I love you, but let me give a little warning about what you wish for.

We have been together for several months now, and I have enjoyed our little games. My concerns are my girlfriends and their questions about the diapers around my apartment. This not to say anything about the questions about the smell of J&J baby powder that dominates the air in my bedroom. Cathy used our ensuite the other morning when my girls came for coffee. She came walking out wearing one of your Abu diapers, modelling for all the girls to see. Some of the girls laughed to near tears at the sight of the big baby diapers. I was able to quell their questions with a little white lie about making a costume for one of my customers for halloween.

Now little man, my warning is, if we keep on this path of me putting you in diapers, the truth will get out. Remember the old adage, careful what you wish for, you may get it. Or maybe that is what you want? I will expose your fetish to my girlfriends and cast you into a life of total diaper domination by all of them. I must say a little help with diaper changes might be fun to watch. I am very sure they would enjoy a tall dark good looking man wearing only a diaper in all sorts of kinky ways.

Mind Drivel I wanted to share. 8)