I Remember Being Diapered And Seduced The Same Night

Diapered And Seduced… It was a night about twenty-five years ago. I was out having a few drinks and I met this gorgeous lady. We had a few drinks and danced the night away. We talked, laughed, and got very cozy. Now I have never been one for one night stands, but this lady had seduced me with her charms.I was willing to do anything.

Closing time had come and she informed me that she needed to call a cab.I told her I would be happy to take her home.We chatted and laughed and sang songs playing on the radio on our way to her house. when we arrived she invited me in saying she wanted me to meet her roommate. We entered the house and she hollered out for her roommate who didn’t seem to be there. She then asked me if I would like a nightcap. She went and fixed our drinks and we sat and listened to music.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a strange bed unable to move my arms and legs. I also felt strangely warm between my legs. I looked to see why I could not move and saw my arms and legs were tied to the bed. It was then that I saw I was thickly diapered also. I yelled what the hell is going on here, and Mary Jane walked into the room. She was dressed in a sheer nightgown that showed off her gorgeous body and ample breasts. She said "Hush my little baby you are in good hands "She then proceeded to rub my diaper with increasing pressure until I wet the thick flannel diaper.

She then called out for Kelly her roommate. Kelly walked into the room and was just as stunning, she was wearing a nannies outfit. Mary Jane said"our baby needs changing he is very wet. Kelly went to a dresser and brought out a thicker diaper. I said "OK you have had your fun now I’m leaving. To which Mary Jane replied, “oh but we have just begun”. Since you have told me you have the weekend free we are going to have lots of fun. Kelly at this point had already unpinned my diaper and was wiping me off. While doing this she was also playing with my erection saying “Mary Jane I think our baby likes this”. At this point I could not argue with her It was a great feeling lying there helpless and being stimulated at the same time.

Mary Jane pulled down the front of her nighty and offered me her right nipple which I latched on to and started to slowly suck. It was then at that point where I felt something cool being pushed into my ass. Kelly was lubing me up. It was then that I looked down to see Kelly standing between my legs smiling and hold a cock any man would be proud of saying " I will be gentle."At which time she then proceeded to slowly enter my ass.I fought back the tears as the pain subsided and then as waves of pleasure engulfed me.to make a long story short I was seduced by a beautiful lady, put into diapers, and deflowered all in one night. Me I’m still in diapers and love the feeling of being in them and I will always remember my first time.

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