I was once an adult...

It all started when I went to the south shore mall to pick up some last-minute Christmas gifts. I was in Macys looking for something for my girlfriend and wandered into the womens clothing department. I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful bras and panties and I was thinking about how soft they were, and how they might feel if I was wearing them. I know these thoughts are rather odd, and not normal for a guy like me, but I could sense that I was actually getting aroused thinking about what I might look like wearing them. As I continued to browse the isles, I accidentally wandered into the children’s section.

There were lots of different items on display, but the baby clothing is what really caught my eye, particularly the little onesies. They included features such as front zippers for easier changes, little feet for warmth and a buttoned back flap, like those my sister wore when we were young. Now I am relatively small for a grown man, but as I looked through the rack, I was surprised to see they had sizes for older children and junior adults as well.

It was at that moment, I noticed someone was watching me. A stern looking older woman, was glaring at me. She was tall with long greyish blonde hair, striking to say the least, but a bit intimidating. She began to walk over to me, and I quickly put the outfit I had in my hands back on the rack where I had found it. She wore high heels and towered over me, she had her hands on her hips and asked what I was doing. “My, my, what do we have here?” I explained to her that I was just looking, and I tried to convince her what I was doing was completely innocent, but I could tell she did not believe me.

After she left, I grabbed the largest onesie I could find. I had to try one on. I simply thought it would be fun to see if it would actually fit. I quickly chose a yellow one with white accents and headed toward the changing room. Since there was no attendant at the entrance to the fitting room, I figured it would be okay if I just went in. As I undressed and changed into the garment, I could hear others enter the space. I heard what sounded like a mother talking to her daughter, as well as other female voices whispering. “Ohh no…” I thought, had I entered the ladies changing room by mistake? I was so embarrassed, standing there in my yellow onesie I quickly tried to pull the curtain closed tight so nobody could see me.

That is when the inquisitive woman I had encountered earlier, yanked open the curtain! I started to say something, but she instantly gestured for me to be silent. She reached for her phone and quickly started to take pictures. It was at that moment, things got serious. I realized in all the excitement I hadn’t been able to finish zipping up the front of the onesie and to make matters worse I was sporting an erection which was completely exposed to my uninvited visitor.

She stepped into the changing stall, and drew the curtain closed. “If you don’t want me to start screaming, you will do exactly as I say,” She reached for my pants and took out my wallet and then she gave me a piece of paper with a phone number on it. I was to call the number in exactly ten minutes, and I would receive directions to a location where she would give me a chance to make amends and avoid a very embarrassing situation. Given this awful predicament, I figured I had no choice, and how bad could it be anyway, especially compared to involving the police. Then, Just before she turned to depart, she gave me a wicked little smile and said, “Now say thank you to Auntie….”

Obviously, I needed to leave and more importantly get my wallet back, so I removed the onesie, quickly dressed, peeked outside the curtain to make sure the coast was clear, and scurried out of the store to the parking garage. As I approached my car, I sensed I was being followed. Was it security? Did she report me? When I turned around, there was a store security guard fast on my heels! I jumped into the drivers seat of my car, slammed the door shut and started the engine.

I answered the tap on my window by rolling it down and acting surprised. “Is there a problem?” I asked. The large man replied, “I think I should be asking you that question, why were you running from the store?” My careful explanation regarding a distressing text message which needed immediate attention seemed to suffice. I was advised to carry on and he left.

I looked around the lot, relieved to see I was now alone, so I dialed the number written on the paper. “I said ten minutes, not twenty, you are late!” she snapped. I was ordered to get on the highway, head north and take exit 17. As I drove, she continued to speak to me in an angered manner until I reached the exit. “Where is she bringing me?” I was unfamiliar with this neighborhood I thought to myself. She directed me to a large apartment building complex and I was told to go to the back entrance. I was buzzed in immediately upon entering the foyer and she told me to go to apartment 101 and then hung up.

I walked down the long hallway and saw a door to one of the apartments ajar. It was 101. As I approached, someone reached out and grabbed my arm pulled me in and closed the door behind me.

“Now strip!” She ordered as she loomed over me.

“I am not going to take my clothes off, what the hell do you think this is?” I barked. That is when I felt her anger for the first time as she slapped me across the face. She grabbed my arm forcefully and said “Strip, all of it, now.” My eyes were tearing up, I was so in shock, so I just did as I was told and removed all of my clothes. I was so embarrassed.

And there I stood for what seemed like hours with my head down, waiting and wondering “what have I gotten myself into?”

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Footed onesies are available in all adult sizes, and have been for some time. And they definitely wouldn’t indicate to a casual passer-by that someone was into kink to a point where they could be extorted into being forcibly infantilized.

I’m sorry, but the realism aspect of this story has gone sailing, and is presumed lost at sea.

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Fair enough, except he also noted that they had them for young adults, so clearly he wasn’t exclusively in the children’s section.

And the “indecent exposure” didn’t happen until the woman yanked open the curtain on an obviously occupied changing room.

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I guess I’m just a bit put off by the unreality of the scenario. Random Domme skulking around clothing shops looking for men who snoop a little too much in the women’s and children’s clothing area, trying to catch them trying taboo things on so she can blackmail them into some Hum-Dom action back at her apartment?

Don’t get me wrong, structurally this is sound writing. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, it’s all there. So yeah, for a new writer, it’s solid. It just reads like wish fulfillment.

And don’t think I’m not hearing you about the satirical pieces I submitted for the two Halloween contests. One was a literal parody of someone else’s writing, the other was making a point about how sexist the folks who PM the mods complaining about whether or not something qualifies as child abuse are. Neither were supposed to be outstanding fiction, in fact quite the opposite.

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Thanks for the encouragement! What an interesting discourse. I certainly didn’t expect the footed onesie to be such a point of contention.

Wish fulfillment might be an obvious agenda given our membership on this site. Truth is, I really struggled with the unreality of the scenario and will give this careful consideration in the next chapter.

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You’re certainly free to embrace it fully if you so choose. There’s more than a few stories that entirely commit to being over the top. If you can do it well, go for it.

As for footed onesies, they certainly do exist, but finding an adult size one in most department stores is a rarity. Can’t say I frequent Macy’s to comment on the accuracy of the inclusion.

Anyway, what’s here is perfectly readable. Though I’ll be upfront and say it’s not my cup of tea in terms of themes.

I’m going to be blunt here: Anyone who has written a story set in the Diaper Dimension realy shouldn’t be commentung on the plausibility or reality of a story, just saying.

I’ve seen adult footed onesies at Wal-Mart, so…

Okay, but the DD was literally set by its creator as “the place where all diaper story tropes are true.”

Playing around in a sandbox shouldn’t disqualify someone from being able to discern plausibility of a story not in that sandbox.

I probably came off more harsh than I meant to in my first response. I do wish to emphasize that I have seen much, much worse openings from new writers here. Generally speaking, though, I don’t bother commenting if it’s in that territory.

I’m glad to know that we’re on the same page regarding the unreality issue. And I’m interested to see how you go about pumping the brakes on this one.

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I think the biggest complaint–if I had to have one–isn’t necessarily the implausible nature of the events, but the presentation. I stick with what I said above, but I’ll add that I think your best course of action would be to work on the presentation.

For example, take some time to get really into the mind of the MC as they freak out, the fear and whirling thoughts as they’re taken places, the distractions to their driving, the horrors their mind concocts about what this woman could do; how it might destroy their life if she goes to the police, how even if he doesn’t get a charge, he’ll be seen publicly as a pervert.

Don’t just be like “I was scared what she might do.” Sell us on it.
I’d say you could’ve taken several multiples of the current length of the story to really sell the effect.

@Cute-Kitten is just about what I consider to be the best example of what I’m talking about. She can spend several chapters and a character has only made it across a single room.
But then, that may just be me. I’m a big fan of extensive detail.

Others are subtle, efficient with their words. Leaving all manner of implication in the text, and the answers up to the reader. @anon26987748 is a fine example of this.

Both of the authors I listed cover some very absurd material in their works, and they’re about like east and west as to their approach.

But anyway, carry on.

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And that doesn’t change the reality that if you choose to play in the sandbox you porobably shouldn’t complain when others want to play with sand from a dfferent source.

You also really don’t want to argue with me about that particular creator, and there’s information from both Clawdia and myself elsewhere on why.

I have no interest in arguing with you about anything. But if this story is a sandbox outside of reality somewhere else, then I have no indication of same from the author.

My point

Your head

It just depends on how far your suspension of disbelief is willing to go i suppose. Personally i assume give more leeway, in these situations as it is somewhat apparent that the author is doing a more wish fullfillmenty type of thing whereas I point out non believable. It’s not pineapple territory yet. And I’m not sure i like it .But it hasn’t broken my disbelief suspension