Hypnosis, Yeah Right By: Long_Rifle

Hypnosis? Yeah right

By Long_Rifle

This was posted a few years ago, during a time when I couldn’t get punctuation marks to format properly on the forum. I wrote it not using a single one. I have re-wrote it now, using them, and trying to fix the story as best as I could. It’s not the best, but it’s certainly better now. Enjoy!

Sara walked down the street, a big smile on her face. She had the look of a girl who had something to prove and she did. Just moments ago she’d had a fight with her best friend over something she thought to be totally stupid. “Hypnosis? How could anyone believe in that? It’s the same as magic. Only babies believed in that kind of stuff.” Everything had come to a head when her friend produced a CD from her backpack.

She shoved it into her hands, “Then try this. If it doesn’t work I’ll do your homework for a week!”

Sara looked at the CD, “What do I do with it?”

“Just slap it in your computer and fill in the blanks.”

Sara laughed, “Fine I’ll bring it to school on Monday.”

She was home a few minutes later, and went straight to her room. She was a good student, so her parents gave her a lot of leeway when it came to how she lived, and how she spent her money. Sara turned on her computer and smiled as she looked at the disk. She almost just set it down, figuring she could say she tried it, but she figured there would be something on the disk for her to see when it loaded. And if she didn’t know what it was everyone would know she was lying. The CD driver opened when she pressed the button and the tray slid out.

She dropped the CD inside, and pushed the tray closed, after a few moments a logo flashed on the screen, “Mesmur products.” she read. "Well maybe there’s something on the disk after all. She still figured her friend had been taken. Then the screen changed.

“Hello, and welcome to the handy dandy, do it yourself, at home hypnosis kit.” She read through the statements warning of illegal copying, then she got to the good stuff; the settings. Sara looked through the list smiling the entire time. “Whoever made this really put in the effort to make it look good.” She read through them and quickly filled in all the blanks.

“What do I want to do?” She wondered as she looked at all the options. On a whim she checked off change personality, then she checked off keep memories and timed change. “No use missing any fun right?” she said aloud. Then it came to what she wanted changed about her personality, she was 17 and had been constantly told that she was too immature. So she scrolled through the options and came to adjust mental age.

“Well that would be great.” she said to herself. She activated the box and typed in 20. She sat back in her chair as she looked at the screen, “That way if this does work I’ll come out on top anyways.” She pushed the enter button and had to go through several more warnings, then as she finished the program told her to look at the screen……

Sara slowly woke up, still in front of her computer, she felt odd, at peace. She wondered what she was doing there, then she remembered what she had been doing before falling asleep. She looked around her room and at herself. “Nothing changed.” She whispered with a coy smile, already thinking about a whole week free of homework. She felt exactly the same, she did have to pee though.

She got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Sliding her panties down she looked at the toilet and felt a little anxiety. It wasn’t bad though and after sitting down she quickly finished. As she put her underwear back on she noticed that they were cold, and felt clammy. “What the hell…” She ripped them down her legs and looked at them. “Wet? How the hell did these get such a big wet spot on them?” She wondered, but she really wasn’t that worried about it. Sara walked back to her room and tossed the wet panties in her hamper, then grabbed another pair. She looked through her drawer and her eyes found a bright pink pair. She was pulling the fresh panties on when her eyes caught the computer screen, there was more writing on it and a small sign. It looked like a stop sign.

“Thank you for using this product, we noticed some of the actions that you wanted done were a little special, so we gave your body more time to adjust. We do however recommend that you buy a few things to make your new life easier.”

Sara looked down the list and frowned, it wasn’t the list of a 20 year old. No, it looked more like the list a 20 year old who was baby-sitting a 20 month old would need. Sara hit the back key and looked through the settings, she found the problem quickly. Under the mental adjustment line she had made one little oversight. “In order to make sure you’re completely satisfied, please put answer in months not years.” she read. Her hands dropped to her lap, “Well it’s all fake anyways, nothings gonna happen.”

She started to chew her nails, she did that when she was nervous, she was still doing it when her mother walked into the room. “Honey I know I told you that chewing your nails was a bad habit, but that really isn’t any better.”

She walked out of the room leaving Sara very confused. She looked into her mirror and gasped. She was sucking her thumb! She tried to pull it free, but she couldn’t get her thumb to move. Her face burned red with shame as she thought back to her mother. “Oh damn! She saw me sucking my thumb like a freak!” she thought to herself.

But even as she thought that, she kept looking at her reflection in the mirror. Something wasn’t right. She felt the feeling of peace return, stronger then before. She slowly stepped off her seat and walked over towards the mirror. Sara tilted her head back and forth as she stared at her reflection she was absolutely amazed by it. Finally her thumb popped out of her mouth, allowing her to wetly palm her image with both hands.

“Sara!” Her mom yelled from the kitchen, “Do your homework OK?”

Sara felt herself come out of the trance, she was able to waddle to the door, “OK mommy. I do it.” she yelled back as she closed the door. Sara looked back across the room at the mirror, she felt the urge to look at herself rise again. “That’s a pretty girl. I should go see her.” She thought. She took a few steps and stubbed her toe on a book laying on the floor. The sudden pain brought her back to reality. Sara sat on the floor and finally believed, “Shit! This stuff is real… That CD really hypnotized me.” She thought it was really cool, then remembered what it was turning her into. “Shit!” she said as she jumped up and sat down in front of her computer. She had to think fast, all she had to do was retype everything and fix herself.

This hope faded when she looked at the screen and saw that everything was in gibberish. “What the hell? Did I hit a foreign language or something?” She looked down at her keyboard and yelled out in shock, “Dam! All the letters are mixed up.” After several seconds of trying to find something she could recognize she understood what was wrong. “I can’t read of this.” she stared several seconds at the screen, then muttered again. “I can’t read this… I can’t…. Read…” Adrenalin shocked her, and she actually wet herself a little.

“Amy! I’ll get her over here and she’ll fix this.” She reached for the phone and dialed the number. Sara blushed as she looked at the keypad, she couldn’t understand any of the symbols, she only remembered where she used to push and did so on instinct.

Her friend answered quickly and said she’d be right over. Amy only lived a few blocks away, and Sara knew she would be ok, as long as she was left alone till she showed up. She slid off the seat and walked over to the door, “Mommy! Leave me alone for awhile! I busy…” she stopped talking, feeling embarrassed to talk like that. “Er…. Just send Amy up waiter!”

Sara started closing the door when she felt her hands reaching out in front of her. “Why the hell are they doing that?” she wondered. The question was answered when she suddenly dropped down on all fours to the floor. “Wait a sec… Nooo!” she felt like screaming as her body acted on it’s own and started to push.

The loud thump of her fall brought her mother up stairs to see if she was ok. Without knocking she opened the door, and looked down. She saw her daughter on the floor blushing bright red. “Sara! Are you okay?”

Sara closed her eyes as she felt warmth run into her panties, “Yeah… I’m….” she thought fast. “Practicing for a school play! I really want it to look good, so I’m trying to act as babyish as possible for the part.” As she finished talking she felt her mouth tingle, and then something roll from her mouth.

“Wow! You’re really good!” she mother said as she watched her teenage daughter drool a little, she looked down with awe, “You almost look like a real baby pooping her diaper like that!”

Sara felt a cramp pass through her stomach, and felt like crying. “Yeah… I… I gots… Er, got to get this part exactly right!” She felt something solid start to pass into her panties. She had to get her mother to leave. " ….so thanks for the enco-, thanks for the en—" Sara couldn’t think of the word to use. It seemed so large. She smiled dumbly up at her mother instead, “Fanks fo’ helpin Mommy!” Sara cringed at herself, but hoped her mother got the hint.

“Wow.” Her mother thought. “She looks perfectly like a toddler. Maybe I really do have a future actor here! A big money winner…” she nodded and beamed down at her daughter. Sara noticed the change in her mother and winced as she kept talking. “You look so sweet honey, but if you really want to get into the part you have to dress for it, if you’re going to act like that let me help you!” she patter her on the head. “Wow, a real actor in the house, you look so real. Let mommy go get you some things from the store so you’ll look even better.” She patted her daughter on the head again. “A nice pacifier and a bib if you’re going to drool like that,” she turned to leave and smelled something, “Oh!” now she blushed. “You really do want to act the part. I guess you’re really good at this. To change your personality so much is a mark of a great actress!” Then she squatted down in front of Sara and cupped her chin in her hand, “But wait till I get home to do that again ok?” Then she stood up, smiled again, and left the room looking for her car keys.

Sara was trying to stand on her feet by the time she heard her moms car drive away from the house. The warm mess in her panties grossed her out, she felt like puking. She knew she was in trouble but hoped it wouldn’t go much farther. The remark her mother had made echoed in her head; “just don’t do it again till I get back.” Finally by using her bed, she was back on her feet, she found she could stand and walk a little but she still felt an urge to drop to the floor and crawl. She tried the computer again and attempted to decipher the letters, she could almost tell what they were but her brain would not respond, she couldn’t tell where a word started, or where one ended.

She felt fear start to creep into her, she turned from the computer and tried to sit on her bed, but only managed to plop down on the floor on her butt. The mess smeared across her bottom and reminded her of what she had done in front of her mother. She started to cry, then felt the urge to pee again. She carefully got to her feet, and was able to get her door open. She scampered to the bathroom, but with one look at the toilet, she was filled with terror and she backed away. Sara knew it was safe and that she had used it before, but couldn’t get herself to go near it. “Why am I so scared?” She looked down at her pants and grimaced, she could see a small dark spot between her legs, and could feel the mess cooling on her butt. She needed to go but couldn’t use the toilet, and she needed to change her panties.

Sara tried to get up on the sink, hoping to use it instead, but she kept sliding down. Finally she just sat on the floor panting, "What can I do? She felt more wetness escape into her pants and groaned. She really had to go, and it was getting worse fast. Then she saw the toilet paper roll hanging in front of her, and got an idea. Sara grabbed it and toddled back to her room. She carelessly slammed the door behind her, and starting wadding the paper down her panties.

Dimly she remembered doing this once long ago, and she knew it was wrong but it might work. Sara used most of the roll, and looked at herself in the mirror. The reflection soothed her and she smiled. “There! Problem solved!” She said as she relaxed and squatted down a little. Just as she started to pee her fear kicked in, which allowed her to think clearly. “What the hell am I doing? I’m not three! Shit!” She desperately squeezed her legs together and stopped the flow. Waddling back towards the toilet she gritted her teeth, hoping she would make it.

Sara reached the door and tried to turn the knob, but it wouldn’t budge. She starting pulling and yanking on the knob as she tried to get it to open. Tears came to her eyes as she felt herself pee a little more. She started to pound on the door, and scream. Only the sound of her mother’s car door closing stopped a full blown tantrum, Sara tried again to open the door but just could not get it to work.

Then she remembered her dirty pants, “My diaper!” she yelled as she reached down and grabbed the sodden mess with her hands, the feeling of wet fabric reminded her she wasn’t wearing a diaper. She knew she was a big girl, and she wasn’t supposed to wear diapers, or wet her panties. “Got to get them off and hide them, can’t let her see me in wet panties.” Sara felt herself starting to wet again and just barely stopped it, she looked down at her undies and tried to remember how to take them off. She had tears in her eyes as she pulled the front of them away from herself, then she went to work on the sides. “Noooooo!” she cried. “I’m a big girl! I know how to take these off!” But her mind was working against her, even as she thought of herself as a big girl, thoughts of diapers, bottles and cribs starting sneaking into her mind.

She had wasted to much time and felt herself lose control again, this time she couldn’t even slow it down. She just bent her legs out and stared at herself in the mirror. Sara thought, “It’s okay, my diaper will stop it…”, but that was when she relearned what she had when she was 3. Paper wadded into panties, does not a diaper make. Soon a stream of warm pee ran down her leg to puddle around her toes. Sara felt the urge to cry grow inside her.

Her mother was so proud of her little girl. “Sara tries so hard to be the best, even if it’s embarrassing!” That was why she didn’t mind spending some money on her. “She may just be a baby in this play but she would be the best one they ever had.”

She was in the kitchen arranging the things she had bought when she heard something. It sounded to her like a little girl crying. She looked out the window expecting to see a crashed bike or something but nothing was there. Then as she walked closer to her daughters room she realized the sound was an older girl crying, “My girl!” she said as she lunged towards the closed door.

Sara was desperate; first she had peed herself, then she had slowly sat down on her legs in the puddle. At first it had been warm and not to bad. Now it had cooled and she was starting to itch. She wanted to go to the bathroom and clean up but she couldn’t get her door open, and she was so embarrassed she just wanted to stay where she was and die. She was in no condition to think and she started calling gently for her mother. She tried being civil but when her mother didn’t show up she started to cry harder. On thing led to another and soon she was bawling loudly like a baby. That was how her mother found her, wet in a puddle and crying her eyes out.

She comforted little Sara, “Wow, I’ve heard of getting into character but never anything like this Sara. I guess you really do want this to be perfect.” Her mother could smell the mess, and see the puddle. “I wish you didn’t do that though, it’s going to stain the floor. But if you want to do it right why should I stop you?” She hugged Sara, trying not to get pee on herself, “So I guess it’s a good thing I went shopping for my little thespian huh?” Sara kept crying, but after a few minutes she stopped. She felt better just being with her mother, though she still wanted to be held. Her mother eyed her carefully and wiped the tears away from her face. “Oh now honey…… time to get you clean and dry ok?” Sara looked up and nodded, She watched as her mother set down a large mat and then realized that she wanted her to sit on it. She complied, slowly crawling over and plopping down in the middle of it.

Sara was still sniffling as she was pushed down onto her back, and felt her mother start to pull her panties down, “Sweetie you made such a mess but now mommy is here to clean you all up, oh yes I am!!!”

The attention and the way her mother said it made Sara blush bright red. She was embarrassed. Her thumb was back in her mouth, stopping her from talking, “No!” she screamed in her head. “I don’t want this! I wanted to be mature, not drooling and pissing myself.” She used all her strength to pull the thumb from her mouth and stick her hands behind her head. That was when her body remembered another trick, and her mother caught it right away.

Having just finished wiping her daughter she noticed Sara had begun to suck her lower lip. “Sara!” she gushed, “I didn’t think you would remember that! But mommy knows what you need. And she has just the thing! Let me get this done and I’ll go get it.” Her mother remembered that when Sara was hungry as an infant she used to suck on her bottom lip. She had bought a bottle, as a simple prop, but now found the thought of her little girl nursing one to be absolutely adorable.

Sara hadn’t been paying attention as her bottom was getting wiped, she was trying to ignore it, but the sudden burst of baby powder got her attention. A quiet whine escaped her mouth as she watched her mom unfold a diaper. “This is it.” she thought. “I’m really going to be back in diapers now.” The thought acted as a switch and she felt something change in her. But even as it happened she forgot about it. She was left confused as her legs were lifted and the diaper folded over her. The sound of the tapes being used caused her to close her eyes again.

Her mother looked down at her girl, she was now just a baby in a dry diaper. Sara looked like she was in a daze, as if she had been drugged, her mother leaned over her daughter and pulled her up to a sitting position. For her part Sara was stunned, she was in a diaper in front of her mother, she couldn’t open her mouth without drooling, and she didn’t think she could talk anyways. She looked down at her diaper and started to moan, “No… no… no… no… no…” but since she was still sucking her lip her mother could not understand her. She just saw a girl in a diaper making baby noises and wasn’t surprised when Sara began slapping and pulling at the front of her diaper.

The sound of someone walking up behind them caused her mother to turn around, she saw one of Sara’s friends. Sara looked up past her mother and saw her, the one that had done this to her; “Amy!” she wanted to yell, she smiled and started to wave her arms towards her and bounced up and down on her diapered bottom. “I’m saved! She can fix it!” Sara felt her thoughts grow clearer as joy filled her. She opened her mouth to tell Amy what had happened, but before she could say anything a pacifier was shoved in.

Sara tried to spit it out but couldn’t. She felt the urge the cry start to well up, instead she slowly stood and waddled over to Amy and hugged her, while desperately trying to crawl up on her. The weight was to much and her friend sat down on the bed and allowed Sara to climb into her lap.

Amy was very confused, “She looked down at Sara, and then back at her mother. What’s going on? Is Sara having accidents or something?”

Sara’s mother started to respond, but stopped when Sara began waving wildly towards the computer and the message on the screen. Amy started reading, but her mother nodded and started talking again, “No. She’s been practicing for the big play at school.”

Amy stopped reading, “Play? What play? She’s not in that class. And since when is a diaper needed for a play?”

“What?” her mother was shocked. “No play? But what about the diapers? What about the mess?”

Amy didn’t answer she just pointed back at the screen and let her read what Sara had done to herself.

When they were finished they both turned and stared at Sara. Sarah stared back, “Well, fix me dammit!” She thought to herself.

Sara’s mother sighed and left the room for several minutes, while Amy held her and said soft things into her ears. Sara didn’t like it, she squirmed and fussed, “Just fix it!” she kept yelling in her head.", she wanted to be normal again. She wanted to be fixed. She was starting to throw a fit when her mother reappeared and gently placed a bottle in her mouth. “No! I don’t want a bottle! I want to be me again!”

Then her mother said something that made her actually mess her clean diaper. “Well if she wants diapers she can have them.” Sara started to cry when she saw her mother pull the disk from the computer and give it to her best friend. “I guess this is yours. She certainly doesn’t need it any longer.”

Sara was wailing, but they smelled her mess and assumed she was crying because of that. She was quickly changed and told sternly by her mother, “You wanted to see what it was like to be in diapers again, now you can have them.”

Sara wanted to tell them what had happened, she wanted to say it was an accident, but all she could do was lay on her bed and cry.

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Sure. I don’t want to do a double post, I’ll post in completed for other stories.

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Another Long_Rifle classic!! Good job!!

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I don’t know what to say…

I loved it is one of the first things that comes to mind…