I have missed you mummy

[b]Ok this is ruffly basted on a rp i did the start is basically the same but it will change further on. Hope you like it
I have missed you mummy

I was getting off my plan ride, with only a small suitcase filed with my dark clothing and some personal stuff. My name is Kirstie I’m 13 years old and for the last 11 years i have lived with my drunken dead beet father in a small flat in Scotland. I have long brown hair, blue eyes, I have a normal body, which is odd considering until i was 8 i barley ate and oh yeah I’m goth right now i am waring some black skinny jeans and a big hoddie. The reason i just arrived in some small town some place in America is because my dad just died and the police have helped me track down my mum, who i was tacked from at age 2.

As i get off the plan and walk to the point ware i was meant to meet her i start to get nervous. I mean what if she doesn’t like me? Or what if she’s like dad?! I mean normally i don’t give a shit what people think of me but it would be nice to live with someone that at least doesn’t want me dead for a change.

“Kirstie?” A woman who i swear is me in about 20 so years. She had the same hair and eyes as me and was a little bit taller “Kirstie baby is that you?” she asked looking like she was going to cry.

“yeah it’s me you must be Ella.” I said trying to sound clam. I didn’t know if she would want me calling her mum or not.Then out of no ware she took me in the biggest hug i had ever been in, which to tell you the truth i liked but i have never been good with hugs so I tensed, which made her loosen her grip and look me in the eyes. I think she was wondering why i tensed.

“Oh baby you are so grown up.” she said putting her hand on my cheek.

“Yeah that’s puberty for you.” I laughed as i all ways do when I’m nervous and she smiled.

“Ok lets get your stuff then we can head home you must be tiered.Oh and call me mum.” she smiled.

“Em ok but i got my stuff here.” i said holding up my bag and she found looking worried.

“Sweetie is that all your stuff?”

“Em yeah.” I surged.

“Well first thing we need to do after you get some rest is take you shopping it can be the first of many mother daughter days.” she said and i smiled wildly. I had never exspedced her to be this nice I would have been happy if she just paid for my food.

She picked up my bag and walked with me to a cute little mine and put my bag in the trunk then opened the pasnger seat door for me.

“Thanks” i said a little shyly and she smiled and got in to.

"So what have you been doing all this time i hope your father was treating you correctly? " She said as she drove.

“Em nothing really.” I said not really wanting to talk about what i have been doing.

“Come on hun it has been 11 years i want to know every thing.” she said.

“Really there is nothing to tell.” I said.

“Come on please tell me I have missed you baby and I have worried what your father has been doing with you.” she said and I shivered not wanting to think of what my father did to me. I think she noticed because as we arrived she did not unlock the doors and just turned to me.

“Tell me what he did?” she said.

“It’s nothing really.” I said really not wanting to think about it.

“Come on hun you look fine to me but i can tell that your lying, at least it look like he fed you.” she said and i shook my head.

“Em actually i got my own food.”

“What how did you afored that?”

“I have been working since i was 8” I said and she frowned.

“Hun what sort of place would let a 8 year old work?” she said taking my hand.

“Em the bar dad goes to.” I said kida lying. It was more of a strip joint than a bar but i just served food and cleaned and basicaly run the place by the time i was 10 it was crap. I think mum knew what kida bar dad goes to as her grip tinted on my hand.

“Please tell me they never never….touched you?” she sad and I looked down.

“Did did they take your your ver….innocents?” she asked like i didn’t know what she would mean and I nodded and she slammed her fist into the car and I jumped.

“I I I’m sorry.” I sutured and she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“No sweetie don’t be sorry it wasn’t your fault it’s mine i should have looked for you harder.” she said hugging me and i tried not to cry.

“No mum it’s not your fault.” i said and she kissed the top of my head.

“Come on baby lets get inside.” she said and we both got out the car and she got my stuff. “Here we are.” she said and opened the front door and i entered the most homely place ever. I yawned and she smiled.

“Come on hun it late pasted your bed time.” she said and walked me up the stairs. I hope she joking.

“Mum I’m fine really.” i said i didn’t want to go to sleep and have another nightmare and it was only 10.30pm.

“Kirstie you look exsasted and it’s half and hour after bed time.” she said.

“Wait you want me to go to bed at 10.30?” I asked. I can’t remember if i had ever went to bed that early.

“Baby it is 10.30 or i make you take a nap after lunch.” she said.

“But I’m 13.” I said.

“Yes and that is why you need your sleep you are a growing girl.” she said.“Now off to bed little Missy.” she giggled and I huffed and pulled my hoodie so i was in my strapy top. I looked up at her i didn’t want to get dressed with her watching.

“Want a hand sweetie?” she asked.

“Em no can you turn around?” I said and she giggled.

“Baby i changed your diapers i have seen it all before.” she said.

“Yeah but it’s difrent now.” I said blushing and she turned around.

“Fine but speaking of diapers how did your dad do with potty training you he must of got sick of changing you?” she asked and I blushed. The truth was I trained myself when I was 7 as i was getting bulied at school, i still am but for difrent reasons.

“I trained myself mum can we change the subject this is embarrassing.” i blushed and got my pj bottoms that were way too big for me on.

“Ok hunny just asking.” she said and turned around.

“Your still really small.” she giggled and pulled up my bottoms that were falling as i blushed.

“I’m normal sized.” I mumbled and she ruffled my hair.

“I was only teasing baby now get to sleep.” She said and lay me down and tucked me in with a kiss on the fore head, which made me blush even though i loved how caring she was. “night night kirstie love you.” she said and lifted but left the door opened a little. Once she was gone I went in my bag and garbed my stuffed kitty that was given to me when i was born. I still can’t sleep with out it. I fell asleep sucking my thumb as all ways, which is really embarrassing.

The next thing I knew I woke up with a scream. I had had the same night mare of the time when i was raped . I have been having them since i was 9. Mum came running in.

“What what is it Kirstie are you ok?” she said taking me in her arms and holding me like a baby and i tried to stop crying.

“I I I’m sorry it was just a n n nightmare.” I sobbed into her chest and she rubbed my back.

“shh shh baby was this about what happened with your dad?” she asked and i nodded “Oh shh shh It’s ok mummys got you your ok no one is ever going to hurt you shh.” she said rocking me back and and front as i calmed down. “Do you want to sleep with me?” she asked and i shock my head i did really want to but i felt like enough of a baby as it was. “Ok sweetie try and get sme more sleep.” she said laying me back down and leaving still looking worried. I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night i just cried like i did every time i had a nightmare.

At about 9am i got out of bed and went down stairs. I didn’t notice that i was still holding my kitty. I came down and sat down on the sofa the opasit end from mum. She moved closer to me and put her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

“You ok baby?” she asked and i nodded. I really wanted to cuddled into her but i was too embarrassed. She giggled and I looked up at her.

“What’s so funny?” I said.

“You still have your bed time buddy.” she said and picked up my kitty and i blushed. “Hunny don’t be embarrassed it’s cute.” she said and tickled me under my chin, wich makes me giggle and she awws “You still giggle like you did when you were a baby.” i blushed more “What do you want to eat?” she asked and i surged

“coffee.” I said and she sock her head.

“Hun that stuff is bad for you and you drink that i said eat.” she said

“I dont normaly eat this early.”

“Baby you need your 3 meals a day.”

“Ok fine can i have some toast?” i asked and she nodded.

5 minutes later mum called me in and at the table was a glass of milk some cereal and some toast.

“eat up hun.” she said and i nodded. I ate quietly then when i went to take a sip of my milk as all ways like the klutz’s i am split it all over my shelf.

“Shit I’m sorry.” i said jumping up.

“Kirstie don’t use bad such horrible words.” she scolded.

“Sorry.” i said looking down.

“It’s ok just don’t do it again or you will be in trouble now why don’t you get cleaned up.” she said “the shower is next to the room you were sleeping in.” she said and i went up stairs.

20 minuets later i come down stairs in my black jeans and my t shirt that said dead and loving it with a zombie bunny on it. When mum sees what I’m warring she frowns.

“You ready to go?” she asked and i nod as we go out to the car, “Why don’t we get stuff for your old room first i haven’t decorated in there since you left” she said then went off in her own thoughts.

We arrived at the DIY store and she got a cart.

“Ok what colour do you want your room to be?” she asked

“Red and black.” i say with out a thought

“you sure hun that’s a little dark dont you think. i don’t think a dark room will help with your nightmares.” she said

“mum i like the dark im not scared of it.” i said and she nodded looking difeted. I picked up a 2 pots of black and 2 of read and put them in the cart. We walked around for a wile and picked up some black shutters i think mum thinks i’m a vampire now.

We left the store and went to the mall and mum took my hand as we walked.

"what are you doing?"i asked

“its a busy mall i dont want you getting lost.” she said and kissed my forehead and i blushed. We walked around looking in lots of stores that i wasn’t into then we weant to a goth one and i smiled as mum just gave me some money and said go nuts.

“dinners ready” mum called. It was now around 8 and mum was making pizza for us. When i walked through i noticed at at my seat insted of a glass there was a little kids sippy cup.

“What’s this for?” i asked picking it up.

“It’s so you dont have to worry about spilling it” mum said like this was normal

“but mum I’m 13.” i wined

“kirstie don’t worry about it i just want you to worry about as little as posibel you seem stressed.” she said

“fine” i said and sat down blushing. I ate my pizza and drank from the sippy cup them mum giggled.

“laughing at me wont make me relax” i glared.

“no baby you just got a little food on your nose.” she said and liked a napkin and wiped my face. Then my phone rang in my pocket.

“hello” i said

“hi kirstie it’s mike i just wanted to see how you are doing me and Emily have missed you.” he said. Mike and Emily are my to best and only friends and i may also have a little crush on Mike well more a big crush.

“Oh hay I have missed you to i can’t sneak into moves with out you.My life will be so fucking boring now” i smiled.

“yeah i know well bye i will talk to you soon i just wanted to make sure you were ok.” he said

“ok bye” i said and hung up and noticed mum was looking at me.

“what did i say about bad words?” she said

“Oh sorry bad habit.” i said

“and what was it you said about sneaking into movies?” she said

“em me and um Mike may have sneaked into 18 movies.” i said blushing at his name.

“well you wont be doing that when i am here.” mum said and noticed my blush and smirked.

“So who’s Mike?” She asked

“Em he just my friend”

“Oh really then why did you blush when you said his name?” she asked and i blushed more and looked a away.

“Awww my little girl has a crush.” she giggled and kissed my cheek." Don’t be so embarrassed to talk to me hun." she said and went to wash the dishes

“I’m going to explore.” I said as i realized that i have only seen the spar room, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom. Mostly the bathroom, its odd since dad died i have been having to pee urgently.

“Ok but remember that i will be in to tuck you in at 10.” she said.

“wait you said 10.30?” i said

“baby if you are having nightmares then you need to get to sleep earlier or you will be sleepy in the day and don’t say that was a one off nightmare because it obviously wasn’t.” she said.

“Fine.” i said i didn’t want to fight with her.

I went upstairs and walked down the hall when i say a room with my name on the door in cute pink writing. When i entered i saw what mum meant by not decorating the room was a nursery. It had baby pink and white walls, with teddy bares as a border. There was a large crib and changing table that both looked like they would still fit me. I giggled at the thought. Then i say some baby cloths , which were mostly pink, some diapers, which looked really stretchy i wonder if i could still……no don’t be stupid kirstie. Then i saw my favourite part of the room it was a big rocking chair with some toys around it, including some bares (that i kinda wanted to hug) and some pacifiers (which i was tempted to suck on) but there was also a beautiful guitar in the corner next to the chair.

I love playing guitar, i taught myself when i was 10 how to play and ever since then i have been writing songs. I got my own guitar once but dad slammed it over my head. I picked up the guitar and started to play. I played for what felt like minuets but must have been hours as i haired mum clapping from behind me.

“Baby that was great did you writ that?” she asked smiling and i nodded blushing as all ways. “do you think you could play something for me one day?” she asked.

“Em maybe” i said.

“Ok hun well you can have the guitar if you like.” she smiles.

“really thanks.” i smile and go to hug here but stop myself and she gives me a odd look.

“yeah now lets get you to bed.” she said helping me up.

Once i got my pjs on she came into my room.

“Hi sweetie i thought you would want this.” she said giving me my kitty and i hug it quickly and she awws then tuck me in, which even though it made me blush i kinda liked it.

“Night night sweetie love you.” she said and left.

“love you to.” i whispered once she was gone and fell a sleep.

That night i had the worst dream i have had in years. In it dad was back and he was hitting me and mum then when i went up to mum she wasn’t moving , she wasn’t breathing she was dead.

“MUMMY!” i screamed as i woke up and i know it was childish but i ran right into mums room and buried my face in her cest. I just needed to know she was there.

“Baby bay it’s ok shh shh.” she cooed just like last nigh and held me like a baby.

“M m m mu mummy don’t leave me don’t let him hurt me.” i sobbed.

“shh shh he is gone and he is never ever coming back no one will hurt you i promise baby shh.” she cooed rocking me. “Baby why don’t you sleep in here tonight there is lots of room?” she said after my sobs had went to just a sniff or to. I just nodded and cling to her, which I’m pretty sure mad her smile but i can’t be sure as my head was still buried in her chest. She lay back down still holding me and started to sing a lullaby, which surprisingly sent me right to sleep.

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great start please keep going.

Re: I have missed you mummy

Good start, However I do suggest you using a Spell Checker on some things and ask around and see if you can get someone to help you with editing.

I am interested in seeing where you take this

Re: I have missed you mummy

Good start, as has been said there are some spelling mistakes in there, but overall a good start.
I am interested to see where you take this

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Thanks for the replies and i will work on my spelling ;D

The next day i woke up feeling well rested for the first time since i was 2. I could feel something in my mouth and i assumed that i was sucking my thumb but my arms were still wrapped around mum. That’s when i remembered last night and i blushed. I can’t believe I ran in crying like a baby and called her mummy.

I was awaken from my own mental embarrassment from mum’s movement and I noticed that when she moved what ever was in my mouth moved. My eyes shot opened and i found myself sucking through mums shirt and onto her nipple.

“Hi sweetie did yo……awwwww!” mum said waking up and seeing what i was doing.

“I I I I I’m s s sorry mummy i mean mum mother Ella.” I stuttered pulling a way.

“He he baby it’s ok you can nurse if you want. I can get some pills so you will actually be drinking something.” mum smiled down and me stroking my hair but I just stumbled out of bed. “Kirstie sweetheart it’s ok come back and cuddle with mummy.” she said opening her arms and i was really tempted to do just that but instead i shock my head and ran off. At that moment i decided that i was going to try and avoided that sort of situashon at ll cost. So no more sleeping for me.

I was blushing for the rest of the day and thankfully mum got the hint and didn’t mention what happened. I was now sitting in the living room going through mums CD collection and let me tell you apart from a few Beatles album and one Blonde single it was all crap.

“I definitely didn’t get my taste in music from you.” I said to mum, who was sitting on the sofa drinking tea and watching me.

“Well what kinda music do you like I can get you some of it for Christmas?” she said and I frowned. I hate Christmas I only ever got gifts from Mike and Emily and i all ways spent it alone and if i wasn’t alone it was worst. Dad would be drunk out his mind and beat me till i couldn’t even talk.

“Em mum I’m not wanting anything for Christmas.” I said as i remembered how dad used to say that Santa didn’t come to kids that don’t matter and I remembered the humiliation i got last year when he caught me crying about this fact and filmed me then emailed it to every one in my school. Every one found it pretty funny that scary goth kid Kirstie still believe in Santa at age 12. Dad was all ways doing stuff like that he would film me doing humiliating stuff and send it around. I still have all the tapes in the secret box. I don’t know why I’m keeping them i just need to show my shelf that i do have a reason for being this fucked up.

“What do you mean don’t want anything. It’s Christmas.” She said and I looked a way.

“I just don’t like Christmas.” I said but I wasn’t sure if that was true as I had never really had a Christmas.

“Sweetheart don’t be silly. Why do you not like Christmas?” She asked with concern filled eyes.

“I have just never had one is all.” I said and mum gasped.

“Your father never celebrated Christmas?” She asked.

“No he celebrated he just never let me.” I said thinking I haven’t had a Birthday aether.

“Did he let you celebrate anything?” she asked and I shock my head.

“Nop.” I said popping the p.

"Oh sweetie I’m so sorry. Well this year your going to have a real Christmas."She said.

“Really?” I asked smiling.

“Yeah i all ready have most of your gifts.” She smilied

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This is when things get good. IT’S BABY TIME!! ;D

It is now Christmas day and I am waiting in my room for mum to tell me to come into the living room. I have been here for 2 weeks and in that time I have started to lose my shyness to wards mum but really the only changes are I’m a bit more of a hand full. Let me exsplan I speak my thoughts all the time, which all most every time ends in me getting in trouble. So far with mum it has not been so bad even though i think she is going to wash my mouth out with soup but oh well. The 3 biggest problems i have had over the last few weeks are, number one getting mum a Christmas present, every time i try to go to the store she comes with me and there is also the problem of getting money, I don’t want her to pay for it so i ended up making her a photo book. Over the years i have developed a love for are as well as music so i am now a pretty good drawer, so i made her the book and filled it with some photos of me through the years (including some really bad school photos and ones of me still in diapers). I have also drawn a pitcher of us hugging and wrote how much i love her and all the other stuff i have been to shy to say to her face. Not to menshon i wrote her a song that is on a CD i made with some other ones i wrote. The other two problems i have had are the fact that i now only sleep about an hour a night and it is starting to make me ill and i have been having the need to pee and some times poop come out of no ware and i end up running to the bathroom.

“Kirstie you can come in now!” Mum calls and i come down stairs hiding my gift behind my back.

I come down stairs to find a giant tree and hundreds of gifts. Ok maybe not that many but there were a lot. There was some cookie cums and a half full glass of milk. She had the biggest smile on her face even though she looked like she had been working on this all night.

“Wow mum this is amazing.” I smile.

“I told you that you would have a real Christmas. Now why don’t you open you gifts.” she said.

“Ok which ones are mine?”

“All of them silly.” she said and i look at her like she is crazy.

“Mum how much did you spend on me?” I asked.

“Sweetie don’t worry about the money we have plenty of it. Why do you think I’m retired at 45?” she said. Boy i didn’t think mum was that old she looks about 30.

“Ok mum but this make me look really cheep.” I said and pulled out her gift.

“Oh hun you didn’t need to get me anything.” She said.

“I didn’t get you anything i made it because someone wouldn’t let me shop alone.” I joked.

“Is that why you kept on sneaking a way at the store?” she asked and I nodded.

“Open it.” I said jumping a little and she giggles.

“Ok clam down i will.” she smiles and carefully opens it.

“Oh Kirstie you made this?” she asked looking amazed. I love making mum smile.

“Yep but can you not look at the photos ill later i would rather not have to see them again.” i said as i didn’t ant the embarrassment of her noticing that i was still in diapers when i was 7.

“Ok hun you open yours now.” she said and handed me a soft gift, which i’m guessing is cloths. I open in and find a pink bunny sleeper. “Isn’t it cute?” she asked smiling and I put on a fake smile not wanting to disappoint her.

“Yeah mum it’s great.” I said and moved on to find that most of the gifts were like that. There was 6 more sleepers, some really childish looking dresses, a t shirt that said “mummy’s baby” on it, some teddys(which i didn’t mind) and underwear that had cute little kid stuff on them. Mined you there was also so really cool stuff like the ipod, a laptop and some money.

“Thanks mum this was great.” I said still kinds fake smiling.

“Are you sure you like it?” she asked and I nodded. “I know why don’t you try on some of your cloths and i will put on the CD you made.” she said.

“OK” I said i didn’t really want to but if it made her happy. I tried on all the cloths and she awwed at every thing and told me how good my songs were.

As i was showing her the bunny sleeper, which even had a little white tail and ears with mittens and feet, the phone rang and mum went to answer it.

“Hello….Mary Christmas love……what….you are?..…oh yay Kirstie will be so happy are we still going to?..……oh this is the best Christmas ever…. ok bye love you to.” she said smiling.

“Who was that mum?”

“That was my boyfriend Max he has great new.” she smiled. She never told me she had a boyfriend.

“I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” i said.

“Oh I’m sorry hun it’s just he has been off fighting in the army and I wasn’t sure if he was coming back.” She said and i fround more. I hate violence.

“Oh so what’s the news?” I ask.

“He is coming back. He should be here by new year and here’s the best bit we said when he came back we were going to get married and have a baby. Your going to be a big sister.” She said. WHAT I DON’T WANT TO BE A BIG SISTER I JUST WANT IT TO BE ME AND MUMMY I thought.

“But but why would you want a baby you have me?” I asked.

“That’s what i thought when you came back but I see that your a big girl now and don’t need me.” she said smiling at me sadly.

“But but I do need you. I don’t want to be a sister. I don’t want Max. I just want you.” I said tears in my eyes. I wanted mum to be happy and I felt bad for doing this but I had never had anyone care for me like her and I wasn’t giving her up.

“Kirstie I thought you would be happy. You spend most of your time in your room anyway.” she said she sounded hurt when she started that. Maybe mum wants to spend as much time with me as I do with here.

“But but but.” I said too embarrassed to tell her what I wanted. All I wanted was to be held by my mummy.

“But what? Kirstie I’m sorry but it seems you are too old for my help now but I want to care for someone!” She said and I ran to my room that was still the spar room. I jumped into bed and cried. I cried for hours and it was now dark. I just lay there holding my kitty and sucking my thumb as i fell into a deep sleep.

That night I had yet another nightmare but I only woke up crying and not screaming. As I curled up in a ball to cry more I noticed something wet at my lower half. Please please pleas no I thought as i looked down and saw that my sheets and my pjs were covered in pee. I wet the bed. I’m 13 and I WET THE FUCKING BED! I thought over, which made me cry more.

After crying for a good 10 minuets I got up picking my sheets and my kitty up(kitty was just because I was feeling scared and needed her comfort). I walked out my room dripping wet, still clutching my kitty. I went down to the laundry but as i went down the stairs I tripped and fell flat on my face, which really hurt.

“Kirstie?” Mum said as she looked down from the top of the stairs and I tried to cover my wet pjs and sheets but it was too late.

YAY cliffhanger ;D :o

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Mum ran down the stairs faster than I have ever seen any one move and gathered me up in her arms.

“Kirstie are you ok? Did you hit your head? Are you dizzy?” She asked with out taking a breath. I was still crying as now not only dose my mum want to replace me but I also wet the bed and now I think I have broke my ankle.

“I I I’m ok.” I said trying to get up but she wouldn’t let go.

“Kirstie you better not be lying to me cause if I find out your hurt you are in big trouble.” She said and for the first time I was scare of her.

“I’m o ok.” I said and she looked me up and down and saw my wet pj’s and sheets and her face went from serious to concerned again.

“Hun did you um…have a accident.” She asked trying not to upset me but it didn’t really work. I nodded and cried more shivering as a little drip of pee fell from the once white tail.“Oh sweetie it’s ok. It happens to every one.”

“But but I’m 13, I’m a big girl.” I cried not realizing how childish I sounded.

“Baby it’s ok big girl have accidents all the time. You know at the start of my pregnancy I wet the bed.” She said rubbing my back.#


“Yes hun I did and you know what I might have something to help you but first lets get you cleaned up.”

“Ok.” I sniffed and she walked still holding me and my sheets to the bathroom.

“I will put your sheets in the wash and I will get your pj’s in a sec do you need help getting undressed?” she asked and I shock my head. When she was gone I striped and noticed that I had a new bruise it was on my ankle was bruised and all most twice the size, which made it really hared to stand. I fell to the floor with a thump and whimpered.

“Sweetie you ok?” Mum asked as she came in and I blush bright red as for the first time since I was a baby mum saw me naked and for some reason she looked mad. "Kirstie you lied to me you said, you didn’t hurt yourself."She said.

“M mum I’m fine.” I lied.

“Kirstie number one I was a doctor you know and that is one broken ankle pules ware did you get all of thouses scars? and number two I know when you are lying.” She said angrily.

“Mum I’m sorry I I didn’t want you to worry.” I said avoiding the question about my scars.

“I’m your mother that’s my job. Now ware are all the scars from?” She said.

“Dad.” I whispered quietly and she gasped.

“You should have told me.” She said and sat down with a upset but hard look on her face.“Come here.” She said and I did as I was told. I stood in front of here on one leg and then she pulled me over her lap, with my naked bum in the air.

“What are you doing?” I asked scared.

“I told you not to lie to me and you disobeyed. So you will be punished.” She said and I realized what she was going to do and started to cry like a baby.

“N n no mummy please don’t.” I cried.

“You have to learn.” She said and with that she started to spank. It hurt so much but I had gotten badder stuff than this from dad. Why did it hurt so much? Maybe it’s because I am hurting mummy. I thought as I cried.

She finished what seemed like years later but was only 15 minuets. I was sobbing my eyes out cling onto her leg by the time she was done.

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Good so far.

However I don’t think she would spank a girl who had been abused for spraining her ankle and trying to walk it off. Especially since it would be in her nature to try to tough out an injury like that,

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I think the spanking was the right thing to do because if Kirstie don’t let it out, it will just keep building and building and building until it starts to become to much and she will eventually become suicidal, trust me I know because I took Kirstie way of dialing with my problems. Also if the ankle is broken like her mom said, trying to walk it off can put some permanent damage to her ankle in a very short time.

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Hi thanks for the reviews ;D The reason Kirstie was spanked was not because of braking her ankle, it was because her mum knew that kirstie has been keeping a lot from her and she also knows that her outburst about her haveing a baby could have been avoided if Kirstie had told her how she felt. Hope that exsplans it a little.

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As soon as mum was done spanking me she took me in her arms and rocked me back and forth. This confused me. Ware was the verbal abuse? Ware was the fling me to the floor? Why was she being so comforting? Didn’t she hate me?

“Shh shh baby I’m sorry I did that it’s just you have to learn that you can talk to me. Shh I hate having to hurt you like that.” She cooed. Ok now I was really confused and I think she noticed.“Hun what’s the matter? Why do you look so confused?” she asked wiping a way my still flowing tears.

“W why are y you hugging me? Don’t you hate m me?” i sobbed and she shocked her head and hugged me tightly.

“Kirstie I want you to understand this I will never ever hate you.” She said looking me in my tear filled eyes.

“But but you want to replace me and and when dad spank me he…” I said but she stopped me.

“Kirstie what your dad did was wrong, a child should never be hurt like that and I don’t want to replace you. I love you but I just though that you didn’t need me.” Mum said and I shock my head.

“I do need you mum I I I just don’t know how to ask for help.” I said.

“Hun you don’t need to be scared to ask for help. I will never jug you” she said and I believed her.

“O ok mum.” I said.

“Good girl. Now lets get you in the tub.” she said and started the bath and I blush remembering that I was naked.“Hun don’t be embarrassed I told you before that I have seen it all.” she said and picked me up, which made me jump.

“Don’t drop me.” I squealed and she held me to her chest like a baby.

“Hun I wont drop I promise.” She said and I cling to her. “Baby trust me ok.” She said and I nodded as she set me down in the tub.
sorry that was sort but I was a little stuck for ideas

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Good so far, but you have still got some spelling mistakes in there to sort out.

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Mum started to wash me, which made me blush.

“Sweetie you just rest mummy will make it all better.” she said comfortingly and I lay back in the water a bit shutting my eyes.I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew mum was picking me up out of the tub. She wrapped me up in a soft towel and dried me.

“Kirstie baby why have you been so tiered lately?” She asked censored.

“It’s nothing.” I said.

"Baby it’s not nothing if it makes you this tiered it’s not good for you. Now tell me."she said.

“It’s just dreams it’s normal.” i said.

"Hun are you still having nightmares?"She asked and I nodded. "Baby why didn’t you come to me?"She asked and i blushed.

“I I was embarrassed about the last time.” I whispered.

“Oh hun it’s ok if you want to breast feed I think it’s cute at you age.” She said and I looked a way knowing that if she saw me she would know how much I want to do it.

“No it’s not, it’s sick at my age, it’s the sort of thing people get locked up in the loony bin for.” I cried.

"Oh hun no it’s not there are people much older than you that like it. Have you ever hared of adult babies?"She asked and I shock my head. “Well they are adults who like to act and be treated like babies.” She said holding me tightly.

“So they want to be babies?” I ask to make sure I am getting this.

“Yes It’s there escape from the stresses of life.” She said. That would be nice, being a baby and mummy would love it I thought but shock my head. What am I thinking?

"So…what do you think?"Mum asked.

“Em……I’m cold can I put something on?” I say.

“Ok but is there anything you want to ask me?” She asked and I shock my head embarrassed to ask for something like that.

“Come on you can ask or tell me anything.” She said.

“It’s stupid.” I mumbled.

“come on baby you don’t hid anything form your mummy.” She said.

“I’m not hiding anything.” I said.

“Don’t lie or I will ground you.” She said.

“I’m not lying.” I said stubbornly.

“I know you are now you have one last chance.” She said and I shock my head.

“Ok you are grounded for a week.” She said and I whimpered remembering when dad would ground me. H e would lock me in the closet ware he said all the monsters lived and leave me there for day. When he came back I would have most likely have had a accident and he would beat me.

“Please not the monsters.” I whimpered.

“Hu what are you talking about?” Mum asked.

“The monsters in the closet I used to go in at dads.” I said.

“Hun what do you think happens when you get grounded?” Mum asked.

“I I get locked in the scary monster closet for a few days.” I whimpered.

“Oh baby that’s not what being grounded is. Being grounded is when your not aloud to leave the house unless i say.” Mum said hugging me.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah hun I would never lock you up and there is no suck thing as monsters.” She said and I blushed. Then she finned drying me off, which was nice I liked being close to her. Then she picked me up and lay me down on her bed then she went and got me some of the pj’s she had got me, some underwear, a medical kit(for my ankle) and something I’m not sure what it was.

“I used to ware these when I was wetting the bed you just place then in your underwear.” She said and I blushed and started to cry but hid my face with a pillow.

“Baby what’s wrong .I mean you don’t want to ware diapers. Do you?” She asked.

“N no.” I liked.

Mum sighed. " ok…this is your last chance to tell me anything you`ve been lieing about. or else you get a spanking." She said.

“No.” I mumbled into the pillow.

Mum sighed and turned me over and spanked me and I yelped and whimpered.

“Tell mummy the truth.” She demand.

“NO!” I said I took much more than this from dad but it dose seem to hurt more from someone you love. She spanked me again this time even harder.

“Tell mummy the truth!” She repeated.

“N n noo.” I sobbed, she will never talk to me after this. She spanked me again but this time even harder.

“Tell mummy the truth. Baby I hate hurting you!” She said and I gave in.

“Ok ok I want to be a baby p please stop.” I sobbed.

“There was that so hared and you want to be my baby?” She asked taking me in her arms rubbing my sore bottom.

“Y yes please don’t be mad.” I whimpered.

“Aww baby I’m not mad but what about school. You will be going to your new school after the holidays and if you are going to do this you are going all the way?” She said.

“Can I ware my own cloths at school? Wait you not mad?” I asked shocked.

“No hun I’m not mad I love that you want to be my baby again it s actually a dream come true but i you did this the only cloth you are waring will be babyish ones, not that goth stuff and it will be full time diapers and your lunch will be with a bottle and you will have a pacifier…” She said.

“But but people with laugh at me.” I whimper. I have all ways been laughed at by people at school but back when i lived with dad I had Mike and Emily who would stand up for me she I acted like i didn’t care.

“Baby I want you to commit to this so if you don’t want to be my baby at school then no deal.” Mum said.

“But i do” I whimpered.

Mum sighed"Tell you what you will just have to ware diapers and have a bottle. Both of which I want to be used when you get home." Mum said .

“Ok mummy.” I said thinking I will be able to hid that.

“Ok so you understand every thing baby at home, diapers and bottles at school.” She said said and I nodded. Then she pulled my underware with the pad in them up my legs. “We will go shopping tomorrow to get you some diapers and such.” She said then she opened the medical kit and raped some light bandage round my ankle." Now I don’t want you walking on that I will carrie you and when we are out you should still fit in your stroller." She said and I blushed.

“But people will see me.” I pout.

“Fine if you are that embarrassed about it you can put the cover up.” She said then dressed me in another pink sleeper. “There all ready for bed.” She said and gave me my kitty, which I hugged. “Now do you want some miklie?” She asked and I nodded blushing. She lay down opening her shirt. “I have been taking some pills that let me make milk I thought you would like some.” She said then pulled out her nipple and I started to suck happily as she sang to me and rubbed my back. Then I fell into a peaceful sleep.

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Great this story keeps getting better and better keep up the good work.

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The next morning I woke up feeling warm and safe for the first time since I was 2 I didn’t have any fears. I cuddled closer to mummy just wanting to stay like this forever. I opened my eyes to fined that I was safely in my mummy’s arms.

“Good morning sleepy head.” She said smiling sweetly at me and I smiled back.

“Good morning mummy” I yawned.

“You really were sleepy huh?” She said.

“Yeah what time is it?” I ask still snuggling with her.

“It’s lunch time sweetie you have been sleeping for half the day.” She giggled.

“He he sorry I was just too comfy.” I smiled.

“I’m glad you needed the sleep. Now why don’t we get baby some food and then we will get ready and go nursery shopping.” She said.

"Nursery?"I asked.

“Yes baby I told you we were going all the way with this your bedroom will now be made into a nursery.” She said. “Well actually it will just need some new paint and some bigger stuff for my bigger baby.” She smiled. We haven’t taken my old baby stuff out of my room yet I have still been sleeping in the spare room.

“Oh so I get to sleep in the crib?” I asked smiling. It looked really safe in there.

“Of course. What kinda baby doesn’t sleep in a crib?” She said.

"I ones that don’t fit."I giggled.

“Don’t worry baby I will get you a new crib, not that you wouldn’t fit in your old one but I think One thats a little bigger would be a good idea.” She smiled.

“Thank you mummy.” I say hugging her.

“No thank you for being the best baby girl a mummy could ask for.” She smiled kissing my forehead.

"Em mummy?"I asked as I remembered something.

“Yes baby girl.” She smiled.

“Em are you and that Max guy still going to have a baby?” I asked hopping she will say no.

“Not right now baby. I see that my fist baby need me too much right now to make her a big sister.” She said and I hugged her tightly.

“I love you mummy.” I said into her chest.

“I love you to sweetie.” She said and I could hear that happiness in her voice. We just lay there cuddling for about 15 minutes then we were interrupted by a growling noise coming from my tummy.“Sounds like my baby is hungry.” She giggled and picked me up. That’s when I noticed something wet in between my legs and I blushed.

“Em mummy I um.” I said nervously.

“You what hun. Just tell me you know you can tell me anything.” She said.

“Em I kinda had a…um…a accident.” I whispered the last bit blushing.

“Oh hun is that all. Don’t worry mummy will get you nice and dry and by the way babies don’t have accidents they just go so just say that your wet or even just wet and I will know what you mean.” She smiled and lay me down and undone undone the crotch of my sleeper (it really was the baby kind). She then pulled my legs out so she could take my undies off. “Oh baby your a heavy wetter this pad this shocking.” She said and I blushed as she took out the pad and put another one in.

“Mummy why are you putting another in can’t I just ware my panties with out it till we get some diapers?” I asked.

“No baby I don’t want you wetting your big girl panties.” She said and put them back on me.

“But mummy I won’t I can use the potty.” I wined and blushed I haven’t called it the potty since I was 6.

“It’s just to be safe baby don’t worry about it.” She said and shut my sleeper then picked me up again. She took me into the living room and sat down with me in her lap then opened her shirt and got out her nipple.

“Drink up baby.” She said and I did. I didn’t know breast milk could be so filling. Once I was done I felt a little gassy but mummy started to pat my back over her shoulder and I burped blushing.

“Sorry.” I said.

“Baby nothing to be sorry for that’s why I was winding you so you aren’t all gassy,” She said and kissed my forehead.“Now lets get you dressed in something cute for the day.” She smiled and carried me to my bed room and picked up one of the childish dresses and dressed me in it.She then grabbed me and put me in the car giving me my kitty and putting a pacifier in my mouth. “Ok baby you wait her and mummy will get ready.” She said and went inside. I just sat there hugging my kitty and suck my pacifier like a happy baby.

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Another good chapter, keep up the good work

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Mummy came back and put something in the boot then got in the drivers set next to me and kissed my forehead.

“You look so cute.” She cooed and started to drive to the mall.

I sat there happily hugging my kitty and sucking my pacifier thinking about how much i love my mummy and spending time with her. We arrived at the mall and she helped me out and went to the boot and to my horror pulled out a stroller that would fit me perfectly.

“Jump in hun.” She smiled and I shock my head and noticed I was in a car park sucking on a pacifier and hugging my kitty. I blushed and took the pacifier out and put my kitty in the car. “Why not?” Mummy asked.

“People will see me.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“Hun no one will notice or care for that matter and you shouldn’t be so embarrassed about it.” She said.

“No they will laugh.” I pouted propubly looking like a moody 2 year old.

“Kirstie if you are not going to commit to this them we wont do it.” Mummy said and I frowned. I really wanted to be her baby I just don’t want people to know.

“But but I want to.” I whimpered.

“I want you to as well but I have to know you are going to stick with this.” She said.

“I will I will.” I said.

“Ok then get in the stroller.” She said and I did blushing as she gave me my kitty and popped my pacifier back in my mouth.

“Can I at lest have the cover down?” I said and she side looking disappointed and pulled the cover down so I wasn’t seen.

She pushed the stroller into the busy mall ware I hid my face in my kitty even though no one could see me. It was acuually kinda nice in the stroller I felt safe and i could rest my legs.

“Here we are baby” Mummy said and we came to a colourful looking store that I couldn’t make out properly as the cover on the stroller made every thing blurry. Then out of no ware mummy pulled the cover up and I hid my face in my kitty.

“Mummy!” I whimpered and she side again.

“Hun we are at a AB store it is for big babies like you.” She said and unbuckled me and picked me up as a woman came up to us.

“Would you like me to take your stroller and keep it safe for you?” she asked then spotted me and I hid my face in mummy shoulder.“Awww what a little cutie.” she awwed and I blushed “Don’t be shy little one we see lots of babies like you here but maybe not as cute as you” She cooed to me in a baby voice and patted my bum. Ok now I was annoyed what gives her the right to baby me or even touch me. So with that I gave her the finger and mum spanked me and I yelped.

“Bad girl.” She scolded. “I am sorry about that miss and yes could you please take the stroller.” Mummy said and we walked a way.

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more…more… babychris

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Please when will it next part going to be put up?

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More please.