Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

I was having hours of fun round at Aunt Hazels with my cousins and there friends. Mum had dropped me off there for the day whilst she went out shopping and as it was my cousin Lucy’s 5Th birthday I was able to join in with the party games. I was a bit of an immature 18 year old really, joining in the party games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and whats the time Mr Wolf. There were 4 or 5 kids ranging from 5 to 10 and then there was my cousin Bridget who was 20 with a couple of her friends. Me and the kids were running around for hours on end probably from the amount of coke we had consumed. Every so often Aunt Hazel would call the kids in one by one to send them to the toilet but not me. I was in control myself or so I thought. Just before aunt Hazel was about to call us and present the birthday girl with her cake I wet myself. We were climbing the tree at the bottom of the garden and I was showing off by climbing to the top but I misjudged the time to get up and down and halfway down I froze as I realised I was wetting myself. I looked down at myself and my green khaki 3/4s were turning darker, my socks were getting damp and the dripping alerted the attention of my cousin Bridget. She shouted to Aunt Hazel to come and look at my predicament. As I got to the bottom of the tree Hazel and Bridget were waiting for me.

“What have you done? i thought I could trust you to make it to the toilet on time. The oldest one of the ‘kids’ and you go and wet yourself. And this isn’t the first time if i recall correctly remember your accident last week when we were out shopping? Get upstairs to my room now. Take your wet clothes off and wait for me.” Shouted Hazel as all I could do was stare at my feet, my eyes filling with tears and shame. I trudged slowly up the garden path every step splashing and sploshing the wetness in my trainers. I didn’t dare look at anyone as I entered the house and went up the stairs. I walked into Hazels room which had its own en-suite and stood in front of the mirror shocked at my appearance as a 18 year old boy who wet himself whilst a bunch of kids downstairs were getting all the treats and eating cake. I sat on the floor and took of my trainers and wet socks, before lifting my bum up to remove my sodden trousers and pants. I was now naked but for my t-shirt and the reality hit me that Aunt Hazel, who hadn’t seen me naked for a few years was about to change that. There was a knock at the door which startled me and to my shock and horror in walked my cousin Bridget and her friend Steph. I must have looked such a schoolboy as I covered up my willy to hide my embarrassment. Bridget said,

“This is from Aunt Hazel. She said we are to put it on you but we don’t want to smell off wee all day so you can do it yourself and then you are to be downstairs pronto. OK?” I nodded my head in shame as I took the gift from Bridget. It was a nappy with a picture of Elmo on the front. I unfurled it and just looked shocked as I had to dress myself in a nappy. Bridget and Steph had left so I figured the best thing to do was lie the nappy on the bed and lie on it and fasten the tapes. It was so humiliating as the tapes were a struggle to master but after a couple of attempts I managed to fasten them down. I stood in front of the mirror again and looked at myself in my white Nike t-shirt and a nappy that fitted quite snugly emphasising my cute little bum. I really didn’t want to face the rest of the party and tried to put it off for as long as possible by dawdling but it was no use as Hazel shouted for me to get my backside down there now. The walk down the stairs seemed to take an eternity I slowly trudged hoping that no one was going to see me. The house was very quiet as I heard Hazel chatting in the front room, I entered and I felt myself immediately blushing as I looked up to see Hazel, Bridget and Steph standing there pointing mercilessly at me and mocking me calling me ‘Baby Ryan’ and ‘Pissypants.’ Aunt Hazel grabbed me by the arm and proceeded to lift my shirt over my head leaving me standing there in just a nappy. The 3 of them commented on how cute I looked saying that If they didn’t know better they would have down as a toddler. Bridget and Steph left the room to supervise the other kids whilst Aunt Hazel had a chat with me,

“I cannot believe you wet yourself. The 2ND time in 2 weeks your supposed to be 18 years old not 18 months. For the rest of the day your going to stay in that nappy. If you need the toilet use your nappy, now get in the dining room and get yourself some cake and wait in the kitchen for me.”

I trundled off into the dining room followed by a swot on the backside from aunt Hazel to grab my slice of the cake. I looked out the patio window and most of the kids had gone home and as it was still sunny I picked up my cake and wondered back through the kitchen and as I was about to go onto the patio Hazel grabbed me by my nappy waistband forcing me to stop.


“And where do you think you are going, Mr?” Aunt Hazel shouted in my ear.
“I was going to sit outside at the table and eat my cake.” I muttered.
“Oh no you don’t. You pissed yourself like a baby and you are going to be treated like a baby. In there now!” She replied, pointing to the highchair in the corner. She undid the tray and beckoned me to clamber up and sit in it. It was a girls highchair, made of wood and painted in pink. The tray was a dark pink with pictures of Upsy-Daisy and Peppa Pig adorning it. I put my cake on the tray and clambered in and it was a tight squeeze. I made the mistake of trying to squeeze my arms inside the frame and as Aunty Hazel pushed the tray shut my arms were trapped by my torso. Now I was well and truly stuck and Aunty Hazel was unaware of my predicament as she walked out the door into the garden. I daren’t shout her or the girls as I didn’t want them to see me like this. I sat there for a few minutes pondering whether or not to eat my cake. I managed to manoeuvre my head down and pick up part of the cake with my mouth. But as the cake was covered in cream and chocolate I could feel it leaving a mess over my face. 3 or 4 bites later and I had happily divulged the cake, but to my horror I could feel my face was, well completely caked in cake. And right on cue, in walked Bridget and Steph. They burst out laughing and I was powerless to avoid there gaze. Cousin Bridget pulled out her camera phone and started taking pictures of me. i could do nothing but cry. I burst out, tears streaming between the mess of chocolate and cream. It dripped off my cheeks onto the tray and down my chest further highlighting my embarrassment.

“Aahhhh poor baby made a lickle messy did he,” Mocked Bridget in a patronising tone. She approached me and stroked my face mixing in the mush of tears and cake and spread it all over my face. I tried to wrestle my arms free but it was no use they were well and truly jammed. Then I tried something stupid, I tried to bite her fingers, bad move. I clamped down my teeth onto her fingers and SLAP, with her other hand she belted me clean across the face, knocking me and the whole highchair sideways sending me crashing to the floor still stuck in the highchair. Luckily my head crashed against the pile of dirty washing on the floor saving me a serious injury. Hazel came bursting in through the door wondering what all the commotion was about.

“Bridget, what the hell have you done to him? You could have caused him a serious injury. You’re going to get a good spanking Mrs, trousers down now!” Screamed Hazel at Bridget.
“But look what he did to my hand! I was trying to wipe his face clean as he has made a mess and he bit me, Mum” sobbed Bridget whilst Hazel examined her hand which clearly showed a bite mark on the back of her hand.
“You animal. Get out of the highchair now, take that nappy off your backside and bend over that table Mr. You’re in for it now!” Hazel angrily shouted in my ear as she bent down beside me and unclasped the highchair. I managed to clamber out of the highchair and onto all fours proceeding to crawl across the kitchen floor in true baby fashion over to the table. As I attempted to stand up I felt a stinging pain across the back of my legs. Aunty Hazel began spanking the back of my legs alternation on each leg. Slap, Slap, Slap, the blows kept landing on the back of my legs again bringing me to tears and screaming the house down. I lost count after 30 or so slaps,

“Don’t you ever dare pull a stunt like that again!” Hazel angrily shouted whilst continuing to redden my legs. “I was about to relieve you from your baby duties but not now Mr. After that show of petulance you’re going to stay in a nappy all night. And you’ve earned yourself an extra humiliation.”

She finally gave in and stopped smacking me. I raised my head off the table and looked up to see Bridget and Steph in my eye-line laughing at my whole predicament which they had filmed on their mobiles. Steph leaned forward and shoved a baby’s dummy in my mouth, this is what Hazel must have meant by my extra humiliation. Having a girl who you have a massive crush on seeing you in a nappy, then shoving a baby dummy in your mouth was probably the most humiliating thing I could imagine. But it didn’t stop there, Aunt Hazel still stood behind me yanked the nappy off me leaving me naked. The nappy dropped to the floor and as I looked back I could clearly see, as could the others the pooh stain in the back where I blatantly hadn’t wiped my backside properly. Hazel picked up the nappy and paraded it in front of my face whilst shouting at me,

“What the hell is this? Call yourself a teenager, you’re more a toddler. Get up them stairs and into the shower and make sure you clean yourself properly. I’ll be up to sort you out in a minute.”

I trudged off past Bridget and Steph who were both still laughing at me and both proceeded to slap my backside playfully on the way past.

“CRAWL LIKE THE BABY YOU ARE!” echoed in my ears as Hazel followed me across the room and screamed in my ear. I got down on all my fours, I could hear the girls mocking the state of my backside. I crawled up the stairs and into Aunt Hazels room and to her en-suite. Back on my feet I turned the shower on and climbed into the cubicle. The shower was lovely and warm, and as the water streamed over my hair and down my face it washed away the chocolate and cream from my face. I sponged over my body lathering myself up like a kid and generally relaxed. I daren’t get out though as I knew Hazel would spank me again, so i just rested myself against the cubicle, and to be honest I’d forgotten all about my predicament. The one calming measure was the dummy still in my mouth. I heard a commotion in the bedroom and then there was a knocking on the door and Hazel was beckoning me to get out of the shower. Quickly, I turned it off, grabbed a towel, wrapped it round my waist and still dripping, opened the door to find Aunt Hazel standing beside the bed. On the bed were two items, a plain white nappy spread out alongside some talc and baby oil and the other item were my pants.

“As you will be staying here tonight because your Mother isn’t making it back tonight, which one do you think you should be wearing to bed?”

Without hesitation I walked over to the bed, removed the towel and attempted to pick up the pants. Unfortunately this was the wrong answer as Hazel quickly pulled them out of my hand and smacked my bum.

“Wrong answer baby. Get on that nappy now!” Hazel shouted at me. I begrudgingly sat on the nappy and laid back and just tried to ignore what was happening. I closed my eyes and didn’t want to see what was happening as Hazel started rubbing baby oil on the inside of my thighs and over my penis. This was immense, I could have came there and then but after a stroke or two she stopped. She then picked my legs up in the air and sprinkled what felt like a whole bottle of talcum powder over my backside and again on my thighs and penis. I then heard Bridget shouting Hazel and she warned me not to move or else. She left the room and I ignored her words and sat up. I looked down at my predicament and stroked myself. The combination of baby oil and powder was making me horny but I stopped short of cumming. I became intrigued, I looked down on the floor and there was the bag of nappys, tena slip maxi opened and only half full. Who was using these nappys I thought? I convinced myself it was probably the fact Hazel had used them on my cousins or the kids party’s. I heard hear coming back up the stairs and quickly laid back, shutting my eyes and ignoring her. I felt her spread my legs a bit, pulling the front of the nappy up and then snugly taping both sides of the nappy firmly shut. She patted the front of the nappy, grabbed me by the arms and pulled me up. She twisted me round, and again, patted my backside making sure it was fully padded. The nappy felt very bulky but very comfortable. I took a couple of steps normally but ended up resorting to a waddle.

“Right baby-boy, downstairs, give Bridget and Steph a kiss goodnight then up to the spare room and into bed. I will be in in a second.”
“Can I have some pyjamas please?” I replied.
“Sorry, but unless you want on of Bridget’s nighties then your staying like that” Hazel replied mockingly. I really didn’t want the girls to see me like this but I had no choice. I really didn’t fancy another spanking so slowly I waddled off downstairs and into the front room where Bridget and Steph were sitting together on the setee. As soon as I walked in the room surprisingly they didn’t start laughing but complemented me on how cute I looked. I stuck my tongue at them in a babyish manner and they were loving it. I was so relaxed and at ease, I decided to play the part of the baby. I waddled over to the girls and laid across their laps. My head was resting on Steph’s lap and my legs were across Bridget. It was in this moment, whilst staring at Steph’s breasts that I thought this babying thing wasn’t too bad. And the two girls didn’t reject my advances, Steph put her arm in my head and cuddled me against her breasts. There I was dummy in mouth, bound in a nappy and laying across two of the prettiest girls ever. Steph started rocking me like a baby, humming to herself, and she kissed me on the forehead. Never had I felt so relaxed and chilled in my life. I closed my eyes imaging all the things I could do with this girl, I could the two of them laughing but I didn’t care. And, unsurprisingly I drifted off into a sleep.


Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

that was Okay besides a few grammer errors and the fact that they were making fun of him one moment and cuddling with him the next.

Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

So why doesn’t 18-year-old-male-protagonist put up anything even resembling a fight?

Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

part 2 plzs.

Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

I have really enjoyed what I’ve read of “Humiliation at Aunt Hazel’s” so far.

Some thoughts:

  • I like the main character. He’s fairly realistic (all things considered for this type of story). I can imagine an 18 year old who is still immature like Ryan.

  • I liked how you subtly alluded to his immaturity by having his mum drop him to a 5 year old child’s party. What 18 year old still gets dropped by his mum or goes to parties for toddlers? Nice touch. Some might criticize this as unrealistic, but it works for me because of what the character is.

  • Maybe describe Ryan’s physicality a bit more though. Is he small for his age? If he can fit into a high chair and elmo nappy, I’m assuming so.

  • Seems you’re hinting that the girls have a diaper fetish or get diaper punishment too, but I’m hoping you also include some of the kids at the party as well. (Maybe Ryan and a 5 year old are forced to get changed together?)

  • Why didn’t any of the kids laugh at Ryan after he wet himself in front of everyone? That would have been a good, realistic touch.

  • After Ryan puts himself in a nappy, why would he want to go outside to eat cake when there are presumably still other much younger children out there who would see him nappied? (I know the author said most of them had left the party already, but he also added that there were still some kids there.)

  • I liked the high chair scene with the messy cake, the character’s inability to wipe himself like a big boy (the ladies should have taken a baby wipe to his bum), the shower scene where he lathered himself up like a kid, and the changing scene.

  • The mum not being able to pick him up felt a bit too convenient to me - may need to be explained more in-depth in the next part - but I suppose it works to keep him there overnight.

Very nice story so far. Hope to see more soon!

Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

Thank you for the critique especially from baby pull-ups. I relaise there are one or two errors in there that need addressing and as this is a draft copy i will take them on board and readjust them.

A couple so far….

changing the kids party from a 5 year olds to a 15 year olds! (as it was suppose to be but it appears I made an error!)

one of the girls will be nappied alongisde ryan!

more intimacy and loving betwen ryan and the girls, maybe sexual contact?

seem ok?

please any more ideas and suggestions greatfully appreciated!

Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

Not a bad first try but need some work.

It’s not very believable with little kids and a 18 year-old.

I agree with Vickie

What are you trying to do?

Yes your main character is 18, however what is the goal of this story? Are you trying to say that your main character is a closet DL? Be careful what you change as it will influence your story greatly.


Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

Some additional thoughts:

Whether you originally planned to or not, making the party for a 15 yr old now would be a bad idea and wouldn’t make much sense. Leave it as-is.

But the author said Ryan has wet himself before. That’s specifically mentioned.

The aunt only saw Ryan wet once before (the week before the party), but he does not appear to live with the aunt, so that’s plausible enough.

Perhaps Ryan has an overall history of wetting? That would need to be expanded in subsequent chapters, because I agree with you, it’s not very clear right now.

I agree with your other points and mentioned a couple of them myself in my own post.

As for him putting on the diaper without a fight, I agree there too. But if the author expands on his main character’s immaturity for his age (see my previous post), it could work. But a major part of that is keeping the party for a 5 yr old.

This is excellent advice!

It sounds like the author offered to change the party to one for a 15 yr old just to appease some of the people who commented here.

Don’t do that!!! (I don’t mean just the party. I’m talking about changes in general.)

Of course, take any good advice you get - IF it fits with the story. BUT do not let anyone prevent you from telling the story YOU WANT TO TELL!

If they don’t like it, oh well, that’s life. You have to write for yourself first and foremost.

Hope this helps.

Humiliation at Aunt Hazels

Ok ok. Thanks for the advice and vibes guys. I will take them on board, edit and adjust some parts of the story and then post the whol story in full within the next few days/weeks. Thanks again all!!