I feel that there is a rabbit-hole forming on the site

Good Evening,

I have noticed a post was just approved about furries being manipulative. I understand that this is up to the moderators on the site, but we did just have an issue with another negative topic relating to furries. Knowing what happened not even a month ago, I feel that this could start to have a negative impact on the users of this site. Am I wrong about this?



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In the future if you have comments or feedback on the site, please post it in #site-feedback and do not send it via PMs, or if you’re going to insist on sending it via PMs at least send it to the @moderators group otherwise it’s just going to get converted to a public topic.

Now, with regards to thread in question a few points:

  1. It was posted by the same user as the removed thread
  2. While not worded in the way I would have preferred, it was in fact posted based on feedback the author received from the admin team.

Now I want to make this very clear, the discussion is fine as long as people don’t resort to flaming and personal attacks. I already deleted one post by a moderator from that thread for exactly that.

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Thanks for the quick response. I will be sure use #site-feedback from now on. In regards to the main topic, I saw the negativity on the deleted thread that was in #general and felt that the post in #off-topic was going to go the same way due to similar context.

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The main issue with the original thread was the lack of context.

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