I’m Bored so?????

Hi everyone. I’ve been so bored lately so I came up with a fun idea that put me right back where a Mommy belongs. Although Baby Tiffany has been compliant and keeping a positive attitude I started to feel like she is a little too comfortable which makes me feel bored. As a Mommy who enjoys the feeling of power and control I find Tiffany’s compliance makes me wanting for something else. Don’t get me wrong Tiffany has done her part but as her Mommy it’s up to me to make sure she is never completely comfortable with her situation. With that said I looked in the mirror and realized I am the one in control of Tiffany and my own happiness. As I said before, Tiffany is an object and a tool for me to use and build myself the best life possible. It wasn’t difficult to figure out my next steps as I have received many suggestions and ideas from so many here. So last week I decided to ruffle up Tiffany’s routine and begin a new routine that will keep Tiffany’s mind going and enhance my power and control over her. The first thing I did was change my nurturing habits and add a little more of a disciplinarian attitude towards our “routine “ throughout the day. Her morning pain sessions have been a little more intense for her. After I administer them I usually give her a message of confidence but this past week I act like I’m not pleased and change my message to something that puts a little doubt in her mind to make her think about what’s wrong with me. I’ve extended her lockdown time as well and have changed her attire to make her look even more pathetic (a waddle harness has proven to be a very useful tool). I I’ve also incorporated a nose hook into her daily routine. She hates it which makes me love it. I realize the more helpless Tiffany becomes the more pathetic she is. It’s exactly what I need to feel the depth of my power. I am also seriously considering ramping up the cuckolding. Tiffany cleaning me gives me such a feeling of power I can’t even describe it. It also gives me a lot of material to work with regarding verbally humiliating Tiffany for weeks on end. All of these things have had consequences which I love. Tiffany has regressed more which has helped me to enforce her status as a baby. The extended lockdown time has proven to be incredibly powerful for both myself and Tiffany as deprivation is a huge factor in Tiffany’s behavior. The waddle harness and nose hook have made her so much more pathetic. Watching her crawl around in those two things along with her cute outfits sends me into a space that I cannot begin to describe. Her crawling to my feet has become more intense than ever. I attribute this to these two articles of gear. I love having my feet worshipped but this is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Of course the verbal humiliation runs out of my mouth while Tiffany is worshiping my feet. It’s so natural. This is only the beginning of Tiffany’s new routine and I will be incorporating many more of your suggestions in the near future. For now I will enjoy this as I continue to discover new lows for Tiffany’s pathetic life. As I stated earlier this is all on me. The thing I am happiest about is how much Tiffany enjoys serving me in this manner. Although my happiness is all that matters it’s good to know my pathetic baby is becoming more pathetic by the minute. This will insure me that Tiffany is under my control and I will own her for as long as I desire.