I LOVE my new home!

I am moved into a new place and I have to share it here as well, I LOVE my new home! It’s a one-bedroom and I just love having room to move and I love having a full kitchen. My mom is getting me recipies so I can cook at home and eat healthier and that will be a Godsend! I love having the room to move, I love having a place that’s THREE times the size of my old effiency apartment. My old place was basically a bedroom and a bathroom. Now, I have ROOM. GOD, I LOVE IT!

Unfortunately I can’t hang my pennants up yet or my posters til I can get some non-abusive wall hangings. I want to hang up my USS Enterprise-D poster, Enterprise-D cutaway poster, Enterprise-E cutaway poster, Station DS9 cutaway poster and my prized, PRIZED offical 2009 Star Trek feature film poster that a friend who manages a Cinemark theatre gave me; as well as my framed Bernie Kosar poster and my paintings from my late cousin Bob, who was a talented artist.

I am in the process of organizing things with my mom and I just love having a place that’s not a cage. It’s a world of difference. I am sorry, but I had to share.

I may have a full kitchen, but I kept my small fridge as a beverage fridge, meaning where I keep my beer and other beverages. I thought it would be a good idea to have a beverage fridge.

It amazes me. It amazes me, having room to move and being in a better place. I’m not around drunk college kids- I’m around families, people with disabilities and seniors. I LOVE it. No tripping over beer cans in the hallways, no fire-alarm yucksters in the middle of the night, no college kids partying all night and assaulting cops, no cops crawling all over the place and no stupid idiot that calls me a retard because his brain is fried on drugs- I LOVE my new home.

Anyone ever been in this position? Glad to have what they have and grateful for the support that you get in life? I feel really blessed in my life. I really do.


Re: I LOVE my new home!

We were lucky enough to find a cheap 2 bedroom we could afford.

Section 8 has a dollar limit on what we can rent, and so finding a two bedroom apartment is next to impossible with our amount. But we found a place, and it’s not only bigger, but it’s also like 500% nicer quality than this POS apartment.

Re: I LOVE my new home!

Congrats on your new place, Chris. I felt pretty damn triumphant when I moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a duplex at the beginning of the year. Not only is there more room and fewer neighbors, but the previous tenants left me some furniture and appliances, and I actually don’t feel embarrassed about having people over for a change.

Re: I LOVE my new home!

More importantly than anything else, I’m glad that your anxiety over being forced out of your old place wound up being unfounded, and you’re in a place where you can once again be comfortable.