I will be performing an update tonight that will cause some extended downtime

This is a necessary security update to the software itself, but it also will enable some settings that should vastly improve the performance in some key areas.

I will be taking the site down at 2023-05-21T01:00:00Z and it should be down around 2 hours at most.

At the same time I will be enablng some settings that will make it far more difficult for the bots that have been attacking the site for the last few days to continue doing so.

one key change: User profiles will be far more restricted going forward. In fact, after the update all current users will have their profiles set to private and you you have to explictly choose to reenable them.

other changes I can’t be more specific about because it would just help the bots owners work around the changes.

Understand this though: I am taking the situation with the bots damn seriously, and at least one person that was running one of the bots is definitely not doing so now because the little prick is in police custody.


Aw yeah! Always a good day when those freakos get arrested, wish it’d happen to all the ones running bots on TF2 servers.

In this case the idiot actually tried to blackmail me. Fatal error on his part.

He assumed that being an ABDL I would pay him instead of going to law enforcement. Never a safe assumption in my case.

I mean, you spend 2 years under conservatorship so a pretty good chunk of the people know about your diapers and other things as a direct result of that you tend stop giving a shit if people know that it’s not just health reasons that you wear.

Hell, if the idiot had just done some basic research he’d have known I don’t even hide my pacifier. I always have one clipped to my shirt because of my panic attacks I still have to this day!

Mostly done with the upgrade. Took way less time than expected :slight_smile:

Small update: If you explicitly toggled your profile’s privacy setting to private and back to public later, your profiles will still be public. I only set them to private for users who did not previously explicitly adjust the setting.

If you want to make it private, you can do that in your interface options.

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I didn’t think that American police moved quickly for those things. That is good though.


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Advantages or knowing the right people in this case. The wife of my attorney happens to work in the field and specializes in handling blackmail cases.

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