I Swear It was An Accident!

Hey uh, this is my first story on this site so I apologize in advance if there are any major formatting issues. Thank you!

Chapter 1: Just Some Background Information

This story takes some inspiration from other stories that I’ve read, one most notably being ‘The Diapered and The Dead’ by Kid_Marv. Within that story, a group of classmates band together in what appears to be a quarantined area infested with zombies. Inside of there, they look for methods to survive while finding accommodations to their individual needs, one most notably being incontinence or loss of control in several of the characters.

This story is going to attempt to be different. It will maintain a similar survival horror sequence theme, while maintaining several of the key factors in the other story, where a group of classmates attempt to survive in a unknown area. The theme of desperation and hopelessness will also be maintained in this story, and in the end, there is no clear resolution.

My main goal of this story is to create a world where everything seems a little more empty then before. I know that this tends to differ from the typical ABDL story, but I hope it still can hold its own as a story.

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Chapter 1: Why Am I Here?


When you wake up in an empty room, void of any trace of life except you, you tend to be creeped out. Especially when you were previously sleeping in your own bed the night before. Yet here I was, clad in only a t-shirt and pajama pants, in a large room with several apparent entrances and exits. The only thing that lay within the walls of shadowy grey and white was a single bed, with a white mattress, and a black bed frame. I walked around the room, counting my steps to attempt to determine the width and length of the room, It took 19 paces from my bed to the wall, and 25 from that wall to a door on the opposing side.

My name is Lily Koneki, and I am 17 years old. The last thing I remember before coming here is falling asleep in my own bed. My favorite color is green, and I am more of a quiet person. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and my brother, Daniel, is cool sometimes. I like cats, and I also like most cute things.

Pacing around the room, I passed one of the doors, something in the back of my said “Open it. You know you want to.” I shoved aside the urge to open the door, and continued pacing the room fully.

After what felt like hours, I was hungry, thirsty, and bored. Sitting on a bed in a grey room does that, I suppose. I stood up, and began to briskly walk towards the door. What lay outside would hopefully be my escape, or at worst, my dark fear. I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply as I opened the door, and when nothing killed me, I opened my eyes again. Here lay my worst nightmare, a hallway that seemed to be endless, with sidewards alleyways branching off from the main row. That’s all there was for as far as I could see, tile, hallway, and doors. All the same grey color as before. I approached the nearest door, and turned the handle. Thankfully, it was unlocked, and inside, my heart jumped a little. A small white refrigerator, a brown desk, and a package of unopened water bottles. I checked inside of the refrigerator, and unfortunately, there was nothing inside except the small, dim lightbulb. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had found exactly what I needed. But then I remembered, food. I hadn’t eaten in at least a day now, and to say I felt famished would be an understatement. I hauled the package of water back to my room, and decided to check what else could be found in the sanctity of the hallways.

It was only after I downed one of the 8-oz plastic water bottles that I began my plundering of the other doors. In one, I found a small notepad, along with a few protein bars. In another, I found a blanket and a bucket. But in the last room I raided was my favorite thing was all, a set of art supplies. In the space that was void of color, the vibrancy of the paints and pencils felt like experiencing it all for the first time. I hurried back to the room, making sure to place all my stuff on the bed before marching back into the first room for the desk. It surprised me with how light it was, and only when I attempted to lift it by the top did I realize how it was so light. What I perceived to be a solid wood desk, actually had a compartment inside for storing various things. As I moved it into my room, and placed it at the foot of my bed, I went back for the small refrigerator. I had enough supplies to last me for at least tonight in food and water, and even found a few extra things.

After I ate a protein bar, and drank half of another water bottle did the fatigue start to kick in. I stretched myself out and laid down on my bed, the dim light keeping me awake slightly. It was only when I started drifting off into sleep that I heard it; the slamming of a door.


Chapter 2: What Else is Here With Me?

(Warning: this chapter may contain diapers, and/or diaper usage, and wetting.)


As I heard the door slam shut, questions raced through my mind. How had the door slammed shut? Was there someone else here with me? If so, maybe they can help! My questions faded away as I realized that the door I had used to exit the room earlier was still open, where anyone could have chosen to enter. I hurried to the door, where my footsteps echoed quietly throughout the room, and down the hall. As I turned towards the door, my hopes began to crumble around me. The only thing I could see clearly down the hall was the encroaching darkness. Sighing, I went to close the door, where I saw a shadow slink towards me from down the hall. It was tall, standing at around maybe 9 feet, and now that I was near the doorway, I could hear its ragged breathing. The hairs on the back of my neck rose as the shadow began approaching rapidly, and I slammed the door shut. I turned and ran towards the closet, which opened with ease as I slid myself amongst the clothes within it. A loud bang echoed throughout the room as the shadow seemingly collided with the door, and I could hear its ragged breathing once more. As the breathing became less and less audible, I left the closet, and went back to my bed. Where I laid down, and attempted to sleep, shaken by the encounter. Tomorrow, I decided, would be another day of exploration.

As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes at…some time? I sat up in my bed, where a warm presence near my bottom became obvious. I drowsily glanced downwards, where it became apparent that I had wet my bed. This was the first time it had happened since I was 13, and I promptly had a small mental break.
“No, no…this can’t be happening again. I stopped having accidents like this when I was 13. This isn’t real, it’s just a dream.”
I whispered internally. I knew it wasn’t a dream, and that I was very much awake. With a quick sigh of acceptance, I walked towards the closet where I hid in before, and began rifling through the clothes within it. A quick glance confirmed my suspicions, similarly to the clothes I had woken up in, they were all grey, giving a drab look to the white panties hanging in a small container on the side of it. Grabbing a pair of pants and underwear, I stripped off my now damp pants and underwear, and slid on the new clothes quickly. I looked to the door on my right, the door I had opened previously, and where my visitor had come from last night.
“Nope, not today,” I said to myself.

I went with the door to my left. This time, I discovered a small kitchenette area, which housed a small stove, and a large counter where a microwave and a cook book could be found. As I checked if the stove was working, I heard the door beside me open. Startled, I ducked and hid behind the counter. As I sorta just sat there, I heard whistling behind me. Whistling I had heard before. I peeked behind the counter I was hiding behind, and saw him. Looked to be about 16, wearing clothes in a similar grey fashion, except instead of pants, he got shorts. The mop of black hair was relatively untidy, and unkempt. He looked kinda Asian, but was remarkably tall, about 5’9", and had a somewhat broad chest. As I began to stand up, I hit the top of my head on the counter and gave a quiet yelp. Immediately his head bolted upwards, and his eyes darted around the room, looking for a potential source of the noise. His eyes settled on the door I had entered from, as it was slightly ajar, and he bolted from the room. As I heard his footsteps echo down the hallway, I stood up and returned to my looting of the drawers, comforted knowing that at least someone else is here.


Turns out not having food sucks. I thought I had struck gold when I saw the small kitchen area, only to find the drawers inside of it upturned and mostly empty. However, I found a few things that would consist of my meal today; canned food and a small bottle of water. “Too bad water isn’t as big of a deal to me,” I thought, as I had located a nearby water fountain in a room close to mine. Or for me, the only room that was close to mine. The rest appeared to be scattered much farther down the hallway, leaving me with a small trek, and my water. But, something was bothering me…if there was anything potentially dangerous in that kitchen, why didn’t it attack sooner? Could there possibly be someone else with me? Someone who was just as scared of me as I was of them? I contemplated the possibility, and felt that it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle, as all I needed was some type of way to communicate. As I meandered my way back to my room, content that nothing was chasing me now, I also peered through some other hallways. I found another room, and this time I was not as pleased with the contents. “A cup…and a pack of diapers. Oh joy I sure needed those.” I wryly responded to myself. After I left the room, I decided that it would now be a better time to hurry to my room and get ready for what I believed to be tonight.

I sat on the hard floor on the side of my bed and rested my head against it. As I ate the can of what appeared to be Spam, I continued contemplating the hope that there were other people here. It seemed likely, considering the drawers were open and appeared to be previously rifled through. Perhaps I had just missed them. I’ll deal with them tomorrow, and so I continued to eat my spam.

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Ah, alrighty, thank you! I’ll make sure to take care of some of those things for the next chapters.

I noticed that you went from chapter 1 to chapter 3, could this have been a mistake?

Hopefully Lily doesn’t get too freaked out and flees from the other person… I’m really liking how this is starting to shape up.Thank you for taking the time to share this story with us here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story! The chapter thing is a bad habit from Wattpad, because I end up with drafts in random places sometimes, I’ll make sure to fix it now.

It’s all good, we can’t improve unless we see our mistakes. I have done the same thing at times

Chapter 3: Hope For The Past


The bastard took my spam. He seemed familiar for some odd reason, carrying a hint of normalcy for me. Maybe I would run into him again, and he didn’t seem openly hostile. He probably just was looking for something to eat, and found it, in my can of spam. Sighing, I left and exited into my room. I ate another protein bar, and curled up in my bed, trying my best not to think about the wet blanket hanging in the closet. I opened an eye to make sure each of the doors was closed, and was relieved to see that they all were. I slowly drifted off to sleep, hoping maybe I could meet the boy again.

As I stretched with the dim light glowing on my face, I smiled. No wet bed! It was clearly a one time fluke, and just an accident from possibly stress. As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I heard movement from the kitchen. It appeared to be the sound of a pen clicking, and some odd crinkling noise. I also heard what appeared to be slight mumbling, but I didn’t know what it was, so I stayed silent. After what felt like years of waiting for the noise to go away, I heard nothing, and I went to open the door and check the kitchen. In it, it appeared untouched aside from an open drawer where a few cans laid scattered inside. I noticed something large and white on the table with handwriting on it, and as I approached it, I could make out a few of the words.

Hey person!

My name is Kale, and I’m gonna assume you’re doing pretty ok. Sorry about yesterday, didn’t mean to catch you off guard or anything, was just scrounging for food since it’s pretty scarce in the surrounding area around me. I’m 17 and I am in my junior year of high school. If you wanna come visit or anything so I can know you better, exit the door to your right and walk about 20 paces down the hall, where you should see a water fountain. Turn right and that’s where I am. Left will take you to a few now empty rooms, and then a dead end so I wouldn’t recommend going that way.

Cheers! Or whatever you prefer,

what. His handwriting looks like chicken scratch, and is barely legible. He also wrote it on an adult diaper! Calming myself down, I decided it would be best if I went to visit him later, so I could hunt for more supplies and maybe find other people as well. Looking at that door where that thing had come previously, I decided to take a chance and risk it. Peering through the now opened door into the hallway, everything looked normal. Scenes of that thing barreling towards me flashed back in my head. I slammed the door back shut and decided to sit down on my bed and take a crack at the box of art supplies I had found earlier. Opening the small box, I took out the paints, along with the pencils and brushes. As I opened the notebook to a page, I slowly began to doodle, and lines and shapes began to form.


It had been maybe two hours since I delivered the note to the kitchen, and after I delivered it and raided a few more semi-nearby rooms, I collapsed on the bed. Part of me was relived with the supplies I had gathered today, and the other part of me was exhausted and wanted to flop over on the bed and die. Laying on my bed, staring at the dull ceiling, I began to let my thoughts wander.

It felt weird to think that maybe two days ago, I was 16, and in my own room living with my family. My family was pretty alright as far as families go, mother, father, and brother. My brother was 12 years younger than me, and was always a bright child, figuring out ways to get into places he wanted. He looks up to me a lot, literally and figuratively, since I’m almost 6 feet tall. Today was supposed to be September 25th, 20XX, but since I have no way of truly telling, I’m sorta screwed. I would be 17 today, but in reality, I have no clue. So I guess my note would be a half-truth. It also made me feel sad that it for sure wasn’t anyone I knew well, as if it had been somebody I knew, they might’ve recognized me alone from the mop of black hair on my head, and my height possibly as well. I smiled an empty smile at the ceiling, as what little hope I had in meeting another person I knew declining. But hey, anything would be better than meeting that…thing again.


I stared at the series of doodles I made over what felt like an hour. With the only references being inside my head, and the things surrounding me being sorta bland. So far, I had sketched my cup with several different types of handles, a small cat, a city landscape, and an attempt to draw rain through a window. My favorite was probably the cat, since it actually looked a lot like a cat. I looked at what little food I had left, including another protein bar, some pull-top canned goods, and a meal replacement shake. Great. So in other words, a meal for tonight, which meant that tomorrow I would either have to meet the strange person, or go hunt for more supplies, and if possible, both. I fell back on my bed, and laid out whatever food I had left on my desk and began to eat.

Sleep came easily, and with it came dreams. Maybe I could escape with the help of the other person? If there were more people, maybe they could all escape? My thoughts and fantasies drifted away quickly as I began to wake up. My hand instinctively reached towards my crotch, and I was relieved to find it dry. After my small accident three days ago now, I didn’t want to take any risks. I stood up grasping my hands together, and leaned back, waiting for the satisfying pop from my back. Maybe after about 6 minutes did I hear the breathing again. My head hurt a little, and goosebumps started forming on my skin. That was all I could hear now, the sound of the ragged breathing gradually echoing throughout the room around me, looking for it’s next meal. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. The sound of a door opening to my left stopped me in my tracks; someone had entered the kitchen. The rapid footsteps coming towards my door told me something was running, and then the pounding on my door began. “Let me in! Let me in! Damn it, please be here, please be here.” In my mad dash towards the door to see what was on the other side, the ragged breathing started up again. But this time, it was not a harsh gasping of air needed for survival, it was a quiet and lilting roar. At some points, deafeningly loud, and with others, harshly muted, as if it was heard through water. That thing wasn’t just waiting for it’s next meal anymore, it had found it.

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Chapter 4: A Friend In a Lonely World


I rushed to the door, and opened it, leading to a blur of motion entering my room. After it made it inside, I immediately closed the door, hearing the Thing claw against it, only to seemingly leave as its breathing grew farther and farther away. It’s roar was gone now, replaced only by the sound of the rasping breathing, and the pounding inside my chest. I flopped down against the wall, and exhaled a sigh of relief. One, I was safe, and two, I saved somebody else. I glanced around the room, looking for whoever I had saved, and found him slumped down similarly near my bed. He looked exhausted, and honestly, even though I had just woken up, so was I. Maybe that thing had something to do with my sudden exhaustion, and his as well. I heard his soft snores from behind the foot of my bed, and I curled up on the floor as well, hoping for some rest. I wasn’t forced to wait, and sleep came quickly.

I woke up to being covered in a blanket, and a scent I hadn’t smelt in forever; cooked, hot food. I stretched out, and froze as I noticed the dampness and the wet floor between my legs that was now soaking into the rest of my clothes. It was a miracle the blanket hadn’t been soaked, but the same couldn’t be said for my clothes. I slowly began to stand up, when a door opened next to me. “Oh hey, you’re up. I thought I heard something.” Here was the person I saved earlier, and well, they were at least half a foot taller than me. Murky brown eyes, a mop of black hair, and a tall, skinny frame. He towered over me as I slouched beneath my blanket, trying to hide the large damp spot on my pants and the back of my shirt. I replied quickly, “Hi, uh, do you mind if I go change my clothes? I don’t like sleeping and moving around in the same clothes, so could you give me a bit of privacy?” His response was curt, and with a slight look of embarrassment, he said “Oh yeah, no problem, I’ll be in the uh, kitchen I guess.” As he walked back into the kitchen and closed the door enough where it was just barely shut, I rushed over to my closet, anxious to get out of my damp clothes. It was a simple task, stripping down my wet clothes and sliding on nice, clean dry ones. As I walked towards the kitchen and opened the door, I was greeted with the smell of Spam and eggs, with some green beans as well. It smelt delicious, and honestly, I couldn’t wait to try it. I saw him standing by the stove, whistling a tune, and as he continued pushing the eggs and spam around the pot, I recognized him as my visitor from the other day.

“My name’s Lily, and you said your name was Kale, right?” I asked, he responded with a small smile, “Yep, think of the vegetable.” That made me giggle a little, and I could see his smile growing wider, and then I remembered something else. “Sorry about surprising you in the kitchen the other day, I didn’t mean to scare you.” “Nah, it’s not a big deal honestly, I was just scrounging for some food, and well, up until today I haven’t been so lucky.” He replied, quickly turning to push his eggs around the frying pan one more time before turning off the stove. He reached down below the counter and pulled some plates out of a drawer, and grabbed a couple of forks from the drawer as well, putting them on the plate before using the spoon he had been using to stir the eggs and spam around with to serve a sizable portion on my plate. I opened the door to my room, and we both sat down on the bed, resting our food on my desk, where I began to eat.


I watched her eat the food rapidly, finishing her plate before I had even gotten halfway through mine. It’s been days since I’ve had a full meal like this, and honestly, I hoped it wasn’t the last. While she’d been sleeping, I searched through one of the three doors, and I found a sizable amount of food and other things, including a room that resembled a small greenhouse, with lights above long trays of soil and pots. Using a box I found in a room previously, I carried as much food as I could, and was even more thankful she took the time to move the mini-fridge into her room, storing the eggs I had stolen from a kitchen area similar to ours. When I returned from my small expedition, I found her passed out next to the bed still, curled up in a ball almost. I could hear her soft breathing, along with some slight shivers. I stripped the blanket off of her bed and spread it out over her, where she slowly shuffled to accustom herself to the blanket. She looked cute, laying there on the ground, I wished there was more I could do for her, but well, there wasn’t much else, and I decided to cook a little something with the food we had.

After she woke up and I walked back into the room to kinda check on her, I saw her hiding herself beneath the blanket as much as possible. She wasn’t doing the most excellent job, and well, I could tell her clothes were wet, while she sat in a small puddle. I didn’t want to make her feel bad or embarrassed, and I wasn’t really looking forward to pressing the matter forward with her, so I just left the room when she asked me too. Nothing to lose there, since I was respecting her privacy, and making sure that she felt comfortable as well. Her voice sounded familiar, but I can’t place it, since I hear hundreds every day at my high school. It was soft, and a little lower than other girl’s voices, but nothing I minded. As I finished up the last bits of my meal, I put my plate and fork back in the kitchen, knowing I could use the fountain near my room to clean them off most likely. I reached for the box of supplies, and split the items up so we each had a similar amount of food and water. I began putting the dishes inside the box, and when I finished that, I set the box on the floor in front of it, and went back into the room to say bye to Lily.

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Really enjoying this story.

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Chapter 5: I Swear It Was an Accident! (Part 1)

“I’m not wearing a diaper! It was a one-time thing, I was just scared.” I gestured towards the folded white rectangle in his hands, trying to regain some control over the situation. I was starting to regret staying in his room, and helping him organize what little supplies we had just to pass the time a little faster. All he had for cooking was a large water fountain and a small camping stove, which he used to somehow prepare a soup using some broth, rice, and what tasted like a potato. As we laughed and talked throughout the time we spent together, I found my eyes flickering over and staying on the small packages of adult diapers and pull-ups he had found in some nearby room. They looked so…off-putting, and I tried to convince myself I wouldn’t ever need to use them.

“Hey Lily? You doing alright in there? You look like you could use some rest.” I quickly broke out of my daydream and stifled a yawn, as I responded quickly with a weak affirmation.
“You definitely need rest, here, uh, I’ll clear the bed. You can go sleep on it tonight, I hope you don’t mind me taking the extra blanket. Could you pass me that shirt over there?”

As I tossed him over the dull grey shirt, he responded with a quick response, and I saw the lights gradually begin to dull more and more. I lay down on his bed and stretched, allowing my back to vocalize the cracks and creaks of a teenage girl. As I spread myself out on it, I noticed that without the extra blanket, there wasn’t any sheet on the mattress; but that just made it softer, and as I rested my head on the tiny pillow, I quickly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to Lily screaming in the middle of the night. I sprinted over to her, and reassured her that she was okay. The lights were brightening up now in the room, and I can only assume that they were working against her at the time. The large damp spot was obvious on the gray blanket, contrasting greatly against the once similarly dry mattress. She was sobbing now, not just because of her apparent nightmare, but probably because she had also just wet the bed thoroughly. I helped her stand up, and she rushed to get her spare change of clothes for the morning. I turned around as she began to strip off her clothes, and I offered her a couple of what I think were rags to help her clean up. After she tapped me on my shoulder, and said I could turn around, I realized how upset she really was. Her damp clothes were lying on the floor next to her, and she looked miserable. She put her arms out, and as I put mine out too, she hugged me and cried over and over into my chest and shoulder. We stayed that way for what felt like maybe half an hour before she left my arms and crawled back into her damp bed, still quietly sobbing.

 In hindsight, maybe offering her a diaper after her traumatic night wasn't the greatest plan in the world. But I tried keeping my focus on her and her wellbeing, trying to offer her a better solution to her problem that seemed to be happening continuously now. 

“I saw that it happened the other night Lily, and it’s alright, and I don’t judge, accidents happen. But this seems to be happening almost daily, and I’m not sure that either of us have the supplies to constantly clean the beds, or your clothes.” I rebutted, to which she gave a tremendous sigh. She looked like she was ready to cry even more, and it made me feel even worse about the entire situation.

“I thought I was past that already.” She whispered in a shaky voice,

“What happened before?” I asked,

Was I really going to tell a boy anything about my past? I shuddered, and my thoughts on how he would react after I told him about my past bedwetting problems, and how even now, two years later, I still loved the euphoria of waking up in a dry bed. It felt great to be able to not feel the warm dampness that came with waking up in a wet bed, or the cold clamminess of waking up in a soggy pull-up. I glanced down at myself, and well, it was pretty obvious why he probably felt that I should wear protection when I went to sleep. There was a damp spot from where my previous accident had soaked into the bed the previous night, and it seemed my dry pair of pajamas had leached out some of the moisture. It crawled up the back of my shirt, and remained in a large dark patch around my bottom. It felt so depressing, seeing the folded white square he was offering me, and looking down and seeing the reason why he would ever offer a diaper to a teenage girl. Working up what little courage I had, I began to inhale and exhale slowly, controlling my breathing to hopefully control my emotions and anxiety towards the entire situation.
Taking a final exhale, I looked him in his face, slightly upwards, and slowly began to tell my story to him.

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i think this story will be a good story

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it,

Interesting start I think this is shaping up into a nice story does definitely require me to be more awake to fully understand everything happening will have to read it again another day

ah, alrighty, thank you for your thoughts on it. It’s not my intention for it to be purposely confusing, so I’ll make sure to hopefully make it flow more smoothly next time. Thank you!

I Swear It was An Accident! (part 2)

“Sorry, I don’t usually feel comfortable talking about this, because it’s really embarrassing to me, and I’m still kind of self conscious, even though it stopped like 3 years ago.” I explained, trying to make the situation a little less awkward.

“I think I’ve wet my bed for almost as long as I can remember, and well, I remember celebrating and enjoying the freedom that came with not being a bedwetter. The first trip to the doctor’s office to get it checked out was when I was around 9, and I always thought that one day, I would just magically wake up dry and it would stay that way forever. Here, the doctor would give me my first method of treatment; medications and exercises to strengthen my bladder. Unfortunately, the Vitamin-D supplements, the other prescription drugs my doctor gave me, and the stretches and exercises didn’t do much. If anything, it made me feel worse, as I was now having several dry nights in a row occasionally, and then waking up in a soggy bed or diaper for the next week. When I was 12, I could still fit the small size, which made me even more embarrassed as other girls around me were having sleepovers and getting boyfriends; while I sat at home trying to hide my diapers inside of a closet or dresser. I think it was around my 13th birthday that I stopped wetting my bed entirely, or having an accident at most once or twice a month.”

I glanced down towards the ground. I don’t think I’ve ever really told my friends (or anyone for that matter) anything remotely close to that, and if I did, like this one it contained a few lies. It was mostly truthful, as it had stopped around my 13th birthday, and I had spent much of my time as a bedwetter embarrassed and ashamed of myself. However, when I was 9, I stopped taking the supplements because I didn’t like the texture of them. They were these chewable gummies, and I hated them for their rubbery texture and fake taste. I also stopped wearing pull-ups or diapers for bed wetting, or at least anything other than airplane rides and long car trips because my brother would tease me about it. But other than that, aside from the nagging shame that came with the offer of a diaper, and the embarrassment from just wetting someone else’s bed; I felt alright. I waited, staring at Kale as he stood there, more asleep then awake.

I stood there, still holding the diaper in my hand, unsure entirely how to respond to Lily’s statement. Do I comfort her and tell her I support her regardless of her past? Do I hug her and provide physical comfort like the day before? Or do I just explain to her that I understood, and that I wouldn’t force her to wear the diaper if she wasn’t comfortable with it. I went with a combination of all three; asking if she was ok with a hug for some form of physical comfort, comforting her and telling her that I supported her regardless of what happened, and finally telling her that I understand what she’s saying and telling her that it is entirely her decision to wear a diaper, since well, it’s hers. I gave a quick sigh of relief, and sort of began to reply to Lily.

“Is it ok if I hug you again?” I asked, and she looked away for a second, appearing slightly flustered.

“Sure, just…put down the diaper first, ok?” replied Lily.

As I wrapped my arms around her, I heard her whisper something, but I didn’t understand what she said, and all I focused on was comforting her. I slowly began to talk, and started to explain my feelings to her.

“Lily, I feel really uh… honored, and warm knowing that you told me this, since it’s been such a major event in your life. I’m grateful you told me now, and that it didn’t lead to an even more awkward conversation in the future. I wanted to let you know that no matter what happened before, I care a lot about you as a friend, and without you, I’d quite frankly be dead, or worse. I also wanted to make sure you knew I understand that this is something weird and uncomfortable, and probably embarrassing for me to ask of you, since you have had an uncomfortable past with them, and that I’d never force them on you if you’re not comfortable with them.” I exhaled, surprised that I had actually communicated my thoughts clearly to her without accidentally being condescending or patronizing to her in any way. She pulled back out of the hug for a second and looked me in the eyes, and then she kissed me quickly on the cheek, and for the first time since yesterday, smiled.

I don’t think I’ve ever kissed a boy before, aside from maybe my brother, and that was when we were both much younger. Kale made me feel safe, even though we were both as far away from safe as one could get. But, if he didn’t talk to me now, I’d probably have put on the diaper anyway. I smiled because it felt nice for him to understand, but I know that a smile wouldn’t fix my current problem, and much less the damp bedding. But for the first time since yesterday, I truly felt that someone cared for me and was trying to help me, supporting me in the best way he could with his friendship. I started to pull out of the hug, and with it, I crouched down and picked up the diaper. I turned it over in my hand, observing the small details on it, and noting the way it softly crinkled. It was covered with stars, and while the exterior was white, the stars were a multitude of different colors, and I saw many yellow, blue, purple, and green stars on the outside. It looked sort of childish, especially with the bright yellow wetness meter on the front of the diaper, and my guess that the stars would fade if the diaper got more than a little damp. The part that concerned her most however were the tapes on the side and front, almost making it a requirement for someone to help her out it on unless she wanted to struggle with the tapes herself. But it was cute enough, and it would have to work for now.

As I continued to note my internal opinions on the diaper, I felt a finger tap my left shoulder, and I could see Kale with a slight smile plastered on his face as he watched me scrutinize the diaper.

“Do you need help with anything, Lily? I tried to choose one of the less childish ones from the packages, and uh, we need to strip the bed and dry out the bed sheets and your other clothes.” Kale said quickly, rattling off the words like he had prepared for this for the entirety of his life.

I caught myself almost instantly from the sheer bluntness of the question, and I felt it made sense for Kale to be the one to offer his help, since I doubt he wanted to leave the room again to give me privacy for the next 10-20 minutes as I fiddled with the diaper. I shifted nervously on my feet, and tucked my hands behind my back, still holding the diaper and asked a question that in any other situation, I wouldn’t have been caught dead asking.

“Can you help me put on my diaper please, Kale? I think I need some help with it.” I asked, now looking towards the ground, still shuffling my feet awkwardly back and forth.

“Uh, sure, I’ll help you. Where do you wanna do it? You prefer the floor or the bed?” responded Kale, with what sounded like a tinge of confusion in his voice.

“On the bed is fine, after all, I guess that’s where I’ll be needing it most anyways.” I muttered, and I quickly rushed to lay down on the bed, and covered myself with the diaper, still unopened in my hands.

“Hey uh, Lily, do you wanna like go through what I’m supposed to do? I…don’t think I’ve ever diapered anyone other than my younger brother, and well, these definitely don’t look like those diapers.” Now it was his turn to look awkwardly at me as I laid on the bed, waiting for the inevitable.

“Erm, uh, first off do you have baby powder?” This was the first time I think I noticed that I was blushing visibly, as saying the words ‘baby powder’ while currently holding a diaper as a teenager seemed sort of odd, as I knew that there were definitely people who needed them, but I never thought that I would. Whenever I used to ask my mom to buy a bottle when I was younger, I didn’t feel that embarrassed because I knew lots of other girls and women also used it, and not just babies. But now, it was definitely just me, and I didn’t really want to think of myself as a baby yet. I wasn’t going to admit this yet, but I secretly enjoyed the smell and continued applying it for years after I stopped wetting my bed.

“Oh, um, let me check.” he replied, and he dashed off to go check the small stash for baby powder, and hopefully wipes too. He came back quickly, holding a bottle of baby powder and a package of wipes. With a small sigh, he added “There’s one more package of wipes and no other bottles, so I’ll use it sparingly.”

After he came back with the supplies, I began to strip off my underwear and pants, and he politely averted his eyes and decided to fixate on the wall in front of me. I gave him a quick nudge and whispered,

“Don’t worry too much about it, it’s embarrassing for both sides, and uh, I’ll probably need your help way more than just today.”

He glanced back to me, and this time his eyes stayed, and he continued to make firm eye contact as I stripped off my pants and underwear completely, leaving me holding a diaper in my hands, while we both shared an awkward stare.


I’m trying really hard to not think of this as sexual, even though this is probably purely platonic and I’m the only other person around to help her as far as I know. But listening her detail how to put the powder on the diaper before taping it up, and to wipe from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria is so…fascinating. It intrigued me how complex something that seemed at face value, simple, could be for a person who actually had to use a diaper. I didn’t mind the thought of her wearing a diaper, and as I observed my finished handiwork, with a rather thick diaper around her waist as Lily stood up and twirled, laughing a little, I had to admit she made a diaper look rather cute. Not that I would tell her that, of course, because it would probably make the situation awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. Lily must’ve been somewhat happy with my work, as when I turned she was pulling up her pants over it already. I started to get some boxes and containers together for our upcoming exploration of the rooms outside of her room, since my room only had one other door.

Once we left my room, we began walking down the hallway towards her room. It was only then that I noticed she was still wearing the diaper, but she looked happy enough and it barely impacted her movement, as she easily kept pace with me. I’m not too sure if that says something about me, or if she’s just a really fast walker, but that short trek down the hallway was as fun as it could be. As we began to approach her room, or at least when I could visibly see the door to her room, I also noted the crumpled heap of stuff we left on the floor, and that the kitchen door was open. I guess we left it open when we left before, I thought to myself, but as we got closer, I got an off feeling that something was wrong, and I began to walk briskly towards the room. It was only when I realized that that heap of stuff was not just something we forgot, but a body covered with similar clothes and hair, crumpled in front of the counter, that I truly began to run. Lily started running too, and when I reach the body, I realized two things almost immediately; they had a gun, and they were currently bleeding all over the floor.

(surprise, I’m back again. I wanted to apologize for the constant delays between chapters, and that even with school over for now, I still have some stuff to take care of, least of all an unexpected job opportunity. I would like to continue to write this story, hopefully with less time in between each update, and I’d also like to thank you for your time in reading this story and sticking it out! Have a great day(or night)! - Joker)