary Friends are for Babies

yeah my only beef with this is the ending. i assume that its some sort of spell but still would like to see an expanded ending