What I’d like to say is “Clearly this girl has issues,” but then that would be insulting to people who normally do have issues. She’s cuckoo, crazy pants, a few wings short of a bucket, completely nuts, a psycho hose beast, insane, bonzo, no longer in possession of one’s faculties, three fries short of a happy meal, WAAACKOOOOO!

(That rant is courtesy of General Jack O’Neill of Stargate SG1)

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For some reason, the fact that it happened outside a Hooter’s makes it even funnier to me.

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Her actions sound more zombie-like than vampiridic (real word?). At least when compared to traditional vampires. Maybe she was craving sustenance and had a hankering for beef jerky.

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Vampiric. But if she was going for Beef Jerky, wouldn’t a wigger make more sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know, I heard a similar case recently involving a teenage girl who was in her room and some guy came in to try to ‘feed’ off of her as a vampire and he actually claimed to be a 500 year old vampire. He even had the cops chain him up tight cause he was afraid that he might hurt the cops. lol.

Some people really get carried away in their fantasy worlds.


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She was found without pants, her panties around her ankles, and covered with blood. More likely, what really happened is that he tried to rape her and she fought tooth and nail against it. Crazy? Getting raped does that to you. She probably could tell what was going on because she was in shock.

From the article

I’d like to posit the idea that there may be more going on here than it seems. This is speculation, mind you, but at this point, what else do we have to work with?

Smith is a 22-year-old college student with no apparent criminal history. Ellis has been described by police as “a transient” who has 12 arrests over the last four years for things like disorderly intoxication and battery.

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More likely, what really happened is that he tried to rape her and she fought tooth and nail against it.

So a 69 year old crippled man stuck in a wheel chair for the remainder of his life tried to rape a perfectly healthy girl, forgoing the conceivable notion that she could just….get out of the way of his penis by walking.

Yeah, THAT’S what happened.

The fact that you are making this assumption purely based on someone else’s assumption who completely ADMITTED it was factless assumption is a testament to how hilarious and idiotic that statement is from you. The mental gymnastics it takes to come up with something like that is both impressive and horrifying, I can’t believe you can even tie your own shoes.

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Clearly someone that is stuck in a wheel chair couldn’t be arrested for battery twelve times in the last four years. Those people could have gotten away of his fist by walking. Oh, wait, that is what the record states. Battery means you’ve beaten someone up.

Also, the conclusion comes from your own source, but I guess I can’t tie my shoes, or even apparently match them. I went out today wearing one navy shoe and one black one, so it might seem strange that I associate a woman who is disoriented with no pants and having panties around her ankles with a possible victim of sexual assault.

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That is very unusual indeed.