I, Rayne Griff (I, Bot 404 Book 2)

Welp, I’m back. After some time, I’ve decided that it’s time to begin posting again. I must warn you all: I’ll be posting once a week as of now. That may change dependent on my schedule but, once finals week is over since I’m in college, there may be more than one post a week… I’ll see how this goes with the post schedule but I’m going to try my very best to stay consistent.

For those of you who are new to this story, I encourage you to read I, Bot 404 {Book 1}. This is a sci-fy story with an ABDL twist. Bot 404 awakes in the Sequoia Airspace, the heart of intergalactic slave trade, and things seem off. Bot 404 learns slowly from other bots mistakes how to escape from being terminated. This bot finds that she isn’t a bot, and something much more than that, a human. Through a train of memories, Bot 404, otherwise known as Rayne Griff, learns her past, and, eventually, learns how serious the present is. What the future must hold? Only she can decide that.

Anywho, the plot thickens and I’ve read your feedback of excitement for more chapters and…

Without further ado, I present you all with two chapters to start your conspiracy theories, hehe. Please, write feedback, theories, or questions you may have!:slight_smile:

[SIZE=14px]I, Rayne Griff | I, Bot 404

Book 2[/SIZE]

Chapter 1: Welcome to My New, Boring, Life in Kirkland, Hanna

I tapped my fingers on my desk, sighing as I watched the clock. I glanced at my watch and rolled my eyes that I still had two hours to go.

“So. Fucking. Stupid.” To say I was bored with my new job was an understatement. It had been a few months since I was reassigned to Hanna as an officer at the Kirkland Galactic Forces Headquarters. My job was useless. I looked through files all day, trying to find inconsistencies in galactic identification cards from other galaxies. Super easy. Also, super lame. A bunch of stamping, a bunch of stapling, a bunch of scanning. Then, I go home. Every day the same as the last. I almost wished I could be a bot again, at least that was more interesting.

All day long I go through about fifty or so files and I find about two or three fraudulent cards. It was actually harder to spot that one would think. Burton Cheeseburger was a real name. When I first saw his file, I had honestly flagged it because I thought the name was a joke from Earth. Apparently, there was a whole lineage of Cheeseburgers. Crazy, right? Of course I got written up for flagging the account. Being written up has probably been the most exciting thing that has happened to me these past four months.

As I do my 9 to 5 job I can only imagine all the interesting things Eli, Gemma or Zane were doing right now. Gemma was doing an undercover spy assignment on Zenon. Eli was still on the Intergalactic Space Station with Zane doing who knows what. Zane still visited a few times a month with some type of Intergalactic Space Station ice-cream or some babyish souvenir. I was so jealous of all of them. Here I was, back in Hanna, exactly where I didn’t want to be. Lucky me, right?

My eyes were becoming weary as I stared at a long case and rested my cheek on my hand. I felt my eyes, slowly closing at the rhythm of my clock on the wall ticked, almost undetectable to the human ear. I jumped up quickly as I heard a knock on my door.

My devil of a manager peaked her head in, “How many cases did you complete so far?” Jaimie’s light blue eyes narrowed down to me.

The best part about my new assignment: Jaimie was my supervisor. Great, right? She knew things I wish she didn’t and she hadn’t changed much since school. Still narrow-minded and gets under my skin. Sure, we had come to an understanding by the ending of the academy, but that didn’t mean we’d be friends…Ever.

“I can guarantee more than Gantree.” Gantree was about to be reassigned for his poor speed with going through our identification queue.

Jaimie gave a fake smile, “Funny.” She paused, hesitating before speaking, “You can go home early. I have to send someone home since the UGN is cutting funding for our correction officers from the new contracts for assignments.” Wow, Jaimie sending me home early? That was nice of her, considering she usually sends Gantree home first. Maybe she’s getting the hint that I stopped giving a shit about my job. Even with my lack of care, I still did a better job than Gantree.

I crossed my arms, leaning back in my chair, “New alterations? What did your dad change?”

I saw a glare flash over Jaimie’s face, “It doesn’t concern you.”

I flashed a smile, not even slightly intimidated, “Come on, I just want to know a sliver of what’s going on up there. After all, I haven’t given you crap for the 4 months I’ve been down here.” Zane hardly told me anything. He’d give me cover stories, even though I knew he was lying, just trying to make me feel like I was in the loop.

Jamie shook her head, looking crossed as she stood at my door. She stepped in, closing the door behind her. She sat down on my desk, sighing, “Supposedly, the people they sent out to Sequoia went missing.” Weird, she was being nice today. Maybe she found a boyfriend and was finally getting laid. Glory be.

“Missing? Don’t they all have trackers?” I asked. I knew that they were sending officers to Sequoia as bots and had been successful for a few months thus far. I honestly had not heard an update about the first batch of officer turned bots until now.

Jaimie rolled her eyes, “They’re not all as lucky as you, Rayne.” I shook my head, shredding the file I had. Jaimie grabbed my wrist, “Promise me that you won’t go rogue if I tell you something.” She had a serious tone as her eyes met mine. I had never seen her so serious before. She hardly even looked at me since I began working under her. This sudden change in attitude was odd, off-putting. Was there something serious that had happened?

I rolled my eyes, “It’s me, Jaimie. I’m always rogue. Out of all people you should know that.” I pulled my wrist away and rubbed it from her surprisingly cold grip.

Her eyes looked sad. Weird, did Jaimie’s eyes hold a trace of…sympathy? “As much as I dislike you I feel like you deserve to know what’s going on up there…” She looked down hesitantly, then meeting my eyes, “Eli is missing too.”

Chapter 2: Kept Deep In the Dark

I shook my head, “Wh-“ My mind began racing with thoughts. Not Eli, that can’t be right? “What?! How?” I stood up, feeling energy pulsing in my body. Anger really drove it up a notch.

She shrugged, “I don’t know the details. All I know is he went on a mission and never came back about a week ago or so.”

“A week?! Are you kidding me?” I placed my hands behind my head. Was that why Zane didn’t visit last weekend like he was supposed to? Not even Zane could tell me that. Why was I so much in the dark? Did Gemma even know?

Jaimie said as she walked to my door to leave, “You can’t freak out, Rayne. I didn’t tell you anything, it’s top secret information, okay?” She shook her head, “God, I probably shouldn’t have told you that much.” She was like her dad in that way. She couldn’t keep secrets just like Red. However, she was also a bitch and I still couldn’t believe Red and Jaimie were related.

I drove home, feeling my fingers twitch. I couldn’t and didn’t want to imagine where Eli was. If he were still alive. If he were being tortured. A dark shiver went through me and I tried to let it go, even though it felt like I had already lost a loved one. I wasn’t scared, but fear ran through me for him. He looked mighty, tall and tough, but I knew he was soft to the core. Only me and Gemma knew him after all.

As I pulled into my driveway, another car was parked. Zane’s. Of course, perfect timing per usual. I turned off my ignition and rested my forehead on my steering wheel, attempting to gather myself before yelling nonsense at Zane.

I felt betrayed by him. He had to know, yet I heard it from Jaimie. Maybe he came here to tell me. There must have been more to the story and he wanted to tell me in person, right?

I walked inside the house and Zane was on the couch, watching the intergalactic news.

He got up, walking towards me as I threw my bag on the floor, “Hey, babygirl.” His strong arms gently hugged me as my back went rigid. I needed to calm down, bigtime. I was about to go off and, if it weren’t apparent in my last tale, Zane wasn’t the best person to go off on.

“Hey.” I said, standing there awkwardly.

“What’s wrong?” Zane pulled back, immediately noticing my lack of embrace as his blue eyes looked me over carefully. I blinked up to him, searching his eyes for honesty. His eyes were concerned, as if I just got a boo boo from falling on the ground. Great, I already could tell how this day was going to go.

As much as I loved Zane, there was something lacking in the past four months. He was warm, loving and affectionate, but there was a noticeable distance to him. It was almost as if he babied me to escape ‘adult talk’ as I call it. I wanted that adult talk. Sure, I liked being babied, but I also was his girlfriend and the babying was only a part of the relationship. Our communication had been lacking a lot since I regained my memory. The only things he’s told me is that his brother awoke and was going through rehabilitation from his coma and little bits and pieces about how he’s been training new elite officials on the Intergalactic Space Station.

I shook my head, taking off my jacket and throwing it on the couch with a sigh, “Jaimie’s just a bitch.” I said as I sat back on the couch, crossing my arms. I was lying, but I wanted to see if Zane would tell me what happened. Part of me wanted to see that Zane was a good boyfriend. Part of me wanted to test my theory that Zane had been lying to me for some time now.

“Mm? What happened now?” Zane still stood near me, looking down.

“She wrote me up on Monday.” I said, sighing.

“I’m surprised you didn’t tell me on our call Monday night.” Zane was questioning me now too, “What did you do?” He said as if I were in trouble with him now too. Well, fuck, I didn’t want this to turn into me getting a spanking.

I looked up to him innocently, “I accidentally flagged an intergalactic file that was real.” I quickly explained, “But I’ve heard of other coworkers who have done that multiple times and never gotten written up yet, only warnings.” I shook my head and shrugged, “That was my FIRST time and she wrote me up.”

“Was calling her the b word necessary?” He cocked his head at me as he looked down. He was intimidating as he stood there. I blushed as I looked up.

I frowned, “No, probably not.”

Zane chuckled, switching the subject, “I’m going to make spaghetti for dinner. You should take a shower and wait in your room for me.” He said as he walked to the kitchen, not waiting for a response from me.

I shook my head, my jaw tightening. He was acting like everything was normal, as if my best friend weren’t in danger or dead. Maybe Jaimie was just pulling on my leg? Maybe Eli was okay? Or maybe I was dating a pathological liar? Well, fuck. I don’t think Jaimie would joke with me like that. She’d cruel, but not that cruel. She wouldn’t lie about something to that extent either.

I didn’t move, calming myself with slow breaths as my fingers tapped.

“That wasn’t a suggestion, Rayne, it was a command.” Zane said across the living room in a stern voice. He looked over to me, “Did you want me to give you a bath?”

I rolled my eyes, getting up and walking briskly past him. I couldn’t look at him, I was pissed. If not for Jaimie, how long would I have been in the dark for? I could barely look at Zane right now.

He grabbed my wrist as I passed him, “Rayne.” His voice was like a growl, ”What’s with the sudden attitude?” I clenched my fist, feeling sudden energy in my palms.

“Let go of me, Zane.” My voice cut the air like a razor as I met his light blue eyes with a glare.

“How about I give you a good spanking and a bath?” Zane cocked his head at me, his eyes unwavering. I blinked, calming myself down as I tried to take a step back and he pulled me towards the dining chair. He let go of my hand and I looked at my wrist after his iron grip held it.

Before I knew it, my bottom was on fire. My jaw was clenched for a few minutes as I was too pissed off to even cry. A few more minutes passed and I broke as I began crying. I was crying because Eli was gone. Not to mention, I didn’t know the person I was dating. What was Zane doing now? Was he really a trainer again? I didn’t believe any of it anymore. I just couldn’t.

I sat in the tub as Zane poured water over my soapy hair. I met his eyes with my puffy ones from the recent spanking, “How was your weekend?” I wanted to poke, to see if he would show any evidence to prove that Jaimie was lying to me. I wanted to believe Zane wasn’t hiding something that important from me. He couldn’t. We patched up our lying issues months ago, we agreed upon having a more open relationship with communication. There was no way we could retract, right?

He took the sponge in the water and went over my back in concentration, “They needed me to train the new elite squad before they were sent on a long mission.” His blue eyes met mine with a smile placed on his face as he said, “Stand.” I stood as he took the bath sponge up my legs and my breathing hitched. He didn’t linger as he quickly cleaned between my thighs and went back down. Ugh. He was such a tease, never giving me what I wanted. I switched my thoughts to his face after he spoke.

I watched his face, blank. Fuck Zane. I want to believe that you’re true to your word, so badly. Don’t lie to me, please.

“Oh, so that’s why you couldn’t come home.” I said, sullenly, acting as if I didn’t catch him in a lie.

“Well, Daddy’s going to be here for a few extra days so he can make up for being gone.” He said, as he looked up to me with bouncing eyes, yet there was something behind them. They were careful, hesitant, yet lying. He turned away from me, going to grab a towel as I gulped, holding back my anger that reignited towards Zane.

He patted me down with a fluffy grey towel and wrapped it around me, picking me up in a scoop. Zane brought me to my nursery and laid me down on the giant changing table. The mat underneath me squished softly as he set me down. He pulled out a thick white fluffy diaper and I blushed. He never pulled out thatdiaper unless he really wanted me to feel little.

I raised my hips and legs up as he slid the soft diaper underneath me. Powder was sprinkled on my princess parts generously and patted around. The diaper enveloped around my bottom and was taped snugly.

I suppressed a smile, although the feeling of a fresh diaper made me tranquil, beyond the level of content. I still wanted to be grumpy, but being treated like a baby always had a way of nudging me into a state of happiness. Like nothing else mattered and I could be myself, knowing Zane would take care of me. It was a feeling I couldn’t put into words. The love I felt just by looking into his eyes. The bond we had. It was unexplainable, but, although I was mad with him, I still wanted to have our time together, to be babied and loved. I missed it, as much as I hated to admit it.

Zane pulled a light purple onesie over me, snapping it at the crotch and helped me into frilly white socks as I sat on the changing table with my feet dangling.

“There, there, someone must be feeling better now, hm?” His eyes traced mine as he looked to my lips and then spoke, “Oh! How could I forgot your paci, babygirl?” He turned and went to my dresser. I don’t think there was anything more that Zane loved then choosing my outfit and accessories. I didn’t even care what I wore. If it were up to me, I’d just be wearing his shirt and a diaper but he alwayshad to take it to another level to make sure I felt like a baby.

He came back over to me with a purple pacifier with a little monster face cartoon on it. I blushed as he clipped it to the pocket of my pencil pocket of my onesie and plopped it into my mouth. He picked me up from my armpits and placed me on his hip as he walked over to the kitchen, setting my down on the counter. I wanted to curl up in blankets and hide under a pillow I felt so little. My feet dangled as Zane cooked, singing to himself as I watched him shaking noodles into boiling water. I turned my head and opened the cabinet, wondering what was inside. Admittedly, I hardly cooked. I liked to just pop in portable meals into the vaporizer we had in the house.

I pulled my legs up to my chest, pivoting to face the cabinet as I curiously looked at all of the spices and powders. Oregano, paprika, cinnamon, protein powder, and NutriSqueezes. I closed my eyes, Eli popping into my head. The last time I had a NutriSqueeze was when he gave me one. I was trying not to think about it, but it hit me, hard.

I couldn’t grit my teeth with a pacifier, so I suckled it angrily as I rested my forehead on the shelf.

“What are you doing looking into the cabinets, little one? You’re going to fall like that.” Zane said as his hand was on my back. He turned me around as I tried to look away from him.

“What’s wrong baby?” He looked concerned. Was my face that easy to read? God damnit. I pushed him away from me as I jumped off the counter, spitting out my pacifier and ripping the clip from my shirt.

I threw it on the ground next to his feet, “Why didn’t you tell me about Eli?” He gave me a confused look as he crossed his arms.

“That’s not nice to throw your paci on the ground, Rayne.” He was scolding me, instead of addressing the issue. I stared at him as I crossed my arms to match him, waiting for an explanation.

He turned around, stirring the meat sauce, and then turning back to me, “How do you know about that?”

My jaw tightened as my voice chopped the air, “That doesn’t fucking matter. What does matter is the fact that you withheld information from me that’s important.” Zane’s face went blank, unreadable as he looked me over. I felt my face go red as I realized I looked like a bratty toddler and was just cursing.

“Drop the attitude and I’ll tell you why.” He cocked his head as I saw a slight smile on his face he was trying to suppress as his eyes lowered to my midsection where my diaper was. I blushed further.

I rolled my eyes and huffed, “Maybe if you didn’t lie to me then I wouldn’t have one.” I spit fire back to him.

His eyebrows rose, “Maybe someone needs another punishment.” He said, slowly, as he met my eyes. What other punishment could he give me? Another spanking? Oh, soscary.

“Or maybe you should just leave.” His eyes blinked, changing from challenging to pained.

“Rayne, stop.” He said, loudly. I blinked, feeling his dominant side coming out to end this argument completely. I felt myself suddenly feel little and a bit scared of this side of Zane. He was instantly cold as he picked up my pacifier from the ground.

A few moments of silence followed as he ran my pacifier through water and I sat at the kitchen table, looking at the wood pattern in the table. I was suddenly intimidated by Zane as I sat there, waiting for him to warm up, but I think I accidentally pressed a button on him that I shouldn’t have.

He came near me and kneeled by me, clipping the pacifier on my onesie again and letting the pacifier dangle on my shirt. I was surprised he didn’t place it in my mouth again. I frowned. He went back to the food, quietly fuming. Zane placed spaghetti in front of me with chocolate milk in a sippy cup. I blushed, well I guess I was still getting the baby treatment.

He sat down in front of me and I still wasn’t done, I pushed my food away from me, “I’m not hungry anymore.” I said, sourly.

“Eat, Rayne, we’ll have adult talk after, if you’re good.” He said with an even tone as he read on his phone, not looking up. Oh, he was mad.

I huffed, deciding to go with it and ate my spaghetti. I was hungry; I just was mad and didn’t want to appease Zane by eating. After I ate and Zane went to clean the dishes, I drank the chocolate milk. I didn’t want to drink it in front of Zane so once he walked away it was the perfect timing. I loved chocolate milk with spaghetti. Zane knew me well enough. Even though I was mad at him I couldn’t pass drinking my favorite liquid with spaghetti.

Zane spoke as he dried the dishes with a towel, “I didn’t want you to find out about Eli. I know how you are, and you like to act on things irrationally, and I didn’t want any chance of you doing that.” He looked over to me, catching me in the act of drinking my milk, after placing the dishes away. He stifled a smile as he sat at the table with the towel in his hand, “I want to protect you as long as I can from terrible things like that. I don’t want you to ever go through what I went through when my brother was gone and, unfortunately, I still failed.” He said, with pain in his eyes.

My eyes narrowed to him, “You have this pattern of trying to protect me from things that are inevitable, Zane, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on with dating someone who I can’t trust.” I said coldly.

Zane’s eyes flashed in hurt, that one must have stung, “There’s some things I can’t tell you because of the business were in, Rayne, you know that better than anyone.” He said, as his fingers trailed his chin. He was right. I was the thing that most people outside of Hanna and the Intergalactic Space Station didn’t know about, after all.

I frowned, “I just wish you were honest with me on the things that involve me.”

Zane nodded, “You’re right.” He paused, and I rolled my eyes when he continued, “But I’m going to need you to not have temper tantrums every time we have a serious conversation.” He always needed the last word. Always.

Later that night I was in Zane’s lap as we watched a movie together in our room. I nursed my pacifier as I cuddled into him and met his content eyes. He winked at me and I looked away. I hugged Rhorf to my stomach as I looked down at my clothes. Zane brought my blanket over us as I nuzzled my head into him chest.

Fifteen minutes into the movie Zane was asleep. I looked over his face, eyes closed as his mouth softly breathed in and out rhythmically. I wanted to think the highest of Zane. He did care about me and maybe he hadn’t told me in fear of my reaction. Or maybe Zane had a bad week and didn’t want to tell me the news about Eli. I knew Zane had lied to me in the past, but I thought we were past that. I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

My stomach growled as I laid there. I sighed, quietly crawling away from Zane as he slept and off of the bed. I silently walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I waddled to the kitchen, opening the fridge door. As the door opened a jar of pickles fell out of the side door. I internally cringed and froze as I watched the jar in slow motion fall, shattering into several pieces as it touched the tiles. Green pickle juice flowed everywhere over the floor, including my sock.

“Fuck.” I whispered to myself, taking off one sock. I stood there for a second, waiting for Zane to wake, waiting for my impending doom. A few more seconds passed and I didn’t hear anything from the other room. I sighed in relief as I turned on the faucet and wet a towel to clean off the glass on the floor.

A moment later, everything seemed off. I stared at the water coming from the faucet, as it froze in time right before my very eyes. I squinted in confusion at the water. My finger touched the water, as if it were a sculpture that shouldn’t be touched. My finger became wet and a droplet came off of the still stream. I cocked my head, completely confused. The air felt still, silence followed the room.

“It’s time, Rayne.”

I jumped, turning around quickly, “The FUCK?” I met glowing yellow eyes through the darkness of the kitchen.

Chapter 3: The Chronus

“Aren’t you a sight to see? Tsss.” Sid’s eyes glided over my clothes, or lack thereof, with a smirk on his face as he took a step toward me. My mouth gaped open in embarrassment as my face reddened.

“Sid? What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked in a hushed voice.

“You don’t have to whisper. Zane won’t be able to hear you.” Sid slowly paced in front of me, still looking at me. I wanted to cover myself; I was beyond embarrassed. Out of all people, I did not want him to see me like this. I clasped my hands in front of my lower section where my diaper was obviously seen through my onesie.

Tsss.Watch your potty mouth, little one, before I have to do something about it.” I rolled my eyes, what did that mean?

“You need to leave before I make you.” I said with an even voice as I met his glowing yellow eyes.

He chuckled, “You think you can stop me, Rayne?” He said in a low growl as he slowly paced around the pickle juice on the ground. My knees got weak as I felt myself fall to the ground on my bottom, looking up to him in panic. What was he going to do to me?

“Why did you come here?” I asked, with a waver in my voice.

His eyes glowed mischievously and then flickered to something serious, “We have business to attend to.” I felt control of my legs again as his eyes went serious. I slowly stood up.

I squinted my eyes, “What type of business, Sid?” I looked at him in confusion.

He sat down on the kitchen table, clasping his hands, “Unfortunately, to my distaste, we have to save Zane’s family.”

I shook my head, “His brother’s in trouble?” I saved his brother already, how did he get into trouble again so quickly?

Sid sighed, shaking his head, “No, silly girl. Tsssss. His father.” I cocked my head. His dad was dead. How could we save him?

I blurted out, “What? How?” I asked, not believing this.

Sid said, “Have a seat.” He paused, looking at me as I stood there, “Do you want me to make you some warm milk in a bottle to calm you?”

I glared at him as he studied me, “The more attitude you have with me the more I’ll treat you like a baby. Simple, hm?” He cocked his head, trailing off. I blushed, fair enough. I came over to the table and sat, crossing my arms. Sid took a moment, studying me as if he were expecting me to give an attitude back. He looked ready to pounce as he looked me over.

His mood shifted and he spoke, “Have you ever heard of the Chronicles of Echonus?” Of course I did. A series of ‘teenage’ books in high school. It was about an amphibian boy who grew up and one day met a girl who was his ‘star-crossed lover’. There was some other word the writer used for the type of love that Echonus had for Grelda, who was a human girl. The reason why Echonus couldn’t be with Grelda was because at the time there were laws that Amphibians could only be with their own blood and could not see or date any other ‘species’, or what they call other beings on Aquaria. It was a good trilogy that I binge read in a whole week.

In the Chronicles of Echonus, when Echonus finally embraced Grelda they created a chronus which was a portal to time travel through. It was such a good few books because they were able to escape Aquaria where they became wanted criminals across the planet yet in the meantime they changed events throughout history. When they convinced Aero, an ancient scroll writer from 1029 GY, to remove the laws against Amphibian and other species marriage, it rewrote Grelda’s life which caused her to have never met Echonus and stay on Earth where she ended up falling in love with someone else and marrying him.

It was such a sad ending because Echonus decided that, although he had an eternal love for Grelda, it was not worth her being a target the rest of her life, sought after by the Amphibian race for time fraud. Grelda wanted to go back to her old life, but risked it for Econus. Echonus decided that if she never met him, then she would have lived a fulfilling life, with a normal husband and family.

After a moment of me recalling the book, Sid sighed, “I’m affixed to you, Rayne Griff, whether you like it or not.” His eyes constricted and dilated as they went weary. It was a vulnerable side of him that I had never seen before. Affixed? That was the word that meant the eternal, unconditional love that Echonus had for Grelda.

There’s no way that that a silly teen love novel was real. And if it was real, there was no way I’d ever consider dating Sid. I felt my spine tingle as I looked at Sid, considering the idea and I forced the thought out of my head quickly. Sid’s eyes constricted and narrowed as he looked at me.

I shook my head, “You’re not making much sense, Sid.”

Sid’s eyes cast down sadly as his green scaled fingers traced the wood indents in the table, the table illuminating in a circular pattern from his slime as I watched curiously, “On December 13th, 2199, I woke up around 3 in the morning to my first vision.” His eyes looked up and met mine, “Mind you,Tssss, I was only 7 and had no idea why or what it was.” My birthday. Weird.

“I will never forget it because it was so crystal clear, vivid. I saw a beautiful girl with raven black hair who was asleep in a forest, hurt. Tsssss. She was like a wounded deer, laying on the ground in a short dark white sundress, completely passed out from the pain she endured.” Was he describing me? I didn’t understand.

He studied my reaction as he continued, “I woke up once I saw it, terrified. I had never saw anything so real in a dream where someone was hurt. I thought it was a really bad nightmare at that age.” He shook his head, “After that night, I had dreams that continued repetitively. The weirdest part was I felt so strongly for this girl every time I ‘dreamt’ about her. It was as if I knew her, loved her completely. I couldn’t explain this strong desire to meet her, yet it wouldn’t disappear.” He laughed, “Tssss. Even when I had mates growing up, there was no girl who compared. None. I swore off dating, completely.” I crossed my arms, feeling uncomfortable and cold in my attire as I listened curiously.

Sid’s eyes flicked to my arms and then back to my face, “I didn’t know what was wrong with me until my great grandfather pulled me aside to have the ‘talk’. Unlike the normal birds and the bees talk, it was about my affixing on another person. It’s incredibly rare to have an affixation in the 23rdcentury but my lineage is so ancient in blood that I somehow was handed down this curse, Tssss.” Curse. I could understand how he felt that way. I felt bad that he couldn’t date nor live a normal life and his love was already chosen for him. I was already taken too and that must suck when you finally find your affixed person is already taken.

“So what does this have to do with saving Zane’s dad?” I asked, confused where the lines connected.

Sid opened his mouth and his tongue rattled, “Tssssssss.” A hiss came out, “Very rude, Rayne.”

I shook my head, meeting his eyes with a challenging look, “Look, I understand you like belittling me but I’m not a baby.” I said with a leveled voice.

Sid laughed loudly for a few moments as I sat there awkwardly, “Silly girl…” He shook his head, “First and foremost, what you’re wearing doesn’t prove elsewise.” I winced internally from that one, “And, secondly, you like being belittled as much as I like to do it to you, don’t act as if you don’t.” He trailed off, as if he were about to say more and paused as his eyes fixated on me, “We’re the same species of twisted deep down, Rayne Griff.” I blushed as I crossed my legs and went quiet.

Was he right? Or was I being manipulated? Maybe I did like it in some twisted way. I would never admit it to him but he could be right. I shifted in the chair awkwardly, feeling the need to pee. Zane gave me more milk before he went to sleep and it was collecting at the worst of times. Sid watched me quietly with a smile. I could almost feel him reading my thoughts and it embarrassed me further.

After a few awkward moments of silence, he spoke, “Together, we can create a chronus. To save more than just one life.” Did he say… chronus? Were the Chronicles of Echonus based on a true story? I had no other choice but to find out. As much as I didn’t trust Sid, it was apparent that our purpose was important. We had lives to save, afterall.

Chapter 4: The Attitude Police

I shook my head, “Will we ever come back to this time though?” I gave him an unbelieving look.

Sid sighed, “That depends on how far we travel.” He paused, “I know you have many questions but I’ll answer that later.” He looked at his… watch? How could he look at time… when it was stopped? “We have to leave soon, we only have so many moments before a second passes and Zane awakes.”

I asked, “Do I have enough time to write him a note?”

“Silly girl, he can’t know about this. Tssss.”

I cocked my head, “Why not?”

“It’s complicated… But, for one, we’re altering the time space continuum and, not to mention, it’s extraordinarily illegal; we can’t leave evidence trails. For two…” He trailed off, not completing his thought as if he weren’t supposed to tell me something. Sid said, “You may find out that reason at some point, but I’m not going to be the one to tell you that.” I squinted my eyes at Sid in confusion.

I began, “Wh-“

Sid cut me off, “Now grab a few things you want to take and we must go.” He looked me over, “And as suiting as I feel your attire is…you may want to change.” I rolled my eyes, walking, technically waddling, away from him.

I crept silently into Zane’s room, going to my drawer in his dresser. I grabbed ripped blue jeans, a black long sleeve shirt, underwear and my old grey jean jacket. I went under the bed and grabbed the Tales of Nefareon book, ripping out the page with the coordinates and folding it together. I didn’t know if I’d be back, and I needed to take my only piece of directions to find my parents before it may very well be lost in time itself.

Before leaving, I looked at Zane’s still body, wondering if I’d ever see him again by where I was about to go. I walked over to his side of the bed, thinking how weird it was that he was like a statue, completely still. I leaned down, kissing his cheek softly, taking in his forest fresh scent.

I went to the restroom and Sid was standing in the hallway, “Does someone need help changing?” He cocked his head with a condescending tone.

I huffed at him and closed the door behind me with a slam, trying to flick on the light switch. Nothing. I never thought that if you stopped time, it’d stop electricity too. Well that was a bummer. I shook my head and unsnapped the crotch of my onesie in the dark.

I began untaping the diaper as I heard Sid near the door, “Tssss.It’d be wise to keep the padding on.”

I rolled my eyes, continuing to untape the diaper. In another moment, as I was dropping the diaper, I felt a tickle in my bladder and pee began sprinkling down my leg. I felt wetness on my fingers in the dark and I cursed, “Fuck you, Sid.” I said, pissed, literally and figuratively.

I heard Sid’s silent snicker through the door, “Let me know when you need an adult, I’m right outside.”

I stood there for a few moments, mortified as I realized that I had no electricity to even take a shower and that the baby wipes were in the nursery. Meaning… I had to leave the room to clean myself and I had this strange feeling that Sid was not going to allow me to do that myself once I left the restroom. I grabbed a few towels from the cabinets and wiped myself off but little trickles of pee kept rolling down my legs. It was as if I were incontinent and the muscle in my bladder ceased working completely.

I sighed, stiffening my anger as I cracked open the door, slowly, and peaked my head out.

Sid had a mused look on his face with his arms cross as he looked at me, “Tsk, tsk, you’d think you’d have learned to listen by now.” He sighed, “I keep forgetting you’re only a baby, my apologies.” I hated how good he was at being condescending. Asshole. I shifted uncomfortably with wetness still going down one of my legs.

He walked over to the faucet with a towel and for a moment, the light and water went on as he tapped the faucet. I glowered at him, “What the fuck, Sid?” I asked.

Sid’s yellow eyes slid to mine, immediately taking on a domineering presence, “Let me remind you of a few things: First of all, I have the ability to split time, not you." He paused, letting his works soak in, "Secondly, just because you’re not mine doesn’t mean I will not punish you accordingly for your attitude.” Mine. The word was weighted when he said it. There was jealousy behind that word. Jealousy I didn’t understand fully. A moment of silent passed for his words to sink in as he studied my face, “Understand?”

I grated my teeth, “Yes.” Even though I’m not in the presence of Zane, I still have someone monitoring my behavior. Great. It’s like the attitude police is always following me.

He cleaned my legs with the towel and took my hand, guiding me to the nursery. I laid on the changing table as he placed one of the purple butterfly diapers under me. Sid took wipes to my bottom and I almost giggled it tickled so much. I was too pissed at Sid for making me pee to giggle so I suppressed it. He sprinkled powder on my bottom and taped the diaper snugly on me. As much as I loathed Sid in the moment, I couldn’t help but blush because he was very good at diapering me.

He stepped back, “There, there, now we’re accident proof.” His lips spread out in a smile and I huffed, trying to instill the fact that i was still mad at him as I was jumping into my ripped jeans and pulling them over the diaper. It was tight, but it would do. I put on my long sleeve t-shirt and my jacket, sliding my torn out page in my pocket and zipping it shut.

“Ready?” He asked.

“No, but let’s just get this over with.” I said grimly. Did I want to go to another time with Sid? Absolutely not; I highly, highly despised him. However, I’d do it to save lives, especially Zane’s dad.

Sid stuck out his hand, a glowing blue tattoo swirled around his hand, up his forearm. A tattoo that I had never seen but it was as if his body were illuminating underneath his scales.

I hesitated, wondering if this were right? To change time, to alter events. What would happen when we saved Zane’s dad? What could happen? What if Zane never met me? What if I never met Zane? So many questions that I had but it was time to make that decision.

I took his hand, as the blue glowing swirls began spiraling around my fingers to my wrist and up my forearm. My eyes opened wide, as I felt a vibration between Sid and I. The ground felt as if there was a tectonic plate shake. Then, a burst of blue and turquoise light erupted from our hands, swirling around us and a moment later, I heard nothing, saw nothing, besides Sid and blue, turquoise light around us. Fear coursed through me in another moment. I closed my eyes, opening them a moment later to find myself in the same home, yet it was barren and cold as bright light cast through the room onto the floor boards.

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Chapter 5: Apparently, I Died Twice

“What year do you think we’re in?” I asked Sid, confused and feeling the need to puke from panic.

Sid looked at his watch, “2196.”

I began hyperventilating, “I wasn’t even born then, what the fuck.” Was I having a full-blown panic attack? One would say that.

“Shhhh, slow breaths.” Sid rubbed my back as I kneeled on the floor, “It’s you’re first time so it’s tough, I know.” He was basically cooing me. Ugh.

I looked up at him, squinting, “And this is your second?” I asked.

Sid blinked, “Possibly.” Well that was a vague answer.

“Can you have multiple affixations?” I asked in confusion.

Sid smiled, “No.”

I cocked my head, “Then what do you mean, Sid?”

Sid shook his head, “I’ll tell you some other time, Rayne. Tssss.”He opened the door, “We have to go.”

I shook my head and stood, following behind him with a huff, “Fine.” I already had too much information thrown at me, I didn’t need anymore.

We walked through Zane’s home, and I looked at the walls that weren’t even painted. The floors weren’t done yet and it was cold. There was a backpack and keys on the floor that Sid picked up, briskly walking to the door.

I trailed behind him as he started up an old Jeraki 90’ hovercar.

I halted at the front of the car as Sid threw his backpack in the backseats and began to get in. He paused, looking at me, “What are you doing? Come on, Rayne.”

I squinted at him as I got in the hovercar, “How?” I asked, completely confused. How did Sid have a car and backpack lined up in this time? It was bewildering.

“I’ll tell you a story on the way since we have some time while driving.” Sid said as he looked behind him, backing out of the house. He manually drove down the street, which was surprising because most people drove in autopilot, even back in the day. I sighed, impatiently waiting as I watched him drive.

Sid looked to me as I sat in Indian position in his hovercar, finally speaking, “What happens when you affix on someone who is deceased, Rayne?” Why was he asking me? As if I knew? All that I knew was that everything I grew up reading that were supposedly ‘tales’ and ‘fables’ are real so I didn’t know what to believe anymore. The Tales of Nefareon, real. Chronicles of Echonus, based on a true story? I had no idea. I knew what I read, but I just couldn’t believe it.

I closed my eyes, thinking back to the stories of ancient Amphibians, “They gain the ability to time travel alone.” If Sid could travel alone… then why wasIhere? Pieces of this story didn’t make sense.

“Good girl.” Sid said solemnly. What did that mean? I didn’t understand.

“Think, Rayne, you’re a smart girl. You already know the answers you seek.” Is it because I died a half a year ago? Did I really die? I didn’t know what that meant.

No. Think farther. I heard his words in my head.

“How old are you Sid?” I asked.

Sid blinked as he looked at the road, “36.”

“When were you born?” A moment passed in silence.

2191. I heard his words in my head again.

I shook my head, calculating quickly. It was 2219, Sid would be 28, two years older than Zane. Why was he 8 years older than the present time we were once in? It didn’t make sense.

“You’re messing with me.” I said with a laugh.

Sid shook his head, “I’m not.” He said in a serious tone.

My mouth fell in a line, “How did I die?” I asked quietly.

“I rather not tell you.” He said quickly.

“History repeats itself, Sid. Tell me so I don’t do it again.”

Sid smiled, sadly, “You can’t repeat it. It’s in another continuum unlike this one.” Things weren’t adding up. How was he here? Why was he in another space time continuum? It made absolutely no sense.

I gave him an unbelieving look, “How can I even trust you? How do I know you’re not trying to kidnap me?” This was all so crazy. How did I know he was telling the truth? He’s been beyond creepy since I’ve met him and I’ve seen no reason to trust his words.

Sid shook his head, “Once upon a time I lost my job for a cause, for someone I loved.”

Sid’s eyes glowed yellow and his skin shimmered, changing to a light turquoise, as he touched my hand, “Once upon another time, I kneeled to a girl with raven black hair and asked her to marry me before she disappeared before my very eyes.” A tear rolled down his scaly cheek that he wiped away quickly.

His eyes slid to mine, “I am here to protect you. I’ve protected you for a long while, in fact, and I will continue to.”

For the first time, I could see through his mysterious veil over his eyes as he said, “Sometimes the people we love we cannot have, but we can help. Sometimes those people we are meant to be with aren’t meant to be with us.” He said, his words almost sounding human without his Aquarian accent coating them, “And sometimes all we can do is love and protect from a far.”

Was I Grelda this whole time? I didn’t know, I couldn’t remember. Who was I in another dimension? Surely, I had another life I never even knew about.

Chapter 6: The Space Time Continuum

“That still doesn’t explain why you have a backpack and keys here.” I said, crossing my arms.

He sighed, “Unfortunately, I have a long lineage of ancient Amphibians in my family.”

“And they help you?” I asked.

He snickered loudly to himself, “No, I wish that were the case.” He paused, “My family loathes me, and tried assassinating me and my half-brother on multiple occasions.”

“I’m sorry, Sid.” I said, feeling his pain.

“Isn’t life so mystifying?” He shook his head in wonder, “We are told ‘whoever you affix is the one we will welcome to the family’ yet I affix to a Nefareon and I’m cast out, an unspeakable outlaw.” I guess it was a curse. I felt terrible for Sid, living a life where he couldn’t be with his family. I understood that, I had never seen my family either. Maybe that’s why we were in love once, because we understood each other.

A few hours passed and we were at the United Interspace Launch in Forestor, Hanna.

I followed Sid into the entrance and up the glass escalators, “Where are we going?”

“To Valorion.” He said and his turquoise lips turned into a grim line.

“Well, fuck.” I said.

“Watch your language.” His eyes narrowed to me as he halted and I fell into him. He looked around, as if looking for someone.

I saw someone approaching us out of the corner of my eye. My eyes lit up in surprise, “Neth?!” I smiled, widely.

Nethander smirked slightly as he walked over to us, “Rayne Griff, a pleasure to see you again.” I hugged him and his body went stiff. I get that he hated affection but I couldn’t help myself. A familiar face was something I needed. I had so many questions but I didn’t want to make a scene near our gate.

Neth’s face went serious as he looked to Sid.

Sid smiled, “Brother.” Did I hear that right? Brother? Things were beginning to make sense now. He nodded to Nethander. Sid stuck his forearm out and Nethander paused, looking at Sid apprehensively before he grabbed Sid’s elbow and did the traditional Aquaria greeting. It was a respectful custom in Aquaria to shake ‘hands’ with grasping each other’s forearms.

I was surprised when Sid pulled out intergalactic identification cards, passing them to Nethander and I. My palms sweat as I handed mine to the attendant before going down the walkway to the spacecraft.

How are you here? I thought to Nethander after we sat in our seats. I sat in between Nethander and Sid because they seemed like two negative magnets that would, no matter what the case, repel each other.

His light green, grey eyes with specks of brown in them constricted as they met mine. I’ll explain later. Remember, people are always reading.

He was right. I totally forgot about the rules of being a spy. After all, this wasn’t a mission but this was much more dangerous than a mission for any of us to slip. We were committing time fraud, a serious, eternity in prison, type of crime. It was imperative to stay cool, calm and collected and only speak in private. My palms sweat and my fingers tapped my leg. I was nervous to be in another dimension and going back to one of the most dangerous planets in history. As much as I tried to be brave, I couldn’t help but miss Zane already and wonder how he’d react to me disappearing in the night.

Sid’s words echoed in my head. Calm down, tiny one. An entrancing smell went to my nose, slowly gaining strength. A smell so familiar, so enchanting. It was sweet but enticing. It drew me in as I turned my head in Sid’s direction, my eyes meeting his glowing yellow ones. The scent, turning to bursts of cotton and lavender, enveloping me and making me feel incredibly calm, as if I took a few Xanax drops. With the feelings of calm immersing me, I also felt little, babyish.

Without any care in the world, I nuzzled my head into Sid’s chest, as his arm wrapped behind my back, lightly caressing my back. I heard Nethander near me sigh and look out the window as the spacecraft began charging. My eyes began closing slowly as I was entranced and beyond comfortable in Sid’s arms. I felt the spacecraft moving forward and, before I could look out the window, I drifted into the best nap of my existence.

I woke up hours later in a hotel suite. I nuzzled into a chest, slowly stirring awake. Who’s chest was I on? Zane’s? I had to be dreaming that Sid visited Zane’s house in the middle of the night and we went time traveling. It all had to be a dream, right? I kept my eyes shut, hoping that when I opened them I’d see Zane.

I slowly opened them, finding Sid’s glowing yellow eyes constricting and dilating, with a pleased smile on his face.

I jumped up, “Where are we?” I immediately felt a cold, wetness between my thighs as I moved. Fuck.

“Valorion.” Sid said with a crooked smile placed on his face.

“Fuck. I wasn’t dreaming.” I rubbed my temples as I looked to the slate tiled floor. I looked around the room, taking in the immaculately decorated space. A floor to ceiling glass window that looked out to the Sequoia, Valorion. A huge city with skyscraper buildings near a beach was before my eyes. It was night in the city but that didn’t mean the people were asleep.

Lights spotted the skylines and the sea silently bordered the city, waves crashing quietly on the beach. The Luminous Tower stood tall in the center of the glowing. The Luminous Tower was a historical wonder of the galaxies, once the tallest building in Valorion before it collapsed from a structural defect that caused the towers equilibrium to shift in… 2196? The year we were in. Was I going to see one of the greatest architectural mysteries in Valorion history? Interesting.

I looked around the room, breaking out of my thoughts, “Where’s Neth?” I met Sid’s eyes.

Sid smiled, “Cute, you call him Neth.” I blushed, immediately feeling belittled. He paused thoughtfully, “He’s drinking his feelings away. Nothing new there. Tssss.”

I shifted uncomfortably, wincing at the wet diaper I was in. I wanted so badly to be in normal underwear again and dry.

“Someone needs a diaper change.” Sid said nonchalantly, reading a book.

“I’m going to the restroom.” I said, getting up.

“You know what happened last time, little one.” Sid said, looking up from his book. I felt my jaw tighten.

Come on, Sid. Can’t you leave me alone already?” I looked at him.

Sid paused, looking at me for a long moment, “As much as I hate to admit it, you’re right.” He looked dejectedly back to his book, “Go on, now.” He was surprisingly sad. I was confused. Sid confused me.

I watched him for a moment as he sat there, as if I wasn’t there. I went to the bathroom, deciding to take a shower to think and clean myself. Twenty minutes passed of me thinking and meditating in the hot water droplets. What was my purpose here, in 2196? I knew we had to save Zane’s dad, but why? What was going to happen? How dangerous was this all? I felt bad leaving Zane. Who knew how long I’d be gone? I wondered what he’d do when he woke, finding me gone. The thought made me incredibly sad because I missed him already and didn’t want him to think I was dead again. The poor guy couldn’t get a break and it was my fault entirely.

Loud noise broke me out of my thoughts. I tripped out of the tub, quickly pulling on my jeans and shirt. I ran outside the door, seeing Nethander pinned against the wall, Sid strangling him.

I stuck my hand out, energy pulsing to Sid and pushing him against the wall, Nethander falling onto the ground, gasping.

Sid coughed as he hit the glass window and stood up, fixing his clothes. The room was quiet, and obviously some dialogue was going on between them that I wasn’t a part of.

“What the FUCK is going on?” I asked, fuming behind them.

Sid said, “Well, Nethander, how about you tell her?”

Nethander was clearly intoxicated, barely standing up straight as he smoothed back his hair, “E-“ He looked between us, carefully choosing his slurred words, “Sid is a selfish bloody piece of shit and I hope you see that soon enough, Rayne.” He brushed past me, opening the door, “I’m going to sleep. I hope to see you in hell, brother.” I frowned, confused.

Sid fixed his cuffs on his shirt and sat on the chair near the window, looking over the water outside, “I didn’t know you’d already be that strong.” He said thoughtfully.

“What’s your side of the story?” I asked, hesitantly walking over to the bed and sitting down in front of Sid. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, considering I saw him just strangling his brother.

Sid’s eyes met mine, with a sad smile, “You always have a way with understanding people for what they are. Always amazing me with how beautiful the interworking’s of your mind are.” He laughed to himself, “You’d think I could predict what you say, but you’re the only person I can’t.” He shook his head, his eyes watery.

I waited, patiently. He spoke after a few moments of silence as his dark green skin shimmered and turned into a turquoise, “I’m not a good person, as much as I’d like to be, Rayne.” He looked me over, studying my face, “I’ve done some horrible, unforgiveable things. Some that make me loathe myself, some that have made me almost kill myself.” He blinked away his watery eyes.

“Once upon a time, I was part of the Valorion Supremacy. A very dark, twisted race that had no boundaries of right or wrong. I was sworn in with a blood oath, one that, if broken, would mean death, or worse," He gulped, "losing the ones we value the most.” I had only heard stories of the Supremacy. Did I think it was real up until now? No, but now I knew elsewise.

He paused, meeting my eyes with a pained look, “The Supremacy has a way of using the things we value against ourselves. Unfortunately, that thing was you. I was, admittedly, selfish and couldn’t let anything come near you. So I did what was necessary.” Sid said solemnly as he looked back out the window.

“And what was that?” I asked, on edge to hear the rest. Did I want to know? I didn’t even know.

“I chose to torture my own blood in exchange for my affixations safety.” Nethander. Nethander warned us about people who could get into our heads. Little did I know, he was warning us about Sid this whole time.

Chapter 7: What a Piece of Saiph

Disgust filled me. Vile, repulsive thoughts. I had a taste of torment under Python’s control. I could only imagine the tactics used by Sid to torment Nethander and I didn’t want to.

Everything was beginning to make sense. Why Nethander drank. Why Nethander didn’t speak to anyone. Why Nethander was so distant. Nethander was a different person and Sid made him that way.

“And you thought you could protect me.” I shook my head, disgusted.

“I did, for some time, but it was inevitable for you.” He said, despondently.

“Sid, that life is over, gone. Get the fuck over it because ruining a life in exchange for protecting mine is sick and wrong.” I spit out words, “If you really loved me and knew me, you would’ve let me die knowing you did the right thing. Next time, do me a favor and kill me instead.” I said dryly as I picked up my jacket and left the room. It was harsh what I said, but I meant it.

What was I doing leaving the room? I had my intergalactic identification card and a few dollars. I guess I could go drinking tonight.

I went in the elevator, going down to the main floor. It was silent in the dark black granite elevator as I rested my back against the cool wall. I sighed, wanting nothing more than to be in Zane’s arms right now.

To think, Zane was only 5 years old right now. He would be finding out soon that his dad passed away. If we saved his dad, would I ever have met Zane? I didn’t know and I was fearful of changing everything. Maybe it was for the best though. Saving a life important to Zane in exchange for a life with Zane.

The elevators door opened at the lobby, my eyes cast out to the luxurious main floor casino. Like many Sequoia hotels, this one was for gamblers of the galaxies. Gold trimmings bordered the walls and accented the bars, card tables, and slot machines. The floor was black granite with flecks of gold. How expensive was this hotel? I thought as I walked, looking around in wonder. Large granite pillars lined the walkways around the grandiose casino.

I walked up to one of the bars in the corner of the hotel that was outside a private theatre.

“A rum and Elke, please.” I slid my card to the bartender. I had to remember what year I was in while ordering. Humans were still banned from Valorion up until 2205 when a new intergalactic tariff was about to be placed upon Valorion and the only way to prevent the tariff was agreeing to the UGN’s contract to remove the human ban from Valorion completely. Little to say, if I ordered a Coke in this year I would have been escorted out quickly because human hatred was real.

The Valorion bartender took my identification card and laughed, “Nice try, kid. You need to be 25 to order here, darling.” I frowned. I was so worried about saying Coke instead of Elke that I forgot that the age to drink and be in casinos here was lowered until 2198, when a new generation of the senate took control of Valorion law. I looked at my ID, being that I was only 19.

“She’ll have a rum and Elke, on me.” A man with dark blue, almost indigo skin sat at the bar next to me. I looked up in surprise, meeting his light grey eyes. He wore a velvet blue suit, a white blouse underneath with a dark blue velvet tie. He looked wealthy, beyond powerful. He had medium length black hair, with a hue of blue, slicked back.

The Valorion man blinked, eyes dilated, as if he were entranced, turning around and making the drink.

I tried to think of the far off galaxy that encompassed planet beings with blue spectrum skin. It was once far off, near Zenon. A planet that didn’t exist anymore…

Saiph. That’s the name. Once it was thought to be a star in Orion’s belt, but later on it was found a glowing planet, with sophisticated beings, unlike others.

“Elke, a Hannan beverage. Intriguing choice, I must say.” The man’s deep voice mused, his thick Aquarian accent properly infusing the words. An expensive cologne met my nostrils as I sat next to him.

He had black eyeliner bordering his eyes and his dark blue beard hair swirled around in a pattern on his face, magnificently cut in a masculine twist to define his strong jawline. This was the first Saiph man I had ever met, and it was like I was in a living museum.

As far as I knew, Saiphs were almost extinct. When their planet was about to erupt, being that they lived on a dormant star nucleus within the planet that made it glow, only so many people could make an emergency escape when the tectonic plates on their ground began to shift. Not enough planets were as advanced to help so the United Galactic Nations could only rescue so many.

His eyes studied mine with an unreadable look on his face. After a moment, he looked back over to the Valorion man, “A mutt of Valorion. Easy to spot if you ask me.” He said to me, an air of superiority in his tone.

“If it’s easy to spot a mutt, then you must have found me quickly.” I said, getting up. I didn’t want to entertain this creep for much longer.

“You’re not a mutt, young girl.” He said, still looking at the Valorion bartender making setting my drink down, wordless. This man didn’t know me, he just thought he did.

“It was a pleasure chatting with you, but I have places to be.” I nodded in his direction.

“Sit.” He said, as I felt my feet leave my control and take steps back to the barstool. My head felt dizzy, eyes blurring. Involuntarily, I got back up. I was being controlled. Suddenly, I felt clear again. I felt adrenaline coarse through me, energy. The desire to run as fast as I could screamed within me, but I sat there like stone, wondering my plan of attack.

“Who are you?” I asked, grabbing my drink and sipping quickly. I needed some alcohol for this.

“Gregarious Confounduum, but people call me Confounduum, and yourself?” He had an authoritative and grandiose tone as he said his name, as if he knew he was someone ostentatious, like a celebrity. Confounduum… where had I heard that name before?

What name could I come up with? I made it up on spot as I spoke, but different words came out, “Rayne Griff.” Did I just say my real name? What the fuck? It was as if I were entranced to tell the truth against my control.

“Pleasure is mine, Miss Griff.” He took my hand, kissing it, and sniffing quickly before pulling away. I squinted, wondering why the FUCK he just sniffed my hand?

“What do you want from me, Mr. Confounduum?” I asked, looking forward to the bartender who looked panicked, tending the other side of the bar. I was not going to bullshit with this Confounduum guy any longer.

I heard a deep rumble come from him, “The companionship of a fae.” Fae? I had never heard that before.

“Controlling someone doesn’t get you any friendship points.” I said, words spilling out of my mouth before I could stop them.

He roared, laughing loudly. I didn’t know how to take his version of humor. It was frightening and made my hair stick up on my skin, “I never knew a fae so… how do I say… feisty.” He spoke to himself, “But how often do you meet a fae these days?”

“You must have mistaken me with another person.” I say, quietly as a few other Valorions sat next to us. It was terrifying to be on Valorion talking about how I was of Nefareon descent, especially in a year before my own.

“You must have mistaken yourself with someone else.” His eyes met mine, looking through mine. I felt like my privacy was being invaded as he looked at me.

I broke his glance, “Let me go.” I said, feeling my palm twitch as I tried to regain control of my legs to leave the bar.

“Only the weak-minded cannot stop me.” He sighed, “I must have been mistaken because you aren’t as powerful as I thought you were. Apologies, young girl.” Ouch.That was a burn to my ego.

He didn’t leave, sitting and people watching as they passed us. I felt frozen, my veins pulsing blood through me but I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed, completely. My vision became blurry and I lost all control of my muscles. I felt myself get up, walking away from Confounduum and over to a young Valorion couple with their child in a stroller. My hand outstretched and my eyes began watering.

No. No. No. I thought, I couldn’t hurt an infant. This was all sick, twisted and I wanted no part of it.

I felt energy pulsating, strong energy, deadly energy. I closed my eyes, taking calm breaths as I halted the energy. The young couple looked at me in confusion as I began walking away, regaining my control.

I outstretched my hand to Confounduum, “Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you.” A few sets of heads looked in our direction. I was making a scene I probably shouldn’t have been.

He smiled, masochistically, with his dark blue lips, “Don’t humor me.” He fixed his diamond cufflinks on his jacket as he stood, “I wanted to make sure I found the right person. Apparently, I did.” He paused, “I wanted to make sure you were what I thought you were.”

Confounduum smirked, “We’ll continue this heart-to-heart another time, when you’re stronger, hm?” I eyed him, dropping my arm and noticing people watching us, wondering what was going on.

“Thank you for granting me your undivided attention, but I have business elsewhere.” He sighed, “Pleasure finally meeting my equivalent, Miss Griff.” Confounduum nodded to me, and tapped his watch dangling from his pant pocket. He disappeared in a smoke cloud and a chalk-like puff of dark blue swirled around, dissipating in the air quickly.

I looked around, and people were minding their own business, not paying attention to the man who just disappeared. Strange. People chattered as if nothing just happened. Was this all a figment of my imagination? I had no idea. All I knew is that I had to watch out for my new nemesis, and that was Gregarious Confounduum, whoever the fuck that was.

Chapter 8: Breaking the Laws of Time?

I woke up the next morning to Sid shaking me awake.

“What. Do. You. Want.” I asked, my body slowly stirring.

“We have work to do. Unless you want a spanking to wake you.” I rolled over, glaring at him as the Valorion sun cast into the room.

“You never explained why you were strangling Nethander, by the way.”

Sid said, “And that’s the first thing you think of when you wake, hm?” He paused, “He came in and threw a few punches and I thought it was necessary to stop him. That’s just how we fight, we both go for the hyoid bone, instinctively.”

“You both strangle each other?” I squinted at him in my sleepy state.

Sid sighed, “Naturally. It’s complicated and I don’t expect you to understand that.”

I rubbed my eyes, “I don’t think anyone can understand that, but whatever.”

Sid gave me time to shower and as we left the door to our hotel, Nethander was waiting patiently outside.

“Oh hey, Neth.” I said, looking at him. He nodded to me and silently walked behind me and Sid.

After we got coffee, I broke the silence, “So…What’s the plans for today?”

Sid sighed, “We have to get clothes for tonight. We’ll be going to the annual Senate dinner at the Luminous Tower.” Whaaaaat? We were crashing a Senate dinner? Sooooo cool.

An hour later I found myself being fitted by Matti, the head designer at Armani Clothing. She was an Amphibian long friend of Sid and Nethander and a bit on the rude side. Matti had pretty bad RBF and hardly spoke to me, only to Sid or Neth the whole time as she walked around me, taking measurements.

We sat, waiting for an hour or two and she worked, designing mostly my dress for the dinner tonight. Apparently, it was one of the most prestigious dinners that only the wealthy, politician or high-status attended. We had to be dressed to look rich, impeccable for tonight to blend in.

“Here, try this on.” Matti said, throwing the dress at me. How nice.

Sid stood, “You’re going to need help.”

I rolled my eyes, “Stay away from me before I decide to be the one to strangle you.” I walked into the dressing room. Sid crossed his arms and sat back down near Neth with a sigh as Nethander smirked at my comment.

I looked at the dress, confused. It was beautiful. Dark purple velvet corset with black lace between the velvet and a dark purple chiffon material that flowed down the skirt portion in a waterfall cut. There were black lace stockings I had to slip on and it was hard for me to fully zip it up the back, the corset was so tight. I stood there, frowning.

“How about now?” Sid said outside the changing room door.

I sighed, “Sure. I need help.” I unlocked the door and he slipped in.

His eyes lit up when he saw me and he slipped behind me. I felt his hand brush the small of my back before gently zipping the corset portion up.

“Thanks.” I said, looking in the mirror at myself, thinking about how Zane would react if he saw me. It was a dress that made me look almost enchanting, out of this galaxy.

“How is it?” Matti asked across the room.

Sid answered, “Striking.” His eyes twinkled sadly as he looked at me in the mirror. A look of nostalgia I didn’t understand.

Later that night I was back in the dress as we took a hoverlimo to the Luminous Tower.

I asked, “So…exactly what is our plan here?” I met Nethander’s green eyes and Sid’s glowing yellow ones.

Nethander spoke, for the first time today, “There are no plans.” He paused, “The night will unfold and we just have to be present.”

I nodded, looking out the window, up at the leering Luminous Tower we were approaching in traffic, “Why am I here… when you two could have done this alone?” I asked, seeking answers. After all, if Sid and Nethander could time travel, by themselves, what was so important that I came with?

“You’ll find that out.” Sid said, looking out the window.

“Why not tell me now? Can’t you see the future?” I asked, confused.

Sid shook his head, “I see multiple instances, first of all, so I can’t guarantee anything. Second off, it’s close to impossible to determine your future because you are an anomaly.” Anomoly? I didn’t know if that was a compliment or a diss, “Third, if I told you what was going to happen, then that may very well change the course of time.” He said, meeting my eyes. He was right, I guess.

As we arrived at the 77thfloor of the Luminous Tower, we walked in and were seated accordingly to a random table. I was surprised that we even had seats, considering I wasn’t even born yet and my name was at a table. People chatted at their tables and we awkwardly sat at ours, watching others.

All I could think of is, why was I here? What was my purpose? I looked around the room as a few people sat at our large round table, speaking quietly amongst themselves.

My chair was close to another table directly behind me as I heard a few older men making small talk. A name caught my attention quickly.

“William Vandore, pleasure seeing you here.” The man behind me stood, shaking another man’s hand.

Vandore. Zane’s last name.

“Long time no see old friend.” I turned my head in their direction, hearing a very familiar voice. Red’s? Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Red’s bright hair combed back as he sat at Mr. Vandore’s table.

“How’s the boys?” Red asked.

Zane’s dad spoke, “Good, still causing trouble as usual. Melissa told me Zane lost his first tooth when he ate an apple.”

Red laughed, a younger version of his grunt of a chuckle, “Crazy how fast they’ve grown already.”

“Yep, I just wish I was there for it.” Zane’s dad’s voice was sad. I frowned, to think that he wouldn’t be there hurt to know. I needed to change that. I didn’t know how I would save him, but I was going to.

The night progressed and half way through the dinner, the lights dimmed and the sponsor of the event came on the stage. I turned my head, looking over to the man who captivated everyone’s attention. Confounduum.

He spoke, after the room quieted down, some people still spoke, “Capitivum.” He snapped his fingers.

It was as if a pin dropped, the room silenced immediately. I looked around, seeing people’s eyes dilating, motionless, like statues. The only people who weren’t taken by his spell were Nethander, Sid, I and, I looked around the room… there were a handful of people were also looking with me, just as confused as I was.

I met eyes with Zane’s dad, gulping. He was aware, just as much as me. I took a moment, seeing Zane’s dads brown eyes and light brown hair. He had the same bone structure as Zane, just so much older.

It hit me that he had the same power as Zane so he must be able to resist mind control. Red caught my glance and I looked away. I shouldn’t be speaking to people I knew in my current time. That must be a law of time, right?

“What’s going on?” A woman whispered in a hush to her husband who was entranced. Her husband, not moving nor blinking as she waved her hand in front of him.

Confounduum spoke, “We, the fallen, deserve to prosper. Applause is in order to those of you still awake.” Everyone who was in a hypnotic state began clapping. Disgust filled me as I looked around.

He continued, almost in riddle, “We will no longer sit in silence. Brothers, sisters, join me to create our own world, one where the Valorion full-blooded and mutts serve us and we rise to power once more.” I shook my head, looking around in confusion. Why would anyone joinhim?

“I will give you only a few moments to choose to join me, or forever hold your silence in the ground with the ones born on this soil.” Vile thoughts raced through my mind. No one had to be taking him seriously, there was no way? This was an obvious hate-crime to one planet and I didn’t want any part of it.

“Let’s go, now.” Red said, as he and Mr. Vandore got up, walking towards the elevator.

“You all should have listened carefully.” Confounduum said in the mic. The hypnotized people near me got up, grabbing onto Red and Mr. Vandore. I got up, feeling energy leave my hands as it hit the people, sending them onto the ground and into the walls.

Mr. Vandore and Red looked at me, wide eyed, in confusion as I said, “Run, now.” I needed to save them. This was why I was here, wasn’t it?

Nethander and Sid walked briskly with Zane’s dad and Red.

I looked to Confounduum as he sighed, tapping his stop watch as he disappeared in a cloud of dark blue smoke. He reemerged behind me. I turned quickly, pivoting and falling on the ground.

Dark purple smoke followed him and began swirling around the hypnotized people. They began falling. Were they dying? I looked around in confusion.

I opened my palms to Confounduum, strong power emerging from me and striking him. He looked surprised as he flew in the air, smacking into the glass windows on the other side of the dining hall. He got up, feeling the back of his head.

“You think you can match me?” His pupils began swirling as he opened his palms to me and glass looking shards appeared in the dark blue smoke, heading directly towards me. I outstretched both of my hands, as the shards twirled through the air, colliding in thin air as it hit an invisible energy barrier. I looked in awe in front of me as the barrier was ginormous, protecting the whole side of my room, as if an impenetrable wall.

I felt anger as my palms felt like they were charging with power. I pointed my hands to him and a large boomerupted as light emitted from my hands directly towards Confounduum, hitting him on the other side of the room as he collided into glass window as it shattered, flinging him out the side of the Luminous Tower.

I gasped in shock, I didn’t intend to kill him? How strong was I?

People began awaking, looking at me in confusion from the loud noise and glass remnants scattered on the ground.

“Rayne! Come on!” Nethander said behind me in the elevator as I looked at my hands. I never thought I was that powerful. Never.

I got in the elevator, as Mr. Vandore studied me, “What are you?” It hit me that Red and Mr. Vandore had watched the whole scene unfold.

The elevators doors closed, “Zane’s girlfriend.” I said, looking at the door. The words left me too quickly and I was an idiot for saying them. I probably broke at least five time laws by now.

I waited for it to be the first floor already. We needed to leave, immediately.

“Impossible, he’s only 5.” I turned my head behind me, looking up to his confused face. Gears were turning in his head as his face was pensive, blank.

Red spoke, “You’re from the future.” He crossed his arms, saying it in more of a statement than a question. Red knew. He didn’t need any further explanation. I met Red’s green eyes and looked forward as the elevator began screeching to a halt. The light flickered.

“You weren’t joking when you said this assignment would be deadly, Red.” Mr. Vandore said in a jokingly manner as the elevator stopped completely. We were only at the 20th floor.

The elevator dinged and the door opened. Odd. We all quickly got off, Mr. Vandore trailing behind us in confusion, surprised the door opened at all. Huh, must be an emergency setting?

We all looked forward, seeing dark blue smoke. Then, a sound of a burst behind us. I looked back and Mr. Vandore disappeared, in a puff of blue smoke.

“Where’s William?!” Red said, looking distraught.

I squinted, walking forward to the smoke. The smoke trailed in front of us, traveling as if it were trying to lead us somewhere. I followed it through the dark blue marble floored halls until we reached the swimming pool. The dark blue smoke disappeared underneath the black steel door. I pressed all of my weight on the door, it wouldn’t open.

“Here, let me try.” Red thrust all of his weight into the door.

“Someone help!” A man’s voice yelled. Mr. Vandores voice.

Power surged through my veins as I stood there, “Red, move.” I said.

Red eyed me, “How do you know my name?”

“You’ll know why eventually.” I said. Maybe in three to five years he’d know. Soon enough, right?

Red stepped aside, as I pushed energy at the door, flinging the door open and off its hinge. The door opened to a gigantic pool that had a glass floor that looked out to the casino lobby below it. There were glass windows lining opposite sides of the room and a wall that led to the restrooms on the side farthest away from me where Confounduum was.

I ran inside, “Confoundum!” I yelled as I saw Mr. Vandore, floating in midair above the pool, as dark blue smoke encircled around his neck and he looked to be gasping for air.

Confounduum had his arms behind his back as he slowly paced around the large pool with a delighted smile placed on his face.

“Miss Griff, always a pleasure to see you.” Confounduum looked up to Mr. Vandore.

“Let him go, please.” I said. I don’t say please much, but when I did, it meant it was serious.

“You don’t know who this man is, do you?” Confounduum looked at me, “A double agent spy. You all think he’s part of the UGN? Guess again, he also works for the Valorion Supremacy.” He slowly spoke, eyeing me, “A spineless Valorion, that doesn’t deserve to breathe any longer. You think he deserves to live, Rayne?” He said as Mr. Vandore looked to be fighting to breathe, his dark brown eyes looking at me desperately.

I blinked, confused. A double agent? Zane’s dad? “Everyone deserves to live on their own terms. That should never be taken by anyone else, Confounduum.”

“Silly girl, you have no idea what this man has done, will do, to you, your family and your bloodline, yet you are trying to save him? For what?” Confounduum laughed. I shook my head: it didn’t matter; it was still Zane’s dad.

“What do you mean? The Valorion Supremacy?” Red spoke up behind me to Confounduum.

“Thousands of people are kidnapped each year, will continue to be kidnapped, because of what he created. Anything ring a bell?” I squinted as I looked from Red to Confounduum… The Sequoian Airspace? Is that it? There’s no way he’d create something like that. It was Zane’s dad, notan evil mastermind.

“No, he couldn’t have. It’s Will, he wouldn’t do such a thing.” Red eyed Confounduum.

“Yet your wife, Elanore, isn’t it? She disappeared. Beautiful woman… Tsk. Tsk…” Confounduum trailed off as Red’s face got red, “Too bad she was an underground sex bot in Aquaria for the past year.” Red looked as if he believed Confounduum, as his eyes got watery, “All thanks to your friend, Will.”

“No, y-you don’t know the full story!” Mr. Vandore shouted in between gasps of air.

Red looked up, questioning his friend, “Is it true you knew where she was this whole time Will?” Red looked hurt, confused.

Mr. Vandore’s eyes were teary, “Y-yes.” I looked at Red as he shook his head and blinked back tears. I had never seen him display so many emotions. Who knew twenty years before Red was a normal person.

“It doesn’t matter, Confounduum.” I said, looking at him, “If that’s what you came here for, let us handle it, not you.”

Confounduum paced, shaking his head with a laugh, “I didn’t come here to kill a coward; it’s only the beginning act to tonight’s performance.” His eyes became serious as he looked at me, “I’m here for you, Rayne Griff.”

I shook my head, “Why me?” I asked.

“I’m creating an army to change the face of the galaxies, to take over Valorion and take what’s rightfully ours.” His eyes twinkled in pain, “Saiphs and Nefareons lives were destroyed to better the lives of Valorions. Why let them flourish any longer?” He asked, looking at me, almost through me, as he studied my face.

Was he serious? Did he think I’d be on board so easily? Sure, Valorion was a dark and terrible planet that needed to change, but taking over an ENTIRE planet to put another group of beings down was morally wrong.

I shook my head, “An eye for an eye makes the whole galaxy blind, you know that, Confounduum.”

Confounduum shook his head, “They’ve taken more than one eye. Two eyes for one will only create a new planet. One where Nefareons aren’t in tanks below the ground. One where Saiphs aren’t in hiding. One where Valorions will serve us.” Was he suggesting slavery? That wasn’t right, in any context. I had already been part of an intergalactic slave trade; I wasn’t in the business of creating a new one.

“There are other ways to save this planet, Confounduum. Trust me.” I paused, looking at Mr. Vandore, “Just let him go.” As guilty as Mr. Vandore may have been, it didn’t matter. Murdering someone wasn’t worth it.

“I’ll release him on only one condition…” Confounduum’s eyes swirled as he studied my blank face, “Join my legion.”

My hands were pulsing behind me as energy was charging.

I looked at Confounduum, “Never.”

Confounduum laughed, loudly, “Oh, such a silly girl…” He paced, “If you were paying any attention, you’d have seen all of your friends in the same fate.” He looked up behind me. I looked back, seeing Red, Nethander and Sid being strangled by the same swirling blue smoke. Red’s feet dangling in a struggle to fight it. Sid and Nethander were unconscious, floating in the air. My eyes became watery as I looked at everyone around me, and then to Confounduum’s light grey eyes, swirling.

“Please, just let them go.” I said. How could I save them? I didn’t know. I felt power charge in my hands. I looked around the room, seeing the water.

Water. It was as if I could feel it, the ripples of water synching with my heart beat. As I looked at the water, it was almost as if it were pulsating.

“You are going to watch them suffer. Then, when you’re left with no one, maybe you’ll consider joining me, who can give you a life no one else will ever be able to.” I cocked my head. He truly didn’t know me, did he? I already had it, 23 years in the future.

I laughed, “I think you really, truly, have mistaken me with someone else, Mr. Confounduum.” I felt my hands outstretch before me as all of the water rose in the pool almost touching Mr. Vandore’s feet.

His eyes flashed as he looked at the water in wonder, “No, Miss Griff, I don’t believe I have.”

“Why me? Why not some other ‘fae’ if we’re so special?” I asked, feeling the water in air.

Confounduum paced, not in fear from the water I held up, but in amazement from my powers, “You are the only key who can save us. You are the rightful heir to the throne yet you let the people who torment your loved ones step over you? For what, silly girl?” He was lying to me. Telling me what I wanted to hear to join him. I needed to shut him up because I was close to believing it all as true.

If my memory served me right, Saiphs talents could not be used when water was part of the equation. Why did Confounduum choose for us to fight near a pool? It mystifies me, but maybe he didn’t know how much I knew.

Rule number one: Don’t underestimate my knowledge. I’m not some ‘silly girl’.

A moment later the huge wave of water charged forward to Confounduum, impacting him before he could tap his watch, and throwing him against the corner where a glass window and a wall met. I looked in awe as the mass of water assaulted Confounduum and swirling around him, hitting the walls on the opposite end of the room. Glass burst as water cascaded out of the room and water hit the walls in waves. The ceiling lights flickered as the wall was broken entirely. I felt the ground shift, as if the hotel was tilting.

Oh, fuck.

As the water hit him, everyone dropped from his smoke. My hands were still outstretched towards the waves of water still hitting Confounduum and breaking through the walls of the hotel, to outside as I saw Confounduum’s unconscious body on the ground. I watched, almost in slow motion, as Mr. Vandore was unconscious, falling.

Out of my hands outstretched to Mr. Vandore, softening his fall, as he floated to the ground of the pool where small puddles laid. I lowered both of my hands as water crashed and settled around the room, cascading down like a waterfall from the ceiling. Some of the water settling back into the pool, drenching Mr. Vandore’s trousers.

Nethander coughed, waking as Sid jumped up, gasping, “What happened, Rayne?”

I felt the tower shift again, as if we were moving.

Red was speaking to a wall, “Emergency. Need backup to the tower, it’s about to collapse.” Red looked to everyone, including Mr. Vandore as he walked over to us, coughing as he caught his breathe, “We need to get to the bottom floor, before this thing kills us all.” Red looked at the ceiling. The ground shifted and we all looked at each other in panic.

Moments later, as we were running down twenty flights of stairs, hoverambulances sounded at the doors. As we reached the first floor lobby, UGN officials were entering and running up the steps.

“The tower is about to collapse, don’t go up there!” Mr. Vandore said.

Red said, “The tower won’t collapse until we let it, Vandore.”

As we walked into the lobby, Mr. Vandore looked to Red, “I’m sorry, Red.”

Red shook his head, “I hope you know I’m saving your life for what you’ve done to me.”

Mr. Vandore cocked his head in confusion, someone came behind him and stuck him with a sleeper as he went unconscious. Two UGN officers caught him from falling and carried him outside, to a hovercar.

“Where is he going, Red?” I asked, confused and scared.

Red sighed, looking sadly off in the distance, “Somewhere where he’ll be safe.”

Did I just ruin Mr. Vandore’s life instead of save it?

Chapter 9: The Mysterious Luminous Tower Collapse of 2196

“Abort mission. We misjudged our time.” An official that stood outside with Nethander, Sid, Red and I said.

A large metal scraping noise sounded far above us in the Luminous Tower. The tower began tilting.

“Aren’t they on their way?” One of the UGN officials said behind us. Who was ‘they’?

“Yes, but it’s going to be a few minutes.”

“We all need to leave before the tower crashes on the city and we are compromised with the people in that tower.” Another officer said in a panic.

“Sometime you just can’t save everyone.” An officer in front of the tower said as he began saying over his headset, “Abort, abort mission now. Code Black.” Code Black… Code for failed mission.

I squinted, confused. This all didn’t make any sense. When the Luminous Tower collapsed in our history books, it was a wonder because two THOUSAND people were saved and evacuated from the area. Only 4 people made it out right now. How did the others make it out with this little of time? Did I fuck up history? No, it couldn’t be. I felt an energy pulse in my hands. A force field, culminating. I looked at my hands… could I save these people?

I began jogging over to the side of the tall tower the loomed to the side. I outstretched my hands, feeling a strong energy leave them. It was as if I could feel the vibrations of the tower, the structures wanting to tilt. I felt like I was on a teeter totter, the weight of the tower shifting too heavily on one side.

“Rayne! We have to go! What are you doing?” Sid yelled to me.

I ignored him, closing my eyes as I felt the tower, as if it were a small toy in my hands. I pushed back, at the side that was unbalanced, about to fall. As I felt a wave of energy hold the side of the tower, I heard a loud screeching noise as the officials began cheering.

“False alarm, green light.” Officials repeated over their headsets as I concentrated my energy.

“Good going Red, if you told us one of the Nef’s were already here we wouldn’t have had a false alarm.” One of the officials said.

Red laughed, “I didn’t know either, buddy.”

I opened my eyes at the tower, standing straight. I closed my eyes again, my power feeling weak. I had used so much of it in one day that my strength was weakening. I was exhausted, and becoming more tired as the minutes passed.

About ten minutes later, multiple hover cars arrived, parking near me. I kept my eyes closed, hearing the first group of people leaving the lobby of the tower, safely. I felt a film of sweat across my forehead as I kept the tower in place.

People got out of the hovercars and came up behind me, “How did she hold that by herself for so long? That’s impressive.” A woman said as I turned, feeling lightheaded.

“We’ll take over. You look like your weakening.” Another woman’s familiar voice said behind me. I looked back in confusion. Where was that voice from?

I lost my concentration as the sound of metal screeching loudened and the tower began tilting. The woman behind me, and her group, spread out, outstretching their hands up to the tower and stabilizing it. I looked to the woman who spoke to me second, dark purple hair and brown eyes cast up to the tower, not looking at me.

“Mo-?” I felt dizziness take over. In the next moment, all I saw was blackness. I fell unconscious.

Chapter 10: The Mother Sighting

I woke up in the back of a hovervan, hearing people talk near me.

“I have to go.” A woman’s voice said.

“I know, I just wanted to talk to you before I won’t see you again for some time.” Red’s voice. I kept my eyes shut.

“She saved your life, didn’t she?” The familiar voice said. The same familiar voice. My mother’s? Could it be?

“She saved all our lives today. Two thousand and counting.” Red said, quietly.

“What’s her name?” The woman asked.

“She’s in hiding so I can’t say.”

“Red, what happened to no secrets?”

“Yeah, well, I have to keep this one.” Red said, sadly.

“She looks so familiar. It kills me to know who she is.” The woman said, speaking slowly. It had to have been my mother. Her honey sweet voice that I could listen to sing for hours as a child was unmistakablely her.

“You know you’re going to have to go back to Hanna, V.” Red said. Did he just call her V? Her name was Valerie, my dad called her Val. I had never heard anyone call her V.

“I know. I thought I’d have a last hoorah before I left the UGN for some time.” She paused, “You better visit or else I will haunt you.” She joked with Red. I wanted to jump up and hug her, but it took all my will-power to act like I was still sleeping. There were so many things I wanted to ask my mom, so many questions I had.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ll see about that one.” He said, almost flirtatiously, back. Red spoke, “Go, now. Stay safe.” He said, sullenly as if losing an old friend, or… a lover?

I heard movement, like they were hugging, “You better be at my house for Christmas or else, Red.” She said with a smile in her voice.

He chuckled, “Sure, I’ll be there.” I opened one eye as I heard her leave the van. I sat up, squinting.

“How are yuh feeling?” Red said, smoothing his hair back as if he were caught flirting. Did he have feelings for my mom? I shook off the thought.

“Okay…” I looked around, seeing we were across the city, far away from the tower before it would collapse, “Where’s my friends?”

“Sid is going to Aquaria for questioning.” I cocked my head, panic seeping in.

“What? Why?” I asked, getting out of the van.

“For time fraud. He’s been wanted by the Aquarian Time Control for a while. They’ve fixed many of his time fraud but he’s being sent to Aquaria for his hearing.” Aquaria? He’s going to be sentenced to the life in prison, or worse, the death penalty.

I shook my head, “No, Red. I need him because without him I can’t go back to the future. Meaning, I will be stuck here, which we can’thave.” I said, panicking as I tucked my hair behind my ears. I felt shakey enough from expending so much power.

Red shook his head, “I can’t do anything about it. I’m just an officer.”

I shook my head, “From the time I came from, you are so much more than that.” I rubbed my temples, “He’s going to escape, we’ll be fine, right?”

Red scratched his head, “He can’t escape, they have him ‘time locked’. Whatever that is.” Red sighed, “What year are you from anyways?”

“2219.” I said, frowning.

Red’s eyebrows shot up, taking a moment to calculate how many years that was, “That’s 23 years from now.”

“Why am I not being taken for questioning, Red?” I asked, confused.

“You have a time traveling license. He doesn’t. Not to mention, he committed time fraud. You didn’t.”

I frowned, “How do I have a time traveling license? I didn’t even know I had one to begin with?” I asked, completely lost.

“You’re file is with the UGN to time travel. Every spy has one with the UGN.” That was undenounced to mostly every spy, but okay.

I sighed, crouching on the ground from a massive headache hitting me, “Where’s Nethander?”

“Over here.” I heard Neth say behind me. I jumped, standing.

“What do we do, Neth?” I asked.

Neth shook his head, “We can leave him here. Fuck Sid. He deserves this.” He said dryly, without emotion.

“I’m not leaving this time without him. Have fun explaining to Zane why I’m stuck in a different year.” I said, grimly.

Nethander rubbed his face, “Fine, but I’m going to tell him about this.” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever, we just have to figure out how to intercept.” I said, looking at the ground.

Red cleared his throat, “I don’t want any part of this but… you saved my life, and I owe you one in return.” Red shook his head, “I can help you, but after that, you guys have to go back to your time.”

We both looked at each other and nodded. What were we getting ourselves into? I guess we’d find out soon enough.

Chapter 11: One Last Hoorah

Red. 2196.

“I have one more favor to ask of you, V.” I said, over the phone.

“Mhm? What’s that?” She said, I could hear a smile in her voice.

I cleared my throat, “We need to stop the Aquarian Time Control from imprisoning that weird amphibian guy.”

She laughed, “I thought you wanted me to stay safe earlier?”

“I take it back.”

She teased, “Hm…I’m going to have to think about it.” She paused, thoughtfully, “Why are you trying so hard to help this girl? I get she saved your life and all but… I don’t know if doing something illegal constitutes as finding the solution. The guy is a wanted criminal.” V was right. She was always my conscience when I felt the urge to help someone I didn’t know.

“You’re not wrong, but I also wouldn’t be alive if not for her, so I owe her more than that. “

“Red, I love you to the galactic moons and back but you go too far to help people sometimes…” She hesitated, “I’ll help you…but only because I want to spend some more time with you before I go back.” Typical V response. Acting as if she didn’t care but, deep down, I knew she would help no matter what. Although, the addition of spending more time together was nice.

Later that night, I found myself buying the strange Nefareon girl and her amphibian friend burgers and shakes near the Valorion Launchpad. V walked up with my favorite mint chocolate chip shake and a chocolate shake for herself to our booth.

It was hard to act like we weren’t dating in front of people. Her warm brown eyes always had a way of softening my hard exterior and I wanted so badly to take her to a nice restaurant or go to the movies with her like old times.

“What planets are you two from?” I asked Rayne and her friend Nethander.

“Hanna.” She said, drinking her shake. Her moss green eyes meeting my eyes. A feeling of familiarity twinged inside me as her green eyes stared back at mine. I looked over to V as she looked out the window to the forest surrounding the diner. Her bone structure, dark hair, so alike. The only thing that didn’t look similar between the two of them was… their eyes and hair?

No, it couldn’t be. Maybe V was this girls cousin or maybe most Nefareons looked alike. I only knew a handful of Nefareons so it could be a common bone structure thing.

“Aquaria.” Nethander spoke, almost as if he were irritated to be here. He drank from his flask. It was strange enough to see a Nefareon and Amphibian together. Maybe the future had changed Amphibian’s feelings towards other species? It was a wonder how that could happen within 23 years.

I sat there, thinking, what was the girl’s last name again? Griff… wasn’t it?

Wait… That was David’s last name. V’s ‘husband’ on Hanna. Odd. How did I not notice that earlier? He did have green eyes…

No. That couldn’t be real. What would that mean for the future of our relationship? How would she have a kid with someone she broke up with after high school? Would that mean they would get back together? Sure, Elenore was my ‘wife’ and we were having a child together that wasn’t mine by choice- another story for a different day- but that didn’t mean anything to me.

Nothing did but V. She was the love of my life, we fell in love at the academy and, ever since, I honestly can’t think of a future without her.

…You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Chapter 12: No Mercy

Rayne. 2196

I had a slight doubt that you two wouldn’t have came to my rescue. I heard Sid’s words in my head as his back was turned to us as I was sitting near a customer service kiosk in the quiet airport terminal, reading a newspaper.

Oh, trust me, we had to convince ourselves. I thought to him.

In an instant, multiple heads near Sid turned towards me. Fuck. Only if I realized a moment earlier that they were all Amphibians.

I instantly was paralyzed as I sat there. God. Fucking. Damnit. I froze, looking at my newspaper.

Loud words spoke in my head: Rayne, Griff. You are under arrest for attempting to assist a convict in escape.

These were Aquarian officials…if I were correct, they technically couldn’t arrest me on another planet?

A few of the officials began walking towards my frozen self. Think, Rayne. You can escape. How did I do it with Confounduum? I didn’t know.

I felt my fingers twitch, regaining control as I stood, throwing my newspaper behind me. I winked at the two Amphibian officials that opened their mouths in surprise, looking at one another.

I began walking towards them, outstretching my hands. A few other officials near Sid stood up, quickly walking over to the officials in front of me and whipping out lazerguns. Really? It was that serious? Huh. Funny.

The two officials left near Sid forced Sid to stand. I smiled. Suckers.

They looked around, before one of them fell to the ground from a sleeper Red hit him with. The other one yelled, “Over here!”

The Amphibians turned quickly as the other official fell to the ground. Out of the corner of my eye I could see V floating a gigantic ball of water in the air.

They looked at the water in the air and then back to me as I said, “I hope you all like bowling.”

The gigantic water circle collided into them as one by one, they all fell down and were swept into the wall on the opposite side of the Launchpad gate. V came out from behind the wall with multiple UGN officers following close behind her. My eyes fell on her, my mother. Her long purple wavy hair floating almost as she walked quickly. So strong, so badass. I tried to push the thought out of my head and to still call her V so I wouldn’t slip and break another time law.

Red came up to me, “We’ve actually have been trying to take these guys to the Intergalactic Space Prison for multiple encounters of arresting UGN officers across the galaxy at different planets for a while. For some reason, they think they own the damn universe.” Red shook his head.

I laughed, “Well, I guess you weren’t completely contradicting the UGN, right?”

Red shook his head, “I mean, your friend is wanted by the intergalactic Time Keepers, but I won’t mention that to them.” He winked at me.

I watched across the room as Sid’s time lock over his wrists were removed, “Thanks, Red.” I smiled.

“No, thank you for saving me and my friend’s life. If not for you, I wouldn’t be alive.” Red said, meeting my eyes with his tiny moss green ones.

Sid came up to me with Nethander, “Thank for your help, mate. Tssss.” He nodded to Red, awkwardly, and looked to me, his yellow eyes constricting, “But it’s time for us to leave.” Sid began walking away to a bag-check hallway.

“See you around, Red.” I nodded to him, following Sid.

“See you, in the future, Rayne.” Red said, in wonder as we walked away.

Sid stuck out his hand to me, blue swirls illuminating his forearm. I grabbed onto his forearm as I felt the ripple between us. Blue and turquoise light swirled around us, engulfing us as the ground shook. In another moment, we were in the same area, but the area was much larger.

I looked around, confused. Were we back to 2219?

“No, it’s 2217.” Sid said, walking briskly ahead.

I trailed behind him, confused, “Where’s Neth?” I asked.

“He’s back in 2219.” Sid said, almost ignoring me as he pushed forward.

“Why are we here, Sid? I want to go back to 2219, NOW.” I said, angrily as I walked quickly and stopped in front of him, halting Sid in his tracks.

He stood there, pivoting quickly and looking down to me with a glare, “And I’d like to give you a good few swats on your bottom and place you in a thick diaper for the way your acting right now, but do you see me doing that just yet?” Sid’s eyes glowered at me.

I blushed, “Why are we here?”

“We have some more people to save, little Rayne.”

“It never ceases to amaze me how often you decide things for me.” I growled near his side as he walked.

“Don’t act as if you don’t like it.” Sid said with a smug smile as he opened the door for me as we walked out of the Valorion Launchpad.

A hot Valorion summer breeze hit me. I took off my jacket with a groan. I wasn’t ready for this sudden burst of heat. Sid flagged a taxi down as we waited outside the Launchpad.

“Where are we going now?”

Sid said, “To get some coffee.” Coffee? I needed sleep. I couldn’t count how many hours I had been up at this point.

“I’ll lay you down for a nap later but we have things to do.”

“So you’re saying…getting coffee is at the utmost importance right now?” I asked, squinting at him.

Sid grabbed my wrist, pulling me to the side as he said, “I’m a few seconds away from giving you a punishment and it’s not one that you’ve ever had before, I can assure you that.” My face became hot, and not from the heat. What did that mean?

I went silent as he took my hand and lead us to the taxi. I stared outside the window as we arrived at the coffee shop. The same one I was at the morning before the Zing concert, yet it had a lot less artwork on the walls.

Sid led us into the coffee shop as he went up to the barista, pulling up the sleeve of his shirt. The bartender looked at his forearm and took out a pen, flashing a light on his forearm. A tattoo appeared, imbedded in his scales that rippled underneath Sid’s arm. A snakes eye? What the hell was that.

The barista nodded to us and typed a few things on his glass register resembling an old-fashioned type writer. The noise of locks unhinging sounded and a rumble as a whole counter against the wall pushed back, into the wall and a stairway appeared below. There was another area below the coffee shop this whole time?

Sid looked impassive as he went down the steps and I stood there in wonder for a moment. I shook out of my amazement and followed Sid down the steps, to a bar. Many older men and a few women were chatting, playing poker or pool and drinking. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was only ten in the morning? Why were people drinking this early?

Sid sat at the bar and I sat down near him, confused why we were here.

“Hello, sir. What can I get you?” A light pink skinned Zenon girl with long straight turquoise hair asked, her eyes studying me for a moment.

“An Elke and rum.” He looked at me, winking. I crossed my arms, huffing.

I can assure someone’s getting a punishment when we get to the hotel. I met Sid’s eyes, constricting and dilating as they met mine. I glared at him.

“Well, well, look who we have here.” A voice spoke behind me, almost making me jump.

“Daryx Vandore, long time no see.” Sid stood, shaking his hand. Chills went down my spine. Daryx? I turned my head slightly, seeing out of the corner of my eye a tall man in a white dress shirt and jeans. That was surely Zane’s brother…before his incident?

Daryx looked at me, “And… you’re friend?” He asked, politely.

Tell him a different name. Sid told me.

I turned, giving a timid smile and sticking out my hand, “Sarah Gleeson.” Once I got back to 2219 I’d make sure to explain my lie.

Good girl. I blinked to Sid and then back to Daryx as he took my hand and shook it.

“Pleasure to meet you, beautiful.” He said, in a smooth tone. I blinked, internally cringing. How do I tell him that I’m his brother’s girlfriend without embarrassing him? Ugh.

Daryx turned to Sid, “What have you been up to as of recently?”

“Per usual, experimenting with new formulas.” Sid said slyly.

“Will you be attending tonight’s 295th Annual Valorion Award Show?” Daryx asked, looking from me to Sid.

Sid said, “Of course, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He winked at me.

“Good, well, I have a meeting so I will see you guys tonight.” He nodded his head to me before walking past us to another room that he had to use iris recognition for.

Sid went quiet as we sat there and I drank.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Sid met my eyes. Shhhh, little one, I’m listening to their conversation.

Fifteen minutes passed in awkward silence and I decided to go to the restroom.

As I was in the bathroom, I heard voices through the vents. I looked up, zipping my pants. I cocked my head, stepping on the seat of the toilet and pressing my ear against the vent.

“That’s a suicide mission, Daryx, and the UGN can’t afford a big move like that at this moment. Think of the lives you’d cost. Innocent ones at that.” A familiar voice said… Red’s voice? And the UGN? This must be a meeting for the UGN. I didn’t expect that.

“I don’t care. If we want to save lives, unfortunately we have to take some too. There’s a galactic war brewing and we need to start it before they take the first shot.” Daryx said, with a waiver of anger to his voice, “And, you all know this, better than anyone, that the Intergalactic Space Station is more dangerous than it ever was before.” The Intergalactic Space Station dangerous? I didn’t believe it.

Red grunted, “No, Daryx-”

“Tonight is the best shot we have. All of the Valorion officials together with President Wormuloid. The time is now.” Daryx said.

Red spoke after a moment of silence, “Who supports this plan?”

Another deep, barely discernible voice said, “Reorf Egalitarianism does not.”

A man said, “The Saiphian Legion supports this plan.” Confounduum’s legion was still alive?

“Earth’s United Nations Government does not support this plan.”

A woman spoke, “The Nefareon Powers do not support the plan.” Nefareon Powers? What was that?

“Zenon IllumiNations does not support this plan.”

“Ekkberen Forces support the plan.”

Multiple planets spoke on agreeing to this plan or not and I heard Red speak after everyone quieted down, “Three out of 23 galactic nations are in favor. The plan is rejected.”

Daryx said with an even tone before leaving, “Thank you for your time.”

I stepped down from the toilet. Did I just witness my first ever United Galactic Nations meeting?

I jumped as I heard the bathroom door open. Someone walked in briskly. I held my breath as I saw, through the crack of the stall, Sid’s glowing yellow eyes.

“Rayne, let’s go, now.” He said as if I were in trouble for taking one too many cookies from the cookie jars. I rolled my eyes, opening the stall door. He took my wrist and pulled me with him.

On the taxi ride home that mysterious enchanting smell crept slowly to my nose. My eyes flicked to Sid as he looked out the window, nonchalantly.

I glared at him, “Stop that.”

He turned towards me, a strong wiff of the sweet scent throwing me into a calm state, “Hm?” He cocked his head at me. I began feeling small, babyish. I wanted to be cuddled, diapered by him. I wanted just love, and, maybe, a nap.

I tried to wake myself out of the mist that was trying to make me want Sid to baby me. What was it? I didn’t get why it kept happening to me.

The taxi came to a halt and Sid got out, helping me out of the car and giving the taxi driver a tip.

I couldn’t form adult thoughts as I trailed along with Sid. He took my hand in his and squeezed it as he led me over to the counter.

“Checking in?” The well-dressed Valorion man said behind the counter.

“Yes.” I nuzzled my head into his side as he looked down with a smile, “Sidarian Eckeuqel.”

“Here you are Mr. Eckeuqel.”

“Thank you.” Sid said as he took the keys and led me to the elevators. As the elevator doors closed he looked down to me and I blinked innocently up to him.

“You’re not getting out of your punishment, tiny one.” He tickled my tummy and I giggled. Ugh. Why was I giggling? So uncharacteristic of me. Fuck.

When we entered the room, I was looking around at the mocha colored walls and touching the comforter on the bed, completely engulfed in the little things, as if I were on a high that was the product of Valium drops and ecstasy.

Sid flicked on the light in the bathroom and rummaged around as I climbed on the bed, my thoughts clearing slowly.

Sid set some things on the dresser and climbed on the bed, grabbing my ankle and pulling me swiftly towards him.

I yelped, “Hey!”

He pulled me closer to him, unzipping my pants and pulling down my jeans and underwear quickly.

“Make this easy baby and lay on your tummy.” Sid said, pausing.

I looked at him, my eyes twinkling in confusion, “Why, Sid?” I said, hesitantly.

Sid cocked his head, “Do you want to find out the hard way?” A mischievous smile spread on his face.

I squinted at him… only a spanking, right? It couldn’t be worse, could it? I slowly turned, in my calm stupor, laying on my stomach.

“That’s a good girl, little Rayne.” Sid said, surprised. I heard him opening a box and a package, which I could imagine was only diapers. I turned my head, curious as to what the box was. His head turned quickly meeting my gaze as he was already holding it’s contents in his scaly hand. My eyes fell on the bullet shaped suppositories.

What. The. Fuck?

I began getting up, quickly, “Nope, not doing that.” I felt my knees and body go limp as he took control of me. This was NOT going to happen. Nope. Not letting it. I closed my eyes, trying to get out of his control. My fingers twitched, but no release.

No, no, no. Why couldn’t I stop his mind control?

“The thing about mind control is, Rayne, you can’t stop something that you like or want deep down. Whether you know it or not, unconsciously or subconsciously, there’s somewhere in you that wants this. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t know that already, tiny one. Tssss.” My breathing hitched… what the fuck did he just say? That I would like this? Was it all a lie to manipulate me? Or was he right… that deep down, I was curious.

Was I curious? I felt thrill in this moment, but also I felt extremely fearful. I don’t think my ego would come back if he did this to me, quite honestly.

I felt a cool gel coated around my butthole. I winced, frozen as I laid there. My heart racing and I closed my eyes as I felt the hard suppository and Sid’s finger push past my anus. I gasped as he held it there, regaining control of my body.

As the suppository melted, he pulled his surprisingly soft scaly finger out, “There, there, my little baby. All done.” I didn’t want to move, I was terrified of my inner parts challenging me.

Sid turned me on my back, raising my legs and placing a thick white diaper under me. He gently patted powder over my bottom and front areas and taped the diaper snugly on. He took it a step further and slid both my legs through light purple frilly plastic pants, which I had never worn before. A white pacifier was quickly plopped in my mouth and Sid changed me out of my shirt and into a light pink babydoll shirt.

Sid mused as he looked me over, scooping me into his arms. I blushed, completely at loss for words. I was a new level of embarrassed I had never been before.

He wasn’t seriously going to make me use the diaper, right? I’d NEVER. Sure, the idea was cute and all, but I never ever thought I’d be in this situation with Sid. I could see maybe with Zane, but SID? I couldn’t believe this all. My face was beet red as I shifted uncomfortably, my body still tense.

“Relax, little one. Just let go and be the baby you are.” He kissed the top of my head and patted my padded bottom. No. No. NO. I just wanted to be on a toilet, NOT Sid’s lap.

I felt a twinge of gas as I was in Sid’s arm. I resisted the urge to toot, tensing my stomach and butt. After a few minutes, my stomach began cramping.

I whimpered and said behind my paci, “I’m sowwy for erwier. Can I use the toileth?” I blinked my watery eyes up to him, “Pwease?” I was becoming desperate.

Sid tilted his head up and laughed loudly, darkly, “What is a punishment without me carrying it through fully, Rayne?” He looked down to me, studying my face.

I shook my head, squirming in his arms as a few toots came out. I blushed, “Pweaaaase, Sid?” I sounded like such a baby behind the pacifier. Ugh.

His eyes looked humored, “You think… that I would let a baby use the potty? Hm?” A painful stomach cramp hit me. Fuck. Now he was just teasing me with the idea.

He paused, eyes constricting and dilating once more, “If you keep pressing the issue then maybe I‘ll have you kept in a messy diaper for a good hour. How would the baby like that?” I shook my head quickly in panic. That was the last thing I wanted. Sid gave a twisted smile in response, knowing that he won.

A few more stomach cramps resonated within me and moments later I felt gross and squishy and my muscles couldn’t hold it anymore. I began crying loudly through my pacifier as I nuzzled into Sid. He moved me in his arms and I felt a wet squishiness coat an area I didn’t want touched from my own mess.

“Shhhhh. Shhhhhhhhh.” He kissed my head while cooing me and patting my diaper, “Everything is going to be okay. We’ll get you cleaned up once Daddy Sid is sure that his baby’s done.” I wanted to be cleaned NOW. I was positive I was done. He was making it worse.

I cried harder into him as he brushed my hair with his fingers. Minutes passed and he picked me up in his arms, setting me on my back. He went to the bathroom and came back with a towel, placing it underneath me. I tried not to breath after he pulled off the plastic pants and undid the diaper.

Tears rolled down my face and I gave up all the modesty I had left. He meticulously wiped me, cleaning my bottom thoroughly before rolling up the wipes in the dirty diaper and throwing it into a bag. He placed a fresh diaper underneath me and sprinkled on powder generously, then taping the diaper around me. He didn’t bother with the plastic pants this time.

Sid said, deadpan after taping the diaper on, “I want you to be aware, that I will punish you accordingly. Tss. ” He let his words seep in as he met my eyes with a serious expression, “I’m not like Zane. I will make sure you know you’re place when you’re with me, Rayne.” I blinked, an odd feeling of thrill going through me.

I was terrified of him, yet it was exciting. That’s how Zane usually made me feel, but this was different. The stakes were higher, yet…. I liked it? Was that fucked up? Did that constitute as cheating? I didn’t ‘like’ Sid romantically, but this was thrilling in some twisted, weird way.

His eyes studied mine, “Understand?”

I nodded behind my pacifier, in fear and trying to be ‘good’.

A smile appeared on his face as he got onto the bed with me, pulling up the covers, “Someone looks sleepy. How about a nap?” I gave a slight nod, crawling under the cover as he snickered at my defeated self.

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