How the Hell does the progress saver WORK?!?!

Okay, I wrote the second chapter for my Agent Dark story, not completely, but I went pretty far into it. But I was having doubts that the progress tracker would not work properly, and I tried to test it…frankly, I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t go about this the most intelligent way, I exited from the page then returned, and when it asked me to restore previous content, I did…BUT IT RESTORED A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VERSION OF CHAPTER 32, one that was already lost, but that I had totally rewritten…the chapter beyond the opening words from me, and the title, were literally two paragraphs.

I had written that chapter over the course of a day, a long while, I wrote it off and on, most of my time spent while the page was opened was not on this site. I think this has something to do with the fact that if I’m not on the tab where this site is opened for too long I get automatically logged out, another question with a lot less frustration and more bewilderment, why on Earth is that?

And more importantly, is there a way for me to restore my work?

I tried restoring it…it’s gone. I…won’t be back to this place for a while, goodbye. Sorry for wasting your time here.

So you lost a post because you did multiple stupid things? That’s in you. I know Clawdia told you more than once to not write your story posts directly in the editor on the board.

Sorry, I have zero sympathy for you.

A small bit of advice for any lurkers thinking about writing. Always, always, ALWAYS back up your work- write it down on paper, put it on a hard drive then a flash drive, store it in the cloud, google drive, whatever floats your boat. But back your work up.

And do not write your story on the forum- use a word processor, Microsoft Word, google docs, something, anything besides a text box on a forum. It’s way too easy to lose your stuff that way.

I’ve never even thought about trying to write a story in a forum post. How would you crosspost it to Daily Diaper, ADISC, and

We had a whole thread about things like writing tools two years ago. It might be worth revisiting.

I remember that thread! Some good stuff in there. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…well, needless to say, I won’t make that mistake again, from now on, everything will be saved on Word, or LibreOffice.

I’ll get to working on the 1st chapter of Agent DARK immediately after this post.

EDIT: Quick question, do you think the next part of the story should start when the President’s daughter opens her up, and the time before being relegated to flashbacks? Or when Delila’s being unloaded from the docks? Having a somewhat hard time deciding which route to take

Hope you figured it out already, but in case you haven’t. My Creative Writing Teacher once said that the sort of question you asked is a “you problem and not an us problem”. Meaning basic Structure and Plot conventions are something you shou;d’ve figuredv out before you posted for critique. But I’ll post more in your thread

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