I am really hating Patreon right now

I know the subject line sucks, but it’s also excessively accurate right now.

Short version: For reasons I have yet to be informed of, Patreon is blocking me from withdrawing this month’s donations so I can’t make the sever payment.

I got our hosting provider to give me until the 13th to make the payment, but I’m not certain Patreon will respond/fix the issue by then as the last time this happened it took them 3 weeks to respond to @Penguin’s support ticket.

Unlike that incident, I can’t eat the cost. Now, it’s only $45 but that is $45 I literally don’t have to spare.

I really hate asking this, but if you can help out with donations right now to get this covered I would appreciate it because the alternative will be having to shut the forums down for around 2 weeks until I get my next paycheck if Patreon doesn’t fix their mess.

Just received $15 and applied it to the outstanding balance. :slight_smile:


Holy shit!

I’ve been asleep most of the past two days with a migraine and just woke up to find $78 sitting in PayPal.

Thank you guys so much! The forums are officially safe from being shutdown.

And an update on what’s going on. Apparently the issue is on my bank’s end. Their system is telling Stripe (the payment system Patreon uses if you don’t use PayPal) that my account is closed.

I have contacted my bank so hopefully they can get it fixed because I do not want to link Patreon to PayPal if it can be avoided.


I don’t blame you. I am not sure how Stripe does it but PayPal fees if you don’t do the few day wait can add up pretty quick.

The PayPal fees are horrible as-is, but you actually get hit twice if you need to export the funds to your checking account. That’s actually why I switched to having Patreon pay out directly to my checking account.

Well that, and PayPal loves to randomly decide that anything ABDL related is pornographic and won’t allow funds related to it to be deposited.

Not shitting, but @Penguin actually had to fight them once just because her personal PayPal included her abdlstoryforum.info email address as an alternative contact…

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That’s crazy. Just because some people do use ABDL to make NSFW content, doesn’t mean it all falls under that category. You would also think them withholding funds which belong to you would be illegal. Sometimes the company seems to have more rights than the consumer.

You would be amazed at the shit companies like PayPal can pull with their TOS. In fact, PayPal had to change to partnering with banks to hold account balances because their old ToS actually violated laws in both the US and the EU.

As for the Stripe issue, I verified with them that the forums aren’t an issue. In fact they even sent me a bunch of info about how to integrate them into the forums as another donation method that would let us bypass both PayPal and Patreon once the bank fixes their screwup.

That’s awesome! It’ll be great to be able to bypass PayPal all together.

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