Idea for a Terraria Diaper Mod!

Why is this relevant at all? Well, if you’re a Terraria player, then you’d likely know that the update is going to add poo blocks.

Yes, you heard me right, poo blocks, Terraria is adding in literal human waste to the game as a block that can be “crafted” when the player sits on a toilet while the “well fed” buff is active! The player character of Terraria would by default be wearing a “Diaper” item, and as you take buff potions, healing potions, and damage, the diaper would fill up gradually with poop, which would then need to be manually emptied, and how much is in the diaper effects your ability to fight.

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your diaper to be able to hold more, and since the “Diaper Debuffs” would be activated by a percentage of how full your diaper is, upgrading your diaper to increase its capacity would by extension buff you. Of course there should be a buff involving diaper wearing and usage, such as deliberately soiling yourself increasing life and mana regeneration.

Of course, to balance it all out, there would be ways to contain and use Poop Blocks so that they don’t pollute too much of the screen, toilets and buckets should be placable, and able to contain poop blocks, though poop blocks cannot be contained in chests, they’d be an alternative crafting recipe for torches, campfires, planter boxes, poisoned knives, etc.


Ha! I love it. I’ve been a gamer my entire life and Terraria is on an exceedingly short list of games I never get tired of. There’s always something new to try. I hadn’t really thought about adding a diaper mod before, but it sounds fun.