How one thing can lead to another

How one thing can lead to another.

Written by: Michelle_LeAnn_Lauretta

This story contains several different, suggestive and that some will find offensive.
If you do not enjoy these types of story’s then do not read.

This story contains AB,DL and TG components and story line.


Michael was sitting in his bedroom working on his English writing assignment from his 11th grade college prep class. Michael was an excellent student he was taking a mix of college prep and tech style classes. Michael was a very much a loaner, some considered him a nerd others calmed him a sissy.
Michael did not play any sports, in fact he had found a way to be able to get out of even having to take gym class all together.

Michael hit the save button on the open office program and closed the assignment on his computer, and turned in his seat to look over at the full length mirror on the back of his bedroom door. Michael smiled as he looked into the mirror. As he looked into the mirror he saw a 5’1" tall, 110lbs., with light blonde hair that was almost a bleach blonde color hair that went past his shoulder and down halfway down his back. Then he looked at the light emerald green eyes though the then metal framed glasses he was wearing. As he was still looking at his face he looked at his face in general, is eyes were on the small size as was his nose, his cheeks had a slight round plump shape to them. Then he looked down at his upper body, he was wearing a simple stripped purple and blue top on the small size even for his small size, he smiled a little bit more as he looked at his chest area he could see the edges of a pink bra he was wearing under the polo top and the mild but very noticeable snugness across his small sized breasts. The he looked lower towards his waist and upper lower body. He smiled once again as he looked at the knee length pleated purple with blue highlighted pleats to go with his top, even though it was a mildly childish look. Then he looked the rest of the way down his legs to his feet. His legs were perfectly smooth and covered with a light tan pair of pantyhose and he was wearing a pair of simple black slip on style girls dress shoes.

Michael new things would not be as easy for him all that much longer, by the time school started next year he would be starting a year long required Real Life Test (RTS)as part of his transition. This would require him to live full time for the next year as a young lady, this is just one of many part and steps of being a transgendered male wanting to go though gender reassignment surgery (GRS).

As he was sitting there thinking about things there was a knock at his bedroom door.

“Who is it?” he asked as he started to get up out of his seat.

“Are you ready to go?” his mother asked though the door.

“Just a second.” he told her as he walked over to his dresser and picked up his purse and made his way towards the door, the he opened it and stood there.

His mother looked over his outfit and then grinned, “That outfit looks very good on you.” she told him.

“Thank you, I like the top, but the skirt is a little bit of childish.” he replied.

“I like how it looks on you. So are you ready for a little bit of shopping and dinner?” his mother asked.

“Yeap, got everything I need. So where are we going shopping at?” he asked, as they walked down the hallway towards the living room.

“I think we will go to the mall, since I am in the mood for Italian tonight. That way we can go to the little place around the corner from the mall we both like.” she replied as the headed towards the garage and his mothers car.

“At least it will not be super busy, at the mall on a Wednesday night, besides Italian sounds pretty good. I can’t wait for the school year to be done and we head down to Florida and then I can be the real me all the time.” he replied to his mother as he climbed in to her new Dodge Challenger.

His mother climbed in to the drivers seat and the two of them head towards the mall, they always went too, that was a little ways from there home, but it was a safe place that Michael could go while he was dressed up and not run into any of the other students from his school.

Re: How one thing can lead to another

A slow start and not quite my binky yet. Please watch your homonyms(loner rather then loaner) and you might have a good story.