I am not a baby! (A bedwetter's story)

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This is my first attempt at story writing in two decades. It is a story about a bedwetter who still wets his sheets a few nights a week, and his struggles. I won’t give away more. You have to read the story to see what happens. The story is written at a slow, suspenseful pace. I have already written several chapters, and it goes in a predictable direction, albeit by a path I have not seen an ABDL story take before. Hopefully it is something new and exciting, though it starts off fairly conventionally.

I hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

It was a sunny September afternoon in 1993, and Daniel Wagner, a 4th Grade student, is walking home from school. The breeze is light and warm, but the yellowing leaves foretell the coming of cooler weather in the coming months.

It had been a good day at school. In spite of Daniel’s mediocre athletic skills in gym class, he volunteered to pitch at baseball, and managed to strike out his nemesis Chris, and one other classmate, while also getting on base every time he was at bat. It was also the day his class visited the library, which was a nice break from regular classwork. The librarian had read “The Berenstain Bears and the Nerdy Nephew” , which Daniel could relate to, as one of the smartest kids in his class.

Daniel’s intelligence had not helped him with making many friends at school. But, he did have a few close friends he played with regularly. His next-door neighbour, Jeff Lee, was a few months older than Daniel, and they had been friends since they were 3. Daniel’s other friend, Tim Krieger, lived about a kilometer away on an acreage at the edge of town. While Jeff was studious and his house had lots of electronics and toys (his dad Franz was an engineer), Tim was more down to earth and enjoyed outdoor activities, as well as building and creating things. Tim and Daniel were also in the same Cub Scout Pack, and regularly played in the field behind Tim’s house.

Daniel’s house was two blocks from school. If he walked fast, he could get home in just over five minutes, using the alley behind the school as a shortcut. It had not rained for several days, so the gravel alley was dry. When it rained, however, the alley became a slow, wide stream. Daniel and Jeff liked damming and channeling that muddy back alley by shifting the mud with their boots, creating new streams and lakes, much to the chagrin of neighbours who wanted a flat, dry alleyway to drive on.

Daniel could now see his house, and as he approached it, he could see the family cat Harley in the front window. He unlocked the front door, and Harley came running and began rubbing up against his leg, asking to be petted. Daniel scritched Harley’ chin and ears, then petted her back before heading upstairs.

Over the summer, Daniel’s parent’s, Susan and Ron, had experimented with leaving Daniel at home alone for the first time. While Daniel had not been allowed to stay home alone all day while his parents were at work, he had demonstrated he was responsible enough to be left alone for a few hours after school, until they came home from work, around 5:30.

Daniel was still getting used to being alone at home, and figuring out what to do with himself until his family got home. Normally, he would play with his brother, Matthew. However, because Matthew was six years old, and Daniel was only nine, Matthew went home with his babysitter Elaine, until he was picked up by their Dad when he got off work.

Daniel had a lot to look forward to tonight. It was Tim and Daniel’s first Cub Scout meeting of the year. Both of them were now in their last year of Cub Scouts, before they could move up to become Boy Scouts the next year. A few of their friends had moved up to Boy Scouts this year, or quit Scouts altogether. Daniel was thinking and hoping that he or Tim might be made Sixer or Seconder of their group, they now being among the oldest Cubs.

Daniel went downstairs to Matthew and his playroom, which had an old bed in the corner, and doubled as a guest room on the rare occasions his parents had guests. Most of the time, however, Lego was strewn across the floor, since building their own creations was Daniel and Matthew’s favourite thing to do when they had to play inside quietly.

As he played, Daniel thought to himself “I wish I had more Lego sets to make things out of, like Jeff has.” While Jeff had less Lego overall, he had more cool new sets, with unique pieces. Daniel and Matthew did have several blue tubs of regular Lego blocks, and a few base boards on which to construct what came to their imaginations. Daniel began working on a large, many-wheeled, off-road vehicle, while continuing to think about Cub Scouts that night.

The vehicle was mostly constructed, when the phone rang. Daniel rushed upstairs to answer the phone, before the answering machine triggered. Daniel got there just in time.

“Hello?” Daniel said.

“Hi Daniel. It’s Tim. How was your day?”

“Pretty good,” Daniel said. “I had no homework today. My parents aren’t home yet, so I was playing with my Lego.”

“Lucky you,” said Tim. “My parents are home, and wouldn’t let me play after school today until my homework was done, since we have Cubs tonight. Are you excited to start Cubs again?”

“Yes!” Daniel said, very enthusiastically. “I’ve missed the meetings and games, and haven’t seen some of the guys since we wrapped up last June. I wonder what our friends have been doing all summer?”

“I heard Jan visited his grandparents in the Netherlands,” Tim said. “He liked spending time with them, and said the Netherlands was beautiful and interesting. My parents are already teaching me German for when we go to Germany next summer. I already speak some German at home, so I hope I learn enough before we go.”

“I’m sure you will,” Daniel said. “You already speak German sometimes with your parents while I’m over. I’m sure you will do fine.”

“I hope,” Tim said.

“So,” Tim said, “I know we are going to see each other at Cubs tonight. I called about something else. My parents said that since we had so much fun at Cub camp last spring, that if we wanted, we could have a campout sleepover behind my house in my tent, before the weather turns cold. Do you want to?” Tim said, very excitedly.

“I don’t know,” said Daniel. “I have to ask my parents first, and you know how strict they have been about me going to sleepovers in the past.”

“But Daniel,” Tim said. “Your parents are now letting you stay at home alone after school. If you can stay at home alone for a few hours a day, I don’t see why your parents wouldn’t let you sleep over with me in my back yard, with my parents less than a minute away?”

“I don’t know,” Daniel said. “My parents have been kinda weird about me spending whole days at friend’s houses. And they haven’t let anyone stay overnight at our house, either.”

“Can you try, please,” Tim said. “You’re my best friend, and we always have fun in my back yard. And spending a whole day, camping, and building forts, would be really fun. My parents said they would even let us light a fire!”

“I’ll ask,” Daniel said. “But, it’s up to my parents. Don’t hate me if they say no.”

“Great!” Tim said. “I’ll see you at the Cubs meeting tonight!”

“See you then,” Daniel said. “Bye now.”

“Bye,” Tim said.

Daniel hung up. A sleepover with his friend Tim was something he really wanted, but also feared. Because Daniel still wet the bed.


Good beginning

Curious to see more

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I will be releasing this story slowly; maybe 1-2 chapters per week. I have written over a dozen chapters so far (I’m having lots of fun!), so the story has good potential for a long-term run. Publishing slowly will also provide me an opportunity to retool later chapters. None of my English teachers thought much of my creative writing, so I’m worried about stumbling at some stage as the story develops.

The first chapter was fairly conventional. We start diverging from the norm now.

Chapter 2

“Well, it was just too good a day to stay that way,” Daniel thought. Daniel had wet the bed all of his life. At times, he wet the bed almost every night. At other times, like one three-week family vacation he had taken a few years back, he had only wet the bed once. He and his parents had not discovered any causal links between times when he wet the bed a lot, or when he went several days with dry sheets. Last year, Daniel’s parents had taken him to the doctor, and he had prescribed Daniel medication to enhance the connection between his brain and bladder, to hopefully reduce the frequency of his bedwetting.

Recently, Daniel wet the bed 2-3 times per week; sometimes more, and sometimes less. He had a plastic sheet on his bed, so that his mattress would not be ruined. Daniel hated nights when he woke up wet. Sometimes it would be the middle of the night, and he would have to rearrange himself and his blankets to sleep away from the wet spot he had made. A lot of the time, on wet nights, he wouldn’t get much sleep, leaving him cranky the day after.

Daniel thought back to the Cub camp he, Tim, and their friend Jan went to last spring. It was at Camp Oki, a few hours away in the nearby mountains. The camp name was a local first nations word for “welcome,” and Daniel loved going there. There was archery, canoeing, a climbing wall, and a low mountain nearby with a steep trail to an overlook of the camp and nearby lake. Even with the risk of a wet sleeping bag, Daniel always looked forward to going to Cub camp.

Occasionally, Daniel had wet his sleeping bag at Cub camp. Most of the time, the other Cubs did not notice. Daniel’s sleeping bag was thick and dark in colour, so wet spots were not terribly obvious. Also, the tents his Cub pack used tended to be a little wet (dew/rain) and musty, so that often provided Daniel an excuse if someone noticed his sleeping bag was wet, or the tent smelled bad. However, on his last visit to Camp Oki, Daniel had not been so lucky. There were cabins at Camp Oki with vinyl-covered mattresses, likely to prevent them being ruined by kids like Daniel. Unfortunately, Daniel had drunk so much hot chocolate before bedtime, and was so tired from activities that day, that Daniel wet his sleeping bag so heavily that his pee ran off the mattress, and dripped a bit on the floor. Until then, none of the other Cubs, or his friends, knew he wet the bed. It was only when his friend Jan got off the top bunk and stepped in a puddle, that he realized what had happened. Jan had younger brothers and sisters, so he quickly woke Daniel up, and helped him clean up the mess before anyone else noticed. Being the last day of camp, Daniel packed his sleeping bag in the garbage bag it came to camp in, which not only acted as a carrying bag for the sleeping bag, but helped hide the smell and wetness if Daniel wet the bed.

Daniel and Jan talked a bit afterward about the incident. Jan was understanding, having wet the bed until he was five. Daniel had been very embarrassed, being 9, and the only bedwetter he knew at his age. While Jan had figured out his secret by literally stepping in it, neither of Daniel’s best friends, Tim and Jeff, knew his secret.

Daniel went to and opened the closet he and his brother shared. In the closet were his dress clothes, Halloween costumes, and his Cub Scout uniform. Daniel was an active Cub Scout, who already had 16 badges, and 3 of 5 possible stars for overall achievement. Daniel hoped that, in his last year as a Cub, he would earn the remaining two stars, related to creativity and physical fitness. Daniel was reasonably fit and enjoyed sports, so getting the Red Star was a matter of time. But not being artistic was going to make getting the Tawny Star a challenge.

Daniel stepped out of the closet, and tried on his Cub Scout uniform. The shirt still fit, and he looked at how he had already needed to start sewing badges to the back of his sash since the front was already full. The epaulets on his shoulders had no stripes to signify he was a Sixer or Seconder. “I hope I am made a Sixer tonight”, Daniel thought to himself. He started to take off his uniform and hang it up again. Daniel knew from past experience that wearing his uniform at the supper table could be disastrous. Tonight was leftover pork chops in mushroom gravy, and Daniel didn’t want to spill on his uniform, which would look bad if he was to be made Sixer tonight.

As Daniel closed the closet doors, the doors snagged on a bag on the floor. Daniel opened the closet door, to see his brother Matthew’s bag of Pampers diapers had been caught by the edge of the folding doors as he closed them.

Daniel’s brother Matthew had also wet the bed all of his life. Daniel was potty trained before Matthew was born, and was young enough when he was potty trained around age 2 that he did not remember diapers being in the house at all until Matthew was born. Having been 3 years old when Matthew was born, his mom had explained to Daniel that babies didn’t know how to use the toilet, and needed to wear diapers so they didn’t pee or poop everywhere. Diapers, his Mom said, were for babies.

As Matthew got older, he was potty trained before he turned 3. But, Matthew being younger, he was still put into diapers by their Mom or Dad every night before bed. Daniel hadn’t thought about his brother’s diapers as anything unusual. Matthew was the baby, and he was still wetting his bed. Matthew hadn’t ever not worn diapers to bed, and was still learning, his mother said. Daniel was her “big boy,” who had learned and left diapers behind, but just had “accidents.”

Daniel pushed the bag of Pampers back into the closet. The bag was mostly empty, which is why the remaining diapers in the bag had slumped over, jamming the door as it folded closed. As Daniel grabbed the bag, he felt a diaper against his hand. The plastic cover felt very soft against his hand. It reminded him of the soft surface of a party balloon. He liked how it felt.

Daniel closed the closet door, and went back to building his Lego vehicle. His parents and brother would be home soon.


Love this one, can’t wait to read more, it looks like partly an obvious scenario, but perhaps with a twist of some kind.

Good chapter I think were this is going rsrs

Hi all,

This is a relatively short chapter, that sets up a lot of what follows. I have been highly motivated and excited to write this story. Do not worry about the story suddenly stalling. I have enough chapters to release them slowly for the next several weeks.

I appreciate everyone’s support so far. Comments and tasteful criticisms are appreciated.

Chapter 3

Daniel heard his Dad’s truck coming up the driveway. It was a large old Ford truck, and the exhaust reverberated audibly off the house wall. Daniel heard the truck door close, keys going into the house door lock, followed by the front door opening.

“Hello!” Daniel’s dad Ron bellowed.

“Hi Dad,” Daniel cried back, as he left the play room to greet his Dad.

“Hi Daniel,” Matthew said, from behind their father.

“Hi Matthew,” Daniel said. “Look what I built with Lego this afternoon!”

“Cool!” Matthew said. There has to be 16 wheels on that thing!

“I used all the wheels we had,” Daniel said. “I only wish we had some parts for wheels that steer, like Jeff has. That would be awesome!”

“Maybe for Christmas,” their Dad then said. “Stop asking, or Santa will think you’re naughty, and bring you coal instead.”

Daniel and Matthew knew better than to bug their Dad about new toys. Their Dad worked long hours, and didn’t like being asked for things at home after helping customers at the hardware store all day.

“Ready for supper?” Dad asked.

“I’m starving!” Daniel said.

“Elaine gave me a snack. I’m not hungry yet,” Matthew said. Elaine, Matthew’s babysitter, usually gave a snack after school, in case the little kids she looked after were hungry.

“Well, I’m hungry, and so is Daniel,” their father said. “Suppertime it is! I’ll bring out the pork chops, noodles, and corn niblets, and we’ll start supper. Matthew, you can take less. Just make sure you finish. You aren’t allowed up from the table until you have eaten what’s on your plate.”

Daniel took a whole porkchop for himself, with some noodles and corn. Their dad cut about 1/3rd of a chop off for Matthew, then cut it into pieces for him. Matthew took about a spoonful of noodles and corn, being less hungry.

At that point, their Mom, Susan, walked into the house. “Hello!” She cried.

Everyone shouted “hello” back, as she came into the house. Susan worked full time, and was often a little late getting home, after closing up and balancing the till at the flower shop she worked at. She did not mind that they had started eating without her, since she was often held up at work until Daniel had to leave for Cub Scouts. She understood her children couldn’t wait for her, hungry, until whenever she got home.

“I see you have a good appetite today, Daniel,” his Mom said. “Ready to go to Cubs tonight?”

“You bet,” Daniel said, enthusiastically. “I tried on my uniform this afternoon, and it still fit.”

“Good,” Mom said. “I was hoping your Cub uniform would last one more year, until I need to buy you a Scout uniform next year. With your appetite, I was afraid you would grow too much, and you would need a larger uniform”

Daniel continued eating his supper. Soon, he was finished. Being responsible and a “Big Boy,” he was allowed to serve himself a bowl of ice cream from the freezer. He usually picked a relatively big soup bowl, since that still counted as one bowl, and his Dad usually did the same. Daniel finished the ice cream quickly, washed his face, and went to his bedroom to change into his Cub Scout uniform.

As Daniel opened the closet, the bag of Pampers crinkled as the folding doors passed. He remembered his brother’s bedwetting, then his own, and then the sleepover Tim had invited him to. Daniel had promised his friend Tim that he would ask his parents about the sleepover, and he needed to leave for Cub Scouts in about 15 minutes. His parents had finished their supper. It was now, or never.

Daniel walked into his family’s living room. His parents were both watching the news on TV. Matthew had finished his supper, and was downstairs in the playroom.

“Mom, Dad,” Daniel said, nervously. “Tim phoned this afternoon. He said that he and his parents want to have me over for a camp-out sleepover in their back yard this weekend.” Daniel trailed off, apprehensive about what his parents would say next. There was silence for a few moments. His Mom eventually broke the silence.

“Well,” she said, slowly and considerately, “you are 9 years old now, and have been going camping with Tim and the other Cub Scouts for a few years now. You have had accidents at night sometimes, but you have dealt with them. Do Tim or his parents know you wet the bed?

“No,” Daniel replied, sheepishly.

“Well,” Daniels mother replied, “I don’t know. Will you be sleeping in a tent, in your own sleeping bag?”

“Yes,” Daniel replied. “It’s supposed to be like a camp-out, so we will be in Tim’s tent in the back of his yard, where there are trees, like when we go camping.

Daniel’s parents considered this for a few more moments.

“I think it will be alright,” his Dad said. “It will be like the Cub camps you have attended the last few years, and it’s not like Tim’s parents won’t be nearby. Right, Daniel?”

“Right,” Daniel replied. “They will be a minute away, in the house.”

“OK,” his Dad said. “I’ll let you go, if your Mom agrees?”

“I’m worried,” Mom said. “What if Tim finds out you have accidents at night? Do you want to risk him finding out, and maybe changing your friendship with him?”

Daniel thought about this for several moments. As Daniel thought, he considered that Tim was probably his current best friend, with them being in Cubs for years. But, Tim was a nice boy. He didn’t bully or make fun of others, like some kids at school or in Cubs. On the other hand, he didn’t know anyone else who wet the bed at his age. It was majorly embarrassing. After mulling this over in his head, Daniel spoke.

“I still want to go,” he said.

“Alright,” Mom said. “You can go. Just don’t drink too much before bed.”

“Thank you,” Daniel said. Daniel looked at the clock. It was nearly time for him to go to Cubs, and he still hadn’t put on his uniform. Daniel excused himself, and went to the closet in his bedroom. The Pampers were still at the bottom of the closet.

“I’m not a baby!” Daniel thought, almost tearing up as he thought about his bedwetting. After a minute, he regained his composure, and put on his Cub Scout uniform. He grew excited again for his first Cub meeting, plus he had the answer Tim wanted about his sleepover.

Daniel closed his closet, put on his shoes, said goodbye to his parents, and started walking to his Cub Scout meeting.


Hi all,

Today is a two-fer, since chapter 4 sets the scene for later events, but doesn’t involve ABDL content. I hope you enjoy these chapters.

Chapter 4

Daniel’s Cub Scout meeting was a few blocks away in a local church basement. Their Cub leader was a church member, and had received permission to hold Cub Scout meetings there, thought the Pack itself was non-denominational.

Daniel arrived at the church doors, about the same time a few other scouts, including Jan, arrived.

“How was your visit to the Netherlands,” Daniel asked?

“Good,” Jan said. “I wish I understood what people were saying around me more. I felt like a little kid, having to ask my Oma and Opa what things were, and what signs meant. It’s weird not being able to read things for myself.”

“I can understand that,” Daniel said. “My little brother is just learning to read, and him asking me what words are, or mean, gets old after a while.”

Daniel and Jan walked into the basement hall, where the Cubs met. Eight others were already there, as well as their leader, who’s Cub Scout name was Akela, and another parent volunteer, with the Cub name Baloo. Tim was still not there, so Daniel talked with some other Scouts, asking how their summers had been. Unfortunately, Daniel’s nemesis and school bully, Chris, was back in Cubs this year. At least at Cubs, Tim, Jan, and Daniel could stand up to Chris, and the leaders did not allow the bullying Chris got away with at school.

Akela was calling the Cubs into a circle to start the meeting, just as Tim walked in. Tim quickly joined everyone, and the meeting started.

“Good evening, everyone” Akela said. “I see there are some new faces here tonight. Let’s go around the circle, and introduce ourselves to everyone.”

There were about 5 new members. Some were young and formerly Beaver Scouts, who had moved up to Cub Scouts because they were too old to be Beavers. There were two new faces, and one was Daniel’s age. When it was his turn, he introduced himself as Dustin.

“Alright, so that’s everyone introduced,” Akela said. “With our new members, we have 14 Cubs overall, which will be assigned into either the Blue group, which we call a ‘Six,’ or the Red Six, by the end of the night. I will also assign group leaders, called ‘Sixers,’ and second in commands, called ‘Seconders,’ before we start our games and learning tonight. That way, each group will have leaders before we start. And, for new members, you can meet the other Cubs, and choose which Six you would like to join by the end of the night.

This was the moment Daniel, Jan, Tim, and a few other Cubs had been waiting for. They were now in their last year of Cub Scouts, and the oldest Cubs always formed the leadership of their Six. With more Cubs this year, there would be seven Cubs in each Six, but more people in the group usually meant more fun and camaraderie.

Being friends, Daniel, Jan, and Tim were in the Red Six. Chris and his friends were in the Blue Six. Of the five new Cubs tonight, two would end up in the Red Six, and three would join the Blue. Hopefully the new Cubs would be assigned to the Six they wanted to join most.

“Chris and Vince, come forward,” Akela said. “Chris, this year you will be Sixer of the Blue Six, and Vince will be your Seconder. Congratulations.” Chris and Vince were both beaming with delight as they received new uniform epaulets of rank from Akela. It was now the moment Daniel had been waiting for.

“Tim and Jan, come forward,” Akela said. “Tim, you will be Sixer of the Red Six, and Jan will be your Seconder. Congratulations.” Tim and Jan were both ecstatic to become leaders of their Six, but Daniel, while happy for his friends, was sad and a little angry about not being picked. He was the only senior Cub not to be picked for leadership, and that hurt more than a little. A few tears escaped his eyes, but he soon controlled himself, and most people didn’t notice his disappointment. The meeting continued.

Akela began speaking again. “Tonight, since you all seem full of energy and excited to be here, we will play three rounds of dodgeball. The Six that wins two games will get two candies per Cub. The losing Six will bring out cups and jugs of water from the kitchen to drink after our game. Tim and Chris, since you are our new Sixers, we will let you pick teammates for this game. Try to learn something about your new teammates, as they might join your Six on a permanent basis. Chris will pick first, since his Six has one less member.”

The teams the arranged themselves on opposite sides of the gym. Akela watched the Blue side of the gym, and Baloo watched the Red side of the gym, in case a Cub tried to cheat.

“This will be sudden death dodgeball,” Akela said. “If you are hit, you are out. If you catch the thrower’s ball, they are out. No resurrection, or doctors this time. Clear.”

Akela blew his whistle, and the game began. Each side started with three balls. Jan, Tim, and Daniel each started with a ball. Unfortunately, Daniel was an easy target. Holding a ball, he could not catch any of the balls thrown at him, and he was eliminated almost immediately. He went and stood beside Baloo and waited for the game to finish.

“Out already, Daniel,” Baloo said. “Well, maybe next time you’ll do better. It’s better to throw the ball away quickly so you can catch or dodge balls thrown at you, rather than hold onto a ball and think about who to throw at.”

“OK. I’ll try that next time,” Daniel said. The game went on, and Baloo continued talking.

“So, I saw that you were a little upset about not being picked as a Sixer or Seconder. Not everyone can be picked for leadership,” Baloo said.

“But every other senior Cub was chosen as either Sixer or Seconder,” Daniel said, somewhat grumpily. “It’s hard to be the one left out.”

“Yes,” said Baloo. “But, Tim and Jan are both good Cubs like you. Your chance to lead will come, at some point.”

Daniel didn’t respond, and they both continued watching the game. By this time, four Cubs from Red Six were out, and only two from Blue Six. In a few minutes, Blue Six won the first game.

Next game, Daniel did better. He took out Blue’s Seconder Vince, and threw another ball, which Chris caught. Daniel was out on the sidelines again. “You did better this time, Baloo said.”

“Thanks, but we’re still getting creamed out there,” Daniel said. He was right. It was five-on-two, advantage Blue. The game was over in a minute more.

“Blue has taken two of three gams,” Akela said. “Blue has won the match, but Red can still win a game. The Cub Scout motto is ‘Do Your Best.’ To even things out, we will change up the teams a bit. Younger Daniel from the Red team will trade places with Dustin from the Blue team. If Red team does their best and wins the last game, all Cubs will get two candies.”

The teams formed up on opposite sides of the gym. Dustin appeared to be an excellent dodgeball player, so he let Dustin have his starting ball. The last round commenced. Two Cubs on the Blue team were out near immediately. One Cub was hit, and another was out because Daniel caught a ball. Chris threw a ball hard at Daniel’s head, and it hit home. But, the ball ricocheted, hit the roof, and Dustin caught it.

“Great catch,” Baloo said. “Chris, your out. And watch the head shots!”

Daniel was stunned, and was hit by someone else soon after. But, Blue team was down to three players. In a few minutes, Tim and Dustin were the only players left. Red had won!

“Great game,” Akela said. “And much more even.” If everyone is happy, I think we will make these our new Sixes for the year.” No one spoke up. “OK, that’s settled, and much more smoothly that some years.”

Daniel was just happy that the other, new Daniel, was in the other Six. Two Daniels in one Six would have been a bit confusing.

The meeting continued on, and there was some time to meet the new Cubs in Daniel’s Six. Since Daniel did not know Dustin, and he was his age, he went up to Dustin and introduced himself. As they talked, Daniel learned that Dustin had moved to their town from a nearby city, and that Dustin had not spent much time outdoors with his previous Cub Pack. When Daniel asked Dustin about camping, Dustin responded “the only camping we did with my old Pack was in the church basement.”

“We do that once a year, in January, when it’s too cold to camp out,” Daniel replied. “We usually go camping a few times per year; in late September, January, May, and June.”

“I’m not sure if I want to go camping outside,” Dustin said. “I worry about it being cold and damp, and not getting enough sleep.”

“Don’t worry,” Daniel replied. “The first time the Cubs go camping, we all have to take out gear to the meeting before we go, and have it checked over by Akela and Balloo. They’ll tell you if you’re missing anything important.”

Akela called the meeting to order. The Cubs arranged themselves in a circle. At that point, the Beaver Leader, Marion, walked in. Most of the Cubs knew her, and greeted her as she entered.

“Welcome, Marion,” Akela said. “Normally, we don’t have Beaver leaders at our meetings. But, Marion has something important to ask one of you.”

“Good evening, Cubs,” Marion began. “At the beginning of each year, I select a senior Cub from the pack to help lead our Beavery Scout Colony. That cub is known as a Keeo (pronounced Kee-Oh). Last year, Josh was Keeo, but he is now a Scout. Daniel, step forward.”

When both Daniel’s stood up, there was some confusion. But, Marion had meant older Daniel, and the confusion was quickly resolved. Marion continued.

“Daniel has shown leadership in his Cub Pack and his Six. Since his brother Matthew is going to be a Beaver, we are asking Daniel to help at the Beaver meetings, and learn leadership skills while he is there. Do you accept?”

“Yes,” Daniel said, enthusiastically. Daniel had never been a Beaver Scout. He had joined Scouts at age seven, as a Cub Scout. He did not know what the Beaver’s did at their meeting, since Matthew was new to Beavers this year, and his first meeting was next week.

“Great,” Marion said. “At our first meeting next Monday, you will be introduced to the Beavers as Keeo, and you will be presented with a special badge or rank as Keeo to wear on you Cub Scout uniform. Watch out for your brother as you walk over to our meeting. See you there!”

Akela then had a quick talk with the Cubs regarding what being a Cub was about, and how they should all “Do Your Best” as that was the Cub Motto. The meeting was then adjourned. Daniel was chosen as a leader, after all.

Chapter 5

After the meeting, Tim and Jan caught up with Daniel on the steps at the entrance to the church basement.

“That was great!” Tim said. “Sixer! I can’t believe it. I’m only a C student in school, but I’m leading my Cub group!”

“Well,” Jan said, retrospectively, “you can out-camp any Cub in the Pack, have been helpful, and definitely done your best. School is school, and Cubs is something different. You’re a great Cub Scout, but I still wish I had been chosen as Sixer instead of you. But, Akela has his reasons, I’m sure. I’m happy for you, Tim.”

“Me too,” Daniel chimed in. “And I’m sure you’ll be a good Seconder when Tim needs help, or isn’t there, Jan.”

“If and when I need help,” Tim replied. “You or Jan would have made good Seconders. Jan was the one Akela picked, probably because he knew Marion would ask you to be Keeo. You are the only Cub in the pack chosen Keeo. That is something special.”

“Perhaps,” Jan said. “The Keeo when I was a Beaver usually made all the crafts and sang all the Beaver songs, while occasionally being asked by Beaver Leader Marion to get things, or help watch the littler Beavers as they did their activities. It’s kind of like being a bigger, more helpful Beaver,” Jan finished.

“Yah, and the Beaver crafts are like those in Kindergarten, with lots of gluing things,” Tim said. “It’s kind of babyish at times.”

“You know I’m not a baby!” Daniel said, suddenly angry. “I’ll go to their meetings, and help out. I’m not doing gluey crafts,” he said, hotly.

“Well, you’ll see what it’s like,” Jan said. “It might be different for you. It is ‘technically’ a leadership position, after all.”

“That it is,” Daniel replied. “And I will do my best. Bye, guys”

“Bye,” Jan and Tim replied in unison.

Daniel began walking home. Most other Cubs were picked up by there parents. Daniel lived close enough to the church, and was responsible enough, to be trusted to walk to Cub Scouts and back again by his parents.

Daniel walked into his house. “Hello,” he said. His parents and Matthew replied “Hello” back, in unison.

“So,” Daniel’s Dad said. “Are you a Sixer?”

“Nope,” Daniel Replied.

“Are you Seconder,” Daniel’s Mom asked?

“No,” Daniel said. “Tim was made Sixer, and Jan Seconder.”

“Oh Daniel,” his mother said. “I am so sorry! How do you feel?”

“I feel a bit disappointed, but alright,” Daniel replied. “But, instead of being asked to be a Sixer or Seconder, Beaver Leader Marion asked me to be a Keeo. That is a Cub that goes to Beaver meetings, and helps lead them. She said she picked me because Matthew will be starting Beavers next week. Would that be alright, Mom?”

Daniel’s Mom was surprised, and took a moment to respond. “Well,” she said, “I think that works out kind of nicely. I was going to have to take Matthew to Beavers, which interferes with my Monday trips to the seniors lodge to play piano for them after supper. Do you think you can handle being a Keeo, and taking your brother to meetings?”

“Yes,” said Daniel. “I am expected to be a leader at Beavers. It may as well start by leading my brother to the meetings.”

“Good. That’s settled,” his Mom said, enthusiastically. “Congratulations, son. You are my big boy, and getting bigger every day.”

“Congratulations,” his Dad said. “Be good at Beavers. You are expected to set an example.”

“I will, Dad,” Daniel replied. “Matthew would probably tell on me if I wasn’t being a good example.”

“Probably,” his parents replied. Matthew was going through a tattle-tail phase, ever since his parents had explained that Daniel was older, and was allowed to do things Matthew wasn’t, like be home alone after school.

Daniel left the room, and started getting ready for bed. Matthew also needed to start getting ready for bed.

“Matthew! Bedtime!” His Mom called. In a few moments, Matthew could be heard coming up the stairs, and was soon in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Daniel was allowed to stay up for another 30 minutes, but had to get into his pyjamas when Matthew did, so he didn’t wake up Matthew when he crawled into bed after Matthew was asleep.

Daniel was taking his time hanging up his Cub uniform, when Matthew entered their room. As Matthew has often done before, he went to the closet, grabbed a diaper from the pack of Pampers at the bottom of the closet, and began to undress.

“Matthew, are you ready?” Their Mom asked.

“Not yet,” Matthew replied. In a minute, Matthew was totally undressed, and sitting on Daniel’s lower bunk, Pamper beside him. “Ready,” he called.

Their Mom came into the room. Wanting to get to business, she told the six-year-old Matthew to lie down. She unfolded and ruffled the diaper to remove the crease at the fold.

“Bum up,” she said, and she slipped the diaper under his bum. “Down,” she said, and Matthew lowered himself onto the diaper. She then sprinkled Matthew with some baby powder so he wouldn’t get a rash, then quickly and expertly fastened the tapes. Matthew got up. “Good boy!” Their Mom said encouragingly. Matt continued to put on his pyjamas.

Daniel normally did not pay attention to Matthew’s diapering, but after thinking about his own bedwetting issues, and dealing with Matthew’s diapers strewn at the bottom of their closet earlier that day, he payed a lot more attention to Matthew’s diapering than usual. There in his room was his brother, six years old, in Grade 1, taped into a baby diaper with Disney characters across the top. Matthew was only a head shorter than Daniel, yet here Matthew was, diapered like a baby.

At this point, his Mom chimed in. “Daniel, please get ready for bed so Matthew can go to sleep.”

Daniel, thinking about diapers and his ‘baby’ brother at that point, replied churlishly “yah, so the baby in his diaper can get some sleep.”

Their mother was not impressed with the response. “Daniel, take you pyjamas, and get dressed in the bathroom. We’ll talk about your name-calling after I have put Mathew to bed.”

Daniel took his pyjamas and left their bedroom. He was dressed in his pyjamas in a minute, and had just joined his Dad on the couch when his Mom left his bedroom and joined them on the couch.

His Mom started, “so, Dad, Daniel called his little brother a diaper baby while they were getting ready for bed. You do know why Matthew wears diapers to bed, Daniel?”

“Yes,” Daniel replied, a little scared of his parents. “It is because he is little and still wets the bed.”

“That’s right,” his Dad replied. “Matthew is little and wears diapers to bed so he can keep dry at night, and have a good night’s sleep. Matthew still wears diapers, and even though he is a bit bigger now, he still fits into them, and they still help him. Do you understand, Daniel?”

Daniel thought about this for a few seconds, and then gave a half-hearted “yes.”

“You are our big boy, Daniel,” his Mom continued. “We let you come home after school instead of going to the babysitters, because we trust you. At Cubs, Marion asked you to be a Keeo. They would only ask a big, responsible Cub to help the Beavers at their meetings. You are a big boy, so please act like one. Big boys don’t make fun of their little brothers, even if they wear diapers to bed. Understood?”

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“And one last thing, Daniel,” his mother further continued. “In some ways, you aren’t any bigger than your brother. Both of you still have nighttime accidents. Your brother wears Pampers to bed, while you take your nasal spray every night to prevent bedwetting. You don’t wear Pampers because you are not little anymore. You are dealing with bedwetting like a big kid. But, though we deal with bedwetting differently with you and Matthew, you both have nighttime accidents, and you aren’t any ‘bigger’ in your sleep than him. At night, you act just as little as him. So don’t make fun of him! Understood?”

“Yes,” Daniel said, feebly.

“Alright,” his Dad said. “Off to bed early with you. You are tired, and are acting younger than a kid with your normal bedtime. If you behave tomorrow, you can stay up late again.”

At that, Daniel walked into his and Matthew’s room, and sat down on the bed. The bed rustled from the plastic sheet underneath. Matthew was still awake, and heard a lot of what his parents had told Daniel.

“Awe, did little Daniel get sent to bed early?” Matthew teased.

“Shut up, baby!” Daniel cried back.

“Mom, Daniel called me a baby again.” Matthew cried to his parents in the other room.

Their Mom came to the door of the bedroom. “Daniel, come here,” she commanded.

Daniel came to the door.

“You will be going to bed when Matthew does for the rest of the week for that remark,” she said. “Now, not another word out of you, or you won’t be allowed to go on your sleepover this Saturday.”

At that, Daniel stopped talking immediately, and went to bed.


I literally just made an account for no other reason than to say: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

This story is so well done! It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see a story that isn’t completely fantastical/unrealistic. This feels almost slice-of-life, in a way. You write really well!

Thank you. I was trying to write in a realistic fashion. For the first time ever, I was picturing the events in my mind and writing the details as they happened. I had always found creative writing to be a forced exercise, until now. I’m not sure if regular writers regularly just picture a scene and write it down, but I have found it exciting and refreshing.

Chapter 6

At 3:00 that morning, Daniel woke up suddenly. The family cat Harley was snuggled up to him. Daniel could feel that he had just finished wetting the bed. He wasn’t as wet as he had been some nights, but he was sleeping in a fresh, warm pool of pee, that soon turned cold. The cat left as Daniel tried to rearrange himself and his blankets away from the wet spot, and took off his wet pyjamas and dropped them beside the bed to sleep naked, but dry. Eventually, he fell asleep again.

Daniel woke up again around 6:30. His Dad was up, but in the shower, so Daniel put on a clean pair of pyjamas and headed to the family room to watch weekday morning cartoons. Matthew soon joined him. Matthew quickly noticed that Daniel wasn’t wearing the same pyjamas as the night before.

“So, wet the bed, baby?” Matthew teased.

“Yes,” Daniel said, dejectedly. Then, getting upset, replied “at least I’m not wearing a diaper, like a baby. How wet were you?” Daniel asked.

Matthew wet the bed most nights, so the unsurprising answer from Matthew was “pretty wet. But my diaper didn’t leak, thankfully.”

“Yah, who’s the baby sitting in their diaper watching cartoons?” Daniel teased back.

“I’m not wearing my diaper now,” Matthew replied. “Mom taught me how to take my diaper off in the morning, roll it, and put it in the garbage. She was proud of what a big boy I was when she no longer needed to take my diaper off for me in the morning.”

Daniel and Matthew sat silently watching cartoons for a while. But, Daniel wasn’t paying attention to the cartoons. He was thinking about how his little brother was being told he was a big boy, even though it was for taking off his wet diaper in the morning. “Babies wear diapers,” Daniel thought. Daniel also thought about how both Matthew and he had wet the bed that night, yet he was soaked and tired from losing sleep, but Matthew was dry and happily watching a cartoon, out of his diaper, and ready to start the day. Daniel hadn’t thought that a little kid or baby could take off their own diaper and leave their mess behind. Parents put babies into diapers, and babies were put into diapers. Matthew was growing up and becoming a big kid, but still wore Pampers. Big kids aren’t supposed to wear diapers, so what was Matthew? Some sort of big baby?

As Daniel thought on this, their Dad finished his shower, and was dressed for work. He needed to head to work soon, so he checked on his sons as he called them to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Daniel,” his father said, “I can see you aren’t in the same pyjamas you were in last night. Did you have an accident?”

“Yes, Dad,” Daniel replied, sheepishly.

“Please go take a shower, then,” his Dad asked. “You don’t want to smell like pee, or get a rash.”

Daniel remembered back to when he had had some large, bad rashes on his legs and bum caused by his nighttime accidents, as recently as this past summer. He quickly got up, and had a shower. When he got out of the shower, he went to get dressed. In his room, his mother was already stripping his bed, and taking his sheets to the laundry.

“Your Dad told me about your accident,” his mother said, calmly. “And Matthew’s bed is dry. Perhaps you shouldn’t call him a baby, when you had the accident?”

“Matthew wasn’t dry,” Daniel replied snappily. “His diaper was wet, and he took it off before you got up. Otherwise, he would have been as wet as I was,” Daniel left off, sulkily.

“Right,” his mother said. “Matthew can take off his diaper and clean himself up in the morning. He’s getting to be a big boy.”

“If Matthew is getting to be a ‘big boy,’ then when will he stop wearing diapers? You told me that only babies wear diapers when Matthew was a baby?" Daniel asked.

“As long as Matthew wets the bed and fits in diapers, he will be in diapers. Dealing with diapers is much easier than changing your sheets every other day,” his mother replied. His mother, being stressed at that moment, further replied “if you weren’t a big boy, you would both be wearing Pampers.”

Daniel was taken aback by this last comment. His mother had threatened in the past to put him in diapers if he acted like a baby. But that was years ago, when Matthew was much smaller, and Daniel didn’t believe diapers could fit anything but little babies. But, last night, Matthew, who was only a bit shorter than him, was wearing a baby diaper to bed. Could, or would, his mother actually put him in baby diapers again. “No,” he thought to himself. “Matthew is smaller than me. And I have never heard of a nine-year-old wearing diapers.”

Matthew and their Dad had finished breakfast. Daniel served himself some cereal, wolfed it down greedily, and served himself a second bowl. He liked Fruit Loops, and was known for his large appetite at school and at Cub Scouts. After breakfast, it was nearly time for school, so Daniel got on his bike today, and rode to school in only a few minutes. He liked to be at school early in the morning, in case someone was playing games on the school field before class.

Daniel got home quickly from school that day. Being a quick study, he had finished all of his assignments in class, and he once again had no homework. He went up to his bedroom to drop off his school backpack. Once he had dropped off his backpack and turned around, he noticed his closet was open, and his brother’s package of Pampers was sitting in its usual spot.

“Matthew looked like a big baby last night, in his Disney Pampers,” Daniel thought to himself. “Matthew won’t be in diapers much longer, though. His diapers look like they barely fit. Daniel walked oven and picked up his brother’s bag of Pampers. It was a blue plastic bag with a small blond baby on the front. On the side, the bag read “Ultra Pampers For Boys.” It was a 30 pack, size large. Daniel read the weight range, and it was 22-35Lbs. “Matthew weighs over 40Lbs now. No wonder he barely fits in his diapers. Soon he will have to be a big boy like me, since he won’t fit in these.

Daniel picked up one of the three diapers left in the pack, and felt the outside, as he had yesterday. He took the diaper over to his bed, and unfolded it on the plastic sheet, since his bed sheets were still in the wash. It smelt babyish, and the inside was very soft. He then thought about how Matthew was lucky to wake up with just a wet diaper in the morning, and be able to take it off and throw it away, like he hadn’t wet the bed at all. Daniel remembered he had been awake part of the night in a wet bed. “Maybe the big baby doesn’t have it so bad after all,” he thought. Daniel placed the diaper back in the package, and closed the closet doors.

Like yesterday, Daniel went downstairs to play until his parents came home. The rest of his evening was uneventful, until it was time for bed. Because Daniel was being punished for calling Matthew a baby the previous night, he had to go to bed when Matthew did. Daniel was already in his pyjamas and ready to climb under his sheets of his freshly made bed, when Matthew, like every night, picked a Pamper out of the pack, sat down on Daniel’s lower bunk, and called for their Mom.

Unlike last night, Daniel was sitting beside Matthew, waiting to go to bed. He saw his naked brother smile, lift his, bum, put it back down on the diaper, and be quickly powdered and taped up by their Mom. He wondered why Matthew was smiling and happy while being treated like a baby. After Matthew put in his pyjamas and got into the upper bunk (Daniel was now to big for the upper bunk), Daniel waited for his Mother to leave the room after saying goodnight.

A few minutes after their mother had left the room, Daniel quietly called “Matthew, are you awake.”

“Uh-huh,” he replied, groggily.

Daniel then asked “why were you smiling while Mom put you in your baby diaper? Don’t you want to be a big boy, and not wear baby diapers anymore?”

“Why?” Matthew replied. “Mom says I am still becoming a big boy, since I can take my diaper off in the morning, and babies can’t. I like when Mom powders and tapes me up. Wearing my diaper is like wearing a warm, soft hug from mom all night. It’s very comfortable. And waking up and throwing my diaper in the garbage in the morning is better than being in wet sheets all night. You know my diapers leak sometimes. I don’t know how you deal with when your sheets are wet?”

“But they’re baby diapers!” Daniel said. “Don’t you feel like a baby?”

“A little,” Matthew said. “But it’s nice to be a baby this way. Mom said she likes to diaper me, and will for as long as I wet the bed. Even if I’m 8 or 9, she said. She doesn’t like wet sheets, she told me”

“Goodnight, Matthew,” Daniel said. Daniel wondered how his mom would diaper Matthew if he was bigger or older. And how would a diaper on Matthew at age 9 look and work. “That’s my age,” he thought. “I won’t fit into Matthew’s diapers. How would any 9-year-old fit into baby diapers?”

With that thought, Daniel fell asleep.


That’s a huge step forward, being able to visualize and describe. I will warn you, though, sometimes you’ll find yourself having to bridge gaps where you can see one thing, and you can see another thing, but you can’t see what’s in between, and just jumping doesn’t make sense.

I know its just a tiny detail, but you reffering Pampers diapers having Disney characters on them, to my knowledge, it was never the case, especially the ones that were for boys in the blue package from the 80’s era. They had their own characters on them but they weren’t from Disney, the first company that got Disney branding is Huggies, and they still have Disney characters on them. its probably my OCD from being Autist Asperger that makes me react like this, sorry about that.

Anyways last chapter was really good.

I think daniel is finally understanding that sometimes the big boy thing to do is wearing diapers to protect the bed ! I think he gonna test this very soon

Hi CodyBaby,

You have been one of my biggest supporters, so I will hopefully put your mind at ease. My understanding is that both Huggies and Pampers used Disney characters. I’m not sure when Huggies did, but Pampers did in 1992, at least, as seen in my image below. If Matthew is still wearing Disney Pampers in 1993, and the designs changed (likely, from what I’ve seen), his current package of Pampers may have been old stock from where Mrs. Wagner shopped.

The Pampers designs I am currently referring to in my story are the Disney designs seen in the ad below. I also chose 1993 specifically, to write about pre-Goodnites bedwetters. Upcoming chapters will explore the options bedwetting elementary school aged children had at that time. I have already written the chapters, so please don’t lobby to have your favourite baby diaper included. However, I am having difficulty understanding what youth and young adult disposable diaper brands were available in 1993. If someone wants to share about 1993 youth disposables, please message my user directly (to prevent spoilers), and I will acknowledge your help if the story goes that way.

Thank you



Wow, I never knew Pampers did have Disney on them during some time, not that I’m very surprised, I have to do some more research on them.

Sent you a couple detailed messages. I hope the info helps in inspiration for the rest of the story. Looking forward to reading more.

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Definitely get credit for doing your homework.

Definitely not getting enough credit right now. I recall when I was writing “The Wannabe Hypnotist”, folks were blown away by the amount of homework I did, particularly my choice of setting and time frame to cement exactly what I envisioned the scenes to look like. (For the record, my story was set in 1986, which was right before SAP really started taking hold in the US market, and diaper makers were bragging about how thick their diapers were)

Hi all,

I now have enough junior and adult 1990’s diaper product information to continue. Thank you for your interest.


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Just a quick suggestion, your dialogue feels a little stiff at times. You might want to take a second look at some of it and revise it a little.