How the babysitter changed my life...

I know this is one of the most clichéd stories of all time but I still like them. Here’s my take on it. To be continued.
How the babysitter changed my life…
Chapter One
“But mom, this is the last school party of the year, I have to go!” I yelled angrily. “I know that you’d love to go sweetie but your dad and I suddenly had to go and I won’t have the babysitter also worry about a twelve year old going to a school party. End of discussion.” my mother answered.

I ran to my computer in fury and started sending messages to Emma. “I can’t go tonight, my parents have to go and they got me a babysitter.”

“Do you still need a babysitter, then?” Emma asked. “No, but the babysitter is for my brothers. They’re only seven, remember?”

“That really fucking sucks”

The bell rang. My mom walked to the door and I heard a familiar voice: “Good evening, long time no see!” I vaguely recognized the voice but couldn’t exactly place it. My mom let the boy in and I saw that it was Dean, an older guy from my school. Every girl in my class was crazy about him but of course he didn’t care about us. “You probably know Amber from school but I doubt you know Steven and Rob?”

Dean smiled. “Yeah, Amber is a couple grades lower.” He shook my hand and walked to the twins to introduce himself. “Here’s a list with bedtimes, important phone numbers and stuff like that. The boys will be picked up by a friend’s dad tomorrow around 9 am and they’ll be back around 4. Have you ever put a diaper on someone? Or should I show you how on Amber?”

“My little sister is still in diapers so I know how it works.”

“Well, here they only wear them at night, but they like to be a little difficult but if you threaten to put them in a diaper the following morning they’ll usually co-operate. We let the boys shower around 7 usually, then they come downstairs in their pyjamas after which you can diaper them. They go to bed at 8 and Amber can stay up a little longer, maybe she can watch some TV with you?” Dean smiled again. “I think that’ll work.”

I heard a car horn outside. “That’ll be my husband, enjoy your weekend!” my mother said in a rushed voice, and gave all of us a kiss. I went back to my pc and continued my conversation with Emma. “Dean from our school is my babysitter!!”

“Wow that’s really cool!”

I kept talking to her for a few hours and suddenly noticed that Rob had come downstairs in his pyjamas and Steven was being sent upstairs. In almost no time Rob was diapered. After ten minutes Steven came downstairs in his pyjamas as well and Dean said: “Go ahead and lay down Steven, Amber, are you going to shower now?”

I responded with “I always shower right before I go to bed, it’s only 7. Usually I only go to bed around 10.” Dean smiled and walked in my direction. “As far as I can remember your mother just told me that you shower around 7 and it’s past that.” He jokingly pushed me towards the stairs and I grudgingly went upstairs. I went to the bathroom and took off all my clothes. I watched myself in the mirror for a moment, what a terrible body I thought, why did my brothers have to be so tall for 7 year olds while I’m so small and tiny for a 12 year old?”

I took a nice hot shower and when I came downstairs in my pyjamas Dean said: “Go ahead and lay down, I’ll help you in a moment.” Meanwhile, he put two cups with lemonade on the table for the boys. I looked shocked for a moment and didn’t know what he was talking about. When Dean walked to the closet and took out a diaper, I quickly regained my composure. “Only the boys wear a diaper, not me!” Dean started to laugh. “Haha, and just then your mother proposed to show me how to put on a diaper on you. Hurry up, or you do want to walk around in a diaper all morning tomorrow?” I was even more shocked but decided that an entire moment in a diaper not an option was because Emma might come to visit.

Confused and a little bit angry I laid down. Dean took off my pyjama pants and looked surprised. “Aren’t you twelve?” I knocked and asked “Why?” “Uhh, nothing.” He pushed my legs towards my chest so my butt came off the ground. He moved in such a way that it was clear that he was very experienced with doing this. He opened the creaking diaper and put it under my butt and sprinkled some babypowder on my vagina and buttocks. I looked at the diaper in surprise: It fit, even though I was taller than my brothers. I supposed it fit because I was way skinnier than them.

Dean rubbed my stomach and put my pyjama pants back on. “I turned off your computer, go play a little more.” He pointed to the boys’ play corner. Doubtful, I walked towards it and was reminded of my diaper with every step I took. I took a ‘Donald Duck’ comic book and started reading. Around 8, the boys were sent to bed and I started watching TV. I was busily watching X-Factor when Dean entered the room and walked straight through into the kitchen. He messed around for a bit and came back with a tray with two glasses of coke and a sippy cup with lemonade. He put them down on the table.

“Who’s that lemonade for?” I asked. “That’s for you”.

“Don’t I get coke?”

Dean smiled. “The second glass is for Susanne, she’ll come over in a bit. Your mom wrote in the letter that you’re not allowed to drink coke.” I immediately understood the confusion. “That’s not right, Rob and Steven aren’t allowed to drink coke but I am.” Dean showed me the letter and, indeed, it contained the following: “There’s lemonade for the kids in the kitchen, there’s some coke in the fridge for you. In the closet there are some sippy cups for the kids. At breakfast,…” The letter was taken away from in front of me and I was shocked again.

“My mom always calls my brothers the kids, I’m a teenager.” Dean sniggered. “12 isn’t a teenager yet, Amber.” I took the sippy cup and started to drink, knowing I wouldn’t be able to change his mind. The bell rang again and Dean opened the door. I heard Susanne, Dean’s girlfriend from his class, talking to him. I was very aware of my situation and tried to stay as quiet as I could be. Susanne was really tall, like Dean, with beautiful blue eyes. She really looked like a princess. She walked to the couch and shook my hand. “Hey Amber, aren’t you in the same class as my little sister.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I am.” She laughed: “Oh cool, X-Factor!” She quickly sat down next to me. After a few minutes, Dean refilled our drinks and gave me my sippy cup again. He smiled at Susanne and gave her her glass of coke.
After the show ended, Dean asked Susanne to stand up for a moment. She looked surprised but did what he asked. Before I knew what was happening, he had picked me up and laid me down on my back. He took off my pyjama pants and opened my diaper. “You should try and go to the toilet and brush your teeth, after that I’ll see you here again, alright?” I was astounded and with tears in my eyes I jumped off the couch. My cheeks were tomato-red and the tears started slowly flowing when I saw Susanne’s shocked face.
While I was walking towards the door, I heard Susanne ask “Isn’t she, like, 13 or something?”

“Yeah, but not all kids manage to stay dry at that age.”

I closed the door behind me and ran upstairs, after I brushed my teeth I went to the toilet. I wiped my buttocks and slowly walked back downstairs. When In entered the room Susanne immediately stood up. “Go ahead and lay down, sweetie.” Dean said. The diaper was already there and I laid down on top of it. I heard some kind of plastic sound and before I could look up I felt one of those baby wipes my mom always used on my buttocks. My cheeks went red again and tears started to form in my eyes. Dean put some more powder on my diaper area and before I knew it, I was diapered again.

Dean helped me with my pyjama pants again and tickled me a little bit. I giggled and suddenly realized that my bladder was almost completely filled because of the two glasses of lemonade. I felt a small spurt of pee go into my diaper. My head became redder than the reddest rose. Dean said: “Okay, it’s way past your bedtime now, I don’t want to hear anything from you again until tomorrow morning! Are you going to be a big girl and prove to me that you really don’t need a diaper?” I nodded shyly and walked out of the diaper. That small spurt would probably be dried up by tomorrow morning, I thought. With a full bladder, I laid down in bed. I figured that if I peed now, the diaper would probably be dry by tomorrow and Dean wouldn’t notice anything. I rotated so I was laying on my stomach and tried to pee. After a little bit, I was able to empty my bladder. Soon after that I fell asleep.

Re: How the babysitter changed my life…

Echoing Elibean. The speakers are all jumbled up and its hard to tell who is saying what. That aside, you’ve got a good grasp of the mechanics such as spelling.

Why is Amber just going with the flow and allowing a boy she does not know very well to diaper her? She barely puts up a protest.

Also, why does the mom offer to show him on Amber? It could be she was just teasing and he misinterpreted her teasing, but we are given no indication of that. It comes off as a deus ex machina to get her diapered.

Re: How the babysitter changed my life…

I think “an entire moment in a diaper” is supposed to read “an entire morning in a diaper”? I’m with earlier comments on the paragraph breaks. But overall the writing is good, and the storyline so far has potential though it’s far-fetched that right after visiting the bathroom, Amber gets re-diapered and immediately has a full bladder again. I’m curious to know how much is the babysitter misinterpreting vs. maliciously interpreting mom’s directives.