I have a question on the strange directions the Littles of the Diaper Dimension could be driven.

For clarification, yes, I am asking this for the sake of Agent DARK, however, you won’t mind once I present the questions and you catch the direction I’m floating.

If the Amazons decided to genetically modify Littles into new species to serve utility/military purposes, what species would they be hybridized with for what functions?

In Agent: DARK, Amazon society is the same in many respects to the Amazons of most other DD tales, however, at a certain point in the story, I hope early, you’ll notice that the Supercontinent is a much less pleasant palce for everyone who lives there. The world of the amazons was not only made unlivable for Lietti who wish to remain psychologically and physically intact, but Amazons who aren’t careful about toeing the line can suffer just as bad if not worse. And because of the increasing trend towards authoritarianism, fascism, and communism (no debates on this, we will remain civil and on-topic) in Amazon society at all levels, the situation was steadily growing bleaker on the Supercontinent as the Amazons began suffering a noticable decline in their civilization.

And with this increase in government’s power, the corrupt Elite sought to further increase their influence by attempting to lessen their reliance on the Amazon citizens who elect them, and as such the already captive Lietti populations of the supercontinent were the prime candidates to be bred into new slave races that would serve the Amazon governments alone.

This would take generations for the Amazons to complete, however their bioengineering tech is still inferior to that of Liet, but some of these species would already be completed. The data gathered here will be used in Agent: DARK, other than appearances by these servant races, the other major influence of this data would be to The Host’s and The Smuggler’s backstory, and no doubt I’ll also try to insert funny scenes involving the character’s reactions to these hybrids. Like say for example, when ORICHALCUM encounters a particular body of water with a certain hybird species.

“Now what in The Supercontinent could be the pro-OH GOD, GATORS!”

Piece of general advise, the Lietti are sized and shaped like normal humans in Agent: DARK, the Amazons just happen to be 16 feet tall, and so the rest of the animals on the Supercontinent are sized to real world specifications. The “Fat-Footers” are giants in a normal world.

The only rule I have is that you can’t suggest cat or dog people, cats definitely have a role. Other than that, what sorts of traits do you imagine Littles would be injected with to make them good slaves to use for work on infrastructure, utilities, and military functions?

Work on Chapter 4, Landing Padding, has begun.