I fairly new to wearing diapers

I’m a fulltime time trans woman and sissy. About 2 months ago I started wearing diapers.
I love diapers and plastic pants so much that I have become diapered 24/7 for 3 weeks now.
I think I am now hooked on wearing diapers and enjoying it.


There seems to be a schism in your opening sentence. “trans woman and sissy.”

If you’re a trans woman, then you see yourself as a woman. If you’re a “sissy”, then you see yourself as a man, but you get off on being forced to dress like a woman, specifically a little girl. These two things are not only incongruent, but I daresay polar opposites.


Its so nice to be new to a group and with your first post there is someone who ignores the point
of your post just to to share their opinion on something else you said.
Why is there always that negative person who can’t wait to disagree with anyone and try to show how smart they are or think they are.?

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This is correct.

While accurate enough in this context, two things.

  1. Sissy != LG and you really shouldn’t imply they are

  2. Sissy != Forced to dress as a woman or LG. There far more sissies who are quite happy to dress that way for sexual purposes that have nothing to do age play.

Lose the attitude or you’ll find out very quickly that I will not hesitate to remove your account.

Also, he’s mostly right but for the wrong reason. A sissy is a man who dresses as a woman for sexual purposes, a trans woman is a woman who was born male. As he said, you can’t be both unless you’re a DID system that has one personality that is transgender and another that is a sissy.

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Would a first introduction not be the best time to get any possible confusion out of the way? I think it would.

If I were stating who I am and what I’m about, and someone wasn’t clear on what I meant, I would want them to bring it up so I could clarify. That’s all this needs to be.

If you feel attacked, that’s up to you. But I think a better response on your part would be to clarify what you meant by your initial post.


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You’re right, “sissy” doesn’t always imply LG. My apologies.

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